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 1  nail fungus devoped horriable itchy rash all over my body after taking lamisil for 10 days use as last resort M 59 10 days
 1  toe fungus No side effects until week 3 or 4. I woke up in the morning to start my daily routine and felt my hands were itchy and a little rashy. My legs felt the same way. I called the doctor and asked if I could take a benadryl (25 mg.). I took a benadryl & then jumped in the shower - after the shower it seemed to be getting worse (I found out later that warm water makes allergic reactions worse). I took a 2nd benadryl because it seemed to be spreading. My lip then started to swell and itch, and I noticed my face breaking out - called the doc back and was told to go right to the E.R. At the E.R., I was given prednisone & monitored for breathing. I was sent home with a prescription for prednisone and an Epi Pen. It is now day 5 without taking lamisil and I'm still experiencing redness. The doc said it will take time to get out of my system & the prednisone is suppressing the allergic reaction. I wouldn't take this drug. I was hesitant before even trying it because of what I had read about it, but my doc said it would be ok. After this round of steroids, the doc is going to try diflucan for me. By the way - I got this silly toe fungus because of wearing sneakers on moving day that rubbed against my poor big toes! Frustrating! F 36 3 weeks
 1  toe nail fungus lost my sense of taste after using this poison for one month. Everything tastes terible, even water, food tastes like medicine, am losing weight due to loss of taste. Some people may be fortunate enough to be able to tolerate this horrrible medicine, but its not worth the risk. M 60 40 days
 1  possible toenail fungus Severe stomach pains and loss of taste. I was on lamisil for about 5-6 weeks when the pain started in my stomach. I thought it was from hunger, so I ate. This only made it worse. I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. The next day, my stomach still hurt, but not as bad. Needless to say, I stopped the medicine when I got the pain. About 5 days later, the loss of taste happened. I am now at week 4 with no taste buds and my doctors or pharmacist cannot tell me when they will return. I am in a state of depression that will not go away. Every day, I wake up hoping that this will be the day I can taste, but nothing yet. I have been reading the comments in this website and am hopefull that they will return soon. I would not recommend this "poison" to anybody. Is there anyway that a class action lawsuit can be filed against the makers of this stuff. I know that I would be right on it. F 43 5 weeks
 1  toe nail fungus After 5 weeks of taking the generic version Terbinafine everything is salty especially water..it is so disgusting and depressing. My tongue feels swollen and prickly, almost numb. Not being able to eat and enjoy your food is depressing. I have been tired and people have even commented to me how tired I look..have noticed hair loss as well. I am stopping this medicine today! After reading other comments and what I am experiencing it is not worth it! I just hope my mouth, tongue, and taste buds get back to normal soon! F 40 6 weeks

 1  Toe nail fungus After 5 weeks developed large red circular patches on my chest with an itchy red rash that spread across my chest. The dermatologist I saw didn't think it was due to this drug and told me to continue taking it. After two more weeks I developed a worsening rash that spread over my back and down my arms and legs, some spots on my forehead. The spots range in size from pencil eraser to nickel size, red and intermittently itchy. Some spots are dry and scabby. I stopped the med but two weeks later still have the rash! A second dermatologist did a skin biopsy and gave me an injection of cortisone. I am drinking lots of fresh carrot/vegetable juices to detox!! My nails are growing out but this is not worth the terrible rash! F 52 7 weeks

 1  Doc said there was toe fungus Stomach pain, nausea, hair loss--there were more but that's all I can remember at this point (9 months after) If finding this website you DO consider quitting Lamisil, you SHOULD heed what you read here! I took this stuff for 2 1/2 months for a fungus that I never had. I had bumped my little toe about a month prior, and got an infection. The doc thought it was a fungus, but never was. Now I can't tolerate hardly any other medications because of the peripheral neuropathy that this Lamisil CAUSED! I have prickly burning pain especially bad in the limbs, and even feels prickly on my face. It's worse if I take Ambien or Lunesta for my insomnia, or even over-the-counter Guaifenesen (Mucinex) for sinus problems--then the prickly gets worse. My new doc prescribed Lyrica for the neuropathy, but I can't even tolerate it. This all started 8-9 months ago when I was on the Lamisil. It's no longer a "SIDE EFFECT." I'm guessing that it has damaged my immune system!!! PLEASE BEWARE!!! F 60 10 weeks
 1  toe nail fungus I took lamisil for 3 weeks and was told to stop by my doctor after my hands began itching so bad I couldn't stand it. Also, I developed a very sore throat after taking the drug for only 4 days. Now, I have "salty saliva" and I can't taste anything sweet. I also have a tough time with mustard and pickles, the vinegar seems to be missing from them! Today is exactly one month since I had to quit taking lamisil. I went to a Ear, nose and throat specialist today because I thought something must be wrong with my tastebuds! The constant salt taste in my mouth is annoying to say the least. He could not find anything wrong with me and prescribed a mouthrinse for "thrush" even though he admitted I clearly did not have thrush. He said maybe the medicine would somehow help me. I left his office feeling like I was going crazy and my next appointment would be with a shrink! You don't know how much this site has helped me. I now know exactly what is going on and I also know that I am not the only one it is happening to. I would not recommend lamisil to anyone. F 43 3 weeks

 1  toe fungus constant nausea, numbness particularly in the face, mouth, arms, legs, and a feeling of spaciness i took this drug for 5 days over the summer and these side effects arose soon after. my doctor said it was not lamisil. in the meantime i took numerous blood tests, and had a complete neurology exam but nothing. the side effects went away and like a dope i started using lamisil again this time for a month and sure enough the side effects came back over Thanksgiving and still have not gone away. Avoid this drug, it is bad news. I curse it everyday. M 50 30 days

 1  possible fungus wi I also lost my taste after 5 weeks. I can not stand it, I have been off for 1 week now and still have no taste. Although I have lost a few pounds it is not worth it. I work with Cancer patient's and I never understood why a patient did not want to eat when they could not taste, now I do!! M 48 5 weeks

 1  fungal thumb nail muscle and joint pain, confusion, blocked ears and head, numbness in little fingers I would not use it again M 68 5 weeks

 1  Toenail Fungus At the five week point I lost the ability to taste. This is very distressing and I am unable to find a definitive answer on how long this might last. I am unable to register anything sweet and what I can taste does not taste the way it is supposed to - I am miserable. Water is very nasty, most foods are either very salty or blander than bland (tasteless) or simply horrible. My mouth has a constant salty "taste" in it. I am nauseous almost constaly, especially after eating or drinking anything. I also get frequent acid build up in my stomach. - I quit the lamisil 2 weeks ago when these symptoms began and I still do not have my taste back. No one has been able to tell me how long this will last or assure me that my taste will even return.... I am depressed!!! I think this medication should be banned until further testing is done and the threat of loss of one of our greatest senses/pleasures - TASTE is eliminated- F 46 5 weeks

 1  toenail fungus insomia, dark urine, headaches, joint pain, bloody stools F 49 30 days
 1  Toe Nail Fungus During taking the generic lamisil (terbinafine, I had abdomen discomfort, mostly to the right side, and sometimes an achy back. I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago, as that was 90 days. As of today I still am having the side effects just as intensely. I sure hope it gets better. Usually the pain is to the right of my abdomen and sometimes goes to my back. Cleared up my toe nail but brought on side effects do not go away after stopping the med. F 48 90 days
 1  toenail fungus nausea, abdominal pain, diahrrea, rash on torso, bloating I took this medication after my big toenail fell off. I have eight infected toenails. I would rather have horrible toenails than continue this medication, especially after reading other comments. I was only told of possible liver problems and had a clear liver function test. I am afraid to eat at work now because I get horrible cramps shortly after eating and then explosive diahrrea. Now I'm itchy, too, as yesterday a rash began to spread across my stomach. F 43 11 days

 1  my .dr. said i had ringworm itching, burning all over, anxiety or panic attacks, feeling of pressure in my head, loss of appetite, rapid weight loss, fatigue,just feeling bad this is a very dangerous drug. i even asked if my problem could be the lamasil dr. said no. reading this website has been wonderful i now know what is wrong with me. i have seen every one of my symptoms mentioned. after a fungus test i did not have ringworm. it has been a month since i stopped and i still have symptoms. how long can this stay in your system? F 50 4 weeks

 1  toenail fungus After about 2 months, I noticed the numb feeling in my mouth, and sore throat. Also, nothing tastes good, and always a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't connect the symptoms to the Lamisil substitute at first so I called the pharmacist, she didn't feel it was the medication. But I knew nothing else was different. After finding this website, I will not take another pill. I only hope my sense of taste returns and the numbness in my mouth and the sore throat fade soon. The cure is much worse than the disease! F 59 60 days

 1  toenail fungus on one small nail After 31 days of the pills (250mg one time a day), I got a bitter taste in my mouth that made eating anything impossible. I lost 6 pounds in one week of pure muscle. After 15 days off the meds, taste is very slowly coming back but cannot tolerate dairy, carbs, most meats and cannot taste sugar at all. I live on coffee that tastes odd and oatmeal that is pallitable. DO NOT USE this drug. F 41 31 days
 1  toenail fungus At 10 weeks of taking generic Lamisil, I have lost most of my sense of taste and what I can taste is awful. My tongue feels swollen, prickly, and tends to cleave to the roof of my mouth. I also have a constant sweet, metallic taste in my mouth. I went to the doctor today and he said to stop taking the drug. He was unable to tell me when my sense of taste would return to normal, but said it could be days, weeks or never. If you're a female with nail fungus, just paint your nails!! DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! F 52 10 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus after about 3 weeks of taking the generic for lamisil I woke up with the worst sore throat ever to sick to get out of bed for about 4 days. Then lost all sense of taste that went to a terrible taste, now very salty tasting syliva have lost over 12 pounds so far do not care to eat very depressing. Went to the Dr. for loss of taste he treated me for Thrush which did no good what so ever, Went back for a follow up he has not figured out it is the side effects of the drug. Have an appt with a ear, nose and throat specialist. That is a waste of my time amd money as this is all a result of taking the drug. I have been off of it for over a month and still no improvement. I would never take this drug it is not worth it!!!!! I will probably need medicine for depression before this is all over. Can any one tell me how long before I can taste again? Do not take this poison look for other answers it is not worth ruining your health for a toe nail fungus. F 45 40 days
 1  Fungal toe nail infection Complete loss of taste, salty tasting saliva Further to my previous comment. Finally, after 12 long weeks of loss of taste, I am back to normal! My taste returned gradually over a period of 3 weeks and now I can eat and drink anything. As an aid to weightloss, Lamisil worked for me!!!! Going from 10st 7lb to 8st 12lb, however, this was not a healthy weight loss, and I was looking quite ill. Now things are back to normal I am sure I will gain some weight, I sure need to. Would I take Lamisil again?? No way!!!! F 55 28 days

 1  toenail and fingernail fungus bloating , water retention, weight gain despite dieting. Constipation. Malaise, some nausea, extreme fatigue (out of breath walking around the block despite running 20 miles per week previously) and daytime sleepiness. Irritability. Slightly blurred vision. lighter periods and no PMS (this was the only side effect i liked) I weigh myself every morning. I watch my figure and eat healthy low-cal food, but it is really hard to keep the numbers on the scale down and that is upsetting. What really convinced me to stop the drug, though, was the need to sleep for most of the day and being extrememly cranky and tired and irritable when i am awake. I lack motivation to do anything and cannot concentrate (not good for grad school!) I just feel very unwell physically and mentally and this is very unlike me. As of today I am quitting the drug. I just want to feel better and it's not worth it to clear up my nails. I will just get them removed, I don't care. F 22 3 weeks
 1  Fungal toenail Day 22 into a 3 month course I noticed that water tasted strange. By day 28 I had no sense of taste. Constant salty taste and saliva. Sweet foods taste like sawdust and savoury foods taste of nothing. Saw my GP who did bloods, liver was fine but my sodium levels higher than normal. She wants to review me after 4 weeks, by which time she, and I, are hoping that everything will be back to normal. It's 5 weeks since I stopped taking lamisil and I still have no taste or appetite. Also I have lost 16lb in weight and in that 5 weeks have only opened my bowels 3 times.Feel weak, bloated and dehydrated. Nowhere on the leaflet could I find anything in the side effects relating to loss of taste. Lamisil should include this info, they only need to read some of the comments here to see that loss of taste is by no means "rare!". F 55 28 days

 1  toe nail fungus extreme periodic anxiety, tightness in the chest, blurred vision, heart palpations, sweating. I have been taking terbinifine [generic lamisil] for three weeks now and never felt more anxious in my life. It's half life is 36 hours but 200 to 300 hours for it all to leave your system. I am never taking another dose again! M 61 25 days
 1  Toenail Fungus I was very very very tired, felt disorientation, I have a total bad sensation on my body 24 hours a day, Nausea, Diahrrea with very bad smell, a terrible Headache all night that went back the next day, backache I am very dissapointed and sad, it did read the side effects but as always I am very healthy and never have side effects when taing any medication, I thought Lamisil will not affect me but I am very bad... today after thinking too much and after a terrible headache last night I decided to take the fifth pill but I regret because I feel worst and I read this website and I am very afraid now. I will take Fluconazol which does not give me any side effect at all. It takes longer to get cured but I think it is better. My recommendation is to avoid this drug. It is definitely TOO STRONG F 25 5 days
 1  toe nail fungus Fatigue, dizziness and loss of taste. I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago and food still is tasteless. No not take. F 65 30 days

 1  nail fungus on toes and hands It began 10 days ago on a Sunday with rash and itching on hands. Then went to rash and itching over the entire body in 24 hrs. Went to dr. on Monday and got prescription for antihistimine and methylprednisolone. Symptoms were getting worse -- Tuesday night - still had rash/itching and also had swelling of feet, hands and face, even ears. Also having headaches and nausea. Went to dermatologist on Wednesday, got steroid shot and prescription of prednisone. It is now the following Tuesday -- rash and itching have gone away (may occasionally reappear for 30 minutes or so), still have occasional headache and joint/arthritic/weakness symptoms in hands/shoulders. I tire easily. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICINE! M 49 20 days

 1  toenail fungus My dermatologist perscribed Lamisil Tablets (generic) for 90 days for Toenail Fungus. On the 20th day I developed a rash. My doctor said to quit the medication that day, which I did. The rash quickly developed into a much worse rash and I went to the ER where I was given a diagnosis of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. This drug is poison! I was not given enough information from my doctor or the drug company literature. My doctor said Lamisil was very safe; I think it can be very, very dangerous! F 62 20 days

 1  Toe nail Fungus Fatigue, bloating, constant stomach discomfort, itchy hands and feet, depression I stopped taking the pills after finding this site and reading what else may be in store for me if I continued. The risks are simply not worth it. I was hoping to be one of the lucky ones that were side-effect free, but unfortunately wasn't. F 37 15 days
 1  Foot fungus After two doses got a very itchy rash around groin area and on wrists. Also had some disturbed dreams/sleeping. Because it is a weekend, I checked on the web and it became clear it was related to the drug. If the side effects are worse than the problem, its not worth persisting. Also, you cant be too sure about the other risks with it - not worth it. Stopped taking it - hopefully the rash goes away soon. Doctor never warned of these side effects. Clearly statistics on side effect rate are invalid. If you are going to take this, be on the lookout for any changes straight away. M 38 2 days

 1  Toenail fungus Swollen tongue, sore throat, difficulty breathing -- the WORST symptoms were severe heart palpitations and sweaty palms and feet and feeling as if I were going to faint! Also, it depressed my appetite and gave me diarrhea. It is extremely powerful; I am still experiencing terrible adverse effects after having stopped it for 5 days now. F 53 15 days

 1  toenail fungus Loss of taste, neuropathy in both feet, numbness of the tongue. My mouth feels "dusty" most of the time. It has been two years since I stopped taking Lamisil. The symptoms remain. My toenail looks great but I wonder how long I must endure the side effects. I would never take this poison again. F 65 90 days
 1  Big toe had a bad nail Stroke symptoms, headace, jelly arms and legs, bad taste, heavy eye lids, gas, cramps. I think this drug need to be out lawed, it is very dangerous. I had to stop taking it. I'm an athelete, and I never felt this bad before lamisil. M 33

 1  Athlete's feet Did not take it thanks to common sense and this site As I see here, most people took lamisil for toe nail fungus which is harder to cure as athlete's feet. My toe nails are absolutely ok. It was prescribed for me to treat athlete's feet. I only had it for couple of months and it was only on one foot and not so bad I have seen on some pictures on the internet, only a patch about 3x3 cm. So when dermatologist prescribed not only topical treatment but lamisil pills for 28 days as well, I was a bit surprised because I have heard it is quite a heavy medication and may damage your liver. He told the drug was safe if I drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol. No liver tests were taken and I was not advised to come back for any tests after treatment. I bought all the drugs he prescribed but after reading the lamisil leaflet decided to use only topical creams because nausea and diarrhea was mentioned as very common side effects and I was going abroad for 3 weeks with several long distance flights (and some parties with old friends and a few drinks F 35 0 days

 1  Toenail fungus on one toe Unexplained, isolated swelling & itching on hands, wrists, & lips - lasting about 24-48 hours. A bad, overwhelming taste I describe as greasy and salty developed. This lack of appetite and bad taste was a large problem for me for about 8 weeks. This bad taste was not a mere inconvenience; it affected me physically and psychologically very severely. I threw away this medicine as soon as I suspected it was the cause, and also after reading this rating website. I strongly recommend that you do not take this medicine - it is not worth taking a chance. If you are experiencing side effects - hang in there and keep in touch with your doctor. I am back 100% and am grateful that I threw Lamisil away when I did. I plan to write to the National Institute of Health to inform them of my severe problems with this drug, and I encourage others with problems to do the same. F 58 6 weeks

 1  foot fungus After taking Lamsil for 3 weeks. lost all sense of taste and smell.Been off the drugs for 2 weeks still no taste or smell. would never take this drug again. it is not safe. Its no fun to lose one of your senses.I am diabetic and refuse to take the steriods I just hope my taste returns F 59 21 days
 1  TOE FUNGUS Facial hives and rash followed by extremely dry skin from about week three to week five, then lost my sense of taste. Even worse, food tastes bad like its spoiled or something, can's taste sweet or salt, yet water or coffee tastes salty. The facial rash i could handle, but the loss of taste is debilitating in many ways. wish I had visited this site before I took this poison. Where is 60 minutes or 20 20 when you really need them? Do not take this drug. M 58 55 days

 1  toenail fungus headache fatigue, hot flashes, clamy skin, achey body, insomnia, jelly feeling arms and legs I am so glad I found this site. I was worried I was starting early menopause the hot flashes were so bad. Within 24 hours of starting my first dose, I had a headache that would not stop, It was so bad a night, I thought I was going to die from a stroke! My arm and legs felt very heavy. I always felt hot and my face and arms would sweat even though to the touch my skin was cold. I took 2 doses, decided to skip a dose and I felt better. Went back on it on day 4 and these symptoms came right back. I was unable to function, had not energy, felt what I would describe as "depressed" though I have never suffered from depression. I decided after only 4 doses this is not worth it to get rid of fungus on 2 toenails. I is a quality of life thing. I can't imagine what it would do to my body if I were on it for an extended amount of time and I do not want to risk it. F 40 4 days

 1  Toenail Fungus Hair loss; mild nauseau I lost approximately half of my hair while taking Lamisil -- it was coming out by the handful. My podiatrist had never heard of the side effect, but confirmed it with me after doing some research. He said it happened in about 1% of patients. It took about an add'l 2-3 months for the hair loss to stop. Now I'm using a topical gel which is clearing up the fungus slowly, but I'm happy to be getting my thick, full hair back. M 37 16 days

 1  fungus nails complete loss of taste would not take it if I had known about side effects. It has been 6 wks after stop taking drug and no taste yet. M 74 8 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus After 5 days woke up with pain on inner side of knee extremely painful and sensitive touch. Day 9 developed lower back pain. Just realized after reading all the posts that I have been lethargic during the day and moving like a decades older. Normally very energetic and always moving. Interfering with my ability to exercise. Some bloating. Planning on calling my physician today. Probably will come off the medication. Disappointed because I do not know of any alternative treatment. M 49 9 days

 1  toe nail fungus lethargic; depression; very slow reaction time; insomnia all this on the second day. I started taking the generic form of lamisil 2 days ago, the first day was uneventful, but I couldn't sleep that well. Day two was bad. I was fine till about 3 hours after i took it and started feeling unmotivated and nearly unresponsive. I was at lunch with friends and they asked if I was feeling depressed. I told them i was on medication. All my other senses were enhanced though - smell, taste etc. I did get to a point of confusion though. i found myself walking back and forth unable to deside weather to put my keys on the table or sit down first. I felt like I had to lay down. I stayed at home the rest of the day and i felt better a few hours later. This stuff sucks big time. M 43 2 days
 1  slight toe fungus An itchy rash that started on the back of my head. Then it came out on my back, right in the middle, of course. Went to four dermatologists - NO ONE KNEW HOW TO HELP ME. Never take prescription drugs - especially this one. I have had this rash for four (yes,FOUR!) years now and probably will have to battle it the rest of my life. Should be banned in the United States. F

 1  Doctor's Order I didn't take it, after reading coments on this website. Forget the Lamisil. Go to your corner drugstore and spend a few bucks on VICKS VAPO-RUB ! It cures toenail fungus with NO side effects ! Just rub it in to your toes every night, and that's it ! M 69

 1  Toenail fungus The worst possible I had pretty much all of the worst of the side effects, depression, unable to eat and feeling all around bad. I stopped taking these about maybe 7 or 8 months ago and eventhough I am mush better then I was when I was on the pills. My nails are great and everything, I still have episodes. I'm not completely myself and I don't know what to do because when I did go to my doctor with the side effects in the beginning he said that he hadn't heard of them and maybe it wasn't the pills. He didn't believe me but I know it was the pills. All I can say is no one should ever take these pills because you are still going to be dealing with the side effects for months after finishing the pills. F 21 4 months
 1  toe nail fungas LOSS OF TASTE BUDS! I have been taking this medication now for 6 weeks (half way mark) and will discontinue because it is affecting the quality of my life. At 4 weeks lost my sense of taste buds, everything I eat tastes like nothing. Its like eating and drinking the taste of water. My mood has also been affected, cranky all the time, and not to mention no sex drive. Its not worth loosing one of your senses over this. So i guess i will just live with the fungas and be sure to hide my feet in the sand in the summer. F 38 6 days

 1  Fingernail infection 2 days of dizziness, 1 week of headache, 1 month of abdominal pain/cramp which hasn't gone away yet 4 weeks after quitting the pill... I had read all the comments here, but I wanted to try anyway... One of the most regrettable decisions of my life... I have been suffering strange abdominal cramps/discomfort on the lower right. It started on the 8th day. It has then spreaded to some nerves probably, because I am having pains on mu hip and legs too... I don't know what the hell this drug did to me... Doctors can't diagnose anything... I can't believe I am in this kind of problem all of a sudden, just because of a small infection I was trying to heal... I beg people who read this. You never know what this is going to do to you. JUST STAY AWAY... I wish I had done that :((((( M 33 11 days

 1  Nail fungus Sudden taste changes after 5 and a half weeks. didn't connect to Lamisil initially. Complete loss of taste and sudden dizziness after 6 weeks - scary. Everything tasted salty, even water. Salty things and sweet thing had no taste. Chocolate tasted like a lump of fat. Most disturbing constant salty taste. Taste has gradually improved over 2 weeks after stopping Lamisil and is now (thankfully!)getting back to normal. Dizziness lessened after about a week of stopping but still get occasionally. Hasn't fixed my nail. Don't ever take this! No nail problem is worth these risks. F 44 6 weeks

 1  toe nail fungus Fatigue, lethargy, muscle and joint pain, intense weird dreams,insomnia, muddled thinking It took me 3 weeks to finally realize that it was this DAMN, HORRIBLE drug that was making my life miserable. My character changed so much on Lamisil.In general, I am extremely health and go the the gym regularly with a zest for life.I have stopped taking it for only one day now and feels so much better-almost like I have my life back. What is freeaky is that both my GP and Dermatologist and Pharmacist offer little warnings about the complications of this drug. STAY AWAY from this stuff! M 3 weeks

 1  toenail fungus At the six week point I lost the ability to taste. This was very distressing and I was not able to find any information about how long this might last. My doctor and pharmacist were both clueless saying they had never heard that before from previous patients. I called Novartis (the drug manufacturer) and was not given any useful information only to contact my doctor who as I said, didn't know! I could not register sweet taste at all and what I could taste didn't taste the way it was supposed to - it was literally like eating garbage! Water was foul, coffee tasted like salt, meats were extremely gross. I have had a continual bitter taste in my mouth and have developed a sore throat and a gnawing sensation in my stomach - I think it may be acid reflux so I'm taking Prilosec OT which seems to be helping. I quit the lamisil 4 weeks ago when these symptoms began and I still do not have my taste back. No one has been able to tell me how long this will last or assure me that my taste F 48 6 weeks


 1  Toe Nail Fugus Rash on day 1 that got progressivly worse through day 3. Have had toe fungus for 10 years. Figured that since I just had a clean bill of health (liver panel) and the drug went generic I would give it try. I took the pill on Tuesday at 6:00pm with dinner. By the next day at 4:00pm I had a rash that developed under my right arm pit that ran from front to back. I also developed a rash that started in between my butt cheeks all the way to the front. It is a minor rash but it itchs pretty bad. I took the pill for another 2 days, but have decided to stop taking it to see if the rash disapears. M 31 3 days

 1  Toe Fungus After taking Lamisil for 14 days, developed a really bad case of hives. Also metallic tatse in my mouth and sore throat. At first I thought I might be having a allergic reaction to some shrimp I ate, but starting wondering about side effects of Lamisil. I found this web site and have stopped taking them. The itch is like something I have never had before!!! F 54 14 days

 1  yellow nails I was on Lamisil for 30 days, before I lost my taste. It took me about a week to figure out it was from the Lamisil. I went on line and typed in “loss of taste lamisil”. To my surprise a number of sites came up and I found out I was not alone. I called my PCP and the dermatologist and told them about it. Both told me it was very rare and my taste would return. After going through all the material on line I called the doctors back and told them to go on line and then tell me it’s rare. I was very upset with the side affect and let them know any time they prescribe this drug, the patient should be told about the potential for loss of taste besides the liver damage Lamisil may cause. Your doctor should draw blood before you even start the drug to be sure your liver enzymes are normal. Anyone with liver trouble should not take the drug. I asked the doctor how long I would have the loss of taste. The answers ranged from 3 weeks to 3 months to 3 years and one said I may nev M 56 30 days

 1  toe fungus Complete loss of taste at week 6. Everything tastes like cardboard. Water tastes salty. Metallic taste in mouth. No noticeable improvement with toe. It's been 2 weeks since the last lamisil tablet and taste has not yet returned although the metallic taste has subsided. Worried that I will never taste again. Toe is still the same. F 33 6 weeks

 1  fungal nail infection Major allergic rash which started on chest and spread to all areas of the body.Stopped taking lamisil 6weeks ago and rash still very apparent. Cleared up on chest where it started but keep getting flare ups when stressed or hot. Very itching and burning especially on soles of feet. Fatigue (out of breath when climbing stairs in house), lethargy, loss of appetite, feeling faint especially when going from a change in temperature, intense wierd dreams, insomnia, pains in joints especially fingers and toes. Prescribed a high dose of prednisolone (steroids) for a week wth no effect, now taking anti-histamines with some effect. F 29 42 days

 1  Toenail fungus Extreme alcohol intolerance. Intense headaches. Insomnia. Like a lot of other people on this site, my husband was never told about these potential side effects and now he feels like he is dying! We went to a friend birthday last night and had a few beer. He started puking almost immediately and still feels horrible. He's been on the medication for four days and has had a severe headache the entire time. He is also suffering from insomnia. M 28 4 days

 1  Toenail fungus on one toe After taking Lamisil for the entire 90 days, I became aware that I could no longer taste or smell. It's been three years since I took the drug and neither my sense of taste or smell has returned. Additionally, my toenail fungus has returned. If I could turn backthe clock, I would never take Lamisil again. M 71 90 days
 1  Toenail Fungus Anyone else have a fever? F 24 45 days

 1  3 toes nails infection I was so afraid of Lamisil reading all these comments. So, I soaked my foot in 1/2 white vinegar + warm water everyday since middle of June 2007. I had 3 infected toes nails. I soaked while I ate dinner, while I was at my working desk. About 20 minures a a time ar as long as I had time. All of my 3 toe nails are now all healed , no sign of infection any more. Email me if you like. I'll be more than happy to share with you the good news. It cost me about 2 gallons of white , cheap vinegar ($6) after suffering for about 5, 6 years and lots of money on medicines that are good for nothing. IT DOES WORK. Try it and be patient. REMEMBER the vinegar needs to soak into the nail as much as when you get the nail soften by being in the swimming pool. that is when the vinegar really get to the fungus. The infected nails were just so soft and bad that they peeled off after the vinegar got to the fungus. F 51
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