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 2  Pain I emmediatly got an allergic reaction. My feet itched, there was a huge red spot with red spots on it, and my fingers and hands itched. It turns out it is so bad I have to go to the doctor. Do not buy it.You get allergic to it real fast. F 999 1 days
2X D

 2  probable kidney infection I am allergic to sulfa cross reactive medications. We thought I would be safe with this one. After taking only one dose per day, at day 8 I ended up with a rash on both legs .. that classic allergice reaction and at the emergency room for good measure. Oh well. Not a drug I should again take. F 457
 1  UTI Severe diarrhea My mom's doctor prescribed this for a UTI. I don't know if it cleared up the UTI, but it did give her diarrhea, and after 4 days I called the doctor and told them about it. They said to stop taking it. I'm surprised the FDA approved this drug; it seems like there are many other antibiotics with minimal side effects. F 93 4 days
100 mg 2X D

 5  UTI Extreme itch by side hips areas and behind hamstring. I have been in this medication for only one complete day. F 90 7 days
100 mg 2X D

 1  urinary tract infection my elderly mother took it...after 4 days she suffered from nausea, vomiting, labored breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, fatigue. we stopped the medication. now she must be on oxygen to reduce strain on her heart as the mild fibrosis she had is now worsened and her heart is having to work harder because of it. The nurse said my mother may have had a heart attack but she "never heard of heart or lung issues associated wiht macrobid" - all one has to do is google it! If she lives long enough to have another UTI, I will never allow her to receive this drug again. Cranberry capsules are what i'm using now to prevent another UTI. F 89 7 days
2X D
 1  Urinary tract Infection High fever (102.9) masked as low fever (89.2), elevated blood pressure, high pulse rate, shortness of breath and wheezing, incoherence, vomiting. diarrhea, headache, body aches I'm writing this about my mother. Dr. prescribed Macrobid twice a day for ITU. After two doses, she became incoherent and feverish and the assisted living center where she lives thought she was having a stroke. Took her to emergency and she spent next two days in hospital. Asked whether she could be allergic to the macrobid and they checked for rash. Finding none, they ran blood cultures which thus far are negative. She was off the macrobid for two days (and put on another antibiotic by IV). Fever slowly subsided and she was released. On doctor's orders, she resumed the Macrobid. Took two more days and fever, extreme diarrhea and incoherence returned. We took her off of it and the fever is gone and she is perking up after three days. Doctor still believes it was a virus of some sort. F 87 4 days

 1  UTI After taking 4 doses, I developed back & leg pain making it difficult to sleep or sit. I called the doctor and asked for a different drug after taking the 5th pill that morning. I stopped taking the drug however my back is still bothering me after 2 days off the drug so I'm taking a pain reliever. My doctor said I should not sill be having that pain so I will see my doctor next week. Although I am 86, I am active, drive and live on my own. After reading the other comments on this website I wish I had done more research before taking the medication and demanded a milder drug. I did have some issues after reading the written info from the drug store but I was sick and wanted relief. F 86 2.5 days
100 mg 2X D
 1  UTI Severe long-term lung damage, lupus, liver damage, neuropathy This drug builds up in the system, even though you don't have any immediate side-effects, the long-term damage it causes shows up later. When side-effects started to show up, after two years of taking it, breathing issues ensued. Was admitted to hospital and then had to be put in ICU, (in respiratory failure) near death. Will be on oxygen forever. The short-term benefits DO NOT outweigh the long-term damages it creates. Devastating drug, in fact, the FDA should remove it from the market and doctors/pharmacists need to understand the long-term damages and devastation of this drug. Consider this more like a rat poison, instead of some sort of valuable drug. It is VERY toxic. F 85 2 years
100 1X D
 1  UTI Pulmonary fibrosis memory loss F 85 14 days
100 1X D

 3  uti nausea,dizzy F 84 3 days

 1  urinary infection I had urinary infection off and on for a year and each time I was prescribed Nitrofura Mono, Nitrofurian, Macrobid medicines. Each time I took this medicine, I would end up in the ER and hospital for chest pains, fever, throat swollen, congestion, etc. Finally, after 5 trips to ER and hospital stays,the Uroligist nurse finally said I was allergic to Macrobid meds. It all lined up after seeing when I started the medicine and the day I went into ER. I FEEL LIKE THIS IS A WICKED MEDICATION! I HAVE SCARS IN MY LUNGS, AND AM BEING WATCHED FOR FURTHER PROBLEMS. F 84
2X D
 1  Supposed UTI My 83-year-old mother was given this drug for a supposed UTI (no lab done, just strip test by a nurse practitioner). She felt dizzy, nauseous, and had a headache for 10 days. She finally got so weak and dehydrated with a 104+ fever that she was taken to the ER. After trying to determine the cause of her symptoms for two days, an infectious disease specialist was called in. She immediately suspected the nitrofuritoin. After a third day in the hospital with only saline drip, my mother improved drastically. The cause of her symptoms are documented as severe reaction to this drug. I've found numerous publications that state this drug should not be prescribed for anyone over the age of 65. F 83 10 days
1X D
 1  Mild first time urinary track infec Felt sick upon taking the first tablet. Followed instructions. i.e take with food. After 5 days I was struck suddenly with head pain, severe in back, all joints were extremely sore,very weak,fell in bed and wanted to go to the hospital as I thought I had been poisoned somehow. Pain when I took in breath through mouth in the throat. Took two full days of strict diet,much liquid etc to even have strenght to go out of the house I am extremely healthy, have no illnesses and do not take any RX medication at all. Watch out for this medication. I feel it is extremely dangerious to some people, me being one of them. I threw the pills left in the bottle down the toilet and will tell my Doctor next time I see her about my reaction to this RX. F 80 5 days
100 2X D

 1  Bladder infection? I had chest pains-hurt to breath-smothering in chest-nausa-high temperature-weak-felt awful-rash-itching-been week chest still hurts--STILL HAVE LUNG DAMAGE-- DO NOT TAKE MACROBID--MY LUNG DR. SAID IT WAS LIKE HAVING PNEUMONIA IN MY LUNGS. HE STARTED ME ON PREDNISONE TO CLEAR UP MY LUNGS, IF POSSIBLE. HE SAID I WAS LUCKY NOT BEING IN HOSPITAL. F 80 4 days
2X D

 1  UTI Follow up post to 12/16. Now 6 hospitalizations linked to 6 separate doses of Macrobid. Doctor refused to report this to FDA. Said it did not qualify as life threatening. What about life altering? Still suffering from effects of this drug. 1.5 mos. in hospital. Now a previous ICU stay linked to 1 dose of Macrobid. I thought this was mandatory to report! F 80
 1  UTI The second pill made me deathly ill,nausea.vomiting and fever.The second day the nausea started. The third morning I went to the emergency room I was in so much pain. I was admitted to the hospital and by the afternoon I was paralyzed with pain. This lasted two days.The doctor checked for the cause and could find nothing. I did not start to recover until the evening of the third day. I am having trouble with my knees and back and it has been eight days since I took the first pill. Never again ! F 80 2 days
30mg 2X D
 1  UTI sore mouth, tongue, and throat, tiredness, dizzy, nauseated. I wouldn't touch it with a 10-ft pole. I think it should be taken off the market....too dangerous. F 80 3 days

 1  Urinary tract infection I was supposed to be on it for ten days but on the sixth day I started to have nausea and severe stomach pains and back. I tried it for two additinal days and gave up. It was taking too much out of me and I was very weak, and tired all the time. Had tried Ciproflox and it didn't help,similar symptoms but not as bad as Microbid. I have also tried Sulfatrim. After eight weeks of trying these drugs none has solved the problem. I am a fairly healthy senior, not taking any other medications and no other problems, except a little arthritis F 80 8 days

 1  UTI Severe pain in joints and lega and arms, severe headache,stomach pain,high fevers.Extreme shaking from chills,fainting, dizziness All from 1 dose of this pill. Hospitalized 5 times,once in ICU. Diagnosed with everything from flu, to sepsis, to UTI sepsis. Each episode has now been linked to this drug with symptoms out of control within 6 hours of taking one pill. Each time they released from hospital, they would say resume the Macrobid at home and I would be back in hospital same day. 1.5 mos in hospital. Struggling to survive now. Am asking dr. to file report with FDA. PLEASE, all of you that have written, do the same. This drug almost cost me my life. F 80

 1  Bladder Infection Flu like symptons, fever, chills, muscle pains, nausea, weight loss Would never take this drug again...stopped after three days of misery. Will check with dr. today for a change in medication. This drug is the worse I have ever taken. F 78 3 days

 1  Urinary infection Macrobid also known as Nitrofurantoin contributed to development of peripheral neuropathy feet and lower legs. Manifestation presented with night time severe cramping and eventual painful arch tendonitis and compromised and very painful walking. No history of diabetes or other medical contribution for the neuropathy - only Nitrofurantoin prescribed as a prophylactic treatment for chronic bladder infections over an 18 month period. Nitrofurantoin eventually caused permanent disability. Physician beware. Because of the use of the term Macrobid I recently did not pick up the fact this is also Nitrofurantoin and within 48 hours of taking this product I was again experiencing nighttime spasm and painful feet and shin area. It was through my own research that this product is not recommended for everyone and physicians should pay attention when prescribing this drug and hearing patient trying to get help for the neuropathy complaints. F 77 7 days
100 mg 2X D

 1  UTI Flu like symptoms, horrible cough, fever 102, loss of appetite, nausea weakness. This is my second time taking macrobid in 6 months for a UTI. I took it in May and ended up in the hospital with pneumonia after taking it for 1 week. Didn't make the connection that it was the cause until taking it this time. I will not take it again. F 77 7 days
100 MG 2X D
 5  UTI No side effects I am allergic to sulfa, so was prescribed Macrobid. I read all the terrible ratings on this site, so I was forewarned. Then I did my part - taking it with full meals and water twice a day, and it did its part, making me better. F 76 7 days

 1  UTI Felt nausea, headache, dizzy, not well. After 4 days developed a severe rash started on my feet, then up to the top of my legs. Covered front and back of legs. Stopped immediately, took benedryl, stopped the itch. Now on Prednisone to hopefully elliminate the rash which still covers both of my legs. Would never have started this, had I know any of this. Miserable past 8 days. F 76 4 days
? 2X D
 1  UTI Fever, chills, flu like. Dry cough, wanted to sleep all the time..felt so left of bubble. Really didn't know what was wrong with me and thought it was the UTI but realized it was the Macrobid. This is my third time taking this drug. The first bout was fine, no side effects, the second dose a month ago left me feeling not myself but was soon finished with the doses. Six weeks later and another UTI and Macroid. It is not working for me. Was so happy to find this website. Is there an answer to this epidemic of UTI's? F 76 7 days
100mg 2X D

 3  UTI 2 days after finishing Macrobid awakened with a raised red body rash over entire body, developed a temp of 100.8 , overall general malaise for 2 days, rash still evident on day 3 , no temp. Saw Doc, prescribed Prednisone, decided not to take as rash seems to be slightly less, energy level much better, no temp. Does not seem to be any other possible reason for this horrible rash.I,m a very healthy active lady. Will NEVER take again. F 75 10 days
100mg 2X D
 1  UTI Fever, chills, extreme aches, diarrhea, nausea F 75 30 days
100mg 2X D

 1  Misdiagnosed UTI infection Caused such weakness in my body I could not get off of the floor and into the bed. My husband helped me up. He was ready to call ambulance when I convinced him to let me wait until morning. I fell asleep and the weakness had dimished by morning. I did not have UTI - a Catskan showed I had diverticulitis. New antibiotics (cipro and Levaquin) and all is ok for now. New doctor too. F 75 1 days

 1  UTI After taking this for 4 days I felt horrible. Very weak. My urologist convinced me to take it for another 5 days even though I told him I was having pain a d tingling in my legs. After the last dose I developed hives and had trouble swallowing, ending up in the ER 3 times in one week. I was so sick I was sure I was dying. It was weeks before I started to feel better and still have tingling in my legs 10 months later. I am seeing a neurologist soon. This drug should be taken off the market. F 75 9 days
 1  Bladder Infection NAUSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NAUSEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXTREME F 74 6 days
100MG 2X D

 1  uti Prescribed for 2 weeks with no urine test. By the 6th day I had severe chills, shortness of breath, generally feeling bad. Stopped the drug and began to feel better, but left with cough and some shortness of breath. On the 4th day after stopping I developed an extreme rash on my legs and felt lousy. I think it totally messed up my immune system. Should be prescribed with great caution. F 73 7 days
100MG 2X D

 1  UTI & blood in urine After the second pill I felt tired & flu like symptoms. The next morning I felt so tired, cold & nauseous, I waited until after lunch to take the third pill, 3 hours later I was sleeping, because I felt so bad, I woke up with my ears ringing so bad I couldn't hear. I called the Dr. & asked to be put on Amoxicillin because I know I can tolerate that & I've taken it for UTI before, she agreed but only until the results of my culture come back. I will never take this drug again, It's been 24 hrs. & I still feel tired, cold & my mind is fuzzy. I am very drug sensitive & I am so tired of these drug companies coming up with these strong drugs. I would not recommend this drug to anyone, read the side effects, scary! F 73 2 days
100 2X D
 1  urinary infection shortness of breath and weeks later, I am going to pulmonary doctor and have been diagnosed with restrictive lung disease.There is no doubt in my mind this med caused it I think it should be checked by the food and drug administration as there are not many people who have taken it that don't have bad things to say about nitrofuration/mono-micro. F 73 5 days
2100 2X D
 1  For UTI Rash on lower legs Does anyone know if this drug contains sulfa? I am allergic to sulfa. F 73 5 days

 1  prophelatic dose following bladder severe, life threatening side effects that have been linked to macrobid My mother was given this drug as a precaution following bladder surgery. Within a week, she developed congestive heart failure and pulminary fibrosis. We were later told that both are considered side effects. While she recovered initially, now, two years later, she is in ICU fighting for her life with interstial pulminary fibrosis. All doctors have said it is related to the macrobid given two years ago. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. F 73

 1  UTI After taking 7 days of this medication, broke out in hives or a rash that reminded me of measles. Had a constant cough, some diarrhea. I am allergic to penicillian, but this isn't suppose to have any in it. F 72 7 days


 1  uti Anaph shock. Treated in ambulance and ER two hours after one pill. F 72 1 days
standard 1X D

 1  UTI Feeling like something is terribly wrong with your body! Trouble breathing, pressure in chest, heart racing, blood pressure dropping severly, dizzy, too weak to stand up, nausea, all-over body pain, cough, skin rash. I was first given macrobid 3 years ago and experienced the same symptoms. I immediately put the drug on my "allergic reactions list" with my physicians and pharmacy. Three days ago I was given the drug nitrofurantoin for UTI. I had no idea these were the same medications until I had taken 3 pills and began experiencing all of the same symptoms. I am very upset that I had to go through all of this again and that neither my Urologist nor pharmacy caught this serious mistake. F 72 1 days
100 mg. 4X D

 1  UTI Cured the uti but the cure not worth the side effects. Fever, nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, eye pain and blurred vision. Thought I had a virus as well as the uti. Side effects have not abated 5 days after stopping. Any antidote? F 72 4 days
100 mg 2X D

 1  UTI Initially, flu-like symptoms. After 3 days, I suffered severe muscle and joint pain in both arms, swelling in both hands, fatigue, and post-exertional pain. I took Macrobid almost 7 years ago, but symptoms never resolved. In fact, the symptoms seem to be increasing with age. I did not have these symptoms before taking Macrobid. DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE MARKET -- NOW. F 71 2.5 days
100 mg 2X D

 1  UTI dry cough, dry heaves, aching muscles, dizzy, could only drink, low temperature,then spiking, then down again, low blood pressure, lethargy, and then...along came the next of the plagues THE HIVES. Through all little sleep. One week later still have a rash and hives, little energy and depending on prayer. I am allergic to both sulfa and penicillin and am very disconcerted that the doctor suggested this med and the pharmacy filled the prescription. Obviously there have been warnings. I will be changing pharmacists. I always remind the doctor that I have those and other allergies and was assured there would not be a problem. My husband picked up the prescription and I was so sick I never read the accompanying paperwork. I will now ask the pharmacist for another copy of that to see if it warns of being a possible problem for persons with an allergy to macrobid. F 71 5 days
100MG 2X D

 1  urinary infection In addition to the symptoms stated earlier, I was dizzy, very weak, and had muscle pains in shoulders, back and neck. Legs were very shakey and I had difficulty breathing. I am asmatic so at least I had an emergency supply of prednizone, a nebulizer and drugs for it, plus various inhallers and medication to get me through the night without having to call EMS. TAKE MACROBID OFF THE MARKET!!!! F 71 1 days
100MG 1X D

 1  bladder infection started a dry cough after 3 days. After 5 days, I got flu-like symptoms. chills, headache, loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever. very weak at times, but it wasn't till I broke out in a rash & my feet started swelling that I clued in it was an allergic reaction. Now I notice a wheezing in my chest. I finished the pills after 7 days, & most symptoms have gone away except for the dry cough. I also am allergic to sulphur & Tylenol 3. I wish I had read this website first. I would never have taken it. I took a pill twice a day, which I would be feeling better then feel ill again. Still thought a new flu was going around. F 71 7 days

 2  bladder infection severe joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, mental confusion This is a very dangerous drug and should be taken off the market. F 70 7 days
100 2X D

 1  UTI I use it for a week, it cure my infection, but after the last tablet I developed rash in my body. My hands and feet swelled and with burning a itch. Pain in chest. I was rushed to the hospital. They sent me to a cardiologist, but everything was ok with my heart. After I came back from the hospital I went to see my dermatologist. As soon as he saw me he told me it was the Nitofurantoin mono/100mg caps because Im allergic to Sulfa. Please tell me who should be blamed, the doctor that dit not check my chart so see that I was allergic, or the Pharmacist. PLEASE MY FRIENDS, DONT LET YOUR DOCTOR BE IN TOP OF YOU. YOU SHOULD BE IN TOP OF THEM. WE MUST BE ALERT and informed other wise they could kill you with the wrong prescription. F 70 7 days

 1  chronic bladder infection Chills,aching joints, low temperature, headaches,tiredness,, sores in mouth and on the last 3 days my eye was swollen each morning, I developed blotches on my face and finally an all over body rash. I had no pain symptoms with my low grade infection It was discovered in an exam because of cysts showing in the bladder wall. I had just returned from South Africa and thought the side effects were from a bug picked up there so was slow to recognize that it was the drug. I'm now on prednisone to rid my body of Macrobid fast. F 70 13 days
 5  Bacterial Infection of bladder/kidn None.... they symptoms from the infection were so bad I felt better in 24hours. I have used this over several years as I have a chronic infection due to the way I am wired. I do not have pain when I urinate at all but my entire body aches to the point I can barely walk. As soon as I take macrobid I can feel the symptoms abating. I have used it off and on over 25 years. 69 10 days
100mg 2X D

 1  UTI I experienced nausea, dizziness, extreme fatigue, body pain, extreme stomach pain and diarrhea, difficulty breathing. I have very mild asthma and use occasional Ventolin which I found myself using every half hour in order to breath. Although I have never had a problem with antibiotics, I had such a terrible reaction to Macrobid that I thought I might die. I was terribly ill the whole time that I took it and, in fact, stopped a full day early even though I know it is important to take the full dose. It is now 4 days later and I still suffering from nausea and having difficulty breathing and am using my inhaler more often than previously. I did take the drug with food and drank lots of water as instructed but for me the drug was a disaster and I would not recommend it F 69 6 days
 1  uti I was prescribed this drug for long term use because of many uti's. However, the first night was frightening. Chills, fever, aching, nausea, dizziness, heart racing, etc. It took two to three days to recover. This was a nightmare. I will never take this drug again! F 69
100 mg 1X D

 1  Possible UTI When taking this medication I thought I was getting a lot of mosquito bites in strange places. Didn't even occur to me that this could be the start of a reaction. 5 days after finishing the medication I developed symptoms. Started with itchy swollen hands. Scratched most of the night and when I got up I saw red swollen hives mostly in my groin area and legs. They were very painful. Went to emergency and it took a little while to determine that the reaction was indeed to Macrobid (generic). Had an injection of benydryl which didn't help much. Was sent home with steroids and antihistamines and I'm following up with an appointment to a dermatologist tomorrow. After reading how long some of you have had these reactions I'm worried but hope that this will be over soon. It's a horrible antibiotic and should be taken off the market. F 69 10 days
2X D
 1  uti Extreme stomach pain...diarhea, vomitting..exhaustion Would never take this again! I was in bed 4 days......completely debilated..... bad drug F 68 10 days
2X D
 1  Blood in Urine, bladder infection Weak, more blood in urine, temporarily lost site, almost fainted. Went ot emergency room. They said I lost half of my blood and finally determined that I was alergic to the Macrobin ( Nitrofurantoin). I was in the hospital for 6 days trying to get my immune system back working. They said I got: Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia from the Microbid. There was no mention of this in the decription that came with the medicine. I was lucky that the Prednisone finally worked to get my immune system to slow done. It was destroying my whate blood cells. I intend to call the FDA and the drug manufacturer. F 68 2 days
100 2X D

 1  UTI I took Macrobid 2 times a day for 7 days with food, as directed. Symptoms of UTI stopped the first day. Everything seemed good until 4 days after I took the last pill when I developed hives on my ankles and lower legs with burning and itching. This was followed by less severe hives all over my body and the sensitive skin and itching moves from one place to another throughout the day and night. This is the 4th day of misery. After reading other patients' comments, I am fearful of how long this may last. To make thing even worse, the symptoms of UTI have returned. I am grateful to have found the information on this website. Thank you. F 68 7 days

 1  bladder infection side effects after funny taste in mouth and getting very painfull skin reactactions i hope this goes away i will never take this drug again.why is this drug on the market? this needs to be taken off the market right away F 68 7 days
100 2X D
 1  bladder infection My heart was pounding so hard it woke me up. I stopped taking the drug that morning. I have itchy rash on my scalp and neck, muscles in my legs feel weak, temper flare-up over nothing, breathing difficulties when walking up and down stairs and my joints in my hands and necks were aching. It has been 18 days since I first began taking this drug and still do not feel completely myself. I am allergic to sulfa drugs and I suspect that sulfa is one of the ingredients of the tablet. My concern in the long term is how this drug has affected my heart, liver and kidney. F 68 3 days

 1  UTI Almost 4 years after taking five MacroBid pills over a 2.5 day period, I still experience the pain of severe nerve damage. The pain is mostly in my arms and hands, but when I have a flare-up, the pain is everywhere. MacroBid was poison to my system and has negatively impacted my quality of life. Stay away from MacroBid. The FDA should remove it from the market, and doctors should be made aware of its impact on many people. F 68 2.5 days

 3  UTI dizziness, aching joints, tingling legs and feet, sore throat, fatigue, rapid heartbeat that was sometimes erratic, stomach bloat and some pain Still have one more pill to go but am hoping that the infection will be cleared up and all of these awful feelings will go away at that time. No one warned me of these side effects. F 67 4 days
100 2X D

 1  UTI The worst is the stomach bloating/pain followed by aggravating daily headache, turning into a migraine, tired, feeling like I just had to lie down. After reading the other comments, I, also, would not recommend this drug to anyone. F 67 7 days
100 2X D

 1  UTI After the second dose I experienced nausea, headache, severe chills, body aches, and fever of 103.2. Nasal swab testing was negative for flu. My doctor said it was probably a virus and to continue taking the Macrobid. Symptoms continued, and I also developed a rash (petechiae) from knees to feet, and burning sensations in lower extremities and feet. By day four the "virus" seemed to be moving down into my chest (pain on taking a deep breath), so I took some Mucinex, with no improvement. I started experiencing muscle pains in my upper and lower right leg, as well as knee, that made walking painful. I stopped Macrobid after 11th dose and nausea, fever, chills, headache, rash, muscle pain all quickly disappeared within hours. Cough is slower to resolve, but improving. I have taken Macrobid twice before in the last 4 months for UTIs and thought it worked really well, with no apparent side effects. For that reason, I didn't suspect the connection this time. Only when the symtoms persisted and got worse did I start looking for possible connections. I was shocked to see my very symptoms listed again and again by others. I have never been allergic to any medications in the past, and was feeling very well the day before, completing a 6.5 mile hike with lots of energy. I ended up having to cancel a scheduled surgery due to the fever, and the original urine culture came back negative for a UTI. My husband and others I'd been around never had any symptoms. F 67 5 days
100 mg 2X D

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