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 5  depression and anxiety lowered sexual response, delayed orgasm great drug. changed my life. I didn't know how anxious I was until I stopped feeling that way! Instead of anxious, worried, melancholy, frustrated, I now feel joyful, spontaneous, communicative, contented. F 38

 5  anxiety night sweats, drowsy F 24

 5  migraines abdominal cramping and diahhrea and WEIGHT GAIN but it has worked wonders. I am extremely bothered by the weight gain,if not for that, it is a wonder drug. Has helped occurrence of headaces 90%!!!and has helped anxiety F 46
 5   M

 5  anxiety tried the cr. did not work as well as reg. pax. M 64
 5  Anxiety, OCD, depression

 5  stress and anxiety horrors lowered sex drive and reduced sensitivity in the genital area, inability to cry or shed tears even when very sad, sometimes a sudden electric shock feeling inside my head. Been on paxil for 12 years now and even with the side effects I do not know how I could have survived without it. Did stop it at one stage and suffered the withdrawal symtoms, however the horrors of stress and anxiety returned so I went back on the paxil. Can take weeks or even months for the benefits to show. M 45

 4  depression

 4  Depression First started taking Paxil 10 mg. over 1 year ago. It really helped me to stop crying and thinking all the time. Then I was taken off by my Internist because he said it will raise my blood pressure. Internist just said come off it there won't be any side effects because the dose was so low. 3 months later, I was severely depressed again. Now I'm taking 20 mg and feel so much better. I am having some trouble sleeping and I do feel tired a lot of the time and prefer to stay home most of the time but I'm not depressed and I'm not thinking contantly. I'm aware of the weight gain and I'm especially careful about what I eat. Hopefully I will feel energetic enough soon to do some exercise. F 58


 4  anxiety It is great M 24


 4  anxiety Decreased sexual activity, dizziness and headache if forgotten Overall I am very satisfied with the results of the medication. F 44


 4  social none M 23

 3  anixiety/depression alcohol cravings F 28

 3  anxiety ocd gained 40 pounds, lethargy, loss of orgasm, slept for three hours every afternoon terrible drug F 51

 3  anxiety and depression inability to orgasm and weight gain.ALWAYS tired. Paxil has helped with my mood swings.Now if only I could lose the10 pounds I've gained since I started taking it. F 28

 3   F

 3   M 36


 2  depression Heavy nausea Difficulty in reaching sexual climal More than the above??? M 65

 2   Iím just glad I noticed these side effects sooner than later because it will be easier to wean off of it since I havenít been on it that long. These brain zaps are the strangest feeling though and canít wait until those are gone. It feels like my brain is expanding inside my head.

 1  depression didnt care about anything, increased suicide thought withdrawl is beyond horrible and lasts several weeks F 36


 1   did feel like i was on a med felt depressed all the time and it was klike eating candy F 42

 1  anxiety extremely dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, insomnia I tried it less than 24 hours ago and it is one of the worst experiences in my life. Could not sleep at all, and feel extremely weak. I just have to drink 20 litres of water to get it out asap. F 36

 1  Depression and anxity I can't have an orgasam and I've been in a relationship for a year. Also for me the medicine plain out just didn't work it made it worse. F 20

 1  depression The popular antidepressant drug Paxil used by millions of Americans has been linked to linked to birth defects, miscarriages and suicides among patients. M 29

 1  apparently for PMS/Depression Dizzines, headaches, increased paranoia, more depressed than ever, severe panic attacks, and just plain awful. Be warned that Paxil is not a very safe drug, there are many adverse side effects that are now making paxil the most unsafe of all SSRI's. Please look up information about the many pending lawsuits and class action suits that are taking place as you read this. The terrible withdrawl syndrome of paxil is scary. F 29

 1  Depression/Social Anxiety Within one hour of taking my first 20mg pill (7pm), thought I saw a large black spider crawling on a glass dish, it was a reflection. Freaked me out for a second. Later when rocking my son to sleep in a dark bedroom, had visions of a large venus fly trap engulfing us both. Both visuals were absolutely not typical. At work the next day (today) I was laughing pretty hard and I actually peed myself. I have never done this in my entire life that I can remember. Prior to this I was in a meeting and my right testicle began to throb, lasted a few minutes before subsiding. Another first. It is now 9:30pm the next night- I'm feeling ok, and for the record will never take this again. I felt great last night, relaxed and genuinely engaging with my wife for the first time in, well, quite a while. 2-4 weeks to take effect? No way, the impact for me was immediate. Today I was a different person at work, albeit with the spider and fly trap on the back of my mind. The tradeoff between leaving depression and a fear of close social situations and becoming a side effect sideshow is definitely not worth it. Not to mention what laid in store in for me had I continued. Spinal zaps, are you frigging kidding me?!?! Abnormal ejaculation? What the??? I think if you are 60 and dysfunctional then this is right for you to improve quality of life- I believe that it's beneficial as a last resort only. One pill took me through a roller coaster ride like I have never experienced. I will keep my little brown bottle of pills in a cool dark place for about 25 years until I need it on a rainy day. M 38 1 times

 1  OCD/Anxiety Had a very bad bout of the shakes for abot 2 hours. I couldn't get warm. Neck and head hurt. Teeth chattering as if I was in a meat locker and I live in FL and I had chest pains! I felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. I took my first dose 12.5 mg of Paxil Cr today at 11:00am and felt fine all day. 11:00 pm hit and all of the sudden I felt very sick to my stomach and my head started to hurt. After about 10 min's I was shaking from head to toe and my teeth were chattering. Then it made me so sick that I threw up. I went through this for about 2 solid hours. It was a horrible feeling. My poor husband was freaking out. It is now 3:00am here and I am still wide awake with a sore jaw and head but at least I have stopped shaking. I am going to call my Doc tomorrow and have him switch me to something else. I am glad that I have found this board before I took the Paxil Cr too long. Thanks too all the folks out there who are helping others! F 32 1 times

 3  Depression/anxiety Very bad withdrawals !. If I had known about the side effects & Withdrawal issies, I would have NEVER taken this medication M 48 3 times

 3  deppression,panic attacks excessive sleeping, loss of appetite, loss of libido i have been taking paxil for 3 weeks now, at 12.5 mg. so far it has helped me to not have panic attacks, but it still hasn't helped my depression, so i am going up to 25 now. i have very littel appetite during the day, and at night i crave sweets. all i want to do is sleep all day. and i dont even think about sex F 31 3 times

 1  Anxiety Bad withdrawals. Withdrawals included: nausea, "the zaps", severe fatigue, depersonalization, constricted pupil causing "tunnel-vision", chills and anxiety. While weaning off I had suicidal thoughts. I have been on this for 14 years and I am 28 so who knows what sexual dysfunctions I consider "normal". This medication caused me more distress than my anxiety did. I experienced withdrawals if I was a few hours late taking my daily pill. Wean off SLOWLY and work with your Doctor during the process. I went from 40mg to 2.5mg (cut up 5mg pills). I constantly see commercials from law offices asking, Did you take Paxil while pregnant and your baby was born with a heart defect, lung defect or other serious medical condition..if so call so and so because you may be entitled to financial compensation. If it does horrible things to fetuses what has it been doing to me for the past 14 years??? F 28 14 times
40 1X D

 2   This article came out today. The drug company behind Paxil is being fined $750 million for selling contaminated and ineffective products, Paxil being one of them: www.nytimes.com/2010/10/27/business/27drug.html?pagewanted=1&ref=us F 24 0 days
1X D

 5  bipolar and anxiety The only side effects I have really experianced are constipation and loss of appitite. I have lost 13 lbs since I started taking this medication. 1 month ago. I LOVE PAXIL!!!! I am a 25 year old mother of 2 young children and I suffered every day from my bipolar to the point where I wasnt a good mother any more. My kids didnt like me. I completly withdrew myself from the outside world. I wouldnt even talk on the phone. I would lash out at the people I love, and not even realise what I was doing until after the fact. This hasnt always been the case. But with in the last 2 years my bipolar had gotten increasingly worse. Paxil gave me back the life that I love. It lets me be the mother that I know I am. Which is a caring, patient,and involved mother. And it has brought peace to my marriage.My husband actually wants to be around me now. I now look forward to going places. And I am slowly starting to hang out with friends again. I know about the withdrawls because I had them with Effexor, which was awfull... but hopefully Paxil will just continue to work for me, And I will continue to take it for the rest of my life. To all of you who arent havin F 25 1 days
 3  Clinical trial Headache, dizzyness, nausea, metalic taste M 63 1 days

 1  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder terrible nightmares, sleepiness, drowsiness, not being able to speak when i was tired, being so tired that i HAD to go to sleep the very second I got tired, seizure- which caused a car accident, EEG's, and an MRI, only to find out that it was the paxil that caused my seizure and car accident, feeling as though i'm being electricuted, no sex drive... the list goes on and on and on and on... paxil is THE WORST DRUG ever made. you might as well be on heroine! DO NOT take paxil! it has made my life a living hell for the passed year and a half now. F 18 1 days

 1  amxiety, panic attacks nausea, shaking, severe anxiety, insomnia, vivid dreams, heart palpitations, pounding heart, diarrhea, dizziness, ugly thoughts This drug and my brain did not mix well. I took one dose of 10 mg at about 6 pm and had insomnia, diarrhea, nausea, shaking, dizziness, pounding heart all night and morning. I couldn't sleep even though I felt very sleepy. Everytime I would fall asleep I would wake up from the shaking from the severe anxiety or vivid dreams. I also had a weird feeling like I had stopped breathing that would wake me up. It has not been about 27 hours since I took that one dose and I still feel anxious and shaky. I hope to have a better nights sleep tonight. I will never take this drug again. F 26 1 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  depression I had a very unusual adverse reaction, within hours I had hot flashes and pins and needles sensations that would rush over my skin. Later I got severe nausea, complete insomnia, mood changes, mild visual disturbances, and a host of other issues. Sickest I've been in my life. The worst of this lasted about 3 days. It's been a decade since this happened to me and no doctors have been able to answer what is up. I'm very sensitive to other antidepressants as well but paxil really messed with me. I'd love to hear from other folks who have had hypersensitive reactions to antidepressants to hear what does work for you. F 33 1 days
10mg 1X D
 1  Depression/Anxiety Took my first Paxil (20mg) 24hrs ago; Nausea ALL DAY! I can't wait until this gets out of my body! F 19 1 days

 1  Anxiety I blacked out in the shower after one pill at 10 mg. Woke up to muscle weakness, shakiness, extreme vertigo and nausea. I'm just glad I'm still alive after taking this stuff. I can't believe the FDA approved it. F 28 1 days

 1  (manic) deppresion / anxiety (adhd) After an hour of taking half of a pill of a very small dose of paxil for the first time i got a bad stomach ache and threw up multiple times. This is only the third time I have ever thrown up, and the other two were when I was an infant. if drugs dont help listen to a lot of music M 15 1 days
 1  depression and anxiety attacks Tremors (all over body shakes, like really really bad case of the coffee jitters), insomnia--my brain was WIDE awake at 2 am--hot and cold flashes, I went from freezing cold to burning up in a matter of a minute, and when the hot flashes came, my skin felt as if it were being burned, it acted as a diuretic, made me have to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, and it made me really really nauseous. I've got the generic form of Paxil, Paroxetine, and I was prescribed the drug for help with raging PTSD symptoms. But this is not worth it. I'll take the anxiety attacks over these side effects any day. And I was NOT aware that this drug is so addicting. I don't want to take a medicine I have to wean myself off of. No thanks. F 35 1 days

 1  Depression Psychosis, sweating, dilated pupils, insomnia. Worst anti-depressant ever! I would highly recommend to anyone going to take this not to. Found out I was bipolar while taking this, went into psychosis and mania. Horrible side effects and awful to ween off of. F 25 1 days

 1  Stress and depression Hot flash, dry mouth, nausea, panic attack I took my first and last dose at 11:00am and felt fine all day. Woke up in the middle of the night feeling strange. Felt like a hot flash, and I was trembling inside. My mouth was dry and I felt nauseated. The next day, before it was time for my second dose, I was driving to Lowes and began having a panic attack. MY FIRST PANIC ATTACK IN 9 YEARS! I had to pull off of the road into someones driveway and wait for the panic attack to pass. Needless to say, when I got home, the Paxil (or rather, POISON) went in the trash. I will never touch that crap again! I will stick with exercise (which works like a charm everytime anyway) and a healthier diet. To those of you who have been on this poison for years: I don't know how you do it! F 36 1 days

 1  Depression After one 20mg dose: Vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, fainting, difficulty breathing, tingling sensations, loud ringing in ears, muscle weakness, pounding/racing heart, tremors, severe dizziness, severe-anxiety and suffered my first panic attack. The worst day of my life, this has honestly convinced me to never take a SSRI again. F 20 1 days

 1  anxiety The worst pill you can ever take feeling very dizzy and spaced out. Been trying to sleep and I can't body feels very heavy I have dry mouth And its by far the worst I have ever felt M 24 1 days
5 mg
 3  GAD, social phobia EXTREME excessive sweating, (soaked through clothes just being outside 5 minutes and even when cold), heart palpitations to the point it made my anxiety WORSE, dizziness when standing up or moving head around to look at anything. This medication was alright for a little while until I realized that my other health problems were side effects of the drug. My doctor prescribed this initially for anxiety and by the end of the year and a half of taking it I was worse than when I started. The sweating was so bad I couldn't bare to go anywhere if it was hotter than subarctic temperatures outside. Doc prescribed some topical agents that just dried out my skin but didn't stop the sweating. The heart palpitations were so bad I had to go in for testing and heart monitors. I was prescribed an anti-vertigo med for the dizziness which didn't help. I felt generally spaced out on this. It DID however dull my mood swings but to the point I wasn't as sharp as I am without it. I found myself feeling like "freaking" out on occasion, especially when surrounded by people or when in the car with others. I didn't notice any sexual or weight side effects though. F 22 1.5 days

 4  panic attacks /depression/ life shakey, threw up a few times, dizzy, but i feel more alive, no more panic attacks. but i also feel like i just smoked crack, heh. all loopy. kinda fun. i love it. makes me happy, but i just hope i dont regret it. because i hear alot about sexual dysfunction and addiction/withdrawl M 18 2 days

 3  OCD, PMS or PMDD This is my second day and I am very, very tired...but then again...I love to sleep and I get sleepy from Non-Drowsy medicene. I am happier though. Well see how it goes....People claim that after the 3rd week, you won't be sleepy anymore. F 23 2 days

 3  migraines WEIGHT GAIN, no matter what i do. Exercise 1 to 2 hrs a day and still gaining weight... But works great for the headaches... will try to get off of it and switch to Effexor to try to lose the weight M 45 2 days

 3  anxiety/depression sweating, sleeplessness So scared. I don't know if I should hope it works or not. Those addiction stories are daunting. F 37 2 days

 2  Depression/Anxiety No side effects until after 6 months: weight gain (33 lbs w/in 6 months), thinning hair, haziness, difficulty concentrating, increased high's and low's, panic attacks, swelling in the stomach (no i'm not pregnant) I rated it 2 and not a 1 because for the first several months, it did serve its intended purposes of calming my anxiety and preventing severe depression. After this time though, I'd definitely lower the score to 1 or even .5 For those who claim that others only try it for "a couple of days and then just give up" let me tell you something, you are the exception to the rule and good for you that you don't have to experience what so many of us have, but you have no right to judge someone else's issues! Get a freakin' grip and grow up! F 23 2 days

 2  Depression Extreme fatigue, all I wanted to do was sleep. Impossible to take this medication and still go to work. Stopped after 2 days with no side effects. M 54 2 days

 2  Bipolar II hand numbness/tingling/fullness; headaches I didn't read this in anyone else's comments--my hands felt numb, tingly, and filled with fluid (like when you come inside with cold hands or feet and put them in a tub of warm water). I'm a writer and couldn't hardly type. Went off this medication after 2 days. F 48 2 days

 1  Anti Anxiety Insomnia, Chattering teeth, feeling giddy, unable to concentrate, unable to sit still, floating feel when I walk, dilated pupils, cloudy thinking and the list goes on I took this for 2 days and it was the worst thing I have ever been on. On day 1 I felt like I was wired and couldn't sit still. Felt like a caffeine rush. That night I couldn't sleep but the next day I felt like I had slept all night. Then the teeth chattering set in. My teeth chattered like I was cold for over 2 hours and I had an uncontrollable tremor in my right arm. I walked into the doctors office and even they were in a panic just from looking at me. They had never seen anything like that and thought I might have a neurological problem but nope it was all a side effect of good old Paxil. I had to quit taking it after just those 2 days. Even the next day I had headaches and cloudy thinking. I would never take this again even if my life depended on it. F 23 2 days

 1  GAD Every side effect listed on the drug's official Prescription Information page, except Homocidal Tendencies. It was meant to prevent panic attacks, and gave me my worst one ever. They keep telling me it helps some people, but the study stats say it's really only a small percentage of those who wouldn't be helped by a placebo. M 38 2 days

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