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 5  LB Mastectomy (After AC chemo x 4) As the cycles progressed - extreme fatigue (could never have imagined it happen to me, It overwhelmed me) Metallic taste in mouth (drove me insane) Finger and Toe nails affected (mainly index fingers and large toe nails) Brain Chemo My hair fell out almost immediately with the AC chemo, but with Taxol, the last of it fell out and then my eyelashes and eyebrows all fell out and my body hair followed suit. If it works, go for it! as much as I did not like the side effects of it, you manage to get through it. The recovery from the side effects after the 12 cycles has been fairly rapid for me. So I am delighted. F 60 12 weeks
80mg 1X D

 5  Stage 4 Breast cancer Total hair loss for entire body, peripheral neuropathy, joint pain, neutropenia , tolerable fatigue, rapid heart rate Saved my life and thankful for this drug. Breast tumor and 2 small areas in liver were completely gone after first month (3weeks on & 1 week off ) of treatment with concurrent palliative radiation of lower back. Now 7 months later and addition of Avastin at month 5 , I am NED (no evidence of disease) and even bone detioration is gone. I started with mass in left breast, 2 small areas in liver, 3 metastases to the spine and severe pelvis, ribs and sternum bone lytic lesions. F 45 7 months

 4  TNBC Day after treatment is fine, days 3-5 fatigue, intestinal issues diarrhea, indigestion. Some nose bleeding, lost hair. Joint pain hard to discuss considering I had arthritis prior to diagnosis, I am 5 treatments in of 12 with carboplatin every 3rd treatment. Headaches have also been occurring a couple times a week. Definitely worst days are 3 -5. Still able to work full time except day of treatment. Not easy but manageable. Only one external measurement since starting and showed a reduced size tumor. F 53 10 weeks
 5  Breast cancer stage 1 removed Loss of hair, still have eyebrows/lashes. A little fatigue comes unexpectedly but then back to normal. Half way through hope all goes well. Taxol is an insurance policy for me not to get cancer again...so I am happy if it works! F 50 6 weeks
1X W

 5  Breast Cancer Fatigue. Taxol helped save my life. I was Stage 2B when I started treatment with a tumor 4 1/2 cm in size. Opted for neo-adjuvant chemo in the hopes of saving my breast. Started with dose dense A/C for four treatments every other Tuesday and ended with dose dense Taxol, four treatments every other Tuesday for a total of 16 weeks of chemotherapy. Because of the positive response to chemo my tumor was shrunk to 1.1cm and removed successfully. Followed with daily radiation for 7 weeks. Six years post treatment I am completely disease free. F 58 8 weeks
2X M
 4  BC-Trip Neg-Stage 2A Joint and muscle pain, night sweats, fatigue, migraine. F 52 2 months
2X M
 4  Bc her2 + First 8 treatments were a breeze. Last 4 stomach issues got bad. Been off 3 weeks and am still having bouts of bad nausea. Thought it would be over by now. F 56 3 months

 4  Stage IIa Breast Cancer Taxol has, so far, been so much easier than A/C that I feel as if I have been given a second chance. I am between week 5 and 6 of weekly infusions and so far the worst side effect has been insomnia the night of the infusion and fatigue on day 3. This has been so much easier to take compared to the first chemo. F 41 12 weeks
100 mg 1X W
 4  Stage 4 lung cancer Slight neuropathy and swelling of feet; slight tingling of fingertips; almost complete hair loss including all body hair. Side effects not suffered include nausea, intestinal problem, heart or kidney problems. I have had 20 injections (each lasting 2 hours) of Taxol in the last 26 weeks. I take 3 weeks in a row, skip a week, and then start another 3 weeks of injections. Currently I will be skipping 3 weeks (impending cataract surgery) and resuming weekly injections on June 13th. I have found that this skipping allows my body time to rebuild and not leave me completely drained and weak..The day of and the day after chemo are my coming down from the steroids days. Days 3 and 4 after chemo are generally my "don't do anything" and rest days. Days 5 and 6 are my "normal" and productive days. The latest CT scan shows that Taxol has reduced the cancer mass in my lung to one-third the size it was before Taxol. Prior to Taxol I was on Carboplatin every 3 weeks, however this chemo still allowed for the effusion to build up in my lung. Since starting on Taxol last November I have not had the need to have my lung drained of effusion (thoracentisis). As a comparison, between my diagnosis in June 2011 and my last thoracentisis in Nov 2011, a total of 11.3 liters of fluid at 7 different times were removed from my left lobe. M 66 26 weeks
180 MG 1X W
 3  Adv Metastatic BC stage 3C grade 3 I was treated in May 2006 first with A/C and after no affect 6 weekly doses of TAXOL. I had lost my hair from A/C treatments but after taxol I lost ALL my body hair. The neuropathy began my second treatment which was done while I had shingles. I know I am alive today because of this drug but I hate that for so long Doctors have not taken the long term effects of Chemo drugs especially taxol seriously. After almost 6 years I continue to walk like an 80 year old. My fatigue is severe, I have constant bone pain in both my lower legs, numbness, burning, aching, and shooting pains in my feet and hands. I am a single mom, a middle school teacher, and I haven't been able to work a full year since treatment. I have to take pain medications to work and it is depressing not to be the active strong person I was before treatment. I am thankful to be alive, yes, but please give us the information, care, and belief following treatment as well. I want to live happy not be in horrible psn and a burden to my kids. My older two live at home because of this and I hate that this has changed their lives as well!. F 50 6 weeks
max dose
 3  stage 2 breast cancer Put on after severe neuropathy caused by taxitere. Neuropathy continued to affect my feet but gone in hands. Lost 17 finger/toe nails. Extreme fatigue but continued to work from home office all but day of treatment due to time. Cracked corners of mouth, gooey mouth or cotton mouth. 2 weeks after last treatment extreme leg/joint pain and edema in legs. Still unable to do many things with my hands; buttoning, picking things up, holding onto things w/o dropping. Loss of balance, difficulty walking. Hoping these subside quickly. F 40 9 weeks
 3  Breast cancer Stage 3A I was just diagnosed last year MAY 2010. I can admit I am still alive but living in a body that feels like I am 90. I wake with such horrific pain I have to take my Morphine 30 mg instant release and 60 mg slow release. It takes about 1 hour to feel well enough to get out of bed, just to go to the couch, I can hardly stand for 5 minutes, I cannot climb stairs well, use handicapped parking areas to avoid walking so far, my legs feel like they are on fire. They pinch, burn, throb, ache, with pulsating pain and sometimes shooting pains. I can have a massage but as soon as I am finished they hurt equally to when it started. I have found a scalding hot bath helps until my morphine kicks in and takes the edge off enough to sleep. Since the taxol I have become an insomniac. I dont sleep well or at all with out the help of 2 sleeping aids. My arms up to my arm pits ache when things get really bad. Also I believe A/C first contributed for my hair loss but I am sure taxol didnt help because abou I too wish I would have known about these side effects. I noticed the extreme "I cant take it" kind of pain right after my 2nd dose of taxol, Where as A/C just made me feel like I had been hit by a bus and I was nautious the entire time. Those symptoms started the 2nd day after treatment and lasted until about day 10. Things were the very worse at about day 5 through 9. My quality of life is ruined. I used to work managing large hotels and was used to running around the building to manage things. I excercised regularly and lifted weights. I loved rollerblading and biking. My feet go numb after an hour of wearing shoes.I cannot keep up with my 3 year old. I am unable to work, not even able to depend on myself to wake up in time, since I dont sleep well, All I can say is without the morphine I am on, I would rather die than feel the extream intense pain I have when it isnt in my system. I have tried to go off of it many times but the pain is so horrific. I am looking for someone else like me, in my situation. I have tried ketamine infusions which they said will reset my nerve path but even that, which was helpful, did not work. HELP!!! F 31 2 months
2X M
 4  Breast Cancer No noticeable effects until after 4th treatment-now up to 7th. Rash and swelling on both ankles, muscles hurt during exercise, accumulative effect fatigue. After A/C -four 3 weekly sessions- Taxol is not so bad. However, I believe that the side effects are accumulative and depend on the dosage as well as the capability of the individual's body to deal with the drug. Just hoping I won't have problems with my nails!!! F 61 12 weeks
80mg 1X W

 4  BREAST CANCER nose bleeding, thick mucus and coughing, very cold hands and feet on the 3rd day of Taxol chemo, tingle in toes and fingers, finger nails is busy lifting Im very happy... Much better than the RED DEVIL... its a piece of cake after that...no pains in joints and my hair is growing.. F 59 9 weeks
50MG 1X W
 4  Breat Cancer Just some stomach problems but nothing that was that big a deal. All hair gone...including eye brows and lashes. F 50 12 weeks
200 1X W
 3  stage IIIA breast cancer peripheral neuropathy after 8 treatments, severe joint and bone pain, felt like I was 90 years old (I'm 53). Much easier than AC but long term effects more pronounced. My doctor didn't have any answers for the long lasting joint pain but it DID disappear about 18 months after last dose. Previously had trouble getting out of a chair, felt stiff and sore, but after walking a few steps it would improve. I didn't think it would ever go away but happy to say there is light at the end of the tunnel! Still occurs once in awhile after a long day at work or exercise. No recurrences (yet) in 2 years so hopefully it was worth it. F 53 12 weeks
1X W

 3  breast cancer stage 1 numbness in left toes after my 11th treatment. Also very tired by the third and fourth day and didn't bounce back till day 5 for the next treatment on day 8. Hair growing back on taxol AC was tough to take, taxol was easier in alot of ways until the numbness set in on left toes by the last treatment. Hopefully it will fade over time. Otherwise, besides crashing from the steroids 36 hours later it was a breeze. I am still tired from all the AC/Taxol treatments. total of 22 weeks. WHEW!!!!!!! Looking forward to radiation (10 minutes vs. 2 hours) F 50 12 weeks
124 1X W
 4  BC-Stage 1a Definite bone and muscle pain from the waist down. Tingling in fingers and feet. Usually subsides within 4 to 5 days. Loss of eyelashes and eyebrows as well as other body hair including facial and pubic(hair was already gone from AC). Bad taste in mouth. I have one more treatment to go and the Taxol is definitely harder than the AC but I am going to make it through! I have had my treatments on Thursday, shot of Nuelasta on Friday and taken the weekend to recover, returning to work on Monday after 7 treatments so far. F 47 8 weeks
2X M
 3  Fallopian Tube Cancer Severe neuopathy in hands and feet/toes. Loss of taste, dry mouth, inflammed veins, complete hair loss, and nausea. Due to the level of my neuropathy, my doctor took me off of the Taxol after the 3rd treatment. After a few weeks, some of the symptoms did subside and my hair did actually begin to grow back(not that this was my main concern), after 6 weeks. Everybody is different, but I will say that the recovery period after each treatment without the Taxol was reduced by about a week. F 47 2 months
1X O
 5  stage I grade 3 triple negative BC intermittent very mild neuropathy, some stumbling, but not too bad. a little fatigue, but not too bad. After the Epirubicin and Cytoxan, the Taxol is wonderful I think the pre-meds are the primary cause of my tiredness and malaise for a day or two after the treatment. my WBC and RBC counts are low, but staying constant I am ravenous due to the dexamethasone pre-med, but try to eat lots of proteins to keep my blood counts up. I take a couple tablespoons of blackstrap molasses every day, and I'm convinced that that is helping with the blood counts. F 49 6 weeks
12 weeks 1X W
 4  breast ca Interesting comment about the Claritan as I take that daily for seasonal allergies, and living in FL we have been in high pollen for weeks. I just finished Taxol last week and did well; common symtpoms were fairly mild and manageable. For the person needing advice re: nail fungus...try Tea Tree oil daily to the affected nails. This was recommended to me by a podiatrist for common nail fungus (another prevalent condition in this warm, humid climate). Tea Tree oil has a pleasant, medicinal smell and the oil base probably helps nail growth also. I find the oil I get at a reputable health food store to be a much better quality than the cheaper brands tried from big chain stores...hope it works for you. F 54 12 weeks
1X W

 5  MD Anderson I am in my 9th week of Taxol treatments and have not experienced any major side effects. (oh, except for my hair thinning out) i take my treatments on Saturday mornings so I have the weekend to rest. I still work full time in upper management. Everyone responds differently to treatment. F 40 9 weeks
1X W

 2  Stage 2 - Triple Neg -Breast Cancer Peripheral Neuropathy set in following the first Taxol treatment, hands first then feet. I lost all skin on my hands, numb at the tips, sharp electric shock feeling when I touch things. Side affects got worse following each treatment. Lost toe nails after second treatment and big toes hurt, finger nails are now purple and they say the finger nails will probably fall off too. The pain is intolerable at times, especially at night. After a few weeks it has gotten a little easier to walk, hands are arthritic feeling, ankles hurt - I just hurt all over and I feel 90 years old instead of my usual active and happy self. Not sure if it was worth it yet as I had chemo first, with surgery to follow. I cherish my quality of life over length and this is far more severe side affects than I was told to expect with only 4 treatments. They gave me pain meds the first few weeks, but now suggest the symptoms should be subsiding and I should use natural remedies and buck up and it will go away in Chemo is poison for some and medicine for others and doctors are not sure how anyone will react for sure. More research is needed to find a cure, but in the meantime more emphasis should be spent on treating the side effects and not just the cancer. Side affects are real and most often pushed off onto the aides and nurses to treat and unless you get a really qualified nurse, this can be emotionally and physically very difficult. F 51 7 days
2X M

 4  Stage IIB Breast Cancer The main difference between Taxol and my A/C chemo treatments is the pain in my bones and my abdominal distress. Of course I have fatigue, complete hair loss, eyebrows and eyelash loss, weight loss of 40 lbs because everything tastes horrible, and sometimes I just get sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was told by one of my chemo nurses to take Claritin after chemo and IT WORKED really well! I have very strong pain medicine that doesn't even work, but the Claritin (just one pill) helps with the pain. I also take 3,0000 mg of L-Carnitine - 1,0000 mg 3X a day and have not experienced any tingling or numbness...yet anyway. I hope this helps someone feel better. I still have five more treatments to go. I am a middle school teacher and could not work at all with A/C chemo treatments - 4 rounds after a double masectomy and 38 lymph nodes removed. I went back to work 3 days a week on Taxol. I am tired and in a bit of pain, but I'm praying to be cured and cancer free after all this. I also have 33 radiation treatments to look forward to. I think you just have to try to stay positive and remember you are not alone in this fight. I wear a shirt that says, "Fight Like a Girl!" Would be happy to correspond with anyone who needs a friend to talk to. F 51 7 times
30 mg 1X W
 3  Grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma Very severe pains in the legs started three days after the first dose was given. Lasted three days. No painkillers seemed to work and it was awful. Also got peripheral neuropathy (numbness) of all toes and fingertips, plus slight nosebleeds and gum soreness but all manageable. F 52 1 days
? 2X M

 3  Stage 4 Met. Breast Cancer, Her2+ Been on some sort of Chemo, radiation or Cyberkife since 2004! Started out after surgery in2004 AC+T 4 rounds each. Stopped after round 3 of Taxol, feet, arms and legs one giant blister. Went on to many other types of chemo, Navelbine,Tykeb,Arimidex,Taxertere,Herceptin. Different combos sometimes. Presently on Toxol and Herceptin and I'm in remission for the forth time. Had kidney stones removed 2 months ago. Itching, lack of sleep, joint pain, not being able to eat, radiation burned my esophagus.Lost 50+ lbs.past 6 months.Working one day every 6 weeks having problems with my cell counts(RB&WB) getting shots of Neupogen. But Im still here and plan to go to my 40th reunion in July 2011. Seems to work well with Herceptin. Did nothing for me with AC. F 57
1X W

 3  Stage 3 BC Much easier than AC. Initially, seemed like a walk in the park. After a few weekly treatments, joint pain, extreme fatigue, mild nausea, neuropathy, acne from steroids, memory impairment. My hair grew back while on Taxol! F 40 12 weeks
1X W

 3  Stage 1 breast cancer Extreme fatigue - I was unable to work, read a book or, most days, even watch TV, muscle pain - especially in legs, complete hair loss midway through treatment, eventually toenails turned blue and split, premature menopause for 16 months after treatment, diarrhea, acid reflux, tinging feet and hands (neuropathy) that lasted a few weeks post treatment, but I id well with this side effect as it was only mild and went away very quickly when I was done with chemo. The last two weeks of treatment, I also got serious nausea. The fatigue was so bad by then that I could not drive a car for more than 10 minutes. It took about 3-6 months to begin to feel myself again. I also took this med with weekly herceptin, so it is not possible to precisely know which medication caused which symptom. But I am two and one half years past treatment, and I feel 95% recovered. Not fully regained my energy - yet. This medicine obviously affects people VERY differently, as working during treatment would have been a complete impossibility. F 45 12 weeks
unsure 1X W

 4  breast cancer After my mastectomy, I did AC-T chemotherapy. 4 treatments of AC, then 4 of TAXOL. Treatments were intraveinous, once every two weeks. With the TAXOL, I got severe pains in the legs two days after the treatment. I took one ARCOXIA pill - and was pain free for the next 2 weeks. This happened for all four treatments. Hope this works for you too !! M 63 60 days
 4  Breast cancer After 4 3-weekly doses of A/C (few side effects, mainly tired and complete hair loss), I started on weekly Taxol, 12 doses, 3 to go. Apart from tiredness, I had no problems until the 6th dose. Since then I had haemoglobin loss (had to have a blood transfusion) and have had red, swollen, scaly, intolerably itchy hands and wrists, and one badly swollen, red, painful foot and ankle. I had a couple of minor infections. I've also lost all sense of taste except for the metallic taste in my mouth which no amount of mints can cure! Reading other people's experiences, I realise that I've had it pretty easy. Cortisone cream and vaseline on my hands is helping a bit. Antibiotics cured the infections. Only three more weeks of Taxol to go (then radiology). Don't know if it's 'cured' me, but I trust my oncologist, and he reckons I'm doing very well, and hair, taste buds, and decent hands and feet should soon come back. F 68 9 weeks
1X W

 4  Stge 3 G3 Triple negative breast CA Joint pain in legs, arms & lower back, numb fingers and feet. I received this treatment after 8 weeks of AC which was a non-stop nausea ride & lost all my hair. I would take Taxol over that anyday. No motion sickness or nausea. I've worked full-time (office) while getting both treatments & I'm alive. Yay! F 37 8 weeks
1X W

 3  stage 2 breast cancer Experienced the classic symptoms during treatment. However, after treatment, peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Numbness in all toes. Tingling in all toes. All toenails and fingernails are falling off and have fungus infections. Balance and walking are severely affected. Help! What is the treatment for the fungus???? F 64 56 days
30mg 1X W
 3  breast cancer I took Taxol weekly for 12 weeks, along with Herceptin (I just finished my year of Herceptin). I've been off Taxol since September 2010 and while my counts and general health were good throughout, I had some severe neuropathy and balance issues. I tried Lyrica, gabapemtin, glutamine and lots of naturopathic remedies. I still have intermittent intense discomfort in my feet, muscle weakness, balance issues. I am an active 55 year old and it has definitely diminished my level of activity. I still feel I did the right thing, despite the neuropathy. I had a recurrence (actually a totally new breast cancer in the other breast). Was HER2 neu positive, too, so feel I have to deal with the side effects as I want to stay healthy!!! F 55 12 weeks
100 mg 1X W

 3  Stage 2b Breast Cancer Four A/C treatments with minimal side effects (fatigue & hair loss). Thought Taxol would be a breeze but I was wrong. The bone & muscle pain (mostly from the waist down)started 3 days after my first Taxol treatment and was so severe I took Darvocet that was leftover from my surgery. Pain lasted 5-6 days. Second Taxol the pain started 2 days after and lasted 9 days. Third Taxol the pain started the next day and lasted the full 2 weeks until my last Taxol which was 2-1/2 weeks ago. Pain is still incredibly intense. Initially the pain was more in my hips, legs and feet. Now it's also in my shoulders, arms & hands. I also have neuropathy and darkened nail beds but I can deal with that. I had 4 A/C treatments with very little side effects. The Taxol has definitely been much harsher on my body. I have a very high pain tolerance and the bone and muscle pain is about a 9. I've been on Vicodin since the 2nd Taxol and have had to increase the dosage with each treatment. The pain came on earlier and lasted longer with each Taxol treatment. I called my oncologist 2 weeks after my final Taxol and he increased my Vicodin dosage and also prescribed a muscle relaxer. Not sure how long this will last but I'm hoping it won't be much longer. I had the option to go with the 12x weekly Taxol dosage but thought since the A/C was so easy that I'd do the 4x every other week. Not sure if it would've made a difference. F 47 8 weeks
2X M

 1  Breast Cancer Severe leg,arm and wrist pain and weakness. Metallic taste in mouth. Fatigue,sleeplessness and dizziness. Trouble concentrating. HORRIBLE!!! Difficulty walking. Can't sleep due to pain yet so tired can't do anything else.Chills. F 59
2X M
 1  breast cancer stage 2 grade 3 ducta 8 months after my last treatment I am still experiencing peripheral neuropathy in my feet, ankles , hands and wrists. My pain was 10 out of ten (agony). I have numbness in both of my feet that cause my mobility and balance issues. I have fallen an injuried myself because of the numbness in my feet. I wear protective shoes at all times to prevent injury if I step on something and to give my balance. There is not a time that I am without pain. I have tingling in my ankles at times of shooting pain. In the morning I my hands are curled up and in pain. I have not returned to work because my balance is so poor. The quality of my life has diminished. At 53 years of age I feel 90 years old. I have tried Lyrica , gabapatene, and amitriplyne as well as Vitamin B and glutamine. None have been able to relieve the pain and often have left me in a bit of a mental fog. I have always been physically active and have tried to continue to exercise by riding my stationary bicycle, walking,( with the worst gait possible)yoga, weight lifting rehab pilates on a reformer and just started dragon boat racing. Any exercise you can do sitting down . I have tried to golf 9 holes riding a cart however my ankles are so painful afterwards I con't know if it is worth it. My typing accuracy is dreadful since I can't feel the keys. Taxol might have saved my life from a recurrence of cancer but it also stole the quality of my life and livelihood. All I have been told is that it might get better over time. One can only hope. I have just recently been seen by a neurologist. When I told my oncologist after the first round of taxol that it was the worst pain I had ever experienced that he joking said that I had never experienced labor as if that would be more pain than I was experiening . I told HIM, HE never experienced labor either and not that type of pain now for 8 months.... I have tried everything I can do from drugs, diet, exercise, mediation etc...however I have no control when or if the periperal neuropathy and my mobility will F 53 4 times
4X O

 4  Triple Negative Breast Cancer Some fatigue on days 3-5 post treatment. Some joint pain in shoulders. My hair thinned out significantly, although I didn't lose it completely. I ended up shaving it off anyway since my insurance paid for a wig. I just had my 9th treatment (3 more to go) and I have been getting headaches now for the past couple of weeks. Today's was the worst yet. Hoping they subside soon. I haven't had any major issues with Taxol. My chemo experience thus far has been better than I anticipated. I begin FEC in 3 weeks and I'm hoping it goes as smoothly as the Taxol has gone. F 35 12 weeks
1X W

 2  Triple negative breast cancer Numbness/loss of sensation in fingers and toes; no sense of taste, so food seems disgusting; awful, bitter coating in throat; 3 days after treatment bone/muscle pain starts and lasts for 4-5 days. Worst in the hips, lower back, and knees, but also shoulder bone and ankles. I hobble around like a 90-year-old, just as many of the comments above mention! Did 4 rounds of A/C followed by 4 rounds of Taxol--the last round is later this week. My onc said that since I tolerated dose-dense A/C so well, Taxol would be a breeze. Well, it's different from A/C but I wouldn't call it a breeze. I sure hope that this was worthwhile, but I guess that only time can tell. F 49 2 months
2X M
 4  Stage IIIa BC, one side mastectomy Painful brittle, yellow nails; mild neuropathy in fingers, tired I took 12 weekly Taxol Tx after AC for 2 months every 2 weeks. Taxol was so much easier! Dexamethasone was giving me trouble (water retention and weight gain of ~12lb by the end of tx). I am now 1 month after tx and feeling really well. I was exercising throughout my treatment, walking 4-9 miles almost every day, swimming several times a week and working almost full time. I even went skiing in the Rockies while on Taxol! I believe that good physical condition before dx and continuous exercise during tx helped me to go through this difficult time. It was not exactly a walk in the park but close enough. I started radiation now, Arimidex and Clodronate and still run. F 59 12 weeks
1X W
 5  BC Stage3A Hair loss, nausea, neutropenia and anaemia. I continued working (office), but had to quit the gym, which I resumed 3 months after the last chemo and surgery. I had a giant tumor, which after Taxol reduced to 10.5 cm but had free margins. I'm currently finishing my rads and taking Armidex. Apart from the anaemia and neutropenia, which required some extra care the treatment went smoothly. 3 months after I still have a bit of neutropenia but my quality of life is OK, besides the doctor says I'm cancer free! F 48 6 months
1X O
 4  BC Triple Neg Stage 1 (1.8cm) Numbness in fingers and feet. Joint pain in shoulders. My treatments consisted of a lumpectomy, 4 rounds of Adriamycin/Cytoxan, 4 rounds of Taxol, and 33 radiation treatments. I experienced joint pain and numbness in feet/hands from the Taxol. Did chemo from April through July of 2008. Still experiencing shoulder pain and some numbness in my feet. Drinking Kangen Water (electrolyzed water) helped to keep me hydrated throughout treatments. Also - never threw up during chemo. This redhead barely got pink during radiation. I love my Kangen Water and feel it helped tremendously during my treatments. F 45 4 weeks
 4  BC Stage 2A 04/16/09 was my last Taxol treatment. I am still experiencing joint pain, muscle weakness BUT, it is much better now than before. The joint pain/stiffness is worse of a morning. Once I take a shower, the warm water seems to allow me to be more moble. I haven't gained weight, actually I've lost more since treatments. I also took 33 treatments of Radiation after Taxol. I would like some feed back from other BC survivors who was dx with triple negative BC. My appetite is back to normal, I just get full quick, also experience alot of loose stools. I also notice problems with my memory. Not too back, but it's there. F 53 12 weeks

 5  Stage IIA Breast Cancer After 4 treatments of AC, Taxol although isn't a walk in the park is easier. Side effects include bone aches days 3 - 5 usually starting in the afternoon. Fatigue. Bowel problems. Mucous in stool and stomach pain. No nausea. Nose bleeds. New side effect - rash on hands. Lost my hair during AC and seem to be losing more with the Taxol. Currently on 8th cycle of a 12 week low dose Taxol. Looking forward to having some energy again. F 51 12 weeks

 5  Stage I Breast Cancer Some fatigue, short-term memory loss (but not enough to affect my work), very upset stomach for three days following treatment, diarrhea/constipation and loss of menstrual cycle. NO mouth sores, joint pain, nail problems, neuropathy, or total hair loss (just some thinning of my hair, but not my facial or bodily hair). I was prepared for the worst, but found Taxol to not be as bad as I thought it would be. I just finished my last dose on August 13th. I participated in a clinical trial where I received Taxol weekly for 12 weeks. I think the data is showing that a lower dose administered weekly is easier on patients. At least is was for me. I was able to work every day but the day I got the Taxol. The worst symptom for me was my stomach/bowels. I didn't lose my hair. It continues to fall out, now 3 weeks post Taxol, but I never lost enough that I had to wear a wig. I did, however, have to have high does of Decadron because I had a severe reaction to my first infusion. After that (which wasn't fun), it was faily unremarkable. I have three children under the age of 4 and was able to care for them without them ever knowing I was sick. So, I recommend Taxol, and definitely given weekly over 12 weeks. Hope this helps :-) F 37 12 weeks
 5  Breast Cancer Stage IIIB Neuropathy in hands and feet; rash on my face, progressive memory problems/light headedness; weight loss/loss of appetite; loss of hair on entire body I am sure this is what helped me to have complete response; more and more research is showing weekly dose is the way to go; I did it because of side affects I had with AC; I still have back pain and numbness 3 months later but I show no cancer on my scans and path report F 53 12 weeks
 4  AC for stage 3c BC, reduce tumors Fatigue, incontinence, more hair loss, low BP, not too bad. Intermittant bone discomfort, AC reduced BC stage IIIc from 4 cm to 1 1/2 cm. Still not small enough for surgery. Will be 11 more weekly infusions as I seem to respond well to chemo. Am getting benedryl to reduce side effects. I can tough it out! AC was bad, yet I survived that. Am taking probiotics, antioxidents, calorie counting, metamucil, etc. Keep the body alkaline and healthy so the chemo can do its job. Nausea was associated with low blood sugar. Don't listen to horror stories, a positive attitude makes an alkaline body. I know its going to get worse but I have faith in my oncologist. She'll get me through it. F 73 5 days

 5  metastic breast cancer F 50 3 weeks

 5  Stg.4 OvarianCancerPrognosis 2 mos. Tired, weak.#10 pain @times in feet and legs.It has been 16yrs. this June and is difficult to remember everything about the treatments. But I have SUFFERED incredible pain since then. Every hair on my body was lost during treatment but came back.That was nothing compared to this last 16 yrs. I would take it again because it helped save my life. I have memory loss and difficulty concentrating. Just something else to work on. LOL. Thanks to my Dr for putting me on anti-depressants. That in itself helped so much. Knowing that I am mind, spirit and body I went to work on all three. I "raged against the dying of the light", that ol' cancer. I suffer daily but would have missed so very much. Peripheral neuropathy and shortly after I completed the Taxol and Cysplatin I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.Some folks think I'm lying about having Ovarian C.especially metastasis but I have the papers to prove it. First I had to decide whether I REALLY wanted to live. Then I started kicking butt My story is too long to tell now but I'm still amazed that the bark of the Yew tree helped save my life. After 3 rounds we did another CT scan and the mass of 3 tumors in my pelvic area the size of grapefruit were gone. Still had many small tumors "lining the wall of my abdominal region." They had to put me in intensive care to administer it every 21 days because it was so strong. I was diagnosed June 1, 1993. I'm still here.The staph in my port. almost took me out! Sometimes when it gets so bad you just gotta laugh..it helps. F 65 9 months
 4  breast cancer brittle, yellow nails, neuropathy in toes, cotton mouth, leg pain, leg cramps, no taste sense This drug helped shrink my tumor when A/C didn't. Being on it for 12 weeks has been tough. I'm hoping to recover fully from all the side effects. F 48 12 weeks

 5  breast cancer fatigue I am on weekly taxol for twelve weeks, just finished my fourth. So far my only side effects are some fatigue after the decadron steroid wears off, and a little stomach acid so I avoid spicy foods. No hair loss yet, although I'm expecting it. No neuropathy or joint pain as others have described. No other side effects. I was on AC for four cycles before and it was horrible. Compared to that, this is a walk in the park! F 48 12 weeks

 3  BC Stage 2 Took 12 weeks not too bad until 9th. Legs more stiff, numbness and tingling in hands and feet. Nail beds(feet&legs) very tender. 2 mos after Taxol, still experiencing tingling but not as bad. Nailbeds getting better .. now experiencing dizziness, loss of appetite along with the other side effects. Anyone else having problems with lightheadness? F 52 12 weeks

 1  Breast Cancer I had a stage 2b breast cancer. Taxol resulted in an 8cm abscess in my lung. I had anemia. It was discussed on my second treatment if I should have a blood transfusion, and not have the second treatment at that time. I was given an injection of medication that was supposed to increase my red blood cells, and then given a taxol treatment directly after given the. I believe that this treatment resulted in the lung infection, for I had a low grade fever for several days following this treatment. Despite, complaints about feeling ill, treatments continued. Throughout the treatments I was developing pain in my feet and hands. I was told to take large quantities of vitamin B, which I tried. I developed peripheral neuropathy that continues to the present, 5 years after treatment ended. In fact, over time it got worse until finally I couldn't walk. I was told it wouldn't last but tests show I have no reflexes from my knees down. I finally was given neurontin, by a physiatrist, which w I think if I had a stage 4 breast cancer, I wouldn't be as angry about the resultant deterioration in my quality of life, and would have seen it as it as saving my life (many people have said "well it saved your life"). I know there were other ways to go, with regard to chemotherapy, which I only found out after the fact. I don't believe it was necessary for the stage of cancer I had, but would definitely not have felt that with a stage 4 cancer. I checked off dissatisfied but that was with regard to having a stage 2b breast cancer. I do understand that not everyone has these side effects, but for whatever reason I do, and thus the anger and frustration. F 62 2 months
 4  Metastatic Breast Cancer Severe itching sometimes, fingertips norm, fatigue, depression, digestion problem, severe gum sores and teeth sensitivity-can't chew my food and have to eat soups. I wish chemo drugs would target only the cancer cells and leave the normal immune cells alone. I can't believe with all the technology out there, the research and drug companies can tell the difference between cancer and non cancer cells and still can't treat only the cancer cells. I don't know what the deal is, but there's got to be a better way. This is just too much sufferings from side effects and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. I have been told I have to be be on chemo for ever but I still hope not, and hope for the day they will announce a chemo that targets cancer cells and short on side effects. The taxol is helping to reduce the tumor count and skin lesions, I just wish the side effects are not affecting the quality of life as much as it is F 51 4 months

 4  metaticized melanoma Fatigue and tingling in the hands and feet I am sure that taxol saved my life, but not alone. First I have a very intense astanga yoga practice helping to keep the numbess at bay and keeping my mind focused both inward and outward because of the asanas, breathing and inward focus. Second, I have a husband who is determined to keep me alive, and groown loving children. Third I team-teach in a high school theater arts program. Every day the kids inspire me to work and forget about myself. I also have friends who understand and love me. Taxol is a challenege and I wish I were not taking it. Yet I am vitally alive even on the many moments when I bemoan my "FATE." The other day I saw a ten-year-old boy using a walker to get to his seat with family at a restaurant. He had a sparkling Cheshire-cat grin with no attached cyniscm. I can stand on my hands and do a drop backbend, thanks to a wonderful and patient teacher. I believe this young man and I still have a lot to live for, and I hope someday those kept alive w F 57 18 months
 5  Stage 1 Uterine cancer Hair Loss / temporary very mild neuropathy I began Taxol on a weekly basis (3 weeks on 1 week off) in Nov. 2008. Due to thinning I finally cut off my hair the middle of Jan. 2009 and went to a wig. I have not had any of the normal side effects - no nausea, fatigue, body aches. I work 32+ hrs. a week (75% on my feet)and have not missed a day of work. I take myself to and from treatments. My treatment effectiveness is being monitored by CT scans and CA125 blood tests for tumor markers. Both show my tumors are rapidly shrinking. I was determined not to let Taxol get the better of me. F 61 9 weeks

 3  stage 1 breast cancer I got taxol weekly, and this reduced some of the side effects but I have nothing to compare it to in order to say "yes weekly is better". I would start feeling sick the day after i got it, and this sick feeling would last about 5 days, and then I would recover day 6 and 7, and then it was time for the next dose. I got severe fatigue that felt like a horrible flu, very serious weakness, digestion problems, acid reflux, diarrhea, lost menstrual cycles after 4 weeks, some mild tinging in toes and hands. Some itching. At the end, serious muscle and joint stiffness - that felt weird and annoying. A lot of taste distortion and lack of appetite sometimes. The very last two weeks, I also got nauseous, but did not take medication for this because of side FX... though later tried ativan and this worked. I also had a few nails that became loose on toes and fingers; one toenail turned purple. Red counts down but not white count. Hair loss and some body hair loss (legs) of course an I am about 4 months passed Taxol. It took me 2 full weeks to feel ... well, i cannot say better, but I would say "not sick", but there were other side effects that lingered until now -- fatigue being the worst one. the mild neuropathy only lasted a few weeks after completion but it showed up again in tiny spurts later - dr said this is part of the healing, and now I am OK in the respect. I still have acid reflux but this could be due to the herceptin that i still take. I also still had joint stiffness though it is improving. But this does not stop me from working out, i just feel creaky and stiff. *I got acupuncture every week during treatment and still get it*, and this has been proven to improve immune system and neuropathy. This could be why i did well in this respect. All in all, taxol felt like a very strange and awful virus. It was very hard to deal, with but it was worth it to know that it reduces chance of recurrence. I cannot say I am 'satisfied' because I w F 44 12 weeks

 5  Stage IIIb ovarian cancer I began taxol and carboplatin following my surgeries, partial hysterectomy when cancer was found, then removal of my ovaries (both cancerous), debulking of largest tumors in the abdominal/chest cavity, and staging 3 weeks following my initial surgery.I took 6 treatments of taxol and carboplatin, I think every 5-6 weeks, and was in remission on PET scan upon completion of treatments.I did have problems with decreased white cells and had injections daily for 5-7 days following chemo to boost my white cells (which added more extreme bone pain).I took scheduled doses of Phenergan for 3-4 days following treatments to control nausea.I had flushed face, shoulders, and chest on the second day of treatment (which I was told was a side effect of the steroids given with treatment to prevent side effects of the chemo).On day 2 following the chemo I had severe bone and muscle pains and learned to take scheduled doses of Lortab the day of treatment for 3-4 days to keep pain under control.About 4 day Started just taxol 2 months later.The day of my 3rd treatment they discovered my heart rate was 144, treatments were stopped.I went through an extensive cardiac workup.Question if chemo caused the problem,I had never had trouble before.Treatments were resumed.I have now had 9 treatments/3 more to go.CA125 levels are 5-6.Have had no problems with low white cells just on taxol.Treatments 8&9 I have noticed worse side effects for longer period of time with bone, muscle, nerve pain.Also have extreme pain both knees,trouble walking after sitting for a prolonged period of time.Walking does seem to ease these problems but I still move slowly.I was a very on-the-go,energetic person before all this.My energy level is now zero.I find it difficult to accomplish half of what I used to.I work 37 hrs. a week, barely get through it & and take care of my pets.Have had a 50+ lb wt gain from the steroids with treatments,fluid retention.Have bouts of depression, back pain (have DJD but back pain F 54 15 months

 3  Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer I had 6 months of Taxotere in 2007 and 5 months of Taxol with Avastin in 2008. My chest scans show improvement / my bone scans show stability. I have finger and toe tingling and numbness and pain in both significant shoulders and down my right arm. My main concern is the lack of strength in my arms and hands and increased fatigue that inhibits my daily function. I'm very frustrated with my Doc. as he suggegted I see my primary Doc. for the joint pain as if it has nothing to do with the drugs. Do Doctors hear what patients are telling them? The cost/benefit must be wieighed individually but to do this Doctors must listen to experienced patients and be honest with new patients. F 59 5 months
 3  metastic breast cancer fatigue, numbness in toes and fingers, off balance, sleeplessness, depression, headaches, some skin reactions tumor markers coming down, seems to be keeping cancer from spreading, however I am getting very frustrated on how (old) I feel. I am usually a very active person and my level of activity has diminished extremely. When do you take the chance of stopping something that seems to be working on the cancer, but making your quality of life seem less??? F 55 9 months

 3  BC IIB Started taking taxol after AC treatment which almost killed me from low blood counts. Hospitalized for thirteen days. Thought taxol would be a walk in the park. WRONG!! After just two treatments I have no energy even just to walk around the house. I'm depressed and lathargic. I've had some pain but mostly just can't get going. I have a horrible taste in my mouth. All food tastes bitter. I'm scared this will last or get worse for the remainder of treatment. Dr's please consider the efficacy of these drugs as opposed to long term side effects. WE have the right to choose how we live all our lives. No one ever told me that the effects might be permanent. How can I make the right decisions for my life if I don't have all the info good and bad. F 61 2 days

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