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 1  insomnia Acted completly out of character with no memory of it! Husband told me when he came to bed he gave me a kiss. What happened after that scares me to death. He described in detail the wildest sex we have ever had. We've been together for over 15 years and we both know each other very well. I have no memory of anything that happened that night and I will never take this medicine again! If you are using this medicine it may not affect you the same way but just know for some of us, it is a very dangerous drug! F 42 7 days

 1  insomnia Out of 12 doses I took (over the course of a month), two resulted in severe hallucinations - the last time I took it I jumped in the hot tub for 10 minutes to "relax" before bed. The tub came alive and I was so amazed by it I apparently tried to stay under the water to investigate. My son had to climb in and pull me out. Eventually my son and wife had to literally carry/drag me to bed. I could not walk. Everything (e.g. living carpet, moving walls, breathing chair backs, etc) distracted me. I have never taken an illegal drug, but my experience sounded very much like descriptions I have heard of LSD use. I would never take this drug again. Other experiences to date: Lunesta helped me sleep VERY well but apparently I had many hallucinations from it as well -- but memory loss so I relied on my wife to fill in the blanks. I quit it due to the memory loss (not even remembering going to bed). Switched to Rozerem. No side effects with Rozerem but they did not help be sleep at all. Switched to Ambien... What shall I try next? M 42 12 days

 1  insomnia increased insomnia, unable to fall asleep until 6:30 am after 10mg at 11:00 pm. tried it for one more day - same lack of effectivness and increase in agitation. vey surprised- won't use again. ineffective for me M 42 2 days

 1  Insomnia due to Fibromyalgia My doctor prescribed this for me continually for 2 years straight. I did not know it was for occasional use. By the end of the two year cycle I was experiencing severe mood swings which could be characterized as MANIC/DEPRESSIVE Bipolar disorder. I found it very difficult to care for my young children. I also experienced alot of light flashes which are characteristic of retinal detachment. Shortly after stopping Ambien these symptoms went away. So far I have never been tempted to try it again F 42 2 years

 5  Insomnia Not recollecting some events shortly after taking medication. It is a medication to be taken once you are in bed and not with the idea of finishing everyday things you would normally do awake. To engage in such behaviors and expect anything other than an increased probability of a bad consequence is showing an irresponsibility that should negate ever taking similar medications. It has been a great help. M 41 1 years

 5  insomnia, bipolar disorder, anxiety Unsteady gait, amnesia I take this nightly. It has been a godsend for my sleep problems. However you really do have to go right to bed. I generally am awake for about an hour after taking it, and find no hallucinations per se. However, I do get very unsteady when I stand up (I usually just watch tv or read until I fall asleep after taking it) and I have done many things that I don't remember at all the next day. Other things I remember but they're really clouded. Nothing out of the ordinary, though, just forget them. My husband will say I did something and I'll go O_O I did? Whoops. I never go out though, or try to do housework or anything of that nature. And to my knowledge, it's not made me do anything sexually I wouldn't normally do. I have had some very vivid sexual dreams, though - which I'm not complaining about LOL I have noticed an increase in my masturbation habits, however I can't honestly say it's solely from the ambien. F 41 6 months

 5  insomnia not nearly as effective if taken with food I occasionally take the 12.5mg Ambien CR. NO next day drowsiness, weird behavior, amnesia, etc, NOTHING. I do take it right when I get in bed, not before. Some nights it is significantly more effective than others. I'm not sure why other than that I think eating near bedtime, especially protein, reduces its effectiveness. Also eating a big high protein dinner can also reduce the effectiveness,even when the Ambien is taken later in the evening. F 41 6 months

 5  Insomnia I take ambien 1-2 times a month when my insomnia is really bad. Knocks me out within 30 minutes of taking it. I've never done anything weird or gotten up in the night. I wake up 7-8 hours later fully rested. F 41 6 days

 5  insomnia increase in sex drive . Hard time concentrating or focusing on anything. Foggy light headed. Want sax after taking Ambien F 41 30 days
10 mg 1X D
 5  insomia If I take more than recommended then I would get the amnesia sid effect. Now I just stick to the recommended dosage. I do get a full nights rest & wake up refreshed F 41 6 years
5mg 1X D

 4  Chronic insomnia This is the only sleep aid that works for me however I've had many of the dangerous side effects as mention. I worked 11p-7a shift went home after a bath took ambien while in the sleepwalking phase I drove to the nail salon got a full set of nails upon waking up and noticing I drove myself while sleeping to the nail salon I reached into my pockets to find $50 worth of scratch off lottery tickets I'd purchased. I've made meal, had full blown conversations and did not realize until the next day when someone would recite something we talked about. The thing that happens a lot is I will take more of the medication while I'm in my sleeping phase and will not know that I did that until the next day. It's a good medication but it comes with a lot of dangerous side effects. Overall while in the sleep walking phase of ambien I've drove my car to the store, nail salon, cooked meals, had conversations and was sexually active while in the sleep but awake phase of ambien. F 41 4 years
12.5 1X D

 4  Insomnia Well, I've been taking this med for about a year now. Things have been fine other than feeling overly tired when I wake up and less than an hour after taking it I become what seems like very, very drunk. Last night, however, was the first time I saw the figurines on my night stand moving. I'm not kidding. I even grabbed one and it was moving in my hand. I have never taken more than prescribed (5mg) and I'm too chicken to abuse it! It's helped me sleep great, but these recent side effects concern me enough to get in touch with my doctor. 'Til then I'll cut the pill in half! This med has helped me a great deal. I suffer with depression so 7-8 hours sleep is essential for me. It is habit forming though. If I run out of pills (forgetting to refill) I'm dead. If I take Tylenol PM in place of the Ambien it causes me to get the shivers. I asked a pharmacist about it and they didn't see where the two meds could clash, but it did on me. So, for now, I can't forget to refill my prescription or I'll get no sleep at all. F 41 1 years

 4  insomnia drugged behavior, incoherant. Take occasionally. Life long sleep problems. Ambien worked great. good sleep, clear head and energetic in morning. Follow the advice here, take 1/2 dosage and immediately go to bed. Best if spouse home. M 41 2 months

 4  Sleeping Aid Starting to have memory loss after 3 years of taking it. I'm not sure if it is due to the ambien, Lexapro or Lamictal. Any thoughts anyone? I took it every night before a work night and now even on the weekends. I am now addicted to it. M 41 3 years
 4  insomnia amnesia if I don't go right to bed after I take it. Anything I do or say after taking this medicine is completely lost. It usually works very well with helping me get a reasonably normal nights sleep. I am thankful for this medication, and have not noticed any other side effects. F 41 2 years

 3  Insomnia Lightheadedness, slurred speach, memory loss. Groggy and headaches the next day. It works, but it hits hard and hits quickly. I now only take it when i am ready for bed and under the covers. Have been found outside in my garden at 2am, have baked and left the kitchen a mess, been used sexually by my wife and not remembered any of it. I only take it once every 3 weeks or so, and that is more for the high than for helping me sleep. I welcome all stories and comments via e-mail. M 41 3 years
 3  insomnia Do not take this with alcohol. I woke up gasping for breath. I am in Mensa and at one point had trouble remembering how to spell: buy. Also, strange dreams. I would be concerned about the long term effects of such a drug; considering such use as reckless and risky. M 41 30 days

 3  insomnia, inability to stay asleep increased appetite, need for conversation, dependence, memory loss, fatigue Ambien is a wonderful medicine for insomnia in the short term. However, in the long term,it takes more to have the same effect & now I'm wide awake after 2-3 hours. So my sleep patterns are all wickety-whacked and am having to take more to acquire less sleep time. F 41 8 months

 3  Sleep issues/insomnia very high blood pressure, digestive issues/stomach problems, mood swings, breathing issues I took this in the past, and it made me itchy, so stopped taking it. This time I had to take it on a vacation. I took it for 2 days 2.5 mg, then when I got to my vacation destination, I was taking 5mg for 7 days. This time I was not itchy, but it did mess with my breathing a little (I have asthma). When I got back, I discovered it made my blood pressure go up to 168/112. Needless to say I stopped taking it, and my blood pressure came down. At the same time I started to take 5mg, I was having stomach upset and pain on vacation, along with gas and bloating. I read another blog where people have had all kinds of problems with Ambien such as acid reflux, nausea and vomiting, etc. So not sure what to think. This is my third day off Ambien, and am still having stomach problems, so i'm going to give it another day, and go to the doctor to make sure it's not something else. I was fine before Ambien. F 41 9 days
5mg 1X D
 3  Insomnia Hallucinations It helps me sleep, but I got a little freaked out the other night. I went to pee and I thought the shampoo bottle was trying to say something to me. I need the sleep, but I don't know if it's worth trying to have conversations with household items. Anyone remember Jimmy the Flute from an old 70's kid's show? That's what it looked like. M 41 30 days

 3  Insomnia Dry mouth, agitation, memory loss. Extreme hunger. Weight gain. Neck and jaw pain developed after long term use. Ambien should not be used long term. F 41 5 years
5 to 10mg
 2  Insomnia related to GAD Memory loss. Fatigue. SHORT TERM MEMORY ERASER IN A TABLET!. Nuked my short term memory abilities. Kept me groggy and sleepy for a day after taking it. NO SIR, I DID NOT LIKE IT! M 41 45 days

 1  not sleeping due to stress grogginess, confusion, suicidal thoughts I was going through a difficult divorce and my doctor put me on Ambien and Lexapro. The first week I completely stopped eating. I didn't take the Ambien every night, but when I did I would wake up at 4am crying and confused. After about 2 weeks I ended up in the emergency room when after one of my bouts of confusion and wanting to die, I tried to take a whole bottle. After quitting the Ambien, I haven't had the suicidal thoughts. It was like the Ambien magnified my depression. I was mildy depressed when I started the Ambien, but not suicidal. F 41 2 weeks
 1  Insomnia Made me a completely crazy sex fiend. I loved taking Ambien, just everyone around me hated me taking it. Husband likened it to babysitting about 10, 2 year olds. I had complete memory loss the next day from the previous night. I loved the high I got from it(esp. w/ alcohol), and what I thought was great sleep. I did extremely dangerous things while taking it, and having no recollection of it. I didn't sleep as well as I thought, and would end up taking more, and more if it wasn't taken away from me. I guess I was pretty addicted to it. Made me hyper-sexual Made me extremely mean the next day also. It is a great drug for some, but I think I will stick with my Lunesta:-) F 41 1 years

 1  Stress-related insomnia Do not take this drug for more than one week! I took it off and on for 2 years on occasion as needed(more off than on) for insomnia related to 2 tragic life events. Recently, however, I developed a tolerance to it and it allowed me to sleep less and less. Now, 4 weeks after stopping it Should be banned from the market!!!! M 41 2 years

 1  chronic insomnia Intense anxiety, depression, waking up too early. I cycle through sleep meds for chronic insmonia along with periods where I don't take anything. This last cycle of ambien triggered my anxiety disorder to the nth degree. I ended up taking about 10 one night in an amnesiac state. I did not know this till three days later and I could not figure out why my anxiety/depression was out of control for three days. It was absolutely brutal and relentless. I discovered that I took the 10 pills three days into this intense anxiety. I was terrified but relieved that this was the reason. I checked into the hospital for 4 days for detox and monitoring. I am lucky I have good insurance. Once the ambien worked out of my system, the anxiety/depressive state dissipated greatly. I am 10 days off it and I will never take this poison again. This is how it affects me and I will never out myself in this position again. However, if it works for you than all is good, but as far as how it affects my chemistry, it is poisonous. Glad to be off it. M 41 4 weeks
10-15mgs 1X D

 1  Insomnia Hallucinations, amnesia The drug made me sleep, however, I do not remember anything after taking the drug or for the next 10+ hours. I awoke after 7 hours, showered, drove, went to work, etc.; however, I don't remember most of it. My husband said I was up for hours talking and hallucinating. Next day at work, I couldn't function so I left for home. I came home and passed out waking up to sleep paralysis (unable to fully awaken or move, but I could hear and see things around me). Worst experience ever! F 41 2 days

 1  Chronic Insomnia Was all fun and games for Sanofi-Aventis until the lawsuits, right? NOTICE--- No more advertising since early 2000s. No more TV markekting. I commented on this site 5 years ago which was the year I broke my addiction to this toxic poison. It is a memory eraser, a powerfully addictive substance, and a life breaker. Your "primary care physician" will never you tell you that. He is every incentive (monetary and suppressed evidence) to hide it from you. Read -every- page below this one, proceed at your own peril. 5 years CLEAN AND FREE off this disgustingly over prescribed danger pill. M 41 4 years
10mg 1X D
 1  Years of Insomnia I have tried quite a few sleep aids over the past 25 years due to Insomnia. I took a 10mg Ambien at 9pm. It is now 2:30 in the morning & besides making me a little light headed,, it had absolutely no effect at all. Was looking forward to a good sleep & instead, hugely disappointment. F 41 1 days
 1  insomnia This drug has progressed in the severity of my side effects. My first amnesia/blackout occurred when I didn't go to bed right away (No one told me I should) and apparently my husband found me eating a chocolate cake my daughter had made with both hands. When I woke up the next morning the cake looked like the dogs had gotten to it. I asked my husband what happened and even after he told me I could not "pull it" from my memory at all. Since then there have been times when I have driven, bought online or infommercial items, had sex with my husband, etc. with no recollection whatsoever and most recently I find that I have surfing sex sites has become an issue (At least I think so...dreams/reality are blurred) It's very scary to me and utterly embarrassing. THIS IS NOT ME! I have gone periods of time without taking it but then I go back because I am so exhausted but my short term memory is gone and I have to get me back. F 41 3 years

 5  Difficulty sleeping First time, the stuff donkey-punched me. I took it while surfing the net. Woke up in the chair, still dressed. Slept great! Another time, began to type silly stuff on the computer. Remembered while typing, the computer keys would rise up to meet my fingers. I could see behind the letters on the screen. The Earth is angry because oil is her blood and we are draining her. Thats why we have earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. She's very angry. Made sense at the time.... When I take it now, I make sure that I'm in bed. Worked very well putting me to sleep and awakening refreshed. I'm not a recreational drug user so these side effects were very strange for me. I don't take it unless I really need it. M 40

 5  Insomnia Sleep Great Med! Tolerance will develop very rapidly, suggest using it sparingly.(1-2 days week max) The strange stuff only seems to happen when I take too much. Taking too much also makes me want to stay up and enjoy the cool buzzed feeling, so I fight the sleepiness. Too much being the entire 10mg pill at once. These days I just cut it in half, take 5mg, and I am out in 10 mins. M 40 1 years
5mg 2X W

 5  insomnia M 40 3 years

 5  insomnia amnesia, loss of inhibitions, crazy things. Three times now I have been at my computer after taking it, and discovered in the morning that I emailed strangers and propositioned them, wrote gibberish or absurd things to friends and family, and someone sent me a text of a online chat I'd had where I said utterly insane things. I never remember any of these things in the morning, and only find the evidence in my email out box, or find out from what people tell me later. It works really well for sleep. I take it, sleep soundly for 4 hours, then wake up completely refreshed. But if something happens to wake me up during those 4 hours, like my daughter crying or my wife wakes me, then I am confused, disoriented, and likely to discover in the morning that I did/said crazy things. M 40 2 years

 5  Long time Insomnia Hallucinations, memory loss, dizziness If taken appropriately, Ambien is a godsend. I had really really bad insomnia caused by stress and taking Adderall. When I first started taking it, my insomnia was so bad that I had literally been sleeping only a couple of hours a night for months. Then my doctor prescribed me 10mg. I took it and my husband 'babysat' me because I was afraid of the side effects. After I had taken it a while, we realized that nothing bad or weird was going to happen so we relaxed the 'babysitting'. A couple of times I took it and didnt go to sleep right away, and ended up having sex with my husband and I had some reallly freaky hallucinations. I have to say they were very pleasant. One time, I had an argument with my husband and I ended up driving off in my car. He didnt realize I had taken it and didnt realize the danger. I got into a crash with a mailbox and a basketball hoop, but miraculously made it home without killing myself. If you are going to take it, make sure you hide your car keys F 40 15 months
 5  insomnia none wears off too quickly F 40 1 years

 5  insomnia forgetfulness M 40 90 days

 5  anxiety induced insomnia All of the sensational ones: sleep baking, sleep sex, sleep shopping. BUT THEN I did the RESPONSIBLE thing and only took it once I was in bed and after notifying my ENTIRE family (yes., kids, too) so I was safe from doing anything odd or dangerous. It is a GODSEND. Fully rested in the am and feel like a new person. I am convinced it has kept me from sliding into a full depression. It works on 3 levels for me: 1. My body gets rest so I can 'fight' for another day. 2. My brain heals. 3. I can endure a difficult day knowing I can take the pill and go to sleep. I consider it a miracle cure for preventing a full blown depression. Wish I had it available to me years ago...could have changed my life. F 40 90 days

 5  FMS/CMP, Insomnia absolutely none, just sleep! Until my hysterectomy, I never knew this drug existed. My gyn gave this to me for one month after, then dx'd with FMS/CMP, it was decided that I would be on it for long term therapy. It has saved my life. 10mg nightly. It gives you sleep, and when you have been up each night of your life while others do that sleep thing..it is a relief. Ambien is a safe medication for chronic insomnia, especially when other afflictions are involved. The key is a doc who is not paranoid about it!! F 40 1 days
 5  Insomnia Occasional hallucinations I get a very rested sleep with no hangover! F 40 5 years

 5  insomnia due to pain they don't last for a full night sleep but I usually get 5 hours. F 40 2 years

 4  Insomnia, nightmares, back/leg pain Took Ambien 10mg for 4 years. Took Ambien CR 10mg for 6 months. I always dedicated 8 hrs to sleep, and NEVER drank alcohol. The ambien worked fabulous for sleep. Could sleep through the pain and the nightmares took on a less frightening quality. Negative side affects;definitely amnesia, exhausted during the day, mood swings, trouble concentrating. Doing things I would never do while not taking this med. Emailing, writing messages, phone calls that I don't remember making. This is after I would wake up after falling asleep. Complete inhibition. Sex with my husband that I do not remember. Raunchy sex that made my husband happy, but really started making my self esteem suffer. I felt too drugged to argue. I wish I were joking as I think back to all the things that happened when I took this medication. When switching to the CR, thinking perhaps the increased dose would help me stay asleep, therefore not wake up and do all this stuff (which didn't happen...woke up anyway), aft I always took Ambien as directed, and didn't drink. I think as an occasional help to sleep, this would be ok, but not chronic like I took it as prescribed by my pain management doctor. I have now quit taking all Ambien as of 2 weeks ago, and the withdrawal was agony. Horrid night sweats, day chills, hallucinating, night terrors (thought my kids and cat were dead one night), anxiety through the roof. Now into the 2nd week of detoxing, starting to feel better, and my hair is starting to show signs of regrowth after taking mass vitamin supplements and scalp massage. I've also since, gotten a divorce. Sometimes it takes an odd situation to show the worst in a person, and my husband knew the Ambien was making me a different person, and he verbally and admittedly took advantage of that. Scary, scary medication! F 40 4 years

 4  insomnia from back/neck pain Learned quickly to disable all methods of communication prior to taking it. Turn off the phone, hide the car keys, turn off the computer, lock the doors and put away my money and GO TO BED. I woke up in front of the TV one morning in my t-shirt and panties surrounded by Wal-Mart bags, my purse open and $300 gone. Did I just shop nearly nude? No. I had given my son money and a Christms list with no memory of having done this. I have had lengthy telephone conversations with no ideo what was said (probably loving-love everybody on this stuff). I have obligated myself to events I can't physically fulfill due to my chronic pain condition, but I felt good at the time I was called upon because I had just taken my ambien. I clean my house around 3 a.m. as it relieves my pain, but pain is much worse the next day. I just bought a bunch of dresses on E-Bay that aren't my size. TAKE THIS MED AND GO TO BED or better yet GO TO BED AND TAKE THIS MED. The round lavendar pills worked really well for me, but then began to cause increased pain. There was another one that was a skinny white oblong pill that made me ill-very ill. I just tried the brand that has the 54-553 imprint on a round whtie pill and I am feeling nothing-no drowsiness & no crazy feeling.... well except feeling like I wasted my money and will be up all night. Don't take this during the daytime and don't drink with it either. Be responsible. I wish the CR wasn't so expensive because it worked better for sleep, but the kick of la la land leading to sleep wasn't there with the CR. Ambien does spice up the love life for women. F 40 3 years

 4  sleep aid memory loss after the first ten to fifteen minutes... and significant withrawal pains a few days to a week later. a gut wrenching twist i would not wish on anyone. agree with those that say to use caution. do not use alcohol while taking this drug! and go to bed immediately after taking it or you won't know what you did or said... hiding the phone is a really good idea too. M 40 3 days

 4  insomnia Mild side effects like lightheadness, lethargic the next morning, some confusion and sillyness. Only had a bad reaction once; my wife found me wandering around the backyard at 2am, nude, eating oatmeal cookies. I know, it makes no sense to me either. Had no idea how or why i was out there. M 40 3 months
 4  insomnia Blurred vision, slurred speach, groggy the following day, mild lightheadedness the following day. Memory loss. Have noticed bruises and cuts the following day. My wife says i walk into furniture without flinching. The first 2 nights i was asleep within 20 minutes with some just some slurred speach and a little loopiness. The third night i was found wandering in the backyard, nude, eating oatmeal cookies. Take it maybe once or twice every other week. I will wake up in another room wearing different clothing than what i fell alseep in, or wearing nothing at all. It does work, but, it messes me up somewhat. Woke one morning in the backseat of my car. Lucky i can never find my keys. M 40
 4  Insomnia Initially slight motor control problems. With continued use, commiting acts or saying things and having the memory of such erased. I have had conversations, made phone calls, changed passwords to financial accounts and have no memory of any kind of these events. I have also purchased things online and until the strange packages would arrive, I had no idea anything was coming. I also have mild halucinations when on my computer. The windows move around and the words change size and grow and move. Being an inteligent and educated person I simply stop and turn off the computer knowing fully well it was the drug. I have spoken with other Ambien users who also have similar symptoms. One person is having some marital issues and when on Ambien he tells his spouse things she is not supposed to know. He has even told her things that in fact NEVER really happened. Another goes online and gambles and buys things and has NO memory of this at all. M 40 3 months
 4  Insomnia Side effects for me have been very minor. The only real problmes are lack of concentration or memory loss. Get up walk across the room and forget why, kinda memory loss. Constantly. The other, if after taking it my wife wants to get romantic, right in the middle of it all, it's like some one injected me with saltpeter. Doesn't matter how long it's been or how excited I am, Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I have found it to be hit or miss. I started on 5 mg but that didn't do much, so now I'm on 10 mg. About 2 years now. Some times I take it, it's like "Insta Drunk" 15 minutes later. Time to stagger down the hall and go to bed. Other times, I have no effects at all and get up to take another one an hour or so later. like now, it's 4:00 a.m. M 40 2 years

 4  rare insomnia, back to sleep aid sometimes a little foggy in the morning. Maybe one second of weakness in my arm. Much more likely to cry the next day. Increased sexual interest the next day. Existential musings. Well rested. I've taken a totaly of about 30 ambien tablets over the last year (not ambien CR). Never two nights in a row. Usually I'll split them in half. Recently, my daughter woke me up in the middle of the night - it took me a little longer to respond, but I recall the incident & was coherent. I always take it as I'm getting into bed. My doctor gave me no warnings about this drug, though. I will think carefully before taking any more. I wonder what is worse, driving the morning after taking ambien, or driving on 3 hours sleep. F 40 30 days

 4  sleep disorder, sleep apnea (Using Ambien CR) no side effects to speak of. only getting about 5 hrs sleep a night with it. Effectiveness seems to wear off with continued use. M 40 3 months

 4  insomnia very drowsy in the morning. Takes me at least 3 hours to wake up. I do not take drugs or drink alcohol. I take 50 mg seroqeul along with ambien to sleep at night. I can't take ambien alone anymore it doesn't seem to work all night like it used to. I am addicted to it and have tried to go cut down or wean myself off but I get rebound insomnia so have to take it. I take it every night. I have seen posts on here where some of you take it 3 times a week. How do you sleep the other 4 days out of the week. I want your secrets...LOL. F 40 9 months
10 mg 1X D
 4  sleep disorder I would give it a 5 if it wasn't for the hallucination like things I experienced a few times. Else than that I had no side effects at all, but if I took them for several nights on a row, I got rebound nightmares one night after stopping the med. These days I get much worse "side effects" and cannot take it, I start feeling feverish and bad. I didn't feel that at all the first 7 years I took it now and then, so I think I developed an allergy. Ambien is the best sleep med I've tried and I tried almost all of them. Nothing is as good when it comes to put me to sleep, and in a nice way. However, the med is activating, so sometimes (I have depression too), it lifted my depression and then I didn't want to sleep. The really bad things don't happen to MOST people, however is is quite common to have some episodes of experience altered states or hallucination like things. It can be a great med, but of course when you start taking it, it doesn't hurt to be on some kind of watch. Doctors should always inform about this so you can make arrangements so you cannot leave the house "asleep". F 40 7 years
5-10 mg 1X AN

 3  Insomnia In the past I found out that I was sending crazy texts and IM's to people. I've also called people. So...I would take he phones, and laptop, out of my room. I had also had and episode where I scared the hell out of a guy I was dating when he stayed over, and he said I went crazy. I was upset with him before I took the Ambien. I kinda remember crying (maybe a little), but he said I was crying uncontrollably, and yelling. I had no memory of all that he said. Lastly...I took one last week and was freaked out when I realized that I had given myself an injection while asleep. I found a bent needle on my night stand, and cotton balls (as well as alcohol pads) in my bed. That night I thought about doing it, but decided since it was late to wait until the morning. There was a long gap before I took that last dosage. Instead of already being in the bed when I took it, my last memory was standing in front of my dresser looking in the mirror. Right now...I'm not sure if my being already being in bed would of made a difference. Just before I took the Ambien I was thinking about the fact that I had already missed and injection. F 40
10mg 1X AN
 3  dr.orders not sleeping M 40 75 days

 3  Insomnia Binge eating, sleep walking, truth serum like effect (confessed what all the Christmas gifts were to my daughter)...its a hypnotic, someone can ask you anything and you have no power to resist telling all. It does help you sleep though, I've been most successful w/ambien when I take it WHILE IN BED, lights out, tv off - no distractions whatsoever...then its off to la la land, otherwise - watch out. Woo hoo, what a ride. I see Ambien fairies all the time on this stuff...and I do the midnight binge pretty regularly - good Lord I can consume food on this. I've also redecorated the living room, walked the dog, called people and professed undying love...all without any recollection of it. Please please have a family member hide the car keys - you will appear normal and lucid to them when you want to do a 1 am Taco Bell run. F 40 1 years

 3  Sleep aid Tiredness the next day Ambien works very well as a sleep aid, however, I felt tired the next day. I would probably take it again, but I don't like being tired during the day..it defeats the whole point of using a sleep aid to get a good night's sleep. M 40 60 days

 3  sleeping lack of focus after taking for three years. Memory loss and have to take increased dosage or mix with zanex to work. F 40 3 years

 3  yes hallucinations F 40 8 months

 2  insomnia/migraine headaches immediately after taking it: amnesia, very drugged feeling, loss of inhibitions; next day: intense feelings of violent anger, extreme daytime fatigue; slide into depression; feeling of being addicted to it My neurologist prescribed Ambien without a second thought and completely dismissed my questions about side effects and addiction possibilities. I believe this drug is a ticking time bomb and major lawsuits will begin, after which it will get pulled from the market. It is extremely powerful, and occurrence side effects on container do not appear to be anywhere near true occurrence, based on anecdotal and personal evidence. F 40 3 months

 1  Insomnia Girlfriend would get up, drive to McDonalds, buy food, drive home and eat it, then go to bed. The next day, she had no memory at all of doing any of it. Got in a one-car accident that totaled the car one night driving home from one of these McDonalds-on-Ambien runs. The next day, she thought her car had been stolen. It turns out the cops came, towed away the car and drove her home with her McDonalds food. She woke finding the inexplicable food and no car. She had no memory whatsoever of the accident or even getting out of bed. The cop told her later that she seemed coherent, but "tired." For this drug to actually be sold, the "fix" must be in at the FDA. M 40 30 days

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