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 4  InSoMniA Well...Hallucinating. Making VERY weird phone calls in the middle of the night singing songs to random people, telling the blunt truth(Told my friend he was ugly with short hair) hearing random voices, delusional thoughts such as little kids in my room, having sex There is absolutley no side effects if you use as directed. The nights that I went right to bed, I didnt have these effects. Although sometimes, ill be laying there in bed after taking one pill and am not tired so i get up and then that is when all these effects happen F 21 365 days

 4  Sleep I've never had issues sleeping but I was put on this drug when I was in a psychiatric ward. It works quickly, and for the first few weeks helps you to get a great nights sleep. Don't walk around after taking it, you need to lie down for it to really be effective. Also, if you don't lie down, you will do things and completely not remember doing them. Causes nightmares if taken for more than a few weeks, insomnia, tired when you first wake up, tolerance builds. I tried to kill myself and ended up in the hospital for a few days under suicide watch which was terrifying and hallucinated about all sorts of things such as bugs crawling up/down the walls. F 21
10 MG 1X D
 4  to sleep hiccups, runny nose I feel like I can't think strait so I have to go to bed immediately! F 21 2 months

 4  insomnia oh there are so many, i wake up and find food missing, or a mess from the night before(making mac n cheese at 2 am etc), ive driven miles to a friends house and after acting strangely they questioned if i had taken my ambien yet, i had.i wake up to random text messages, and read the ones i sent which dont make any sense. And thats all i know about, ive been told about other odd behavior interactions ive had. Despite the odd side effects, i wouldnt discontinue ambien, it is the only sleeping pill on the market that helps me sleep. without it, i go all night long thinking about sleep, but not actually doing it. F 21 2 years

 2  to sleep hallucinations F 21 1 days

 2  insomnia,pstd hallucinations,memory loss,cant control bladder,suicidal thoughts,slurred speech i initially started taking it for sleep. i also was depressed so i eventually started taking it to get high..i would hallucinate and have conversations with the "devil" out loud.he would tell me to take the whole bottle.I kept peeing in bed.I liked the feeling it gave me because i said whatever i wanted to say and didnt care about anyones feelings.But overall i am a single mom and that behavior could not continue.I decided after a week that would not take it again. F 21 1 weeks

 1  Insomnia I learned first hand the difference between a delusion and a hallucination and it was not fun at all. The only things I actually remember was the blinds downstairs were clacking together and I was convinced there was a lion in the den eating my dogs and the clacking was their bones breaking, and there was a green fairy with shifty eyes that wanted to steal my right kidney. Apparently after taking it I texted a friend "10 foot long strands of multicolored spaghetti are filling the room" she immediately called my boyfriend who woke up and found me crying and screaming uncontrollably in the bathroom. He spent the next 6 hours holding me because I was trying to knock down a cabinet with my head because I thought there was a monster in there trying to escape and eat me, and I was convinced that leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was walking on the roof with an ax. I also lost most of my voluntary muscle movements. Those were the really prominent ones that he told me about. F 21 1 days

 1  Insomnia Twenty minutes after taking Ambien I fell asleep. Shortly after that I began sleepwalking. I don't remember much after that except for throwing up but my husband said I couldn't stand, walk or talk. The few words I did say were creepy. I began throwing up and couldn't physically breath. Luckily he got me back in bed and calm. I fell asleep but woke up several times trying to talk to him. He could only make out a few words but again they were scary. In all I woke up several times and ended up staying in bed three hours. When I woke up I had very little memory of any of it. I felt incredibly nauseous and laid in bed all day. Later that day I ended up throwing up several times. It made me throw up every time I ate. Overall, terrible experience! F 21 1 days
 1  Insomnia Memory loss, sleep eating, sleep sex, hallucinations, and violent outbursts. I've been off Ambien for 3.5 years and my vision isn't still isn't normal: I have permanent tracers and find it difficult to focus on any fast-moving object. I started taking this drug when I was 15 and didn't stop until I was 17. I therefore have 2+ years of unremembered nights. A few examples of what I was told I did under the influence of Ambien: called/texted/instant messaged people with aggressive messages (both sexual and violent); threatened my father; spoke in gibberish; wandered around my house and street; took extra Ambien; had sex; and drank alcohol. However, the worst by far was tearing open my chest with a razor blade. My mother walked in and found me in a pool of blood. I have no memory of this. When she called my boyfriend over to help calm me down, I hallucinated he was my rapist (the reason I was taking Ambien in the first place) and cowered in a corner begging him not to hurt me again. This drug blew my mind apart and left me with a mutilated chest. Please be careful when taking this. F 21 2.5 years
 1  insomnia/depression Sleep eating, walking, talking, texting, calling others; then the final: sleep driving. Totaled my car. Thank God nobody else was hurt. Lacerated bladder, brain bleed. Dont take this shit! SOOOO sorry for the losses so many have had. I could easily become dependent upon Ambien. Sleep is so important and I've been sleep deprived for years, esp now as a college student and band member. M 21 4 months

 1  insomnia Hard to wake up, lack of sexual desire, confusion woke up naked in neighbors front yard one night, ths drug is poison! M 21 5 days

 1  Insomnia The side effects at first werent that bad. The first thing I realized is that I had to take the medication about 2-3 hours before bed and then just sit in bed with my eyes closed. It worked for about 1-2 weeks and then after that did nothing but keep me up all night long. The next side affect I experinced was visuals. Things crawling in my bathroom floor, the walls moving, etc. This made it even harder to go to sleep. After that the worst symptom I had was the feeling I might not wake up in the morning. My chest would feel very tight and hard to breath. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!! Valium works much better! Now when I take it I dont go to bed until 3am. DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION IF YOU HAVE SEVERE SLEEPING PROBLEMS, SHORT FIX BUT MAKES SLEEPING HARDER. F 21 1 months

 1  Insomnia NONE makes me manic (bipolar disorder) F 21 1 years
10 MG 1X D

 1  insomnia sleep walking,sexual aggressive One night i stayed up watching tv in bed after taking my ambien,my boyfriend said i got up saying i was cooking biscuits ,i turned the stove top on instead of the oven,im very thankful he was there to turn it off behind me and didnt burn the apartments down,then he said i kept asking if anybody else was in the house??repeativly?and said i was very agressive during sex and nothing like "myself" very scary experience F 21 1 years
10mg 1X D

 5  Insomnia Take this drug for sleep not to get high and all those other people saying don't take this it ruins lives.… M 20 4 years

 5  Insomnia If I don't go to bed soon after I take it, I have long rambling conversations with people that I don't remember later and apparently don't make much sense to them either. I love ambien. For about 3 months before I started taking it I was lucky to get 2 hours of sleep a night. I can't sleep without it now but it really does help and the side effects are manageable and well worth it. F 20 2 years
 5  Insomnia due to depression Blacking out, Hallucinations, Great sleep, Greater Sex, Double-Vision, Really Happy Mood, Addiction........Fun I started taking ambien that was prescribed by my doctor due to lack of sleep i was getting and he felt it was due to depression, whatever the case, i started taking it two at a time from the beginning because one did nothing for me.....so it was good sleep and eventually i realized if i stayed awake, which was surprisingly easy, i could get a crzy high.....i would be happy as ever laughing at everything and loving everyone......i would forget hours at a time only remembering a lil bit here and there......it was great.....it became my thing to do.....to have fun....like getting drunk.......the bad thing is u can become easily addicted to this drug....it is a narcotic....i would take 3 or 4 and not remember taking another 4 or 5 until i realizec that they were gone the next morning.....people told me i was getting bad with it and i simply ignored them.....i would have sex on ambien and go for hours and hours on end.......it was a great time......however i am not going to recommend anyon M 20 2 months

 5  insomnia horney as hell i tried to pork everything. my neighbor (she was hot though), my coworkers, my brothers wife, my sister-in-law, my poor sister, my poor dog . . . it was just unbelievable. . . and the best part is that i could not remember all of it . . . just the good parts M 20 1 years

 5  Chronic Insomnia As long as I go to sleep right after taking it, there are no side effects. If I stay awake, as everyone else has mentioned, I experience anterograde amnesia, behavioural changes, vivid visual hallucinations, etc. Upon withdrawal there are unusual dreams. Ambien is one of the most amazing medications I've ever taken. The side effects only manifest if I stay awake after taking the pill. I take 10mg a night, which usually gets me around 4-6 hours of sleep, which is impressive to me. My insurance doesn't cover the CR version, but I have taken a few of them, and they gave me a full night's rest in time and energy. M 20 4 years

 5  Insomnia NONE! Made me feel a bit like I had taken a relaxer or anti-anxiety med. that made me look forward to taking it every night. very good side effect. no bad ones at all. except its very addictive. I love it. I was put on it and tried other things, lunesta, rozerem, otc meds, melatonin. nothing works as well as ambien. im on 10mg. i wake up every morning around 8am (im a college student and dont have class until noon) and I love it! I am rarely tired during the day. F 20 7 years

 5  Insomnia Hallucinations. Memory Loss. Cannot control body - I only experience these if I haven't ate within the past few hours, and am not laying in bed. If you stay up and have an empty stomach you will more than likely experience Farries dancing, impersonaiting stars, odd behavior, falling. If you take it correctly you are fine, but it's fun to get a lil high off it ever once in a while! F 20 4 months

 5  Insomnia - Post Migraine None Highly effective, I almost feel as if I'm pushed down into bed, when I lay down. I have been using 5-10mg 2-3 times a week for 4-5 years. Superior to Sonata & Halcion. Doesn't seem to lose effectiveness. M 20 5 years

 5  Insomnia If I stayed awake, I remember being totally coherent in what I was doing, I knew I was under the effects of the drug, and felt completely fine. Amnesia the next day did not phase me, and I gradually remembered bits and pieces of my night. Granted you are supposed to be IN BED when you take it, do not let negative reviews turn you off. The people who write them either did not go to bed immediately, or just cannot handle sedatives. I have taken up to 30mg in a dose to treat my insomnia, and it works like MAGIC. As I type this, I am 30 minutes into a 20mg dose, and as you can see I am not psychotic or anything. Ambien is not for everyone, and if you are a whiner or hypochondriac, DO NOT take it. That leads to people who most likely never needed Ambien freaking out becase they experience KNOWN side effects, and scaring those who could benifit from it away. Here's a hint for all of you negative nancys...TURN OFF OR UNPLUG YOUR PHONE, HIDE YOUR KEYS, TURN OFF YOUR COMPUTER, AND EAT BEFORE YOU TAKE IT. (It also helps to be IN bed after you take it...dont try and get a "trip" or force yourself to stay awake... M 20 40 days

 4  insomnia dizzy, hallucinations, like eating magic mushrooms, crazy trip, trouble telling reality from imagination, afraid I might do something crazy under the influene It works, you just might want to invest in a baby-sitter for yourself so you don't fall down the stairs or somehting. F 20 2 weeks

 4  insomnia hullucinations resisting after taking it is bad. go to sleep immediately. i watched shadows move across walls, retreat and crawl back. i giggled and talked nonsense. i watched the furniture reaarange itself. taking ambien and going to sleep immediately caused no problems whatsoever. F 20 2 months

 4  Insomnia Vivid and strange dreams, very dizzy after taking the medication.Made me think differently honestly if I didn't get to bed right away I felt like I had smoked pot. I did weird but (nothing harmful)things.But other than that I think it works great Being dizzy is common which is why you take it and get into bed. Why are people leaving comments about driving after they have taken this?? That's just stupid! After reading about the wild sex I can agree, I just never thought it could be the Ambien. F 20 8 months
 4  Sleep problems When I disregarded the instructions or took more than 1 a night, I would sleepwalk, have memory loss, eat excessively, and would often have strange dreams. If taken properly (meaning, taking only 1 and going to sleep very soon after) it works very well. If you don't do this, you're going to experience the side effects. M 20 1 years
10 1X D

 4  insomnia/bipolar IF you seriously are trying to regulate your sleep schedule/gradually work your way down to an earlier "bedtime", you need to get into bed (with lights off, no computer, phone, etc) NO MORE than 10 mins after taking it. i personally have a hard time doing this simply because if i could (healthfully/logically) stay up 24 hrs/day, i would. i write in a journal before i go to sleep and i am always suprised with what i've written the night before. i've traced all the shadows on my wall, made strange concoctions in the kitchen which i've found the next morning, etc. feel good in the morning-able to wake up when i set an alarm, and usually without an alarm, without feeling groggy/hungover unlike other medications have been on. of course it completely depends what time you take it. the later you take it (after 2:30 am-ish) the later your body will naturally wake you up. i initially went on ambien temporarily, thinking it'd be about 2-3 months...it's been like 5ish months and stil using it, but i've started taking 5 mg instead of 10 mg and think i can definitely ween myself off as long as i'm serious about it. F 20 5 months
 3  Depression-induced insomia Hallucinations if I didn't go to bed and fall asleep immediately after taking 2 pills. I thought all the books on my shelf were falling down and going to smother me. THe biggest problem was that I was unable to have orgasms consistently. It would take lots of work and then it was weird, lots of pre-ejaculate and very little semen and sperm, followed by an anticlimax. The sensitivity is so great it is almostg numbing I did get twenty pages out of my book on ambien and they're some of the best stuff I've written in a while. I remember writing this, but only faintly, M 20 1 days

 3  Problems staying asleep Ive been taking this drug on and off for about 8 months, everytime I take it I always find myself in lala land and I tend to pick up the phone and have crazy conversations and not remembering them the next day. But the sleep is awesome! I dont feel groggy the next day Be carful! DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOUSE, Driving under the drug really makes you do crazy things. M 20 8 months
 3  insomnia caused by lexapro craving sugar and cigarettes after taking it; if taken too often, daytime anxiety/depression Just a very, very strange drug. Deceptively powerful. The bad for me does not outweigh the good...yet. For falling asleep, nothing is better. However, it is strangely addictive and psychological dependence develops in a matter of days. If you're going to use it, use it very sparingly. If you have trouble falling asleep every night, try alternating it with something else. You do NOT want to get hooked on this drug. It is quite unlike anything I have ever used before. M 20 1 years

 2  Insomnia Ambien did help me to catch up on some z’s, but the side effects were absolutely intolerable. Basically it makes you trip out: an overall sense of elation, mild visual hallucinations, and memory less. It also makes you stupid. In particular it made me believe I was having conversations with inanimate objects. It was as though the whole room itself were urging me on to contact everyone in my phone book. This inspired me to leave numerous incriminating Facebook comments on many an acquaintance’s Wall. F 20 1 years

 2  Insomnia None really, except for increased appetite & increased nighttime anxiety. I was not on this medicine for long. I forgot the doseage I was taking, but I would lie awake for hours and I would have thoughts running through my head and would not for the life of me be able to fall asleep. It definitely did not work. F 20 1 weeks

 2  Anxiety related insomnia Felt heavy, it took about 20 minutes before I actually fell asleep, and I woke up about 5 hours later not able to move my arm because it had pins and needles so bad due to sleeping on it weird, which I would've woken up earlier if not on the medication. So now here I am...typing this comment, unable to go back to sleep 5 hours after taking it...worthless drug Worthless drug M 20 1 days

 2  insomnia the side effects included me driving to walmart in the middle of the night... buying tons stuff... and me thinking it was a dream...sleep driving happened to me quite a lot (so my roommates said) Scary stuff you shouldn't take it if your depressed.. It can make you paranoid and anxious... also you grow a tolerance to it... which means you have to increase the dosage... if you take one you're body is in a coma but your mind can still be going a mile a minute... I refuse to take any sleeping pills after my experiences.... BE CAREFUL Make sure you talk to a family member or friend before taking it.... you can become addicted pretty easily... especially if you're younger (college years) F 20 1.5 years

 2  insomina Severe Sleep Walking (including violent outbursts), still tired, groggy in the morning I've been taking ambien for 2 weeks now. The first couple nights i woke up still tired and couldn't figure out why. My wife informed me it's because i was up all night. She's found me downstairs (all of this i do not remember doing) staring out the back door, watching TV, i've had sex and held conversations with her, I've said hurtful things to her, I swear at her a lot (which I never do), and my wife has now informed me last night i hit and threw my 70 lbs black lab across the room (which i never have and never would do, he's fine btw).. she said i kept swearing at her to make the dog stop barking.. which he wasn't it was some other dog.. I'm done with this drug.. it doesn't put me to sleep it just makes me lose my conscious state of mind and do wrong things.. it's been 2 weeks and I'm exhausted every moment of every day because i still haven't had a good nights sleep M 20 2 weeks
10mg 1X D

 2  Insomnia [recently diag. bipolar1] High addiction factor; walking amnesia; general anger and non-congruent mood It might work for a select few, but the reports are mounting high and this drug will likely be pulled sooner or later. It brought on mixed state [bipolar] episodes and ultimately resulted in hospitalization for sucide/psychosis. Many other [including personal accounts] of people having walking amnesia--- blacked out, but doing stuff [one person went driving]. Note: my time on the drug was on and off due to ill side effects. M 20 2 years

 1  insomnia Even more difficulty sleeping than usual (I slept off and on for only 2.5 hrs). The ceiling and door frame was moving around. It felt like a combination of smoking weed and that feeling right before anesthesia knocks you out. It was calming and I wouldn't have minded the weird visual stuff if I wasn't desperate to sleep. I now understand why one of my friends does it recreationally. I honestly thought she was making stuff up. F 20 2 days
5-10 mg 1X D

 1  Cannot Fall Asleep at Normal Hours None I took it last night because I normally can't fall asleep until about 4 in the morning.. Well I took it and it did nothing to me whatsoever. Did not make me drowsy, nothing wierd, still didn't fall asleep at all. Actually, I fell asleep around 5:30 this time which is later than I normally would have fallen asleep. F 20 1 days

 1  insomnia horrific hallucinations, amnesia very scary side effects to this drug, after one experience one time taking this drug, I will never take another sleeping pill F 20 1 days

 5  lack of sleep with night terrors sometimes hung over from the night before as has as its harder to wake up... well its harder if u wake up clear and fresh too early and go back to sleep i sleep for ages. i now am a rbbid sleep eater.... i always have food by my bed bc im too lazy to get come some as far as if it works--- it does as far as it feels "good"--- it does as far as it makes you feel high--- it doesn i definitely believe this sleeep aid is very benficial to those who have serious sleeping disorders i have serious sleeo problem associted with the life of drugs i chose to give up (1 year 5 months clean) anyways this stuff ruined my sleep... they tried serquel and trazodon,, didnt work... ambien--- ambien really works.,... and after so long of not being able to sleep bein able to get a nice full rest is spectacular F 19 4 months

 5  Insomia related to Prednisone The usual, dizziness, loss of balance, double vision, and I wouldn't call them hallucinations like others, but more of a change of perception. I didn't have any side-effects in bad sense, except that I like this drug too much. I guess I'll just have to deal when I run out. I love to write and stay up at least an hour before I go to bed. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning to find I had written the wildest things, includiding e-mails I normally would never have sent. Not good. I've been taking it over a month now and am pretty acclimated to the drug, but I still like it. Someone said they like to take it in the middle of the day...you have to have some problems to be taking something this powerful for a recreational purpose, at least during daylight. I can't imagine not being able to go to be after the main effects wear off. M 19 30 days

 5  Insomia none Knocks ya out! sleepy time! M 19 7 months

 5  Insomnia I was talking to my boyfriend and told him that I saw people walking through walls, I don't remember any of the converstaion. Other than that, I've been able to go to sleep and stay asleep for 8 hours and feel better in the morning than I use to. F 19 2 weeks

 4  insomnia hallucinations, increased appetite, insane amount of sexual stimulation LOVE IT...ESPECIALLY WHEN TAKEN 15+ MG DURING THE DAY...with a little coffee and maybe 1 mg or 2 of alprazolam M 19 6 months

 4  Insomnia well the first two months i been taking it, the drug worked wonders....then more recenly ill take it and it makes my mouth dry out and everything just starts to move real slow...i get full body shakes and confusion...also if i try to talk it is just mubbles...i also hallocinate that there are people watchin me...but all this last for about 15 mins then im fine... IT puts me to sleep and thats all i care about M 19 5 months

 4  Depression/Insomnia/Stress Usually I take this right before bed and LAY in bed. I fall asleep right away. But the times where I wait for it to kick in, and I am awake on the computer, I remember nothing the next day. I had sex with my boyfriend and had no recollection whatsoever. We watched a movie, I had no idea. It's almost scary. If you're using it to get to sleep then lay in bed right when you take it. F 19 90 days
 4  Insomnia Euphoric feeling, childlike voice, munchies, nausea, random texts and Facebook status', odd behavior I love Ambien. It does have those effects that people warn about, but hey- as long as I sleep, I'm all right with it. I've been known to talk strangely, dance around and basically act like your everyday drunk- but I have not sleepwalked, sleep eaten, sleep sex or sleep driven. I have not done anything destructive. The first few nights it made me nauseous, but then it eventually stopped. After awhile the drug doesn't work as well, so I detox for a couple days and then it starts to work again. I usually remember what I did the night before- I just feel so great and tired that I don't care if I look like a fool. I would definitely recommend this drug to anyone who has problems sleeping. It can get addictive so please use responsibly. I sleep great, no nightmares and I wake up refreshed. F 19 6 months
3 MG 1X D

 4  insomnia I generally take about 5 mg/2-3 times a week on those rare nights as a college student that I can fully devote 8 hours of sleep and can be into my bed in 10 minutes. If I take the pill, and don't immediately get into bed, I have a tendency to feel very drunk/high and spacey. Once in bed, I have experienced mild hallucinations (nothing nightmarish, just odd subjects wander through my mind) and my body feels really weird and heavy. I find I have to remind myself that I'm in bed, trying to sleep, and I will feel fine in the morning. Then I'm asleep for the entire night. In the morning after taking Ambien, I tend to feel sort of foggy for the 30-45 minutes I take to shower and get ready, but then it clears up after that and I feel great all day. Although there are some side effects that I experience with this drug, I still think it works great as a sleep aid. I definitely recommend taking this drug only once you are in bed, ready to sleep. This is a sedative, after all, and it is extremely unsafe to try to stay awake after taking it. F 19 2 months

 3  Insomnia I would say and do things i normally wouldn't- with no idea i had done them when i woke up the next morning. I would then only take the medicine right before i went to sleep and made sure my phone was off and away so i wouldnt pick it up and call/text someone. When I did begin to get tired i heard music in my head.. I knew no one else could hear it but it was beautiful, amazing music.. many times it was classical music but nothing I recognized. I felt like I was on some sort of shrooms. The feeling was comforting at night but it was scaring in the morning to not remember anything i had done an hour or so before falling asleep- much like a black out from alcohol- sometimes i could remember little parts of what i had done if someone reminded me.. Also, I was only able to sleep 5 or 6 hours at most and was then very tired duringthe afternoon. I don't take the medicine anymore instead I just make sure not to nap at all during the day and to a lot of mind stimulating things and stay actu F 19 3 months

 3  Sleep patterns were thrown off I hallucinated, but fell alseep after I took this drug when I was younger, and it made me hallucinate pretty strongly. My parents were suprised when I had a very similiar reaction to it, since I have grown so much since then. My father got very scared, and he stayed with me until i fell asleep. I don't really remember anything from within 15 minutes or taking ambien to when I fell asleep, but my dad said that I was reaching out with my hands and mumbling pretty incoherently. Hearing that, and not remembering anything, made me stop taking the medicine after 2 nights. Scary experience for me... F 19 2 days

 2  Insomnia I would take it before going to sleep. If I even had to check my email quickly I couldnt hit any of the right keys. The Keyboard seemed to be moving around, and the screen was shaking. It has not worked well at all, I would take it at 12:30am and be awake by 4:12am exactly. The next night I tried taking it at 11:30pm and still work up at 4:12am. It was not helpful, and I could not fall back asleep. I also found an empty box of Wheat Thins next to my bed, I'm assuming I had been sleep eating since I had my retainers in and they were filled with cracker muck! F 19 9 months

 1  ...recreation... Man, this stuff really messes you up. Don't take it. I got about 10 or 12 pills from a friend cuz he said they get you fucked up and i took 2 or 3 at about noon one saturday and then don't remember much of anything until about 9:00 that night. Turns out i took every last one of them (thats 10 or so pills--WAY TOO MUCH) while i was under. Think about that: I took a double, maybe triple dose (wish i could remember) and was so screwed up from it that i took pill after pill after pill. I bet if i'd had a whole bottle i'd have taken every last one. I literally have no recollection of putting any more pills in my mouth after the original 2 or 3, but the bag was empty when i looked the next day. Scared the hell out of me. This isn't a sleep medication, guys--its a hardcore drug. The "side effects" are ridiculous: I was seeing double, and i could not focus my eyes to save my life. It's a complete de-inhibitor--i remember doing awful things that i would never do if i were sober. Basic M 19 1 times

 1  insomnia hallucinations, permanent memory loss I started taking ambien because I was going through some tough times and could not sleep because my mind kept racing when I would try to sleep. After about 4 weeks of taking it sparingly I noticed that I honestly couldn't remember what happened the day before or even what day it was. This was completely out of character for me, a person with a great memory. It has been 6 months since stopping ambien and I still don't really remember what happened the day before after I wake up unless someone jogs my memory along!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! M 19 4 weeks

 1  Severe Insomnia Hallucinations, sleepwalking, sleep-talking, incoherence, night-eating, panic attacks, etc... I took Ambien for about five months. It's addictive properties were immense. It was something I used at a borderline recreational level toward the end of things. Numerous times, parents or girlfriend would comment on something EXTREMELY bizarre that I had done the evening before (like peeing in the garage "so burglars wouldn't come in"). I gained weight from eating meals I didn't remember. Finally, it culminated when, one night, I took an Ambien, woke up (apparently) in the night, not remembering I had previously taken one, and took two more. I ended up in the hospital after assaulting a paramedic and accusing a police officer of having an affair with my girlfriend. I'm a calm, rational, non-violent person with no predisposition to addiction or drug use. This is by far the worst thing you could put into your body. M 19 5 months

 5  for fun I dont even know where to begin! thinking i am beyonce, looking like chucky, drowning while washing my hair in the sink, talking to the wall, thinkning someone ate my chicken wings, thinking there were more people in the room, burning my hair on the stove, thinking my room was a cabin, wanting to be naked, talking to random people on the phone and computer, watching home alone, doing crazy shit!! thats the ambien experience and i love every minute of it even thought i black out and cant remember half the stuff i do. me and my friends are on it and we have a good ol' time! Ambien is a god! F 18 10 days

 5  Can't fall alseep After about 5-10 min, i start to notice that my vision gets blurry and i can see things far away doubled. i have double vision on things that are far away. sometimes i just fee kinda drowsey and my vision gets blurred when i walk aroung. but mostly, i wake up and i dont remember a thing. like i wont remember writing this cuz im on ambein rightnow. Works great as a sleeping-aide, but has its addictive proproties i dont take them every single night, just when i feel i neeed it. other then that, have fun! email me if anyone wants to discuss their feelings on ambien and share stories,,,,, have fun! F 18 9 months
 5  Depression, insomnia After about 5-10 min, i start to notice that my vision gets blurry and i can see things far away doubled. i have double vision on things that are far away. sometimes i just fee kinda drowsey and my vision gets blurred when i walk aroung. but mostly, i wake up and i dont remember a thing. like i wont remember writing this cuz im on ambein rightnow. Works great as a sleeping-aide, but has its addictive proproties i dont take them every single night, just when i feel i neeed it. other then that, have fun! email me if anyone wants to discuss their feelings on ambien and share stories,,,,, have fun! F 18 9 months
 5  Sleep issues None Wow M 18 1 months

 5  insomnia the pros outweight the cons for me, but I do experience some tiredness the next day (sometimes it's worse than others), occasional headaches, but overall it is a miracle drug for me! I'm only 18 and have been dealing with insomnia for about 7 months now, it sucks! Ambien is the only thing that had worked for me. I like it because you don't get that drowsy, drugged feeling. I lie there and then I go to sleep. I do still wake up, but am able to go back to sleep easily. I only take 3 nights a week.. the other nights I just try to do without it. I have noticed that I want it more and more, but overall it's helped me a lot. F 18 6 months
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