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 4  depression None while on it; difficult to get off of. A slow, steady taper over a few months works, along with omega 3. F 58 10 years
150 mg 1X D

 5  Depression/Anxiety Zero. This is the only antidepressant, besides Pristiq, that doesn't give me side effects. Awesome drug. I am SO thankful for it! I think Pristiq is slightly better, but Effexor is more affordable. I'm very fond of it. F 38 1 years

 5  Depression, anxiety At the very beginning, I did experience an inability to have an orgasm. That lasted a few weeks. My brain feels very hot and full at times and sometimes I get a sensation in my brain like a distant thunder rumble, curious but not painful or alarming. I don't think they're related to brain zaps. I have a decreased craving for sugar. Effexor saved my life! I've been chronically depressed since early childhood, so I had no personal frame of reference about how other people experience life. I had been on Zoloft and Prozac a long time ago with no effect, I learned how things I had accepted as immutable are actually optional. I would recommend Effexor if you haven't had luck with other antidepressants. F 39 5 months
150 1X D

 4  Depression When I first started taking this I had many severe side effects. I have now been taking it for about two months and the worst thing is I stay super hot all the time and sweating, nothing can keep me cooled down. F 16 2 months
75mg twice
 2  motivation and depression, crying. Tired'headache, constipated, not motivated or doing things I did like to do. No appetite, just blah. F 62 1 weeks
 3  Depression It caused severe constipation, dry mouth and weight gain. I decided to change my medication, but found myself with severe withdrawal symptoms. It was extremely difficult to get off of it. I am considering going on either Lexapro or Wellbutrin. I am also taking Azilect for another issue. Can someone please recommend either the Lexapro or Wellbutrin? F 46 180 days
10 MG 1X D
 1  major depression, panic disorder, P Being on effexor I have 0 energy. Get tired from the smallest things. Disrupted sleep, inability to orgasm properly. Massive weight gain. Coming off- brain zaps, foggy, dizzy, vision blurry, nausea, constantly sleeping, extreme rage fits, emotions very unbalanced. Stay away! F 26 6 years
1X D

 4  Depression & Anxiety I only have one real complaint about this medication, I am unable to achieve orgasm. It takes about 1 hour minimum to acheive "IF" I will have one at all and I can't tell till right at the moment of. Additionally I missed a few doses over a long holiday weekend when my pharmacy was closed, I experienced sweating, an out of body dizziness, and definately did not feel safe to drive (I didn't by the way). Did great for my depressive issues but did little to handle my anxiety issues M 34 6 months
225MG 1X D
 4  Major depression/ bipolar 2 Fatigue, gas, appetite loss, weight loss, slight euphoria, insomnia, restlessness and I feel much calmer. F 43 6 weeks
75 mg 1X D
 5  bipolar2 depression Slight nausea. F 64 8 days
225mg 1X D

 1  Depression, PTSD weight gain, loss of sexual sensitivity While effexor helped the depression, I gained 50 pounds and lost some degree of sexual sensitivity. It's also a beast to get off of. I wouldn't recommend this drug to anyone. F 57 9 years
150 mg 1X D

 2  Major Depressive Disorder Stomach pains, Diarrhea, loss of sleep, oversleeping, lack of appetite, empty feeling, etc M 18 2 years
100 MG

 3  PTSD,depression, anxiety serious suicidal inclination, dizziness, brain zaps, electrical impulses down legs, leg cramps, chest tension, head aches, yeasty smelling sweat, nausea, terrible night mares, sleeplessness, dry mouth, memory problems, decreased sex drive, notable decrease in over all drive and desire for life in general, fuzzyheadedness, and others I can't remember now. At one time I tried to increase my dose and experienced scary severe body shocks and tightening. Coming off Effexor XR I experienced sever dizziness, nightmares, anxiety, excessive sweating without cause, diarrhea, unstable mood, lowered immune system. Effexor numbed me enough to cope though I suffered terribly any way. I am still seeing a therapist. The side effects were not worth it. They intended to keep me on it the rest of my life but this was not meant to be. I unfortunately was diagnosed with 3rd stage kidney disease soon after my daughter's passing and I made the decision to no longer pollute my body though Effexor was not the cause. Effexor may help you to get through a tough time, but it is not a cure. Carefully weigh the negatives first. F 37 3 years
150mg 1X D
 4  Panic Disorder/Depression Always a bit tired on it, foggy, memory is not so good on it. The drug overall saved my life. I havent experienced the withdrawals everybody raves about so far, because I havent wanted to come off it. It worked well in shielding me from hardcore depression and anxiety. It also isnt as numbing as previous drugs I have been on. Anxiety/Depression < Risk of withdrawals \ side effects M 31 3 years
300Mg 1X D
 5   Slight Headache, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Insomnia I was afraid of taking Effexor at first but am now glad I took it. I feel normal. Not drugged out. You have to give this med a month and a half to really work. I love it and hope it doesn't quit on me like all the rest did. F 57 6 months
37.5 mg 2X D

 4  anxiety I cannot get off this med. The side effects are so bad I just stay on it. My dr said it would not hurt me to stay on it. F 51 10 years
 5  Depression and GAD (Anxiety) Long-term side effects; virtually none with the exception of over-sleeping in the morning and not getting tired in the evening. Short-term; nausea, fast-heart-rate, nightmares, erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia (first few weeks). Diarrhoea and difficulty achieving orgasm (first month or so). Brilliant for depression. Started out on 37.5mg for the first week or so, then went to the full 75mg and have stayed there since. Switched to the extended release a few weeks in to relieve nausea. Touch-wood, never had anything so effective for my depression. I think a lot of people are started out too high on this drug and end up with nasty side effects followed by an unpleasant time tapering down. M 22 6 months
75mg XR 1X D
 1  Anxiety Hair loss, made anxiety worse Terrible. Almost turned me into an alcoholic F 43 4 months
1X D

 1  Depression and anxiety After only one hour I experienced the worst anxiety ever I felt like I wanted to run and stay running. I got severe thirst and just felt awful like I was on a roller coaster ride non stop never again will I take this. F 34 1 days
? 1X H

 3  depression, anxiety, pmdd, anger Fatigue at first, after getting used to it I got insomnia. Even with the insomnia, I felt tired all the time and just wanted to lay on the couch. If you ever missed a dose you get terrible withdraws like headaches, brain zaps, tingly feeling thru whole body, tired, nausea, severe mood variations, totally out of body feeling, vivid nightmares, and pure hell. It did work really well for a few months with taking away my depression and making me a happier person and my family could actually stand my presence but before the medication, I was mean to everyone. F 23 1 years

 2  depression, anxiety nausea, insomnia, disorientation, head rush, anxiety, gas being on it sucked, coming off it sucks F 25
37.5 1X D

 1  Anxiety/panic attacks Jaw clenching, dizziness, hot feeling in chest,disorientated, shakiness, light headed, just out of it..took it one day and will never take it again! F 35 1 days

 1  Panic attacks , anxiety I am begging you , DO NOT take Effexor!!!!! My body started going threw withdrawals from it on its own. I was doing fine on it too. Brain zaps, heart palpitations, anxiety, dizziness , weakness etc.started with no warning.. At the E R 3 times with Drs looking at me like I was crazy. I Am now going to a psychiatrist because they deal with these kind of medications all the time unlike medical doctors. She has been great trying to get me off of Effexor . The Brain Zaps are terrifying !!!! I pray to God constantly for help. They say it takes a long time for some people for them to go away. I guess I'm one of those.!!! Please do yourself a favor, please research your depression/ anxiety meds before you get that prescription filled. Brain zaps are so so frightening!!!!! Do not take Effexor!!!! F 58 4 years
150 mg

 2  anxiety nausea, jaw clenching, nightmares, poor sleep quality I tried this drug 3 times over two years. Each time I reduced the dose (broke up the tablets) so I could adjust to the medication. I tried 37 mg - made me panic. Tried 25 mg - panic. Broke 25 tabs in half, better... finally in 1/4s... no panics and so increase by 1/4s every 3 days. This was VERY helpful, however I could not shake some of the other side effects and so moved on to something else. IMO, people start WAY too high and then have horrible side effects that might otherwise never occur. Hope that helps. F 49 1 weeks
.06 1X D

 2  part of pain management after paxal sex problem, yawning initially finally stopped. weight gain fatigue general malaise after discontinuing back pain lessened , originally put on paxal and darvocet for pain management. and light depression when max dose of paxal was reached the dr switched me to effexor for higher doses when darvocet was withdrawn switched to Tramadol did not work as well as darvocet i i tried several times to taper off lots of confusion, brain zaps failed several times but finally did it 3 months ago and did not take Tramadol for a few days similar withdrawal be careful but my back pain has lessened considerably i do not think it caused it as i have a defect in spine but it did not help drug has uses but use as last not first treatment in my layman opinion as severe depression is not something to play with but be aware of the withdrawal and taper off i would never recommend cold turkey gov made a big mistake with taking darvocet off the mkt then recommending oxy... drugs 59 8 years
150 2X D

 4  Depression When I started on the 37 MG I experienced severe jaw clenching. It went away after I learned how to break the cycle of it (stuck a popsicle stick between my teeth). Now my doctor has increased my dose to 75 MG, and the jaw clenching has returned as is very painful. I am thinking that this will also go away soon, but we will have to see. Otherwise, this drug does a good job at steering my mind away from negative thoughts. It's worth it, hopefully there is a small percentage of people that get the jaw clenching because it is very painful and almost makes you want to give up. F 25 3 months
75 MG 1X D

 1  Deep depression MISERABLE amounts of constipation, deceased sex drive, brain zaps, weight gain, constantly nauseated stomach, weird dreams, insomnia, feeling lousy. Also, don't forget the fun you'll have getting off this drug: non-stop headaches, insomnia, feeling sick overall. M 47 18 months
75 mg 1X D

 1  anxiety Extreme pupil dilation, light headed, disorientation, nausea, fatigue F 23 2 days

 4  Pain management Effexor felt exactly like taking cymbalta, i had the same spacey head rush, but the difference was that i did receive neurological pain relief for a while at 100mg but cymbalta at 120mg did nothing for me. After a while the magic wore off so i tried effexor at 225mg (max dose) but it didn't bring back the initial relief. It took me a week or so to wean off of it. The withdrawal wasn't pleasant but not nearly as bad as weaning off cymbalta was. M 44 6 months

 4  Depression/Anxiety inability to have an orgasm weight gain Took Effexor for over 11 years. Stopped 2 year ago because I wanted to see if I was still depressed without it. So far so good. It was a great help in lessining my depression and anxiety. It also helped me not have explosive anger episodes. If I get seriously depressed again, I will have no problem resuming the meds. F 56 11 years
37.5 1X D
 3  Went through a difficult time Side effects were dizziness memory loss and fatigue. Withdrawal effects are horrible. There are side effects and withdrawal once you begin and stop taking this medication. I am 8 days off cold turkey. I have reason for doing it that way. My withdrawal is getting better with each day. This drug was not properly prescribed to me, after researching for several years and going against doctors orders I did what was right for me. Day 1 -7 are tough but I feel a little more alive with each passing day. I look forward to living a life where my brain doesn't feel like its floating or shivering. My doctor really pushed this drug on me. I'm not going to dwell on that. Please inform and research this drug before taking it as the doctor may not be so helpful or forth coming must be a kick back for them somewhere. Stay positive it's possible to get off and I would be more than willing to help anyone I could free themselves of effexor F 37 6 years
150 mg
 5  depression & anxiety not as hungry works great for me F 3 years
1X D

 5  anxiety and depression no side effects within a day or two, i felt grounded, my anxiety let up and I could think clearly, it also helped with the physical symptoms of anxiety such as racing thoughts, upset stomach. I am much more calm. Have to say that I also take ativan to compliment the Effexor. So far no complaints F 51 10 days
75mg 1X D

 1  Depressant It made my heart beat erratic. I couldn't take any other medication with it such as cold medicine. It didn't help with sleep at all. I would give it a 2 on helping with depression but the withdrawals are hell and if you miss taking one while on them, you can have extreme dizziness. It also made me gain weight. It took several weeks for the dizziness to go away when I quit taking it and I was only on half of a 37.5 mg. The brain zaps are bad too. If you are really depressed to the point of being sucidal I would take this but otherwise I don't recommend it. F 58 6 months
37.5 2X D

 1  Depression Initially felt better, but as dose increased became a zombie, plus nausea, light headedness, excessive sleeping. Went off after Qld public health abandoned me, have been mad since. Evil stuff, we really need to take its manufacturers to court and sue the pants off them. M 53 100 days
225 1X D
 5  anxiety and depression concerns surround missing or being late with a dose. Causes severe light headedness, nausea and headaches F 51 6 years
225 1X D
 5  Depression Burping, weight gain, loss of interest in sex I started out on Effexor XR which was wonderful but when my employer changed their drug plan the name brand became too expensive and I switched to the generic. Effexor XR seemed more effective than the generic but still much better with the drug than without it. I used to cry at the drop of a hat, almost very day on the way to or on the way home from work. I rarely feel that way now. I am really shocked that so many people here took it upon themselves to discontinue the meds cold turkey. I was late taking my pill by several hours only once and the side effects were so bad that I made sure I didn't forget again. The brain zapping is hellish. However, if I take my pills on time I'm fine. I'm able to find reasons to get up in the morning and to try and appreciate life. F 47 8 years
75 2X D
 1  major depressive disorder Inorgasmia. Maintaied a full erection but could not ejaculate no matter what I did. Read the package insert - 2% of users get this. I was one of them. Besides the inability to reach orgasm, I felt on top of the world. I will never touch this drug ever again. M 46 7 days
20 2X D
 5  generalized anxiety Yes, effexor has horrible withdrawals, been there and i abruptly stopped by myself. I was miserable, now a month and a half later...i want back on it. I would rather suffer the withdrawals than to live my life as i do know with this disease. Who cares about what you go through to get off of the drug, if it is needed and i hate myself without it...any measure is worth my life back. F 21 1 months

 1  major depression sleepy, nauseous, dizzy, weak, fatigue quickly, feel disoriented, seeing lights when my eyes are closed, brain zaps (loud noises inside the head) discontinuing treatment under doctor care was a complete horror show. I almost lost it completely. M 56
? 1X D

 1  Depression anxiety Yup, I did type 17 YEARS! I was perscribed this medicine when I was 22 because of severe depression and anxiety especiialy around my period. I started out on 75 mgs extended relief and I think it gave me some relief but honestly I dont really remember because over the years I have tried to stop taking it but PHYSICALLY my body couldnt take it :( I even poured out the little beads inside and counted to try to step down one time. The way I finally got to 37.5 mgs pills was due to pregnancy. In my 3rd trimester I just said "enough" and this is the lowest dose I have been on and been able to maintain-2 years now. I am now working with my doctor to completely break free from this awful medication.... JUST DONT TAKE IT...EVER. F 39 17 years
37.5 1X D
 5  anxiety, agitation, depression Dry mouth weight gain F 36 1 months

 2  emotional breakdown complete numbing of clitoris and reduced sensitivity in entire vaginal area during intercourse. About a quarter of my physical sensation during sex has returned after a few months. this has destroyed my partner's confidence and causing huge problems in our relationship. i believe at this dosage, effexor worked to treat my suicidal thinking and massive depression. However, i have to get off it before i lose the love of my life. i will go back to zoloft which had no serious negative side effects for me. F 41 6 months
150 1X D
 1  chronic pain Intense anxiety-like symptoms. Racy heartbeat, strange feeling in chest, clammy hands. Felt sort of like being on a roller coaster, even when I wasn't. Normally I give meds a longer time to work, but after a week I just said "what the heck am I doing to myself?" and stopped taking it. F 38 7 days
37.5 1X D

 1  Mild Anxiety/depression I went from a slightly anxious but normal person to a paranoid psychotic in about a week after taking effexor. I would not wish this drug on my worst enemy. Within a week of taking it I was contemplating suicide (took a bottle of pills to work just in case I couldn't bear it) and was so paranoid that I was convinced that my wife would turn into a deamon and kill me. I was hospitalized four times. Once I got off of all the anti-depression medicines (I now take a mild dose of ativan) I was fine. It's four years later and I'm fit as a fiddle, but my effexor experience was awful. I hesitate to say that nobody should take effexor because I'm not a doctor, but I do think that the risks are so high, that it would have to be for someone who is suffering horribly and nothing else is working. I would never take it again under any circumstance. M 53 10 days
not sure 2X D

 4  Anxiety/Depression After 16 months on this med, the only side effect is the typical sweating at night. If you truly need antidepressants, that is nothing to complain about. At 300 mg for the last 3 months, libido is greatly increased, the the satisfaction sure is. The time it has taken for this med to work for me has been gradual over the 16 months I have taken it. But with increasing the dose gradually, which I wasn't sure I wanted to do in the beginning ( kind of sensitive to it at first), This is the best antidepressant I have taken. It is very good at handling my intense anxiety much of the time. I still use Seroquel at times, but exercising each day makes all the difference in that. Further time will yield more info. I will post then. M 53 16 months
150 bid. 2X D
 2  hot flashes F 43 6 months

 2  Depression Unpleasant dreams about the past. At least Celexa gave me very detailed and imaginative dreams. Supposed to help hot flashes....they are worse! F 56 3 months
225 mg 1X D
 4  bipolar disorder/major depression At first I had nausea but in a dew days it was gone. I don't know if my memory/poor concentration is due to other meds I take. I have no side effects otherwise to remark about. I have been very resistant to psych meds but in the hospital I had a great response to Effexor so I'm trying it again. I have severe, incapacitating pain from degenerative disks and no thyroid since birth so I have a lot to deal with. But its now day 14 and (holding my breath) For a week I haven't been dwelling on sad/negative thoughts and today my pain level is reduced; I mean a real difference. I feel very hopeful & positive about this medication & my future. Also it doesn't interfere with my thyroid medicine. Effexor also helped my son a lot during a depressive phase last year. I give it a big thumbs up so far. F 55 2 weeks
150 mg 2X D

 3  Anxiety mild nausea, stomach pain at first then it went away, vivid dreams and nightmares, shakiness, dry mouth - but mild. I took 1/4 tablet of 25 mg Effexor, which I know is extremely small, but I have a sensitive metabolism (& always take tiny doses at first). I then increased to 1/2 a tab after one week - VERY slowly. I think it's important to mention this as so many people do not need to be taking such high "standard" doses - especially at first. Doctors overprescribe dose and then have to spend months undoing side effects - it's SO much better to start low and work your way up. What do you have to lose? Drugs are never one size fits all, and lower doses often work best for some. Some people only need 1 motrin for a headache, some people are drunk after one beer. Start small and work your way up - this might be a solution for you. at 12 mg my anxiety was helped somewhat. F 40 10 days
12.5 mg 1X D

 3  depression Dry Mouth, nasty taste on my tongue, other than that...nothing yet. 35 1 days
37.5 1X D
 3  depression and anxiety flushing, hot flashes, sweating, dry mouth, horrible heartburn, constipation. sleeplessness for the first month but sleeping fine now. irritable for the first couple weeks but better now. Brain snaps, but I had those on Prozac too. Already gained weight taking Prozac for 7 years, hope I don't gain more. One interesting development since quitting Prozac is that my migraines are much better. I don't know if this was from going off Prozac or starting Effexor, but it is a bonus! My depression seems better and my anxiety has improved as well. The side effects are a little irritating and I hope eventually they will go away. I already had heartburn, but now it is worse and prilosec barely touches it. I stopped taking HRT this past summer so not sure if the flushing and hot flashes are a combination of both hormones and Effexor or just the Effexor. They seemed to be much worse when I started the drug. I am going to give it a little longer because it does seem to be helping my depression and the side effects are mostly just an annoyance. F 53 2.5 months
150 1X D
 2  deppression,anxiety Energy levels raised, irritability F 20 3 months

 2  depression 1--very dry mouth. My tongue looked unhealthy. 2--extremely bitter and metallic taste in mouth. I did not want to talk to anyone at work because I thought my breath had to smell horrible, too 3--only wanted to eat things that masked the taste, and this turned out to be sugar/sweets 4--retaining fluids. I noticed it in my breasts first, as they became huge I have been on Prozac for many years with no noticeable side effects. It matches my chemistry. I am the type of patient for whom it was developed. I am also on low Buspar. I was not interested in replacing Prozac with Effexor, as I was doing just fine...depression managed for over many years. But, I recently developed severe sciatica, and I have arthritis in one hip. I am very active and fit at age 61 . The pain was somewhat managed with physical therapy and yoga, but my doctor said that Effexor had a positive side effect in pain management. I decided the taste alone was more than I could tolerate. I stopped 6 days ago, and went back on Prozac instead. Yesterday, I no longer had that horrible taste in my mouth for the first time, but it still feels dry. Dropping fluids like crazy and back to normal there. And, I am back to my normally healthful eating patterns. The worst parts of eliminating Effexor are the depression and nightmares…and I mean nightmares. Nearly non-stop when I sleep. Action-packed and exhausting. I do not recall having these nightmares until I cut out the Effexor. I am accepting of the depression. I know it will go away as I am able to get the Prozac back into my system. I believe I gave the Effexor a fair trial, but it simply does not match my chemistry. F 61 3 weeks
150 1X D

 2  adjunct to Wellbutrin Dizziness, nausea, gas, diarrhea, thought of eating absolutely repulsive Nothing other than side effects. I needed an addition to the Wellbutrin for my treatment-resistant depression. I realize it's really too soon to really evaluate anything, but do these side effects go away? I don't really need to be constantly be farting at the office, thank you very much. Eating has also turned out to be absolutely disgusting. Even a half-box of Pop-Tarts doesn't do anything for me. I have a full order of fettecine alfredo I ordered and couldn't eat. Wasted my money unless I can eat it tomorrow. Did nothing for panic/anxiety so far, had to take one benzo per day. Like I said, I'm not really giving this a fully fair rating but I want to know if these side effects go away. I'm supposed to increase my dose to 75mg in a few days so I wouldn't mind knowing. F 48 4 days
37.5 1X D
 1  major depressive disorder i took this drug a few yrs ago and it didnt work so my dumb doctor put me on prestiq that didnt work so now im back on effexor and this time i got the craziest side effects, no thrive to do anything at all, vivid nightmares, insomnia horribly, chews lips/cheeks/grinds teeth constantly, i went from no libido to now it wont stop running , horrible ezcema ,ear aches ,jaw pain ,irratable,major depression, the list can go on,,, this medication is useless i feel worse on this then on anything else F 29 4 years
150 1X D
 4  Anxiety/panic attacks At the begining: night sweats, increased appetite; on-going: weight gain, acne For me, Effexor was great. My life had become very small and I was barely functioning when I went on Effexor. For the first time in years, I felt "normal" - I could live my life without being scared of something happening. After two years, I felt like I had a pretty good handle on things. I was sick of the weight that I'd gained and the acne problems I was having. I have been tepering off Effexor for just over 11 months. I have experienced side effects, but nothing overly major. After each reduction in my dose the side effects would be on and off for two weeks at the most then go away. Once I was comfortable at the new dose level, I'd decrease it again. Once I got to the 37.5 mg a day, the side effects at each reduction have been worse (to reduce 37.5mg, you need to open the pill and count out the little white balls to create your own dose - a pain in the butt, but worth it). Once I was down to about 20mg a day, I have steadily decreased the dose every day by less than 1mg a day. The withdrawal effects are pretty brutal, but nothing I can't handle and not nearly as bad as what I read online. I'm happy to have taken Effexor to stop the vicious cycle I was in. It's been a bit of a rough road to get off it, but there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel and I'm looking forward to getting there. F 27 3 years
150mg 1X D
 1  Counteract effects of wellbutrin Extreme weight gain. Now have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease. Doctor says both of these are caused by this drug. Now am going through trying to get off of this after 10 years. Recommend having serious discussion with your doctor before starting this med to discuss side effects. F 42 10 days

 4   Dry Mouth and Decreased Libido for first 2 weeks..then nothing but teeth grinding occasionally. This drug rocks! Took away all my anxiety and most of my depression. Feel kinda dazed a lot and emotionless...I don't care as much good or bad as I used to. But I'd rather not feel anything, than have severe anxiety. M 32 5 months
150 1X D

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