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 1  fingernail fungus Took for 2 days got head chills, leg tingling, right ear felt congested, rash on leg and arm and chest elevated blood pressure sent me to er.Had to be put on steriods.Dont take this medicine its not worth it.its been almost 3 weeks since stopped and im still getting head chills and leg tingling hoping steroids will help F 43 2 days
 4  histoplasmosis Numbness in hands and feet F 25 7 months
10 mg 2x d

 4  Histoplasmosis Pitting edema of lower legs F 59 2 weeks
400mg/day 1X D
 3  sporotrichosis back of hand minor fatigue update from previous comment sporotrichosis came back. 100 mg daily was not enough. moved to 200 daily. seems to be working better. at this rate will be on for another few months. $100 a week. advice to self: next time start with sski - not pushed by anybody since there is no patent. was THE treatment for sporo. for decades before big pharma developed and pushed itraconazole. M 56 150 days
200 1X D
 5  sporotrichosis back of hand possible fatigue looked well enough that I could remove bandage covering lesion after 2 mos. Every MD that looks at it says- yeah its good. Since it is still red and does not look great I could be happier but the experts agree - its been killed - the fungus. and the red is just the healing process. I've got 15 more pills which I will take - Dr Kazanjian said - lets do 3 months OK? so aside from I seem a tad more fatigued I'll happily do it M 56 75 days
100 1X D

 2  Histoplasmosis of Brain Do not know where to begin...Is my father who is taking it and has gotten CHF while on it, one of my biggest issues is that it has NOT helped the 19 lesions on his brain and the fact that he can not take medications he needs to treat other things like his A-FIB and COPD He must be on the medicine for life as they say due to the fact the lesions on his brain have not gone away in a year and a half. So many other medical problems have showed up since the beginning of the sporanox, he now has COPD, A-FIB, CHF, seizures, and can do much of nothing for these issues since the meds to treat them reacts with the sporanox as do most medicines. The only good thing I CAN say about the medicine is that my father would be dead without it. However, he is miserable while on it, so I am not sure which is better. M 71 1.5 years
liquid 2X D
 5  SPOROTRICHOSIS none worried about possible side affects based primarily on what I read here at this site. So far, knock on wood, nothing. Inflamation was reduced within 5 days. big relief. Today, or this evening, just now, took off bandage and it looked so much better. no pus- for the first time. To my relief, the Doctor, an infectious disease specialist at the Taubman Center here in Ann Arbor, said ' this drug is safe for you - you have no other health issues or underlying risk factors - this ought to work. He appeared quite confident and so far it seems he was right. I bought at Costco - 30 tablets for $193. if memory is correct, will need to stay on daily 100 mg dose for at least two months. M 56 10 days
100 mg 1X D

 4  Blastomycosis At first I couldn't keep it down so I started drinking coca cola 15 minutes before taking it. After a couple of weeks I realized that I could keep it dow n without coca cola so I stopped drinking coca cola(I'm not a fan of pop) BUT after that my ankle and eyes started swelling! So i'm back to coca cola and a lot of kale...I'm not sure why kale but I've noticed that kale helps with swelling. F 34 3 months
20 mg 2X D

 1  Toenail fungus Horrible floaters in eyes, stomach torn to bits, nausea, fatigue Since taking sporanox pulsed 400 mg a day for 7 days then 3 weeks off for 6 months I have never felt the same since. Literally sometimes I feel like I'm better off dead food allergies gallbladder malfunction liver problems. Constant stomach upset list goes on stay away from this drug it's for serious fungal infections not toenails M 31 6 months
400mg 7X W
 1  Fungal nail infection Within hours of taking this medication I began to feel confused, anxious and began to develop a rash on my stomach. I literally felt like something was happening to my brain. I only took this medication for 2 days before I stopped due to side effects. BEWARE!!!!! This is an extremely strong drug. I took it for 2 DAYS over 10 years ago and I am STILL NOT THE SAME. Literally overnight after taking this medication I developed serious anxiety and depression and mental confusion. I cannot stress enough that this is a DANGEROUS drug. It is not worth taking unless death is your only other option. I feel like I have lost my life in a way due to taking this drug. My body obviously had a strong reaction to it and I really feel that it permanently altered something in me. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS! F 31 2 days
1X D
 3  Toenail fungus infection Been taking 100mg twice a day for 23 days now... no side effects as of now. i am not on any other medications, taking evening primrose oil as supplement. My big toe had fungus infection for many years, so far effects of the drug is not obviously visible from the outside but i could see that the fungus underneath the toe nail has reduced. will continue taking this medicine until i see better effects. it's quite pricy to take this over the long term. F 26 23 days
100mg 2X D
 1  Toenail fungus When I began taking Sporanox, I immediately started having irregular heart rhythms, was exhausted, and headachy. As the week went on all of this increased until on the 7th day I began to have shortness of breath and kept trying to pass out. My husband had to rush me to the ER. I still have irregular heart rhythms and don't know if that will ever change. F 48 7 days

 4  Toenail Fungus I took Itraconazol EG (generic version) to treat a fungus infection under the nail of the big toe. I repeated the treatment 4 times over the course of 4 months (one week taking the drug, then 3 weeks off). It helped but didn't cure the infection completely. I tried another drug (Terbinafine) but couldn't stand the side effects so I'm now using the Loceryl (amorolfin HCl) nail varnish to kill the remaining fungus. M 38 4 times
200mg 2X D

 1   I took this pill one morning, and later that day i found a white blister looking thing inside my vagina flaps, i took the pill before bed and woke up with three more. I currently have about 5 or 6 itchy white blisters inside me so i phoned me doctor and i bought canastean which i use for thrush and to rub on my blister looking sores, if they are still there in one more day i'm going back to the doctors. F 18
2X D
 1  Fungal skin infection Felt horrible taking this med! Depression, weird dreams and extreme fatigue. After 10 days on it developed itchy hives on both hands. I would NOT recommend this med. My side effects were fairly mild, but I was also taking Zyrtec at the time for seasonal allergies. I'd hate to know how I may have reacted if I hadn't been on an antihistamine! F 46 10 days
1X D

 4  Fungal nail infection I have since been experiening headaches and dizziness for 4 days after taking them. This medication seemed to work and i have now had them for 3 months taking for 1 week and 3 weeks off. Since finishing them i have had dizziness every day and occasional headaches. Im hoping this will stop soon. M 30 1 weeks
400mg 1X D
 1  My husband had a fungus in the groi My husband experienced paralysis after taking this drug. Now he has developed Parkinson's disease. The insert said it could cause neurological problems in .0001% of people. How'd we get so lucky! I would like to sue the manufacturers of this horrible drug. It was like taking poison for him. M 70 2 weeks
1X D

 1  Toenail Fungus Dizzy, Fainting, Nausea, Insomnia, Fatigue , Headache, Tightness in Chest, pain in left arm. i was prescribed 400mg once a day for 7 days. with three weeks off. This was to be repeated 4 times(Pulse Dosage) I have taken Lamisil 3 times, which never seemed to work. No ill side effects with that drug. But man o man, this drug is poison. It's usually prescribed to cancer and aids patients to fight systematic fungal infections, lungs, throat, etc. That should of been the first sign not to take it. Unless you have a life threatening illness do not by any means take this for toenail fungus it's an insane drug! M 29 3 days
400mg 1X D
 1  Fungal toe nail infection Extremely severe constipation and inability to urinate properly. One of the most frightening experiences I've ever had! No way would I ever risk taking this stuff again. M 59 1.5 days
200mg 2X D

 1  Yeast Infection Pounding heart, tachycardia, muscle cramps,joint pain, chills, lightheaded,headache,stomach discomfort O boy ,I never would expect so many side effects from this, I live very healthy for most of time. and stayed off pharmaceutical pills over 4 years, because re-located to a different country,my body wasn't used to the new environment. was put on itrazonazole to fight of infection and it's itchiness. took a nap then woke up in headache and chest tightness, by evening when taking a walk, was attacked by chills and joint pain. then could not sleep the rest of night, ended up in ER twice the following day( morning and night) due to pounding heart. I threw medication immediately. now it has been a week, feeling better! I read it has gives loads of problem on liver too. I will NEVER ever take this again!!!! F 21 1 days
200mg 1X D

 3  Tunea Versicolour on my back VERY CONSTIPATED AND BLOATED SO BADLY. Its been 2 weeks now since I stopped this medication and I would like to know how long do I have to wait till I feel normal again? I have been drinking prune and apple juice like its going out of style. I don't have a good appetite b/c I feel so full all the time. Looking forward to feeling better...If anyone has any advice, I would appreciate hearing from you. Found it seemed to do some good for the purpose it was prescribed (it made the itchy spots on my back not itch anymore and hopefully it killed the fungus) which was important b/c I am trying to get pregnant and apparently the fungus is not great for the baby and that is why I went on the med in the first place. F 36 5 days
? 4X D
 1  Possible Candidas Horrible abominable constipation and serious bloating. Very bad rash in private/rear end area (or sudden severe hemmoriods x 30!!!!!!) Take this OFF THE MARKET!!!! I was supposed to take this for 2 weeks and tried to tough it out, thinking the consipation could mean I had candida and the yeast were dying (as this is known in natural circles as a common event. Overgrowth of yeast die rapidly in intestines and stop you up.)... This constipation was despite the fact I take many herbal laxatives (doctor approved)for a dysfunctional intestines. The medicine completely undid the laxatives. I also spend around $100 that first week on pro-biotics in addition to my normal tons of probitics in an attempt to make my stomach bloating and pain go down. (It was so severe I got many questions as to how far along in my "pregnancy" I was. I am less than 120 lbs and 5.5tall. ) After one week I could not hack it any longer. Immediately on stopping I developed what are either tons of hemmoroids in addition to 3 huge ones or blisters or a rash in and around the buttox area. Now I am in tons of pain from that. This is not an std as I have absolutely no way to contract one as I have been celibate for over 10 years. I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever take this medicine or anything like it ever ever again. I DO NOT, ABSOLUTELY DO NOT-- RECOMMEND THIS MEDICINE!!!!! I did not know about the possible deaths, and the doctor told me I would experience no adverse effects whatsoever, after much questioning. Thanks a lot for lying, doc. Again. TAKE THIS NASTY STUFF OFF THE MARKET!!! F 39 1 weeks
10 ml 1X D

 5  toe nail fungus A little bloating and diarrhea Other than a little tummy trouble I had nothing but great results with this medication F 43 40 days
100mg 1X D

 5  diagnosed acute dissimanated histop Loss of hair possibly due to other factors also. Taste is awful. At first I had some nausea but have adjusted. After 10 days in ICU and near death, constant sinus problems, I was told that I may be on this the rest of my life. I'm ok with it if that's what it takes to save my life. I also take Bactrim daily for low T-cells. Specialist are still not sure the cause of the low immune system. F 51 8 months
liguid 2X D
 5  Athlete's foot which spread None I had Athlete's foot (caused by stress at work) and because I did not treat it, it spread to my eyes and hair causing hair loss and an itching in my eyes which was unbearable. I woke up one morning to find that my pillow was a brilliant yellow (due to the fungus) my fault though as I used to go to bed with wettish hair (I have thick hair which takes ages to dry and I was so busy at the time). took Sporanox and hair loss stopped, eyes stopped itching and my 'widow's peak' of hair at the front returned!! Brilliant stuff. Took 3 doses. F 59 1 months

 5  Fungus infection Vomiting, stomach bloating, lack of appetite. Very good for a big boil which spread all the way from the scalp to the shoulder, recovered in 2 weeks. Removes fungus elsewhere as well at the same time. F 23 15 days

 5  sinus mold/yeast None I don't knw why so many negative comments. I suffered for years with yeast and chronic sinus infections. Finally after two sinus surgeries a new ENT wa smart enough to culture and found resistant mold in sinus. I had been on Diflucan daily only to go into infection whenever off Diflucan or antibiotics. The Sporanox wiped it out. A little itching (normal when treating fungal) and best if you take with soda as it works better on acidic stomach. Take after food. The persistant vaginal yeast I had forever finally cleared and many other things. The mold apparently is one picked up in hospitals and I'm pretty cetain I obtained it during the sinus surgery to begin with. This is one of the few meds that works on resistant yeast/certain molds. Had no problems with this med. Oh...stay away from caffine while taking and that will help the folks with the heart palps. This med was a life saver for me after 4 years of chronic infection unresolved until culture showed specific mold i nsius and lacrimal eye sac. F 46 30 days

 1  Nail fungas After a day and a half, I awoke in the middle of the night to find I had broken out in hives from head to feet. I even had hives in my ears, nostrils, and scalp. I itched so badly, I could not sleep or go to work. This lasted about a week before the large red whelps disappeared. My doctor immediately took me off the medication and gave me prescriptions to counteract the itching. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!! F 42 1.5 days

 4  Histoplasmosis If taken on empty stomach -- nauseous to the point of throwing up. When taken with food, no problems Seemed to clear up the histoplasmosis after a three month period of being on it. F 51 90 days

 5  Histoplasmosis None that I'm aware of from this drug. (I'm also taking prednisone, asacol, and imuran.) My only complaints are that I get sick of taking it with pop or cranberry juice (helps absorbtion), and that it's harmful to a fetus so you can't use it while pregnant. I've been taking 200mg of itraconazole (sporanox) twice daily for the past two years. I started after a hospitalization of four days for a fungal lung infection (histo). I have to take the drug chronically because I take immunosuppressants that could bring the dormant histo back. F 23 2 years

 5  Histoplasmosis Slightly elevated blood pressure. Have taken Sporanox capsules 400 mg/day with no problems except that I cannot take Lipitor while taking Sporanox. I began taking insulin a few months after beginning Sporanox. The combination seemed to help dramatically. M 64 6 months

 1  Histoplasmosis HORRIBLE cramps, worst I've ever experienced. Also totally screwed up my taste sensation. Was diagnosed (incorrectly) with Histoplasmosis. Started Sporanox, liquid and within a week, I could hardly walk due to the cramps, continued for 2 weeks and after stopping the med, I still had to deal with the cramps for another week. Never again will I take this. M 37 21 days

 1  fungal infection three years after use my 17year old son was diagnosed with lymphoma DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION ON CHILDREN M

 1  fungus between toe WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!DESTROY ALL YOUR PILLS RIGHT NOW.NEVER TAKE THEM AGAIN LIVE HAPPLY EVER AFTER WITH YOUR FUNGUS. BE HAPPY. left leg swollen for a week(2 times larger then my right leg), enlarged lymph,rectal pain, muscle pain, headache, hot flushes, but curing my fungal infection STAY AWAY FROM THIS MEDICATION.. I MEAN IT. FLASH**FDA APPROVED 11 SUDDEN DEATHS BY THIS MEDICATION**FLASH M 55 7 days

 1  Tinea Pedis Pulse treatment for 2 weeks, first week after taking 400mg a day for 5 days lymph occured just under my chin, also shortness of breath, headache, muscle pain, anemia etc. etc. 2nd week after consuming 400 mg a day for 5 days exacly the same like first week fullness, extreme pressure in my inner ear then yellow color fluid discharge. possible inner ear infection i will find out tommorow with the ear spacialist after paying $266CAN for 56 pills i still dont have any improvement in my tinea pedis on top of it i have drink barium for some test and spend more money for antibiotic M 52 2 weeks

 1  Fungal Infection in Toe I had awful problems with sporanox - eventually ending up with a paramedic coming to see me. Severe chest pain, light headiness, nausea, weakness in legs (probably muscles), diarrhoea. All in all not good and I really dont recommend it. M 33 1 months

 3  Fungal infection on my back The medicine did clear up the infection on my back, which had persisted for 12-years (since the 9th month of pregnancy). Had gone to many derm docs and spent thousands of dollars on creams, soaps, and other meds. No one ever suggested a cure from the inside out until Sporanox. Took pulse over 14-days in late June with minimal side effects. Started with a 7-day pulse in mid-September that cleared up the infection and almost wiped me out. I ended up in the hospital due to elevated blood pressure, irregular heart beats, tingling sensations in all extremeties, rash on both legs, and disorientation. Extremely frightening! In addition, I experienced terrible headaches for which I took an Excedrin. The two drugs did not work well together, which caused my blood pressure to elevate even higher. The drug cured my infection, but almost took my life. I think I would rather live with the infection and discomfort of itching. I still have three weeks before the stuff is out of my system. During my F 44 7 days

 5  toenail fungus did not experience any side effects which was a great relief, after i had been on lamisil tablets for 30 days and was constantly depressed, paranoid and thought about very disturbing things... i think i felt slightly more tired when on the 3 week pulses, but then again i am a student and this could just be down to late nights!! i am very satisfied with the results. the fungus which affected the toenails on one foot had been persistent for over 5 years, and nothing would shift it. i feel confident now about my foot and hope this never returns. i suggest to those of you experiencing side effects, to return to the dr and try something new. after my awful depression on lamisil my dr prescribed me sporanox because there were no reported mental disturbances. i would recommend this treatment. F 20 3 months

 1  toenail fungus I used the pulse method but stopped before the treatment was over due to a blood clot in my left leg. 6 months after the blood clot, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I understand that Lamisil (same family as Sporanox) can reduce white cell blood count. This weakens the immune system making cancer more of a possibility. M 65 3 weeks

 1  Candadiasis I am a 56-year-old male who had a heart bypass one year ago. Like the previous writer, I thought I was going to expire after taking Sporanox. I experienced tacchycardia, nausea and disorientation and oppressive sensations in my chest. Then I read the FDA had issued a warning saying sporanox had been found to cause sudden death in some patients. I dropped Sporanox like a hot brick. M 56 1 days

 5  Seborrheic Dermatitis None Sporanox has been very effective to treat my Seborrheic Dermatitis. I use it together with ketoconazole (Nizoral) creme daily and a maintenance dose of one time 200 mg every 14 days. I initially started with a 200 mg / day for 7 days dose. M 28 7 days

 5  Fungus in toenails None No side effects at all for this medicine. I recommend this drug highly versus anything else out there. I also used penlac in conjunction with this medicine which is applied like nail polish. This is the best medicine out there by far M 29 3 months

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