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 5  vaginal yeast infection Absolutely no side effects. I have taken this before and it continues to work like a charm. F 17 1 days

 2  yeast infection Takes like 10 days for symptoms to be relieved. After an hour of taking it my lips felt really hot and started burning. The next day my lips were swollen, burning, and itching bad. I had a quarter sized red rash in my palm and my nose swelled and turned red and eventually started to peel.. I looked online and it appears angioedema is a side effect sucks that I may have to go back to yucky creams M 40 1 days
1X D
 5  Yeast infection Experienced diarrhea stomach pain and a little nausea This is a miracle drug.. noticed relief of burning and itching within hours. Still felt itchy after the third day so took second dose. My only complaint is the nausea but I would take that over a yeast infection any day F 41 1 days
150 1X D

 4  Yeast/candida infection Day 9 & 10 feeling a little nauseated and stomach discomfort, went away on day 11, after finishing meds. Felt really surprisingly good taking Diflucan, even an improvement in my joints, a bonus for me. My energy was ok too and it cleared all the infection. I am NOT a medicine person, I do all things natural & herb, however after taking antibiotic for strep throat I got this bad candida yeast infection, and struggled with it for months, tried everything!!! I am so happy that I finally gave in and took Diflucan, it has helped me get my life back, a few side effects was expected and the benefits worth it all. I would do it again. F 44 10 days
200 mg 1X D

 5  Vaginal Yeast None! :D This medication was a BLESSING!!!!! My downstairs was on fire, itching so horribly I couldn't focus on anything. Took it and the symptoms started fading away. Now 2 hours later there is no itching!!!! The only complaint I have about this medicine is that it doesn't seem to completely clear redness - though I have very sensitive skin so for the average user it should work fine. First medication to work properly for me after a disastrous course of antibiotics. F 18 1 days
150 MG 1X D

 3  Vaginal Yeast Infection Took first pill and 24 hours later, my lips were dry and chapped. Took the 2nd pill 3 days later and my lips started to burn and swell. Lips were on fire and nothing I put on them took the pain away. Face started to tingle and burned when I would touch my skin on my chin and right cheek. Developed heartburn as well. 2 weeks after that last pill, it's slowly getting better but still burning. What kind of nerve damage did this med do to me? I had taken it before without any problems but for some reason, this time I was not so lucky! M 52 2 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Yeast Infection I have tooking it lots of times and the last 3 time i took it my mouth had sores and blisters on it. I thought my yeast infection had gotten. Out of control so i took it for the 4 time I had the same problem so with the blisters on my feets and hands. And i wasnt like that untill they game that pill i wont be taking it nomore F 35 4 days
 5  Systemic Candida, oral thrush Slight Headache (not migraine), General malaise, diarreah, stomach pain, upper back and neck stiffness, waking up at night, hot flashes and chills I have been getting migraines everyday where I am incapacitated.(10 yrs) I told I tested positive for connective tissue disease. They put me on meloxicam & I got thrush. I called my rheumatologist who said that it probably was not thrush. I went to urgent care, and they prescribed 2-3 diflucan twice, it didn't work. I then went to the infectious disease specialist who seemed to think I had HIV, so he tested me. It was negative.He prescribed diflucan for 2 weeks. Afterwards, I told him, "The thrush is still there, I can feel it" He said, "No, its not, you are all better now." I told my neurologist I wanted 6-12 weeks of diflucan. He would not prescribe it. I had had thrush for 2 years now. I was taking herbs, Caprylate complex, grapefruit seed extract, even douching with white oak bark tea. I stopped all sugars and breads and rice etc. Still I had thrush. Finally went to my family doc. I showed her the print out from Joseph Teitelbaum's website about treating yeast infections. She agreed to put me on the fluconazole. Within 3 days my migraines were gone! I have not had a migraine since I started fluconazole. My joint and back pain has improved greatly! No side effects the first 2 weeks. For some reason now I am having the chills, etc, I am worried I won't be able to complete the treatment. However, the side effects are NOT as bad as my migraines and joint pain were. I want to make it thru the 6 weeks so I can be sure that the yeast will be gone! BTW F 45 6 weeks
200 1X D

 1  Skin rash/fungus. Versicolor Same day mouth was tingling. Palms itched! 2 days later under tongue broke out in severe sores. This is the second time this has happened so I KNOW it's related to the drug. But it had never happened before. F 36 1 days
 4  Had a rash on body. Taking the full 150 MG had weird side effects but read additional comments. If you will cut the 150 MG tablet in half and take half in morning and half at evening it works great without known side effects. Otherwise taking the 150 MG at one time it made me have bad thoughts and my level of anger was high. M 64 7 days
150 1X D
 1  vaginal yeast infection i starting itching on my back and then under my arms. Went to dinner and was miserable. Came home took 50 of Benedryl and used a topical cortisone cream and went to bed. I woke up and I have welts on the front and back of my thighs, my buttocks, back, & chest and have just called doctor. I have NEVER experienced this kind of reaction, to a drug, EVER! F 63 1 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  i had some fungal infection on feet It caused for me to get alot of blisters on my toes, itching, heart rate fast, hallucinations, depression, hysteria. I even ended up with a panic attack. I was so scared that i thought i needed to put on antifungal cream. Even though i actualy didnt have anymore. But blisters keep coming out. F 23 1 weeks
 1  Yeast infection Swelling of lips, chills, hives / rash all over body with severe itching that has lasted 48 hours now. F 41 1 days
150 mg

 1  Yeast Infection Swelling of lips. Numbness & tingling of lips, chin, nose and around eyes. Difficulty swallowing. I have taken this before with no problems. Now I have all these side effects and I still have the yeast infection. F 40 2 days
150mg 1X D

 1  Yeast Infection In 3 days I had a rash and itching on my arms. Two days later my whole body, except my face, was covered in hives. that itched terribly. I saw a Dermatologist. It was determined I'd had a severe reaction to the Diflucan and was put on reduced doses of Prednisone. 4 10 mg. for 4 days, 3 10 mg. for 4 days, 2 10 mg. for 4 days and 1 mg for 4 days. I'm only half way thru this. I see the Dermatologist again in two days. The rash has subsided somewhat but the itching and peeling skin is awful. I have never been so uncomfortable in my life !! I will never take Diflucan again! F 77 1 days
150 mg 1X D
 3  Vaginal yeast infection I wasn't experiencing any external symptoms of a yeast infection but my GYN said I had a lot of yeast intravaginally. I felt better before I took the Diflucan. It is interesting to note that other people I've talked to personally had no problems with it, but a lot of people writing reviews had similar side effects as me. F 33 1 days
150 1X D
 3  yeast infection Face turned flushed..eyes cheeks and lips swole...never happened when taken several time before. They did something different to it. Did cure yeast infection though. F 31 1 days
150 mg
 3  Candida muscle weakness, stomach aches, gastronomical issues, extreme hair loss!!!!!, If it wasn't for the extreme hair loss I would never think of discontinuing my use of this drug. I take it so often because it has even helped with my depression. At this point i do feel like I am addicted to this drug thats how good it works for me. At times it can make me feel a little lethargic; but I just feel extremely laid back and calm with no anxiety. Although, after using it for 6 months straight I am experiencing thinning hair and it is devastating . I am now so depressed because Diflucan has been beneficial to me in treating my ailments even colds and apathy; but the hair loss I cannot take. I have even gone to the point now of putting monistat on my scalp hoping that will decrease the shedding because I figure that if I have a history of candida infection then maybe I need to treat the scalp and this will work to combat the hair loss. Now I believe that I am having negative side effects from that, such as headaches and foggy thinking. It seems like I can't win for losing….but if you are planning on taking Diflucan for a short period of time I definitely recommend the drug. It is when you take it for long durations past 2 and 3 months that you will experience the hair loss. It can be such a miracle drug that it cleans your organs and can even help with weight loss; I find it to be an energy booster ; -- I just wish it didn't cause you to lose your hair!!!! ------ F 34 1 years
75 2X W
 1  Antibiotics give me yeast infection No known side effects... Last year I took diflucan and broke out on my lip which is still bruised and in two spots on my left thigh which is still bruised now it's couple months later I took a diflucan and it broke me out in the same exact spots itching turned red n purple I went to ER last year after first break out because my np couldn't figure out what was causing me to break out thinking it was sulfa n antibiotics but diflucan carries no sulfa like what really is going on ugh itch so freaking bad no new spots just the same ones HELP!! F 39 1 days
1 dose

 3  to prohibit yeast with antibiotic My face turned hot, red and itchy. I had red blotches on my arms and legs. My lips and gums were tingling. I had never had a problem with Diflucan until the last time I took it. This is the second time. Now I know I am allergic and will not take it again. F 51 1 days
1X D

 1  Yeast infection 10 minutes after taking Diflucan my lips started to tingle and swell, the turned into blisters all over both lips and half way down my chin. I also took Diflucan a little over a month ago for the same reason and the same thing happened to my lips, and my eye also swelled up. I didn't put it together till it happend again this time. I have in the past taken Diflucan with no side effects at all so I don't know why all of a sudden I'm allergic to it. I have also developed a rash/hive under my breasts and have red sore bumps on a few of my fingers and wrists, but I'm not sure of its related to the Diflucan or not. M 32 1 days
150 mg 1X D
 1  yeast infection 5 min after taking this stuff I felt tingles in my face. But morning I had hive blotches all over my face and lips swelled up like balloons. Face itchy and burning. . Took this years ago and never had a problem. Whats different in this stuff now to make people react like this??? My throat was even closing..this stuff need to be pulled off the shelf F 41 1 days
 1  yeast infection lips burn and swell, red, itchy rash around mouth/chin/nose that dries out and peels. lips crack/bleed at the corners. rash lasts for about a week before healing. looks and feels horrible. I have taken Diflucan several times in the past without any side effects but in the past year, it has started to cause a reaction each time I take it. I didn't make the connection until now. I had thought I was having an allergic reaction to a cosmetic I was using but just connected the dots--- within 30 minutes of taking Diflucan, my lips burn and swell and I get a rash that goes around my mouth, my chin, some on my cheeks and nose. The rash is bright red, itchy, raised bumps and lasts about a week. The rash dries out and peels as part of the healing process and looks horrible each step of the way. All you want to do is hide. I will never take Diflucan, orally, again, and will, instead use vaginal creams. F 36 1 days
150 mg 1X D
 5  Yeast infection No side effects except worry after reading some of these comments here. I think most of the negative comments are associated with allergies to this drug. If you are not allergic to it, then diflucan does what it's supposed to do: knock out the yeast infection. It relieved most of my symptoms In a couple of days after the first pill. Then I was prescribed one more three days later and the rest of the symptoms went away also. F 59 2 days
150 mg 1X D

 1  Yeast infection :-( DIZZY, NAUSEOUS, HEADACHE, CLAMMY HOT FLASHES. I feel over all like I am extremely high on pain killers?!Or a very bad hangover! FAST HEART RATE, I'm very tired and emotional. Sensitive to noises! I will NEVER take this again. Everytime I take it the symptoms gets worse F 22 1 days
 1  Yeast infection from antibiotics Nauseous, bad taste in mouth, tired, and after 1 day later I started vomiting. Hope this doesn't last long! The pharmacist told me diflucan drug stays in your system for a week. F 36 1 days
200 mg

 4  Yeast Infection Nausea; stomach cramps; gas; overall "sick" feeling Made me pretty queasy and I didn't feel so good. It was about 3 days after I took it that my yeast infection finally cleared up, but it didn't come back, so I'd say it worked. F 19 2 days
1X D

 1  yeast infection M 35 10 days
150 mg 1X D

 3  FUNGAL OVERGROWTH FROM ANTIBIOTICS I felt dizzy flu like feeling and i had menustral cramps so bad cramping is a side effect of this medication. It made me feel foggy, like I had sleep deprivation By day two my liver was in pain it was pretty intense It was hard to tell if Diflucan is causing a die off or side effects but I finally decided it was side effects. Diflucan did work it did stop my skin from itching like crazy and it worked fast but the side effects were not worth it to me . I went straight to my Chinese medicine doctor for an herbal natural formula it may take a couple days longer to work, but it highly effective and has no side effects at all. F 45 7 days
150 1X D
 1  Vaginal yeast infection Huge painful blister on roof of mouth tried a few times happened both times F 41 1 days

 1  oral thrush stopped after 1 dose.! 5 hours after taking it, started feeling anxious/panicky, horrible headache, nauseaus, insomnia and inner tremors when trying to sleep. Next day felt like a horrible hangover. I have taken this before...about 7 years ago. Didn't feel a thing. A few years later it put me in the hospital hyperventilating, however at the time I didn't realize it was the diflucan. 1 year ago, gave me rapid heart rate. Now it did all this.... Am I allergic?? I really don't know. Not typical allergic reaction, just horrible reaction. Feels like a poison. Some people will say its the candida die off, but doctors don't support that theory. I will never take again, but now what do I do for yeast? Monistat cream raises my heart rate too. F 47 7 days
100mg 1X D
 1  Thrush Tingling of face, hands and legs. Also numbness in arems and legs. Episodes of rapid heart and breathing rate. Twitching of legs and facial area. Affected mood. Chills and loss of appetite and fatique at the on set of reaction. After taking one 150 mg pill, I began to have burning in lips and facial area. Symptoms began to grow, with severe fatigue, numbness is legs and arms. Rapid episodes of breathing after eating or moving around much. Obtained a steriod shot on 4th day of symptoms, which didn't seem to help. Benedryl everys 4/6 hours helped some. My husband missed work for a week caring for me. Throat swelled and finally facial twitching. Please be very cautious taking this medication. I thought twice I was going to die and the people at the ER couldn't believe that this was occuring 8 to 10 days after taking 1 pill of generic Diflucan !! F 36 1 days
150 MG 1X D
 4  Yeast infection I have taken diflucan several times in the past 4-5 years. I have never noticed anything horrible for side effects such a palpitations or rash/hives. However I do get some utering cramping occasionally. I assume its because the ywast infection is pretty bad and the drug is working mightily to get rid of the yeast. I also had a small amount of fungus in my big right toe and it also cleared that up! So thought it was pretty cool it killed two birds with one stone! I sometimes have low back pain and on the first and second day, some white discharge. But again. I believe its the pill doing its job. I have auto immune disease so unfortunately I have to be on antibiotics quite a bit which causes the high amount of yeast infections I get. Sorry to hear so many bad stories. But for me, Diflucan/ diflucanazole works great!! F 33 1 days
 2  Yeast Infection Strong Heart Palpitations I just returned from the ER. I took one dose earlier today and this evening I got strong heart palpitations. Very scary-I thought this was the "big one"! This was my first time taking it, I will never take it again... F 55 1 days
150mg. 1X D

 1  thrush Only after the third time of getting reaction did I realise it wad diflucan. Within an hour I had severe burning itch on face and all over body. Tongue and eyelid swelled up. Blisters on tongue making it difficult to eat or drink anything hot for over a week. Never again! F 39 1 days

 3  Vaginal Yeast Infection Hives, itching, redness, tingling lips, tingling hands, tingling feet, swollen lips. I have taken this medication several times before and it worked perfectly. The last 3 times I took Diflucan, I broke out in hives. At first, I couldn't figure out what was making me have an allergic reaction. Diflucan was the last product I thought broke me out since I've taken it before with no problems. On the third breakout, I determined that it was the Diflucan pill which caused the hives. During the first breakouts, all the doctors and nurses informed me that it was highly unlikely that it was the Diflucan but clearly it was. F 26 1 days
150 MG

 3  Yes None F 33 2 days

 2  I had cold. Weak. Swelen lymph. Noisy stomach.etc M 23 5 days

 3  Yeast infection Same side pain on right side, Hot flash like symptoms on my right side arm and leg. Orange urine after a week. Hi, I am the same one that had the SEVERE SIDE PAIN. I wanted to give some people an update. I apparently have recurrent yeast infections..... I wanted to let people know that Diflucan will clear up your yeast infection. (not amazingly)... but you have to take probiotics and adjust your diet after or it will most likely come back. So after my CT scan, about a week later my yeast infection symptoms came back (burning). I was hesitant, but my doc put me on a lower does of dilucan 100mg. I took 1, then 1 three days later, and she wanted me to take one once a week after that for 6 months..... So after that I took one 6 days later and then another three days later since I was still having the burning and it didn't appear to be working and she said it was ok..... Before and now I experience weird right arm and leg warm sensations on the meds, occasional orange urine and of corse the side pain came back...... not as bad though. I had all this before on the pill.... I dont understand since I was on a lower does and took it less often...... I told my doctor I dont want to take Diflucan anymore. Obviously I dont react well to it. Iam going to try more natural ways to clear it up. If you have a yeast infection I recommend trying cream first before the pill. F 22 2 weeks
100mg 2X W

 1  yeast I feel like death walking..i ate a big meal drinked water then cranberry juice .then took the pill lastnight.one pill is all i was given to take.5hour later my heart beat so fast thought i was having heart attack.i had full panic attack my right upper part of my stomach hurted like it was finna pop.the middle of my belly button hurt so bad i was crying.i couldnt sleep.today im barey ate my stomach hurt im tired.and i feel like dog shit and death walkin..is this normal..im scared!!!a headace is slowly creepin i call this pill the vampire itz sucking me dry.. F 32 1 days
 3  Yeast Infection Severe right side pain in my lower back and liver region! SO MUCH PAIN! I have a yeast infection for about a month. I took 1 does of diflucan 150mg at the End of january with no reaction to the product, but it did not clear up my problem. A month later I got tested and still had yeast. My doctor recommend that I try one 150mg does every 3 days for 3 doses. I was like thats fine since I had no reactions and it would only be about a week and Iam desperate. After the first 3 days everything was fine, then i took the second does. Heres where the problem started. Next day started to get right side pain, nothing bad but it was noticeable. It continued to get worse but I thought I sprained a mussel until I took the 3rd does three days later...... THE PAIN GOT WORSE TO THE POINT 800MG OF IBUPROFEN DID NOT WORK. IT HURT SO BAD!!! I ended up in urgent care for 12 hours to get a CT to make sure i didnt have a ovarian cyst or my appendix burst. All said it was not the pill. They sent me home since could not find anything but the pain was so bad i missed school. luckily after that hell I came home and it slowly got better after the drug was complexly out of my system which is why Iam convinced. I have never had this happen before until the pill. BEWARE IF YOUR 110 pounds. It and my liver did not work and I was not even on a long term use.... (ps it stopped the burning in my vaginal region but did not kill all my yeast). I will never take that much again. F 22 9 days
150mg 3X W

 4  Yeast Infection So far, I just had one day of bad gas. I had stomach pain at the start, and this medication made it go away. Before taking this drug, I had been taking 2,000 mg of caprylic acid daily for a month. I had a bad reaction to that treatment at first--severe diarrhea and vomiting, but it was probably the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction because I got past this after a couple of days. I'm supposed to remain at this diflucan dose for 4 weeks and then get my liver function tested. If all is well, I'm supposed to stay on Diflucan for a total of 6 weeks. I'll be reporting back. F 56 1 weeks
100 mg 2X D
150MG 1X D

 5  Stem cell transplant Dry lips and mouth M 61 6 months
400mg 1X D
 5  Cryptococcus Gatti nausea, loss of appetite, weight loss, muscle weakness, dry itchy skin, dry patches, red bumps, chapped lips, dry eyes, dry nose, dry mouth, bowel shut down, loss of hair (mainly shedding) loss in nape area. Headaches, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, bruising easily, dizziness, fatigue, tooth pain. Recommendations for side effects: Bowel-try lactulose solution 2 tblsp per day. Cureve lotion helped with dry skin as well as Mometasone furoate cream (use sparingly). Tooth pain-fluoride varnish. F 45 8 months
400-600 1X D
 5  fungal meningitis hoarseness of voice, dizziness, headaches, nausea Had fungal meningitis twice in my life. First time around, I took Diflucan for 4 years. Second time around, (recently), I have been taking Diflucan for two months, 800mg both times. I am going to be decreasing intake to 400mg, for the rest of my life. M 45
800mg 1X D
 4  Yeast infection None Diflucan usually does a pretty good job of clearing up a yeast infection. Occasionally the infection won't go away with one pill and I have to repeat a pill 2 days after the first. That almost always knocks it out. I've never had any side effects from the Diflucan. F 34 1 days
150mg 1X D
 2  Yeast infection After 2 hrs the sides face were tingly & itchy , went to the pharmacist right away.. Allergic reaction.. Took a Benadryl symptoms subsided.. Woke up through out the night face started burning red blotchy again the next morning.. Went to the dr. She said stay on the Benadryl for 3 days... It has always worked for me in the past.. Tingly face happened a couple of times but not like this. Will not be taking it anymore I'm allergic ... Now what? F 48 1 days

 3  oral fungus infection I was taking one pill a day for 5 days(200mg) for possible oral fungus infection. Experienced dizziness and nausea especially the first day. Also some fatigue and raised heart rate. But the side-effects diminished every day. Also am using a medicated mouthwash. Hopefully I will be cured soon! Every drug gives you side effects....but this one is not really bad!! F 61
200 1X O

 4  Valley Feaver dizzyness, sweating, tightness in chest and stomach - somewhat similar to the feeling you get after eating a lot of food. Diflucan definitely helped get the fungus out of my lung. Was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 times over the course of 2 years before it was found that fungus has been growing in there, so the infection was pretty severe. After a month, I had no more pain. Wheezing went away after 2 months. I had no side effects for the first 3 months. During the 4th month, side effects got really bad to the point where I had to wait until I had a few hours after taking it where I could relax under a fan. M 26 6 months
200 mg 2X D
 1  Yeast Infection Severe hives, angioedema (swollen eyes, lips, and forehead), swollen glands, difficulty breathing. The day after the 1st day of a 2 day dose, I developed a small case of hives that I thought was a food allergy. However, within hours, I intensely broke out into hives, and my face began to swell. I did not take the Diflucan on the second (and the last day of the prescription) because I was taking Benedryl, still unaware of the cause of my hives, but not wanting to mix drugs. I woke up to angioedema, to the point where I could hardly see, my eyes and lips were horribly inflamed and the hives rash was unlike the kinds I get from food allergies. The hives were on my legs, torso, arms, knees, back, and feet. My hands and feet felt swollen (although they looked normal) and I could have sworn that there were hives on my palms and the bottoms of my feet (even though I couldn't clearly see anything). Since the hives were severe, I refrained from hot baths, applied ointment, drank water, and tried to ease the symptoms with Benedryl. The only time I felt good was when I was asleep, but the symptoms would wake me up at times and I struggled to get rid of the burning sensation. After the 4th day, the sweeling in my face subsided, but the hives became aggressive, now covering my forehead, ears, scalp, neck, shoulders, torso, underarms, trunk, buttocks, legs, knees, and the tops of my feet. The rash was also much larger and more painful than the hives I'm used to experiencing. It was then that I realized it wasn't a food allergy (which typically lasts a few hours up to a day F 37 1 days
200mg 1X D

 1  vaginal thrush Had taken it before with no problem. The last 2 times I have suffered horrific side effects. Swelling of the throat, eyes and lips. Day 2-my eyes began to weep yellow fluid constantly as well as being extremely fatigued. Day 3, eyes still weeping, burning pain in genital area, mouth and lips red and sore. Day 4, eyes STILL weeping, cant lift my arms to shoulder height. Day 5, eyes still weeping and getting stabbing pain behind my left eye. Genital blisters. The skin around my mouth looks badly burned and blistered, EXTREME fatigue. Day 6, weeping eyes becoming better, fatigue remains! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!! I would rather have thrush!!"! F 43 1 days
 3  Vaginal Yeast Infection Took the medicine for 7 days in February, got a nasty cold sore. Took 1, 150mg tablet in early June, no cold sore but it didn't cure the infection. Took another dose of 100mg for 7 days, cold sore again. Dr said it's "not common" but it sounds like people can develop these symptoms. The last time around they tested me for HIV (I'm thinking, so it's more likely that I have HIV than the medication is causing this?). I was Negative. they want me to test again in 2 weeks. F 24 7 days
100 mg 1X D
 1  Yeast infection I had swollen top lip and it left a dark mark, which everyone notices :( F 27 2 days

 3  Chronic yeast infection None so far but I am only halfway through. I am not sure this is even working. I don't feel any different. F 45 30 days
100 1X D
 3  Yeast Infection I took Diflucan a few months back and woke up in the middle of the night because the soles of my feet were extremely itchy and my lips were itchy and swollen. Coincidentally, that day I used a new face wash and lip balm, and had my carpets cleaned so I thought it was one of those things that I was reacting to. I had previously taken Diflucan without issue so didn't think twice about it being the cause. My feet were itchy and tingly for days. Fast forward to tonight -- I took another dose to treat a YI (6 months after the first reaction). I am now experiencing itchy lips and have put two and two together and have realized that I have an allergy to this med. I took a Benadryl so hopefully it will prevent the itchy foot reaction. F 37 1 days
150 MG 1X D
 2  Yeast infection Stopped working after the 3rd time I took it. The doctor started doubling up on my prescription to the point I was taking 3. Absolutely ridiculous. It also gives me stomach aches and i believe it doesn't work if your too far into the infection. Never again F 19 1 days

 3  Thrush More tired than usual I was scared to take it after reading all of the reviews, but other than feeling tired I had no side effects. It took until day 6 before I saw any results F 23 7 days
150mg 1X D

 1  Recurring Yeast Infection Headache, Nausea, Dizziness, Light-headed, High Blood pressure, Elevated Heart rate, Muscle weakness, Fatigue, Chest pain... BEFORE TAKING THIS DRUG BE VERY AWARE OF THE POSSIBLE NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS!!! I am perfectly healthy and I ended up in the ER from taking this prescription and missed several days of work. It has been 6 days since I took the last pill and I still don't feel normal. I would NEVER take this again. F 23 4 weeks
150 MG 1X W

 5  vaginal yeast infection Within a few hours of taking the first dose I developed these strange little bumps on my face and arms and felt a little lightheaded and breathless. I don't know if it was hives or not but I took an antihistamine and felt better. They have since cleared up. Also, I've had a bad taste in my mouth. Food has tasted a little strange but I'll take that over the awful yeast infection any day! I had a bad yeast infection and was very uncomfortable with lots if itching and soreness. I had taken Diflucan before so I knew it would alleviate the symptoms quickly with no mess. I was prescribed 2 150 mg pills. I took the first on day one and the second three days later, today. I know my body is still clearing the yeast infection but my symptoms have already dramatically improved. The itching was reduced within a few hours, and each day I have noticed improvement. I was prescribed an external cream for itching but haven't even needed it. F 27 2 times
150 1X D

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