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 4  recurring bv Clumpy cottage cheese like, dry mucusy white/or brownish. With the 1st treatment a little burning. With relief from odor, burning and itching on the 2 ND day. My bv is recurring and I've been to the doctor for my bv as many times as 3 times a month. My doctor finally gave me orders for the 5 day treatment and then once a week for 15 weeks. She also me to but RepHresh Pro-B ( a feminine probiotic supplement). I started taking it before I started the metrogel and after 2 days of taking at I started feeling much better. I noticed a calming in the older and the itching stopped. She told me to keep taking that even after the treatments then that should help stop the recurring bv. The bv typically comes back within a week of finishing the treatment so I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this works. The Clumpy discharge has always been normal for me and I've never tested positive for yeast infection after treatment. F 43 2 days
 5  bv Miganes... bloated.... dry mouth... diearria I get bv over and over again and I don't know y. My doctor always put me on this gel and I love it but I hate the fishy smell discharge.then my doctor never told me not to have sex while taking the gel so that might be y it comes bk. Then I get that thick white discharge. I heard after taking the gel u should clean urself out with water..is that true?? It has helped me with the odor going away but it ends up coming bk What am I doing wrong?? My friend told me she gets bv so much that she take a daily bv pill she got frm the drug store. It's normal and it keeps her leveled out....I havnt tryed that yet cause I need advise frm another woman. F 27 5 days
 2  BV I always have yeast infection. all the time. I moved and came in the USA so a doctor because it was itching and burning. Result... yeast infection NO WAY. Treatment for one week. One week later I saw ne again. No symptoms anymore but he told me this time BV... Ok... metronidazole 0.75% for 5 days. Terrible side effects, stomach pain, constipation/diarrhea at the same time and TERRIBLE CREEPY NASTY DESGUSTING discharge. i had my period and after the first dose I got the nasty brown and really dry discharge. It looked like cooked beef. I can tell you I freaked out. I show my husband and he was like BRRRRRR. Anyway, I went to see my gyneco again and he told me... BV still there it s not gone. keep on doing this for 5 more days... So I started again. White dry thick discharge that I wont see on the toilet paper but that I have to take off by myself because if I don't empty my vagina it stays!! One month without sex with my husband... I am getting depressed. F 26 10 days
0.75% 1X D
 4  BV white, thick gel like discharge after day 3 to get rid of the discharge try using a reusable douche that you can fill yourself of just plain water, if you are not pregnant. you won't believe how much of that white spongy discharge stuff comes out - i understand now why it's taking some people so long for it to stop. yuck! F 41 5 days
.75 1X D

 5  BV I've had headaches, fatigue and dry mouth. The clumpy white rubbery cottage cheese like discharge should be duly noted in the insert as a known side effect to ease many of the women whom experience this, their fears and/or worries. This prescription of Metronidazole Vaginal Gel 0.75% is great and it works well with me. I've had maybe 4 BV's in the past year and I often wondered if your sexually active with your mate should he be treated as well. If your being treated and he's not then he's only giving you back what you've just rid yourself of. In addition, I've been trying to educate myself a little more on this condition (BV) that we as women must be sure our Vaginal PH levels are normal. When it's not this is a reason why we have repeated cycles of BV. What I started taking to help balance my vaginal ph levels is Women's Probiotic. It helps promote healthy yeast balance and support vaginal flora balancing and urinary health. It also helps replenish good bacteria.. The product is called "ULTIMATE FLORA -RTS" WOMEN'S PROBIOTIC 15 Billion, 8 Probiotic Strains 3o Capsules...Just for your FYI. Good Luck Ladies!!! METROGEL-VAGINAL is a wonder drug. Rids you of the Foul Smelling Fish Like Odor which is very embarrassing within 1-2 days of using this prescription drug. F 48 5 days

 4  vaginal infection I had problems sleeping at night. Clumpy cottage like discharge and sometimes became dizzy. I have been suffering from a recurring infection. I have taken the pill form twice and the symptoms didn't go away so my doctor finally prescribed gel form. I no longer have the horrible smell but as far the clumpy discharge I still see the mix of this green discharge so I really hope its working this time. I'm 34 weeks pregnancy and its really stressed me out the entire pregnancy. F 21 7 days

 5  BV Worked great. First time I ever needed to use it and I'm glad it worked.first day off of the meds and I I got my period. I was worried at first since it was thick and clumpy but I see that's a side affect and not a YI . F 42 5 days

 5  bv none other than heavy discharge AFTER the treatment I was fine the five days taking the RX...but two days after treatment, I started getting the chunky white discharge. I panicked! I called my doctor and she informed me it was "bacteria die off" and the medicine doing its job... NOT a yeast infection. I feel that this very common concern should clearly be addressed with the information given with the medicine. Also doctors should advise that this will or could happen...it would save them time by not having to take calls and explain it. Shame on all for not let us know and sparing us the worry and stress. F 63 5 days
5gr 1X D

 2  BV infection Started my period on third day of Metro Gel. Period was gross. Had dark brown flakes towards end of period. I was also on antibiotics for a rash which gave me a YI. Now I am three days out from last dose and have had two days of severe abdominal cramps, lower back pain shooting into my legs. Brown, pink and spotted fleshy discharge when I use toilet and also on panties. Its awful F 34 7 days
 4  BV thanks goodness this is normal. i obviously knew the gel constistancy exiting my body was the medicine coming out, but i see the ricotta cheese/toilet paper/spongy white stuff too. i didn't know if that was leftoever gel, or the gel pushing stuff out. i feel like doctors should have warned us all as they prescribe us this. im a day or two past my last dose and i'm still having the gel discharge along with the white stuff. how much is possibly up there?? someone commented on here and said it would take 3 days after your last dose to clear up. let's hope that's the case. however, aside from this, i think i feel better. there is no smell at all! :) F 25 5 days
1X D

 4  BV I've never had BV before but after noticing a fish like smell x2 days post sex I knew exactly what it was. I called my gyn and requested the gel. The gel started working immediately and the smell was gone after the first dose. The thick, wet toilet paper like discharge started day two and caught me way off guard. Really glad I found this site to see it's normal (would have been nice if my Dr knew that and had told me). It has lasted 3 days after the treatment, but has decreased a lot. This sounds gross, but if your boyfriend can stomach it- we wore a condom and had sex and it surprisingly "cleaned out my pipes". The following day I had a scant amount of discharge left and took another dose "just in case". By far not the greatest medical advice, but it worked for us. Good luck! Being a girl is rough sometimes! F 23 5 days
5 day gel

 3  BV Headache, extreme fatigue, nausea, dehydration, insomnia, discharge. F 24 5 days

 5  Metrogel-vaginal The positive was that I got a very soothing feeling vaginally during the entire time I took the gel except for the 6th day. Then I started to experience burning. I got so sick on Metro Gel cream I wasn't sure I could go the full 10 days, so didn't. I also didn't fill the applicator to the top. I knew I couldn't tolerate that much medication.I felt nausea the entire time. Headache. Horrible stomach cramps. Dizzy. I only stayed with it because it really works. I have the white gross clumps of discharge that sure look like yeast. I would have started to take Diflucan, but haven't after reading all the wonderful posts on here. I am seeing my doctor on Monday to get cultures done to make sure the BV is gone, and this isn't yeast. I dread taking it again because of the side effects. I literally had to stay home, but the relief immediately from the smell and itch is well worth it if you can stand the side effects. I couldn't tolerate the pill so glad this is available. Less of both evils F 61 6 days
1X D
 3  BV No side effects, except the thick, white clumpy discharge after the 2nd day. I been off the gel for a week now and i am still seeing the discharge. Was going to call my doctor but i want to wait it out and see if it goes away on it's own. Hopefully it'll go away soon. F 19 5 days

 4  bv infection White thick discharge F 46 5 days
 3  Bacterial vaginosis I mean it seems to work and no more odor wich is a really good thing. But a lot of white cottage cheese looking discharge since like day two I've now Ben done with my 5 day treatment for 2 days now and it's still here. I was reading the reviews about this seems like everyone has this side effect but haven't found an answer bout what it is exactly some think a yeast infection I don't know wish someone knew or how long it will last F 20 5 days

 5  Bacterial Vaginosis I had some mild stomach cramps every now and then, but nothing I couldn't tolerate. I applied at bed time. On the 3rd day i started noticing the white clumpy discharge, no odor, just some dry clumpy pieces. So far its been 2 days since my last dose and i still have the clumps but I'm sure it'll end soon. F 21 5 days
1X D

 4  BV Clumpy white discharge looked like yeast infection, but was not. I'm only on the 4th day, but odor is completely gone. I'm hoping the discharge goes away. F 20 5 days

 3  bv Burning and soreness and dryness on outside of vagina. Lasted 7 weeks from time i finished medication. Had discharge the whole time i finished meds. Never had any relief for entire 7 weeks. Was retested 2 more times for bv and everything else in that time frame and all tests were negative. These side effects were from metro gel vaginal only. Doctors agreed. F 65 5 days
.75 1X O

 3  bv When i srarted takiking metrogel it helped but i have been feeling dryness and clumps of brown and red and it started with the white creamy thick discharge and it never burned or stunk but the dryness is driving me crazy. F 29 4 days

 4  BV Overall, the medication has worked for me. Well as far as I can tell, I am only on my 4th day. There has been no odor to my discharge. However, I have had a lot of cottage cheesy discharge. It's annoying but nothing a peanut liner can't control. On the 4th day I have had a few bouts of loose stool, this is a common side effect. So other than the cottage cheese and a side of loose stool it's been great so far. Hopefully, this discharge will rid itself quickly!! But let's just thank god there is absolutely no odor to the discharge. Tomorrow is my last day. F 22 5 days

 4  Bacterial Infection After using the gel for 5 days I experience white clumps of discharge but I feel okay. I also see it doing intercourse can someone tell me how long this will last? F 31 5 days

 4  Vaginal Odor While Pregnant I'm 13 1/2 weeks and metrogel was prescribed by my OB. I've used it in the past without any problems but now I have this thick cottage cheese looking discharge coming out after the 3rd day of use and it's really bothering me. Any information about how long this discharge stuck around after use would be greatly appreciated. Besides I don't want go another 5 days without sex with my husband. F 34 5 days
Once daily

 2  Bacteria Infection I am taking Metronidazole vaginal gel 75%. I have been on depo birthcontrol shot for nearly 2 years, and have no period. I did not get my 3 month shot in December. So my period has not came back, which is common due to the shot still being in my system. I got prescribed this medication, and evidently it has made my period come. Day1: SEVER CRAMPING for over 6 hours. Blood clotting and brownish blood lining by the end of the day. Called Dr. after 6 hours of cramping, he said it sounded like my period is coming. Well... there was no sight or hint of my period before taking this medication. They want me to come in for vaginal exam and stop meds. Day 2: After discovery of clotting and blood, figured it was period as he stated so I continued meds and didn't go to Dr. this morning. Thought possibly that it would be over due to long slimy like clotting coming out night before, but no. I am in sever pain as I type. I have taken a narco pain pill and my uterus is still k I take meds at night before laying down, and in morning before I wake up to go to work. I do not experience cramping at night or when I wake up, only after my second dose in the morning. F 31 5 days
75% 2X D
 5  bv Migraines, CLUMPY, white discharge, bloating, gas I love this gel however it gave me horrible migraines for the first 3 days ( i was doubling up on treatments, used morning and night first 3 days). The weird clumpy, cottage cheese like discharge started on day 2. While in this med i did drink alcohol but it did make me real drunk so be careful. I have now been off the med for about 5 days now and I still have the gross clumpy white discharge. I thought it was a yeast infection and glad I came here and saw that it is normal because I almost started monistat today! I dont have any itching so it cant be a yeast infection. They need to put on the insert pamphlet that the weird discharge is damn normal so we dont treat ourselves for a yeast infection when we dont have one!! WTF! Anyways, Ive been scooping the gross discharge out with my finger a few times a day. It seems to be tapering down today and not as bad as before. F 47 5 days
75 1X D
 4  Bacterial Infection Ive had ALOT of gas!!! on my 4th day of taken it start to see the white wet tissue discharge on the third day I saw a Lil reddish white discharge...other than that a Lil crampn not so much Lil thrown off but I figured it was working when its let out a discharge w/no smell...didnt even know I had it til I went for my first ultra sound I'm 10wks pregnant I think its workn i mean I can't have sex at moment but ima be ok havent n almost 2 months anyways smh but I rate it a 4 will most def. Consider it again F 23 7 days

 5  BV It helped me, I had white stuff coming out and some maroon things too but it worked. F 25 5 days
1 tube

 3  vaginal infection Would like to know if you should use this on your period? Went fir a sneer when doctor noticed i had a discharge. I did not notice any symtoms. I used it for two nights, then i started my period(a week too soon) did not carry on using it. Should i complete the remaining 3doses after my period? Also, i would like to know if my husband and i can have intercourse after my period? I read that you are not allowed intercourse, but for how long? F 23 5 days

 3  BV after taking metrogel my BV discharge and ordor were gone but then started experiencing white sponge like discharge, scared it was a yeast infection, i dont want to treat is with Monistat if its just a side effect. has anyone see this white discharge stop? F 18 5 days
0.75% 1X D
 3  BV At first I didn't think I had side effects. However, today, which is the day after my 3rd use, I feel unusually tired and nauseous. I didn't even think that it could be the meds...but then I read the reviews. Makes sense... I'm not sure what to think about Metrogel. I didn't experience the strong fishy smell, but I had itching and severe burning during urination. The itching is gone, but the really painful burning during urination is still there. Not sure what to do... I never had BV before, so I'm a bit clueless... 😳 F 43 3 days
1X D

 3  BV I'm using metronidazole vaginal gel And I have withe discharge and red discharge I was so scared and searching online to see if its normal or not , now I feel better after I saw so many people have a same side effect F 32 4 days

 4  BV The only side effect I have is the creamy clunky discharge. It started two days after I finish. I seen more while I had sex. I called my doctor to see if it's not a yeast infections just in case. I believe It's normal F 27 5 days
 3  bv None other than the white clumps... however i have been finished with the product for about 3-4 weeks, and lately have had dark brown,looks llike dried blood, discharge and tonight i started bleeding, i am on the pill and get my period 4 times a year, and am not due to get mine for about another month or so... so im wondering if this is normal or should i consult my dr. F 27 5 days

 5  BV My very 1st time using it, I had the metallic taste in my mouth like they said, immediate cramps but it wasn't bad and didn't last long and the creamy, thick almost like cottage cheese come out but that's also normal. Not to worry ladies. I'm satisfied once again. I believe I've taken this 4x already but hopefully it DOES NOT RETURN! F 27 5 days

 3  BV. 24 weeks pregnant After the second day there was a disgusting cottage cheese looking discharge. No odor. But still nasty. Also very itchy down there because of it. Might be allergic. 24 weeks pregnant F 20 7 days
 5  BV F 21 5 days

 4  bv I haven't really noticed any side effects but a brownish pinkish looking clumpy discharge when I wiped this morning after urinating. I've taken this for 3 nights so far and the fishy smell was gone the second night.I'm also 7 weeks pregnant. So I think its doing its job. :) F 28 5 days

 5  yes Bad taste cramps F 53 5 days

 5  Continuous Bv The only symptom I'm having is this thick disgusting white, yellowish,pinkish chunk discharge. I'm not upset about our because the smell is COMPLETELY gone. I've been suffering continuously for the last 4+ years now. Is caused me to have my youngest child 12 weeks early. Visited a new GYN with this method saying that instead of using it one a night for a week...finish the tube. Got 3 refills so if it comes back do it again for one more tube then again once a week till it's gone. He says he gives this treatment once per patent and they don't come back with the same issue. Im thinking this time the infection was pretty bad because this discharge is relentless! It looks like a bad cold with goat cheese stirred in with a few splashes of ketchup every now and then (gross). I've had it before but it stopped at the end of the one week treatment. I'll keep using it until the tube is gone and hopefully the vaginal vomit will be gone too F 26 6 days
 3  BV Clumpy white discharge, cramping, nausea, fatigue. I'm 25 weeks pregnant, and my doctor prescribed me this stuff. The clumpy discharge didnt appear till day 4, but scared me because I was concerned for the baby. I read it was normal though, i feel queasy often. Hoping this doesnt have any effects on my baby..I feel him kick alot, but I also have been cramping way more than usual. F 5 days
.75 1X D

 4  bV abd yest infection 3rd day taking it and see do much improvement. Just a little dischage but that's just because its cleaning out all the bad stuff...drink plenty water. . F 3 days

 4  BV I've used Metro-gel vaginal 0.75% enough in the past 21 years. I'm very sensitive in this area. ANY CHANGE EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST I WOULD GET BV. Every time METRO-GEL has worked. Until last year, I had typical BV symptoms. Went to three different DR's and was tested for everything under the sun..including BV. ALL TESTS RETURNED NEGATIVE. BUT I KNEW THIS ODOR QUITE WELL. SO I ASKED FOR Rx of metro-gel anyway. The pharmaceutical company Walgreens had recently contracted with was Sandoz. I picked up my Rx which was 1×day @ 5 day. I used it for 5 days after day 4, the fishy discharge was still very prominent. So I contacted the Dr and had a new Rx called in to CVS. Got Rx and after 3 days of using the Prasco brand of Metro-gel, odor was all gone and I have had no issues since. Up until recently, I accidentally got some soap a little too far inside my vaginal area and within a couple of days I noticed fishy odor. I knew right away what was going on. I called my Dr had Rx for metro-gel called in. I've been using it for 3 days now out of the 7 and odor is still present. Maybe tonight's dose will get rid of it. F 39 4 days
7 days

 4  Bv White chunky discharge, abdominal cramping. F 26 3 days
 5  vaginitis Well I'm 6 months pregnant and went to the ER for some vaginal itching and bumps. Dr checked me out and told me that I have vaginitis. She prescribed me metro gel vaginal gel for 5 days before bedtime. Day 1: i was burning and itching so bad I thought that this medication was exacerbating the vaginitis. Day2: i slept all day. Once I woke up I was still itching and burning. Day 3: it started to feel better then I started to have a white chunky discharge looked like ricotta. Day 4: continued chunky discharge but most of the itching and burning was gone. Also the bumps that I had were almost gone. Day 5: still have a little discharge but I feel much better. Day 6: the discharge is changing so I think my body is getting better. I didn't have any cramps and I was worried for the baby but I had to take this medication. It helped me tremendously. F 24 5 days
1X D
 4  Bacterial vaginosis I had a discharge kinda like ricotta cheese after starting this medication .. I was told it was normal - so ladies don't freak out . Also, I had red/brownish discharge - also started bleeding . While taking it . I'm still taking this medication and tonight is my last dosage and , symptoms have pretty much cleared up and, after day one the horrid fishy smell went away and that's when the nasty discharge began . I did experience nausea , light headedness , fatigue , moody and, loss of appetite . The oral pills were way worse and didn't work at all for me . If I had to take this medication again for Bc - I definitely would. Felt better instantly F 24 5 days
 3  chronic bv Caused White thick clumpy discharge. Towards the 5th day had sum cramps. When i wiped the discharge it smelled like perfume? maybe its the gel i dont know but iam waiting til the discharge goes away to see if it works or not F 21 5 days
1 a day

1X D
 4  BV First time being treated for BV i was prescribed the pill i had severe side effects and stopped taking it after one dosage. Second time i went in, I got metrogel and it was alot easier to use, but i still had pretty bad side effects; extremely fatigued, heavy gel like discharge especially with activity(understandle, i believe it was just the gel making its way out), drymouth, nausea, sore throat, woke up with my whole left leg asleep, trouble breathing, body aches, & i felt really moody. I would recommend this over the pill. F 20 5 days
.75% 1X D
 5  BV White thick cottage cheesy discharge The metrogel cured me of BV. I figured the clumpy white discharge meant he gel was bring down whatever was up there. I haven't used the gel for 7 days now and my discharge is still the same, white thick and clumpy. But thank god the odor and itchiness is gone. F 38 5 days
1X D

 4  Bacterial Infection-Gardenella I think this product is helping alot! I started off by using the pill and it made me feel like complete crap and got horrible horrible side effects from it. So my doctor thought the gel would be better for me and surprisingly have had little to no side effects. All I've had is some stomach cramps, gas, ans thick white cottage cheese discharge (which is the medicine/bacteria coming out). I've also just experienced little itching as well. I know some people have gotten yeast infections from this medication but that is easily curable as well. :) hope this helped others! F 21 5 days

 4  bv This is my first time havin bv that i kno about. I am on day on and expiericing very bad cramps and have slight headache with dizziness and very tired F 18 5 days

 2  Bv infection After 2 days I noticed a large increase of clumpy white discharge. Even after using the gel I still exprience the same symptoms. For future references I rather take the tablet anytine F 24 10 days
 4  bv About two months ago I was on the vaginal gel, I got the white discharge freaked out Google's it everyone said it was yeast, quit taking gel, got yeast infection pill, still had problems, all to find out the white discharge Is the medicine. So I'm back on it today will be my 4th day and I was just wondering if anyone had a kinda greenish discharge come out on there pad etc? I have no smell and no more itching but noticed some green kinda thick discharge on my pad? Is this normal? Other than that I have experienced head aches but the pills taste like shit so ill use the gel anyday!!! F 19 6 days

 5  BV Worked great, the smell and discharge from the BV were gone after the first day. Also experienced the white wet toilet paper/cottage cheese discharge during and after the 5 days of using the metro gel, came across this site and felt much better knowing that this is a normal side effect because it worried me at first. For anyone who is wondering, the white clumpy discharge lasted about 3 days after I stopped using the medicine, but I also scooped some of it out with my finger. If you are not comfortable doing that, it may take slightly longer to come out by itself. F 27 5 days
5 g 1X D

 5  BV Just the white rubbery discharge. Will ask for yi pill just in case. Took the pill, tastes horrible so i was bad at taking it on time. That got rid of the odor cuz i did finish my full dose. But since it was so irregular didn't fully cure bv. Now using metrogel i love it only 1x/day. And no side effects like the pill! F 21 6 days

 1  Bacterial vaginosis I was prescribed the gel because i had had BV a few months ago and was given oral flagyl, and because i was also prescribed an oral antibiotic for a sinus infection at the same time. With the oral flagyl, i was pretty sick through the full course of treatment. this time I experienced the full range of side effects: headache, sore throat, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, gas, bloating, discharge, sinus infection, yeast infection, irritability, depression, and lethargy. Honestly, the cure has been worse than the BV. Who would have thought that a vaginal gel would pack such a wallop? Additionally, the insert says the gel's effectiveness rate is only around 50%--leading me to ask why I went through all of this for what could well be no good reason? If it doesn't clear this time, I don't know what I will do. But I know what I won't do: use any more Flagyl products! If anyone had hit on a course of preventative care for BV, or effective natural cure, please contact me. I am stick experiencing the symptom that sent me to the doctor in the first place. F 47 6 days
5 day
 2  BV White Clumpy Discharge, Cramps like menstrual cramps but they are NOT! Thank GOD I found this site. I've been taking metrogel and have had the white clumpy discharge and was FREAKING out. I thought to myself, "What the hell is this?" I didn't know if it was working or not, but turns out now I know it is a side effect of this medicine. It is incredibly annoying. I cannot have sex, I cannot NOT wear a pad, feeling so uncomfortable and it looks exactly like the wet toilet paper and ricotta cheese. Ugh. Just awful. F 23 5 days
1X D

 1  BV Everything seemed great at first but after a few days all my symptoms returned with a veangence!!!! F 23 1 weeks
 4  BV Helped after 4th day.Experienced vaginal itching, no appetite, fatigue,nausea. F 37 6 days

 1  Bv Fatigue, bloating, gas some nausea and very uncomfortable. Veet scared it was something worse but this site helped me out my mind at ease will never use this drug ever again. Don't be scared I'm in the same boat. F 37 3 days

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