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 2  Anxiety/Depression Dry mouth, dry eyes, ear and fungal infections, severe withdrawl, no sex drive, fogginess, skittery eyes, dizzyness, more panic attacks...horrific drug to get off I am heart-sick about being perscribed this drug. I've been on it for over 6 years (it is now 2006) and I am caught in a vicious circle of trying to quit and then withdrawing so badly that I go back on. I now try and take it only when I have withdrawl symptoms, which is stupid, I know, but my doctor says I may have to be on it for life....God I'm so sad. I can't work if I have the 'zaps' and the dizziness and the overwhelming tension and anxiety, heart palpitations. I have cultivated a new spiritual and mental attitude and feel ready to quit, but it is so catastrophic when I've tried before. I feel like a guinea pig and am scared I will feel dumb/foggy/frigid the rest of my life. I've also been dealing with intense feelings of rage now too, which i've never had before. Not crazy rage, but enough to make make my husband wonder where his wife went. Ugly terrible, addictive stuff. I was clinically depressed 2x and I really needed help, but I just don't feel ANYTHING anymore and I'm scared F 31 6 years

 2  panic attacks and depression Insomnia, anxious,headache, It help a little with the panic attacks but I still get them and my depression is horrible . F 31 90 days
30mg 1X D
 1  Racing thoughts, ocd, anxiety Put on SSRIs after death of father, prior history of depression/aniexty. Switched to paxil after lexapro (brusing, isomnia), celexa (sleepwalking, sleepiness, no emotion). Was weaned off celexa prior to start (minor side effects). On 10 mg had extreme agitation/anger/rage + insomnia after 3 days treatment. After 1 week, smashed finger with hammer w/ complete detachment, didn't even feel the pain. SSRIs are not for me... pay attention to your behavior and how you treat others. F 31 7 days

 1  depression, anxiety attacks I HATE THIS DRUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since I've been on it, my depression has been WAY worse than it ever was before I started taking it. I've experienced serious weight gain (40 lbs in 6 months!),I need 10 - 12 hours of sleep a day, I can't stand to be around people because I feel so detatched from everyone, I am totally apathetic about things in my life that should be (& used to be) important to me.... all I really want to do is stay in bed and hide all day. With all these crappy side effects, I figure I'd be better off just not taking the drug any more, so I keep trying to wean myself off of it and now I know what hell is really all about. Each time I end up feeling completely psychotic. Weird electical zaps up and down my arms, legs and face, EXTREME agitation, suicidal and homicidal thoughts, nightmares, night sweats, muscle twitches, vision problems (including tunnel vision, strange random flashes of light, etc.) headaches, dizziness, emotional outbursts and instability and a VERY STRONG feeling of being completely out of control. I was seriously afraid that I was going to hurt myself or someone else. I would NEVER NEVER NEVER not in a million years EVER reccomend this drug to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Taking this drug was absolutly the worst decision of my life. I am now a Paxil junkie. I can only hope that I can get off this stuff one day and lead something that resembles a normal life. The makers of this drug, the ones who have marketed it to the unsuspecting public as being safe and having no serious side effects should be forced to take Paxil for awhile, and go through Paxil withdrawl. I'd like to know how they feel about this wonder drug after they've personaly experienced it's hellish side effects! Thanks a lot for ruining my life! F 31 3 years
 1  Trauma injuries Night sweats, tremors, nightmares, hair loss, crying, & depression. This drug is horrible. I was put on this drug while in the Intensive Care Unit for severe trauma injuries. The side effects are horrid!!! I never would have taken it had someone told me what might happen to me. This is very disturbing! I am trying to heal but this stuff is not helping at all. F 31 1 months

 1  increased anxiety pretty much every side effect listed on this site I was suffering from palpitations (due to being given too much thryoid hormone which I didn't find out until later)so my dr. and I agreed it could be anxiety and I would try Paxil Cr-12.5 mg. After taking the drug for about 2 weeks, I was told I should go off of it because my dr. and I found that my palpitations were worse. I reduced the dosage by half and then by another half over 2-3 weeks. I developed odd symptoms and figured I was getting sick. 2 weeks after stopping the Paxil I was having head rushes/pressure that felt like my brain was going to explode out of my ears, severe nausea, anxiety like never before, dizziness, disorientation, numbness and tingling in my arms/hands, IBS, chest pain, etc. Dr. put me back on 5 mg on Paxil (it has been 2 1/2 months now) I went to the ER on 2 occasions and to many specialists in the last several months. I have heard inner ear problems, dysautonomia, panic attacks, hormone problems, etc. but I attribute it all to the trial of Paxil. Now I just have to figure out how to get off of 5 mg. especially since I am still having head pressure sensations, electrical sensations, panic and anxiety. I hate drugs now. If anyone can relate, comments would be appreciated! F 31 13 days
 1  anxiety and depression no libido, constipation, weight gain, electrical zaps and swooshy sounds, suicidal ideation, rages, increased depression, agitation, the list goes on..... even if the stuff works, some day it will "poop-out" on you and you'll start auto-withdrawing, and paxil withdrawal feels, well, hellish to say the least. when this happens you're forced to either fully withdraw from paxil, substitute with another ssri or counteract the withdrawal with benzo's, like valium. either way, you're possibly in for a hellish ride of extreme panic and the whole full range of incapacitating symptoms. paxil is so evil it shoul be banned and forcefed to the drug companies prescribing it and then cold turkey withdrawn. this pill is poison by the devil himself! M 31 5 years
 1  anxiety panic depression basically all side effects that are known. worse though, i got the tolerance/poop-out syndrome after a couple of years so i started withdrawing during use. withdrawal is the worst part of this poison! after 5 years of use and 2 years of ssri-tolerance i decided to withdraw, slowly, about 5 weeks ago. i went from 30mg to 17.5mg currently and feel like i'm going to die of the anxiety, panic and all horrible psycical and mental symptoms. i once thought my cold turkey withdrawals from Luvox and Seresta were horrible, or that my Xanax-tapering over a year was exhausting, but boy was i wrong! this paxil/seroxat/paroxetine is giving me by far the most horrible withdrawal ever, i'm not sure i'm going to survive this this time, i really don't. it's hell. everyone who reads this prior to using the stuff: DON'T take it! M 31 5 years
 1  post pardum AWFUL - anxiety, depression worse, twitching, hands and arms were numb and tingly, severe insomnia, ended up in er, withdrawal symptoms going off (slowly) I begged my doc to take me off of this and they didn't believe me that it was causing any of this. DO NOT LET YOUR PRIMARY treat depression. Paxil should be taken off the market F 31 4 months

 1  PMS and Depression Gained 30 lbs in 4 months. NO Sex drive at all! Mentally felt great, couldn't live with the weight of lack of sex! F 31 4 months

 5  panic lost weight and harder to have orgasam i was the thinnest i've ever been while i was taking paxil. Its a great side effect if you ask me! F 30 4 years

 5  depression anxiety Sweating, Mild sleep disturbances, some sexual side effects but improving. Sleepiness. I've been taking Paxil for 5 weeks now. I started at 5 mg for one week and then increased the dose by 5 mg every week. I am now at 20 mg and have been at that level for two weeks. The doctor said it could take another two to four weeks for it to take it's full effect. So far, so good. I tried Remeron before this, but it left me in a complete fog. M 30 5 weeks

 5  anxiety, social phobia Teeth grinding; acid reflux (is that just me or is it the Paxil? don't know...) Has been a lifesaver. I've felt so much better on it. Now that my brain is M 30 5 years

 5  Anxiety, PTSD symptoms Nausea 1st 2 weeks, decreased appetite, sleepiness during the day. The side effects I have had have been worth it. This drug is amazing. I feel better than I ever have in my life. An unexpected bonus was that it seems to have cleared up all of my IBS symptoms as well! Thank you PAXIL!! F 30 90 days

 5  Anxiety Weight gain; Had to adapt to the sedation it brought on--I was always tired at first but it went away. It was the right drug for me. It decreased my anxiety and my obsessive thoughts. F 30 5 years

 4  GAD, panic attacks inability to orgasm, mild hypomania Paxil worked great...but let me say Paxil, and not the generic. After a year and a half I switched to generic because the brand name is no longer produced, and it made me a zombie, and it ceased to have any positive effects on me. Other than that, I had no withdrawal symptoms, but did have a mild hypomania on it which was undiagnosed during the treatment. M 30 1.5 years
40 mg 1X D

 4  Fibromyalgia can tell a difference when i miss one or more days. affected sexual response, but that left. will come back if i'm off of it more than a couple of days. helps the fatigue when i'm not in a severe pain cycle, otherwise it doesn't. F 30 4 years

 4   M 30 3 days

 4  Anxiety / Depression When I miss a dose I get dizziness ('whoosh' effect, kind of like being drunk) and some slight 'zaps'. Also had the same effects for about a week or so when my dose was halved from 20mg to 10mg Been on it for a while now (Aropax), and it definately helps the panic attacks. Still get the odd one, and they are weirder now, with zaps, but WAY less frequent. Also solved my IBS, and made me realise how depressed I had been for years. Suddenly realised that crying oneself to sleep at night ISN'T normal behaviour! Did get some side effects on my initial 20mg dose- felt a bit zombie like and had some short term memory issues. Talked to my doctor and he cut my dosage. Had some side effects, but lived (and worked) through them. Now on 10mg and find that controls the anxiety and depression (generally) and leaves me feeling like me still. Those who feel like they are smothered, tired etc. may be on too high a dose? I was lucky that I found a ballance between some emotional instability and anxiety, and the 'wrapped in a blanket' effect. F 30 2 years

 4  generalized anxiety SEX?!!--what's that?!! the paxil has helped my anxiety TREMENDOUSLY--but, it's taken away my libido..along with my orgasm!! :( what's a girl to do???!!??? HELP! F 30 2.5 years

 4  Generalized anxiety / mood swing None so far It works great! Don't believe everything you read about this med, like other medications work for some and for other does not, Me ha quitado la ansiedad hehe M 30 2 months

 4  Generalized anxiety / mood swing None so far It works great! Don't believe everything you read about this med, like other medications work for some and for other does not, Me ha quitado la ansiedad hehe M 30 2 months

 3  anxiety, panic headaches, dry mouth worked well first few yrs then for some reason wanst as effective. Currently gone up to 30mg hoping it will work again. @nd day on 30mg still feeling quiet anxious M 30 6 years

 3  depression @first nasea, constapation but went away. sexual and tiredness. bad withdrawl, dizzy like a shot of novacaine in your penis. Does non habit forming mean no withdrawl? M 30 1 years

 2  Panic disorder, GAD Very bad anxiety and emotional distress in the first week, week and a half of taking the med. Withdrawl symptoms on a stepped down dosing regimine were AWFUL...severe lightheadedness and vertigo, shocking sensations when moving my head. My dumb shit psychiatrist tried to step me down by half my dose over a month. I had to resort to cutting pills in to eighths to start with and then taper down one in eighth increments with about 2-3 weeks between step downs. A nightmare. WHile Paxil did do its job, the baggage that came with it was not worth it. At the time, there was no information about the severe withdrawl symptoms available from the manufacturer or my doctor. Just do a Google search for M 30 2 years

 2  Anxiety Muscle spasms. A little anxiety. F 30 4 months

 2  depression/generalized anxiety Sleep disturbed greatly...strange dreams/nightmares. Used to sleep like a log, but Paxil made sleep a huge issue for me. Oversleeping due to terrible night's sleep. Gained a lot of weight! No sex drive, caused strain on my marriage, although my husband is very understanding. F 30 2 years

 2   It made it IMPOSSIBLE to orgasm! No thanks. M 30 1 months

 1  depression swelling, nasuea, dizziness, confusion, joint pain, incredible itching, headaches, rashes, heart flutters, sweats. F 30 4 months

 1  Forced to No sex drive, tremor, horrible thoughts, dizzy, SEIZURE, and other. This is the drug that started all my problems, I'm 30 years old and when I was 16, I was hospitalized for depression, forced to take this drug in the hospital, the doctor increased the dosage I had a Seizure, it was bad! It started a cycle of Anxiety and everything else, I was mean as hell on this drug! M 30 3 weeks
1X D

 1  depression Gained a ton of weight and had zero sex drive. The reason, though, that I hate this drug is that it turns you into an addict. Going off of this drug is like being in hell. You turn into a junkie because the only way to make the symtoms (suicidal, sick as a dog, etc) go away is to take the paxil. It is truly terrible. F 30 2 years

 1  anxiety tiny adrenaline rushes that made me nauseous, hot, sweaty, and feel like I was going to pass out... and it came in waves.... I also had no feelings.... I backed my vehicle into a parked car I saw.. I just couldnt comprehend anything. IT IS THE WORST DRUG OUT THERE! F 30 5 days
10 MG 1X D

 1  Sleepless / depressed Mild seisures, night sweats, anxiety attacks, thoughts of suicide, delusional. I'm still suffering effects from only taking 5 pills. I'm just not the same person sometimes. M 30 5 days

 5  mdd,ocd,gad 3 days of slight insomnia and a bit nauseated. thats it though. saved my life!!! i feel like me, normal, at peace, i can play with my kids, keep up with my housework, waitress on the weekends and much more. i can get out of bed!!!! without fighting horrible thoughts, feelings of suicide, anxiety about anything and everything. its like a miracle drug for me. GOD is my miracle drug as well. i have tried it all, including bipolar medsthis one seems to be IT!!!!!!!!!!! THINK POSITIVE, DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT, THERES A DRUG OUT THERE THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU. F 29 6 months

 5  depression delayed orgasm, extreme sweating, rash, dizziness, pins and needles and dizzines when exercising, car sickness, increased sensitivity to light, lazy feeling oh and suicidal thoughts and self harming. Withdrawal, constant I am very angry about this med. It helped my depresion but I started burning and cutting myself and eventually had to stop taking it because I was going to kill myself. Ive been off it a while now and I cant believe I even thought about suicide. M 29 9 years

 5  OCD and depression Withdrawal symptoms F 29 10 years
40 mg

 5  GAD and depression First two weeks I had moments of I stopped taking the med after 9 months ONLY because it decreased my sexual drive and even when I did have sex, I couldn't have an orgasm. It's unfortunate because Paxil was WONDERFUL for my anxiety disorder but intimacy is an important aspect of life too. BEWARE: Don't stop this drug cold turkey! F 29 9 months

 5  GAD and depression First two weeks I had moments of I stopped taking the med after 9 months ONLY because it decreased my sexual drive and even when I did have sex, I couldn't have an orgasm. It's unfortunate because Paxil was WONDERFUL for my anxiety disorder but intimacy is an important aspect of life too. BEWARE: Don't stop this drug cold turkey! F 29 9 months

 5  GAD and depression First two weeks I had moments of zoning out, headaches, dry mouth, uncontrollable yawn, and a weird electric shock in my head. But after a few weeks on the med, I started to worry less, I was finally able to sleep through the night, I wasn't as irritable, I felt alive again! I stopped taking the med after 9 months ONLY because it decreased my sexual drive and even when I did have sex, I couldn't have an orgasm. It's unfortunate because Paxil was WONDERFUL for my anxiety disorder but intimacy is an important aspect of life too. BEWARE: Don't stop this drug cold turkey! F 29 9 months

 5  GAD/Depression Forgot to mention WEIGHT GAIN. 13 pounds in nine months! Sorry for all the repeated entries...For some reason it kept cutting off the rest of my comment... F 29 9 months

 5  anxiety The only side effects I ever had were sexual, and they are dose-dependent: loss of libido, impotence, inability to ejaculate. Works like magic. I was on it for 3 years and felt really great. I am now exploring a few other SSRIs hoping to find one with less sexual side effects. Keep in mind that this is a problem with all SSRIs and that's the trade-off you have to accept. M 29 3 years

 5  social anxiety, dysthymia difficulty with orgasm (difficult but still possible). Decreased libido (once again, decreased but still present). Initially I had some impulsivity, but that dissipated after about a month. I've gained weight, but I don't think I can blame the Paxil for that. My weight was consistent for many years, but I've put on a few pounds as I get closer to 30. Paxil changed my life. I was an anxiety ridden wreck; every single family member on my mother's side (both men and women) experienced severe anxiety, so I'm certain my anxiety has a strong genetic component. My father is an alcoholic and an extreme introvert, so no favors on that side either. My childhood was extremely isolated due to poverty and my mother's own persistent agoraphobia, which lasted most of my childhood. Paxil solved my anxiety problems. I take 40mg every day, and xanax as needed (usually for important presentations, exams, etc). It's amazing how confident I am now that I don't have to worry about anxiety. Or worry about anything for that matter. I am currently earning a PhD, which is an incredibly stressful endeavor - but the Paxil helps me manage the stress. There was a time gap in my use, and while I still did well, I do much better with Paxil (without all the stress!). I am a more confident, self-assured, and assertive person on Paxil. F 29 5 years
 5  Panic disorder w/ agoraphobia Weight gain Before Paxil I could not leave my house due to agoraphobia brought on by Panic Disorder. After Paxil, I could go anywhere. I had no side effects but I did gain about 70 pounds on it, although I was also eating more because I was happy. After 2 years, I no longer felt I needed to be on it and quit cold turkey. Unlike others, I suffered no withdrawal and have been off of it for a year. My panic attacks have not returned and I am now stable and functioning. I am thankful for Paxil getting me over that bridge to recovery. It was exactly what I needed and I'm saddened some people want this taken off the market for the withdrawals--I had none and this drug saved me from a life of being cooped up in my house. M 29 2 years
10MG 1X D
 4  anxiety/depression drowsiness, excessive yawning, trouble ejaculating (once went 3 hours with no result) This drug does help with depression. I don't experience the negative thoughts and feelings that were making life unbearable as often and after about three weeks I adjusted to all the side effects. I was really worried about not being able to finish during sex and considered stopping taking it out of frustration but with a lot of persistence and an understanding girlfriend I was able to overcome (no pun intended)it. So my advice is not give up on it right away. With persistence and optimism you may be able to get over the annoying side effects. M 29 30 days
 4  Anxiety Yawning, jaw chatters, dizziness, nausea, some brain zaps & vision disturbance. Started @ 10mg the 1st week, then went to 20mg. Stayed there for 8 months. Worked GREAT! no more attacks, took my Ativanmaybe once a month if that. Thought I was "better" so we started to wean off. It SUCKED but not unbearable. Now, 8 months later again....I am back to the panic/anxiety attacks & a mess. Worse this time around, taking twice the Ativan(lorazepam) as before. We tried Lexapro, but didnt work. So I am now getting back on Paxil. Its what worked! As well, doing the relaxation, self help books and changing stress in life. F 29 8 months

 4  Panic Disorder/ Depression 1st month. very tired, no ambition, didn't want to do anything at all. Decreased sex-drive Went off it after 1 year for 3 months... could NOT function got extreamly depressed... back on it for 2 months now and I am starting to feel WONDERFUL AGAIN! It really takes the edge off for me. I am starting to be normal Again :) F 29 14 months

 4  Social Anxiety disorder Weight gain, couldn't lose weight with diet and exercise, sometimes slight headache It worked very well for Social Anxiety disorder. I couldn't take above 20 mg due to feeling too tired and fatigued if I went on a higher dose. My doctor recommended trying another anti-depressant. F 29 2 years
20 mg 1X D
 4  Depression chattering teeth, night sweats, sexual dysfunction (delayed orgasm) did reduce depression, but side effects are frustrating, especially night sweats M 29 4 weeks

 4  depression and anxiety feeling tired decreased sexual drive F 29 4 years

 4  Agorphobia/Social anxiety/Depressio Hot flashes/Insomnia/exsessive sweating/yawning/hiccups/Cotton mouth/Nightmares/longer to reach orgazim/less menstral pain/bloodshot eyes/tired during the day/thirsty I stopped taking it years ago and doing it cold turkey is very scary. I found myself on the floor feeling dizzy and shaking and it was as though i was under water because every sound was muffled. My sight was blured. I have since gotten back on Paxil 20 mg and when the time comes to end it I will be under the care of a medical profesional. DO NOT STOP IT ON YOUR OWN!!!! F 29 43 days
 3  Depression, anxiety weight gain, vivid dreams and nightmares,memory problems, shaking,lack of sexual interest, want to sleep all the time The weight gain rumours are true! Doctors will tell you that Paxil will not cause weight gain but it does! F 29 9 months

 3  OCD slight hand tremors, yawning without being tired, tense feeling in jaw muscles, tendency to gnash/grind teeth sometimes (not too severe or frequent), sexual side effects I've been on the 20 mg dose for 8 days, with directions to move to 40 mg after another week, for OCD. So far, on some days, my mind stops in the usual places, but is able to move on more quickly. On other days, it seems like things are back to normal (or worse) again. I'm hopeful that the higher dose will help, although I don't want to the side effects (especially the hand tremors and yawning) to get worse. M 29 8 days

 3  Anxiety and depression "fuzziness", mental numbness, weight gain, some loss in libido Paxil helped in a way, by keeping me from thinking very deeply about some tough steps I needed to take in my life but had been putting off for several years. I got through them with much less trouble than I would have without the Paxil. The major downsides were that I gained a lot of weight, and getting off of this drug is HORRIBLE! F 29 2 years

 2  Anxiety Migraines Weight Loss Hair Loss Loss of libido Drowsiness Horrible withdrawal symptoms F 29 6 years

 2  Depression/Gen. Anxiety Disorder Horrendous appetite, weight gain, daily grogginess, nightmares The drug worked great, but the side effects were too awful, especially the appetite/weight gain and grogginess. Always felt a little "out of it" and always wanted to eat, which hindered my daily functions a bit. Nightmares were frequent and quite creative, usually involving someone trying to kill me. Too bad, Paxil has been more effective than Wellbutrin and Serzone. F 29 3 months

 2  Anxiety, depression lower sex drive, then complete loss of libido! This drug made me immune and unable to have proper reasoning. Sexual side effects are terrible. First lower sex drive, inability to have an orgasm during sex, then complete impotence! even 4 weeks after stopping the drug completely...I really hope it will all return to normal. M 29 4 months
5mg 1X D

 1  depression insomnia, anxiety, panic, weight gain, increased depression, increased suicidal ideation, delayed ejaculation Paxil ruined my life and I firmly believe it caused permanent neurological damage. I started taking it for depression (a single depressive bout!) when I was 17. If I had known then what I know now I would have shunned it like death. I took twenty milligrams a day for nine years. It caused horrible panic and anxiety. And it only worsened the depression it was supposed to help in the first place. These days if I get depressed, it feels organic, like a natural sort of depression. When I got depressed on Paxil, it was a crazy, pitch-black, suicidal depression. But the worst part of Paxil is still happening. After I quit, the panic and anxiety, which it caused, blossomed and rebounded in the meanest way possible. Understand, I never had panic or anxiety before Paxil. Now, four years later, I?m still dealing with the ?mean reds? and I think Paxil permanently re-wired something upstairs. Some days I?m so ?off? and so panicked and anxious that I don?t know who I am, what I?ve become. I?m a quivering shell of my old self all those many, many years ago. I had no idea those little pink pills could be so damning. Paxil is poison. Please do not take this drug. It will ruin you. M 29 9 years
20 1X D
 1  General Anxiety Disorder Going on to the drug was hellish, but once I stabilised on 20mg it was only the 'mild' side-effects of emotional numbness, general apathy and sexual disfunction. However, the real fun started when I started to come off the drug.... nausea, chronic anxiety, diaorrhea, ear-ringing, vertigo, nightmares, weight-loss, emotional instability etc... If you are prescribed this drug, please please please only take it for a short period of time whilst you get some CBT. It has ruined my life. M 29 9 years
20 1X D

 1  Anxiety/Depression Increased anxiety by 100%, increased appetite, tired yet unable to sleep, inability to reach orgasm. Hear it works wonders for some but for me it was the worst antideppresant I have ever been on. Switched to Effexor XR which has worked outstanding for me, without any side effects whatsoever. F 29 2 months
 1  social anxiety HOrrible. Laziness, forgetfullness, weight gain, zombie feeling, other weird symtoms Horrible horrible drug do not take. Taking paxil for 8 months literally cost years off my life recovering from the after effects. I do not believe that my mind or my body has ever returned to the same since taking this medication. I immediately gained 25 pounds when taking this which has given me a struggle with my weight ever since. My memory is horrible now. Constructing sentences is difficult. I just have never felt the same. The worst of it I would say was the first two years after discontinuing, memory was horrilbe, word recall was horrible, felt very out of it our of sync. This is a horrible drug and these doctors will not help you when you have problems with it. They will blame the problems on you becase you came in with depression or anxiety so they discount your concerns and blame you as imaginging the side effects or already having them when you came in which you know is not true. If you have a choice always take care of depression or other anxiety related issues through therapy rather than meds first. F 29 8 months
1X D

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