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 5  menstrual pain and back pain No side effects other than some weird dreams. Have taken Aleve for severe menstrual cramps since it went OTC. Prior to that, took rx form (anaprox). My cramps are so severe, I take 2 pills, then 1/2 hour later another pill and again 1/2 hour later. If the cramps return, I take two more. I would say I easily have taken up to 8 pills in 12 hours. Never had any side effects in almost 20 years. I wish there was a stronger medication so I could take fewer pills. Aleve worked a miracle on back pain from shoveling. I could not turn over in bed. Four Aleve and I'm walking around practically normal. F 49 20 years
 5  pain None I took the prescription strength of this medicine years ago. It was the only thing that helped. Recently I broke my arm and they prescribed Oxycodone, which did nothing. I had discovered that Aleve contains the same medicine as Naprosyn and took it instead. I am relieved that I didn't suffer from the negative effects as the other people here. Drugs are scary as you never know who is going to have an adverse reaction and the Doctors never tell you. I use Aleve exclusively for pain. I am not a shill for any drug company, this drug works for me while others don't. I can't take Demerol, Versed, Oxycodone, Vicodin etc. F 53 20 years

 4  menstrual Cramps Constipation, tingling in the arms, fatigue, nausea. The nausea is a little hard to sort out, because I also experience nausea as a menstrual symptom, but sometimes I would take the pill in advance of onset, too early by mistake (often hard to tell when period symptoms will hit), but I would still have nausea as side effect of the drug. Nausea is aided by eating with food, but I totally recommend against consuming milk. Lactose intolerance plus menstrual cramps, nausea, etc. result in a very nasty combination. I selected "15 years," but that's been on a one-day-per-month basis. I used to dose up for menstrual cramps, taking several over the course of 24 hours, but now I'm down to 1 pill or zero. Good diet and weight loss has helped a lot, although it's still a misery, but not nearly as bad as it used to be. So, these days I sometimes choose menstrual symptoms over drug side effects. I used to take Anaprox before Aleve came out. F 44 15 years

 1  headache Chest pains, hives, swelling of the face, heart palpataions, pain,vomitting, dizziness, weakness, shaking, etc My husband had a horrible reaction to aleve twice. It took us the second time to realize the culprit was aleve. He has no known food or drug allrgies. He has been taking Aleve for years with no know reaction. Tonight was the wost reaction he has had. His chest became tight and is arm were tingling. He tought he may have been having a heart attack. He broke out in raised red whelps all over is body, even on his scalp and between his toes. He began shaking and vomitting. His mouth and eyes began to swell. He was having difficulty swalloing and speaking. He took Benadryl which has seemed to ease the symptoms. He said he felt like he was being pricked by a million tiny needles all over his body. PLEASE USE THIS DRUG WTH EXTREME CAUTION!!!!! M 30 15 years
 1  stomachache and cramps severe itching all over my body. will never take this medicine again. took this for years. took two. itching started in my hands.then spread all over my body. took a hot shower, to no avail. finally calmed down once i put lotion on, but by then i had whelps on my body. worst itching ive ever experienced. like an itch you cant quite reach. very scary. F 25 13 years
2 pills 1X D

 5  Menstrual Cramps No bad side effects. Aleve starts to relieve the pain and bloated feelings of even my worst menstrual cramps within about 15-30 minutes. It continues to work for about 6 hours. I have tried many alternative medications for my menstrual cramps and nothing else has ever worked. I typically only have to use the medication 1-2 days per month, if that. I do not use Aleve for any other conditions unless directed by my doctor. I find that Tylenol works best for my headaches and body aches. My doctor has recommended it for inflammation and joint pains; since I rarely have these I don't use Aleve more than once a year for non-menstrual related problems. I've been using Aleve for over 10 years without any problems. I am aware that Aleve has the potential to create problems if taking in excess or for a prolonged period of time. My family has a history of Heart Attack, Stroke and many other serious problems. According to my doctor there is no risk involved as long as the intake is limited. F 25 11 years

 5  migraine, menstrual & muscle pain I am concern now with all the latest reports, but Iīve never had any side effects, and it is so perfect to me, it would be terrible not to have it. I take it with Dramamine when I have migrane and it works better than costly prescription drugs, that have less effect over my migraines. F 35 10 years
 5  menstrual cramps, muscle/back pain none - ever! It is the only drug that has ever worked on my severe menstrual cramps. I can't imagine getting through a month without it. I initially used it when it was still a prescription only drug. F 39 10 years

 5  Menstral Cramps None Aleve is the only drug that will make my cramps go away. It takes about 15-20 minutes to work, but it helps so much and I can't live without it. I take it once a month for a couple of days during my period. I take more than the instructions say, but that's what works for me and I've been doing this for years without any problems. F 28 10 years
2-3 pills 2X D

 5  Tendonitis None Aleve has been a life saver for me. Years ago I developed sever knee pain due to a statin drug and it about crippled me. I tried ever OTC drug on the market and Aleve was the only one that stopped the pain. I could not have survived without it. Years later I got tendonitis in my shoulder and Aleve has also saved me with that. Just about everything I take gives me side effects but I have had none with this drug. F 62 10 years

 5  menstrual cramps & pain None I love Aleve!! the only over the counter medicine that eliminates my menstrual cramps and pains. I take it every month without any problems. Light to the stomach, no side effects. F 26 10 years

 4  Cramps, headaches, muscle pain Blurry vision, fast heart beat, ringing in the ears, itchy skin, skin rashes, red face I've been taking Aleve for over 10 years. I love that it works within 15 minutes. I never connected all the symptoms I have to the Aleve until my mother told me about her symptoms because of it and how they dissapeared after she stopped taking it. I will no longer take Aleve unless Tylenol doesn't do it for me. F 34 10 years
2X W

 3  Myalgias, back pain Upset stomach, cramping I only take this medication is tylenol didn't work and the pain is unbearable. It is effective 90% of the time. F 40 10 years

 1  headache ten minutes after i took them my scalp started itching like crazy, then my eyes swoll almost shut and my face swelled, then my crotch area started itching like crazy, then my body started to turn red like it was sunburned and itch something fierce. then i started to feel nausaes and threw up on the way to the hopsital. i have taken aleve for years and never had a problem or reaction ever... this came out of nowhere... the doctor told me to stay away from aleve and motrin as they are both naproxene. scared the crap out of me. M 48 10 years
 3  arthritis At the beginning, I was not aware of any negative side effects. Among the positive ones was getting rid of headaches. Gradually, side effects started appearing -- gas, stomach pain, loose stools, which still was not bad. Then I got vertigo and several nosebleeds, which stopped when I stopped taking Aleve and re-appeared after I restarted it. Now I am afraid to take it, but it worked great. I would still recommend Aleve short-term and in the lowest possible dose. F 56 9 years

 1  menstrual cramps Nothing for 9 years, I would take a couple of aleve once a month for horrible cramps and it always worked great. Then last June started getting huge swollen tingly lips, itchiness all over, and scratchy throat. Didn't know what it could be. Got tested for food allergies and found that I had become allergic to garlic and onion(my favorites!) after eating them regularly all my life, but the lip swelling always coincided with taking Aleve. My allergist told me I shouldn't take aleve anymore because a potential side effect is lip swelling. But then I read on the internet that NSAID's possibly cause food allergies or make them worse because they irritate and harm your stomach lining contributing to leaky gut syndrome which contributes to food allergies. So I am staying away from all NSAID's. So I thought about aspirin, but it says on the bottle if you have trouble with other pain meds you shouldn't take ANY! Argh! So from what I have read, I need to not only stay away from Aleve and NSAIDs Stopped taking aleve 6 months ago, and also careful to avoid garlic and onion as much as possible(since I became allergic). Now when I have my horrible cramps I just suffer through it. But I am looking into alternative treatments. See the dysmennorhea topic on wikipedia: omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and Vitamin E are recommended. F 27 9 years

 5  back pain, menstrual pain, bad hip None It has been working perfectly for me for many years. When I was younger tynenol gave me stomach aches, so I had to use aleve for my menstrual cycle. I use it 3-4 times a month. F 24 8 years

 5  joint, muscle pain after exercise none used almost daily (to coincide w/exercise routine) w/o any side effects. didn't realize how well it worked until i stopped using it for a month. Advised not to use it before exercise so as to not mask pain from real injuries. M 40 7 years

 5  Menstrual cramps & Headaches No Side Effects I love Aleve! It really decreases the pain instantly. I have been on Naproxen Sodium as a prescription and then someone told me that is what Aleve is. So I always have it handy. F 25 7 years

 1  Head aches Erratic blood pressure as high as 149/98 to as low as 58/36, heart palpitations PVCís, dark urine I thought I wasnít drinking enough water, passed out, nervousness, the list goes onÖ I started taking Aleve for head aches, and menstrual cramps when the Tylenol didnít seem to be working. Over all I am a healthy 46 yof, and with all the symptoms I listed I didnít seek medical attention until I passed out. After cardiac tests, sleep tests, blood tests to include hormone levels, I found out there was no reason that the Dr could find for the medical issues. I have since stopped taking Aleve after seeing a commercial on the possible side effects of NSAIDís, and most of my symptoms have corrected or at least have become tolerable. I guess the damage is done so now I will have to live with it. My warning is, a otc medication may work well for awhile, but as with all medications over time the risk of the side effects increases, and you may be the one person who has the severe reaction, or in my case life long damage. F 46 7 years
 5  Arthritis knee pain No side effects Aleve has been great for relieving my knee pain. I started taking it after my knee replacement 6 years ago and have continued almost daily since then to relieve the pain in my other knee. F 63 6 years
220 4X D

 1  menstral cramps, some arthritis On two different occasions, a couple of years apart . . .was taking Aleve for cramps. First time severe hives sent me to ER, but I did not attribute to Aleve. Second time . . .too coincidental . . . another case of severe hives. Two cases of hives in my entire life (50+), both times taking Aleve. Both times had shortness of breath and general feeling of malaise. Second time, also had jaundiced skin and very dark urine . . .until I drank/flushed with lots and lots of water. Aleve works well for my pain issues, but I will not take again. I am afraid that the reaction might continue to be more severe/life threatening. I do not seem to have allergies to ANY other medications. I orginally took Aleve (perscription naprosyn) in my early 30s for arthritic symptoms . . .worked well. In later years, I took for menstral cramps only for a few days each month, if needed. So, I took it off and on for several years . . . before having or recognizing the problem. F 53 6 years
 1   Swollen itchy lip, itchy red spots on hands and feet, and itchy vaginal area. I took this product intermittently throughout college (my mom has back pain so we had some at home and if I was out of pain reliever I would take it with me). I thought I had some sort of disease that was induced by stress or my period because this is when the symptoms would occur (and when coincidentally I would take an Aleve). The university clinic tested me for stds (though I was a virgin when these symptoms first occurred) and everything always came back negative. Finally, in law school I was very stressed out and having headaches all of the time and therefore taking Aleve all of the time. The symptoms were getting worse. I used my entire bottle of Aleve and picked up another bottle of pain reliever (Excedrin) at the store. The symptoms stopped. About a year later I had a headache at home and I took an Aleve and the symptoms returned. Bingo! I felt so relieved. I am not allergic to any other medications F 28 6 years

 5  leg pain blurred vision M 45 5 years
 5  Menstrual Cramps None that I've experienced. It took about an hour before the medicine kicks in and afterward it alleviated the pain about 95%. I've tried all the medicine at the pharmacy and I have to say this is the best you can find that actually work and and the effect of it last a long time. Sometimes I just take 2 pills on my first day of the cycle and didn't have to take it again til next month. I would stay home all day and not go anywhere or do anything if I'm on my period without this medication. It's a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 21 5 years

 4  Back, hip, pain,arthritis Pain on left side of abdomen, pain in center of abdomen, pain radiating into chest. thought it was gallbladder problem. turned out to be inflammation of whole stomach Really needed this as I had a fall of 22 feet several years ago. As well as needing a hip replacement. stopped taking Aleve totally have had no gastric pain at all since stopping 2 weeks ago M 58 5 years
500 1X D
 1  menstual cramps Swollen bottom of face, extreme itchiness, hives on face lower arm, knees, ankles, lump or mass in throat This is the worst OTC I've ever taken. Several hours after taking it I noticed itching and a swollen area on my face which spread around the entire bottom of my face to my neck area where whelps developed. My entire head was itching, eventually spreading to my eyes. I didn't know it was the Aleve and took it again the second day for menstrual cramps, side effects became worse and I had a lump in my throat. I was out of work and went to the doctor and was prescribed Zyrtec and Atarax which helped some. I also took Benadryl which helped tremendously in combo with everything else. I will NEVER take Aleve or NSAIDS ever ever again. F 27 5 years
 1  Back pain TERRIBLE PAIN- hot, itchy rash all over body. Red rash turned into purple bruise-like marks all over my body...they are still there two years later. I looked like Linda Blair from the exorcist. My skin felt like it was going to burn off. Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, genital itching,sores. Doctors thought I had anything from cancer to all sorts of other diseases. Finally diagnosed as allergic reaction to Aleve. I was forced to quit my job bc of the several reactions I had- unfortunatley couldnt pinpoint Aleve right away bc they were so bad and I didn't take Aleve often. I have suffered over two years bc of this drug. I am no longer able to be in the sun bc of the damage done to my skin. I want to take action- we need to take action. PLEASE email me if you've had a similair reaction- I am very educated on this topic. F 26 5 years
 5  Anti-inflammatory None Aleve is good. F 18 4 years

 5  Migraine prevention None The only thing that will get rid of my migraines. I also take it the day before I get one. (I am psychic, just kidding!) I had to log my migraines so I could see when I get them. Luckily, they are predictable. Weird taking it when I don't have a headache, but it actually prevents the one I know I will get the next day. M 35 4 years

 4  arthritis and migraines None except for occasional indigestion. Worked great for headaches, arthritis and sinus pain. I seem to build up a tolerance to it though, if I have taken it for an extended period of time. Then it stops working for me, and I have to take celebrex instead, for the arthrtitis pain F 47 4 years

 4  ankylosing spondylitis (AS) nausea/vomiting if taken on empty stomach For AS, I found naprosyn to be the best NSAID, if taken regularly and in sufficient doses. For me, much more effective than ibuprofen or VIOXX. Useful for pain up to about 4 on scale of 10, but can sometimes prevent pain from getting past that point. Many with AS use OxyContin or similar for breathroughs or flareups beyond what naprosyn can handle. I use Lortab-10 (hydrocodone/APAP) which is almost as effective as OxyContin and much cheaper. M 48 4 years

 1  muscle pain after mountain biking After first time taking Aleve I experienced very minor lip numbness. Years later I found myself in an ER burn unit due to the severity of the reaction I had from one dose of Aleve. Severe swelling and blistering of face, genitals, chest, hands, and underarms. My PCP diagnosed me with genital herpes and did not give me a blood test to confirm his "visual" diagnosis. I rarely took Aleve and it took me 4 years to make the connection that my "herpes outbreaks" were actually allergic reactions to Aleve. I could "go" up to year without having an outbreak which really meant I didn't take Aleve during that time. I'm lucky to be alive. My reactions became so severe that I was catergorized as having Steven Johnson Syndrome. After getting over the shock that I did not have Herpes and Aleve was to blame, I have moved on as best I can. My advice to everyone out there is to be your own advocate when dealing with any doctor. Follow your instincts and always get secound opinions. M 33 4 years
 5  Headaches, back pain None Aleve works great on head aches and back pain. I worked in a pharmacy for about 8 years and switched careers in 1995. Naproxyn (same as aleve) was prescription only back then and had been around for some time. Never heard of any side affects other than upset stomach which is common in NSAIDs. Was at work about 3 or 4 years ago and had a headache. I had never tried Aleve before but could not find anyone with Tylenol. A co-worker asked if I wanted to try Aleve so I did. Worked great and has ever since. I rarely get headaches but my back pain is a bit more frequent. It works awesome on both. I will never try anything else. M 40 3 years

 5  Back injury No side effects This works better than anything else I've ever taken. Even my chronically tight shoulder has been positively affected. F 45 3 years

 5  Sinus/Headache/Back Ache None, I have taken one almost everyday for the last two to three years. I take the cold and sinus version. It is Sudafed and Aleve combined. It works great for cold and sinus issues. M 33 3 years

 5  Dysmenorrhea None other than feeling wired. I take it exactly as directed and don't experience stomach upset (despite the fact that most medicines cause upset stomach with me). I don't usually consume caffiene so when I take Aleve I have trouble sleeping. Otherwise, it's the only OTC pain reliever that has ever worked for my cramps. F 25 3 years

 3  Headache, sore muscles Was "randomly" getting hives all over my hands, feet, and knees (and sometimes on my temples). I did not realize until the last time that it was caused by the ALEVE. My headache was gone but the allergic reaction is definitely not worth it. One thing I will add is that I have had a similar experience once after taking ibuprofen. So, I don't think it is the active ingredient in it that causes the reaction but maybe a binding agent that is used in several OTC analgesics. F 22 3 years

 1  Headache Within an hour of taking, my upper lip and cheeks began to swell. This continued for a couple of hours until I went to see an allergist who diagnosed as likely naproxen reaction. Got a shot of steroids and an antihistamine. Swelling has gone down after about 36 hours. Dangerous to take - if you have any reaction, please don't take. I have taken it for years with no problem until the last couple of months. M 51 3 years
2-220 MG 1X D
 4  Chronic-Neck pain, Mostly slight insomnia. But nothing that a little meletonin cant handle. Given the alternative, physical therapy 3X's per week, pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory pills. OR 2-4 Aleve every day. I'll take the Aleve. Most times all it takes is 2 Aleve in the morning and continued "home physical therapy" on my own. F 34 2.5 years

 5  back & joint pain none, i have no allergies to food or drugs. it appears on this site, most of the negative feed back are from people that have allergies to food/drugs which common sense tells me you will have reaction to most medicines presc. or o/counter drugs when taken. Your problem stems from your allergies not product. M 59 2 years

 5  cold, headache, migraine, bodyache None what so ever! No nausea. No dizziness. No irritation. Aleve is better than any other medications I've taken for cold, headache, migraine, bodyache, and fever. M 36 2 years

 1  ankle pain I took Aleve on and off for about 2 years with no problems and it worked really good. Then I developed a severe allergic reaction to it resulting in massive lip swelling and facial swelling. I went to the emergency room the first time before I made the connection to Aleve. As it turns out, my system does not agree with any of the "nsaid's" anymore. I'd rather live with the screaming pain than with the swollen lips and face. This drug can be very dangerous to your health if you self medicate with it. Although it relieves pain, it has some very serious long term side effects and should not be and otc drug. M 44 2 years

 1  Arthritis Pain whelphs, hives, excessive sweating, light headed, heart racing, chest pains, difficulty breathing, lessions, itching out of control, sores like chicken pox The warning label was so small that I feel misled. This reaction has cost me 2 weeks off of work and lots of suffering. I am still not well. I will never take Aleve again. I had to use a magnifying glass to read the warning. Why doesn't the FDA make this more well known and visible. F 58 2 years
 1  yes Extreme itching all over,pain in feet and hands. Almost unbearable side affects from the pain killer Aleve. Should be taken off the market,Period. F 49 2 years
 1  Joint pain, Sciatic pain Severe red and painful rash all up and down the back very painful in hip joints as well. Could not touch skin or sleep since pressure caused more pain. Last time also had breathing difficulty. Doctor recommended Aleve for Sciatic at higher dose. Tried to take only when pain was severe. Little by little had reaction but made no connection. In October had a recurring severe rash with pain, went to doctor and he could not figure out cause of rash. Took one tablet yesterday and had the same severe reaction from October. The only thing that has helped is Benadryl and cold towels. Will not use and will warn others about the side effects. F 54 2 years

 1  Back pain Allergic reaction - wheezing, throat swelling, redness, etc. Never had a drug reaction of any kind before. Have taken Aleve sporadically for some time (as in a couple of years??) with no problems. This was the last pill in the bottle -- I won't be buying another, EVER. Would not have in my home or give to my teenager, or anyone. Scarry drug! M 50 2 years

 1  foot injury I wish I'd never touched this drug. Worked for quite awhile for my foot injury, but it must have reached the tipping point because I almost died. Water retention led to extremely high blood pressure (260/110), vision loss in right eye for over a year due to bulging blood vessel. It's been a very long climb up. BEWARE OF NSAIDS. F 61 2 years
220 mg. 2X AN
 5  arthritis not sure but my blood pressure started to become high which previously never had a blood pressure problem. Stopped aleve and blood pressure went down. Started taking tylenol arthritis. Tylenol did not relieve my symptoms as well as Aleve. My doctor originally told me to take Aleve. I took one in the AM and 1 at PM. Now I have been alternating with tylenol and aleve. Is there a connection to Aleve causing high blood pressure in some people? F 68 1 years
 5  to prevent migraine symptoms None. Aleve works wonderfully for me. It prevents migraines and relieves pain and other symptoms, even retinal flashes. No side effects. F 46 1 years

 2  Injury Gave me an Ulcer. Have been on Protonix since. BE CAREFUL taking this. M 61 1 years
1 pill 4X D
 1  arthritis difficulty breathing and swallowing. Severe swelling. Rash. Low blood pressure. I had been taking Aleve for a year for arthritis. One morning I took 2 Aleve and 5 minutes later I couldn't breath or swallow. My lips and tongue were swollen and my blood pressure dropped to 60/40. I was rushed to the ER and was administered IV which saved my life. I now carry an epi pen with me at all times and will NEVER take Aleve again. I recommend those who do to STOP taking it now. M 63 1 years
30 mg 1X D
 1  at home I just took aleve about two hrs ago. I made me and my boyfriend dinner, and I had a headache and my boyfriend had a hangover so I took 2 aleve, and my bf took 1. Within 20 min I had a tingly burning sensation across my chest under my chin ad down my arms. I started shaking felt like I couldn't breath, like I was going to pass out and die!! Was very scary!!!!! Me and my bf where trying to figure out what was going on. 20 minutes ago I was fine and now look. I got dressed to go to the hospital, and then felt like I needed to throw up!! I went to the bathroom and had threw up twice, and had diarrhea!!!!! I felt a lil better but really weak, got bread and water ate and drank and started to feel a lil better. I looked up online and found all your comments and I new immediatley this was what I was experiencing! :( Last year I was hospitalized for a allergic reaction my face swelled up and I had all the other symptoms. I was afraid for my life!! Also I remember taking aleve, and two other time in july/august 2011 because I was feeling the same way. Doctors told me it was anxiety, and now I know it was aleve!! I will never take this again!!! I will be telling many about my story!! Do not take this drug! F 28 1 years
 1  Relieve general aches and pains I took this off and on for about a year with no problems. Then suddenly there was rash and small painful splits on my foreskin. The first time, I thought it was an infection of some kind, because it cleared up after 4 days of triple polysporn, washing it 4-5 times a day, and sitting to pee so I didn't have to retract my foreskin. 6 months later it returned, and I went through the same ritual. It was almost gone, and I took another aleve, not suspecting it was the problem. within a 1/2 an hour the rash was back and worse than ever.. I put 2&2 together and picked up a strong magnifying glass to read the tiny..tiny..tiny print on the container, where it revealed my symptoms. Apparently, these symptoms are particularly common in people over 60 (I'm 64) It's been a week, and the rash is subsiding and the last little split is almost gone. I will never take this drug again, and will warn everyone I know about it.. M 64 1 years
1 pill 1X D

 1  My mom took it and died! My mom toke an aleve, called her sister and told her she was itching from head to toe and asked if she had benedryl. By the time her sister got there, she lives a few floors up in this condo, my mom was blue lipped, and gurgling, and then went stiff, her tongue was swollen and she was gasping for breath. The peramedics could not revive her. She passed away on May 21st. DO NOT TAKE IT! IT'S DEADLY! F 79 1 years
30 mgs 1X O
 1  PMS Cramps / Migraine Within 30 mins of taking naproxen the back of my right hand started to sweat (very odd) then my skin flushed and my BP must have dropped because I lost my vision and fell to the floor unconscious. I regained consciousness and looked at myself in the mirror and noticed my whole body was red. It took 2 times of these exact symptoms before I realized it was the naproxen. The second time was worse. I had taken this stuff for at least a year prior with no issues. Never again though! I don't know what is in this stuff but it's bad. I'm staying away from Ibuprophen now, too, out of fear since they are very similiar. Acetominophen is what I take now. F 30 1 years

 1  Arthritis & pinched nerve - neck I had been taking Aleve for around a year for a pinched nerve and arthritis in my neck, when I was told by my doctor to stop all anti-inflammatories due to an upcoming surgery. After I discontinued the Aleve I experienced terrible back pains and body aches that lasted for about a week. I didn't connect this to the Aleve until my husband, who took Aleve for his arthritis, had to stop it as it might interfere with a medication he starting. He also experienced the terrible back pain and body aches, which also lasted about a week. This medication took the pain away, but when it was stopped it was like we were addicted to it. I would not recommend this medication to anyone. F 60 1 years

 5  Headaches I developed an allergic reaction to it. My eyes swelled to the point where I could not open them, my lips swelled quite a bit as well, and I experienced general swelling to my entire face. I had to go to the ER for a shot of Benedryl to counteract the allergy. I had taken it on and off for about a year for various aches and pains without any trouble. It was the only OTC pain reliever that worked for my headaches. F 33 12 months

 1  headache i expericed swelling of the lips to the point where they became very itchy and started to get hives in the lower part of the lips.. this happened just 5 min after aleve was taken ... its been three days and the swelling just went down but now my lips are super dry and purple... its not the first time its happened. i had gone to the doctor before and never knew what my reactions were to it he beleived it was either a lipstick i was wearing not knowing that aleve was taken almost every month to relieve my cramps before my period and i as thinking it was my hormones that would make my lips swell along with the itching... so i stopped wearing lipstick for a month and not till jul 31st that i decided to take aleve i finally figured out that it was that what had been causing the reaction every single month before my period... please be careful.. its such a horrible eperience... im glad i found out it was aleve what i was reacting to i will never ever take it again ... horrible experince. F 22 12 months

 5  Groin pull, knee pain I have had no side effects. It's been wonderful; long-lasting pain relief, no stomach nausea, no headaches, no noticeable side effects whatsoever. Started taking prescription dosage once a day for groin pull. Before last December, never heard of Naproxen. But after starting on it, I had to find the OTC version. I take it now, two tablets (220mg each)about four days a week, after I run, for knee pain (small meniscus tear)and I am so happy to have it. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen both cause minor, sometimes significant, side effects to my system. M 45 8 months
1000 mg 1X D

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