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 4  Arthritis Makes my skin itch F 53 8 days

 3  I had surgery on a toe from mrsa Drowsiness, dry mouth sometimes when I awake, severe headache, legs kicking uncontrollably when about to fall asleep, strange vivid dreams, same hallucinations only at night felt like my head was being forced to shake or slammed repeatedly only when I was seconds from falling asleep forcing myself to become conscious (happened quite often and was kinda scary) Seconds of euphoria. By the way it was given through an iv p.I.c. line each time.For me it helped me fall asleep more than anything as for pain Motrin 600mg is way more effective (my other option for pain relief) M 21 7 weeks
 1  2 broken vertebrae & 2 ruptured dis Slight euphoria, tightening of the throat F 58 1 days
15 mg.
 4  Pain relief aft motorcycle accident Dry throat/dehydration, Constipation, sleep difficulties, mood swings, depression, lethargy, sweating/feeling hot all the time, acne (mainly on back and shoulders). 1 night of proper scary hallucinations (was convinced people were grabbing my face/head and trying to stab me!). Had been taking Tramadol for back pain for 18months prior to motorcycle accident, which I feel reduced my reactions to morphine sulphate as my system is used to opiate type pain relief (Tramadol initially caused itching, dizziness/light headed and mild nausea). Morphine Sulphate is great at relieving the pain of my complex talus, pelvic and lumbar fractures, however it doesn't seem to help with coxsyx pain and it wears off within approx 4hrs. I also have Oramorph for relief between the 12 hourly tablets. M 31 4 months
20mg 12hrs

 1  RA and herniated disks in neck It pretty much stops my RA as much as I can do normal activities. Doesn't do anything for my neck. Makes me itch no hives or welts just an itch. Also have noticed I have to just push to pee. I don't like taking it. Will ask my RA Dr for a change of meds. Also no sleep at night so stay sleepy all day Would not recommend this medication. F 64 5 months
30 mg

 4  Duragesic I found the same effects after taking them for a long time the side eefects wore off but during the 3days towards the 3rd day i was withdrawin i now have it undle control but still get bad days n sleep for the day cus body cant handle pain M 45 1 days

 2  Lumbar laminectomy L3 to S1 Nothing other than constipation & feeling detached or depressed F 41 3 weeks
15 mg

 1  Pain management P Extreme apathy... F 70 3 years
30 to 60 m
 3  septic arthritis and other illnesse When I don't take them I get ratty & always seem to get diarrhoea, I go normal when taking them but my body use of opiates as I was on dihydrocodiene from being 22yrs old . My body in pain every day even with the MST. F 39 7 months

 5  Total hip replacement Side effects: constipation, pain reduction that lead me to believe and act (in therapy) in the belief that I could progress faster in recovery than was reasonable to believe, mild withdrawal, signs and symptoms after end of prescription, during the time when post operative depression for total hip replacement is most prevalent Outstanding pain relief after Total Hip Replacement due to Rapid Onset Dysbaric Osteonecrosis(commercial Deep Sea Diver in the '70's and '80's). Suggest greater emphasis on structured weaning off of morphine sulfate concomitantly with the initiation of anti-depressant medication therapy during that transition time with Total Hip Replacement. M 61 14 days
2-4 mg 3X D
 2  I was Run over by a Dump Truck M 44 3.5 days
60 2X D
 4  Lower lumbar pain due to RA I feel overwhelming heaviness like someone is holding me down! Blurr vision. Helps with severe pain. F 48 10 days
15 mg x 3

 3  Back pain Dizziness, insomnia, inability to pee, M 42 1 days
100 mg

 4  Ovarian Cyst Pain Dizzyness, Dry throat, Hallucinating, Vomiting, Jumping in my sleep uncontrollably, Unable to balance when walking, Terrible nightmares. It definitely killed the pain but the side effects made me feel like I belonged in an insane asylum. F 18 4 months
 4  disc desease Constipation nausea M 55 10 years
60mg sa

 1  neck Constipation F 49 6 days
60 mg

 3  chornic pain, Dry mouth, constipation It does not help my knees or shoulder. Complete rupture of thigh tendon of left knee and a left shoulder replacement. M 73 3 years
15 mg 3X D
 1  Pain reliever after surgery I was given this after kidney stone surgery. I had an allergic reaction at the injection site. (I was given it intravenously). Rash and swelling at injection site, ears ringing, tightness in back of neck. The nurse immediately noticed the reaction and then gave me Benadryl (intravenously). The rash disappeared after a short while. The swelling, however, took a few hours to disappear. Fentanyl, by the way, has caused no problems in me. M 50 1 days
Unsure 1X D

 4  failed spine surgery It depends on how much you take. (see comments) I resisted going on morphine, but years of anti-inflammatory medication, Tylenol with codeine 3, and Vicodin for nerve pain caused severe acid reflux and a bleeding ulcer. The ulcer healed after a few months of medication, but I will have the reflux for life. I was put on morphine on the theory that I could take less of it to get the same effect. I have been on morphine for seven years. At first I took only 1/4 tablet a few times a week for flares; and it would put me OUT. My spine steadily worsened; I am now on a maintenance dose of 15 mg ER/2X day. I would have no life at all without morphine and a very limited life with it. I have had some extremely severe flares of pain from my spine and trigeminal nerve pain, during which I doubled the dose I was taking and still had severe pain. I went back down to my maintenance dose as soon as possible. At 15 mg/2X day, I have no significant side effects. I have some concentration problems at times, but I have that with severe pain as well. I drink lots of water and eat a high fiber diet; and that keeps things moving. At double this dose, I have dry mouth, constant thirst, loss of taste, loss of appetite, constipation, cognitive problems, and apathy. So my feeling about morphine is that it can be a good solution, depending on your situation and how much you take. I am definitely acclimated or addicted, whatever you want to call it. But once you have a certain level of pain, it's not as though there's a choice. F 67 7 years
15 mg 2X D

 2  I have herniated disks no side effects at all I am in horrible pain and my doctor gave me these because the lortabs were not working anymore. I took it and nothing happened,no relief at all from my back pain. M 51 1 days
30 2X D
 4  Deg. Bone Disease, Fractured Lumbar Itching, Headache, Sleep Disturbance, Constipation, Loss of appetite, Irritabilty, Felt ill a couple times (nausea) My pain management Dr Prescribed me Morphine 15mg Release tablet 1 twice a day. The main problem I have had was the Itching. It keeps me up & driving me insane. I have gotten irritable also. It has helped with some of the pain in my back but not all of it. I have degenaritve (sc) Bone disease, Fractured my L-spine, 3 bulging disks, really bad scoliosis, all but the last was caused by an flipping a ATV down a beach, Except for the bone disease which runs in family. I am a kidney dialysis pt & have a lot of pain from hollowed bones, old breaks so. Opposed to what the dr wanted to give me (methadone low dosages) I have to rate this a 4 I am satisfied but some pain still there. Hopefully when I start my Cortisol injections I wont have to be on as much. I really cant stand the itching! I don't remember Morphine itching like this when I was in hospital for 6 months. Thats why I agreed to it. Didn't think itching this bad would be an issue. Oh well I'm hoping it subside a little after taking it a little longer F 32 1 weeks
15 mg ER 1X O
 5  ATN/TN/ON & Fusion/Discectomy/Lamin 30 MG .tid or 45 MG .bid - PRN (I generally don't do either. I usually take 60 MG once a day...twice if extreme pain is present) Severe constipation. Aporoximately 8 out of 10 times, it takes the edge off my pain for: bilateral Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia (ATN) (Dx'd 1995 but had since 1986) bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) (Dx'd 1995 but had since 1986) Occipital Neuralgia (ON) (Dx'd 10-10-2011 after bilateral Gamma Knife Radiosurgery - GKR). L4-L5 & L5-S1 Fusion, Discectomy, & Laminectomy (Dx'd 2008). Overall: 25 years of Severe Chronic Pain F 42 2 years
90 MG

 4  lumbar herniated disks/fibromyalgia Severe constipation, itchy skin, dehydration, mild headaches and sometimes nausea. The doctor actually gave me the option to take up to 2 - 15mg morphine sulfate IR every 4 hours. The most I have taken is 1 every 4 hrs. It does relieves my pain. I have severe back pain, cervical and lumbar. The lumbar pains shoots down both of my legs and sometimes is unbearable. The pain does not go away but it is relieved somewhat. I am not taking even half of what my doctor prescribed due to fear of addiction. Even though I dont get any high from it. I can function better with it than without the morphine. I am an active person and always have been. But I have had 2 cancers on my hip, total hip replacement and chemo and radiation. I tried so many pain medications but the only one that has given me pain relief is the morphine. F 58 5 months
15mg 3X D
 4  Spinal Stenosis, Degen Disc Disease Sleep interference, dosage doesn't always control pain Difficult to get rest if taking enough to control the pain. M 60 4 years
30MG 3X D
 5  fibromyalgia Dehydration and constipation, loss of appetite, nausea, bad dreams Very clear that this is an 8-hour drug for me, not 12 hour. Worked slowly from 15mg each dose to current 90, where I have been for a month with virtually no breakthrough pain. I do not have the craving that Oxycodone by itself left me with, and if I need to take oxycodone for rare breakthrough pain there is still no craving and no euphoria. NO mania of the kind that I had on Lyrica for 3 years before it went sour altogether. The side-effects are unpleasant, and the stigma is difficult psychologically, but after two decades of trying 44 medications as well as alternative treatment I am finally in no pain. Now for the rest of the symptoms, which are much more noticeable now that I'm no longer in pain. F 65 2 months
90 MG 3X D
 1  broken back my mom is still in so much pain she cant stand it. F 74 2 weeks
15 mg.

 4  Spondylolisthesis, ddd neck&midback Gas, slight headache, occasional constipation. Itching & rash under collarbones(scratching), slight sleep problems. BUT I WAS on 5-30 mg ocycodone & ms contin got rid of that horrible oxy pull on body & mind on when is next dose. I've had 1dose increase from 15 mg-30 2-day,& each time it feels like I won't ever need the oxy for BT, but within a week it starts up. If I increase again , gonna ask doc to write norco or sonething less addictive than what oxy puts you through. Doc is new after clinic shut down & wants me off both, & a transfer to methadone, which I just cannot rationalize. Current Combo is working good but not perfect! I've noticed after 4-5days of taking all meds, body wants a break & I can almost make it through day without realizing I've had no ms contin or oxy, until complete spine pounds thru my ears ! Can any1honestly admit methadone has been a good long term choice for them? I have to keep up "appearances"@ job,& I gave read too much about methadone profuse swearing. I gas it when I was only on oxy 30's.but since MScontin,sweats are rare. Also has destroyed thoughts of sex! M 48 10 months
30mg 2-day
 5  Multilevel posterior lumbar fusion After surgery I was taking 30mg 3x daily until end of second month when I cut back to 30mg 2x daily. I recently (at month 5, week ago) cut back to 15mg 2x daily. Still using stool softeners and laxatives. Very important to drink lots (more than normal) of water to keep the body hydrated. M 48 155 days
30 3X D

 5  Patellar Dislocation It made me very tired and I crashed easily. Also, when I got into the wheelchair it made me feel very nauseated causing me to throw up. BUTTTTTT the morphine worked to my advantage and when the doctor relocated my knee I didn't feel a thing! F 15 1 times
60 1X O
 4  BONE CANCER itching and constipation I'm still on the hunt for the perfect pain killer and I've tried just about every pain killer out there, but Morphine seems to have the least side effects for me, and works the best for my chronic bone pain from cancer. Also I seem to be able to go on and off it as needed without any withdrawl symptoms- the other pain killers have had moderate to severe withdrawl symptoms. fyi- they have me on long acting and short acting Morphine Sulfate as needed for my bone pain. F 52 11 months
15 4X D
 3  Degenerative disc dis. & chest pain Headaches, Blurred vision, Dizziness, Scratchy throat, Ringing in ears, Restless legs that feel like rubber when trying to walk. Very forgetful and confused. Very strange dreams in vivid colors. ( mostly sexual) Had very strong sexual urges,and even ejaculated several times without any stimulation. The morphine did completely relieve all pain. I could see where it could be beneficial to someone in chronic pain and bed-ridden. I could not drive or hardly walk. Couldn't maintain or concentrate.....More like i was tripping on acid in the 70's. M 56 3 weeks
15 4X D
 4  RSD/CRPS - severe chronic pain Constipation - ranges from minor to moderately severe. I take movicol sachets or coloxyl to treat and increase my water and fibre intake as well. Can cause stomach cramps as well (but i get these anyway as I have IBS). I take 75mg in the morning (1 x 15mg and 1 x 60mg) and I take 90mg at night (1 x 30mg and 1 x 60mg)of MsContin (12 hourly variety) + 30mg Anamorph (fast acting/ 4 hourly variety). F 39 12 years
75/ 90mg 2X D

 1  Chronic Cervical pain THE WORST...bar none. My 86 year old Mom was taken off Fentanyl patches because they were not cutting it anymore and if she took more fentanyl, she would become loopy. So the pain mgmt doc put her on Morphine, which has been a nightmare start to finish. Her legs no longer worked because the morphine rendered them useless. THEN, she lost the ability to urinate. Talk about one miserable lady. So we are weaning her off, and going to start the hydrocodone again. The withdrawals are NOT fun. If you are elderly, I would NOT suggest you taking Morphine. F 86 30 days
30 Mgs 3X D
 1  lumbar fusion within the month None Lumbar surgery due within 1 month. Fusion of two discs, titanium rods to be used. Stenosis, osteoporosis, degenerative disc disease, buldging discs. I was changed from Hydrocodone to Morphine about 7 months ago. Morphine has been increased to now 60 mgs 2 X day and 30 mgs 4 X day. It only takes the edge off. I am still in a lot of pain. Side effects of constipation only. Morphine Sulfate has not effected me mentally at all. I handle all mental responsibilities as before. I drive occasionally, not because I can't do it, but because I am afraid that if there were an accident even if not my fault, that I may be sued due to taking this medication. I do not recommend this medication to anyone for the problems I have. I feel it really does not do me any good at all. I just want my quality of life back. I need to be rid of this pain. F 65 7 months
60 2X D

 4  Chronic lumbar and sciatica pain None really, some abdominal discomfort but recently had a cholicystectomy as well so unclear if side effect or post op symptoms still After 10 years of chronic back pain due to degenerative disk disease, lumbar stenosis, arthritis, scoliosis, and so on, I'm pretty familiar with opiates. I'm used to living life at levels varying from 8-10. I've taken thousands of vicodin in the last 3-4 years, valium, gabapentin, lortabs, dilauded, etc. My pain management doc finally gave me oramorph when I requested XR oxycontin. I've always been worried about taking oxy's due to the addiction aspect but now, due to large build up of scar tissue inside/around the spine, the pain just got bad enough to pull out the stops. I'm glad in retrospect he didn't Rx oxy as the morphine sulfate has been a god send. I can live life at a 6-8 and in conjunction with Vicodin ES or Lortabs, I actually managed to run with my dog for the first time in over 2 years just this past weekend. While it's not a miracle drug in any way, it has given me a little bit of my quality of life back. I will definitely ask my physician to keep me on this medication as a part of my future pain management. M 33 2 weeks
30mg 2X D
 5  Failed back surgery. The only side effects I might have from this med is dry mouth when I awake from sleeping. I take a 30 MG ER and a 15 MG IR Morphine Sulphate when I get up at 7:00am, then 8 hours later, I take just 1 30 MG ER. 8 hours later I take one 30 MG ER and one 15 MG IR. The times I take them are 7:00am, 3:00pm, and 11:00pm. This works great for me and I don't have any side effects. I was using Fentynal Duragesic 75mcg patches for 2 years until my insurance made me change over to the Morphine Sulphate because of costs. This was the best thing that could've happened to me. I am now mostly pain free and I don't have any bad side effects. No euphoria... M 61 6 months
30 MG ER 3X D
 4   Severe Constipation..Must take Phillips Colon Health every day then you'll be OK...Dry Mouth..Sex Drive disaappears.Itching Have severe pain from failed lumbar and cervical fusions, and broken hip...Found out had osteoporosis...Tried every other pain med including methadone, dilaudid, Hydrocodone, etc but The Morphine Sulfate works the best, at lease it allows you to function somewhat..still a lot of breakthrough pain ..I take 3/30mgs pills a day...still need something extra to stop breakthrough pain...any suggestions would be appreciated..I don't really want to take this forever but I have no other options...What's left..morphine pump?..Going to try a chiropractor this month and maybe accupuncture....at the end of the rope... also on antidepressants but they don't help much...make me totally useless... M 46 5 years
 1  cervical fusion c4-6,degenlumbar3-5 living in a false reality, 60% relief from pain i was taking 240 mgs a a day for 10 years an recently stopped cold turkey, not a real good idea but the only way you can quit it period rehabs etc will not take you if over 100 mgs a day less then 30% success rate of quitting the dragon drug akin to heroine, I am a Ph.D., sorry to the so called Pain mgmt specialist, you are drug dealers will a license. After a liver transplant from the Univ. of Ala.Birm. Try prayer and exercise it works! M 51 10 years
 4  2 lumbar spinal fusions-w/hardware Occasional constipation, but not bad. No other problems, whatsoever. I have tried every Rx available. I KNOW that EVERY Rx effects each person differently. Many of my friends swear by OXYCONTIN, but OXY was like taking a placebo for me. The only Rx that has EVER helped me ... is MS Contin! While it has NEVER stopped all the pain, it has made it possible to be mobile enough to even go to the grocery store occasionally! People in my shape learned years ago to "latch onto" the small victories. I have gotten worse lately (the last 6 months), and my Doctor does not want to go above the 60 mg (twice daily). We are currently bouncing ideas off of each other. He wants me to try fentanyl patches (but I told him my surgeon tried those 15 years ago with absolutely ZERO effect ... except for fairly major burn/rash from adhesive, LoL)! Then, he suggested "nerve blocks". and those have ALWAYS worried me (too many horror stories). So, we're working on it. He is a FINE doctor, and the only one that has stuck by me ... even when his partners told him to dump me! So, I'm sure we'll figure something out. M 50 12 years

 4  Spine fractures, osteoarthritis Dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, gerd, constipation, out of breath when walking, up and down all night It is the best pain reliever. 30 mg ER every 12 hours, Loratabs 10 mg as needed. I could not have lived without them. I could not stand or walk without holding on to something until after I took it and it made me stronger. Problem--body started trying to overcome it and IBS began returning and abdominally miserable, felt like insides pushing out. Stopped taking it last week and thought no problem. Yesterday felt like I could not breathe and went to ER, all blood tests, heart and x-rays normal (they said beautiful, perfect). Suggested body reacting to stopping MS and have allergies. Weak depressed, anxious,IBS returned, back pain subsided. Trying to get by on ibuprofen. Maybe try rheumatologist. M 59 2 days

 4  degenerative disc/ back & neck pain It works well as long as I take it as soon as I get up in the morning. 15mg twice a day. Constipation a plus because I have IBS and diarrhea. Disappears when on morphine. My doctor is reluctant to prescribe the proper amount and then leaves me with none. The pain returns with a vengence. I have taken ultram, tramadol, Vioxx, Celebrex, muscle relaxants and either they didn't work or I was Allergic! F 66 4 years
 2  Spina bifida and degenerative discs Blurred head, stomach cramps, constipation, confusion, anxiety, heart palpitations, leg cramps, headaches and the most recent aches and pains in my arms and hands. It is seems to me the longer i stay on this drug the more side effects i am getting. This drug does not take my pain away..... And most days i dont know who i am ... F 39 5 months
 3  Fibromyalgia bad constipation helps a little, but not for the 12 hrs. like it is supposed to. I take 15mg 2x a day....some days are still really bad. was on Oxycodone, but dr. wanted me to switch to this. F 39 9 months

 4  back 2 spinal fusions, legs, ankle dry mouth, constipation, no desire, only thing out of everything that works for my pain have been through 10 year ordeal where i tried accupunture, and just about every drug available. 30mg, 6 pills, 3 times a day. Also 600mg nuerontin 3x daily. M 42 5 years
 5  Arthritic hip and back pain Constipation, drowsiness None of the other pain relievers (we've tried everything over the last six years) have worked so well for me as MS morphine does. Dr has been suggesting I try it for the last couple of years; my reluctance to do so seems silly now, except for the responses I get when folks hear that morphine's what's brought about such improvement in my quality of life. What's with the stigma around morphine, anyway? Weird, since it's practically 'herbal' and works so much better than the out and out synthetically fabricated pain relievers. In pain relief, lack of side effects, ease of administration (15 mg, 2x daily) and steadiness of delivery, nothing else has come close; anyway, from the first dose, for me it really IS a godsend! F 53 4 days

 5   constipation,dry mouth,very fatigued Has effectively helped me be mobile from degenerative disc deseise for eight years, recently pain has increased F 53 8 years

 3  pain from RA The morphine tablets with red dye made me have resteless leg and vomiting. But I can take morphine if not coated with red dye. I notice little side effects. Helps rheumatoid arthritis/spondylitis pain somewhat. It doesn't completely knock out my pain, but it helps. F 36 3 years
 4  chronic post-surgery abdominal pain restlessness, itching (esp. on face), muscle/body aches, unable to sleep, confusion and depression Morphine is much better than Fentanyl patches (even 12.5 too strong) as maintenance drug for my pain. I have found that using it PRN helps me function better overall and lessens side effects also. After years of pain a "10" has now become an "8" so I try to use MS only when my pain is a 9 or a 10 and am willing to deal with the side effects. M 45 8 months
 1  I had a relatively minor surgery At first nausea, then sweating, itching, my chest seized up - my heart started loudly in my ears. My eyes got all swollen and started watering, my whole body came out in a red bumpy rash. My throat started burning and breathing became almost impossible. The nurses attending to me said that i also changed colour to a light shade of blue... It did not help with the pain at all. No relief what so ever. F 35 1 days
 5  chronic back pain,cage and fusion blurred vision, a little foggy,hard to focus I feel it has helped me a great deal. I was on vicodin for 8 yrs and it was no longer working.This has been a blessing right now I dont know how long it will work as I am new to this medicine. F 45 3 days

 4  chronic back pain dry mouth, itching, constipation. When taken consistently this medication gave me back my functionality. The pain is still there I know it I can feel it but I just do not care. The morphine never really removes the pain just allows me to negotiate around it. for me it works, better than any of the others. I have tried nearly all the meds available. the morphine has helped greatly. Increasing the dosage does little for MORE pain relief, 15mg / 4 hours works just fine at taking the edge off. M 44 12 years
 3  lower back pain, chronic pain syndr very foggy at times, bad nightmares, could not sleep alot of the time. What a nightmare!! I only have had 5-6 good days in the whole 2 months of taking it.. I started out on 60 mg. daily. I think that was too high,so went to 30 mg daily- 15/twice daily. the lower dose did not help with the pain all day. using percocet for breakthrough. I do not understand why it did not work, I have used opiods for 10 years now for pain!! Good luck for those of you that is helped. F 43 60 days

 4  severe chronic lower back pain minor constipation I am taking 60mg a day with 10mg hydrocondone as needed. I have been taking for two weeks. improvement in pain management is better. biggest improvement is in mental attitude. M 57 2 weeks
 2  chronic pain/back/joints dopey, constipation, no relief at all I have chronic pain from a combination of herniated disk/interferon treatment for Hep-C. It made me extremely dry, ravenously hungry and made my vision blurry/out of focus M 37 2 days

 3  chronic back pain cloudy mind, withdrawal from family, apathy While the drug(60mg 2X's a day)did do quite well at taking the edge off my pain i would never take it again 'les I was dying or had severe trauma.The worst side effect was the withdrawal from family and the thought of 'I actually drove my children around while taking this crap'. Stopped cold turkey and suffered HORRIBLE W/DRWLS. Dehydration that i had 2 get an IV 4, severe diarrhea, could not sleep, many others. been a month getting better. Don't rec. unless ur in some SERIOUS pain. F 32 2.5 years

 2  Severe Herniated discs Night sweats, headaches, dehydration, nightmares Did not help much with pain M 50 21 days

 4  Post Op Pain Nausea, extreme tightness in chest and neck that caused me to have anxiety troubles. It did take care of the pain and made me extremely tired. The nausea was taken care of through anti-nausea meds. The worst part was the tightness I felt in my chest and neck as it was being injected into my IV. It felt as tho I was having trouble breathing and that caused me to panic. F 23 3 days

 2  Chronic back/leg pain Constipation, tremors and trouble focusing my vision at close range. Not much pain relief. I'm not entirely certain that the morphine is causing my tremors because I take so many other drugs every day. I suspect a combination of all my meds are to blame. I can say for sure that I am still in pain 24 hours a day. I am currently taking 90mg a day and there is ALWAYS some level of pain. Sometimes more or less, but never entirely gone. I was recently hospitalized for colilitus, where I recieved dilaudid for pain. That worked very well, but I don't know if taking dilaudid every day for chronic pain would turn my brian into mush or not. M 46 2 years

 1  post-op pain hip replacement No side effects and NO, ZERO! pain relief!! Had surgery outside U.S. (no insurance)--morphine only post-op pain med available. One previous surgery morphine didn't work either, but demerol did. Check into this before surgery if you have any doubts! F 58 2 days

 1  Scoliosis & herniated discs This pill was a nightmare, in terms of side effects. I began sweating at night so bad that I had to wash my pillows & bedding several times a week. It made me terribly thirsty, but no matter how much water and other fluids I drank, I couldn't stay hydrated. I could NOT get an erection, even with ED drugs. And, worst of all, I became *TERRIBLY* constipated. Laxatives, stool softeners, and even enema kits did NOTHING. It got so bad that, to defecate, I had to put on a latex glove and insert a finger in my rectum to dislodge my fecal matter. It came out in small marble-sized pieces which were VERY hard and dry. As time went on, the pieces got harder and dryer and irritated my colon, causing bleeding. Gross? Yes, not only that but horribly embarrassing, disgusting, humiliating; thank God my wife is a medical professional and understood. As soon as my new medication becomes available, I'm quitting. It never really helped in terms of pain, other than leveling off the "peaks" and "valleys" that I felt from taking Percocet. I slept a little better; that is, until the sweating (mentioned above) got so bad that I was tossing and turning every half-hour. On its own, even in larger doses taken experimentally (up to 3x the level prescribed), it NEVER ONCE took the pain away. It was, at best, a tool to help manage it. In contrast, Percocet and methadone can take the pain away completely for a time. M 28 4 months
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