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 4  anxiety Decreased sexual activity, dizziness and headache if forgotten Overall I am very satisfied with the results of the medication. F 44

 2  depression shaky and dizzy didn't help at all F 14 1 months

 2  depression nausea, headache, difficulty with orgasm I may discontinue this drug. F 2 weeks

 3  depression worked to calm me down but also created a I dont care attitude. Kills sex period. Does help to sleep. M 53 2 months

 2  depression feeling of general indifference. numbness of emotions. weak, dizzy, shaky. F 19 1 years
 3  Depression Initially a lack of appetite. The worst was the insomnia. F 40 6 months

 1  depression The greatest side effect I noticed were my dreams....I had very distubed sleeping patterns. And I had very vivid horrible dreams the entire time I was on Paxil. Crying in my sleep was a nightly thing, as was waking several times a night from the nightmares. Interestingly enough, when I switched to Celexa, the dreams stopped completely. Another side effect I had was involuntary twitching, which I have heard reported by others taking Paxil. This was an ever-occuring thing that did not go away even months after being on it. F 21 6 months

 4  couldn't sleep/depressed I would like to get off this medication but I suffer from major side affects.I was told that I would have to be on it the rest of my life!! Poopy!! I have tried to go off about 3 times and every time (once off of drug for 2 weeks) I would get terrible withdrawls. Dry heaves, major dizziness, feeling like I'm freezing to death, couldn't even keep water down, shakes, couldn't go to work because I was so sick!!!!!! I still have some trouble sleeping and am very tired all of the time. F 45 6 years
 2  Depression It caused me to have severe constipation and messed up my sleep habits. It worked great for depression, but the side effects were too much, so I recently quit taking it. M 32 6 years

 2  Major Depression/ Anxiety I constantly felt tired. I would sleep every chance I got. My family had a very hard time getting me up in the mornings. There were times they litterally had to pull me out of bed. I was okay for the first two weeks on it. But, then I started to get more depressed. I couldn't handle it. I ended up switching back to Celexa that I had been on the previous 6 months before. Celexa works better for me. F 22 1 months

 3  depression/anxiety-panic Very Very tired. No sex drive. Still had some anxiety. helped the depression somewhat. F 26 4 months

 2  depression/generalized anxiety Sleep disturbed greatly...strange dreams/nightmares. Used to sleep like a log, but Paxil made sleep a huge issue for me. Oversleeping due to terrible night's sleep. Gained a lot of weight! No sex drive, caused strain on my marriage, although my husband is very understanding. F 30 2 years

 3  Depression Severe constipation; messed up sleep patern Worked well for depression, but the side effects got worse and intolerable over time. M 32 6 years

 1  depression Gained a ton of weight and had zero sex drive. The reason, though, that I hate this drug is that it turns you into an addict. Going off of this drug is like being in hell. You turn into a junkie because the only way to make the symtoms (suicidal, sick as a dog, etc) go away is to take the paxil. It is truly terrible. F 30 2 years

 1  chronic insomnia after being on 20 mg at 1 month, I began having bizarre dreams, and awoke with a SEVERE panic attack (which I had never had before the medication). ON discontinuance, I had periods of paranoia, chills, and jaw clenching - felt like someone who was experiencing drug withdrawl. A horrifying experience! F 33 30 days

 3  deppression and anxiety If I forgot to take it for a few days, I would become extremley irritible M 27 133 days

 5  depression and anxiety lowered sexual response, delayed orgasm great drug. changed my life. I didn't know how anxious I was until I stopped feeling that way! Instead of anxious, worried, melancholy, frustrated, I now feel joyful, spontaneous, communicative, contented. F 38

 4  for depression loss of sex drive; excessive sleepiness Paxil helped me tremendously with my anti-social behavior and depression. I enjoyed being with people a lot more (and they enjoyed being with me, too!). I had positive thoughts most all the time. The sense of well-being was pretty constant. Sometimes, I think too much so! However, the side effects of loss of sex drive and sleeping ten hours a day made me decide to get off it. Now I miss it. F 50 13 months

 2  Anxiety Muscle spasms. A little anxiety. F 30 4 months

 4  Fibromyalgia can tell a difference when i miss one or more days. affected sexual response, but that left. will come back if i'm off of it more than a couple of days. helps the fatigue when i'm not in a severe pain cycle, otherwise it doesn't. F 30 4 years

 2  Depression/Gen. Anxiety Disorder Horrendous appetite, weight gain, daily grogginess, nightmares The drug worked great, but the side effects were too awful, especially the appetite/weight gain and grogginess. Always felt a little "out of it" and always wanted to eat, which hindered my daily functions a bit. Nightmares were frequent and quite creative, usually involving someone trying to kill me. Too bad, Paxil has been more effective than Wellbutrin and Serzone. F 29 3 months

 4  Depression chattering teeth, night sweats, sexual dysfunction (delayed orgasm) did reduce depression, but side effects are frustrating, especially night sweats M 29 4 weeks

 3  anxiety extreme sweating at night, extremely tired at all times, yawning, gritting teeth, no sexual desire, some dry mouth Seemed to help with anxiety but didn't want to put up with the side effects. Now I'm tapering off of Paxil and starting Zoloft. M 45 8 weeks
 5  panic attacks/OCD/depression COULD NOT REACH ORGASM! (My libido did not decrease though) WEIGHT GAIN! and Tired ALL the time! except at night, then I had insomnia! I discovered that taking it in the morning helped. I was able to sleep better at night, and wasn't as tired during the day. Still can't reach orgasm, which is enough to make me want to quit this drug altogether. Also the weight gain didn't exactly help my depression any. Although as far as my anxiety goes, I have been free from panic attacks, which is a miracle! I have actually been able to drive on the freeway! I never used to be able to do this! F 24 5 months

 1  Anxiety/Depression Increased anxiety by 100%, increased appetite, tired yet unable to sleep, inability to reach orgasm. Hear it works wonders for some but for me it was the worst antideppresant I have ever been on. Switched to Effexor XR which has worked outstanding for me, without any side effects whatsoever. F 29 2 months
 3  social anxiety disorder Inability to ejaculate. M 28 2 months

 2  Anxiety with Depression Diarrhea,dizziness,drowsiness,headache,trembling,difficulty sleeping, blurred vision, red eyes,weight loss, decreased appetite, loss of sexual satisfaction F 46 28 days

 1  Chronic back pain This drug is impossible to come off of... HA,Naueous,Dizzy unable to work, when attemping to taper off the drug. All the symptoms go away when I take the full daily dose. I was never told that this drug was addicting. The company no longer makes a liquid form. That would make it easier to lower the dose more accurately. M 38 1 years
 4  anxiety Decreased sex drive I found much relief after my Dr. started me on Paxil F 28 6 months

 2  depression / anxiety bad head aches, head spins, bad agitation, not sleeping and others that I can't remember right now. Initially this drug worked, but I got recurrence after a month or so. This was not picked up and the medication was not increased in the 18 months I was on it. Caused more harm than good to me. F 24 18 months

 1  PMS and Depression Gained 30 lbs in 4 months. NO Sex drive at all! Mentally felt great, couldn't live with the weight of lack of sex! F 31 4 months

 3  mild deopression In the beginning- nausea, insomnia, unable to get out of bed for about 4 days. Once used to the drug I had constipation and weight gain. My GP said to start on 10mg and after 4 days go to 20mg. The side effects were so bad that I couldnt function and was very sick. I doubt I would use this again and got off it as soon as I felt able. F 38 3 months
 5  Depression and anxiety For the 1st month my anxieties seemed worse. I was very tired, tension in all muscles. After the 1st month I began to feel better than I ever remember feeling in my life. I did continue to feel sleepy esp. when sitting still. I also had sexual side effects (inability to reach orgasm) Within 6 months all of those side effects are gone. I simply feel "normal". 1 years

 1  depression I have had trouble with being sick to my stomach for years. While taking paxil, nothing eased my stomach. I was in exteme distress. F 56 10 days
 1  depression swelling, nasuea, dizziness, confusion, joint pain, incredible itching, headaches, rashes, heart flutters, sweats. F 30 4 months

 1  depression,anxiety, PTSD, OCD Headaches, Weight gain, dizziness, heart flutters, no sex drive, emotional numbness, bad dreams, joint pain, generally disoriented. I feel like the world is moving as usual but I am watching it all in slow motion and I don't really care. That is what scares me most. Haven't been able to reach orgasm since taking this medication. I feel worse now than I did without taking any meds. I truly am scared by this drug!!!! It makes me not care what is going on around me. I feel like its turning me into a zombie!! I stoped taking the drug 1 week ago, and the after effects have been horridenous!! F 32 3 months

 5  Anxiety Weight loss but I was also on Wellbutrin, I had no appetite lost about 10 pounds in 2 months which I needed to loose,but I felt much better within 1-1/2 weeks, could focus on work and family without dwelling on recurrent thoughts during the day or having them be the first thing in my head as soon as I woke up in the morning. Thank God for Paxil!! I was on Paxil along with Wellbutrin (Wellbutrin originally for smoking cessation), then the Paxil was added later when I started having anxiety problems. F 38 3 months
 1  Anxiety While on the medication: constipation, inability to reach orgasm, night sweats, very vivid bad dreams. I felt really good, emotionally, the entire time I took it. This medicine really helped my anxiety but since I didn't want to be on it forever, I stopped taking it 2 weeks ago. I am still dizzy every time I move my eyes and it's not getting better! I took a 1/2 pill last week to see if the dizziness went away and it did within 3 hours. But now it's back with a vengeance and it doesn't seem to be getting better. If I'd been warned about the side effects I probably would not have taken it. F 29 5 months

 5  Anxiety, perimenopausal joint pain Felt somewhat aggitated-hyped, with loss of appetite and wakefulness at night in first 2 weeks and when I upped dose from 10 to 20mg. Now, I feel more relaxed, appetite returned and I sleep well most nights. Very gradually started feeling better. Pain in my joints decreased and I stopped having evening anxiety attacks. I feel more normal mostly than I have in a long time. I like it because I don't feel like I'm "on" something. F 44 3 months

 4  anxiety this drug made me very sleepy and took away my sex drive also caused constipation. on paxil i noticed diferance right away realy helped with anxiety no more panic attacks helped me to cope with social enviroments. wasn't depressed at all. but this took away my sex drive witch made my marrage suffer in that way .i was put on celexa and my anxiety came back and was yery angery and moody. now trying effexor xr starting to feal a bit better. F 24 1 years

 1  Panic and slight depression I went to the doc and told him I was getting panic attacks with slight depression afterward. He started me on 10mg a day the first night I woke up soked at 3am did not like it one bit. The next day I woke up felling off balance and tried to push through the day but ended up having a panic attack and had to relie on old fathful (xanax) took Paxil again before bed and woke up soking wet at 2am and at 5am and could not get back to sleep. That day was the worst day I can ever remember having. I wished I was dead. I stoped taking that shit only after 2 days. I know I did not give it time as they say but I couldin't bare feeling that way one more day!!!!! Good luck to all I hope you don't feel the same as I did on that stuff! M 28 2 days

 3  Mild Depression/Anxiety No sex drive,weight gain, night sweats, nightmares. Did seem to help with depression & anxiety but the side effects have been quite unpleasant and difficult on my marriage.Tried to go off of Paxil and had tremondous headaches and dizzy spells. Dr. recommends slowly weaning myself from drug. F 39 3 years

 4  generalized anxiety SEX?!!--what's that?!! the paxil has helped my anxiety TREMENDOUSLY--but, it's taken away my libido..along with my orgasm!! :( what's a girl to do???!!??? HELP! F 30 2.5 years

 1  gad, pd head zaps, mood swings, rude outbursts took paxil for approximately 2.5 yrs. My Dr. started me on 5mg/day for the first week, increasing by 5 mg increments each week till I reached 30 mg. I never stopped feeling drowsy, although it did lessen after the initial dose increases. I felt less anxious on Paxil and was very happy about that, however, started experiencing 'head zaps' if I would miss a couple of doses. I have always been a size 7 or 9 through having eight babies even. With paxil I am now maybe an 11. maybe more, I mostly stay home in scrubs. I have been very down due to the weight gain. I started slowly weaning about 8 months ago. This stuff don't want to let you go. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS MED. F 43 2 years

 1  depression, anxiety, PMS 30 mg a day>Extreme fatigue, pain in my joints, a different kind of frequent headache that I have never had before, clenching of jaw>jaw pain. Absolutely no sex drive. No interest in socializing with others. No interests in anyhing except to sleep. Eczema-like problem on face.The drug never seemed to "kick in." I was more depressed and anxious while taking it. Weaning off of this drug was HARD!For almost 1 week after cutting dose 50%> I began throwing up, head and body spins as if I had just gotten off of an Amusement park ride. xtreme Nausea, acute sense of smell (and any smell might cause me to throw up) and hearing. Vision tunneling in and out, and focusing problems. ever headach in eyes. Seeing flashes of light in a dark room.If yo are consideing taking this Drug PLEASE check other message Boards to see what others have gone through, before you decide. My Drs. did not believe that these symptoms were caused by the Paxil. Drs. seem to be in denial abut the side effects of this drug. Iam happy to say that I have been off o this drug completely for 8 days. I have had no other symptoms. I am now feeling better than I ever have in the past 3 months. F 45 90 days
 3   Jittery, reved up, frequent waking during the night with vivid dreams and dry mouth. M 48 28 days

 3  Depression, anxiety weight gain, vivid dreams and nightmares,memory problems, shaking,lack of sexual interest, want to sleep all the time The weight gain rumours are true! Doctors will tell you that Paxil will not cause weight gain but it does! F 29 9 months

 1  began as PPD, now b/c of withdrawal The side effect while on it are tolerable...decreased sex drive, slight weight gain, shakiness, fatigue, but definitely better than the side effects when attempting to stop taking it. When I attempted to stop taking Paxil, I felt like I was dying. I was so dizzy. I literally had to lie down constantly with a wet rag on my forehead and my eyes closed. I had the worst nausea I ever have had. I felt like I was dying..thoughts were racing through my mind. I thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I just had to get my hands on some paxil and sure enough, when I got some the symptoms disappeared. I am convinced I will be on paxil till the day I die, because I am NOT going through that again. F 25 3 years

 4  Anger/Mood Swings, Depression Weight Gain, Increased Need to Sleep Helps incredibly with the depression and mood swings. I used to have uncontrolled anger with a desire to argue. It has all gone away. I am scared to go off it, with the terrible side effects. Will I be on it for life? F 24 1 years

 1  ??anxiety Insomnia, horrific craving for carbohydrates, feelings of wanting to harm myself 46 7 days

 3  anxiety night sweats none M 44 2 weeks

 1  Depression Within a day of starting Paxil my mind started racing with thoughts of wanting to kill myself or hurt other people, I shook nonstop and nearly killed myself to make the thoughts stop. F 17 4 days

 4  Panic Disorder/ Depression 1st month. very tired, no ambition, didn't want to do anything at all. Decreased sex-drive Went off it after 1 year for 3 months... could NOT function got extreamly depressed... back on it for 2 months now and I am starting to feel WONDERFUL AGAIN! It really takes the edge off for me. I am starting to be normal Again :) F 29 14 months

 3  anxiety effected sexual powers M 63 2 weeks

 4  OCD delayed orgasm signifigantly reduced stress/partial reduction in OCD symptoms M 34 60 days

 1  depression, anxiety, panic attacks sweating, dry mouth, jaw-clenching, fatigue, vivid nightmares, lack of motivation For some stupid reason, I guess the fact that I'm sick of being doped up all the time, I decided to quit this drug cold turkey. After about a week and a half I am expereiencing extreme nausea, dizziness, mood swings, feelings of being out of control,and an intense need for a "fix." The most frightening part of the withdrawls is my inability to focus when turning my head or even after being fixed on an object for a short time. It seems my vision can't catch up to me and I expereience a strange ringing in my ears during this. Please tell me i am not alone! and damnit do not ever begin taking this drug and please don't quit once you have!!!! M 21 4 years
 4  depression and panic disorder none It has worked great for me. It helped me get out of bed in the morning and helps my panic disorder also. My mood swings are also better now. I used to have to take xanax almost every day to help with anxiety and I don't have to anymore. I have tried a lot of other stuff and this has worked best for me. F 28 6 months

 5  Depression, anxiety dry mouth, constipation This is the best anti-depressant I have ever taken and I've taken a lot of them. It started to work for me in a few days vs. the weeks other drugs took. Even though some people gain weight on it I have lost weight. I have no appetite any more which is a good thing for me. I also have lots of energy. Before I took Paxil I had no desire to do anything but sit around or stay in bed. I feel like a new person. I just hope that it keeps on working for me like this. F 40 1 months

 4  anxiety and depression Initial sleepiness - 2-3 days. Afterwards no problems. F 56 5 years

 4  depression jaw clenching if I took too much. It also keeps me awake if I take it at night, but no problems if I take it in the morning. F 39 3 months

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