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 5  resistant depression, PTSD, BPD Unexplained bruising, chronic insomnia (sleep for 2 hours and then wake every hour after that until I get up)hair loss, constant allergic conjunctivitis. It has been the first drug which has helped my mood. My most recent episode of deep, suicidal depression has lasted over a year. This drug has helped me out of that. My consultant is keeping me on 75mgs for the moment to see if the side effects disappear. She wants me to increase the dose to 150mgs if I can tolerate the drug. I have had mental health problems since I was 18 and none of the drugs I have been put on have helped at all. I am worried about the side effects though. Will they decrease/ go away? I don't want to go bald, I'm fed up with itchy, sore, crusting eyes and I'm exhausted through lack of undisturbed sleep! (I'm on sleeping medication, an antidepressant and Diazepam) Has anyone had these experiences? Would be good to hear from anyone who has. F 54 3 months
75mgs 1X D
 5  Bipolar II, PTSD Some memory impairment that I have to figure out ways to accommodate. Some sleepiness after taking it. It has been a miracle drug for me. My psychopharmacologist tried every medication under the sun without success. Within days of starting it my suicidal depression began to lift. I wish everyone could have a similar experience. F 59 15 years
200mg 2X D

 5  Bipolar none M 51 5 years
200 1X D

 5  Unipolar Depression The first 2 days when I started it and also when I upped the dose I had a spaced out brain fog thing going on. After that Zero side effects I have had been in a very dark place for the past 5 years with major depression. I was put on an SSRI Lexapro in the beginning of the depressive episode and had extreme agitation and high anxiety that would not go away. I could only take it for 3 months. Lamictal has so far been a life saver. After 3 days on 50mgs my depression started to lift. Its even better on 100mgs. The Dr still wants me to go up to 200mgs to avoid a relapse. I hope this lasts. M 55 3 weeks
100 1X D

 5  bipolar Over last 2 years - short term memory loss, word retrieval, spacey, forgetful, can't remember names any more etc These problems MD's do not seem to know about. Have sent me for CAT scan, blood work etc It has done a fabulous job of stabilizing my mood swings. Given a choice between being "crazy" and being a "zombi" I will take Zombi. Will see my MD next week. I am on a very high dose and maybe reducing the dose will help. F 68 6 years
75 mg 8X D

 5  Bipolar Disorder The only side effect I had with lamictal in the very beginning was feeling spaced out and as if my brain was reacting to it- as if it knew it was being given a drug (it was!) and was "soaking" it in and trying to reconfigure itself to the new drug. This went on for about a week or two. As I titrated up on it- from 25 mgs. to 200 mgs.- each time I would have a bad headache (the famous "lamictal headache")that lasted from 2-3 days and then went away. Each and every time I upped my dosage I had this headache, but ONLY for 2-3 days. Other than that- ZERO side effects-only benefits. I did not gain any weight and I do not feel as if I am taking a drug at all. I love it! I am bipolar- undiagnosed until I was 48. I am 53 now. I tried a variety of meds, but had bad side effects on all of them. Then I was put on lamictal. I was afraid, because of the rash thing, which I obviously did not get. But at the time I agreed to go on it, I had had it with all the other stuff I had been put on that I wanted to be dead anyhow, so I thought- ok-I will give this drug a chance because I have nothing left to lose. I am so happy I said yes to this drug! I have never had a deathly deep depression since I was put on it, nor have I gone off the charts manic. In truthfullness, I did start drinking heavily after my diagnosis because I could not believe I had a real mental illness. Even with my heavy drinking, the lamictal kept working. But because I was drinking, it did not work as well as it could have until I finally quit drinking in February 2010 and went to AA. I felt great for the 2 months I was sober, and then sunk into a depression- which I found out later is very common when you quit drinking. I was put on Wellbutrin 150mgs to combat this depression. At that amount, I felt better- but not 100%. I ended up having quite a few slips with the booze, until I finally decided- just recently- that if I am ever to have a chance at feeling close to 100%- I can never drink again. I deal with that thought ONE DAY AT A TIME. That slogan is out there for a reason- it works. If you think over the long haul, it becomes overwhelming. I also started going to AA, which I had F 53 5 years
200 mg 1X D
 5  Cyclothymia - Bipolar 2 When the doctor has increased my dosage from 50 to 100 to 150 (over the course of several months), I had insomnia for a few days after the dosage increases. After that transition - NO side effects! I love this medication. It has almost eradicated my mood swings (only minor ones during PMS now) and calmed racing, grandiose thoughts. Like another poster commented, I have finished grad school, can hold down a job for more than 6 months, am more patient with my children and I'm getting ready to be re-married. I think more clearly, cry less (I still cry sometimes - I'm a woman), feel more stable. It's been a miracle for me. F 33 3 years
150 1X D

 5  Bipolor 2 Disorder / Anxiety I dont think I had any negative side efects. Maybe a little dizziness upon standing, but my other meds have side effects of that also. When I started taking this, I also took seroquel, ativan, and zoloft. I was at rock bottom, almost admitting myself to a psychiactric hospital. My new Psychiatrist, started me on this along with the seroquel, and I was already taking the other 2. I noticed very quickly (within a day or so) How much BETTER I was feeling! Finally I felt like a normal content person. The seroquel, (I think) made my cholesterol high, Im not sure if Lamictil contributes to that too. Im here to find out. :) F 35 2 years
150 2X D
 5  depression, mood disorder Nausea, stomach upset, increased anxiety (all the first week) I was hospitalized when my Zoloft, Klonipin, Inderal combination was not helping anymore and my depression and anxiety just plummeted to where I was non functional. While I was hospitalized, my doc added Lamictal to this combination and after a few weeks I felt like a new person. I was happy again, didn't have severe mood swings, and actually wanted to get out of bed. This drug has been a life saver to me! F 30 1 years
25mg 1X D

 5  Bipolar Disorder, Depression Dry Mouth, Fatigue, Headaches. It is far from an overstatement for me to say that Lamictal has changed my ability to enjoy life. Since early adolescence I have struggled with depression, manic episodes and frequent mood swings. My performance in High School and College suffered, subsequently. I began taking this medication at 25 and have since felt "Like myself." I am making more healthy decisions, and am able to put things into perspective. I am able to keep jobs and relationships longer now. This medication has proved a LIFE SAVER for me. I also take Lexipro, occasional xanax and oral contraceptives. I still occasionally experience bouts of depression, but am able to manage them quite well! I have learned that mixing ALCOHOL with this medication results in NEGATIVE reactions (temp. amnesia, psychosis, manic syptems). I have found this medication so effect and EARNESTLY hope others find the same RELIEF it provided me! LIFE CAN BE MANAGEABLE AND ENJOYABLE with the correct medicinal practices. PLEASE take this as a sign of HOPE! it's NEVER TOO LATE to get your life back!!!!! Good luck to all who suffer...and please dont give up!! F 28 3 years
200mg 1X D
 5  Bipolar I Disorder NONE. (which I find amazing for a psychiatric medication). I do suffer from very mild acne (I use acanya, retin-a micro and rosula because I'm very obsessive about it) which I believe has been slightly anatagonized by lamictal. Granted, I already had acne. This drug has helped me tremendously with bipolar disorder. I find it has helped especially as an antimanic. It has helped immensely with mixed states and rapid cycling. It has definitely had some antidepressant effects, although not enough to be an option for me as monotherapy. While it has been antisucidal, I was still very depressed on lamictal alone. I do believe that this drug has truly saved my life and that I would have most likely done something destructive enough that I would not be here today. M 20 3 years
300 mg 1X D
 5  bipolar None. It changed my life. Seriously. I finished graduate school, got married, and got a job. I might be dead otherwise. F 29 4 years
300 1X D

 5  seizures After 14 years, I have few side effects. Memory loss is one. I am sketchy on the inconsequential childhood experiences, although I remember the big incidents. Much loss of inconsequential memories generally. Short term memory somewhat effected, although it is much worse now that I am 48 years old but I think that is periomenopause and not the drug. I am sure there were some side effects 14 years ago, but I am very happy with Lamictal. When I accidentally double a dosage (happened 3 times in 14 years), I get very dizzy and disoriented. I weigh 120 at 5'6" so no weight issues, sleep fine, no bad dreams, This drug has saved my life. I have not had a grand mal in 14 years and very small break through seizures with just red spots in my vision, everyone comments on how calm I am all the time, I can live my life with joy and well-being, and I am a happy person. I am so grateful for this drug because it gave me my life back. F 48 14 years
300mg 2X D
 5  Treatment Resistant Depression Headache daily, dizziness and a little nausea the first few days. Even though I am on a small dosage, I can honestly feel it working already. I have treatment resistant depression and I am taking this along with Lexapro and Wellbutrin. My doc is upping me to 50mg per day next week. Already I am feeling more awake, alive, motivated, clear thinking, and less hopeless and sad. I have had the munchies pretty bad, sort of like PMS cravings, but I hope those go away in time. It's not bad enough to make me want to stop taking it. A few people have told me I seem "better" since I started on Lamictal. I hope it's everything I was looking for and I can get on with my life finally. F 33 10 days
25 1X D

 5  BiPolar 1/Personality disorder The only side effects I experienced was the acne and I did notice slight short term memory loss=at a loss for words--word was on tip of tongue but couldn't remember, or transposing words, might have been some constipation in the beginning. Both have not happened after about a month of increasing dosage to 200mg a day. I was able to remedy the acne that with LOTS of water (68-70oz a day) and Mary Kay Blemish Toner and Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel. No Hair thinning. THIS DRUG HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. Before taking Lamotrigine I took Wellbutrin 300XL mg 1x a day for about 4 years. I was still weepy and obsessed over negative thoughts, I just thought this was the way I was inherently and could never change. I needed to go to a new MD because of insurance and he diagnosed me as having cyclical personality disorder and the mildest form of Bi-Polar disorder. This drug has helped me tremendously and would try anything to KEEP taking it. I haven't cried since taking it; find it a bit easier to let things go. The only negative I experienced I had is the cystic acne, but seems to subside over time, drinking LOTS of water and changing my skin regiment. I have always had beautiful skin without any effort, so the acne really bothered me. But this pill has done such wonders for me that I didn't want to abandon it, especially since it has not affected my weight. When I first started using the Mary Kay products I used the toner 3x a day and applied the acne gel after. I was able to get rid of a blemish after only 2 days of using the Mary Kay. I do not sell Mary Kay, I am only giving this information for those who might have the same experience. F 38 3 months
200 1X D
 5  Biploar II None. After suffering for six years with "refactory depression" my current pdoc recognized signs of bipolar II and prescribed lamictal. Within three days I felt SANE! The suicidal ruminations, anger and irritability vanished. I can now think CLEARLY and I'm beginning to experience real emotions again. For years I had been experiencing emotional instability that was attributed to a personality disorder, but after taking Wellbutrin for the first time I began rapid cycling and my doc figured it out. Not a happy pill like some AD's, but I will take normal any day. M 38 21 days
50 1X D

 5  mood stabilizer Sanity I LOVE lamictal. I have tried other medications and after HORRIBLE side effects the docs put me on this. I have never felt better in my life! I ran out of insurance due to losing a job and had to go off of it. It was then that I saw what it really does for me. (withdrawals are a b*$@h, as was the rearing up of the mood disorder)Fortunately, I was quickly employed and after adjusting back to my dose, I was sane again. I LOVE lamictal and am actually scared of going off of it when I plan to get pregnant. (Studies are unclear about effects in-utero)I know not everything works for everyone, after all none of the other meds I tried worked for me...but I am BEYOND pleased with Lamictal. F 29 5 years
100MG 1X D

 5  Epilepsy Memory loss, hair thinning, rare bone crushing headache at night, loose train of thought easier, slightly dizzy when eyes closed. Only had seizures at night - I think about 3 or 4 (memory loss). One when I tried weaning off. I've been attributing the hair thinning and memory loss to aging, but after reading these posts I'm not sure. The hair thinning is not too bad (yet) but worry some. Memory loss bothers me a lot though. My short term is getting pretty bad. The couple of headaches I've had (only at night while sleeping - like the seizures) were so bad I thought my head was going to explode, but I haven't had one like that for a few years - thank God. I have had severe joint pain, but was finally diagnosed with RA about 6 years ago. I never know what to attribute to Lamictal (generic for the past 2-3 years) vs age, etc. Over all I've been very happy with it. I agree with another "poster" who mentions that most people doing well with this drug probably don't check this web site, but I'm glad I finally did. A great forum! M 50 10 years
200 mg 2X D

 5  atypical rapid cycle bipolar worsened short term memory loss, worsened stutter, worsened difficulty finding words, worsened trouble focusing, increase in acne problems. In November 2008, I was diagnosed with atypical rapid cycling bipolar disorder, non-combat related PTSD, panic disorder w/o agoraphobia, rape trauma disorder, ADHD combined type, and hypersexual behavior. The shrink put me on Celexa and Seroquel. The Seroquel began to help immediately, but the Celexa took a few weeks to kick in. The Celexa helped with the depression for a few months, but I still had manic episodes and pretty bad mood swings. Eventually it stopped working all together causing panic attacks. After I started having psychotic episodes, my shrink switched me to Lamictal. The FIRST DAY I started noticing the difference. I was calmer and happier. After a few weeks, the mood swings had gone from 7-15 a day to once or twice every few days. The panic attacks tapered off, and my nightmares tapered off. Lamictal did decrease my sex drive, but I saw it as more of a blessing. Since I began taking Lamictal, I now have a NORMAL healthy sex drive. I'm not driven to risky sexual behavior that was dangerous not only to my physical health but to my relationships. This medication has helped me tremendously. M 23 10 months
75 mg 1X D
 5  Major depression / dysthymia None so far. My doc says she has been using this since the mid-90s and she's never had any complaints of side effects. It's hard to believe that some of the recurring side effects I've seen on here are not real, because I've been told before that a medicine wasn't causing a particular side effect when I knew it was. But, in her experience she claims no side effects. So that's a positive. We'll see. I'm taking the starter pack. Just finished my 25 mg two week dose and started today on 50 mg. I have suffered from depression for years, and have tried everything. I re-ordered these posts so that I only saw the 5 star ratings, and it has given me some hope. Thus far, I feel no effects, but that doesn't bother me. I understand it might take awhile. I'm at a really low state right now, so I'm hoping like crazy for some relief. I'm making a promise to update this post every two weeks for the next two months, and then periodically after that if I'm still on it. If I start to feel positive effects, I'll update sooner! Fingers crossed, I feel like this is my last resort. I'm glad it's prescribed for treatment resistant depression, because if it was just another anti-d, I would have little hope. I'm rating it a 5, because if it does what I'm hoping, it will be a miracle drug to me. M 33 2 weeks
50 MG 1X D
 5  Depression A little sleepy sometimes. Very easy to fall asleep at night. Easy to nap. This drug stabilizes my mood without major side effects. A minor one for me is sometimes I get a little sleepy. Not sure if this is the drug or poor sleep hygiene. The side effects are therefore very mild. I am not carefree, but I can cope. I don't sink so low anymore. M 47 6 months
150 1X D

 5  Bipolar II Nothing major I was really ill - 3 hospital admissions in total and loads of day care. Lamotrigine really turned things around. I was more depressed than manic and it was definitely good for the depressive symptoms. NOTHING else worked as well. I am now off Lamotrigine as trying for a baby and have managed to remain stable, but would go on it again if symptoms worsened. F 32 7 years
400mg 1X D

 5  Trigeminal Neuralgia None. This drug has saved my life. I have literally tried dozens of different medications for horrific nerve pain in the face (trigeminal neuralgia) due to a brain tumor and this is the only one that has worked so well with NO side effects. I was so scared to start taking it because of the possibility of a rash, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. I titrated on to it VERY slowly starting at 12.5 MG and now after 3 months I am up to 100 MG which is working well so I plan to stay at that dose unless I need to increase it. I was also scared of hair loss and acne, neither of which I've gotten. In fact, I had a slight hormonal acne problem before lamictal which ironically has completely cleared up since taking the lamictal! Maybe a coincidence but who knows. I'm am just so grateful that it is working for my pain. F 25 3 months
50 2X D

 5  rapid-cycling bipolar type II None Extremely effective as a mood stabilizer. Very good in combination with a low dosage of klonopin for anxiety M 43 2 years
200 2X D

 5  OCD/Mood Swings/Depression Constipation - went away after a week. Mild headaches, also went away after a week. Slight hair thinning, but not enough for me to freak out about. I love this medication! I am taking it with Prozac and Vyvanse. I'm 37 and have struggled for almost a decade to try and find the right combination of meds for me.... what I am on now has been a LIFESAVER! Clearer thinking, less dwelling on negative thoughts, ability to maintain organization (ie office paperwork, checkbook balancing, etc) Currently on 50 mg but Dr. is going to up me to 100 mg next month. I feel like a brand new person!!! Can't imagine how I've lasted so long before without it! F 37 30 days
50 1X D
 5  bipolar II, OCD. short memory impairment, at the beginning increased mood swings, but now none! this medication in combo now with luvox has literally saved my mind and my life. nothin' else to say. M 24 6 months
100 mg 2X D

 5   Euphoria, clearness of thinking, energy and finishing tasks increased. A lot of sleeping and dreaming. F 55 7 days
25mg 1X D

 5  Seizures Uncoordinated, sleepiness, dizziness & headaches. Mostly uncoordinated & my short term memory is horrible. My seizures/stiffness were only at night. I took a few other anti-seizure medicines in 1997-2002 that never cured my seizures. Ever since I've been on 150mg a day on lamictal I have had none. I only had 4 seizures in my life (starting 1997) from a brain contusion in 1990. Lamictal does help, my side affects are dizziness, short term memory problem (But I think everyone has that-lol) sleepiness and hair loss. I notice if I get too tired and stressed my dizziness gets worse. My Dr. decided last month he doesn't trust generic drug makers anymore and put me on the name brand 200 mg a day. Well, for that whole week I swear, I was dizziness everyday. So bad, I would cry before I went to bed. It was like I was spinning all day. And, I rolled my eyes in back of my head everyday. I thought it was from the dizziness. Then on the 7th day on the 200 mg I looked online searching what the rolling of the eyes mean. I was having an absence seizure all the time. Called the after hour Dr. and he put me back on the generic 150 mg a day (75mg a.m. & 75mg p.m.) So, the drug works from eliminating my seizures, but I need a smaller dose. Remember, everyone is different on side effects. F 34 7 years
150mg 1X D

 5  mood stabilizer, anti-convulsant None really...at least not really noticeable. I am taking a combination of: cymbalta (for depression), lamictal, as a mood stabilizer/anti-convulsant, and keppra, stictly for grand-mal seizures of the photosensitive-sort. I also have a mood-disorder, and think my depression is genetic. This is the best I've ever felt in my life thus far with all of my trials with several different med. combinations! I have tried about them all! Lamictal in regards to balancing out my mood has stopped my problem with psychosis. I feel better, and have happy days most of the time, but today seems to be lethargic, and not such a good day, but most of them are! I am very satisfied with my results...take 60mg of cymbalta per day, 150mg twice a day with lamictal, and take 500mg twice daily in regards to keppra. I no longer have rapid eye-blinks, and function without seizure activity in the sun. Maybe I'll be able to drive again. I want to see how I do in the sun during this spring/summer 2010. Cymbalta was the first drug to ever work for my depression. Keppra worked fairly well for my seizure-disorder, however I knew I needed more seizure control. Before lamictal my moods were rapidly cycling, or so it seemed, and I was very sleepy, unenergetic, and my memory was not as great as I remember it to be when I was a straight A student. Now, I finally feel healed of all my major health issues! I am very pleased, blessed, and grateful to all those that helped me get here. It took twenty years, or so of searching for answers, but final F 35 8 weeks
 5  Bipolar I'm a little more forgetful, but not enough to be a big issue. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! I struggled with mood swings for 7 years before my doctor figured out it was probably bipolar, not depression. And then another couple years trying to find something that managed the mood swings without making me sleep constantly or driving me nuts with the side effects. This finally, finally really helps. I'm a little more forgetful, but I do okay, and it's totally worth it. I spent years struggling to keep my life from falling apart while feeling awful and waiting for the all-too-short periods when my moods were okay. And now "okay" is the norm. This makes such a difference. I take it with Wellbutrin, which also has no major side effects for me. F 24 9 months
 5  Mild/Moderate Bi-Polar Just sort of a thick kind of feeling, like a thickness in my head. Also a good deal of general lethargy. I also have IBS, but that could be from anything. However, much milder side effects than anything else I've taken, and I was on 300 mg for 5 years. I'm surprised by the side effects people are reporting, such as hair loss, muscle soreness, weight gain, etc. From an athletic perspective, I was able to compete competitively in tennis while taking lamictal. I found it to be very mentally balancing, no depression or mania at 300 mg. However, I am tired of not having enough energy, and have reached a new spiritual level, so I have been tapering off. I am down to 150 mg, but won't go lower for a long time, as I have noticed a resurgence in depression. In regards to hair loss, which I wouldn't necessarily attribute to this, I would recommend taking propecia. It's expensive, but works unbelievably well, and they have it for women as well. M 32 6 years

 5  bi-polar & night sweats night sweats F 60 3 months

 5   F 20 4 years

 5  severe bipolar disorder bit of drowsiness the first few weeks or so but it went away. My psychiatrist told me to watch for rash and i didn't get one. After the drowsiness went away, I found this medication to be extremely helpful. I really like the peaceful feeling it makes me feel. It's like a mellow, quiet feeling. Like all is well with the world. First medication that I have tried that has even come close to doing anything helpful after playing medication switcharoo for 9 years straight. When I forget to take though, oh boy do people around me notice. Snappiness all around. but when I am on it and it's working, it just works. Tip for other patients--take it with a bit of food. it starts working faster if you take it that way. F 23 14 months
 5  Mild Bipolar Weight gain, light headedness, problems with word recall I have been on 100 mg for 1 year. So far, so good. Make sure you gradually get up to your desired dose and keep your appointments! F 26 1 years

 5  Bipolar In the first month of taking this medication I experienced even more mood swings than before, which i never thought to be possible, and the swings were more severe. This went away after the first month/month and a half. I was at the doctor's office recently and they noted a 20lb weight gain in 2 years. My first year taking it I did not experience a great amount of weight gain, only about 5lbs. In the past year or so, I have experienced hair loss, and I still am now. When I first began taking Lamictal I was feeling more anxious and paranoid than I had been in the past, but like my other side effects, these side effects subsided. I am very pleased with my results from taking Lamictal. I am taking 300mg a day-150 in the morning and 150 at night. I had suffered from bipolar from the age of about 12, but it was thought to be hormones. When I was diagnosed bipolar and began taking this medication at 15 years old, my life turned around. Grades started improving greatly, I got into a great college and program, my social life improved, my relationship with my family went back to the way it was, I stopped snapping at every little thing, etc. Before Lamictal, I would literally have 8-11 severe mood swings an hour. I was even at the point of attempting suicide three times and just hated life in general. After starting Lamictal, these swings have stopped. I am living a happy life which I am very grateful for. If I miss either my morning or night dose, I have these swings again, but they are not as severe or often (goes down to about 2-4 swings an hour). Lamictal is a life changer and I would recommend this drug to anyone in a heartbeat. You just have to make it past the first month or two and be willing to deal with the side effects, because other than that, this drug is amazing. F 18 3.5 years

 5  Manic depressive Bipolar disorder None. But alcohol does affect the purpose of drug. I take 100 mg every morning along with Wellbutrin 150 mg SR. I have been progressing in my life. This was the answer to opening my future. M 25 8 months
 5  bipolar II Clear skin and larger bra size. I think this drug is amazing. I feel more myself then ever before. No more mood swings and dealing with anxiety is so much better. I take 200 mg a day (100mg in the morning and 100mg at night). I'm worried about what everyone else is reporting, but its been a blessing for me. F 25 7 months
 5  Epilepsy-complex partial seizures no significant side effects noted Completely stopped seizures when I reached therapuetic dose. I had taken depakote,keppra,trileptal and zonegran. Only trileptal worked and I was allergic so it was stopped. Zonegran was horrible, and caused a horrible depression. M 12 18 months

 5  Bipolar Disorder II The first month was very rough. I had extreme headaches, muscle pain, depressive and anxious fits, and terrible short term memory problems, and mixing up words. It was difficult to remember anything long enough to hold a conversation. There was also what I considered to be emotional deadening. I promise, if you hang in there long enough to get up to the theraputic dose, it will change your life. I had been living with undiagnosed Bipolar Disorder for twelve years. I have never felt more like myself. It's like I have a good day almost everyday. This isn't to say I don't have bad days or episodes but they are few and far inbetween. I highly recommend it. I managed to lose all of my baby weight and more. I don't sleep all the time or have fits of rage anymore. I am actually well enough to have a 30-35 hour work week, take care of my home and my family and go to school full time. There are hardly any emotional extremes anymore. However, I am still experiencing a little anxiety. F 24 4 months

 5  Cyclothymia- Mostly Depressive Short term memory loss! I'd forget to go to routine appointments I've had for years, and forget to turn in assignments. I forget everything. Also, I believe I have a major case of ADD because my attention span is basically gone. I got really bad acne, but that might be because I had to get off the pill (which helps with acne). Finally, my speech and grammar get messed up- especially with tenses. It's all really embarrassing for me because I'm an outstanding student at an ivy league school and the side effects are changing how I view myself. I'm on 50mg, and the side effects I mentioned are only getting worse as the dose increases. What's ironic is that I don't care about the side effects as much as I should because I see how well its working for me. My mood is better than ever. I was terrified of this drug before I started taking it. If the side effects weren't ruining my grades and relationships I'd go so far as to call it a miracle drug. F 20 1 months

 5  Lamicitin Over the last 10 years I have gained weight, suffer from chronic insomnia, loss of libido, blurred vision, poor concentration, sleepy during the day, short tempered, hair loss, bad skin. I always believed my doctor when he told me that there were no side effects. I am releived to find other people who are experiencing what I am. So I am not crazy ! I am going to reduce my dosage and hopefully the side effects will reduce too. I have been taking Lamictin for 10 years, I thought it was a miracle drug. It cured my mood swings, and all other symptoms that I suffer from as a result of right frontal lobe brain damage,caused by a motor vehicle accident. My doctor has always said there are no side effects, but now I realise that there are many side effects and many other people are experiencing them too. I am taking 300mg per day, but have decided to reduce my dosage to 200mg. After reading everyones, comments it seems to me that on 200mg the side effects will be greatly reduced. F 46 10 years
 5  Bipolar II fatigue, blurred vision for small print, short-term memory loss, confusion, loss of coordination (vertigo), dry mouth, mild stomach issues, hair loss, weight loss, possible back/body pains, causes BC to be less effective... When I was 17 I went on zoloft for "situational" depression. I went to college and was def. "life of the party". Something TOTALLY out of my character but didn't notice because I thought I was acting like the typical college freshman. Sophomore year I moved into an apartment with 3 girls. After we started classes (Aug) I started feeling different. I went to my fam doc and was put on welbutrin along with the zoloft. I eventually stopped going to class and at one period I didn't shower or brush my teeth for 3 days in a row. That's when I knew I needed help so I withdrew from school (Nov). I went to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed me with BPII. I was put on lamictal, along with the antidepressants. I worked my way up to 100mg of lamictal. I noticed by the 2nd week I started feeling better. However, my anxiety was REALLY bad still. He put me on 0.5mg of klonopin (up to 3 times a day). I felt relaxed but was VERY sleepy. Then it took a turn and I began to get restless, and my mind wouldn't shut up to let me fall asleep. My psych put me on 25mg of seroquel to help me sleep. That definitely worked. THEN, my life took another turn junior year. My boyfriend broke up with me and I was devastated. He bumped me up to 200mg of lamictal. Anyway, the main thing I still struggle with is grogginess and feeling out of it. I will still sleep 12+ hours sometimes. But, no matter what side effects I STILL have, it's so much better than the dark place I was a year ago. F 20 10 months

 5  Bipolar 2, with PTSD Bad jaw, and teeth pain, bleeding gums, sweats/chills,totally weird dreams,total loss of word recall, cognition difficulties, bad muscular aches in entire body 24/7 (including neck/back/gluts/legs) that pain pills did not help,loss of libido,twitches in legs/arms,eye scratchiness,irritated, acne breakouts daily, water retention,constipation,forgot what I had read,hair loss,feels like my scalp is open,loquacious,non-stop talking,not able to connect with my higher self,.... With all my side effects,I was on the "Generic", not the Brand, Dr told me that the pharmaceutical company only had to put in 60% of the med. He spoke to my coverage carrier, got the meds, from 700.00$, down to 200.00$ a month, and as SOON as I began taking it(I am now taking 50mg Extended Release), most of my pain, sleepiness, irritation,painful eyes,and jaw pain, went away!!!If you are experiencing all these side effects, and are taking the "Generic" brand, you may be as sensitive as I was, to the fillers, that they put in it. Attempt to go on the BRAND NAME. I cannot believe, what a difference that it makes. I am also taking Seroquel, 150mg, at nighttime, and I need a sleeping pill to fall asleep. The Dr also added an anti inflammatory drug, since my discs are leaning against my spine. I probably need something added to my "cocktail", and for right now, I am so grateful that I do not have suicadal/homicidal ideation, as I had before the Lamictal. For this, I am happy. I want to Thank Everyone, who has posted their experiences with this medication, so that I could see, that these side effects really do exist, even though the DR may not be convinced. We need to listen to our bodies, and trust ourselves. F 54 3 months
 5  ocd and bipolar II starting rashes just gone away, costipation, vivid dreams. this drug has been a great discover. it helps me a lot with impulsiveness, with intrusive thoughts, and compulsion. he avoids in me panic attacks, anxiety and phobias. it helps also in depression, better that other mood stabilizerrs in combo with antidepressant. M 23 2 months

 5  BiPolar II groggy in the morning, slight word recall problems wow. I feel like I've never lived a normal life until now. I'd long suffered from severe "overreactions" to things, if i had a problem at work, i'd be tortured by it, if i had a bad date, I'd be CRUSHED, if someone pissed me off, I'd spend HOURS ruminating on it and writing extremely thorough emails to them. I was STUCK in whatever emotion was happening, and I couldn't think straight. Lamictal is a drug to treat seizures, and it makes sense that this drug would help me. What happened to me was like an electrical storm in my brain of emotions. But Lamictal turns that off. Now, if something that used to set me off happens, I feel a "twinge" but that's as far as it goes. I'm able to see situations clearly and deal with them rationally. I've been able in the last two months to really see patterns of behavior that I could never deal with before. In the past I'd tried almost every antidepressant there was, but they never did anything for me (except a few made me feel "dead.") I still feel like me, except a better me. I do miss the torrent of creative ideas that I used to have, but I realize now that was a sort of mania, and I'll gladly take the slowed down version if it means I can deal with people better. Wish I'd found this years ago! F 41 2 months

 5  Epilepsy None. Excellent medication. I have complex partial seizure disorder. I was on tegretol for many years and it was a horrible medication for me. With tegretol, I always felt like I was "on the edge" and seizures seemed to come at any random time. Lamictal was first started as a supplementary medication and I almost instantly noticed the change. Within a few months, my neurologist stopped the tegretol altogether and my seizures are a thing of the past. M 42 9 years

 5  Bi-Polar Stiff neck, blurry vision Once I was on the full dose of 200mg the side effects went away, although I had to get my eyeglass prescription changed... Works fabulous. Gives me a sense of calm and that all is right with the world. Bad neckache if I skip a dose. F 46 10 years
 5  bi-polar My 72 year old mother suffered greatly...severly depressed almost catatonic for 2 months, manic 2 months, somewhat normal 2 months..this cycle repeated itself for 2 years ! My 72 year old mother was put on lamictal starting out at 25 mgs twice a day...after 3 months she is taking 125 mg once a day and doing wonderful! I feel like I have my mother back...I highly recommend this medication but recommend starting out in small doses... F 72 3 months
 5  JME with Complex Partial seizures None....FINALLY SOMETHING THAT WORKS Lamictal has worked great for me,verse all the other medications Iv'e tried in the past(Depkene,Depkote,Depkote er and Topamax).It has reduced my seizures tremedously.I now only have around 3-6 a year,which isint really that bad as before I was having them all the time.Morning,noon and night.Mostly they only occur when Im around my triggers which are[photosensitivity to **flashes of a camera,strobes and flourescent lighting**one of my biggest triggers],low blood surgar,stress/in the beginning of getting a bug or virus,emotional stress,not enough sleep,and hormonal fluncuations.For when they do only occur out of no where I usually get aroud 2-4. F 18 3 years
 5  bipolar disorder fatigue, lack of appetite changed my life. Feel like I'm the person I was meant to be F 45 2 years

 5  seizure None stoped seizure right away. A miricale pill. Expensive,but woth it. I had grand male and parciale seizures. Took 4 differant meds befour lamictal. They didn't help. I had side effects from all 4. F 61 15 years

 5  Rapid Cycle Bipolar Brief periods of hypomania with any increase in dose. Slight fatigue, along with some clumsiness and minor memory issues. I have noticed what some call 'emotional flatness'; a better term for it is MOOD STABILIZATION. This is BY FAR the best medication I have been given. It has been a fantastic mood stabilizer for me; from the very first dose of 25mg. It does a great job of stopping my rapid cycle down swings; it has is very effective in relieveing my depression. There are side effects, but they are far fewer and far less intense that other medications; and I have been on a few. The only issue I have had with lamictal is it's interaction with my Celexa. I had to cut down on my Celexa dose once I reached 100mgs of Lamictal because 20mgs of Celexa kicked me into a full blown manic phase. The day I upped to 100mgs of Lamictal, I took my dose of Celexa and had the first full manic episode I'd had in months. But, cutting back on the Celexa was a necessary part of the process anyway. Also take the warnings about the rash seriously; if you develop one, go into see a doctor. M 2 months

 5  Depression, mood instability Hair loss, acne, sometimes twinges in my muscles, irritability when I increase dosage - for a few days, vivid unpleasant dreams, change in sleep patterns Lamictal is a miracle for me. I haven't tried a lot of AD's - just Wellbutrin, which was terrible for me. I have very unstable moods (but no mania or hypomania), which is why I think Lamictal works when Wellbutrin didn't. Wellbutrin gave me terrible anxiety. Lamictal makes me feel normal. Maybe I have a little bit of memory problems and I wonder if it has affected my eyesight, but I'm not completely sure on either of those, so obviously it's not too bad. I tried the generic, and it made me terribly sleepy and fatigued. F 38 4 months

 5  OCD/ Anxiety when i first started the medication i was on a very low dose that didn't help....then i took a bigger dose which caused me to have more anxiety, nausea and dizziness and headaches. Once my correct dosage was determined i had slight headaches and light nausea for a few days, but it went away. I have tried so many different meds and this is the only one that has been able to stabilize my condition. I can tell a tremendous difference in my complusive behavior especially. My mind seems more clear and focused, and I know it works because when i DON'T take it, i have serious anxiety and get shakey and lightheaded. F 28 6 months

 5  Bipolar Disorder WEight gain very helpful; gave me complete stability; prevented manic episodes F 37 3 years

 5  Bipolar 1 Minor fatigue early on, body pains in the beginning and at each dose increase - if you have a minor backache the dose increase will cause it to be a major backache, but only for a few days. Works very well for me. For about 8 years I was on Seroquel and Depakote and gained tons of weight - either extremely hungry or tired. On Lamictal I have been able to adjust to a very healthy lifestyle and have lost over 100lbs. With Lamictal I have attained the most stability I've ever enjoyed. M 38 1 years

 5  JME (juvenile myoclonic epilepsy) light sensitivity w/ headaches, night sweats and vivid dreams, feeling jittery if I'm late taking it (even by a couple of hours), somewhat slower cognitive and motor skills This drug has kept me seizure free and I can function again without fear of having a seizure. Side effects increase if I'm sleep deprived or stressed out but are manageable. My neurologist said I may be able to try going off of it next year, but I'm not sure I will as the benefits outweigh the side effects by a long shot F 24 3 years

 5  Dysthymia, Depression, Mood Swings No side effects. None. I have tried 15 or 20 different antidepressants over 20 years. None helped. Now I feel better. Mood crashes are less frequent and not so deep. Recovery is quite fast. I feel better, happier, easier, "more like myself." FINALLY. I have been taking 200 mgs per day, and am now starting to take 250 mgs per day, to see if I can squeeze out a bit more benefit. M 52 4 months

 5  Mood swings,PTSD,ADHA Terrible Headaches and slight vertigo the first month. No other physical or emotional side effects. This drug really changed my life!I had tried so many things with little success and I was so tired of everyone saying that I wasn't myself or I seemed so different. I knew they were right but didn't know what to do!I have taken Paxil (evil Drug),zoloft,wellbutrin XL & Lexapro. All made me functional but not level. After a month on Lamictal, the fog lifted and I was pretty angry about the haze I had been living in for 6 yrs! For the first time, It was a GOOD angry! Family and friends were amazed. 100mg Lamictal with 20mg Adderall XR was my magic cocktail! I am focused,level and still have a very normal range of emotion. No more zombie! The first month I had Terrible headaches but they subsided after I started taking the pill in the morning.I also consumed as much Gatorade as I could hold and the headaches stopped. Hormone flux still triggers the headaches from time to time but very rarely. My doc and I worked hard to find this mix and I couldn't be more happy. Seriously,I'm happy, for the first time in a long time! No more freaking out,crying for no reason,hopelessness or dread about the future. This medicine gave me my life back where the others made it barely tolerable. I know my side effects were mild but if you have tried the "basics" and mood swings are your trouble, this might be worth a try. Good luck! F 35 2 years

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