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 5  depression Hypergydrose, tremor, low blood pressure, hypo-salivation. This antidepressant only helped me. M 34 1 years

 4  Sexual disorder Very bad constipation F 63 30 years
25mg 1X D
 4  OCD Acid reflux When I first started Anafranil, I started with one a day, and slowly increased to where I am now-- 4 a day. I initially didn't feel any difference until week 4 and it has seriously helped me. I get this "acid reflux" like feeling after I take them. I try to eat a little something before I take it, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. F 22 6 weeks
25mg 4X D

 2  Depression Panic Disorder Felt this weird sensation like I had a weight sitting on top of my head. Not beneficial for me but I understand it will improve OCD symptoms quite well. Watch out for blood disorder side effects M 50 9 days
25 MG 1X D
 5  OCD anxiety depression Nil except a little drowsiness first couple of days I am stunned at how effective this is for me. I am taking it in conjunction with Quetiapine. I have taken many other antidepressants but nothing has touched the anxiety which feeds the OCD until I started this. In one week my stomach has completely unknotted, I am stable and happy and my compulsions are coming under control. I could not be more happy so far. F 54 7 days
75mg 1X D

 1  OCD Palpitations, Depression, Increased intrusive thoughts, Agitation, Insomnia Horrible chemical. Had a bad reaction for me. I am glad to be not taking it anymore. Now dealing with horrible withdrawals of not being able to get off the sofa from tiredness and lethargy. F 34 9 days
20mg 1X D

 5  OCD. mood disorder. depression. M 18 1 days

 4  OCD, Depression dry mouth, sedation, spaced out feeling, minor somnolence, rapid heart beat So far, so good. I have been taking this medication since February 24, 2014, starting at 50 mg titrating up to 150 mg. I consider myself lucky because although I have experienced side effects with Anafranil, they have not been major. I take it at night and sleep like a rock. The sedation quality is good because I have been dealing with anxiety along with the OCD. I am able to shrug off my obsessive thoughts more easily, and I am starting to enjoy life again! M 43 5 weeks
150 mg 1X D

 5  ocd, anxiety, depression I first took this medicine in 1992 when I was diagnosed with ocd, anxiety and depression. I felt well and lived a wonderful and productive life but when I became pregnant my psychiatrist told me I had to stop taking it as it was not a "safe enough" drug during pregnancy. After, I tried other anti-depressants but they always stopped working after a number of years. Finally, after having reached rock bottom a month ago, I asked my doctor about anafranil and believe it or not, from the first day I took the small dose of 25 mg, I felt a change in my head. I now am happy, healthy and the intrusive thoughts are almost gone and when they do appear, they disappear so fast and the anxiety associated with them is not there. Yes, there are some side-effects but there are with every medication. I would highly recommend this medication to anyone suffering from these illnesses. M 5 weeks
100 mg
 4  panic attacks, obsessive thoughts Weight gain, tiredness, sedation. M 20 1 years
 5  OCD and Depression Extreme dry eye, short term memory probs CURED the OCD I have had since I was 8! Helping depression as well. Better sex drive. More creative. Much happier. I have schizoaffective disorder as well, and controlling the OCD is lessening my psychosis. F 35 5 weeks
50-75 1X D

 5  OCD Loss of interest in sex, inorgasmia, impotence Lifesaver for keeping OCD at bay, also stops my insomnia and allows me to wake up at a normal time without feeling groggy all day which I cannot do otherwise. Great feeling of being at peace. M 31 15 years
100mg 1X D

 3  OCD Depression Shortness of breath, dizziness, constipation, sweating I want so badly to love this medication as I have given it almost a year. It has minimized obsessive thoughts and made me calmer. The dizziness, constipation and sweating were ok with me but this shortness of breath is a deal-breaker. My doctor loves this medication and keeps insisting that it is my anxiety and not the drug. As each day passes, I am becoming more and more convinced, my shortness of breath is from Anafranil. I believe it is a matter of time before I will be discontinuing it. M 43 10 months
75-150mg 1X D
 5  Severe OCD; Depression; Anxiety Side Effects: Fatigue; Constipation; Good sleep; Good sex M 17 10 months
150 mg

 5   M 53 1 days

 4  Excessive/Racing Thoughts/Stress Erectile Dysfunction, tremor(Hand Shaking) this is very good medicines for racing/excessive/speedy thoughts and good for insomnia(anxiety) with 75mg to 100mg--1hs M 34 1 days
75mg 1X D
 3  OCD Depression Shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheaded. My doctor swears by this results of this drug. I have stayed on it for longer than I would have liked because of my doctors' influence. If i wasn't experiencing shortness of breath regularly, I would be willing to continue it. M 43 5 months
100-125mg 1X D
 4  depression, anxiety Sleep disturbance - early morning awakenings, sweating, nervousness, abdominal warmth/tension My mood and energy are much better. In terms of nervousness that I would feel sometimes on Anafranil, what helped was to take it with a good amount of food. Once I got the digestive side effects handled, my agitation was gone. so it seems like my brain was reacting to the stomach problems. Taking it with food at bedtime also helped my sleep. I have experienced significant weight loss - at first because of the stomach issues, but also my urge to overeat has gone down because I feel better mentally. Happy to recommend this drug but the first few weeks are likely to be a tough adjustment for most people. M 31 8 days
10 mg 1X D

 5  panic disorder, anxiety, dread Dizziness, lower sex drive, inability to orgasm, dullness. M 19 6 weeks
 5  OCD Dry Mouth F 41
275 1X D

 1  OCD-DEPRESSION-PANIC ATTACKS Hallucinations ( visual-auditory and tactile ), insomnia, extreme hot flashes and sweating,very dry mouth, weight gain. After taking Anafranil for only 4 days, I immediately noticed that my depression was getting better, but my OCD got a lot worse and Icouldn't sleep. I would see shadows running on the floor like rats, seeing people that had twisted bodies, dogs etc...hearing people talking about me saying that I had to slap people and if I didn't do it, they would bite me or scratch me. I basically developed all the symptoms of schizophrenia. I didn't do anything right away because I just thought it was real and accepted it. Then people at work noticed and told me that I was staring at things and talking alone. I called my psychiatrist and he immidiately discontinued the treatment, even if it helped my depression. I am now taking Effexor XR 75 mg/day and it is working great ! M 32 2 months
75 MG 1X D
 3  ocd constipation , bloating,muscle pains,breast enlargment,diffuculy urination,fatigue and in high doses dry mouth and excessive sweating to me it doesnt work in high doses and made ocd symptoms more severe be careful with the dose very low doses may benifit you and higher make ocd severe.talk with your doctor.i used to take it in 150 mg but after many years i take fluoxetine and low doses of anafranil. M 30 10 years
18,75 mg 1X D
 4  OCD/Anxiety Dry Mouth, Difficulty Urinating,Body pain (went away after the first couple months) However exhaustion increased over time along with chest pain/pressure and blood pressure problems. The most effective drug I've ever taken. My OCD felt under control for the first time in 10 years; I felt stable and happy. The side effects were unpleasant but I was willing to undergo anything. However by month 6 I was so exhausted and my heart was so stressed I had to discontinue the meds. Very strong chemical. By day 3 off Anafranil I am back to my old mental state, no control. F 21 6 months
50MG 1X D

 2  Trichotillomania/OCD dry mouth, spasmodic motions of neck head and hands, orgasmic yawning, extreme weight loss (16 pounds) Anafranil has not worked for me at all. I still pull everyday. As far as side effects, I'm also taking several other medications for ADD/ADHD, so they might not all be valid. However, the spasmodic movements were definitely a result of anafranil; and the movements are SO annoying. I highly recommend not taking it, however everybodys body chemistry is different F 15 6 weeks
50 mg 1X D

 5  OCD, Depression Dry mouth, constipation F 60 10 years
100mg ?

 2  OCD I was started on 50MG and was supposed to titrate up to 150MG by week 3. I am still on the 50MG because these side effects wont go away. • Reduced mental focus • Confusion • Zoned out or auto pilot feeling • Lack of visual focus especially in far sighted vision • Dizziness • Increased forgetfulness • Reduced limb sensibility especially in hands • Reduced sex drive • Inability to get or maintain erection • Unable to ejaculate Although I did get the results listed below I would not recommend this drug. • Reduced Irritability • Slight ability to control “obsessive” or “fearful” thoughts during compulsive behavior. • Slight ability to control minor compulsive behaviors. M 26 17 days
50MG 1X D
 5  Severe Depression and Anxiety Dry mouth, constipation, nightmares, sweating, muscle pain, yawing, fatigue, hypersomnolence A miracle drug for depression and anxiety when 8 other antidepressants failed. F 42 9 months
100mg 1X D
 4  Depression, anxiety Acid reflux, hard to orgasm, severe sweating (head only), tiredness Clomipramine (as it's called here in the UK) has really helped me. It has made me the person I want to be and really helped me face life again. I found I was suffering more acid reflux after taking them so I started to take them at lunchtime with food. The sweating is a problem but not a 'deal breaker' and I take much, much longer to orgasm and when I do it feels somehow different (not bad, just different) so I see why these are prescribed for premature ejaculation. The side effects are OK and I would strongly recommend this medication M 39 8 months
100mg 1X D
 4  OCD Lethargic, Nauseous I'm already feeling a great effect, even though it hasn't even reached full strength in my body yet. The only bad thing is that I'm very drowsy, and I can't aim a ball as well as I could before. M 14 17 days
25mg 1X D

 5  OCD Dry mouth, weight gain, excessive sweating (head), harder to orgasm I was diagnosed with OCD at 13 - hand washing, checking, intrusive thoughts. This drug made my OCD completely disappear. Yes the side effects are not great, but they are not the end of the world. When I had OCD I could not function normally at all, all my time was taken up with my obsessions, I can function normally with these side effects. I have tried coming off the drug many times in the last 13 years but when I do, I get very emotional and depressed and my intrusive thoughts come back. I would recommend this drug to anyone with OCD, the dull headaches and tiredness do go with time, just keep taking it regularly and they will disappear. The side effects I have sited above, however do not seem to disappear. F 26 13 years
75mg 1X D

 2  Anxiety Awful. It reduced to a degree my anxiety, but also reduced any motivation I had. Had very painful abdominal reflux ( pain 9/10), which pain killers reduced to 7/10, hot burning stomach acid, burping and trapped wind. Belly felt solid like SEVERE colic. Due to long half life, endured this for two days! I would not try this drug again. If I had to I would only take 10mg and stock up with lots of pain relief and antacids. F 50 1 days
25mg 1X O
 3  OCD it has helped but I have noticed an increase in low back pain and pain in the joints of my hands. The pain is worse in the mornings and as the day progresses improves. Other than that its good. F 53 1 years
25 1X D

 4  OCD, Anxiety & Aggression Constantly having dry mouth, confusion, increased urination, feeling tired most of the time, loss of apetiate sometimes would be light headed, headaches it did help me in the OCD matter, I would say about 60% its gone. regarding agression I would say I still have it and currently taking Xanx for such problems.. This drug is good and bad at the same time, for higher doses I won't suggest it because I was on 150 MG per day and made my life a living hell for 10 days had severe constipation, sweeting, excesive urination, feeling tired all the time and of course lower sex drive!! is it worth it to go for high doses ..NO. M 27 4 months
50 MG 1X D

 5  pure O, anxiety, intrusive thoughts at first tired! then just one day i woke up feeling great. sweating!!! id wash dishes and be pouring in sweat! but that side effect is gone away. anafranil literally saved my life!! i had sever derealization after smoking weed one time!! lasted for 2 and a half years before i finally decided to get help. i am so glad i did!! i never thought my life would be "normal" again but after 2 months on anafranil it is!! im happy again, im going places, i am not afraid of panic attacks or anxiety when i go into wal mart!! im taking my kids to the park again!! as my oldest says, mommy your better!! F 32 3 months
150mgs 1X D

 1  ocd dry mouth,constipation,priapism,weight gain,sleeping too much,mania,heart attack,agitation horrible drug. do not take this chemical. M 30 2 years
150 mg 1X D

 3  Severe depression, anxiety Rapid weight gain, doped up feeling, insomnia at night, sleepiness during the day (even when taken at night), no sex drive, etc. It seemed to lift my depression, but am considering getting off of it due to the weight gain. :( F 30 2 weeks
150mg 1X D

 3  OCD, depression Frequent urination, sleepiness, headaches, thirst, strange euphoria, increased hunger. I REALLY wanted to like this drug and to stay on it. I mean, it made me so happy and carefree. But I had the worst headache on it, my mouth was bone dry, and even if I wasn't drinking water, I had to pee every 20 minutes for some reason. I also gained 10 pounds because it made me ravenous! It did help with OCD a lot, but it just wasn't worth it. F 21 21 days
50 mg 1X D

 2  Anxiety and Depression Dry mouth, severe constipation (successfully treated with 20mg lactulose daily) and extreme difficulty reaching orgasm (even through masturbation; and if I managed, I would experience a strong headache for hours afterwards). I've tried SSRIs, SNRIs, tricyclics, Aurorix, Avanza, etc. Efexor is the only one that's worked (though only temporarily). I had high hopes after reading the positive experiences of others here. Sadly, I observed no benefit after being on 75mg for four weeks and I was not prepared to go higher due to the side effects. I'm weening myself off clomipramine and have just commenced Valdoxan. M 34 4 weeks
75mg 1X D

 5  OCD, depression, fibromyalgia At first many such as anorgasmia and weight gain and sweating profusely but these have to be lived with sometimes for weeks because it is such an old medication. The good news is that with time these subside and adding 30 min of cardio 4 times per week can really help with the weight as well as the depression. Old medicines sometimes work better than newer ones M 37 5 years
225 mg 1X D

 5  anxiety panic bad constipation, sleepiness, hungry feeling, dry mouth, dizziness upon standing. Shut down the panic. But side effects and using Phillips all the time made me change. Took six weeks to finally tolerate the side effects to a limited degree M 52 3 years
75 1X D

 5  depression/anxity after the first week no side effects remain worked like magic was very happy with it. M 32 4 months
50mg 1X D

 1  OCD Anxiety, dry mouth, constipation, zombie-like, emotionally numb, personality changes, suicidal, cutting I was introduced to anafranil in 1990 by Dr. Jenike at the OCD Clinic at Mass General Hospital. I had a history of panic disorder from the time I was 10 and it manifested into OCD when I was 25. Approximately 5 hours after taking my very first dose which was probably 50 MG, I went into one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life and had to be taken to the hospital. Anyone with pre-existing anxiety disorder should be aware that anti-depressants can trigger extreme panic attacks! Be sure to take your xanax or klonpin when taking anafranil. After 4 years (not consecutive as I became pregnant and stopped all meds during that 9 months), I couldn't bear not having the desire to play my musical instruments or do art any more. I felt like a zombie most of the time. Looking back, there is so much that I cannot remember from 1990 - 1995. I do recall cutting myself (the scars are still there on the back of my arm) and threatening suicide in front of my parents. Anafranil may have stopped me from doing a lot of the obsessive rituals, but it also ruined my kids' and my life. I was introduced to zoloft in 1995 and that actually worked amazingly well for the OCD without all the horrible side effects of anafranil. I've been med-free and I'd say about 95% OCD-free since 2004. F 45 5 years
100 MG 1X D
 3  ocd,anxiety,depression sweating,sleepiness,insomnia,dry mouth, M 38 9 weeks
100mg 1X D

 4  racing thoughts and anxiety So far I have had dizziness and very sleepy during the day After taking the 1st dose, my racing thoughts had disappeared. I haven't had to take my antianxiety medicine for a week now!!!! I can't wait for the beginning side effects to go away, I feel better than I have in 4 years!!!! F 34 7 days
.25mg 1X D

 5  OCD None-minor constipation M 45
25 1X D

 4  OCD,PSTD,DEPRESSION,ANXIETY constipation, dry mouth, sleepy, extreme thirst, heart burn, acid reflux rampant thoughts have left, ocd still there when i get extremely agitated, but the racing obsessive thoughts are tamed, i can't believe how quiet my head is. Depression and suicidal thoughts, still lurk in the shadows. F 34 3 months

 5  OCD Side-effects as to be expected from a TCA: dry mouth, little sedation (got less after weeks), obstipation and ... no orgasm anymore Life-safer. First time I visited a psychiatrist I was diagnose as bipolar disordered because I decribed my thoughts as "racing" and got a terrible acathisia on SSRI's which he thought to be hypomaniac symptoms. Took me 8 years to get rid of that diagnosis. I'll save you that story. Anafranil made the violent, sexual thoughts, the continuous doubt and need to position things "right" and the need to "confess" so much less. Adding a little risperdal (0.5 mg) made things even better! Symptoms are 60% less and I can have a professional life again! Damn that anorgasmia though ... but it is worth it. I actually don't really understand why TCA have this bad reputation; I personally find them even to be better tolerated than the SSRI's, that for sure. M 32 6 months
 5  Depression/OCD/Social Anxiety Constipation and slight dry mouth. Higher sex drive which is not usual in anti depressants. Works GREAT for OCD and Depression. Also helps a bit with anxiety! I went on this drug about 18 months months ago and my life completley turned around. I felt like I needed a break from it a few months ago so came off it. I was feeling fine for about 6 weeks then all of my symptoms came back, especially severe depression. I have gone back on it now and realised I need this medication at this point in my life. I have to put up with the side effects because this is the only drug I have had that has been effective. F 22 18 months

 5  depression weight gain, sleepiness It changed my life, now I´m a happy person again. It is the best medicine by far. M 31 5 years


 5  OCD/depression constipation, weird dreams, difficulty losing weight I rather be overweight and happy than thin and miserable. Really helped with both depression and obsessive thoughts, F 56 2 years

 1  OCD phobias and panic disorder I wanted to revise my previous comments.I took this for almost 3 months and got worse on it,manic,racing thoughts,shaking,worsening of my OCD and anxiety.This durg worked for me for 6 years,but doesnt anymore.I pray I never have to take another antidepressant of any kind,they have all be horrible.I will stick to my Ativan and my therapy,but most of all will stop this madness on my own.Hope you all have better results than I did this time around. F 44 90 days

 2  Anxiety, OCD, Panic Attacks Terrible nausea, zero energy, and extremely sleepy, Zombie-Like state, very dry mouth. I have tried to go on this drug twice without success due to the bad side effects. I was only on it twice for 2 days each but could not handle the horrible feelings. May work for some but not for me. I even had to special order this drug since it is not readily available at most pharmacies. M 63 4 days

 4  Social Anxiety & Paranoia Sweating more (head),dry mouth,sudden movements of hands when sleeping,lower sex drive & Weight Gain Has helped me quite a bit through anxiety M 44 2 years

 5  OCD Anxiety Disorder I took this drug over 10 years ago for 6 years.It saved my life.I have had horrible phobias since I was 5.It took all of that away.I stopped due to the incredible weight gain and profuse sweating.Now I find myself in really bad shape from phobias again and have gone back on it.The side effects I have now are in the morning, dry mouth,slight dizziness,shaking/tremors,hot flushes all over my body.Im on 25 mgs now and am going to bump up to 50 soon.It has already helped some and I've only been on it 2 weeks.If you can get past the side effects,it is the most effective drug for OCD. Does anyone else have excessive thirst or bad taste in their mouth from this? F 44 2 weeks
 5  BPD; depression; ocd spontaneous, tic like, random movement of my muscles (extremities); "busy mind" when I sleep - wake up feeling refreshed but not enough sleep (like I will wake after just a couple hrs of sleep); agitation in the manner of nervousness/restlessness, not anger like agitation. Of all the meds I have ever taken for depression this one seems to help me the most, but now after 1 1/2 months I am starting to get side effects F 46 7 weeks
 1  Depression, Anxiety ,Panic attacks Paranoia, Dizziness, Did not sleep Head ache, Lack of hunger, Heart feels like its beating wrong, Jittery, equilibrium is off Horrible feeling F 23 2 days
 5  Depression/Anxiety Sweating, weight gain (about 20 lbs) other than that none really. I have tried all SSRI's and this so far is the best. I take 100-150 mg per day. I was surprised because alot of the pharmacies don't even carry it anymore. Helped my anxiety, obsessive thoughts, which in turn eased my depression. I would highly recommend it. F 55 7 months

 5  Depression/Anxiety/Depersonalizatio None as yet I have tried Aropax/Zoloft/Luvox/Clonoazepam/Xanax and more recently Cymbalta - most of these with valium, as needed to varying degrees. The side effects of these drugs as well as there inefficacy has led me to try Anafranil - Having only been on this drug for about a week i have felt much better! Less distracted and able to concentrate on uni, and the people i care about. M 6 days

 5  OCD/disturbing reoccurring thoughts Constipation, Sleep ALOT, no orgasm, black out when stand up too fast LOVE it. I've been having awful thoughts for many years and I had no idea that anything could stop them. Anafranil has saved my life. I no longer go to sleep fearful, so far, so good. F 21 1 months

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