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 1  severe nasal congestion, allergies Nose started bleeding after 2 days. Dry nose, daily headaches, weight gain. Massive increase in acid reflux symptoms. Has only improved allergy symptoms slightly. I still have to blow my nose all day long. My nose is still blocked and i have to breathe thru my mouth still. And the COST is ridiculous. After reading the other reports here i will be immediately stopping the rhinocort and never using nasal steroids again. A hole in my septum is NOT worth it. F 40 3 weeks
 1  Rhinocort Aqueous M 17 3 weeks
64 2X D

 3  rhinitis air bourne allergies This worked at first very well. I was told to use it with Bactroban, a cream antibiotic to smear in both nasal passages. But I still developed the bleeding sores and bloody boogies. Finally, worried about a hole in my septum, I stopped taking it on one nostril for a week and then stopped using it in the second nostril. I am all stuffed up again, feeling spacey, headachey, unwell. Rhinocort worked to lessen the effects of Rhinitis and stuffiness. It never stopped the nasal dripping - getting off ALL types of dairy produce stopped the dripping. The problem with the bleeding must be taken seriously, however - F 67 9 years
64 1X D
 3  Allergy and Nose Polyp As with others this is first med that has ever worked for me. I had drainage that became endless cough. I had a polyp. This got rid of that and I have never been able to breathe as good as i do now. But I've bern on it for about 18 months and in past few weeks noticed bloody boogers and blood in mucus when I blow. So i have stopped meds. I have not been back into dr yet but have appt. I'm hoping its not a hole in sinus but I don't think I will use the spray anymore. May try allergy shots. F 30 1 years
2 sprays

 1  Sinusitis Dizziness, loss of appetite, heart palpitations, racing heart, headache, insomnia, loss of focus. I will never use this or any steroidal nasal spray again. I was running 3 miles a day, playing basketball for 45 minutes a day, and lifting weighs. I was very healthy other than the sinus issue. I started using Rhinocort because my ENT said my sinus passages were swollen. About 2 weeks after starting, I became very unfocused or slightly confused, I started getting terrible headaches, It became difficult to fall asleep and I would only sleep maybe 5-6 hrs at best. Anxiety has set in and now my heart is missing beats and racing. M 43 2 weeks
2X D
 5  Seasonal Allergies Rhinocort is the best steroidal nasal spray. It has a lower volume of mist than others (Flonase,Nasonex, Nasacort) and is water based. It works well for me even using it QOD. I can use it every other day, or every second day and it is very effective. Give Rhinocort a try. It's better than the others. (low volume of mist, gentler) M 23 90 days
32mcg 1X D
 5  nasal blocjage slight nasal bleeding in winter Miracle drug. My nose used to get blocked solid, but still runny. Drove me crazy! This helped greatly with minimal side effects, that I notice anyway. It has no odor, unlike some others which I find repulsive. M 56 8 years
64 1X D

 1  Sinus allergies Horrible! My daughter had used Nasonex with terrible effects like night terrors, agressiveness, nausea, joint pain... So after a year with recurrent sinus infections her doctor insisted on trying Rhinicort. She said its a lower dose so I gave it a try. After just one use, my poor baby was extremely pale, nauseous, vomiting. Complaining about the same leg pain that the Nasonex gave her and also flu like symptoms. You can't feel like that in just a few hours just by a virus... Stopped the spray and will never use any steroid spray again. The doctors never believe me when I insist the spray has this serious effects. Very frustrating. F 6 1 days
 2  Allergy For many years this drug completely eliminated my allergies and sinus troubles. It even seemed to help prevent colds. I did occasionally get nosebleeds and dry nasal passages but nothing serious. Out of the blue I developed a severe reaction to the drug, with extreme heart pounding and very fast racing heart. It felt as my heart had completely gone out of control. Very scary. I bought a new batch thinking that somehow the batch was not good, All in all I tried 3 times with 3 different refills but the reaction remained the same. this was some years ago, i now use an electronic light device to block allergies. I would use great caution in using this medicine. It's unclear to me if the formula was changed. F 59 5 years
2X D

 1  Sons allergies My son 9 at the time took it for allergies. He started having headaches, dizziness, panic attacks and slight depression. Before taking the medication he was a happy, normal child. I took him to his doctor, the hospital and got an MRI before finding research about these possible side effects on children. A week after he stopped taking it all symptoms cleared up. Be aware of the side effects this can cause children. I mentioned all his headaches to his doctor and nobody felt it was caused by rhinocort, so I did my own research and took him off the medicatiin and he cleared up. It is very scary to have your child go through all this and you feel helpless...so just be aware of possible side effects. F 42 60 days
1X D

 1  Hayfever I started to get nose bleeds but ignored it I had taken the spray so long I never suspected it could be that. I started to get sores and I now have a hole in my septum it causes me issues with breathing and the doctors don't seem to care F 27 3 years

 1  allergies My 17 year old daughter starting taking this, and at first it was working great. Then one day she woke up saying she could not breathe, that it felt like her throat was closing up. Then she had a panic attack also. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what has been wrong with her. Now that I found this site I have taken her off of it immediatly, so I am very thankful for the people that have spoke up and told their story, cuz as a parent i was getting very worried and didnt know what to do. So thank you to all of you out there!!!! F 17 7 days
30mg 1X D
 5  allergies None. This is the only allergy medicine that works for me. I've been diagnosed with allergies for 15 years, and nothing else works on my allergies. I think all of these other comments only illustrate the point that you should search for an allergy med that works for you with the least amount of side-effects. M 35 4 months
1-2 sprays 1X D

 3  Hayfever (actually year-round cold) Bloody nose Had an effect, but also bad side effects. I'm that 10% apparently. Not worth it since I don't like to have sores in my nose and blood all over. I've been told about others with same issue who destroyed their noses and got permanent problems with sores, so I stopped. M 28 1 months
32 microgr 1X D
 1  congestion nose bleeds, perforated septum Would not recommend F 49 18 months
1X D
 5  Nasal blockage/alergies I havent noticed any side effects myself I have had problems with a blocked nose especially at night and loss of taste. I had surgery after visiting an ENT specialist a few years ago but the problem started to reoccur. After going back to the doctor again she reccommended Rhinocort and it has really helped, my snoring has even stopped. My doctor warned me to make sure the spray is taken properly and taken deep in to sinuses not to back of throat as you will just swallow the steroid, I think that is what a lot of people might be having a problem with here ie jittery effects, nervousness. I personally am very happy! F 29 20 days
2X D
 3  sinitus Twitching nerves, severe itching, hot ears, some tingling in fingers first few days. I was given a nasal spray to help my sinitus which was causing bad headaches and a badly blocked nasal tube. It made me itch really badly, even after i stopped taking it - i would itch everyday. So she gave me anti-histemines to stop the itching and also gave me rhinocort and said i wouldn't itch from it. It makes me itch a hell of a lot. It drives me insane - there's nothing worse than itching. So i take doses of rhinocort and an allergy pill at the same time so i don't itch. My ears get hot, nerves in my fingers and face twitch for ages. The only reason i gave it a rating of 3 was because i no longer get the horrible headaches and thick mucus up the left nasal passage. It's all a bit of a nightmare, though. I hate spraying chemicals up my nose. And it looks like i'll be doing it for the rest of my life. ): F 18
2X D
 5  congestion allergies infections possible slight headache , forhead area 3 years of constant infection and congestion , ear infection after ear infection , within 4 days I felt better than I can remember and I mean all of me .. last night I slept right through without waking completely blocked up .. I see the doctor who pescribed this tomorrow , he was not my normal GP , I am looking forward to thanking him and getting a repeat... M 52 7 days
2X D

 3  nasal congestion/runny nose/sneezin It did clear up the congestion I haven't been able to manage for months with anything else but over-the-counter decongestant nose spray. I have been feeling very dizzy, light-headed and unfocused, quick visual movements make me nauseous, my eyes feel very dry. I have slept 10 hours during the last few nights, but wake up feeling completely unrested. Also feeling slightly depressed. I usually have none of the above issues and feel very healthy (minus the nose bother of course...), and symptoms have only appeared after use of Rhinocort. Will try and lower usage to every other day or less to see if side effects subside. If they don't, will still consider taking it every once in a while to break the congestion / inflammation circle. F 29 10 days
1X D

 1  Constant blocked nose This stuff seemed to be working well for me but then I started waking up in the middle of the night with the sensation that I'd stopped breathing. I thought I had sleep apnoea. During the day I felt like my throat was constricted and there was a tightness in my lungs stopping be from breathing properly. I started having very weird dreams as well, and even panic attacks as described by others (maybe just due to the fact I couldn't breathe properly!) It was a little while before I made a connection between these symptoms and rhinocort, but when I found this website I stopped taking it immediately, and now all those symptoms have disappeared! Unfortunately my blocked nose has come back! Anyway, it might work for some but not for me. M 34 6 months
4 sprays 1X D

 3  Allergies. Runny nose all seasons. I have lost my sense of smelling and sleep. But I can't leave without this. F 43 15 years
1X D

 5  asthma, allergies none only nasal spray that works to keep down the inflammation due to my allergies. This medication is the only one I can take. Nasacort makes me sneeze and sneeze and sneeze. The others don't seem to work well. This is the one for me! F 53 2 years
1X D

 3  Sinusitis Headaches, insomnia, mild chest pains,blurry and unsteady vision, difficuly focusing, sensitivity to light, joint and muscle pain, acid reflux I have used this medication in the past with no significant issues. i was off of it for about a years and started up again due to the high pollen counts in my area. I do not know why the issues started this time, however after 5 days without the medication I am starting to slowly get some relief. M 48 7 days
1 XD 1X D

 2  allergic rhinitis Rash on lips and fingers, swollen face, excessively runny nose. I tried this drug twice- quit using it the first time after about a month. The only real side effect that time was the rash, and I didn't put it together with the Rhinocort. The second time, I was able to use it for about a week before I got the rash, swollen face, and my nose started to run like crazy. F 33 10 days
2X D

 5  Rhinocort Acqua best stuff one can use This stuff is absolutely amazing. Absolutely no side effects and it is discouraging that the crap posted on here may turn people away from using this drug. M 32 1 years
16 2X D

 3  Nasal allergies Taking Rhinocort for almost 2 years. At the same time started having nose bleeds. It really helped with allergies, but several nose bleeds a day. None lasting very long but seem to stop after a few weeks of stopping the Rhinocort. M 16 2 years

 2  ear pain, sinus congestion Nausea, headache, dizziness Worked great on my sinus congestion but I had significant nausea, headache, dizziness, and generally felt out of it (spent much of the time curled up in fetal position on my couch). We tried cutting the dosage but I still felt horrible. Today is the first day I am off it and my congestion is back but I feel so much better with the other symptoms. F 38 3 days

 1  sinus initial brief use relieved symtoms - futher use seemed to have counter effect and ended up with bleeding and blood closts Initial use -GP prescribed- first one/two uses cleared, further use briefly cleared and then seemed to worsen - stopped. 2nd time - allergist - tried several times when sinus bad - same effect but this time ended up with bleeding and blood clots -which stopped when stopped Rhinocort. OK if only used 2 -3 times - then rebound effect and bleeding. For sinus best thing is Sinus Wash - no side effects. F 58 3 days

 2  Nasal Congestion Heart palpitations and panic attacks. I have no mental health issues and this occured after about 10-15 days of useage. It panic attacks went away when I stopped using Rhinocort. Plus, it made me moody. It worked well on the nasal congestion, but side effects were too bad to continue. M 39 15 days

 3  post nasal drip 2-3 hours after taking Rhinocort voice box felt "coated". Resulted in voice being husky and couldn't speak properly. Other people commented on change in vocals too. After 7 days of use this reaction started. Skipped a day and noticed this reaction stopped. Had Rhinocort the next day and same reaction happened. It did stop the post nasal drip. F 42 7 days

 1  allergies hole in septum If you develop nosebleeds stop using it. I ignored mine(and so did my doctor who said these things only happen if you abuse the drug)I now have a hole in mt septum and a new doctor. F 47 3 days

 2  hayfever heart palpitations, racing heart I had taken Rhinocort successfully for 5 years for hayfever. After a bout of shingles I started getting a very fast heart rate to the point of complete exhaustion. A few weeks later worrying heart palpitations started. After 6 weeks and many doctor ordered tests, I made the connection myself and went off Rhinocort. The racing heart slowed within 3-5 days, the palpitations eased after 3-5 weeks. I now feel like I have more energy than I've had in years. I am taking an antihistamine for the hayfever. F 42 5 years

 2  allergies hole in septum It worked great to reduce allergy symptoms but after years of use I have a big hole in my septum right through to the other nostril. F 52 5 years

 5  allergies to pet dogs no negative side effects i lived with severe allergy attacks to pet dogs for several years. went on rhinocort and cured! have been taking it for @8-9 years. if i forget to take it for a couple of days sneezing, running stuffy nose start. F 37 8 years

 2  Blocked nose headaches and weight gain even when exercising. F 42 3 weeks

 1  Dust Mite Allergies Racing heatbeats and anxiety I can guarantee. Other side effects are harder to be sure of but I wouldn't rule out sleep problems and a general dizzyness/unfocussed feeling. Have taken this drug on and off for probably around 10 years to 'help' my congested nose and improve my skin problems(dermatitis) - generally at a change of season. You'll all be familiar with the taste as it dribbles down the back of yr throat for a few minutes after taking it. Currently looking for a natural alternative... M 35 10 years

 1  simple allergies panic disorder acid reflux anemia insomnia n i have these for the rest of my life it all started with a phungus infection in my esophagus... i starved for like a month. i was dying n loosing a pound each day. when i got cured from that i still had the rest to worry about . i have been living this way for the past 8 years F 18 2 days
 1  Sinus Infections / Allergies Many of the side effects I got from Rhinocort, I didn't realize were due to Rhinocort, so I took it for almost two years until I did some research on it. I stopped promptly after. This is what happened to me. Facial swelling. Weight gain. Crazy weight gain. When I started taking it i was 6'1" 180 and after 6 months of Rhinocort I was 219! Stopped taking it and after another few months, without really trying, I'm back down to 190. Terrible insomnia. Anxiety. Every once in a while I'd get weird heart palpitation that were really scary. I hated this medication. I would strongly recommend NOT taking it. Ever. No matter what. M 24 2 years

 1  allergies cleared up my nose but caused horrible panic attacks. as soon as i stopped rhinocort i was 100% normal. this drug is very dangerous. M 24 90 days

 5  allergies none This is the only thing that has ever worked for me other than Benadryl (which makes me too tired to use it daily). F 2 years

 1  sinusitis panic attaks every day, nauasea, general feeling unwell. my son was prescribed this drug for a continual blocked nose. No warning are given about the possiable side effects like emotional or behavoural changes. We only connected tho 2 when the only change in his life was rhinocort. Then it was realised that the paic attacks that were occuring every day started 7 days after taking the drug. The attacks stopped 7 days after the last dose. He took this for a month. He is 11. Always be aware of any drug even something as unsuspecting as a nasal spray. On the up side it did stop the blocked nose. We have told him he can live with that. He agrees. M 11 30 days

 4  hay fever vaginal itch/severe thrush rhinocort work ++well with hay fever, was previously unable to sleep, could not stop sneezing, runny nose very miserable, always about a week into treatment got thrush. I only use it in the spring/hayfever season F 37 2 years

 5  allergies F 45 3 years

 1  hayfever extremely dry throat, difficulty breathing ,my brain feels like it is getting squeezed every time i cough ,painful to cough tired feverish then cold I would much rather be sneezing with a runny nose if it gets 10% worse i am heading for the hospital or definitely going to the doctors in the morning M 31 2 days
 1  allergies I've been on Rhinocort for 6 years, I now have yeast infections that are hard to cure and I used this ONLY when needed and never figured out the connection until reading others responses to this drug. I have had panic attacks, aches, roscea, major sleep loss, you name it has happen and not one doctor told me ANY of THOSE side affects. Also, there is a drug interaction with any fungus medications. The doctors that prescribed these meds DID know that I was on Rhinocort, but they never get on the internet apparently... I now know why my quality of life has been so poor, thanks to Rhinocort. M 43 6 years

 3  stuffed up left nose and left ear Headache, excess stomach acidity. RhinoCort cleared up my nasal stuffiness. After using it a few days, I started getting stomach upset due to excess acidity, which I normally can control with Zantac. The last 3 days, the excess acidity has not responded to Zantac. I also have a vague headache, which is unusual for me. Will stop using RhinoCort and see if these symptoms go away. The stuffiness in my left ear did not go away with use of RhinoCort for 9 days. F 68 9 days

 5  allergies I can breathe! I have tried many things over the years, to some extent helpful, or not. After sinus surgery, my ENT said he would not continue to treat me unless I continued to take the meds, and this one has worked, along with the pulmicort for lungs. F 53 10 years

 2  Nasal congestion I'm am 100% sure that these are side effects of this drug for many: 1. Dizziness 2. Increased ringing in ears 3. PANIC ATTACKS 4. Anxiety 5. Inability to sleep 6. Confusion or lack of clarity. 7. Sinus pressure I don't have any mental health issues so I thought it was WAY wacky that I was having panic attacks. Why was I having panic attacks? I'm not afraid of anything and I have no stress. This drug CAN cause panic attacks! No doubt! This drug works for clearing the nose, but makes you crazy after a few weeks. Not for me! M 38 4 weeks

 1  Suspected Sinsitus Resulted in Insomnia, Mild Chest pain and minor nose bleed. I have been off it for more than 2 weeks....and still can't sleep. M 48 18 days
 1  allergies and sinusitis No positive results. Save your money. M 60 2 years

 4  Middle ear infection Weight gain, increased energy, headaches, joint stiffness I only need to take this for 10 days when I get a middle ear infection and it does clear it up without antibiotics. But I gain weight & there is a withdrawl from it with joint stiffness for a couple weeks afterwards. I can't use Nasonex because it causes premature heartbeats. F 49 10 days

 3  sinusitus anxiousness, paranoia, mood swings The medicine worked very well for my symptoms, but the side effects are not acceptable to me to continue the use. I noticed the behavioral changes began soon after I began using the medication but only recently did I connect them to the med. Much better mood after usage has stopped. M 31 2 years

 1  chronic sinus anxiety, nervousness, jittery No heep whatsoever. I have had 4 sinus surgeries & am having the 5th in 10 days. In reading these postings,I see a lot of ppl who have holes in their septum. I have recently discovered this can be a common symptom for a disorder called Wegener's granulomatosis. This disorder is so rare that most doctors don't think to test for it. A rheumatologist found mine after I had seen approx. 12 doctors. It presents itself as common sinus problems. My bloodwork is positive, but a biopsy is needed, which I am having next week. This might be something you want to ask you doctor about if you are having numerous problems. F 47 7 days

 4  seasonal rhinitis dizzyness no one should stop taking a corticosteroid like this one cold turkey. stopping when i felt better made me really sick so my doctor said that i shouldn't have stopped abruptly. likewise an overdose can causeblurry vision, high blood pressure, increased urination, and excessive thirst. Symptoms of long term overdosing include acne, bone fracture, impotence in men, lack of or changes in menstruation, or muscle wasting F 35 1 months

 5  dust mite allergies I started Rhinocort about 8 - 9 years ago and take it daily. It was a miracle with absolutely no adverse side effects. I tried Flonase, but got a bloody nose; I tried Nasocort and Nasonex but one of these gave me a sore throat (managable but worrisome) and the other was not effective for me. One thing I have learned with other medications is that if you have any horomone deficiencies or imbalances, that could explain weird or atypical or rare side-effects. My hypothyroidism and other hormone issues are the reason I reacted (and still react) so horrifically to so many medicines. Just a thought. I love Rhinocort. Except for the minor inconvenience of having to use it twice a day, I generally forget that I even have allergies! It was a God send!!! Anything weird with your health in conjunction with low energy, weight gain, hair thinning...suspect hypothyroidism!!! It could explain strange reactions to various medications. F 52 8 years

 1  sinus,allergies acid reflux, bad taste, and panic attacks !!! Do not take this !!! I have had acid reflux for years with no problem when I take my meds, but with Rhinocort there was no controlling it. This scares me because I know a lady who died in her sleep due to acid reflux, this is not something to mess with !!! F 28 10 days

 4  Sinus Pain Migraines, Bloody Nose, Irritability, Mood Changes. I had taken Rhinocort a few years ago and it really helped so I requested a refill. I haven't had a migraine in a few years, but have been spending $100.00's a month on Topamax thinking it was the migraine cure-all. Maybe it had been the Rhinocort causing it the whole time. I do think it works better than Clariton D or other decongestants but I really am having a hard time with the migraines. After reading this forum, I think I will discontinue for a week or so and see if I return back to normal. P.S. I love the internet....these info forums are great!!! F 44 1 months
 2  swollen turbinates lack of concentration and anxiety M 29 50 days

 3  Post nasal drip and resulting cough Worked well on post nasal drip and cough after about three days. After a week, got bad rhinitis. Medicine did no good for rhinitis--perhaps made things worse by irritating nose lining. Still bad rhinitis after more than a week off the medication Even with the rhinitis, the symptoms of post nasal drip and resulting cough have not reappeared. I can sleep better, but feel worse during the day--probably not worth the trade off. M 59 14 days

 2  allergies After 2-3 days I developed extreme moodiness/irritability, increase in blood pressure, jitteriness, and difficulty sleeping. I also started noticing some cognitive problems (becoming forgetful, difficulty concentrating and remembering), which could be related to the other symptoms (e.g., lack of sleep, being jittery). It did help the allergy symptoms, but given the side effects I will be looking for another option. It took me awhile to figure out that it was the Rhinocort because nowhere in the medication's literature is there any information about these sort of side effects. However, after I stopped taking it, the symptoms dissipated. I restarted it, and within 2-3 days the symptoms started again. F 38 6 weeks

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