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 5  fibromyalgia Occasional dry mouth which is easily diminished by drinking plenty of liquids during the day. Which, of course, is what we should be doing anyway. BTW, I take the generic form. Gabapentin. After slowly raising the dosage as indicated above over six month period, along with the inclusion of paxil and later cymbalta, the fibromyalgia and arthritic pain was and is easily controlled. I had pain and discomfort most of my life until I went on this regimen at age 48. F 73 25 years
1600 MG 2X D
 5  radicular leg pain i have been taking a very low dosage (600 mg) for the past ten years. I knew it helped, but did not realize just how much until i had to discontinue it for a surgical procedure. i was in tremendous pain, which is managable now. F 50 19 years

 5  Fibromyalgia, Small Fiber Neuropath Nausea, Dizziness, Lack of Coordination - kinda like drunk - to begin with and with any subsequent increase in dosages since. Otherwise, I no longer experience any perceivable side effects. It just helps. I love this medication - I would take it over my narcotic pain meds if this were all I could have. Before Neurontin, it was beyond painful just to hold my toothbrush. I was so hypersensitive to all medications in the beginning, however, 100 mg was too much to start so I had to split the capsule in half - my doc said no one would believe that I was having startling results on what he said would have been about a 12th of the average dose. I used Neurontin at 50mg doses for YEARS with good results. It made a night and day difference in my quality of life. Now, 17 years later, I take 300 mg 3 x day. I tried more than that but I didn't get better results at a higher dose and it was very difficult to increase so I am extremely happy with this medication at this dosage. Even though this is a difficult med to get used to and I definitely found that the way the docs told me to increase it was way too fast for me, once I started increasing it far more slowly, it was much easier. F 56 17 years
300 3X D
 5  RLS Only side effect seems to be drowsiness but I only use it at night anyway. It wears off after 8hours so if you try to wake up earlier then that you will be drowsy. I don't have any other bad effects. I have been on it since I was 15 years old and there are no long term ill effects that I have seen. I have had RLS for 17 years and neurontin is the only medicine that even helped at all. Many of the Parkinson's drug had horrible side effects. I take up to 1800mg though and occasionally it isn't effective. But without it I could not have survived. F 27 17 years

 5  epilepsy Initally tired, memory loss ( it improved with effort) no weight again ( don't give in to initial hunger panges they will go away) no hair loss. 15 years of being seisure free. Excellent drug, does not cause liver damage. I can live with it by putting in extra effort when I am a bit heavy in body and mind like going to the gym or chatting to some. I have learned to concentrate, by reading, counselling, playing bridge. It is all in the mind. F 60 15 years
400 3X D
 3  siezures memory loss ,lose balance, weight gain, can't concentrate, confused, clouded feeling can't find right word fell like I 'm playing sherades to find words , come out in different order when I told my doctor he said it was not the neurontin I thought It was just me. I wish I found this site earlier.If med are late a nervous feeling.But works for seizures most of time, but some do break thru F 54 12 years
800 mg 3X D
 5  Anxiety Increased appetite, ability to focus and get things done, reduced anxiety, overall improvement in my mood. Saw results within less than 2 days. I've been on this since 2002, at different doses and frequencies; currently on 400mg 5x/day, but I'm such a scatterbrain it's hard to remember to take this so frequently. I have always responded very well to this drug, and have been on as high as 800mg 4x/day. Every time my psych increased the dose the results got better. When I first started in 02, after about 3 weeks my appetite increased, I could focus much better than before, and noticed I was brighter and more optimistic overall. Combined with this, my anxiety slowly became less and less severe. Been on this off-and-on for over 10 years, and EVERY single time gotten excellent results. Plus since its been generic for years, and I dont currently have insurance, it's pretty cheap even with the amount I get (150/month). Highly recommended to anyone with anxiety, especially when combined with an SSRI. M 29 10 years
Varies 5X D

 4  RLS Word finding difficulties and now after increasing my dosage several times I get a little groggy in late afternoon but have had to increase dosage over several years as I seem to build up resistance. I could not take Mirapex or Requip. I had terrible side effects from both. After many years finally getting some sleep. A little concerned about having to increase drug so much. Also taking phenobarbital and clonazapam to get me settled. F 74 10 years

 4  Neuropathic pain caused by MS Best: Feeling of extreme euphoria (like a high) Worst: sticky stools, smelly gas Other problems may be the MS or the Neurontin Did a good job of controlling my pain, but at high dose (taking 800 mg 4-5 times a day). Seems to be short acting, would feel it start to wear off after 4-5 hours. Discontinued it due to the GI side effects. Now take Lyrica (but no high :-( F 47 10 years
 3  MS, Peripheral Neuropathy from MS Taking appx 800 mg for 10 years Different side effects at different times. At this time trying to withdrawal at 100 mg each day is impossible. Neurologist confused and now recommending withdrawl trying to get me on LYRICA. He has correctly noted my sleep pattern of 5 pm to 5am needs fixing to a 10 PM bedtime for circadium rhythems... SIDE EFFECTS --insomnia, burning of hands of feet after taking 1400 Neurontin as a trial. Had that before. Hard to say what else Seemed to work better in early years, F 48 10 years
 3  nerve pain from syringomyelia weight gain, groggy during the day, insomnia at night, inconsistent results, edema in feet, ankles and lower limbs, over 10yrs had various dosages from 900 to 3200 mgs per day, body would become immune to drug, go off it for about a week, then it would work again. decided to stop taking it completely about 1-1/2 months ago and deal with the pain and found out I didn't really know how lousy the drug made me feel and how it seemed to make my pain feel worse at times I am not looking for substitute drug, just plan on meditation & good diet. I understand there are foods that can help with nerve pain, and I will research that avenue. By the way, I lost the weight, but really think it was water retention from the drug. I rate it a 3 only because I was on it so long and believed my neurologist that this was the best thing for me. Sometimes we have to step back and make our own decisions when it comes to our bodies. F 65 10 years
600 mg 3X D

 1  L5spinal stenosis/ multiple myeloma I have been on this drug for 10 years now in ever increasing doses as my condition has gotten worse. I am plagued by constant weakness,tremors,severe tinnitis,spaciness,lack of coordination,inability to focus or remember anything. It took away my sex drive and my motivation. I thought that it was somehow associated with menopause or the myeloma. The memory loss and aphasia has been so bad that I was terrified that I had Alzheimers. Some days I feel almost normal but most of the time I feel pretty rotten. I kept asking my doctors,"If my cancer is doing so much better why do I still feel so bad?" Apparently information about these side effects are not well known and these subjective feelings are often associated with other problems. This drug is a blessing for some but it has been a curse for me. I felt so guilty about how miserable,listless and depressed I have been for so long. It has robbed me of my life force, my business acumen and my relationships. Doctors and Pharmacists recommend it all the time since it has acquired a reputation for being "safe" and almost "free of side effects". I have a medical background and I still got sucked into this trap! I am currently going through a slow and careful withdrawal process and I only hope that I will be able to regain my faculties once the drug is out of my system. F 59 10 years

 5  hot flashes occasional light headedness This has been a Miracle Drug for my hot flashes. I was having severe hot flashes at the age of 42. At age 45, I started taking gabapentin, which greatly reduced the number and severity of my hot flashes within a few weeks of starting this medicine. I stopped taking this at one point after several years and the hot flashes came back almost immediately, so I started back on the gabapentin and the hot flashes went right away. Unlike other people, this medicine has given me an added bonus, I feel more energetic than when I was 40 . My overall feeling of well being improved when I started taking this medicine during my onset menopause. This has been a miracle drug for me. F 54 9 years
600 mg 3X D
 3  Bipolar 2 Mood Stabilizer +GAD Clumsiness, brain 'fog', lack of concentration, increased appetite, decreased judgement,'bad mix with alcohol (I don't drink any more, anyway), weight gain (if appetite is not kept in check), somnolence. Anxiety also increases/returns when my body adapts to the dosage. I have been on this drug for a long time, it has been a decent medication, for the most part. It's mild, compared to the benzos and much easier to titrate off of. However, your body will adapt to the drug, as it has a short half life and works rather quickly. Increases in dosage are common for me; I have doubled the amount that I was initially prescribed over the years. A better strategy is to knock down your dosage for awhile and then increase it; you'll have better results. I take between 900mgs and 1200 mgs a day along with 200mgs of Lamictal and it has been a good combination for me. The side effects are annoying, but the mood stabilization/lack of mania is worth it. M 29 9 years
 5  Peripheral Neuropathy Inability to find words, somnolence, dizziness, weight gain, mood problems, vision problems-blurry and double vision, increased clumsiness, headaches, difficulty maintaining the thread of thoughts. The relief of much of my extreme pain is worth all of the side effects, which are significant. I take 1200 4 times a day (a very high dosage) to keep pain to a manageable level. Tried everything else and this is all that helps. On occasion I try to lower the dose and the pain increase reminds me why I put up with all of the problems with the drug. It is the only thing that makes my life livable. F 60 8 years

 4  Bulging disks/right leg neuropathy. I have pretty much had every side effect listed above, but they have never been extreme. I do note one thing that has me considering discontinuing the Neurontin; if your usual dose is missed, mental and physical fatigue will occur. I get so tired that I could fall asleep anywhere for 2 hours. I cannot get through the day without taking at least a 2 hour nap, but I only get about 6- hours sleep per night, so that could be the problem, as well. I only take 300 mg in the morning, 300 mg in the late afternoon, but am supposed to take 600 mg 3 times a day. When I became pregnant, I stopped the Neurontin totally, no weaning at all, just stopped! Other than severe nausea (which I also had with 2 previous pregnancies), I did not suffer headaches or anything else. However, my nausea did seem worse, but I also noted I could not vomit (which used to relieve the nausea for a little while with the other 2 pregnancies), so that could be why it was worse, as I never could vomit and get temporary relief. After 3 months, my nausea subsided (just as it did with previous pregnancies), and I had no side effects from the med still. Also, I noted that as long as I got 8 hours sleep at night and a 2 hour nap in the morning (I was pregnant, so the extra 2 hours was needed…for me anyway ;), I had no energy problems, kept my house clean (couldn't work due to being put on bedrest for incompetent cervix), home schooled my oldest son, and I did feel better than I do now, mentally, but not so much physically. I had to rest a lot between the heavy preg F 35 8 years
 4  Bipolar Disorder/Anxiety memory loss.....word retrieval problems is the most of it. i have also noticed that my short term memory is pretty bad. it's often hard for me to remember what i did yesterday. or how long ago much of anything happened, unless it's 10 years ago or more. As long as it doesn't get worse or cause permanent damage, i don't really mind too much. To be fair I am also on 4 other psych meds. So who knows what does what. Also I have PTSD which often causes dissociation and mind fog. However, the Neurontin has helped my mania, irritability and anxiety by leaps and bounds. F 41 8 years
400 6X D
 4  for anxiety and depression w/Celexa Intially, I took 900mg, starting 8 years ago as a result of panic attacks during a very difficul divorce. Had a good psychiatrist who was very prudent about the use of drugs. I am able to take much less in summer, and have weaned off once for a few months. Now, I am experiencing bad lower back pain, which radiates around to the front of the thighs. I am wondering if the long-term use of this drug is causing these side effects. I have had extremely fdry kouth, also, and teeth have suffered, as result. Brain fog and slowed reflexes mean I only take at night, about twenty mins before sleep- now, 200mg. F 55 8 years

 1  Chronic Pain - from Ruptured Disc Dizzyness, Equilibrium imbalance, Memory Loss, Comprehention, All-over muscle spasms, sometimes causing "pain spots" throughout body. I have been taking Neurontin for over 7 years now, at 600mg three times daily. The most noticeable side effect now is Memory Loss. It has escalated to the point family has mentioned they notice a problem. About one month ago, I recieved my usual one month dosage from my pharmacy. Attatched to it was a -complete "mini guidebook" as to all types of adverse reactions that can be attributed to this drug, including interaction with other drugs, case studies and results, effects of this drug on other body systems ect.. I found that Memory Loss is not listed anywhere, and am finding it odd considering it is the biggest long term side effect. No, I do not have epilepsy, therefore it is not related. In addition, I read that this drug can be the instigator for arthritis, particularly in the neck, whiich is where my injury initiated. Arthtis is now and additional medical problem of mine since the injury. In addition I found that one of my other prescribed drugs "time controlled morphine" is exposed to the body 44% times more when taken 2 hours within the time Neurontin is taken. F 40 8 years

 5  post -herpetic nueralgia Have taken 300mg 3x aday up to 1200mg 3x a day for 7 years higher dosages made me tired falling asleep driving is very easy be careful at high dosage. Ive had feeling of elation at higher dosages also. I have eye discharges but flushing them clears it. I have had vision changes over that time but do not know if its the drug. Miss a dose I get aggitated. 2 years ago I started having severe low back pain and pain down my leg have now started with lyrica that helps with that I have had multiple injections and mri's starting to wonder if it is from prolonged use of neurontin I will update this when I find out. Do not stop taking without a doctor!! you need to ween off over time. I have gained 40lbs in 7 years could be older age to? I didnt gain much when I was working long hard hours as an electrician but now as work slowed and now laid off its going on quicker! lower activity jobs and lifestyles weight gain will increase. I have never had suicidal thoughts while taking this drug in 7 year It has helped greatly with my nerve pain and hyper sensitivity from shingles I was hopeless before I finnaly found this drug!!!. To me it was a life saver! nerve pain is very aggitating and this drug has helped rid me of that feeling so I can function. I have an email link feel free to ask some questions. M 30 7 years
 5  Severe Sciatica & Herniated Disks It's hard to know if symptoms result from neurontin gabapentin or medical conditions. Symptoms include: intense and persistent cough (but I have allergies & asthma); cognitive decline, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and trouble finding words and doing simple things (but I suffer from neurotoxicity to VOCs in environment--have even prior to taking gabapentin). Neurontin is like a miracle drug; without it I couldn't function. 300 mg, t.i.d. keeps sciatic pain manageable as long as I (1) do not lean or bend forward, (2) do not lift or push more than a few pounds infrequently, and (3) keep most other physical activity to a minimum. So, even with Neurontin, herniated disks and sciatica force me to greatly limit most normal everyday activities. F 58 7 years

 5  peripheral neuropathy I feel mentally sluggish, suffer from memory loss, and find it hard to concentrate. Because of it I have given up driving on the freeway, and just drive on the back roads near home. I don't feel emotions like I used too, neither happy or sad. I suffer from constipation and dry mouth, and am unable to sleep through the night much of the time. It has also robbed me of my sexual desires and responses. I take 800 mg Neurontin 4 times daily. Even that didn't hold down the horrific burning/stabbing pain until I started taking Ultram along with it. There are a lot of reasons to stop taking Neurontin, but because it helps in some ways to manage my pain, I intend to continue taking it. I haven't suffered any depression or suicidal tendancy while taking this drug. F 63 7 years
 4  Chronic migraines I had no side effects at all!!! I have had a constants migraine for the last 10 years because of a side effect of a virus I had when I was younger. Neuron tin wasn’t able to get rid of my migraines however; it did bring the constant level of pain to a minimum and made it easier to function. It definitely works the best for me. My doctor also combined it with paxil, which helped a lot to. I recommend it!!! F 20 7 years

 4  BiPolar, Cervical Radiculopathy Nervousness/short term memory loss/ hair will not grow It was originally prescribed for my Cervical Radiculopathy (C6 damage). It was the only medicine that seemed to help with the alternating pain & tingling/numbness in my right neck/shoulder/arm/hand. A few years later, I was treated for depression until it was discovered that I was Bipolar II. At first the Neurontin was maxed to 3000/mgs a day, being that I was on Neurontin for pain mgmt. I became mega manic. I was reverted back to 300/mg 2x/day & Lamactil was added, which I love. So many meds were tried to manage my depression episodes of Bipolar, and this combination seems to work well. I have had weight gain issues, but I have learned that I can control that with exercise & healthy eating. I will not be 125 lbs as when I was young, but I will be happy at 145 which is the weight I leveled out to on the Neurontin in 1998. My struggle is with the hair loss issue. My hair will not grow as it used to on this medicine. Prior to taking it, my hair length was to the middle of my back. Now my right side only grows to my shoulder, while the left side grows normally. I am researching on vitamin supplements to help promote my growth. I also have Fibromyalgia, and it helps with muscle pain as well. F 44 7 years

 4  Rapid Cycle Bipolar Fatigue, grogginess,memory impairment. If doses are taken too close together, it has an alchol-like effect on me. Also, if I take too much of near bed time, I have a harder time waking up and have a 'hang over'. The side effects can be a pain, but's better than manic cycling. This has been a good medication for me; it prevents manic episodes and is works for anxiety. For those of you with bipolar disorder, this medication is worth a try. It's a good mood stabilizer for me and I haven't had terrible side effects from it. Something to bear in mind; neurontin IS a safer drug than the benzos; it's not addictive and is much easier to get off of. It's also the best medication I have found for sleep and I have been on quite a few; a dose taken an hour or so before bed time works very well; as long as I don't take too much. I have found that, at the higher doses (900mgs+), it's important to space the doses out evenly; it will limit the side effects. M 27 7 years

 5  Sciatica, DDD, RSD,Fibro, plus more Some weight gain, memory problems. I have problems sleeping, I can't. Everything I take causes sleepiness but I am unable to sleep. I was in bed for 2 years before the Neurontin finally kicked in at 4800 mg. a day. I am now on 3000 mg. a day and that is what gets me through my days. I for one am very thankful to have Neurontin, it is my miracle drug. F 42 6 years
 5  seizures constapation M 34 6 years

 5  sleep aid, anti-akathisia. drowsiness, calm, somatic relaxation, all side effects wanted. the best medication to sleep great, to moderate anxiety and anger, and for antipsychotic induced akathisia. M 24 6 years
600 mg 1X D

 5  Depression/ncontrollable Thoughts Apathetic, very slight sedation (super slight) Neurontin, combined with lamictal and wellbutrin, has helped me function. Neurontin keeps my mood stable during stressful times (i.e. nursing school). However, it does make me a bit apathetic, so make sure to maintain focus on important tasks and people in your life. M 28 6 years
200 3X D

 4  crps Brain fog F 56 6 years

 3  bipolar disorder I have a severe problem with word retrieval. I know what I want to say, but I can't remember the words. I often stop speaking mid-sentence and struggle and fail to convey my thoughts. When I write anything--papers, essays, emails--I have an extraordinarily difficult time organizing my thoughts. The sentences end up choppy, unsophisticated, out of order. I'm unable to form coherent complex sentences. Obviously my problem isn't so bad that communication breaks down, but it's still a major problem for me because I used to be a writer. I eventually had to give up my job. I have a hard time writing papers for school, and even emails take a long time. I use the cut-and-paste function and the thesaurus all the time. It helps just a little. My inability to write makes me very sad. I take a very high dose--4800 mg a day (1200 mg every four hours). It's a lot, but it's the only thing that works so I have no choice. As much as I hate the side effects, I hate depression more. F 29 6 years
 3  Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain Syndrome Clumsiness,dizziness, forgetfulness, tiredness, sleepiness, and extreme weight gain I have been on Neurontin since 2002 starting out with taking 2800 mg per day. It has decreased my symptoms dramatically, however I have gained about 20lbs per year. I was never an excessive eater and my appetite has not changed. Now I am battling obesity. Exercise unfortunately is not an option for me because mobility is a problem for me. I fell a few times because of Neurontin and now I have damaged my rotator cuff in my right shoulder. Right now my physician and I are discussing gastric bypass surgery to rid my body of this offensive weight. I don't have an appetite as it is and so the surgery might be pointless for me. If I stop taking the Neurontin, my quality of life will decrease because my pain is so severe. I forgot to mention that I am a disabled social worker and I miss work terribly. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place. F 48 6 years
 3  Fibromyalgia/CFS Initial drowsiness, "swelling" of feet, extreme thirst I've just uppped my dose by 100 mg at night to 500 mg at night and 200 a.m. Am experiencing some ankle swelling and sensation of swelling in hands and elsewhere. Don't know if it is related to Neurontin. Pain a bit better on upped dose-more comfortable but not necessarily functional. Will f/u with MD re: the "swelling", would recommend people give it a try at least for several mths. Tried adding afternoon dose but too sedating. Has helped a little bit with cogntion too. F 42 6 years

 1  migraine's weight gain, excessive tiredness, foggy feeling, constantly sick, depression, paranoid, hearing things Neurontin is horrible. And so was the MD that put me on it. I work in pharmacy so I should have know better but I trusted my MD. I was on 800mg three times a day. I could barely function. I was told I had lupus or narcolepsy. Eventuall I had to switch MD's. My new MD took me off, he said I was being overdosed. And did a simple B-12 test. I was at 124, you should be at 1000. I started geting B-12 injections and now I have energy, not paranoid, feel "alive" not tired, healthy and lost weight. Screw Neurontin. If I could sue I would! F 24 6 years
 5  RSD (a.k.a. CRPS) feeling dazed, sleepiness when raising dose, I started taking Neurontin for a pain condition I have in my feet/legs, but realized after increasing the dose that it helped my migraines also. F 16 5 years

 5  To settle my brain It give me energy,. It has to be the best medicine I've taken for my psychiatric problems. I can really tell when I miss a dose; particularly the mid day dose. I just get weak. F 57 5 years

 5  Mood Disorder Spaciness, high feeling Works better than the depakote that I had been taking M 39 5 years

 5  Anxiety - Bipolar II The only medication that, after 7 years of medication adjustments, finally removed my constant anxiety!! I was so amazed at not having any anxiety for the first time in my life that everyday for 3 months I would thank the pharmacutical gods for their chemical miracles. M 47 5 years
 5  Restless Leg Syndrome I have occasionally experienced dizziness, and an irregular heart beat, but not enough to concern me. This was 1 of the first drugs my neuro put me on, and I love it! I've been on 2400mg each day, and w/out it, I would be lost. I've been on it for over 5 yrs, and plan to stay on it. F 56 5 years

 5  Fibromyalgia/Back Pain Memory problems, a bit forgetful and sleepy. Bladder pain, frequency, need to take Ditropan XL now, which eliminated the problem. This medicine combined with Ultram has given me my life back. My pain level was intolerable before and these medicines have decreased the pain enough so I can do much more. Not perfect, still have some pain, but at least I can live with it now. F 45 5 years

 5  neurofibromatosis M 53 5 years
1200 1X D

 5  Trigeminal Neuralgia/Pain Lack of coordination, vertigo/dizziness, dry mouth, very drowsy, totally unable to concentrate... basically you feel like you have gone 3 days with no sleep and drank way too much coffee. After your body adjusts to the medication, the side effects go away. I was on 3600 mg a day for about 5 years and had no side effects. I was titrated off for a while and am now back on getting my dose up, so I'm dealing with the side effects again. They do go away over time for most people, so don't be afraid of this medication. It works wonders for my pain and I have tried almost every antiepileptic out there. F 31 5 years

 5  Fibromyalgia I did have dizzyness and a little swelling at first but I really don't anymore. The dizzy feeling comes and goes with me anyway. Lately I have had feelings of panic attacks and loss of control of life, but I am not sure if it is because the dose needs to be raised or the stress in my life right now. I see the doctor next month and will talk to her about it. I have taken neurontin for almost 5yrs now. My Infectious disease doctor started me on it after taking 1500 mg of robaxin daily which could effect my liver and only took the edge off the pain. I only take 700-800 mg at night to help me sleep and control the muscle spasms, my husband says I am dangerous when I don't take it. I haven't really gained any weight and only recently had trouble with my gums and that may be just getting older, who knows. If I don't take the neurontin at night it feels like someone has taped electodes to me and is zapping me with electricity, not fun. When I haven't gotten enough exercise the muscle spasms get worse and I now walk at least a half a mile a day. F 56 5 years
 5  lymph node dissection from melanoma If I miss a dose the severe nervousness sets in. I think I gained weight and it seems impossible to take it off while continuing the drug. This drug saved my life. I had severe nerve pain after 3 months of healing. Nothing stopped the pain not even morphine. The first few doses totally ended the nerve pain and made every day life tolerable. I would take this drug no matter what now. F 47 5 years

 4  Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Cognitive Impairment, Brain Fog,Somnolence,Weight Gain. Dizziness in large doses I have tried several drugs including Lyrica which is the only drug FDA approved for FMS. Neurontin is the only drug that has helped relieve some of my widespread chronic pain. I take large doses 3xs a day and more in the evening in conjunction with a muscle relaxer for sleep. Initially the evening dose made me quite dizzy. My migraines have been less severe and less frequent. The excessive weight gain (20 lbs/yr) has been a battle since exercising is extremely difficult. However, all and all this has been a helpful drug. F 46 5 years

 4  Neuropathic Pain Constipation, Large weight gain, Fluid Retention, I have been happy with Neurontin because of the pain control it gave me after many years of high pain levels. But I'm at the stage now where I would rather put up with the pain, but loose the side effects. I've had them for too long now and nothing else can help in ridding me of those problems. M 66 5 years
1,600 mg 3X D
 4  shingles PHN Some dizziness. Not bad. I have shingles Post Hepatic Neuralgia (PHN) and I could not have gone back to work or even remained sane without Neurontin. I have had the PHN for over five years now and take four, 300 mg tablets almost every day. Some days I only take three. M 5 years
 3  Neck and Low Back Pain Loss of mental acuity, Loss of words, extremely lethargic, weight gain, no sex drive, felt like I had an inner ear or sinus infection at times, trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, night sweats, social anxiety... oh and it's also softened the enamel on my teeth to the point I've had to have 6 teeth fixed b/c of cracking or breaking (and I've never had trouble w/my teeth or a cavity up until I started this medication..my prescribing doctor said it wasn't a side effect or possible but my dentist said that Neurontin does weaken tooth enamel in some patients.) I've been weaning down from 3600 mg/4 day to 400 mg/2 day over the past several months. It's a very slow process. I've noticed though in the past 2 wks since I've been down to 800 mg a day, I've had awful stomach pain and acid. Throwing up daily pretty much. Want to get off this poison though b/c I had surgery on my low back 20 months ago and neck 11 months ago. The surgeries have taken 85% of my nerve pain away so I don't see the need for this medication any longer. Amazingly, the doctors couldn't wait to decrease my pain meds but no one thought to mention it was time to get off this medication. I was given this medication for disc pain and pinched nerves. The PCP sold it to me as a great alternative for pain pills. He never mentioned all these side effects though when he started me on this awful, horrible medicine. Sure I read the insert but who really thinks that they will suffer from the adverse, rare side effects?! I can't wait to be rid of this medicine from my body! I can tell though it's going to be difficult quitting it. The withdrawal for me has been terrible..anxiety, stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting and tiredness. This medicine is the devil. F 32 5 years
800mg 4X D
 3  nerve pain - cubital tunnel numb lips, drowsiness, dizziness, trouble thinking, clumsiness I can only take at night(300mg) and have to have a lot of coffee in the morning to wake up...I only take when I have a flare up...as needed for the last 5 yrs. Not on it daily. F 50 5 years

 2  Restless Leg Syndrome Severe migraines, blurred vision, problems concentrating, problems getting my words out...broken speech I started taking Neurontin in 2003 for RLS. It controlled my RLS for a while, but I started having migraines. Over the years the headaches have worsened to the extent that I have them on a daily basis. I'm still taking the medication, but will be talking to my Primary Care Physician about weaning off. Researching RLS alternatives now. F 45 5 years
 2  Partial Complex Seizures / Bipolar Weight gain!! When I was prescribed 2100 mg. of Neurontin for seizure control I gained 40 Pounds in about six monts without seizure control. The dosage was increased to 3600 and I gained 20 more in just two weeks. I can't wait for my doctor to take me off this thing. Don't let your Dr. talk you into this medication. If you have seizures or bi-polar try something else like Lamictal. M 38 5 years

 1  Restless legs Lose my train of thought quite often while talking. Cannot remember names of things. Morning sluggishness. 43lbs. weight gain. I cut down from 1600 mg. to 800 mg.slowly. Cut out 400 mg. for about 2-3 months, then cut out next 400. Also Docs don't always look for reasons like B12 deficiency, thyroid problems, or low iron/ferritin absorbtion into red blood cells. Anemia causes restless legs. Your iron test will be normal. My neurologist did a different Ferritin test that most doctors don't know to do. My iron was 12,normal; but my ferritin was 6, almost at transfusion level. Your ferritin is supposed to be 90-120. I am now low normal, a 70. My nexium for acid reflux says it can stop the absorbtion of nutrients! I also take Klonipin/highly addictive, for RLS. I eventually intend to cut them in half and slowly quit them too.! Good Luck everybody! F 53 5 years

 1  neuropathy weight gain, pain in feet, horrible dreams, pain in base of neck. had i known all this i would never have started taking them. i have been taking them 5 years now. i take 3-300mg per day. 4 days ago, i quit taking the morning pill, trying to wean myself off . the last 2 days the headaches have been severe. but i am going to keep trying. if anyone else has been trying to get off this horrible drug, i would love to know how you are doing with it. maybe it will give me some hope to keep trying F 60 5 years
 1  idiopathic left temporal epilepsy weight gain, hair loss, reduced perspiration but very smelly when I did sweat, occasional migraines triggered by flourescent or flickering light and preceded by visual field disturbances, adrenal surges--pounding heartbeat, sweaty palms--when evening dose of Neurontin was taken too late I switched from phenobarbitol to Neurontin and gained ten pounds immediately, but otherwise the side effects weren't bad, though if I took my night dose too late, my adrenalin went wild and I would be up all night. 1200-1600mg./day of Neurontin did a decent job of controlling my partial seizures. Then after 5 years my body went berserk. My throat was swelling in reaction to dozens of foods, chemical fumes, cold water, hot water. I was evaluated for mastocytosis and was told I had excessive mast cells but not mastocytosis. My neuro swore it couldn't be the Neurontin but I weaned myself off it (I suspect my epilepsy may have had something to do with reactions to wheat and dairy which I now avoid). As soon as I missed my last 300 mg. of Neurontin I began sneezing uncontrollably--that stopped after 24 hours, but the night sweats that began have taken years to control. Estrogen supplements were no help--what finally seems to have helped is mageseium supplements. I think that the Neurontin F 54 5 years

 1  Diabetic neuropathy I had to abruptly stop taking this medication due to being pregnant. The next 3 weeks after stopping it were terrible. It caused depression and suicidal thoughts. I had Insomnia for 4 days where I didn't sleep at all. I was abnormally angry for the 3 weeks and miserable. I would beware of this medication if at all possible. F 35 5 years
900 mg
 5  Neuropathic Pain Indigestion, weight gain (but that may be more lifestyle related - not exercising as much as I used to because of back problems), at recently increased dose seem to be dealing with flatulence. Marked drowsiness...I do not drive after taking my dose in the evening. Dopiness in the morning....no problem getting up but my brain is slow to get going! This medication has hugely improved the quality of my life. I didn't sleep for more than a few hours a night for almost 2 years prior to being prescribed Gabapentin. The side effects are worth dealing with for the relief I have gained. I have to take my entire dose at once & quite early in the evening in order to be functioning in the morning. F 47 4 years

 5  Trigeminal neuralgia Typical dry mouth and headaches at first which improved over time; slight hyperactivity, sometimes with simultaneous drowsiness; some effects on memory. Improved mood and sociability to a considerable degree. Started Neurontin in 2008 for right side trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain in the face—sometimes known as the "suicide disease") and have continued taking it since then for this condition as well as for other chronic pain conditions (osteoarthritis of cervical spine, possible concurrent fibromyalgia) and the associated depression that resulted. I had a doctor try to increase my dose to 2400 a day, but got really irritating and irritable, with more memory issues and drowsiness. Went back to 1800 and was fine. It doesn't completely take all the pain away, but rather dulls it. Trigeminal neuralgia causes sharp stabbing pains in the face, and a dull ache is preferable. There were long periods of time in which I couldn't work, and I have lost jobs due to the inability to work caused by this condition. I am a now full time student at community college, planning to apply to a nursing program, and any initial problems with memory and cognition have no longer been a problem. Ironically, the pain relief provided by Neurontin, ibuprofen, and Tramadol for the last year has greatly improved my cognitive abilities and focus. It's as if the fog has lifted. I get straight "A" grades in school, and am generally in a good mood these days, after a decade of depression. F 32 4 years
600 3X D
 5  paresthesia i.e. cord encroachment Very sleepy, almost drugged effect at first, but I was on way too much--1600mg 2X/day--5'2" and 120 lbs. Sleeping was a gift though at the time. Beware: Weird dreams and sleeplessness if skipped dose, taken late, or reduce dosage. Reduce GRADUALLY! Take with protein to reduce fogginess the next morning and make sure you have EIGHT HOURS to sleep. This will reduce the memory loss and lack of word retrival. I reduced dosage several times over four years. 800mg 1X/day worked best for a long time, but now I take 400mg 1X/day with the SAME EFFECTIVENESS and today starting 200mg! Keep a log and get to know your body's reaction to the drug. You too could be taking less and get the same results. Less medication is definitely better. Chronic pain from an accident resulting in a ruptured cervical disk with minimal cord encroachment. Affected sensation in the hands and pain in the shoulder resembling dislocation. The pain was so bad I was sick and nauseas and unable to function at my job. I was informed that I was having small seizures as my body was trying to heal. Four years later, I'm still in a healing process, but it is much better. Neurontin saved my sanity! Although initially I was taking it because of neck pain, my OA is better, too and I have less headaches. I take less other medications. All the side effects combined have not made me stop taking Neurontin, but I have reduced the medication several times over the past 4-5 years. F 45 4 years

 5  Peripheral Neuropathy I THINK it occasionally causes a severe depression when I accidentally miss a dose. I have never experienced clinical depression before but twice now I have had a profound depression episode for a couple of hours and both times I later realized that I had missed my dose the night before (med is taken 3 times a day with a double dose at night). The drug is an absolute miracle as far as I am concerned. In fact every time I see a wheel chair I think that it is Neurontin that is saving me from such a ride. I am terrified to tell my doctor about the occasional profound depression for fear she will take me off the drug. M 54 4 years

 5  mood swings dizziness, sleepiness it has worked very well for myself and my sister F 49 4 years

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