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 1  Prevent pregnancy Headaches, nausea, loss of appetite, mood swings, COMPLETE loss of sex drive, fatigue DON'T TAKE IT F 18 3 months

 1  birth control weight gain (6lbs. in almost 3 weeks!), headaches, nausea, cramps everyday, depressed mood, and ive even noticed bad mood swings that i didnt have before taking the pills my periods are shorter and less painful, my skin has cleared up alot, and my breasts have increased a whole cup size.... F 18 2 months

 1  Birth Control Severe depression, Almost ended my relationship with my boyfriend. Headaches, weight gain, severe fatigue...i didn't leave my house for 2 weeks I would strongly not recommend F 18 1 months

 1  Acne Nausea, Weight Gain, Mild Acne, Irritability, Decreased Sexual Drive - My complexion was clear prior to taking Desogen. On the sixth day, I discovered several miniature sized pimples. They seem apparently simple to terminate, but it angered me because Desogen is designed to do the opposite - I noticed a sudden weight gain after taking Desogen. I frequently exercise and have not in any way altered my diet. I have experienced an increase in hunger as well. Moreover, I have low energy, thus making it difficult to exercise as often and as thoroughly as I'd like. - Nausea! In fact, I feel nauseous at this very moment. I've felt bloated and nauseous for the past few days. I've been absent from school multiple time during the past week I've been taking Desogen because of this frequent nausea. - None of my friends or family are able to explain why I've been so irritable during the past week. I've reprimanded my boyfriend within the past 7 days, snapped at him, cried, and thrown a temper tantrum over the most trivial matters. - This is what I am most fearful of: pregnancy after the third day of taking Desogen. Of course, I read the fine print that stated I should use a back up contraceptive until the seventh day on the pill. That would've been a nice tip to give a girl before taking her first birth control pill. So, I have no idea what is causing these symptoms: the pill or pregnancy? -I have experienced a major decrease in sexual drive. The third day after taking Desogen was one of the first moments I didn't feel sexual pleasure F 18 7 days
0.15 mg 1X D

 1  pregnancy prevention SEVERE hair loss. slaughtered sex drive, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, breast tenderness, general moodiness and lack of concern for everything and anything. I was forced to switch from yaz to this medicine when I got to college as my university pharmacy does not provide yaz. One of the worst experiences I've had in a long while. Every time I shower my hair comes out in handfuls. F 18 4 months
1X D

 1  birth control I had cramps, I was soooooooo cranky all the time it made me so emotional I would cry at the drop of a hat F 18 1 months

 5  Birth Control Nausea, mood swings (but only extreme during the first week taking them and the first day or so of each new cycle) This is offered very cheap through my university, so $10 a month is definitely a plus! I didn't gain weight; I feel like regulated hormones cleared up my skin. My periods are lighter and my breasts, though tender, are fuller. F 19 3 months

 5  BC, period regulation My period was regulated and I had experianced less cramps. The amount of time that I had my period remained the same, which was 3-ish days. My period was lighter also. My breasts grew a bit, but they hurt for abuot a month. It was uncomfortable but bearable. My skin condition remained the same as it had been previously. Overall I am happy with Desogen. F 19 4 months

 5  BC, Acne, Cramps, period regulation None at all!! I have super short periods, a few days long 3-4. My acne has improved only slightly. My cramps are almost non-existant, not nearly as bad as they were before! I would reccomend this, it does the job for all of the reasons i am taking it!! I would definitely would reccomend it!! F 19 1 years

 5  prevent pregnancy the very first week i had about 2 days of spotting, and for the first 2 packs i had cramps almost everyday, but they werent bad (just a bit annoying). by the third pack, the cramps had ceased, but my breasts hurt. ive also noticed an increased appetite, but there was very little weight gain. i havent really noticed a deacreased sex drive, but i have been a little moodier right before my period. my skin has become much clearer, and my period came right when it was expected to, even right when i first started using it. F 19 3 months

 5  prevent pregnancy the very first week i had about 2 days of spotting, and for the first 2 packs i had cramps almost everyday, but they werent bad (just a bit annoying). by the third pack, the cramps had ceased, but my breasts hurt. ive also noticed an increased appetite, but there was very little weight gain. i havent really noticed a deacreased sex drive, but i have been a little moodier right before my period. my skin has become much clearer, and my period came right when it was expected to, even right when i first started using it. lighter periods and decreased pms symptoms, too. F 19 3 months

 5  prevention of pregency nothing... maybe the first week or so I was alittle fatigued and had a few mild cramps but nothing out of the ordinary. I;ve had no weight gain if anything Ive lost weight. I haven't had any acne from this product. I love it it does the job without me having to have any side effects! F 19 10 months

 5  birth control Barely ever have a zit, did not gain a pound, periods are EXTREMELY light and only last a few days now. F 19 8 months

 5  I didn't want to get knocked up! other than the first week--none. I only had symptoms the first week. Intense lower abdominal pain. But after I got through a few days, I was fine. I have no acne and my periods are like clockwork. F 19 11 months

 5  severe cramps decrease in cramping, increased breast size! decrease in acne. ever so slightly more emotional. weight loss. no loss in sex drive. Because of severe cramping I've been on birth control since i was in the 7th grade. I started out with the patch which didn't last long and then switched to Seasonale. My doctor put me on Seasonale because all the pain killers (ie. motrin, vicodin, percocet) for the cramps every month could have potetially given me heart/ stomach problems so she thought it was safer to put me on a multi month pack. After taking seasonale for 5 years i had gained a ravinous apitite along with 25lbs., fatigue, and no decrease in cramping. My doctor then decided to put me on reclipsen (a generic for desogen) wich i now take on a two month basis and so far i've had tremendous luck with it. I lost the 25 lbs., feel much better and my cramps have decreased by about 80 percent. F 19 7 months

 5  switched from lo/ovral none so far was on lo/ovral-28 for four days, the WORST four days of my life. extreme bloatedness, mood swings, swelling, five pound weight gain and nausea. this is only day one of desogen and i already feel better. will have to wait and see though... F 19 1 days

 5  birth control the only time desogen really had an affect on me was right before i got my period (but i have always been irritable around that time, even without the pill. i didn't experience any severe weight gain. the only place that got bigger was my chest. however, every women is different and this could be great for one women and horrible for another, but this is still a great starting out pill and i would recommend it to any one. F 19 6 months

 4  Birth Control Lack of sex drive. Breast tenderness. Slight weight loss. My doctor started me on desogen after I was having serious break through bleeding on my last pill. Since starting Desogen I have had no break through bleeding, and my period comes regularly on the third day of the fourth week and only last three days. While that's a nice thing to have I have had a serious decrease in my sex drive. My doctor said that's a common side effect of desogen though and has given me a new pill to try next month. F 19 4 months

 4  birth control slight stomach aches at first, clearer skin i switched from ortho tri cyclen lo which was giving me terrible breakthrough bleeding and dryness. so far i have felt great, made me a little sick to my stomach the first couple days but if i take it with food i feel fine. my appetite hasn't increased but i have noticed my skin is getting clearer. i havent had any spotting so far and the moodswings that ortho gave me are gone. give this pill a try it might work. F 19 9 days

 4  BC,Acne,PCOS Cramping, Breakthrough bleeding I really enjoy this pill, only bad things were the cramping and spotting. I would reccomend to anyone who wants a good BC Method as well as a regulator for their period F 19 3 months

 4  treat endometriosis, contraception spotting in the first month, breast tenderness, breast growth, clearer skin, FAR less painful periods, nausea, vomiting, occasional mood swings, recently a serious lack of sex drive. I took Desogen for 20 months. I've only stopped because my local Planned Parenthood stopped carrying it and put me on Ortho Cept. Desogen has prevented pregnancy and stopped my horrific monthly pain from endometriosis. At first I had very little adverse side effects; it worked well. Over the last few months though my sex drive has absolutely plummeted and I've had lots of nausea. My relationship with my boyfriend is suffering because I am NEVER in the mood anymore, and this upsets me too because I miss being a sexual person. Also, after the first pill of every new pack I would get extreme nausea and sometimes vomit. This past pill pack I had slight nausea almost every day (no vomiting, though) which was irregular. Hopefully Ortho Cept will be better. F 19 20 months

 4  regulate periods, birth control nauseousness sex drive still up, no headaches, breast tender but grew a full cup, because of nauseousness i lost 10 pounds, acne cleared up, periods are lighter and shorter, hair seems shinier and fuller F 19 2 months

 3  birth control Junk food cravings, more acne breakouts, mood swings and depression Got Desogen at Planned Parenthood, the doctor said it is the pill that shows the least side effects. So far, I've felt VERY moody. I'm mean to friends and get depressed over nothing. I've been breaking out when my skin was clear before. My appetite has increased and I get constant cravings for junk food. I'm hoping this is just the transitional period, but I wish I didn't have to go through three packs to find out if these side effects will persist. F 19 2 weeks

 3  pregnancy prevention bloating, cramping more than usual, morning stomach aches, tenderness in breast, increase in appetite (usually during night) it has cleared up my face quite a bit F 19 21 days

 3  contraceptive yeast infections!!! cleared up mild acne. increased breast size. made me feel crazy. Ended my year and a half relationship with boyfriend because I was so insecure with myself and picked tons of fights with him. slight weight gain because it caused an increase in appetite. Worked well for a few months and then it made me get yeast infections and mood swings. I am changing to ortho tri cylen... F 19 5 months

 3  birth control vaginal dryness, loss of sex drive, weight gain of 7 lbs, mood swings. I have been on Desogen for about 3 months. For the first month I was extremely moody. However, my mood swings are starting to occur less often. I am still experiencing vaginal dryness and have absolutly no sex drive....which makes the pill close to worthless. The worste side effect was the weight gain. My stomach and thighs seem to have bloaded up...blah. F 19 3 months

 3  birth control I've only taken it for about a week. but i have noticed some side effects already. i have absolutly NO sex drive which i never thought that would happen lol. im kind of depressed. ill get something that bothers me in my head and i can't get it out. i get annoyed easily. and i seem to be hungry all the time. im just hoping my boobs will grow.lol F 19 1 days

 3  prevent pregnancy/regulate period depression, mood swings (including crying and anger bouts), abdominal pains, bloating, slight nausea the first week of the month, breat enlargement (sadly, it was only my left one at first, my right slowly caught up - embaressing!) I switched to Desogen after having horrible neasea while on the bc Yasmin. This is only my first month still - no break-through bleeding or loss os sex drive thankfully. But I do feel bloated after whatever size meal I eat. I also have abdominal pain in different areas, which are annoying. My doc says it could just be the Yasmin wearing off on the Desogen so I'm going to continue for a time longer... F 19 3 weeks

 3  Prevent Pregnancy Major weight gain. Mood swings. Lack of sex drive I noticed I get more yeast infections now. Also if I am 30 minutes late taking my pill I cramp. It is like my body is so immune to it and I need. I dont like that feeling at all. F 19 5 years

 3   F 19

 3  pregnancy, regulated periods During the first couple of months some breast tenderness and nausea but it went away. My period would last longer than usual during the placebo pill days though. Also, when switching to placebos from hormones I would get severely depressed, having really bad moood swings. That and I gained about ten pounds even though I exercise almost daily. I decided to switch because I couldn't take the mood swings anymore. I'm going to try to find something else that'll work without the depression. F 19 5 months
 3   low sex drive, vaginal dryness This is the only pill I have thus far tried and I am defintely switching. The pill is good in that I didn't gain weight or get pregnant or expirence any nausea or vomitting. However, my periods are still heavy, I get cramps occasionally (albeit less that when not on the pill), and there has been no change in my acne. The biggest reason I want to change is the decrease in my sex-drive. What's the point of being on the pill if you don't have sex? It's also starting to have an effect on my relationship. F 19 4 months

 3  cramps, contraception/birth control Severe cramping within the past month, acne breakouts more often in the past 6 months (may be from stress), major weight gain about 30-40lbs within the first 6 months I am not going to continue taking the pill after this month, but while I was on it, with the exception of the weight gain, I was very satisfied with it's efficiency F 19 1.5 years
 3  Birth Control Sex drive so low that Ryan Gosling couldn't even turn me on, bad dizziness in the first 2 weeks, mood swings, extremely emotional, thoughts of suicide, and slight weight gain. I think the worst side effects of this pill are the lowered libido, and occasionally considering suicide (which isn't normal for me) but everything else is tolerable. F 19 1 months
1X D

 3  Regulate Period Nausa, decrease in appetite, stomach aches, major fatigue, dizziness. Even thought k haven't been taking it long it's been the worst 7 days I haven't been eating I don't have an appetite to eat anything if I do its cracker or something I already weight 120lbs I'm not trying to LOSE weight. It makes me feel horrible I'm debating on wheather I should stop taking the pill F 19 7 days
.15 MG 1X D
 2  preventing babies ACNE galore, tiredness, moodiness, NO SEX DRIVE AT ALL, headaches, munchies I'm a very healthy 19 year old, and I've never had anything like this before. I took acne medicine for years and now that its back I'm pretty irritated. Also, I'm accustomed to my crazy sex drive, but now its not there at all. My boyfriend has noticed and I've been wanting to.rip his head off at any instant even when he is nothing but sweet as can be. Honestly, being pregnant would be better than this. Getting off of it soon. F 19 1 months
1X D
 2  Birth control/regulate period Migraines, hair loss, cramps, loss of appetite, the only reason I've stuck with it this long is because my doctor gave me a 6 month supply F 19 6 months

 2  Birth Control Breast were tender the first few weeks, and I think they've grown. Two days before I was supposed to start my green pills for my period I had the worst cramps of my life. I couldn't move, and had to wake my boyfriend up. He gave me Vicaden (sp?) to help and then had to carry me back to bed. I started my period 5 days late even though it's supposed to help regulate periods. I just started a new pack, but I'll be waiting to see if it will work with preventing a pregnancy... F 19 1 months

 2  Birth Control Crazy Mood Swings, Irritability, Extremely emotional, increased appetite, Mild Weight Gain F 19 10 days
1X D

 2  Birth control Moody, no sex-drive, breaking out like never before. This stuff is crap. I've had my period for a week now and feel like a faucete. I've had blurred vision and headaches and my breast are super sore. I was on Mercette before and hatted it, also tried Nordette, felt like CRAP. I think i'm done with this crap. Let him think about protection. F 19 2 weeks

 2   decreased appetite, depression, mood swings, clears acne, insomnia i've been on desogen 3 different times. each time was different. the first time was to regulate my period. the first 2 weeks i noticed decreased appetite and clear skin. however, i left my pack at home and went on vacation. stupid move. i started a new pack my next period, when i missed one pill and had to double up, i suffered from severe mood swings! 10x worse than pms which is rare for me. i stopped for a few months because i missed too many pills and didn't want to be all bitchy when i'd double up. this is my third time taking it. my body adjusted well the first time so i thought i'd give it another try. i've only been on it for 4 days now. the first few days were fine of course. but today i felt so bipolar. i became depressed and pessimistic (i still am!) and began to cry for no reason. i get tired easily when i get up from sitting. i can't sleep. my stomach feels tight like i can't breathe. and i feel bloated. my mental state is ridiculous. i'm giving it a few more days then i'm F 19

 2  treat mittelschmerz, contraception MIGRAINES, did not treat mittelschmerz (severe ovulation pain), sharp pain in breast, tingling in left hand I switched from Levlen, which had worked great for nine months until I was hit by mittelschmerz. My gyno changed me to Ortho-Cyclen, which gave me hysterical mood swings for three months until she switched me to Desogen. Five days after I started taking it, I had a dizzy spell and lost part of my vision, followed by a splitting headache. My doctor said I was having ocular migraines and referred me to a neurologist. I had more migraines in the two weeks before I could get into him. He took one look at my medical list and pointed to Desogen and said, "This is your problem." I'm switching again today. On the bright side, Desogen did leave me completely emotionally stable, which was great. I felt like a person again on Desogen, in sharp contrast to how I felt on Ortho-Cyclen. It didn't cut the mid-cycle pain as well as Ortho-Cyclen, but it did do better than Levlen on that matter. F 19 1 months

 2  Birth Control/Regulate Period/Acne Weight gain, less acne I was put on this pill because Ortho gave me really bad breast pain and I experienced break through bleeding. HOwever, the 2nd month of taking Desogen, I had breakthrough bleeding after taking my pill that I missed just 8 hours after the normal time I take it. I work out a fair amount but never had any problems with my weight. I have gained about 10 lbs since the start of this pill. I feel like this pill makes me hungry all the time, even after I just ate. I hate it. I don't have as much acne as I did before but the weight gain isn't worth it. F 19 5 days

 2  prevent pregnancy terrible headaches, sore neck and shoulders, terrible nausea, a couple days of being depressed, very tired i've had headaches pretty much constantly for about two weeks. i usually wake up with a very sore neck and shoulders, so bad that it hurts to look over my shoulder when i'm driving. Such terrible nausea. one night i ended up just passing out on my bed in my clothes because my head and stomach hurt so bad. Also, have been sleeping so much, partly to control the headaches which don't respond to medicine, and partly because I get tired from almost anything. :[ i took desogen about 2 years ago for a year and it was fine, just having problems now F 19 3 weeks

 2  Regulate periods Weight gain, IBS symptoms, mood swings, tired all the time. At first I thought these side effects were a result of being a freshman in college ("freshman 15" was more like freshman 30) and stress, etc. Now that I've been taking it for a year, I'm becoming suspicious that it's behind my weight gain and constant bloating/digestive issues. I haven't changed my diet very much, so there's no valid explanation as to why NONE of my pants fit anymore, except for the birth control. I'll be ending this prescription next time I see my doctor. F 19 1 years

 1  acne It caused a pulmonary embolisum - the massive blood clot almost killed me. I spent a month in an ICU and then 7 months in rehab. I coded multiple times in the ER. I am lucky to be alive. Do not take it. F 19 2 years

 1  prevent pregnancy extreme nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, bad mood swings- very emotional, these symptoms happened fairly quickly right after i started taking desogen it's my first time taking BC pills, and this was probably the worst prescribed pill that i have ever taken. i was afraid that i was pregnant and ended up taking a pregnancy test due to the symptoms that i was getting from this pill. i became extremely fatigue and lacked a sense of self confidence. headaches were often and really bad and i was very sensitive to and smells. i would not recommend this BC pill. F 19 1 months

 1  prevent pregnancy, abnormal period vomiting, severe nausea, high blood pressure, emotional, easily tired, change in apetite, weight gain, symptoms of pregnancy, change in sex drive i hated it, i was too emotional and i felt like i was pregnant even though i wasnt, i was too tired and my blood pressure skyrocketed and i was normal before i started taking this F 19 4 months

 1  regulate period, prevent pregnancy feeling depressed, mood swings, heavy periods I have taken desogen for three months and I would not recommend this to anyone. As soon as I can get into see a doctor, I am going to switch. This made me feel awful. For the last month, all I have done is cry on and off for no reason. My boyfriend is really getting tired of me being this way and I am tired of feeling like this. F 19 3 months

 1  birth control SEVER MOOD SWINGS, depression, painful chest pains, spotting I was on desogen for 8 months before i got any symptoms. I became over emotional, i got extremley annoyed for no reason. I turned into a completley different person. I had horrible chest pains for two months, it was awful. I took myself off of Desogen three weeks ago and i am slowly getting back to normal. I still have some mood swings, but Im happier and the chest pain has been decreasing. F 19 8 months

 1  Birth Control DEPRESSION!! Mood swings! 13 days on period! Zero sex drive! I would not reccomend this to anyone. This is the 2nd birth control i have tried and its messed me up horribly. I've been on my period 13 days now! Its nearly ending my relationship with my boyfriend, i hate everything right now and im usualy a very very happy person! Im ending to very soon. But hey my boobs did get bigger. lol. F 19 13 days
 1  Birth control Weight gain, depression, emotional instability, pregnancy and stroke symptoms Since I've been taking desogen, I've gained weight,(eaten like a pregnant woman), I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride, I often times feel very depressed, and I've had several other strange side effects. I wasn't warned about any side effects that this pill may have so I've been on it for a little over a year. When a friend of mine pointed out that my weight gain and depression may be a side effect of the pill, I decided to look it up online and found this site. I'm incredibly upset with my doctor at this point... this pill messed me up severly.I almost broke up with my fiance, over NOTHING! I've gained weight and I'm never happy. I'm off it this weekend and I'm finding something else! F 19 1 years

 1  for safety headache, diziness and nervouseness. I feel like I gotta get everything done in seconds. Really impatient. Mood swings. Im stopping it before it gets worse M 19 5 days

 1  Clear up acne, prevent pregnancy Depression, moody, emotional Desogen was my second kind of B.C. I didn't realize how bad it effected me and my relationship until now. I haven't wanted to do anything. All I have wanted to do is stay home by myself. I would cry for absolutely no reason. My boyfriend broke up with me over the dramatic changes I was experiencing. I lost all my self confidence and self worth. Right when I got off I felt 100% times better. I could even stop taking my anti-depressants I got on to counter act the way this pill made me feel. Don't use it. I am so mad that my gynecologist recommended this pill to me. Trust me, find something better! F 19 7 months

 1  Birth Control Headaches, little to no sex drive, not normal mood swings, tender breasts, upset boyfriend. I really dislike Desigen. I thought it was going to be just like all the other B.C. but noooo. just yesterday, i had a huge headache and i was just lying on the floor and i would try to get up slowly and the headache would get worse. Then when ever me and my boyfriend would be playing around one minute then all of a sudden he says one small thing and i start crying. He already saying that my moods are really really changing and that i dont have a sex drive any more. I do believe it! That why im going to stop taking them. DON'T USE DESOGEN!!! F 19 2 weeks

 1  to prevent painful cycles Depression, Moodiness, Extream headaches,irragular bleeding, caused more painful cramps, diseainess, felt angery, sad, and missed period which never happens b/c I have always been regular, gain 13 pounds, sore breats, loss of sex drive, no energy, and worst of all I have not felt like me I feel like I am a totaly different person. I would not recommend it. I stopped taking it as soon as my missed period. Its been 18 days and still no sign of my period. I am still getting painful headaches, nusiated, gain another six pounds, tired, my breasts are still sore, and tho I am begining to feel like me I still feel different. Took two prego tests both negative. I have never had this many problems or had any sign of symptoms entil desogen. F 19 2 months
low dose 1X D
 1  Contraception/Acne I was on Junel Fe for about a year and a half. My doctor changed my pill to apri, the generic of desogen because I complained about my acne. I was so excited to try this pill to get rid of the acne.. Around the 6th day I started to feel very weird, emotionally. I am ALWAYS an up beat person and never had problems with my emotions. It made me feel very weird, just negative thoughts and just in general not a great mood as I usually am .. I stopped taking this pill as soon as I noticed a change in my mood. I am going to go back on the Junel Fe. Birth control is different for everyone and this pill may not be perfect for everyone, it may work with others, but for me it didn't. F 19 7 days
30 mg
 5  birth control, menstrual cramps nausea for the first few weeks The only side effects have been nausea and headaches, but I don't know for sure if the headaches are caused by this pill. I never get nausea so it must be a side effect that I hope is just temporary. I don't understand people complaining about emotional issues and anxiety...usually I am fairly anxious but since taking this pill I actually find myself to be even more calm and generally happy and positive. I'm glad I didn't let previous comments about depression, anxiety and bad moods affect my decision to take this pill, because I feel fine emotionally and physically (except for the nausea). F 20 28 days

 5  birth control upset stomach about an hour after i eat every time, but might not be from birth control (this is the third birth control pill I've tired) going into my 6th week of this pill, after reading all these reviews I was hoping to have increased breast size since I'm only a 34A, but nothing yet, not even breast tenderness. Although they usually say it takes about 3 months to get used to a birth control pill, so I still have hope for that!! Other than that, pill has been great. I've always had a few pimples here and there, this pill hasn't cleared them up but hasn't made them worse so I have no complaints there. So far no breast tenderness, no loss of sex-drive. No sickness. I haven't had a period yet though while on these pills, its my second pack and I was going on vacation and didn't want to have my period so I took it straight through, just hoping to have increased breast size after reading through this site!! Other than that, great pill, no complaints! F 20 5 weeks

 5  birth control works great! Slight weight gain, but also started the pill my first year in college where my meals were pretty much buffets every single day... I've been on Desogen for almost 3 years now and I've never had any problems with it. I never had a real problem with my skin, but what little problems I did have went away after starting the pill.. my face is pretty much always clear.. I manipulated my pills so that I would get my period on a Monday to be off by the weekend.. and so far I've gotten it on the exact Monday I expect it to.. no big problems with cramps.. no depression.. no fatigue.. no decrease in sex drive (for those of you who have experienced a decrease in sex drive, maybe your partner(s) just suck) ..My breasts did seem to get a bit bigger (from B to full C) but hey I'm not complaining.. the only "bad" side effect I experienced was that I gained about 10 lbs.. but then again, I started the pill my first year in college where I had "all you can eat" meals in the dorms.. and I hardly exercise anymore or maintain a healthy diet.. and I'm still at around 115.. but the most important thing is i haven't g F 20 3 years

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