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 3  Multiple Pulmonary Embolisms Stinging after the med is injected for a full minute; huge, fist sized purple/black/red bruises; severe nausea at first, but got better after about a month. F 34 6 months
100 MG 2X D

 4  blood clot in right atrium on port I am new to this drug but not to giving myself shots. I have been on methotrexate injections for several years 1 time a week.I also have been on several self injectable biological drugs for my ra. But NEVER and I do mean NEVER have i had knots with pain & bruises like this! Tgey are to the point I literally cry because they hurt so bad. F 39 10 days
 5  Pregnancy - History Of DVT Lightheaded, fatigue and nausea . I took lovenox throughout my first pregnant for almost a year. F 23 1 years
30mg 2x
 3  factor v/ pregnant and on bedrest! very bad bruising, got a very very bad rash on the sides i put the injection on... the medicine is the bad part, the shot itself is ok but when it goes in it stings!!!!! like a bee!!! i developed a very bad rash not only around my stomach where i give myself the shot but around my breasts too...and i know its the shots cause i had no problem before!!! im currently 21 weeks pregnant and hoping for a happy ending since i come from a history of 6 miscarriages and lovenox is supposed to stop that..i had never gotten so far!!! i also think im loosing weight but thats good!!! F 26 4 weeks
40 mg
 1  Dvt in leg Football sized hematoma, anemia knots all over stomach painful had to be hospitalized, cellulitis symptoms but don't think I have it, now my skin is turning purplish black after bruising went away and scared my skin is dying F 53 3 weeks
16o mg 2X D

 3  Extensive blood clots through leg No side effects so far but the burning after the injection is terrible. F 16 2 days
80 MG

 4  DVT AND PE AND FACTOR V Bruising and nodulers under skin where injections were given ... F 55 10 months
 5  Pregnancy/Antiphosolipid syndrome mild pain with injections, bruising at site, recently oozing from site First pregnancy ended at 29 weeks with myself almost dying due to HELLP and PRE-E, son was born extremely small and spent 3 mths in hospital. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and don't believe that would have happened without Lovenox F 32 9 months
40mg 1X D

 4  PE Massive hematomas, damage to liver and grossly enlarged pancreas, price is outrageous!! I have hereditary elevated factor VIII, Coumadin resistant. Had to go off lovenox due to abn numbers from kidney functions. I feel like a walking time bomb!! F 34 4 months
120 2X D
 1  Blood clot BLOODY urine for 5 days and almost had kidney failure, ending up in surgery with 2 stents from my kidneys to my bladder!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! F 70
1X D

 1  My mom was taking it aft knee repla My mother had Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia AND Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis after 10 doses of Lovenox! She almost died. Only 10 reported cases of this in American Medical Journals-only one to a replacement patient-hip-69 years old and she died! My mother is the only living knee replacement patient to have survived it! She has been on Arixtra for 4 months. Even though it is rare-people are allergic to Lovenox/Heparin and if they are it most often is fatal! Watch for headaches, nausea, vomiting after you start taking it!!! 10 days
1X D
 4  Blood clots Stinging sensation,light bruising. mild headaches. Injecting slowly eases the pain. Night sweats. M 51 3 months
30mg 2X D
 5  FVL, Lupus Anticoag, DVT, Double PE Slight bruising at some injection site, patient error from clutching skin too tight. Slight taste In mouth while injecting. No other side effects. Warfarin user for 10 years, switched to Lovenox because pt/inr would not stay normal. Was getting blood drawn every week. Since off warfarin not tired all the time and feel better in general. F 38 2 months
180 mg day

 3  pregnant, misscarriages Intense burning sensation and pain during shot and for several minutes after, don't know how I can do this for 6 months, so far only light headedness followed by shot F 20 6 months
1shot dail

 3  Recurring blood clots and pregnant Nausea,vomiting,headache,lightheaded,blackout spells, bruising, weakness, bruising at injection site with hematomas, eye sight loss from headaches, hemorrhaging from female area,nose and throat, chills and couldn't keep warm and blood was way too thin! F 26 9 months
40mg 2X D
 2  Dvt,Ovt and pregnancy Extreme hematomas, pain, and tenderness at the injection site. Have had to receive stitches for severe bleeding at injection site. Mild nausea and vomiting. I was on arixtra for almost 2 years with no problems, due to not becoming therapeutic on warfarin 6 months prior. Arixtra was perfect for me and the reason I had to switch to lovenox was due to my pregnancy. I have had 3dvts in my legs, and 1 massive dvt on my ovary, all of which while taking warfarin. I would recommend arixtra to anyone currently on lovenox because of less side effects. As I became further along in my pregnancy, pinching skin was harder than ever, and I was allowed other injection sites besides my stomach, but with the same results, horrible hematomas that required stitches. Very disapointed with this drug, mainly because I've seen how blood thinners don't have to interfere with your daily life. For everyone who reads this and is dissatisfied with lovenox, but doesnt know of anything better, ask your doctor about arixtra! F 28 9 months
 4  PE in right lung Stinging at time of injection and up to 5 minutes afterwards. brusing, some small bleeding at injection site afterwards. I could not take Warfarin because of the bad headaches, dizzy/foggyness as well as chest pains, muscle aches. Switched to Lovenox 14 days ago and while it's not fun to inject shots 2 times a day, I don't have the same symptoms I had on the Warfarin. I still get the slight headaches once in awhile and a little foggyness at times from the shots. I also feel bloated from the shots. Drink a lot of water and the headaches and bloated feeling goes away. I hope to only be on these shots 3 more months. F 47 14 days
80mg 2X D
 4  p.e. Pain at the injection site, knots, tenderness, F 17 9 months

 4  Clotting disorder, pregnancy Stinging sensation during injection and for a few minutes after. Slight bruising at injection site. F 29 4 months
40 MG 1X D

 4  DVT, factor five warfarin resistant stinging during and after administering shot. Some bruising, one bad hematoma. Very helpful advice on this site on how to administer shot and avoid some of the pain. Thanks! I am warfarin resistant so this is my only option. No bad side effects. Don't love the shots but can easily deal with them. I'll be on lovenox for 3 months then not sure. F 63 30 days
80 2X D

 4  Pulmonary Embolism Stinging sensation during injection and a full minute afterwards. Bruising. I'm not a fan of injecting myself twice a day but it has made a world of difference in my life. I was on Coumadin for 2 1/2 months and could not function I was so fatigued and foggy. I FINALLY feel like myself again, first time in almost 3 months. F 37 14 days
80 mg 2X D
 5  DVT + Coumadin failure and new PE The nausea I struggled with in the beginning is now just an occasional nuisance. Other than a bruise now and then, I no longer experience any regular side-effects with Lovenox. F 47 3 months
150 1X D

 4  DVT and bilateral PE Slight bruising at injection site I had an allergic reaction to coumadin and taking Lovenox is my only option for right now until other drugs are approved for use in DVT cases. It does not give me any side effects, I just wish it were covered a little more by my insurance. F 19 9 months
40 mg 2X D
 1  pregnancy My wife was put on lovenox during her pregnancy, because she had a blood clot in her leg 20 years earlier. When she was 7.5 months pregnant, she died of a brain aneurysm. The doctors are pretty coy about what role the blood thinner played, but I cannot help but think that she would not have internally bled to death without the blood thinners. Even with the lovenox, my wife had a miscarriage a year before the pregnancy where lovenox participated in her bleeding to death. F 38 7.5 months
35 mg 2X D

 4  DVT, Bitaleral PE, clotting factor Slight injection site tenderness. Switched from Coumadin when my hair was becoming brittle and significantly falling out. After 3 weeks off Coumadin my hair has stopped falling out and texture is almost back to normal. I will put up with injections forever in order to keep my hair! F 56 2 months
100 mg. 1X D
 3  Prevention-Acute Injury Bruising at sites-MAJOR body aches and very low energy. F 52 6 weeks
40 MG 1X D
 5  postive factor five Just bruising taking the shot is like breathing now very easy I feel the lovenox has saved my life..4 blood clots in my right leg PE in right lung..clot in my vena cava now have greenfield filter.. Lovenox makes me.feel safe F 42 10 years
100 1X D
 5  blood clotting disorder - pregnancy pain during injection, bruising, occasional knots under injection site i have not had any additional side effects whatsoever and don't think i was even aware that there were any likely "extra" side effects besides the injection issues. i took this my entire first pregnancy without complication as well, and was so very grateful for it since it allowed me a successful pregnancy unlike earlier miscarriages. F 36 9 months
40 mg 1X D

 4  Leiden Factor V/Pregnancy Burning during & after injection. Some bruising depending on where administered. Sensitive skin for about an hour after injection. Some tummy issues, not sure if it is the Lovenox or pregnancy. So far this isn't the worst thing I have ever been prescribed, but I am not a fan of injecting myself semi-long term. I am pregnant and found out about half way in I am heterozygous FVL, no previous clots, but family history. So I was put on purely as a precaution. F 34 7 days
30 MG 2X D
 4  DVT during pregnancy Nausea and diarrhea, bad headaches, bruising and pain at injection sites. I am thrilled that the pain in my leg is gone (the DVT was extremely painful) but dealing with the side effects stinks. I feel wiped out, very sick to my stomach, and the headaches sometimes leave me in tears. I'll have to take this until my pregnancy is over, so it feels like the longest pregnancy ever, but I'm happy to not be in the pain from my leg. F 34 2 weeks
100 mg 2X D

 4  Blood clots after breaking ankle Weakness, dizziness, nausea (eating makes this better, not worse), headaches Injecting myself is no fun, but considering that a CT scan had already shown some clots in the lungs, I don't have much choice, as ankle surgery remains a possibility (so no Coumadin -- yet). As my mother said (regarding her cancer treatment), "it beats the alternative." Glad to see that others have same symptoms, not all of which are listed by manufacturer. M 48 9 days
70 MG 2X D
 4  Blood clots The first week I felt very dizzy and I got headaches. I felt weak. Now, I`m okay, just a slight sting after the injection and bruising on the stomach. I hate putting this stuff into my body, before this I was on cumadine and that was no better. Wish everyone good life and strong health who has to take this drug. It`s not easy. Hang in there:) F 21 1 months
60MG 2X D
 5  Lupus anticoagulant syndrome Burning, itching, bruising, lumps at injection site. I dry the alcohol at the site with a hair dryer before the injection and that seems to help. 9 weeks into a very small dose of estrogen (HRT), I had permanent vision loss due to a central retinal artery occlusion. Much testing revealed high levels of lupus anticoagulant antibodies. I fall a lot because I've lost my depth perception and that leads to bruising, but the bruising isn't outrageous on the lovenox. Supposedly I'll be on the lovenox for life. F 50 2 months
120mg 1X D
 3  blood clots Lumps, black and blue, and itching at injection site, very uncomfortable. M 64 2 weeks
100MG 2X D
 3  P.E.-pregnancy Pain at injection site, painfull burning and irritation of the injection site,tenderness, red rashes,mild bruising,vomiting, loose stools, shakes, dizziness, and head aches, I was diagnosed with a Pulminary Embolis in September of 2010, I have been on the shots on and off the entire time and befor the pregnancy I was on the cumidin and the lovenox. Doctors took me off of the cumidin due to it is unsafe for the baby. I have had miscariages in the past but the doctors didn't do any test to know the cause they just said a force of nature, this is my 7th pregnancy and only 3 living. I am 12 weeks so far and no problems. I had my miscariages up to my 11th week. I've got good doctors and looking for the best. F 26 1 months
100 mg 2X D
 4  pulmonary embolisms my husband, who vets his own cattle, administered the shots and did a stellar job. I didn't feel them. Only tiny bruises ocassionally. F 52 8 days
30 mg 2X D
 2  Coumadin failure In the past two months, have been prescribed to take twice daily; stop Coumadin. Further past, have taken on/off when Coumadin has been unsuccessful and/or when preparing for a medical procedure. Currently, I am having tingling, numbness in my spine, arms and legs, huge hematomas at injection sites, pressure in my lower adbdomen. I feel more uncomfortable with twice daily long term Lovenox than on Coumadin. F 51 5 years
100 mg 2X D

 3  3clots and 1 pe and MTHFR GENE constant diarrhea yellow bile, have developed osteopenia and have had broken ribs, arm and now L1 2 3 4 5 are messed up. take infusion for osteoprosis doesnt wk. feel like crap all the time. bed ridden lots of the time. thyroid problems, virtigo, grummpy, sad. pissed off. coumidin resestant more pissed. I went all the way to UVA to see a specialist. I''m from tex. cost me tons thought I got answers. she said go back on coumidin sence havent had clot in couple of yrs. ( have trapeze filter) idea was when inr reached 2.5 I could go off shot and take coumidin inr would only reach 1.1. even on legal highest dose. Just last week found 2 superficial clots left ankle. but back is killing me can't sit down at all have to stand or lie down. Im wondering that it is the shots, I am so sick of this sometimes just want it all to stop. all the dr.s do is give me more pills like last wk.;pills for pancreas for stool prob. they make me sick. heart rate to high so pills 4 that, makes heart flutter an saved me at first, now, killing me slowly F 52 5 years
120mg 1X D
 4  MTHFR, FACTOR V AND PREGNANT Just a burning sensation the entire time the drug is being administered. The needled doesn't hurt. Just the drug itself. Minimal bruising (so far). I found it helps out with minimizing the bruising if you sit down, grab your stomach fat and put the needle in at a 90 degree angle vs. laying down and doing it. I miscarried after 3 months and the oncologist is hoping that this will help. I knew I had factor V, but didn't know about the other one until he retested me for a bunch. It's super important you have them check you for multiple blood clotting disorders, especially if you're trying to get pregnant. Cross you fingers for me :) F 28 9 months
150 MG 1X D

 1  Rheumatoid Pluracy Severe burning at injection site followed by a skin rash. Burning continued and rash grew larger and itching began. I have no history of clots or high blood pressure. After three days of intense burning, rash and itch I refused injections. If you need it take it. In my case it appears the hospital was pushing lovenox to raise my bill. M 69 3 days
1X D

 3  Stroke prevention cardiac ablation I hit 2 threshholds.1) after 4 doses (spaced at 12 hrs.)-chills, nasuea, joint pain,confusion, balance problems. To continue taking I spaced at 18 hrs.beginning w/the fifth dose. 2)at 2 weeks (spaced at 18 hrs.) experienced intense arthritis throughout my body. Have continued with 24 hr spacing. I also have had bruising, headaches and fatigue. This drug has a half life of 12 hours and stays in an average person's body for 96 hrs.or more. so each additional dose increases the concentration. Spacing more than 12 hrs kept the level from getting toxic for me. F 63 30 days
60 mg 2X D
 3  Pulmonary Emboli Bruising, headache. But the worst side effect by far, for me was the allergic rash I started getting on the 4th day. Itchy red rash, worse all over abdomen, spreading to my scalp, legs, arms, crotch...horrible! The rash went away within two days after stopping Lovenox. Luckily my INR was in therapeutic range and I will be able to continue on Coumadin only. My fear is that I will develop another clot...hope I am not allergic to drugs similar to Lovenox(like heparin). The injections were not pleasant. But they saved my life as my right lung was not functional due to the pulmonary emboli(multiple blood clots in lung). F 44 6 days
80mg 2X D

 4  Factor V, Pregnancy Migraines... I wake up every day with a horrible headache, and usually get at least one more during the day. Doc gave me Fiorecet to help and so long as I take that, I don't notice any other side effects. Since I'm taking this postpartum, there is enough fat in my belly that I don't really feel the injection or burning, though occasionally it will really get my attention. F 28 6 weeks
1X D

 3  DVT Headache. Slight redness at injection sites M 57 5 days
80 2X D

 4  splenectomy and blood clot black and blue, itching, heaviness in legs F 51 4 years
100mg 1X D

 4  Antiphospholipid Syndrome Bruising, hematomas, soreness until I experimented and became adept at giving myself the shots. Anyone who complains of these things would be wise to experiment and ask several nurses to demonstrate proper technique. I noticed someone here saying things improved for them AFTER they began pinching the skin while giving the injection. No subcutaneous should EVER be given without pinching the site. There's no way to avoid bruising and huge lumps if you aren't pinching the skin at the injection site. Those who complain of the liquid being "painful" need to pinch tighter. Done correctly, there is virtually no pain associated with this injection unless you happen to hit some nerves. In this case, pull out and move slightly. Give the injection slowly. Count to 30 quickly while giving the injection slowly -- very slowly. Always pinch the skin. When finished, hold the needle where it is and count to 5 quickly. Pull it out a little and count to 10 quickly. Then slowly remove it the rest of the way. NEVER rub the injection site BEFORE or AFTER giving yourself the injection. You'll bruise heavily, get hematomas, and experience pain as a result. This really should be no big deal. If it is, you're doing it wrong. F 54 1 years
120 mg 2X D
 4  MTHFR Pregnancy burns during injection, lots of bruising & hard knots at injection sites After losing 4 children during pregnancy, and having 2 successfully with this drug, I think it is a miracle. Wish they could make it cheaper with less pain and bruising, but that's nothing if it means having living-breathing children. F 32 10 months
30mg 1X D
 3  Knee surgery Some nausea, diarrhea, slight headache, minor sting in the injection site and bruising. I would rather not take it. Main thing I feel is like a light case of the flu. M 42 10 days
40 MG 1X D

 4  DVT Bruising, stinging, headaches Still do not have a cause for the DVT, which is over 2 feet long. Still testing. Shots are kind of a hassle with school. F 13 90 days
70 MG 2X D

 5  left ovarian thrombosis bruising, stinging when injecing, some bleeding when injecting, some headaches and grumpiness. I developed left ovarian thrombosis post-partum and was in the hospital twice. We did a second CT after 30 days and found a significant reduction in size but are continuing the shots twice daily for another 30 days with another CT to make sure that the clot is completely gone. F 36 40 days
 5  Pregnancy Headaches (cured by walking & eating ice chips), bruising, & hard knots at the injection site I lost my first child & if I would not have been admitted for a rare blood disorder than I may have lost the present baby due to blood clots; the doctor's found the 2 mutated genes for blood clots and immediately put me on the injection of 70 & I am alive again...I am able to walk for almost an hour, work a full shift and eat. My fiance administers the shot and yes it does hurt, but I love not having to worry about loosing my son F 29 3 weeks

 4  DVT 6 years prior to pregnancy Purple/blue bruising and large hardened lumps at some injection site. Pain when plunger pushed down on syringe and drug released into skin. Slightly more rapid heartbeat 10 mins or so after injection - could be anxiety/paranoia? Tiny bit of bleeding after injecting. DVT after longhaul flight from Hawaii, to London Heathrow, then Newcastle in close succession, had recently taken birth control pill dianette at time. Now pregnant Lovenox offered as precaution given my history. Instructed to inject on side of thigh, not belly- started treatment at 23 weeks pregnant and will continue until 24 hrs before birth and afterwards also I expect as post=partum DVT just as much as a risk I heard. Concerned about getting an epidural while on Lovenox as I heard this can cause serious bad side effects if the two are combined..any know about this? F 27 21 days
 5  DVT in right leg Mild bruising at injection sites; burning sensation after injection; lethargic; lack of normal appetite; muscular throbbing/aching in chest and back I have had two DVTs in the past two years. Currently on coumadin, which I love. No side effects. During my second DVT I was on Lovenox for almost 8 weeks and felt horrible. I am looking to get pregnant in the next year and fearful of the side effects from lovenox again. My dr. recommended Fragmin could be an alternative, but I can't find much about this drug and if it will cause the same side effects as the lovenox. F 32 8 weeks
 3  full hip replacement Hard to separate from post-surgery anemia, but did have extreme fatigue throughout treatment. Used ice pack to dull the post stick stinging which is quite noticeable. Also had headache. F 60 28 days

 3  Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome I have been very tired ever since taking the shots. Irritable and almost short tempered. I have been very gasy and have had some stomach discomfort. Black and Blues at point of puncture small lumps at injection site. I have a rare blood dissorder where the blood clots in my veins. It is called "Anticardio Phospholipid Syndrome" and is also called "APS" "Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome". It is an auto imude disease where the body fightes against itself. I am currently taking 15mg of coumadin daily as well along with the Lovenox 100mg twice a day. We are having a difficult time making my blood levels theraputic. I noticed if you ice the area down before and after the needle it hurts much less and the stingy doesn't last as long. M 33 11 days
 4  DVT/ PE/ Rare Blood Disorder I dont feel anything like myself, low energy, Axienty, cant sleep at night(dont go to bed till about 1 a.m.), sore stomach, the injections hurt because of how thick the liquid is, when you clean the area with the alcohol let the area dry first before injecting, it wont hurt as much. I am also on Coumadin taking 15mg a day regardless of if I have to give myself shots Because i have a rare blood disorder (less then 1% of the population have it) i am required to have my INR tested twice a week right now, when its where it should be i dont have to give myself shots, but i find the side effects are more apparent, i have only been off them for a day so far, next week i go back to get my blood tested to see if my INR is still where it should be if not i have to take shots, Im taking Coumadin as well and it seems that when im not on the shots the symptoms are worse. I am a Lifer of these two drugs, something im going to look into is a Homeopathy item called ARNICA MOTANA, its made from a plant and when taken oraly it CAN help with blood clots and work with Coumadin, im going to take what i found to my Doctor and get his take on it. Who knows if it will help but what the hell right? M 21 3 weeks

 4  left ovarian thrombosis large bruising, hard knots, stinging during and after injection was admitted to hospital postpartum with pain in my left side due to left ovarian thrombosis, was in hospital for about 7days on antibiotics and heperan, sent me home on 100mg of lovenox every 12 hrs for 8 days also taking warfarin daily for the next 6 months F 30 8 days
 4  Factor V Leiden, PE right lung tiny bruises around injection site, constant diarrhea, HEADACHES that seem to never go away, burning/stinging after medicine is injected, hot/cold flashes, an itch as the medicine moves through my body, mood swings, fatigue, skin is very sensitive. i went to the ER complaining of chest pains and difficulty breathing. once tested (xray, ekg, cat scan) they diagnosed me with a pulmonary embolism. they assured me it was treatable and that we had caught it in time. they told me if i had waited 2 more days, i would have died. at 17, thats a scary thought. so i have been on lovenox shots for almost 1 month and i do not enjoy the injections, but i dont really mind them. they are tiny needles and dont really cause that much pain. F 17 1 months

 4  blood clots due to APS bruising, hard lumps, I had a blood clot in my artery behind my knee in my right leg. Dr. removed it and put me on Coumidan. About 3 wks later developed blood clot same place. Dr said he was going to take my leg off 2 inches above my knee. I said I wanted a second opinion. Went to Baylor in Dallas. Diagnosed with APS. Dr put me on Lovenox injections every 12 hrs. Took blood clot out and took vein from left leg and placed in right leg...also had to have my big toe amputated, due to lack of circulation. Haven't had ANY problems since. I feel VERY blessed! Feel free to contact me! F 53 7 years
 5  FVL MTHFR pregnancy occasional pain/stinging at injection site, bruising, nausea when upping the dose This was a relatively easy way to treat my blood clotting disorder during pregnancy/postpartum. No monitoring needed, which was nice, although it is very expensive. No problems with delivery - stopped the shots 24 hours before an induction and was on them again twelve hours after delivery. F 29 10 months

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