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 4  Bipolar Anxiety Disorder Blurred Vision. Memory Loss Recall. Tiredness. Slow moving Dry Mouth. Weight Gain. Bigger Booty! Fatter Gut. neck pain. Joint popping Although these side effects ARE REAL FOR ME...some may agree with some of them. I can respond no and mean no and not think about it any longer. Thats the other person's problem. I only say yes when i am in the mood to do it. What people think of me or may think I should do or say WII ALWAYS BE NULL AND VOID! THANK YOU LACMICTAL AND ZOLOFT! This mature retired disabled woman is happy turning male testosterone heads, but I Do NOT get involved in quick relationships, and or fast chaotic not thinking first self-mischief any longer! THANK YOU LAMICTAL AND ZOLOFT! Yeah...im laaaaaaathagic in the morning...It is good for me. I am not in no hurry to fix meals or get children or myself dressed any more. My life is soooooo MORNING COFFEE TIME now with me GOOD MEDS and God! Happy Holidays p.s. Please do not respond with disgust...We all are trying to Heal in our own ways. Also I Do not like typing so try to be short. Thank you....the above just got my thoughts out. Thank you so much! Hand hurts now...typed too much 😔 F 49 3 years
 3  Bipolar Taking 150mg now at night. Getting up to 200mg in the outcome they want. I'm extremely tired and can't get anything done. Extremely fatigued and want to not even go out of house. I sleep 12 hours through night and still tired mid morning? F 37 2 months
 4  epilepsy had side effects when I took the generic form, but the doctor put me on the other and now I am almost seizure-free. I still have those facial seizures and sometimes a memory lapse, but it beats being afraid to go out because you might pass out. I seem to have more of those seizures when I take ANY other medication (even aspirin) into my blood stream. I simply take herbs - have doctor check them out first it works best when taken around the same time daily. F 60 2 years
200 1X D

 5  bipolar type 1 rapid cycling When increased to 200mg small bumps on tounge works wonders night and day Ive been on everything known to help the mind at least 20 perscriptions nothing worked 8 months not a single violent mood swing M 23 8 days
75mg twice

 3  Bipolar Pulsative tinitus. Knocking in right ear when moved up to 100 mg Other than that amazing results - so sad if I have to come off it Not sure if can stay on it now F 41 4 months

 1  Mood Stabilzer Severe hallucinations, nightmares, felt like I was getting attack during sleep, had maybe 3 hours of sleep (maybe in 3 day's) because of the fear of falling alsepp. Also had a seizure and dizziness. I lost about 4 pounds in a week and I'm 5 foot tall and already weighed 115. This drug if by far the worst I have every been prescribed. I had never had a seizure until I started this medication. I may have to skip Thanksgiving this year because I was already thin and then my family may think I am starting myself or under too much stress. My bones show and I'm very week. When I started this I was in a size 5/6 nit in wearing a size 1. I've wanted to be thin like this but it has taken its toll on my mind and body. If you don't have to take this please look at other options. Good luck F 40 5 weeks
 5  epilepsy rash that got worse the longer i took it. i really liked this medication. i was in a good mood, wanted to get out and do things because it took care of my focal seizures. felt my normal personality return...then got the rash that worsened the longer i took it. was diagnosed with an allergy to it and had to be weaned back off. F 49 1 months
10mg 2X D

 3  mood stabilizer Severe blurred vision, blisters, feet, genital, hives, immune suppression, viral infections, weight loss, dry mouth, gum disease and cavities, also hair loss. it did help my mood but the side effects were greater than the benefit I had to stop the lamictal. F 45 2 years

 5  bipolar Increase in breast size went up a cup so no complaints with that. Mood is better I'm on 25mg four times a day equals 100mg. Dry mouth increase in urination. For once no racing thoughts love this med. F 29 1 months

 5  seizures I have been on Lamictal for 7 years without one problem. I have some trouble with memory, but I think that is from my kids. I have had some break through simple partial seizures, but this happened on everything I have tried and they are nuisence seizures that come with my period too. I suppose maybe I just got lucky to have no real side effects. F 40 7 years

 3  Seizures I was previously on topamax but my seizures were getting worse. My doctor thought i should try lamotrigine and in the beginning it felt like i was given a new lease on life but in the last year ive been acting really crazy, i cant stop laughing or smiling all day everyday. People look at me and think im being way too friendly when i look at them with my creepy smile. My favorite sport is boxing and ive been doing it since i was 15. The last time i practised it was about a year ago but while i was training i think it helped me keep sane because in order to stay motivated i had to put bad thoughts in my head so it evened the meds good and bad side effects. I learned that i have to listen to my consciouss more in order to function because the lamotrigine worked better compared to topamax which made me feel unmotivated, good luck to all. M 29 2 years

 1  Bi-polar II I took 25mg two hours before bedtime, as directed. On the second morning I woke up to painful little blisters on my gums & horrible heartburn. I never took another dose, on the advice of a nurse, the blisters disappeared, but the heartburn lasted for more than a week. Very disappointed as I was hoping for some relief from depression. F 65 2 days

 4  Bipolar Depression w/ Anxiety I have had none of the side effects that I've seen online, except stomach ache and heartburn, which has caused me to lose weight. That might be good for some, but I'm already thin. Other than that, this is the only medication that has worked for me in the past, so I am trying it again. It has also helped with focus, which is a bonus because I also have adult ADD. F 43 1 years

 2  Bipolar Depression Worked well in beginning then hair loss, weight loss and anxiety through roof. Also couldn't think straight. Stiff neck. Fluid retention. Want to get off of this. I've tried it 5 times! Enough! F 54 2 years
25 MG.

 3  Epilepsy I think it's making me bipolar and Lack of concentration I am worried that I am taking it for epilepsy but due to the fact it treats people for bipolar disorder it is making me slightly like that because I could cry at anything for nearly 2 hours thinking the worlds going to end and then feel completely fine or even very happy and excited. Also had 2 complex partial seizures since which is a lot less but been having a large increase in mini partial seizures which is quite annoying F 15 5 weeks
50 2X D
 1  Bi-polar 1 It made me aggressive and hostile. F 58 6 months
200 1X D

 3  Bipolar/Mood stabilizer Seemed to have some benefit with little noticeable side effects EXCEPT that i have recently been increased from 200 to 400mg/day. At this dose I've noticed hair loss/thinning (alopecia) occurring about 2 weeks after increase. Significant+++. Dry skin, itchy scalp and lower legs++, hair loss particularly scalp and legs. Also have recently developed patchy epidermal skin flaking on fingers (mild) but no rash except for excoriated skin from itching++ M 55 5 years
200 mg 2X D

 1  Bipolar, fibromyalgia I could no longer hack the Lamictal because I could no longer hold conversations -- I simply could not remember events or experiences in my life enough to talk about them. I had intense itching all over my head, neck and ears. It was severe and affected my work. After going off of Lamictal, I felt normal again. However, I have fibromyalgia and the pain started coming back so it was suggested by my pdoc that I go back on the Lamictal. Not trusting in my own experiences and thinking perhaps it had been something else that caused my past suffering, I started it again. And guess what? All of the symptoms returned. Sure doctors are educated but there's a lot they don't know. The long term affects of these drugs aren't known. Many drugs have helped me -- I couldn't hold a normal life without them. But be aware. You are the best expert for what goes into your body and what you feel as a result. F 52 3 years
100 mg 1X D
 2  Bi-polar It did work in the beginning and yes it treats bi-polar but the side effects are not worth it. Lathargic, itchy dry skin yellowing of the eyes. Bruise easy, could not wake up in the mornings felt like a hang over. Very stiff joints and stiff neck.Gave me bad pms sometimes felt like I was on my period even when i wasnt due for two weeks. Strange behavior that was not of my character, like sitting in one area for long periods of time. I would be very carefull of this drug, symptoms creep up on you. F 37 4 years
100 MG
 5  bipolar disorder F 36 1 months

 4  Bi Polar 2 Nausea. Slight vomiting just once. Headaches. Trebling fingers. Thought blocking. Slight increase in suicidal thoughts. Reduced cognitive ability. Cry easily. Slightly manic. "too happy". Fatigue. I have bi polar2 with anxiety. Lamictal at just 25mg cut my anxiety by 90%. Eliminated my social phobia. Reduced panic attacks by 90%. No rashes. I feel calm and wonderful, like on a relaxing beach. Im actually suppose to titrate up to 200mg. But i feel cured now. So ill discuss with my doc to stay at a low dose. Im also starting to lose weight too! So for me its a wonder drug. Im not taking any other meds. Lamictal (generic) also destroyed my depression. Im using the drug to get me out of the hole and give me strength to fix my life. I plan to get off it once my life gets fixed up a bit. My BP2 pretty much ruined my life this far so lots of work to do to clean up the messes I got myself into when manic and depressed. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the drug or anything else. M 40 21 days
25mg 1X D
 2  Depression I was taking Lamotrigine generic. Blurred vision, mostly at night, loose my balance easily. Extensive urination. Incontinence. Hip pain, stiff neck. Cognitive problems. Cry very easily. Itchy ski, The incontinence was a major and embarrassing issue. It's the main reason I got off of lamictal. FYI: lamictal is the only med I was taking and no other life changes were made. So its safe to say my symptoms/side-effects were the cause of Lamictal. Furthermore, I reduced 25mil a week until I was completely off. The withdrawal symptoms were mainly insomnia, headache, moodiness, a feeling of fear, hard to get out of bed, very tired. Once I was up and about I felt pretty normal. The moodiness did last throughout the day. I've been off for about 3 weeks now med free and doing great! Withdrawal symptoms are gone. M 41 3 years
 5  Depression/Anxiety Dry skin, lethargy I am very pleased with this med. I feel more mentally and physically calm when I take it. Racing thoughts and irritability are greatly reduced. I do feel more lethargic, but I can overcome it with a little effort. Not much antidepressant effect for me, but the reduction in anxiety probably helps indirectly. M 41 4 years
100 1X D

 2  Epilepsy flu symptoms, stiff neck, achy back muscles, daily headache, jaw pain, swollen lymph nodes, sore tongue, trouble finding words F 46 2 months

 4  Moderate chronic depression I was really scared to take a mood stabilizer since I assumed they all made you gain weight. But Lamictal has been great! No weight gain and it stopped my weepiness. F 38 10 months
200 1X D
 1  bipolar/depression Weight gain Didn't help at all with depression issues. Only gained 10 lbs. Quickly and could not take it off until I quit. Waste of time and weight gain caused more blues. F 29 10 months
1X D
 3  bipolar 2 Dry eyes - from first dosage 150 mg. Cannot wear contacts b/c of this. When increased to 300mg b/c started cycling btwn hypomania & depression, have extreme fatigue so I take it before bed. F 39 1 years

 3  Bipolar II Constipation, excessive urination, extreme belly bloating (I looked pregnant), fatigue F 16 3 months
5 mg

 2  Bipolar BRD Mood Anxiety DO Horribly Moody - Crying Spells - Itchy (no rash though) - Fast Weight Gain My Bipolar is fairly mild and Lamictal put me in a constant horrible mood. I had crying spells which I never have even when I'm not on any medication, and I easily put on nearly 10 pounds in 6 weeks even though my diet never changed, and I'm not normally prone to weight gain. I already take Seroquel which puts weight on some people and it's never done that to me. Maybe it was the combo. I can't give this a 1 rating because I know it works well for a friend of mine, but for me I wasn't satisfied at all. M 43 6 weeks
50 1X D

 1  bipolar 1 At first it made me very tired and deppressed. I stayed in hed for almost two weeks. Then I started having anxiety. After that came the mania. I was fearful, having anxiety, couldnt even feel safe in my own house. I had crying fits. It was misrrable. I was even having delusions. It was very scary. Im back on abilify now and happy. F 26 2 months
 1  Mood Level, Anxiety, Depression Short term memory problems. Weepiness. "Cloudy" type fatigue. Desire to sleep all day long. Psych insists I stay on this med. I am about to put my foot down and insist that I come off it. It is not doing me any good, in fact I believe it is causing the previously mentioned undesirable side effects. The best it is doing is producing expensive urine. It certainly is not leveling off my mood swings. if it works for you I am very happy for you, for me, I'm wasting some very hard earned money. M 55 2.5 years
200 2X D

 1  Bipolar, anxiety, mood stabilizer Extreme agitation, severe joint and muscle pain, extreme cravings for nicotine (quit for over 5 years), self harm ideation, moodiness a F 33 2 months
 3  Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, OCD Started having psoriasis on scalp which I never had before and tooth recession. I do not have dry mouth. I am in the dental field and never had a serious problem with teeth. F 40 6 months
150 2X D
 3  Bipolar Disorder Mania, insomnia, increased libido, anxiety, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, cognitive problems At first it made me manic, then along with Seroquel, it kept me stable and functional for a year before it stopped working and I become depressed again. M 23 1.5 years
400mg 1X D

 1  treatment-resistant depression I thought this was my miracle drug for depression but unfortunately like all other treatments eventually it failed me. After about 6 weeks I noticed it wasn't helping much with my depression anymore. I also noticed that I was excessively sleepy and would need naps every single day. It was like an overwhelming exhaustion came over me every day and there was no way I could avoid needing to nap. I also had extreme joint pain in my lower back and hips, and more pain in my knees and ankles. I attributed the excessive sleeping and hip/back pain to the fact that I have MS, and thought I was having pain in my knees and ankles because I'm overweight. Turns out that all of those symptoms were caused by the Lamictal and went away when I stopped taking it. Major bummer that it didn't work for me, but at least I figured out what was causing the pain and exhaustion. F 39 75 days
50 MG 1X D

 2  Bipolar 2 Sadness, crying, moodswings. Itchy spots and hives. Slight headaches and a feeling of pressure or "blockiness" in my head. Started on 50mg and became almost immediately sad and tearful. At 100mg I got too activated and angry, this settled into mildly low with occasional desperate crying spells. 150mg the moodswings got more frequent, would have crying spells at work. Self-harmed, thought about suicide. I have halved my dose with a view to stopping, and the crying has stopped. Still feel sad though. I am so disappointed, I had really hoped this would work, but the sadness is so extreme I can't stand it. F 34 2.5 months
150mg 1X D

 2  Bipolar Massive Weight Loss (40 Pounds) shaky hands, memory loss, ache, HAIR LOSS, feeling full all the time, blurred vision I didn't realize that it was my Lamictal that was causing me to lose the weight that I was. I was 176 pounds and now I weigh 133 that's a 43 drop and my body is not suppose to be 133; I look sick. I also suffer from bad Ache which I am now on an ache medicine to help. I have blurred vision which I thought was from me having Lasik surgery and come to find out it is another side effect of Lamictal. The drug seems to have helped with my mood swings I just can't take the side effects any longer. I look sick and when people see me they seem uncomfortable around me, I can only imagine what they are thinking. I have had to use the excuse that I am on Weight Watchers that's why I have lost so much weight(I don't think that it is anyone's biz that I am bipolar). I wish I didn't suffer from almost all of the side effects that Lamictal has...I guess I should be happy that I didn't get the terrible rash that it can cause. Hopefully once I am off of Lamictal and it has left my system some of my weight will come back, my hair will stop falling out, my vision will become clear and my ache will go away. Its sad because taking it I felt so much more clear and calm:(. If you don't get the side effects that I suffered from its a great drug for bipolar! F 37 8 months
100MG 1X D
 5  Bipolar I Dry eyes first thing in the morning that persisted for about 2 years; very manageable. Developed rare gastric reflux problem at higher dose (400mg) that resolved at 200mg. Extremely happy with the drug, which has done what it is supposed to do and not much more. F 32 4 years

 2  seizures Pros: Heightened memCory, bettet sta Con: Darkened vision. Getting darker. Hoping to not go blind. Fuzzy vision. Night sweats 40 9 days
 4  epilepsy Dizziness in the morning I use lamictal in combination with deprakine (mo: 2xlamictal, 1x deprakine 500mg EC, evening: 1x lamictal 100mg, 2x deprakine 500mg EC). I drink quite a bit of coffee in the morning, and on occasion I get dizzy. It goes away when I drink a lot and eat a few sandwiches M 52 6 years
100 mg 3X D

 2  epilepsy Insomnia but when I do get to sleep, I keep waking up.... anxiety, weepy, headaches, diarrhea, severe body aches, increased appetite. In fairness, I have only been on Lamictal for about five days. I was put on this in place of Vimpat as I was on that for about two months and became angry, aggressive and suicidal. I was off of the Vimpat for two days before starting this. I felt great for one day...and then started on this one and started to feel like crap within hours. My very first night, could not sleep for the first time in years and it has been this way since. Headaches and body aches started within about 48 hours and anxiety and weepy within the past two days. My doctor has me at a slow titration and this current dose is just a quarter of what my full dose will be. I am not happy at all and very frustrated with doing test drives on meds to get the seizures under control. F 45 5 days
50 mg 1X D

 5   Mild headaches every day for a few weeks, made me tired after I first took it but I took it at night anyway, vivid dreams, but nothing too major. Lamictal has been amazing. I had treatment resistant anxiety/mood issues/depression and I hit a rough patch where I was nearly hospitalized and my doctor tried this and my life started to change around. It took some time but I got there and was able to function normally again. I had severe panic/anxiety, to the point where it took me hours to get out of bed to take a shower and get dressed.. I had racing thoughts about everything and felt like I was dying. So yes, this drug has been a life saver for me. F 25 3 years
1X D
 1  Misdiagnosed Bipolar Extreme tiredness, suicidal depression, lack of motivation, mood swings. These side effects did not cease until I was completely off the medicine I even got them when I took my last 25mg dose titrating down before I quit. I am pleased so many people have done well with this drug. I was misdiagnosed bipolar and put on it so the Celexa I was taking and had been taking for years wouldn't send me 'manic'. Because it turns out I really only have unipolar depression I think that was the problem I had with Lamictal. I was on it a total of 8 weeks and they were the worst 8 weeks of my life. It seemed to negate the Celexa and sent me into the worst depression ever. I had to go into a mental ward and am still getting life back on track. Just on the Celexa now and there is hope... F 45 8 weeks
25 - 200mg 1X D

 4  Seizures Irritability, moodiness, anger (worse with dose increases, affecting my family). Also night sweats, difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, dry and itchy skin, dry (damaged, breaking) hair. Not quite depression, but not really happy or fining joy in things. Have not had a grand mal on it but think I have had some infrequent partials. Changing to another med now due to loss of quality of life (irritability, anger). Tried adding B complex vitamin and fish oil. Helped mood a little but no where near enough. Did not help dry skin. Not tired on it or confused but now realizing some memory issues. Weight neutral for me (though lack of motivation makes me exercise less). F 41 3 years
150-175 mg 2X D

 5  Bipolar Initial side effects included trouble with vocabulary, feeling flaky/flighty. Slight insomnia which passed after a few weeks. Lamictal has restored my ability to feel calm again. F 36 3 months
1X D
 5  Bipolar 2 Headache, Nasty morning nausea, Mild hypomania, Mild body rash/hives once after double dose. Lamictal and Seroquel XR have saved my life!! Be patient though one must slowly titrate dosage upwards to avoid rash but not all rashes require discontinuation as in my case. Side effects diissipate slowly as body adjusts. Don't obsess over negative reviews. Try it for yourself. And if possible stay away from generic (Lamotrigne) as there is a difference. Lamictal keeps me happy,happy,happy and Seroquel XR keeps me calm and helps me sleep. Life is good again. :-) M 47 1 years
 5  Seizures It's been great. I'd been having seizures from a injury to the head. I had brain surgery and they changed my drug to lama till I haven't had any seizures since. I may be a little bit more tired, but don't know if that's why F 49 2 years
125 mg am

 5  Bipolar Loss of coordination. This medicine has worked wonders! I take it at night and do not wake up in the morning feeling hungover. F 34 5 years
300 MG

 2  Epilepsy, absence seizures. Itchy skin, double vision, dejevous. Extreme tiredness, achy muscles, falling asleep in school, emotional, big increase in seizures. My son was ok at 30mg twice aday but no controll of seizures. Since going upto 50mg, he is experiencing alot more problems. Hes drops off to sleep in school, legs ache, headaches, belly aches, itcy skin and increased seizures. Had infantile spasms at 6 months old and has very mild development delay. Falling behind in school now. M 10 6 months
50 2X D
 5  Bipolar Very itchy. I get little individual hive welts that appear and then vanish within minutes. I've never gotten the dangerous rash though. Otherwise it has been literally a life saver. It keeps my mood within healthy ranges but I also still feel emotions intensely -- in other words, it hasn't made me feel "flat" or anything. It doesn't have any negative cognitive effects for me. The itchiness is worth it considering all the good it's done me. F 23 3 years
 3  major depression/intractible migrai Feeling as if my head is a vast empty cave, loss of personality, feeling flat, memory loss and noticeable word finding problems. hair loss first 3 months which has completely subsided. Debilitating intractable migraines drastically reduced! However I'm on the fence about this medication. I am no longer overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts, though I have recently been having some dramatic mood cycling which is triggered by seasonal allergies. I also can't remember sh*t which is very disconcerting! F 41 5 months
200 1X D
 1  Petit mal seizures This drug killed me on the inside. I wanted to die. Hostility/Depression/Suicidal thoughts/Irritability/Loss of appetite/Anxiety/Severe mood change/Racing thoughts. Every day I wanted to sleep forever. It just broke me. F 17 2 months

 1  Bipolar II Trouble finding words, trouble reading, loss of sense of humor, feel stupid, extreme difficulty making all types of decisions, loss of interest and excitement. I am now on an ADHD medication which has helped and made me positive, social, and motivated. I still have all these things present though, as I haven't been able to get off this drug yet. I break down and cry all the time because of how boring I have become and how I am such a shell of my former self. And, frequently, there are days where I feel so stupid I don't know what to do with myself. For example, I can be sitting on the couch, stuck in a position, with absolutely no idea what I am doing or what my intentions are, and it becomes terrifying to choose, say, whether to wash my hands or brush my teeth, even though I only need to do the latter. I am very often confused, and everything except the current day feels like it happened last week. I suppose it doesn't sound severe, but it is very debilitating and I feel so empty, like a bunch of my personality is missing. I will note that this got WORSE over the period of time I've been using it, not better, and worse as the dosage was increased as well. M 16 9 months
100 MG 1X D
 5  Sensory overload (autism) Not too many. When starting treatment I felt somewhat high/spaced out. Some people get pretty bad headaches or muscle pain, but I did not get that at all. At higher doses (~500 mg +), you may get minor double vision (your eyes might cross ever so slightly). Also, I got NO RASH! Have a knowledgeable doctor prescribe this for you. Escalate the dose properly. My doctor even tested my lamotrigine blood levels to make sure everything was alright. This drug was excellent for the dissociation/depersonalization I get when I have sensory overload. It helps sensory integration. I have asperger's syndrome. I am on 600 mg of this drug, and even at this high dose, the side effects are very mild. M 22 4 years
300 mg 2X D
 2  Depression not responsive to ssris Increased depression, rages, irritability, paranoia, painful body, speech and memory issues. Lethargy. Fog like. Very rapid cycling between sad and angry. Zero happiness and worse teeth clenching F 39 7 weeks

 2  Seizures of unknown cause Acne, Headaches, Acne, Sore Muscles, Acne, Vaginal Itching, Acne, Stiff Neck, Acne, Lethargy, Excessive Urination, & Acne. F 32 2 weeks

 4  Partial seizures Lamictal in combination with Keppra for 9 years solved all my problems. No side effects other than irritability and your usual anxiety. Ten times more effective than Trileptal (weight gain problems). HOWEVER, since being taken off of Keppra and bumped to Lamictal XR 200 once a day, I have decreased cognitive functioning and feel as if I am in a fog throughout the entire day. All I want to do is sleep, all the time. I can take nap after nap and get 8, 9, 10, 12 hours of sleep a night and feel fatigued throughout the day. Seizure-free for 10+ years, but in the past 6 months having trouble with memory, word retrieval, articulation, and a general sense of disconnect with my surroundings. F 20 10 years
100 MG 2X D

 1  Bipolar Very naseous and having trouble eating. Bad headaches that don't go away no matter what i do. Can't focus or concentrate, double vision. Suicidal thoughts. This medicine literally made me want to kill myself, it seems to work for some but not with me. F 17 7 days
50 1X D
 2  Bipolar II Disorder & Depression dry eyes, lack of motivation, lethargy/sluggishness, difficulty awakening in a.m., headache & shooting head pain when increasing dosage Have been titrating up the dose slowly over the past 2 months & currently take 50mg am & 75mg pm in hopes of stabilizing mood, decreasing depression and severe agitation. Have definitely noticed a quieting in my head w/less racing thoughts & more calm, but almost too calm. Little energy & motivation currently, when before I had boundless energy & needed little sleep - now feel lazy & tired a lot. Have not seem much improvement in depressive symptoms and seem to have traded crying for raging. Hoping that 200mg will bring relief like other say... F 45 2 months
125mg 1X D

 3  Epilepsy Gained 2 stone. Short-term memory loss. Lethargy. Acne. Mood swings. F 41 3 years
75 mg 1X D
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