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 5  Bipolar Disorder Type II It seems to have helped my OCD. M 69 2 years

 5  Bipolar II Nightmares if taken late in the evening Mood stabilizes within 20 minutes of taking pill, no haziness or cloudy thoughts. It has taken care of all my symptoms. Good to have insurance when taking this pill. (Expenisve) I've ordered it from Canadian pharmacies, and it takes about twice the dosage for the same effect. F 27 6 years

 5  Bipolar 1 Hair loss, vision impairment, short term memory loss, hands shake, spelling problems After being on Depakote-Effexor mix for three years and quitting cold turkey I took 5 months free of meds to give my body a little time to detox from them before trying anything else. Started taking Lamictal in Feb. along with Wellbutrin. I have regained my life and lost 70 pounds that i gained from the Depakote-Effexor mix. I can not stress enough to others that when you go off one or two meds to start a new one give your body time to detox from the other drugs and to let the new ones take full effect. And whatever you do be active in your treatment and educate yourselves to how your meds work together and all the side effects not just the ones doctors tell you about. I also studied about bipolar and the treatments out there for it. I can get a wig for the hair loss, I have glasses now, I carry a notebook for the memory problem and I just don't carry glass that much anymore, the spelling well there is spellcheck and a dictionary....things I can not fix death, lost years to the illne F 38 9 months

 5  Bipolar 1 Insomnia which decreased over time. Problems with mixing up words when speaking and misspelling of words when typing. Short term memory loss. A little unstable on my feet. Tend to list a little to the right and run into door frames. Very vivid and lifelike dreams, no nightmares. Some initial side effects have lessened or disappeared over time. I am calmer and steadier than I have ever been and the longer I take the drug, the better I feel. It has been a very positive experience and the few side effects are not that troubling in comparison with the definite benefits of this drug. F 52 5 months

 5  depression/mood swings At 50 mg: Runny nose for a while after I take in morning, getting better now. Increased sexual desire which has been great. Pretty much non existant before. I am now at 100 mg and I am having terrible gas and uspset stomach. I have been on 100 mg for only 6 days and am hoping this will go away. Has anyone else had this? I have had trouble remembering some things and didn't even relate it to Lamictal. Have gone blank on names, couldn't remember my step-daughter's last name last week. That was scary. I feel "normal" for the first time ever, I think. Feeling happy and calm. My mood swings were under control until about a month ago, hence the increase to 100 mg. My appetite has gone down with the increased dose and wouldn't mind a few pounds of weight loss. The gas at this point is very irritating and embarrassing. Anyone else on this? I've always had a sensitive stomach so I just am dealing with it. F 54 8 months

 5  Bipolar Disorder none This is the second time I have taken Lamictal. It worked the first time, but I stopped taking when I felt better - i.e. denial of Bipolar disorder. It seemed to work on the very first dose. It also seems to have prevented withdrawal symptoms I was expecting from Effexor XR. I am also on Zyprexa and Depakote. I hope I can do Lamictal long term. M 30 2 days

 5  Bipolar Disorder Only good side effects - like feeling normal again The drug has been a savior for me. It worked right away during the first few doses. I am still afraid I might plunge back into depression, but this is understandable since I have been down for so long. I wish all of you the best of luck. Oh, I take Depakote and Zyprexa too. M 30 3 months

 5  Bi Polar 1 Loss of words at first, but that's gotten better. Slightly, (very slightly) blurred vision on really small print. But then again, I'm 40 so... My view on relationships are less jealous and insecure than before I took it. I see things for what they really are, not some weird kind of feeling that my girlfriend is hiding something or cheating on me. This is an update to a post I wrote on August 7. This medicine is really a Godsend. I've been at 200 mg for 4 months and it seems to really be working well. At first I said that the Euphoric feeling has subsided, but I feel "Really Good" most of the time. Work productivity is greatly increased and lots more consistant. I feel like I've got my life back. If you dont react with a rash, I'd recommend that you try it. The real effect for me started at 60 days after starting. My feelings moved between "good" and "fair". Now they've increased to "good" to "very good". M 40 75 days
 5  Bipolar I have short term memory loss and some problems sleeping although the sleeplessness is generally treatable. I was getting more and more clumsy (I would be bending down, start to fall and could not stop myself) and on a checkup asked my internist about it. Her research into Lamictal showed clumsiness as a rare but noted side effect. Oh joy! I take this in combination with Wellbutrin which I have taken now for some time. Switching to a new doctor really made a difference as he changed my diagnosis and life has been so different since then. We had some trouble getting started on Lamictal as a rash appeared early on but I was sure it was a topical allergic reaction. We stopped the Lamictal and then tried it again four months later with no problems. I have been increased and am on a fairly middle of the road dosage. At this point I don't see problems and I feel extremely better than those horrible "Low" periods which are unnverving. As much as I HATE taking medications, I really think this one is the answer to what goes on inside of me. I'm happy! And that... is what it's all about. M 56 1 years

 5  Bipolar II Some aching in my legs about 2 months after starting them, lasting for 5 days. Some "verbal dyslexia" (switching my words around in a sentence). I was really nervous to start this medication, given all the side effects I read about prior. But I am SOOOOO glad I took them! They have helped so much!! I have only had 3 bouts of depression in the entire time I have taken them, none of which have been longer than 4 days. It has saved my marriage, my relationships with my kids, my friends and family, my job, and most importantly my health and sanity! As far as I'm concerned this is a wonder drug!! 27 9 months

 5  mood swings dry mouth. I am on the same cocktail as #6. It rocks. The fluoxetine takes away the anxiety. The wellbutrin addresses the resulting lethargy and lack of motivation. I was on those two for two years, then my mood swings got worse. The lamictal made me and my family much happier. The biggest change in cognition is that I can now remember 7-9 digit numbers again. That was a huge struggle on just the other two meds. M 42 2 years
 5  depressive bipolar maybe some trouble recalling words I went to a shrink for the first time in my life a week ago. I have been in a severe depression since my marriage went into the toilet. I've taken every anti-depressant. The last one being Effexor. It worked but side effects were not good. Anyway, I was completely shocked when psychiatrist said I have been misdiagnosed, i am actually bipolar-in his opinion. I thought HE was the crazy one. But decided to give Lamictal a try. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I take it alone, without effexor, and have not felt this good in i don't know how long. I forgot what "normal" felt like. I know it's very early in my treatment and side effects can still happen (i am still on starter pack) but I love it so far! F 33 5 days

 5  Bipolar I none I am taking 100MG twice a day and my mood has become very stable with the exception of a few bouts of mild depression. F 15 7 months

 5  Diagnosed bipolar Horrible rash that lasted for two weeks. I looked like a lobster and the rash turned my skin every shade from dark grey (around my crotch, nonetheless) to dark purple to crimson to pink. My skin began to flake. I racked up dermatology bills which included a biopsy that left a scar. This allergic reaction had a significant impact upon my life. People started asking questions at work and I spent a lot of money/insurance determining what was wrong with me. I was told that this reaction is extremeley rare. Even rarer was the fact that I didn't develop this reaction until after a year of very successful treatment. I was on a relatively small dose...50mg every morning combined with one 200mg (I think)Depakote in the morning and one at night. Fortunately, the rash went away when I stopped the meds and didn't develop into the dangerous Stephen Johnson syndrome. If you experience a rash of any sort, DISCONTINUE ASAP!!!!! and contact your doctor. I am now experimenting with Seroquel and I'm havi The lamictal, in combination with the depakote, was a dream come true for me. I functioned wonderfully for well over a year on this combo. Unfortunately, my body rejected the lamictil and I had to stop the therapy. Depakote alone was not effective and caused weight gain. I suffered no ill sexual side effects from this medication. This drug really took away the depression! Wonderful! However, I'm very disparaged that I can no longer take it. M 28 1.5 years
 5  Bipolar I not so bothersome: vivid dreams, weight loss, decreased appetite (compared to increased from Depakote, drastic improvement in menstrual pain/ it cured my dysmennorrea./// bothersome, but livable: slight word recall trouble/ speaking difficulties, some mental cloudiness and listlessness (but then again, i graduated magna cum laude on it), incredibly easy bruising, break through bleeding during ovulation which stopped after 10 months on it (but this could be due to stress) A godsend. I was miserable on Depakote, which I was placed on during my first (and only) manic episode. I taped off Depakote and onto Lamictal. I lost 20 pounds and felt I had returned to normal. I felt/feel saner than ever. Mood improvement,it took the edge of my frequent spells of anxious depression and erased signs of mania. I excelled in school and personal life. hope it keeps working for me and I hope it causes no long term damage. anyway, it saved my life. the side effects do not interfere with my life. but if i miss a pill, my hands shake uncontrollably and i feel horrible. so dont miss doses. and do not go onto estrogen-containing contraceptives as they cause fluctuations in lamictal blood levels. try to use a progestin only mini pill. i am trying that now. i also feel that an increased libido is due to the general increase in well being that lamictal engenders. I am most bothered by the mental effects, but i get by just fine and am still known as highly verbal a M 22 11 months
 5  bipolar, mostly depressive first week or so: extreme tiredness and slight dizziness for a few hours after taking. moderate to severe nausea almost all day. extremely hard to pay attention, spacing out a lot when people are talking to me. however, mood-wise i felt much happier almost immediately. long term: eye rolling (i have pre-existing tourettes syndrome, which may have something to do with it), rather easily distracted, lost 10-15 lbs, highly increased libido (probably due to feeling better mentally), extremely vivid dreams, sometimes have extreme insomnia but sometimes will fall asleep within seconds of lying down, nausea unless extremely hungry, much more ambition, and the urge to get out and live (i am moving within the next year because i am just not satisfied in my hometown anymore, probably also to do with getting better). i have never experienced "the rash", thankfully. for reference: i am extremely easily affected by all medications, so i started treatment on only 25mg once at night, then a lamictal has been amazing to me. i enjoy life every single day and i have literally never been this happy in my entire life. pretty much the only bones i have to pick are that unless i am extremely hungry, i am extremely nauseous, and that i have terribly vivid dreams: sometimes i will wake up and think that what happened in the dream applies to real life. this can get scary if it's not a good dream. but i feel so much better that it is very worth it. F 17 4 months

 5  Bipolar II/Bulimia None whatsoever! After several years of trying different medications (including Lithium, Risperdal, Abilify, Topamax), I have finally found an Rx that has saved my life. Most of the previously listed meds made me gain weight, decreased my sex drive, made me "ditsy" and realy interfered with my life in general. If anything, those meds made me worse. Lamictal has not only helped my bipolar depression but has also helped me conquer my eating disorder. F 23 2 years

 5  Bipolar, rapid cycling slight mental fog This medicaiton has helped level my moods quite well. I still have periods of up & down, but no where like I had been previously. F 30 8 months

 5  complex partial seizures headaches, weight loss Before I started taking (Lamictal 150 mg qhs), I had daily partial seizures, and short term memory lost. Since I started, I lost all the weight I gained from Paxil (given by my doctor to deal with the nightly episodes of extreme fear). All seizures are gone, and my memory has improved. I currently take 150 bid, and neurontin 300 mg. I am not sure if both medications are working for me. I believe I felt better taking only the Lamictal. F 36 6 months
 5  Bipolar Type 2 Major Nightmares in the beginning with each increase of dosage. These ease as time goes on. Breast soreness in beginning. Blurriness in sight but improved with time. Creepy crawly sensation. (but this could just be me). Takes a long time to get up to dosage but better than getting that rash. This medication takes time to take effect. Excellent medication. Make sure you take this medication on time and regularly. If I missed one dose, I had major moods swings. Also be careful of making up for missing a dosage later in the day, It will give you a major nightmare. My doctor split my dose (250 mg) into 100 mg in the day and 150 at night (I use to be half and half), And I sleep better now. I still have to have something to take besides this medication for depression but I has improved my life dramatically. F 43 11 months

 5  seizures More energy and concentration, less mood swings M 32 3 years

 5  Bipolar/Depression Very few; especially compared to other mood stabilizing medications I have taken in the past. For the first few weeks I had some difficulty with memory and word recall, but this went away with time. I sometimes experience more vivid dreams, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Otherwise, no side effects of note. This is an excellent medication that has significantly improved my life. After having tried Lithium, Depakote, and many other anti-depressants, I was frustrated. But after taking Lamictal, and sticking with it, the results have been exceedingly positive. I strongly recommend it. M 27 10 months
 5  Depression Some word finding difficulties. Huge increase in sexual desire (anyone else have?), but may be due, in part, to lack of depression.Unexpectedly in the last 3 months intermittent sore throat (about 1x a week for a day).I have an appt with an ENT to make sure it's not due to something else (I hope so), as I've been on this 2 and a half years and will do anything to stay on it.Need sleep medication.Take at nite, maybe should take in morning. The greatest medication ever. Had been on prozac for years until needed to increase dosage and increase created some mania. With prozac, I felt there was air in my brain which lessened the feelings of depression but with lamictal (on 300 mg), I just feel NORMAL. It's like my default setting is now happy, contented, energetic, even joyful, after a life of depression. Therapy has been so much more effective and life changing.I understand why they don't give it readily, but this changed my life and I wish it was given more commonly,not only a last resort for depression. I also have a huge increase in energy, which of course makes all of life easier. F 53 2.5 years
 5  Bipolar, Severe Depression, Panic Headaches at the begining, stomach aches when dose increased, possible weight gain I'm on so many meds. Both my daughter and I are on this RX. I have noticed a major change for the better in her. I too am a happier person. I recently was upped a half pill and seem to be a bit more tired but coping better. Good luck to those that can't take it, I know how it can be since I was on so many I can't even list them all. F 50 1 days

 5  bipolar II disorder I started taking Lamictal in January, it has stabilized my mood and I have lost the 18 pounds I gained while on Depakote. I have also grown back my hair and my nausea is gone. I have less negative thoughts than I did on the Depakote and I am cheerful the majority of the time. However., I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy and have none of the known risk factor. I started experiencing the numbess and tingling shortly after starting Lamictal. has anyone else had this experience? F 50 6 months
 5  bipolar I ended up in the ER yesterday due to dehydration. My symptoms weakness, confusion, dream like state, dizziness & I didn't want to open my eyes. I thought I was having a stoke. I didn't know dehydration was a side effect. I have had other episodes like this, but this one was really scary. I will defiantly be more careful to stay hydrated by adding Gatorade (or the like) Here is a recipe I found: 3/4t Salt, 1t Baking Powder, 4T Sugar, 1c Orange juice, 4c Water I almost have to laugh at the various medical problems that come with BP. I almost wish they would've found something else so it wouldn't just be another coo-coo moment. Ha Ha! I have a feeling a lot of you know what I'm talking about. Really wonderful. Especially compared with other meds. I think most BP meds nearly kill you before they help. Better than killing yourself I guess. I'm not sure what "myself" feels like anymore, I just know Lamictal has been a hugh relief & I am very grateful for it. F 42 2 years

 5  Epilepsy I was suprised to read all of the side effects you guys have experienced, I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 7 and was unable to find any drug at all that could control it until I started taking lamictal. I was having up to ten petit mal seizures a day and sparatic grand mal seizures a year...since I started taking lamictal 5 1/5 years ago I have only had two seizures. Only because of a concussion. The only side effects mentioned which I have experienced is slight hair loss, vivid dreams, and hives. I actually lost ten lbs when I was tapered off depakote and onto lamictal. Considering I was able to finally get my drivers license and be seizure free for so long, I can definitly deal with occasional itchyness and bad dreams. I was also monitored by my dr who slowly increased my dosage when I first started to prevent the rash. I am wondering if the people who experienced the rash were prescribed too high of a dose immediately. F 25 5 years
 5  bipolar disorder I take 100 mg. at night, which was increased six months ago to 150 mg. to improve my sleep even more. I may go back to 100 mg. My psychiatrist works with me to adjust my medication. I view medication like clothes and assume it has to be fiddled with and I have to be patient. My sleep is pretty good but short now. My dreams are the best they have been in my life. I have no nightmares, no night terrors, and don't sleepwalk anymore! No kidding! All three "run in my family." We are an eccentric group. My side effects: Night sweats, some cognition problems, weight gain, and most recently a sodium deficiency, which my internist said might be a side effect. As I read through the comments, I didn't see any reference to sodium deficiency, so it may not be a side effect. The night sweats are a real pain. And I struggle to keep my weight down--sometimes I have to starve myself to keep the weight where I want it. I thought the problems with using the wrong word was due to approachi Lamictal has been a life saver. I am very grateful. The two antipressants could not take care of the mood swings (they aren't supposed to do that), but it is terrific not to have those mood swings! My periods of mania were never that extreme, but boy could I get really nasty, blaming others for no reason at all. I have encouraged my father and son, both of whom have bipolar disorder, to take it, but my father doesn't like to lose the mania. My son won't admit he has bipolar--he is 46. I also take provigil for daytime fatigue. This is a real drug cocktail; but for the first time in my life I am not at the mercy of my unpredictable moods. I am a writer and have accomplished quite a bit academically, but it was at great physical cost--I thought I would never find out what was causing my black moods, but I have now with the the aid of some intellectual clarity and some sobering realizations. F 65 3.5 years
 5  BP I Fatigue, tiredness. I am a little more cranky than when I was on Prozac, but the crankiness may be due to the fatigue. ANy ideas in how to combat the fatique? I feel like I should own stock in Starbucks for the amount of caffiene I am ingesting! Lamictal has picked up my sex life, but not in a manic-sort of way. I would recommend it to anyone. I've been on SSRI's for 13 years, and definitely am doing much better on Lamictal, without the SSRI M 49 2 months
 5  bipolar I Surprisingly, none! I've taken lithium for 12 years along with an antidepressant. I have added lamictal and nixed the antidepressant and feel so much better. FYI I lake 200 mg lamictal and 1200 mg lithium, although I may up the lamictal and decrease the lithium soon. Lamictal has worked really well for me since I do level out on the depressed side. F 30 3 months

 5  BP-II Benefits: **Cancelled chronic depression** Strong vivid dreams (good for me) I'm now focused, disciplined, organized and taking care of myself physically (essential to long term management of my illness). Side effects: I may be having a slight problem with jumbled speech, but my thoughts are coherent, and I'm able to catch my mistakes and correct them (something you rarely do when in the grip of mania). Lamictal may also be causing me some insomnia, so I take the dose (500 mg) in the morning, and take a sleep aid at night. Possible interactions: Gabapenten tolerance excellent. Abilify caused extreme hypomania. I stopped Abilify after only one month. Seroquel (100-200mg) caused severe tardive kinesis, sluggish thought, impaired short term memory, and sleepiness. I've been taking the drug since about 1999 with excellent results and minimal side effects. Mood stabilization is excellent. Anti depressive effects are excellent. In short, this drug is a god-send for me. M 35 8 years
 5  BiPolar II Dry mouth, night sweats After a recent suicide attempt I was finally diagnosed as BiPolar. It has been such a relief to have a name to put on this roller coaster of a life. So far the Lamictal has kept me level, which is such a relief. I feel like I can start putting my life back together. M 50 1 months
 5  Bipolar II Has anyone else experienced weight loss while on Lamictal? Understand, that's a good thing for me(!) but I wondered if it might be the drug...I take 250mg daily. F 56 2 years
 5  Bi Polar 2 Occasional challenge in finding a certain word. Return of childhood asthma. Floating dark specks over my vision. Random feeling of water trickling over my fingers (almost like they are falling asleep). Decrease in sexual activity. Concerning rash and sores in my mouth. Doctor lowered dosage per day from 200 MG to 175 MG. After this the rash and sores cleared up. IF YOU EXPERIENCE A RASH CONTACT YOUR DR. right away...it can be very serious Prior to taking Lamictal, I quite literally had a nervous breakdown. I was incapable of functioning and was absolutely exhausted and overwhelmed. By combining therapy with Lamictal, I have returned to feeling much more stable. I was clearly suffering for many years prior to my recent breakdown, and feel like I am my old stable self again. Keep in mind if you are Bi Polar, do not confuse the illness with the medication. For instance if you begin suffering from insomnia, it is likely due to the illness and not the medication. In my non professional opinion, stay on it unless you have the rash or sores. M 29 2 months
 5  Depression, Anxiety, & Mood Swings 1st Week: Dry mouth, eyes, and skin but mostly mouth. Second night I had a swollen lip and a weird mouth sore and was itchy but no rash. Emotional, crying for no reason. Felt like I was kind of going crazy, confused. EXTREMELY weird thoughts, not exactly voices, just very weird thoughts. (Definetely not something I've ever experienced!) Slept better than I've slept in awhile, but vivid and detailed dreams. I of course called my doctor about all of this, she suggested I take 25 mg of antihistamine for one more night (after 3 days of this) and that was the end of all of the horrible side effects for me! 2nd week to now: Most side effects completely gone, only ones that remain are the occassional 'mental fog' where I can't think of a word and just go blank. But it's been humorous so far and hasn't happened very much. And the second is some slight OCD-like behavior. It's been great for me. If you can get through the first week of a new medication it's worth a shot to see if it'll work. Everyone reacts differently to medications and you have to give it time. All of my horrible ones were over after the first week and I'm SO glad I stuck with it because it has helped me tremendously. I started slow though- 25 mg the 1st week, 50 mg the 2nd, etc until now I am at 150 mg. F 25 2 months
 5  Mood stabalizer / bipolar feeling lethargic/exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, feeling in a mental "fog"/short-term memory loss. ****ADVICE FOR ANYONE TAKING LAMICTAL**** There is a way to minimize side effects relating to mental functioning and memory, almost eliminating them, that I works very well for people other than myself. Try it!: Take the Lamictal only in the morning. Taking it in the evening seems to negatively effect memory. After you take your regular dosage, ***go back to sleep*** for a period of half an hour to an hour. When I took it on my way out the door, I was in a "fog" for a few hours and had similar problems with intellectual functioning that I've read about on this site. When I set an alarm to take the lamictal in the morning and go back to sleep (not just lie down), the negative cognative side effects are gone! I told my psychiatrist about this, and he reccomended to his other patients to try it, and it worked for them too!!! I would be happy to hear from others if this technique works for others too, and be in touch by email. Overall, This medication has completely saved M 26 5 years
 5  for bi-polar I i haven't had any side effects that i have noticed. when i read some of the comments here i found that i may have a few. night sweats, but not sure if that is due to age; menapause. i did have headaches for maybe the first few months after i started taking it. i have insomnia at times. no other side effects that i can tell. i was prescribed lamictal a little over two years ago. i felt like it was a myracle drug for me. i have taken several other medications before i began taking lamictal. i took lithium for seven years and felt numb most of the seven years i took it. i have so much more energy. i am much more outgoing. i am happier now. i feel i have my life back. i feel better than i have felt since i was diagnosed with bi-polar nineteen years ago. i have had a severe episode with depression and was suicidal. i've had two severe episodes with mania where i was totally out of reality. in between the severe episodes i stayed mostly depressed, but did have mania some too. i have finally come to terms with my bi-polar and i make sure i go to see my doctor and take my medication the way i'm suppose to, cause for so many years i did not want to take my medications and was in denial that i was bi-polar. best wishes to all of you. F 45 2 years
 5  BP II Absolutely NO side effects I have been given hope again. My life is as "normal" as it's ever been. I had been on 8 different meds over the last 3 years with horrible results and side effects. As one last shot, based on the reviews on this board, I tried Lamictal. All I can say is I wish I would have has this in the beginning. F 35 7 weeks

 5  Bipolar I Some skin irritation, mostly in the beginning, and slight issues forgetting or misspelling words, but which generally never happened to me in the past. Haven't really experienced any of the other side effects mentioned here. I am at 100mg and this drug has seriously saved my life. Instead of the madness of mood swings, I am completely balanced and I feel consistent like I did in my teens. This was my first bipolar medication and I haven't experienced anything really negative to date. In the beginning I did have a few inconsistent spells, or brief periods of depression, but I haven't experienced that in quite a while. M 28 90 days

 5  Bipolar I donít remember if I experienced any noticeable side effects when I first started the medicine, but I was aware what the minor side effects were and I think my body just got use to them. Never had acne/rash as a side effect. But, last July, I began having neurological problems (trigeminal/occupital neuralgia) and I pieced together problems that Iíve had since 2004, but they are getting worse. The side effects of Lamictal mimic symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Some of the similar symptoms include: Memory loss, confusion, hand tremors, feelings of exhaustion, loss of balance, intense itching, blurred vision (only my right eye though), etc. Started with 100mg for first 3 years, but increased to 300mg per day... 100mg in morning and 200mg night. Has anyone else noticed additional side effects with long-term use? My other neurological symptoms include: Body stiffness, drift into a wall or object, unable to maintain body temperature (cold hands/feet), out of breath, sharp muscle pain, tripping over feet, tight/stiff wrists, stiff/sore joints, loss to hearing, changes in eyesight, electric-shock like pain on right side of face only., etc. The side effects/symptoms never occur simultaneously... one day I will have one problem and then the next day I will have another problem. Does this sound familiar? F 40 4 years
 5  Depression Vivid Dreams at onset Added Lamictal to Zoloft regimen 2 yrs. ago, then switched from Zoloft to Effexor XR a yr. ago. Now, I take 200 Lamictal + 187.5 Effexor XR, and things are much smoother. It's not a cure-all, but former life irritants (work, other people!) are now mild annoyances, if anything. Tried "weaning" myself to 175 mg a month ago, but noticed recurring irritability, depression. Went back to 200 mg. a week ago, and feel much better. I'm incredibly sensitive to most drugs. A question: I see some people take their doses once-a-day, and others twice. I take mine once, but what's the conventional wisdom on this? (I know it has a short half-life). M 38 2 years
 5  Major Depression Blurred Vision, Bruising Easily, and Serious Weight Gain. I was diagnosed with OCD and major depression. Have had these problems for as long as I can remember. However I did not seek treatment until 5 years ago. I have been prescribed almost every antidepressant out there. Most would start out working then stop. Finally I was prescribed the max dose of prozac (80mg) and it completly took care of the OCD. I just didn't care. However, depression and feeling exhausted was still an issue. So, my doc augmented the prozac with everything from provigil to adderall. Then not only was I depressed, but I was anxious. THEN, as I was about to give up on the whole medication thing, she gave me lamictal. Starts out really slow, but once I got above 100mg, it's been amazing. My entire preception on life has changed, I have energy, I have empathy, I feel connected to people. I do not coward away in social situations. I laugh and joke, have confidence and do not take things so seriously. I feel NORMAL! Try this drug and give it time to wor M 29 3 months
 5  Bipolar Disorder I feel a little spaced out when I have missed a dose. I can not take it on an empty stomach too often; that may be me though. Thank you GSC F 19 180 days
 5  Bipolar mood stabilizor I haven't noticed many at all. When I canged from Deopakote to Lamictal I lost 25kgs. I do dream and have bladder issues, but I take a coctail of medications so it's hard to blame a particular one. Before Lamictal I had at least 1 inpatient admission for depression every year, I have been out now for 17 months. My moods still fluctuate but the lows are not as deep and disabling as before, I still remain functional. It has been a revelation to me. M 50 3 years

 5  Bipolar 2 I take a combination of drugs so to pin anyone side effect on lamictal would be difficult. I have vivid lucid (pleasant) dreams which could also be attributed to lamictal or Seroquel. I have a decreased libido, but I blame that on the Zoloft I lived with anxiety Depression and OCD for 8 years. I take 200 MG's and this drug and it is a life saver. It stopped my uncontrollable outburst in public, my suicidal thoughts, and my nervous shaking hand. I can go outside and not feel like I am constantly under attack or like someone is going to punch me in the back of the head. For the most part I feel great and like a normalish person. I wouldn't write this drug off it has enormous benefits, the side effects are a little price to pay for greater good this drug does. M 26 2 years

 5  anxiety and depression none that I'v noticed before I started taking it I use to have panic attacks and scream and freak out and I was very suicidal...I tried many pills but they made it worse. This was the first one to help I take 200Mg every morning It's probably changed my life. My highschool gpa was 2.46 and now that I can concentrate on school and not on how depressed I am my gpa is 3.6. It's really changed my life! F 17 1 days
 5  Bi-polar II Very vivid dreams, but they are enjoyable. Some headaches, but not too bad. The worst problem is trouble finding the right words. I am not used to that, but am trying to overcome that part. I have been on anti-depressants for years. Finally saw a psychiatrist who said probably not just depression. I feel normal for the first time maybe ever. Any side effects worth it to me to feel like I'm on an even keel. Please give it at least 2 months if no physical side effects. F 47 9 months

 5  Bipolar II Migraine in the a.m. if I don't take it within the same 1-2 hour window at night; depression/irritability hits only when I don't get enough sleep/exercise - that's a LIFESTYLE choice; my hair grew back with Lamictal (thank God!) after losing 1/2 of it on Wellbutrin and Topamax. Was misdiagnosed clinically depressed and prescribed Wellbutrin XL which I took alone for 1.5 years - life went from bad to horrible with manic episodes. Went to a diff. Dr. who gave me Rx for Topamax (aka DOPAMAX) which combined w/Wellbutrin made my manic episodes far more aggressive and depression more suicidal; Topamax put me to sleep every afternoon - was impossible to keep a F/T job. Finally found a decent doctor who took me off both and started me on 25 mg Lamictal and worked up in small increments to avoid any "rash". So far I've stabilized at 225mg. This stuff works when I combine it with a healthy lifestyle and some cognitive therapy - there's no miracle "cure" for Bipolar! F 41 1.8 years
 5  Atypical Depression At 100mg was told to expect some irritability. Whoa...way past irritability. Took a week off to let it pass. Psyc says 10 years of antidepressants when misdiagnosed are making the reaction more intense, but says it's a finite thing that I can ride out. No hair loss, headaches, rash or any of that other stuff. Are you guys seeing psychiatrists or just general MDs? I came off general MD prescribed Zoloft (wow, that was HORRIBLE withdrawl, worse than anything I've experienced!) and went on Lamictal. This was the first time I'd ever felt I needed a psyc, but am SO GLAD I DID! It made me realize that there was a reason I couldn't pull myself up by my bootstraps ... I had none. I love this drug, it treats my neurons, not my chemical imbalance and it makes so much sense. I can't help but wonder if some of the side effects others experience are from mixing SSRIs with Lamictal. I finally have hope of living a normal life after 30 years of depression. Oh, and those of you who say you get "really drunk" ... Oh my gosh, don't you know that alcohol in conjunction with this drug is extremely dangerous?! Please stop drinking! F 45 2 months

 5  epilepsy Sleepy, Word loss and confusion(but then again I did that on the tergretol, zonegran, and keppra) loss of appetite, vivid dreams!!! word to the wise>>If you experience the skin rash immediatley contact your doctor, I experienced the skin rash while takin tegretol, its not the rash that will kill you, its something called stevens johnson syndrome, you get extremely high fevers and your deathy ill, i waited way to long cause i had no idea and it nearly killed me!! Im in the beggining weeks of Lamicata but it seems to be going great! Although a blood vessel has just unexpectly just poped in my eye and im just wondering if that has anything to do with the medicine or if its just my eye acting stragne?? F 18 2 weeks

 5  Nocturnal Epilepsy Loss of memory, slower thought (well I'm getting older as well but I think lamictal plays its part). Sensitivity to sun. I have been taking valproic acid for 10 years and were having about 3 - 4 seisures a year (nocturnal). Changed to Lamictal 5 years ago when we decided to make a family, as it was supposed to be safer for my pregnancy. It took more than 6 months for it to show results but I am 3 years completely free of nocturnal seizures. It also stopped tremor side effect of valproic acid. I'm happy for the end of the seisures. I also have two very healthy children now. My 4 year son has a speech problem - is there a chance it's because of lamictal during pregnancy? More important: after changing to lamictal, I have started experience "jerk" movements of my hand during the day. Is there a chance it's because of the medicine? F 37 5 years

 5  Nocturnal Epilepsy As my earlier comment of 3/15/2007. As my earlier comment of 3/15/2007. And another note: might the side effect be due to high dosage and might they be controled by changing it? F 37 5 years
 5  grand mal seizures weight loss, which i don't mind at all :) , some trouble with remembering names and finding the right words, i thought it was just me but i noticed after reading some of the comments that it is a side effect of lamital, it has worked great for me, no more seizures. I am on 100 mgs of lamictal once in the morning and once in the afternoon,total 200 mgs a day, compared to 200 mgs of dilantin 3 times a day totaling 600 mgs a day. I was on 600 mgs of dilantin and it didn't help me,I was on dilantin for a little over 3 years i had 2 seizures while on them, i have had a total of 3 seizures, none since starting lamictal though, i had gastric bypass a little over 5 years agao and lost 165 pounds, went from size 24/26 to size 00s, i never had any seizures until after the gastric bypass, and it did say that they could be a side effect, but i would do it all over again, ( the gastric bypass surgery not the sezures) :) F 54 6 days
 5  seizures F 16 1 years

 5  Depression My depression has controlled my life, for the past 18 years. I have tried almost every anti-depressant on the market, but something was missing. I've been taking Lamictal in conjunction with another anti-depressant, and it has made all the difference. F 56 2 months

 5  Bi-Polar II The big one is the zoned out feeling, can't find my words, slight stuttering, headaches, dizziness, mood swings increased acne, increased libido. This is my first medication. All the side effects leveled off around 5-6 months. It was really tough to come on. I got bad headaches each time the dosage increased. I got violent mood swings that would change multiple times a day. I felt really crazy for a few weeks. I would get completely depressed, happy, angry all within a few hours and with the littlest reason. I would recommend that you have a good support system in place as you work up to the appropriate dosage. Unlike others, I actually got a huge sex drive boost, which while it sounds good, was difficult to manage and quite frustrating for my significant other as well as myself. Having said all that, the results are amazing. I feel so much more in control of my life and my emotions now. I can think clearly and get through my day better. I can experience emotions without letting them ruin my life. I can feel depressed and still manage my life and my job. M 31 7 months

 5  bp Short term memory loss (most times people will ask me if I remember something and I will say no but them after thinking about it a while I remember.) headache's, trouble sleeping, involuntary muscle tremor's in arms...not often. looses my train of thought in the middle of a sentence, sometimes I zone out. my bp cocktail is... 200 mg lamictal, 300 mg of wellbutrin, 10 mg of paxil and 3 mg lunesta Lamictal saved my life and my family. I almost lost everything. I didn't want to admitt that I was bp, but about 2 yrs ago I hit rock bottom. All side effects are worth my mental, emotional and mood stabilization. Everyone has seen the "before and after" lamictal and hands down they prefer me now. I thought everyone loved me when I was on a bp high I didn't realize how wreckless I was, my judgment was very poor. Now I don't have compulsive actions and I feel "in control" of things. F 37 2 years

 5  moodswings and anxiety As far as working out, I seem to have more energy than before. No other workout changes so far. F 50 37 days

 5  moodswings and anxiety I quit Wellbutrin and started Lamictal. Now I'm warm for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, I lost quite a bit of sexual responsiveness, either from quitting the Wellbutrin or from taking Lamictal (or both). No other side effects, except that food tastes absolutely delicious now, which is very enjoyable, but of course I have to be careful about gaining weight. This is a miracle drug for me. I am free of all the anxiety and irritability that were making my life a living hell. I am free of the shame and self-hate, and I even have confidence in myself now. The moods have leveled out pretty well -- there's still a slight up and down but nothing compared to what it was. I am also free of the alternating loving and loathing of my partner. I think this has saved my relationship -- no small thing! F 50 37 days

 5  bipolar I Not sure if the muscle burning/ fatigue durine workouts is becauseof medications or not. Really no other side effects yet. I'm an athlete and really stressing about the effects this will have on my body since my livelyhood is dependant upon it... anyone else on here workout regularly or is athletic that could let me know how its affected you and your performance? F 22 6 weeks

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