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 5  nerve pain from scar tissue from surgery First week I felt calm and drunk or high. I cut back to one before bedtime. After I got used to that I added the daytime pill and the nerve pain is gone. It used to hurt so bad and prevent me from enjoying life. Now the previous side effects have subsided and I still don't hurt. No more Advil or Tramadol or hydrocodone! It stopped my decade-long pain. Neurontin can be used with most other medicines I've taken without side effects. F 50 6 months
300 mg x 2

 3  Bipolar Disorder At lower doses, it's a fairly effective pill without many side effects. But the higher up you go, the more obvious the side effects become. I had trouble finishing sentences because my thinking became so slowed down and spotty. It was like being half asleep. I'd give it a 7/10 for treatment of bipolar disorder. It would be a 10 if it weren't for that pesky mental dullness. M 17 6 months
3200 mg
 3  back paib Vision disadvantages shaky hands unconscious slurring of words... Extreme weakness... Drowsiness..+ 10.. Zombie... Moments.. Slurring.. Double vision drowsiness... Don't drive.... Passing out.. Occurs.. Also.. At this Dose. Of 600MG Don't drive my symptoms kicked in about 5 days of taking it... Big shocker... I was fucked up.. F 28 3 weeks
600 MG

 1  For nerve pain Insomnia, burning skin, extreme head aches, blacking out, became suicidial have never been in my life. Black box warning on it for that. I never believed that could really happen but I ended up being the 1 in 500 it's estimated that it happen to. I guess this is a good med for a lot of people but not for me. When I first started taking it 100mg 3x daily and decreased 100mg a week. The first week I was so dizzy and would sleep nonstop then the insomnia started I stopped sleeping it is now 7 months later and I sleep 1-3 hours a night before taking it I never had any issue with sleep. As I was weening off my skin started burning and itching the head aches got so severe that I would just hold my head for hours. The worst part was fixation on suicide these feelings were so strong I couldn't believe I was having them. I never suffered from any mental illness in my life. But I still would tell myself there's noway I would ever do that. What happened next would change my life for ever. I guess I was in the mixed of a black out because it was never plained and I don't remember to this day but I ended up hanging myself the cord broke I was told and was on life support for 4 days remembering none of it. Medicines affect people in different ways and it did me very wrong but it may work every well for some people. I know now to take black box warnings serious now because before I did think twice about them. Well that's my story god bless. M 37 3 weeks
 1  MS Weight GAIN ,,mood swing,I.have numb hands one of my symptoms from MS is neuropathy This med made my hands retain fluid. Just got married a month ago it ruined my honeymoon because of the controllable crying. Get this off the market ,, It's an evil drug F 32 1 months
 5   memory loss F 30 14 months
400 3X D

 3  Sciatica, Scoliosis, leg nerve pain Drowsiness, I feel either like I've smoke marijuana or am drunk. I don't do either of those things and I'm not enjoying this medication so far. My doctor wants me to go up to 900 mg a day but I don't think I could take it. F 29 2 days
 5  sciatica Mild drowsiness It helps me so much. I love it F 36 1 years
300 mgs

 4  neuropathy No side effects. It has helped the tingland numbness in my hands. But I will still have it if I clap or use my hands for too long. But it has helped me more than if I wasn't taking it. F 32 2 years
100mg 3x D

 5  Anxiety A little off balance and clumsy at times. Have a hard time trying to find the word I'm looking for and some memory problems. This medicine works great for my anxiety. It calms my nerves. I would definitely recommend. F 22 3 months

 5  Neuropathic Pain Indigestion, weight gain (but that may be more lifestyle related - not exercising as much as I used to because of back problems), at recently increased dose seem to be dealing with flatulence. Marked drowsiness...I do not drive after taking my dose in the evening. Dopiness in the morning....no problem getting up but my brain is slow to get going! This medication has hugely improved the quality of my life. I didn't sleep for more than a few hours a night for almost 2 years prior to being prescribed Gabapentin. The side effects are worth dealing with for the relief I have gained. I have to take my entire dose at once & quite early in the evening in order to be functioning in the morning. F 47 4 years

 4  severe herniated disc, sciatica Works pretty well for me. No bad side effects - except takes approx. 2 hrs to kick in. F 36 9 months
300mg x 3

 3  Chronic thoracic back pain Neurontin makes my pain medication work better. I can tell a difference if I don't take it with my other meds. However between this & the Estradiol I'm having to take after complete hysterectomy. I've gained 25 pnds & my hair is now falling out by the handfuls. That wasn't happening before I had to add the Estradiol though ! I need a different HRT bad ! F 41 3 days
 4  fibromyalgia No real side effects other than fast tolerance buildup. I take 1100 mg which is supposed to be split into three doses, but I have a horrible memory, so I take it all in one go and it seems to work out. I'm honestly not sure how much it does for my pain at this point, but with suboxone and flexeril, I'm the most pain-free I've been in a long time, so I'm a little wary to change up the routine. F 29 1 years
1100 mg
 4  Cervical and lumbar DDD word retrieval problems, unbalanced, more relaxed, better sleep, less pain I took 300 mg. for 5 yrs., then 600 for a month and now 900/day for the last week. In a month I'll have to increase to 1200 per pain doctor's orders. I'm experimenting to see if I can do this without gaining too much weight. So far, if I don't succumb to hunger, I haven't gained and have actually lost a couple of pounds. We'll see if that can continue. I also walk 12-15 miles/week, even though it still hurts to do so and I stagger like I'm drunk unless I completely focus on just walking and don't look much at the scenery going past. I'll probably have to be on this for the rest of my life and doctors will not prescribe me ANYTHING else to help with pain. F 57 1 weeks
300 3X D

 5  chronic upper abdominal pain 10yrs At times i struggle with finding my words/some dizziness/poochy stomach But i was on 600mg of morphine/day i have been able to taper down to 75mg with gabapentin! I am pleased with it...altho i am maxed out on it and getting ready to switch to lyrica. F 37 1 years
 1  Neuropathy Bloated horribly, gained 13 pounds in one month, gas, helped the burning pain but not worth the side effects F 43 1 months
300 mg

 1  RSD CRPS post surgery I have trouble remembering speaking certain words. I had blurred vision hard heavy heart beating rapid heartbeat at times. Emotional. Severe rash on leg and foot. Numbness. Shooting eye pain shortness of breath and chest pains F 43 4 months
300 -700

 1  Neuropathy of the feet weight gain immediately, craved chocolate,hair loss, dizziness, clumbsiness,falling over, no thought process,hard time talking and remember simple words...too many to list I WISH I had NEVER taken the first pill. It's been a NIGHTMARE for me. I've been off it for almost 4 weeks now and STILL have side effects. WILL I NEVER get back to normal? F 62 7 months
200mg 1X D

 3  Migraine Heart Palpitations; muscle pain; stiff joints; fatigue; hand tremors. M 50 2 years
500 MG

 5  Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome & OA Pain Drowsiness after 3rd dose of the day. So far so good, I'm able to live not just exist. Ehlers-Danlos is life long, though I was diagnosed at 30. I tried various other meds over the years for the chronic pain/fatigue/joint problems etc.., nothing worked until Gabapentin. I was reliant on crutches, I barely went out etc... I'm on low dose to start but already I can walk unaided & almost pain free. I'm sleeping better too. So far for me it's a miracle drug. F 35 4 days
100 3X D

 1  Sciatic Nerve Pain My pain increased while taking this drug. I had bad pain before taking neurontin, but I noticed my pain was increasing. After two weeks I could not walk. So I went off it for two days after third week, and I could put some weight on leg. I read that others had same experience, increased pain while on neurontin. It also caused me to leak/dribble urine all day. I know doctors will not believe this, but it is true. F 54 3 weeks

 5  hot flashes occasional light headedness This has been a Miracle Drug for my hot flashes. I was having severe hot flashes at the age of 42. At age 45, I started taking gabapentin, which greatly reduced the number and severity of my hot flashes within a few weeks of starting this medicine. I stopped taking this at one point after several years and the hot flashes came back almost immediately, so I started back on the gabapentin and the hot flashes went right away. Unlike other people, this medicine has given me an added bonus, I feel more energetic than when I was 40 . My overall feeling of well being improved when I started taking this medicine during my onset menopause. This has been a miracle drug for me. F 54 9 years
600 mg 3X D
 1  Bi-Polar Disorder: Insomnia/Anxiety It wasn't until after I stopped taking Gabapentin that I was able to link the medicine to my high level of anxiety, reduced cognition and severe memory loss. It also increased the intensity and frequency of my depression. While taking the medicine it was difficult for me to even hold a conversation. While I know everyone reacts differently to medication. I can't see how this medicine would benefit anyone M 42 3 years
300mg 1X D
 5  intermittent explosive disorder My concentration is out this world,I'm able to do anything for hrs....I do things and figure things out I've never even worked on before.I'm 42 yrs old...I could not do without... M 42 10 days
 1  fibromyalgia Almost lost my job while taking this. ...didn't realize it but apparently I became angry and crazy and friends were frightened of me. I could not focus...job production went down and quality of life went to heck. Evil drugs. Evil. F 40 2 months
 1  bulging disc lower back &leg pain constipation, gas, always tired as to where I could not work or drive , ringing of the ears made leg pain unbearable ! why should anyone pay for this poison! M 58 6 days
300MG 3X D

 1  I have chronic back and neck pain I am not taking it it makes me sick and worse then I was I would not recommend drugs to any one try vitamin and herbal remedies all Dr's want to do is kill people that's why they give you drugs I throw all mine away M 37 2 days
 2  headaches n facial pain Abdominal bloating and pain, fatigue, weight gain, constipation and initially blurred vision. 43 10 days
 1  neck pain Burning aching feet. In a fog all the time. Very tired. Caused more pain after continued use. Withdrawal is bad F 53 6 months

 1  Back pain People dont use this drug. Its a poison. My body reacted real bad to it. On second day my stomach throw up as body reacted to this drug as the poison. It's also are damaging brain by making complete vegetable out you. It gives hearth problems and reduces blood circulation giving pins and needles in arms and legs. It gives terrible headache, dry mouth and eyes and ringing in ears. This drug made me very aggressive and angry, also reduced concentration with blurred vision. Didnt help back pain. Pain is still there. M 34 2 days
30 mg 1X D

 1  nerve pain Crazy increase in appetite, obsessed with food. Consequent weight gain. Other than that, no real side effects (no effects of any kind actually) Maybe 10% of the time seemed to help a bit but mostly didn't do much of anything. Not worth the weight gain. F 60 5 weeks
200 2X D

 5  migraines Weight gain and frequent headaches when i wake up in the morning. F 70 10 months

 1  Diabetic neuropathy I had to abruptly stop taking this medication due to being pregnant. The next 3 weeks after stopping it were terrible. It caused depression and suicidal thoughts. I had Insomnia for 4 days where I didn't sleep at all. I was abnormally angry for the 3 weeks and miserable. I would beware of this medication if at all possible. F 35 5 years
900 mg
 1  MS and nerve pain Where to start, let's see, gas, memory loss, forgetting everything, depression, water retention, brain fog, and indigestion so bad it kept me up! I was not myself, I tapered down after getting on my full dose. All bad symptoms stopped including the messed up vision Neurontin gave me. Not worth being all screwed up because of a pill. I have enough problems with MS and fibro and the brain fog those give me. I need no added help from Neurontin!!! F 57 1 months
100 mg
 1  pain Intense rage and anger with homicidal thoughts. Dizzy in a fog and hungry. M 58 1 weeks
300mg 1X D
 4  Fibromialga and nerve pain Foggy feeling in my head but not bad swelling of hands and feet F 52 1 weeks
 3  fibromyalgia, reflex dystrophy sydr Helps with burning pain of RSD but everytime I dream I have malignant hyperthermia and an increase in my pain and swelling so bad that I have looked into a way to not dream. Brain fog, headaches, forgetfulness and clumsiness are there too. Currently weaning after SCS implant but witbdrawl is terrible F 44 3 years
 5  Fibromyalgia, Small Fiber Neuropath Nausea, Dizziness, Lack of Coordination - kinda like drunk - to begin with and with any subsequent increase in dosages since. Otherwise, I no longer experience any perceivable side effects. It just helps. I love this medication - I would take it over my narcotic pain meds if this were all I could have. Before Neurontin, it was beyond painful just to hold my toothbrush. I was so hypersensitive to all medications in the beginning, however, 100 mg was too much to start so I had to split the capsule in half - my doc said no one would believe that I was having startling results on what he said would have been about a 12th of the average dose. I used Neurontin at 50mg doses for YEARS with good results. It made a night and day difference in my quality of life. Now, 17 years later, I take 300 mg 3 x day. I tried more than that but I didn't get better results at a higher dose and it was very difficult to increase so I am extremely happy with this medication at this dosage. Even though this is a difficult med to get used to and I definitely found that the way the docs told me to increase it was way too fast for me, once I started increasing it far more slowly, it was much easier. F 56 17 years
300 3X D
 1  for neuropathic pain complete nightmare. only realized that it was causing depression & anxiety when i reduced down to 400mg daily. i was having awful swings in mood & crying at the drop of a hat. have also had extreme difficulty reducing due to horrid mental & physical side effects. Did nothing for the pain. Also became very run down got shingles and now chronic sinusitus. Never ever again. Have read so many patient accounts of dreadful experiences and negative side effects & some people not being able to get off the drug as withdrawals so unpleasant & many gp's & pain consultants totally ignorant & disbelieving when patients report adverse events.For those who do benefit from this drug good luck. very very dissatisfied.z F 53 1 years
300mg x3

 2  Pain, sleep, anxiety, depression Dysthymia, with alternating sudden and intense bouts of anger and suicidal ideations. Chronic ear infections, always feeling unwell, difficulty speaking. Never had a speech impediment, but around 5 months of use I frequently stutter, say the wrong words and slur my speech. Did greatly help with sleep. I get quality sleep every day. Helped a little bit with pain. HORRIBLE FOR MOOD AND ANXIETY. Intensified both. What were mild issues have become CHRONIC and SEVERE. I often find myself paralyzed with dread and crying, something that NEVER happened before. M 23 7 months
200mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety Bad hair loss My hair fell out and it was ineffective F 43 4 months
2X D

 1  to taper from clonazapam I take 300mgs 3x. Every time I take it I fall asleep or am so tired I cant talk right. i have flatulance so bad and my stomache is so distended and hard it hurts. Neurontin is not helping with clonazapam taper. F 46 2 weeks
300mgs 3x
 2  Nerve pain in legs On 4th day, awoke from sleep with CRUSHING CHEST PAIN! Thought I was having a heart attack. Looking up side effects, I realized it was the Neurontin that caused the chest pain. EKG showed no heart attack. Stopped immediately. F 70 4 days
300 mg 2X D
 1  lpr/left vocal fold hemiparesis Drowsiness,"brain fog", worsening depression F 65 2 weeks
100 mgs 1X D

 5  fibromyalgia Occasional dry mouth which is easily diminished by drinking plenty of liquids during the day. Which, of course, is what we should be doing anyway. BTW, I take the generic form. Gabapentin. After slowly raising the dosage as indicated above over six month period, along with the inclusion of paxil and later cymbalta, the fibromyalgia and arthritic pain was and is easily controlled. I had pain and discomfort most of my life until I went on this regimen at age 48. F 73 25 years
1600 MG 2X D
 5  neuropothy, herniated disc Brain Fog, Memory Problems, Low Back Pain, Decreased Coordination M 54 4 weeks
200 mg x 3

 5  Fybromyalgia + Spinal Stenosis None Immediate relief from back, neck and leg pain and don't feel like a zombie like I did on amytriptylene. So far this has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I appreciate that it is early days but so far it's brilliant. I am hoping that I don't develop a tolerance and end up on mega mgs daily. My main concern is weight gain as I did have a craving for sweet stuff last night, fingers crossed it was a one off due to high level of activity yesterday, not possible previously due to pain. F 59 5 days
300 3X D
 3  idiopathic polyneuropathy Anger forgetfulness ear ringing hunger zombification increased libido ataxia nasea vertigo F 29 2 months

 3  nerve pain from syringomyelia weight gain, groggy during the day, insomnia at night, inconsistent results, edema in feet, ankles and lower limbs, over 10yrs had various dosages from 900 to 3200 mgs per day, body would become immune to drug, go off it for about a week, then it would work again. decided to stop taking it completely about 1-1/2 months ago and deal with the pain and found out I didn't really know how lousy the drug made me feel and how it seemed to make my pain feel worse at times I am not looking for substitute drug, just plan on meditation & good diet. I understand there are foods that can help with nerve pain, and I will research that avenue. By the way, I lost the weight, but really think it was water retention from the drug. I rate it a 3 only because I was on it so long and believed my neurologist that this was the best thing for me. Sometimes we have to step back and make our own decisions when it comes to our bodies. F 65 10 years
600 mg 3X D

 3  neck pain Bad dreams,mood swings,sleepy,deep pain...not as bad. I can move my neck at least. Feel drunk,will this stop? F 43 6 days
1-2at bed
 5  Sciatica Orgasms not as strong. Some weight gain. I always suspected that my body aches and pains that have been increasing over the last few years and have culminated it seems leading to sciatic nerve pain, had everything to do with severe anxiety and depression. Miracle drug- taken away my physical and mental pain. I have a feeling of well being from decades ago and no more sciatic pain. It feels like a warm and loving hug that tells me it's ok to go out into the world and belong. I am so happy with this drug. I don't feel raw and edgy anymore. I feel safe now. F 43 10 days
300mg x2
 4  back and nerve pain and tingling I have felt very "high", a bit dizzy but wow!!! Pain is so much less and I can sleep at night, better at least. My hand would shake and that had stopped too! So far, so good. I am hoping it continues to work for me. I was so disabled by my pain. I am walking better too! F 58 5 days
30 mg 3X D
 1  Sleep This is the most worthless medication I have ever taken. Might as well take nothing. It is completely worthless for me. Did not help me sleep at all. M 49 1 weeks
300 Mg
 1  neck pain bk pain due to bone disea Dizzy loopy clumbsy sleepy all time..cant concentrste loss of sexual drive...increased pain along with falling and migraines M 40 2 years
 1  Back Pain, Sciatica, Arachnoiditis Extreme weight gain, hand, feet swelling, vertigo, ear pain,dizziness, brain fog, unable to retrieve words, sluggish, sedated, tremors, feeling of spider webs on arms,trouble swallowing,hypertension, sweating, VIVID, disturbing dreams., eustachian tube dysfunction, labyrinthitis, rashes, abnormal tooth decay, and interactions I DID NOT KNOW about that caused increased potency of this medication when taking my morphine two hours before neurotin. her doses is not known. Morphine: A literature article reported that when a 60-mg controlled-release morphine capsule was administered 2 hours prior to a 600-mg Neurontin capsule (N=12), mean gabapentin AUC increased by 44% compared to gabapentin administered without morphine (see PRECAUTIONS). Morphine pharmacokinetic parameter values were not affected by administration of Neurontin 2 hours after morphine. The magnitude of interaction at other doses is not known. The blurred vision and continually ear problems we thought were infections but never went away, did so when getting off Neurontin. Will never go back on this and I had DISTURBING dreams this time so I knew what it is. Lyrica also tends to do the same thing but will make you think you are better but side effects are accumalitve on both and gets worse the longer you take it. F 60 3 years
3X D

 1  Nerve pain Weight gain but no neurological side effects like foggy brain Didn't do a thing for the nerve pain at this relatively low dosage (200 mg 2xper day) but DID cause me to gain 6 pounds in a month. Maybe it would work better for the nerve pain at a higher dosage but I can't afford to keep gaining weight. I hope it works better for you. F 60 30 days
200 mg 2X D

 4  Nerve pain from cavernous angioma I've been on this drug for 2 weeks now this time. Tried it a few months back at a lower dose and believed it didn't work but at a higher dose its providing relief and actually improved my mood. I'm talking to people in stores, which I would never do before!! I believe it's working great for me M 30 2 weeks
600 3/day

 2  back aches dizziness F 38 3 months
800mg 4X D
 4  hot flushes dry mouth having been on hrt for thirteen years off and on,dr took me off them and hot flushes were unbearable,neurontin gave me back my life! F 63
100mg 3X D

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