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 3  Insomnia None This was supposed to help me sleep but it really wasn't all that powerful in the sedation department. I suppose it was better than taking nothing, but I like something with a bit more kick to it to send me off to dreamland on those restless nights. M 29 4 months
N/A 1X D
 1  flashbacks, bad thoughts, anger after taking resperidone i had a follow up appointment with my doctor and told her i have nipple irritation, months down the road i had to go to the hospital twice because i wanted to rip my breasts off my chest because the nipple irritaton was so severe whenever i would hear certain sounds like my mothers voice or someone smacking bubble gum my nipples to this day get irritated, i also experienced breast enlargement, and ever since I've been off resperidone i have constant bad thought like i play out scenarios in my head, its like i have constant bad thought, you know how some people say don't go on those mental meds because they make you crazy its true because ever since the drug stopped working my mind id fucked up like my imagination just runs wild, stay away from resperidone it will make you crazy , now I'm forever on drugs thanks bullshit doctors (currently on invega for bad thoughts) F 20 2 years
0.5 1X D
 1  Asd Severe drooling,right hand twitching,lethargic, constantly not feeling physically well. Our son at age 21 to now age 24 has gained 70 lbs. he is a zombie. His doctor literally jump told him to just stop taking it and now he has to live with horrible withdrawths from these meds. My heart is beyond broken to see him like this and have to feed him Xanax to relieve his withdrawals. This medications is not ok for human consumption and being his POA I am angry and scared! M 24 3 years
3mg 2X D
 1  Hypo mania - psychosis Depression, social withdrawal, increased appetite and the worst one of all when you ejaculate absolutely nothing comes out! It was the strangest thing. I believe this drug should taken off the market. Big pharma works with NWO to reduce population anyway. This is probably a great drug for that. M 39 7 weeks
2mg - 3mg
 1  to stable my moods and for sleep my boobs was leaking milk, and my periods stoped just about 2-3 months ago, And I want to know if they will start back????? F 23 2 years
2mg 1X D
 4  schizophrenia, residual jaw tightness leading to frequent migraines; occasional oversleeping; weight gain (BMI of 30); inability to play my piano as well as I can without the drug. I suffer mostly from paranoia. I have a lot less paranoia when I am on a higher dose of Risperdal than when I am on a lower dose. F 54 7 years
37.5mg 2X M

 1  tourettes Tunnel vision, leaking and swollen boobs, prolactinoma, mood swings (more or less chronical) Do not take. Its poison and changes you. You dont need it and children doesnt need it either. You will regret like I did otherwise F 27 6 months

 2  Psychotic Disorder This drug alters your thinking process, it makes you lethargic and sleepy/drowsy it also takes your drive in life away. I think it makes you paranoid and nervous. I gained over 30 pounds on it. It messes up your sleeping patterns if not insomnia its getting up early in the mornings. It also sexually inhibits you, you lose a lot of emotion and become somewhat impersonal. The worst effect of this medication is if you are drinking the hangover you will experience the next day will be much worse as it is a depressant. I was subscribed this medication as I had a psychotic episode which lasted a couple of months about 5 years ago but I should have been off it at least 3-4 years ago. If you are not meant to be taking this medication it will only make you depressed. I went from a smart student in high school to a failing college student all due to the side effects being too much to deal with. I have been reduced to 5mg dosage once every 3 weeks so I am gradually coming off it my mind and thou M 23 5 years
5mg 1X O
 3  psychotic depression Risperdal made me gain a large amount of weight and made me start lactating even though Ive never been pregnant. F 18 3 months
2 MG

 1  Severe depression and anxiety The first time I had severe akethesia, I could not sit down in the evenings...so I couldn't sleep. it was terrible. When I was prescribed it 5 or so years later, I started lactating. The worst medication I have ever been on. F
1X D

 3  Bipolar and Intermittent Explosive The main 2 side effects I noticed right away was an immediate weight gain and severe drowsiness... I'm a naturally skinny guy and being on this stuff made me the biggest I've ever been in my life (mainly my belly), I constantly craved food and always did senseless snacking at night..but the drug worked wonderfully for my Bipolar/mania and explosive temper. I did enjoy the good sleep though, but because of the tremendous weight gain I was forced to switch to Geodon which makes me feel more like a "zombie" sometimes... M 27 6 months
 1  Manic depression HORRIBLE immediate weight gain. Numb state, shaky grinding teeth, get cold easily. F 42 2 weeks
1/2 mg 4 x

 2  used to get rid of my anger i am a transgender male and it made me more worser. i was told to stop taking risperdal because it possibly made me gain weight if i were to take pills with food. N/A M 21 3 weeks
0.5 mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar II Lactating, weight gain (although I gained at 13 years old have since lost the weight), vivid dreams My doctor has been surprised that I can be on Risperdal on a very low dose - 1mg once a day. He says I qualify for Abilify because of lactating (since I was 13) but I like Risperdal, I know what to expect and it works. I don't mind lactating and the weight gain is now weight loss - since I work out 5days a week. I have taken numerous drugs - trying new ones when they come out but always go back to Risperdal. It just works. I'm able to function although I have periods where I can barely get out of bed and I'm completely irrational when I'm angry. Usually I go into a depression mode twice a year - my anger stages are rare and may last for about 2 hours. Depression stages last all winter ( doesn't help that I live in NJ - might be better if I move to FL for the lovely yearly weather). So that might last about 5 months. I try to work out more and do activities to help keep me going strong, but I usually just want to stay home. F 27 13 years
1mg 1X D
 4  Bipolar II Mania My mania has gotten worse over the past month. I quit the benzos due to me abusing them and having drug dependancy. So I didn't have a "chill pill"! It was to the point that I was almost arrested for threats I made and being violent. I was even having homicidal thoughts. I was so manic I wanted to die. Dr gave me respirdal 3mg at night. OMG! I can live with myself now. My hubby said I was acting better too. I am not at all agitated like I was. I'm much more chill and relaxed without feeling "drugged"! This is my new best friend. It is supposed to help me go to sleep. It has not worked for that. But I can't complain. I have not had Any adverse side effects so far! I would definatly recommend this drug to people who are having a manic episode! F 35 3 days

 1  Paranoid Schizophrenia lethargy, depression, suicidal thoughts, lost fantasy and creativity, bad memory, lost ability to feel deeply, lost ability to connect with others, probably permanent brain damage, dependency from risperdal A drug from hell describes it very good. I wish I would never have taken it. After all this time, withdrawal will be hard and I don't know if I will succeed or suicide. I have no psychotic thoughts but this drug is reason enough not to live anymore. It's like a progressing dementia, depression and suicidality when I'm only 28 yo. M 28 9 years
2.5-4 1X D
 1  Schizophrenia Shaking, Horrible Nightmares, Restlessness, Lactating Risperdal did not work for me whatsoever, and when I started lactating - I stopped taking it cold turkey and had HUGE withdrawl symptoms which lasted for over a month. F 24 1 years
5 mg 1X D

 5  Amphetamie psychosis Weight gain at 1st but the after a while it levelled out M 46 10 years
 4  Schizophrenia Weight gain, very bad stretch marks, feeling numb tired F 29 2 years
 5  phycosis lack of emotion,not bothered by anything,tired most of the time! this drug works against phycosis,have a normal life,side effects have dulled me though! M 47 6 months
2 1X D

 3  moody Erectile dysfunction until dosage was lowered. It flat lines my testosterone levels, so I have to also take T injections, or become fatigued. It helps me sleep so I take it before bed. Psycotic thoughts from what I can best figure out to be from withdrawals from stopping cold turkey. I have clinical depression, aspergers (autism), insomnia, life threatening food allergies, OCD, ADHD, IBS, mood grumpy disorder, I can straight up be an asshole without this drug. Cognitive disorders, the state recently declared me disabled. Learning disability. anxiety, chronic back pain, meniere's disease. tinites, vertigo. memory problems, hypogonadisim. and I'm not malingering. God dealt me a shit sandwich without the bread. I take 9 meds and one injection for the aforementioned but only 3 of them work. M 47 4 years
1-4 mg 1X D
 3  Paranoid Schizophrenia Weight gain, lowered libido, higher cholesterol and blood sugar levels, memory is effected a little, mellow mood I think I may have been misdiagnosed so I can't tell you I have less paranoid thoughts because I didn't have any to begin with. However I can tell you that this drug has a mellowing effect on me (not mad or sad). I do think for me the negative side effects outweigh the positive effects on me so I am tapering off this drug. M 35 2 years
3 MG 1X D

 1  Asperger syndrome Took in combination with various SSRI's over the years. Made my symptoms worse, It led to serious introversion and near complete self-imposed social isolation. My weight gradually increased to borderline obese on the BMI scale. Within 3 months of discontinuing, my weight was down to normal, and my social life is better than ever. My doctor aggressively pushed me and my parents to continue taking it. Once I became an adult, I fired him. M 33 17 years
1 1X D
 1  anxiety My mom and doctor put me on this when I was 12 and it helped but it made me lactate the whole time I was on it and I didn't tell anyone bc the med helped and I was too embarrassed. Well I just had to stop it cold turkey bc I started developing tartive disconesia. I took prozac with it for years and did fine too. Withdrawls were horrific. And now i can't take any ssri or snri without severe muscle spasms.i even tried a tricyclic which made my heart rate go to 147. I can't take antipsychotics anymore bc they all make me lactate and start getting symptoms of td. ever since risperdal I'm irritable my anxiety is worse and i get akathesia a lot and it's changed something in my brain to where no other medicines will work for me. I'm still looking for a medicine to help me but Im running out of options. i also have permanent muscular and ligament problems and stay in constant pain now. DO NOT PUT YOUR KIDS ON THIS IT WILL EVENTUALLY RUIN THEIR LIFE! F 25 10 years
1 mg
 1  Anxiety Weight gain, tired Withdrawal from this drug is terrible F 43 9 months
1X D

 3  Paranoid Schizophrenic I began on 2 mg and found I could actually sleep, but noticed an almost immediate increase in weight. When I ran out of medication, the weight almost instantly dropped off, just as fast as it appeared. I have been trying to determine why I am experiencing night sweats, although I don't know if this is a side effect of the drug or not. My dosage has been increased to 3 mg, and without cogentin (?), my speech is affected and I have a weird twitch to the mouth. Other than that, I sleep fine now. F 46 45 days
2 mg 1X D

 2  Schizoaffective Loss of creativity, I'm an artist too. No desire to be around people. Loss of memory short term. Can't remember why I left a room. Less interest in people I love. Giant appetite, easy to gain quickly on this med even if I skip a meal. Very very tired. I sleep 10-11 hours a night and could sleep more, sometimes take a midday nap. Always drinking coffee. Shaky muscles. Blurred vision. Twitches. Eye jiggling noticed when trying hard to get into art. Abdominal discomfort and swelling. Itchy burning skin, swelling in hands and feet. Still depressed, increased suicidal thinking, still schizoaffective-- still getting messages from the ether. I refuse to increase it more. Still self mutilation desire. Cotton mouth, cotton throat, cotton eyes. Contacts less comfortable. At my wits end because I've run the mill on meds. So I will camp on this one for a while, nothing else is any better. Been taking meds for almost twenty years so that's life. F 33 2 years

 1  Clinical Depression Suicidal Thoughts, Rapid Heartbeat, Uncontrollable Muscle Spasms, Loss of Hope for Humanity Was put on Risperdal after switching mental health doctors. Never again. Not even an hour after being in my system I wanted to go on a psychotic rampage. My mom noticed my reaction immediately and called my doctor who said to get rid of the rest of the pills and to comfort me while I "rode it out". Went to school that day in a complete fog and I saw two of my law teacher. I would not recommend this medicine to my worst enemy. F 20 2 days
25 MG 1X D
 1  Looking for help the wrong way Smelly under arms. Near heart attack panic attack induced by Mary Jane and never ever had had a problem in the past. Heart rate above 100 easy for four hours or more. Chest pains. Ruined me who I was my stimulating mind. Have maybe permanent damage. Gave me stomac pains chest pains bad tastes in my mouth complete hunger out the window. Life is spiritual and fixed by re expression and love Joy being. And choices and people who care. Oh the ones who will Love and help. No drugs are needed. This drug ruined my brain my thinking. Hair falling out. Foggy memory. Seeing colors lights and even studied and learned about it so I am aware awake and not a sheep It's awful. Depression is the most contagious thing. Be happy. Passion for living and life. Cannot change one thing without changing everything This drug suppresses thought. Hurts the body in a painless low level way working around you availablity to notice. Thank god I stopped it ASAP after forced to take it even court not Decide in my descion. Three doctors. Screwed me over. Dogs !!! I cannot say from pure happy unhurt to hurt I am. Some part will glow if you take this. Anything that brings its symptoms to the front could kill you. Do not smoke Mary Jane w or one this drug. Near heart attack. Heart rate will go up but nothing as close to what happens when it gets metabolized suddenly and effects are full blown experienced. Like a jinga tower do not tip. Bruce lee I think was killed by a reaction similar to this. M 25 2 months
 2  Breakdown Zombie suicidal sad God pleaes don't give these to your kid. Love them instead. For once listen....just cause I am a kid do not discount me. My young life has been hard traumatic and sad. My break down was bad scary and had all the signs of any major psyc disorder after all they all sounds similar ...look into it. They all sound the sam as do the r x companies...no studies prove they work long term n. My family took me to 4 psycotic docs they should be called all said something different...were was the science there? Well the one thing they said that matched was take meds. Then me and my family prayed a lot and the break down became a break through I accepted responsibility and worked hard in lots of therpy to love me. Got off the meds started back in school and feel like a new blessed me. Stay away from any drugs ..sleep good...don't listen to hate music. Let go of that ..that haunted me. You can do this drug free find the faith and work for it. Ask your parents to believe in you..they might surprise you and you them. M 16 3 days
3.5 none 1X D
 1  Not explained crushed my genius mind. I could create scenerious in my head and place them all around myself. I could hallucinate but control my hallucinations. My mind was genius, a mind that comes in 1 in a million. It was permanently destroyed by psychiatry. Antipsychotics, Antidepressants are all the same, they work purely by suppressing thought. This drug will cause permanent brain damage, so if you have any thought, emotion or will to live then please do not take this drug! I was 9 when I took this. Genius mind I had at the time is still damaged. Be careful, very careful. M 16 60 days
1mg 1X D

 1  Having a vivid imagination Turned me into a zombie. The mechanism of action of these drugs is by suppressing all though! That is how psychiatric drugs work. You cannot only some things, you have to supress everything. This drug is very effective at turning you into a zombie with no feelings, imagination, though pattern or anything. Took this when I was 9, luckily only for 60 days though. Probably still have some damage from it. Drugs used to turn happy children into zombies. Psychiatry is bullshit. M 9 60 days
1X D

 3  Selfharm/anxiety Sleep weight gain paranoia drained zombie like behavior bpd.... I'm 14 and I started this drug in a mental hospital (I attempted suicide). At first I was sleeping all day and feeling sick but that side effect wears off. I gained thirteen pounds in. The first week but I have been working out and have lost weight since then. I also take other meds so if any be positive every side effect is from this. I went one night without this drug and I've been up every two hours... This sucks it's 5 am I just wanna go to bed F 14 4 weeks

 1  Been diagnosed as bipolar 1 I used to be very energetic and lively person full of flair and energy for life. Since I am taking this drug I am boring, speech less, cannot come up with anything interesting to say, cannot regain my fitness, lost my creativity, it is also slowing down my metabolism, life seems empty and worthless. I even lost interest in my beloved children whom I know are the biggest treasure in my life yet I cannot express this. Horrible drug, should be taken off the market and the company producing should be sued. M 39 10 months
12.5mg 2X M
 1  Bpd Never again touch this even at 1mg so so sedating can't shower for 3 days until drug leaves my system completely mind so foggy couldn't even drink fluids or a have a cup of tea I was sleeping around the clock dreadful drug for light weighted person I certainly won't be willing to take in future F 26 1 weeks
 4  Bipolar I I gained 13 lbs in 2 weeks although I worked out 4 x a week, and I ate less than 1700 calories a day, sometimes only 1200. My symptoms greatly improved. I am thinking clearer and sleeping. However I gained 13 lbs in 2 weeks! My ankles, and legs are swollen like tree trunks. F 43 15 days
2 mg 1X D
 4  Schizophrenia M 42 8 years
1mg 1X D

 3  ssri induced mood swings, paranoia Started on 0.5mg which increased symptoms I was trying to avoid- on the first night I would have shot myself if I had had a gun. Had to begin with 0.25mg. Feeling irritable, more hungry and foggy. Finding it harder to exercise in the gym and worried I won't be able to loose weight and increase my self-esteem on this drug. Stretch marks, burning sensation on hips. Anxiety much much better, less depressed and able to reduce my ssri. Mood swings and paranoia seem to be triggered by starting and increasing this drug! I will give it some more time as I am so much calmer but because of potential unwanted effects may ask for a change or go to back to 0.25mg as I expect my recovery to include peace of mind. F 38 21 days
0.5mg 1X D
 1  A witch that cursed me weight gain(40kg) 1year Slurred speach, Can`t write, can bearly walk, can`t remember mom or dad or any thing from school, no thought pattern when I speak! HORRIBLE drug!!! Life has been horror on this. Lost my job. All friends. Welfare. Weightgain, scared of people now,can bearly walk,layed in bed all day for 5 years, Lost my entire life! People were out partying and getting girls while I was in bed!! Gave up on life! Crying all day in bed! Waiting to die! Asking GOD to let me die. M 33 5 years
37,5 2X M

 2  Schzioeffective Bipolar I Oversleeping (12 hours), Weight Gain, Lethargic and Antisocial. Its is unfortunate that I have endured the negative side effects that I have on Risperidal, for it has taken away my halluscinations and racing/obsessive thoughts. I plan on switching off of risperidal soon, because of the intense oversleeping (12 hours) I experience and the great burden it causes me. M 31 5 months
3 mg 1X D

 2  Tourettes Tiredness, bodily tired, feeling like 10 hours of sleep is not enough M 18 4 weeks

 1  anxiey, insomnia Was put on this in the mental hospital, self check in due to very high anxiety levels, no sleep and panic attacks. I just wanted relief, hate I ever took this drug. It made me emotionless (still haven't fully got that back), it worked on the insomnia but I felt like I had to think before I talked, slurred words and felt like I was in a dream. Both ring fingers on both hands drew up in my sleep at the same time, second time ring finger on left hand drew up and pinky was turned outward. Spasm in neck and sore calf muscles like I lifted weights. When I left home going to check in I cried like a baby but when I got back no emotion of happiness. So not me. F 43 4 days
 1  Schizophrenia extreme weight gain, hungry all the time, very bad flaking dandruff, no libido I have been on Risperdal for 15 years. I just accepted the side effects for what they were and didn't think about it too much. I have tried to diet with limited success. I am sick of feeling hungry and sick of gaining weight so I am changing meds under doctor supervision. This is a horrible drug and should be taken off the market. The side effects are not worth it. If you want to gain weight, have an itchy scalp every waking hour, lose interest in the opposite sex completely. Also feel doped up all the time and sleep a lot. My advice: Choose a better medication than this one. I now have to somehow lose 55 kilos after I get off this terrible drug! F 38 15 years
6mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar II This medicine has decreased my anger level tremendously. I can now function like a normal person. F 42 90 days
2 mg 1X D
 3  psychosis experienced loss of interest in things i used to be interested it; life became less interesting because of it. can't enjoy music the way i used to for example. i also dont get excited when my boyfriend contacts me the way i used to. difficult living this way. switched to geodon 11 days ago and still feeling the same way F 23 5 months
2mg 2X D
 1  Schizophrenia Unnatural amount of lethargy . total zombie It's an awful substance. Places you in such powerfully lethargic stupor, you lose all your bearings to function meaningfully in life M 42 1 months
1mg 1X D

 3  tourettes tiredness M 18 30 days
2 1X D
 1  Bipolar I Night sweats, no emotions, fatigue, crying a lot, irritable, anxious F 41 2 days
 2  bipolar mania Lactadid F 41 1 months
 1  Psychosis Blunted emotions, no passion, zombie like feeling, frequent urination,25 pound weight gain, slow thinking, loss of sex drive, dry eye, loss of motivation, longer sleep, high prolactin (4x), high cholesterol, low white blood cell, heart arythmia, jaw tightness. Personality became more low key. I studied this drug alot and recommend it only be taken for short term use. It interferes with your neurotransmitters and causes brain shrinkage in your frontal lobe (animal studies). When you stop taking it there are terrible side effects like restless movement(akisthesia), sleep disturbance, emotional fluctuations, and tardive psychosis. Some people get psychosis because of withdrawing rather than from an underlying condition. The brain has so many additional dopamine neurons, that when you stop it you get extreme dopamine levels (like with psychosis). Be extremely careful and always do your own research. M 46 10 years
1-3mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar I Seem to be holding water weight, but have gained 5 lbs. I'm on weight watchers and keep to my points so it's hard to see the 5 lbs. Abilify combined with Zoloft gave the unpleasant side effect of sweating profusely. Zoloft by itself didn't do it, but the psychiatrist said Zoloft would be the culprit and for some reason the combination of Abilify and Zoloft caused awful sweating. At night I'd sleep with towels, not sheets. I couldn't stand it any longer and was switched to Risperdal. I like it so far. I take it at night and sleep well. Some perspiration, but nothing like it was on Abilify. I started at 0.5mg and was increased to 1mg at night. It hasn't affected my sex drive in a negative way. F 41 4 weeks
1mg po qhs 1X D
 5  help with manic episodes Feeling groggy and falling asleep all the time, always eating and gained weight quickly F 22 2 months

 2  because of depression feeling heavy in body drowsiness some irritation dont feel like taking it again.. M 18
2 2X AN
 3  Bipolar with psychotic features Complete loss of sex drive, feel almost no excitement, sort of a numbing of emotions, completely groggy all day and all I wanted to do was sleep, slept for 12 + hours each night. Good for sleep but sleeping all day is a heck of a life Went off risperdal onto abilify and noticed much more energy and not tired all the time but not able to sleep as well as I was on risperdal. M 21 9 months
2 1X D
 4  insomnia, anxiety somewhat lower sex drive, less discharge, a.m. "hangover", euphoria Anxiety took over several mths ago, aggravated IBS, made sleep problems worse. I was on low doses of ativan or ambien for sleep, alternating w/ OTC meds (ie unisom) to elude addiction. Those stopped working completely. Usually only 3 or 4 hrs of sleep for four months, on some nights none. Obsessive thinking. Ended up in hosp. after suicide attempt; it took a week for risperdal to really work. Turns out to be "just the ticket", minimal side effects, full nights sleep, controlled anxiety. M 60 30 days
1 mg 1X D

 4  Zoloft-induced Anger; Anxiety I became very tired and felt faint 1-2 hours after taking each dose ( I took my first dose in the morning), and weak. I noticed this when going to the gym, I was lethargic and weaker than usual and couldn't do my normal workout routine. After taking the dose, I became very lethargic. It helped a lot for my generalized anxiety, but it didn't help for social anxiety. I think it also helped for depression. It stopped a lot of my thoughts, which I guess is a good thing. Mentally it helped me think better and feel better, and I felt more grounded, but physically I felt worse on it. It helped my thought processes. It also stopped my anger (which I didn't have before starting Zoloft). I asked to go off of it because I felt weak and lethargic on it and had trouble working out at the gym, and I need to lose weight and work out. If I was at a healthy weight than this wouldn't have been as much of a problem for me. F 29 2 weeks
.25mg 2X D
 3  Psychosis from bipolar disorder Leaking milk from breasts, no visual hallucinations, no anxiety, less caring, and still had auditory hallucinations. F 15 1 months
2 MG

 5  anger loss of sex drive my loss of sex drive makes me more pissed off than the reason i started takeing it im going to stop takeing this bullish today M 28 2 years
.5 1X D

 1  psychosis horrible, as I am not psychotic but a true to life crime victim of the nutty mental health profession. Rape & assault victim of several individuals claiming to be mental health professionals. I would never recommend this to anyone except to the demons who prescribe this sort of poison. Yes it did work, I once thought that the mental health professionals knew what they were doing. Gosh, I was definitely deluded. They are all devious crooks and should be locked up for abuse beyond description. I even left my career of making this poison and other psychiatric drugs. All of it poison and nothing more. F 57 5 years
4mg 1X D

 4  Bipolar NOS weight gain, acne It helps a great deal with preventing psychosis. It has had wonderful effects. It took a long time to find the right dosage. Too much made me very robotic. I love how it is now. My one thing that I hate is the acne. I really hope I find a way to get rid of the acne caused by this medicine. Any suggestions? F 20 4 years
2mg 1X D
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