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 3  degenerative disc disease Takes 12 hours to work, then only works for 24 hours. Maybe if there were a higher dose it would work better. Works good when it actually works, but 72hrs..NO WAY! F 30 1 months
 5  degenerated disc's Minor itching morning after applying. Occasional night sweats, I think related to time of applying. Never had one remain usable for more than 48 hrs. But, I have a somewhat normal life now, & side effects would have to get much, much worse for me to switch from them. Best pain management I've had, & while I'm not pain free, I am able to lead a functional, productive life, & not spend my days back and forth from sofa to bed trying to find a comfortable position. And, I don't get the "addict" looks from the chemist that came with other chronic pain medication. M 39 3 years

 4  Multiple S, Spinalstenosis cerv/lum Very little other than it not working pasr 50hours at any strenght. Requires Breakthrough meds if used for long term or dose is not changed. M 34 5 years
 5  Spinalstenosos,multiple bad discs None I have a life now, F 60 4 years

 5  Herniated disc Flushed face, burning at patch site. The patch has given me pain relief like no other long acting medicine. I've been on OxyContin and MS Contin, fentanyl has worked the best relieving my pain. F 39 1 months

 1  Back pain following back surgery I was prescribed a 50mgs Fentanyl patch. I had placed my first Fentanyl patch on my back on Friday, July 12, 2013 and placed my second patch on a different area of my back on Monday, July 15, 2013. The first 3 days of usage caused me to become very tired and to have much increased pain, not only in my lower back, (sacroiliac area), but, also in my shoulders, neck and upper back. Additionally, I developed severe constipation. (At the time of this writing, Wednesday, July 17, 2013 shortly after midnight, I have not had a bowel movement for four days, despite having used stool softeners). My second patch resulted in my falling asleep at my computer; sleeping with my head on my computer (laptop) from 7:45am to 6:30pm, Tuesday, July 16, 2013 and waking up with acute edema and excruciating pain. I kept waking up and then nodding off, (with my head falling onto my laptop). I became unconscious, disoriented to time, and incoherent. I was, as well, off-balanced and exceptionally woozy! A friend stopped over just when I needed for someone to help me. His coming over was incredibly fortuitous. He had a very difficult time waking me, with my continuing to nod off with my head lying on my computer. He left after both us believed that I was fully conscious. I wasn't. I kept nodding off, repeatedly, finding myself with an unlit cigarette in my hand. I, in time, woke up enough to be able to call my insurance company's 24-Hour "Call a Nurse". We agreed that I needed to call my pain management doctor. He was reached by his answering service. The answering service relayed information from my pain management doctor to me. I was informed to, immediately, remove the patch. I did so. I, at this time, (almost 12:30am, Wednesday, July 17, 2013), am becoming more alert and oriented. I still am having pain; but, the severity is decreasing. I remain very tired and shall, soon, go to bed. This is PRECISELY what happened for me when I was in a SNF and had been prescribed a 50mg Fentanyl patch. The poor nurse who found me in an unconscious state was very frightened telling me, a day later, that I could have died. The insurance company RN told me the same thing and said that I was very lucky to have had my friend come over at the time that he did. I call him, "my angel". Maybe he really is! I have got to inform every doctor with whom I am presently working, (and all future doctors), that I simply cannot take any opiate/opioid medication. Phew! SCARY! F 61 6 days
1X O
 3  Chronic pain from disc fractures Has helped but have horrendous brain fog. Tiredness which is threatening my job security. I had to choose this drug, morphine continuous release,, or methadone for my pain relief after major mess in Florida. I was taking oxycodone & perfectly fine, but had to change to one of 3 I mentioned. This drug saved me from oxycodone withdrawals, but now I am forever it's prisoner. Only use for short time of possible. My pain is controlled. My life is ruined. This is 30x stronger than morphine. M 49 2 years
 3  Multiple disintegrated discs/stenos Initial extreme weight loss. Lost 65lbs & gained back 50lbs @ 8th month. Brought on shingles. Rashes on & off after shingles. M 49 2 years
 5  I have chronic RA and vonwilliebran I have suffer with chronic pain since I was little girl due to my RA but my RA got worst know since I got pregnact so my doc put me on the duragesic patch which it has make my life easier, tho I'm concern in many ways me being pregnact and afraid that my baby may come out addicted to it, 2nd not able to sleep sometimes and getting a lot of sweats F 26 3 months
 5  Spinal Cord Tumor & chronic pain Loss of appetite. Patch for 72 hours only works 48 hours for me. F 57 4 years
100 mcg

 5  Shattered femur-chronic pain I have had no side effects. F 45 2 years
 5  severe pain disorder after a mva dry mouth, suppressed appetite and nausea side effects are totally worth it. F 41 2 months
37mg 1X D

 5  spinal fractures, and sciatica The only side effects I noticed were dry mouth, and loss of appetite. The loss of appetite was the worst, but, well worth it for the superior pain control I received without feeling foggy, or high. A LIFE SAVER, AND CHANGER! F 31 2 years

 5  Fractured spine - burst L4 Reduced appetite, occasional insomnia upon initial application, reduced effectiveness upon day 3 of patch life After a 35 foot/5 storey fall upon concrete, I smashed myself up pretty badly and was initially given IV morphine while in hospital (1 month) and then Oxycontin the first 3 months of my 6 month stay at a rehab' centre before moving onto Duragesic 50 mcg, which was a MASSIVE improvement by the 2nd day..best thing the Doc's ever did for me!! I could never expect life to be perfect after smashing myself so terribly but Duragesic is FAR better than any other analgesic I've tried. Over time, I've progressed to 75, and recently 100 mcg as one of the discs has worsened and more pain relief has been required but no increase in side effects!! M 38 3.5 years
100 1X D
 5  Generalized internal chronic RSD Nausea, vomiting, tiredness I tried over 60 various medications to control the intense chronic pain caused by my generalized internal chronic RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). Only strong extended release narcotic painkillers work for me. The one that works best for me is Duragesic (brand name fentanyl patches made by Janssen Pharmaceutica). Generic fentanyl patches do not work as well for me, if at all, and cause me much worse side effects. I can say without the shadow of a doubt that Duragesic patches gave me back my life, that is, they gave me a life worth being called a life. Thanks to the Duragesic patches, I can now work. I can also do the activities I enjoy most: sky diving, horseback riding (especially circus type), water skiing, rock climbing, mountain hiking, etc. I can never thank Janssen Pharmaceutica enough for making these wonderful fentanyl patches. The only negative point is the very high cost of the patches, for patients whose medical insurance will not cover fentanyl patches and for uninsured patients. F 37 9 years
125 mcg 1X O
 4  Lupus pain, Fibromyalgia Reduced appetite, sweating, mild nausea I use the generic, mylan brand fentanyl patch. I prefer this to the duragesic patch which gave me some skin irritation. Mylan sticks better and does not irritate my skin. I am so glad for this long lasting patch that gives me continuous relief for several days. I prefer it to popping oxicodone every few hours. Other pain meds caused way more ups and downs and fatigue than the patch. I feel almost normal, pain is not gone, but much reduced. Without this, its was excruciating. I can lead an active life as opposed to being bedridden with pain. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. Fortunately my insurance has been covering the cost. I would give it 5 stars if sweating wasn't an issue and if it didn't cost so much, and if it was easier to get off of. Once you start this drug, it is extremely hard to get off of because the withdrawals are so severe. So I try to stay on the lowest dose I can tolerate. F 53 8 years
175mcg 1X O
 4  Failed back surgeries I also am suffering from severe nerve pain and have been given methadone for that. Duragesic is the only medication that works for me and I like it due in part to a past addiction to codeine. With a patch and the fear of ODing on Duragesic it is the best method for me. I change patches every 48hrs and I have now been on the 75mgc for so long on the second day I am feeling withdrawal symptoms of constant tiredness. M 59 7 years
75mg 1X D
 4  Severe back/leg pain,failed surgery Severe skin irritation (scaring) when used below the belly button/pelvis area. Withdrawl symptoms on the 3rd day)-flu like feeling (not everytime). I was in an auto accident almost 4yrs ago and have had severe back and leg pain ever since. I have had 5 back surgeries-laminectomy (failed), spinal chord stimulator implanted, battery changed, stimulator removed and a spinal fusion/stabalization. Nothing has worked!!! I have of course tried every narcotic and non-narcotic pain med out there! I started the duragesic patch about a year ago and I think it does take the edge off the pain and it doesn't make me feel "loopy". F 34 1 years
200mcg 1X O
 4  Failed fusion M 34 14 days
25 1X D

 5  Complex Regional Pain Syndrome dry mouth, occasional withdrawal symptoms, fatigue, constipation, initial skin rashes on application site Has the potential to move you from constant intense pain and hopelessness to managed pain levels that are livable. I don't know if it is possible to get to a zero level of pain with it, perhaps because I am resistant to take more than I do. The patches do not last for 3 days for me. I take them every 2 days and try to alternate changing (sets of) patches so that I change one or more patches each day. This means: at a dose of 200 ug/h, use 100 patches. Put on patch A - 100 on day 1; put on B - 100 on day 2. On day 3 replace A with a new patch C - 100. This keeps the dosage more consistent. At 175 it works fine with A-75 and B-100, etc. Variation of temperature can cause withdrawal symptoms for me, which is frustrating. The initial skin irritation was addressed by spraying a corticosteroid inhaler on the skin in the application area, then letting it dry before applying the patch, for the first several months of use. Dental issues are a problem for long-term use, as is constipation. F 34 6 years
125-225 1X O

 5  Broken back. spinal cysts, CPS Skin irritation (esp. w/ new SANDOZ patches), constipation, occasional mood swings, occasional nausea, slight "loopy" sensation rarely The SANDOZ branded fentanyl patches are now made by ALBA (a division of Johnson & Johnson), and as of March 2009 (the copyright date on the packaging), stopped using a gel reservoir with a porous membrane covering the reservoir in its high-dose patches (by 2010, SANDOZ eliminated gel reservoirs in ALL of its fentanyl patches). Instead, SANDOZ (like competitor Mylan) uses a matrix of Fentanyl in strands that melt with body heat. The matrix is covered with polyacrylate adhesive and backed with a VERY thin polyester/ethyl vinyl acetate covering My body does not react well to these new patches; I get nausea (not uncommon; some studies show that up to 10% of people on ANY high-dose narcotics will develop nausea during product use) and my skin gets so irritated I can watch it pinken through the semi-opaque covering. Pain doc is attempting to reduce my overall fentanyl usage (thus, adding a box of 50 mcg/h in with the regular 75 mcg/h to facilitate switching from high to low). I'm still having great success w/ the patch, though--nothing keeps pain at bay like it. F 47 3 years
50-75 mcg 1X O
 5  severe fibromyalgia, rheumatoid art constipation, sweating, weight gain-I take 100 mg every three days. Take tylenol, ibuprofen for breakthrough, it's not that bad. Gave me a life back. Battled pain from severe fibromyalgia, rheumaoid arthritis, 3 herniated discs, lups-I had just about had it with doctors and medications prescribed. I was in so much pain, my quality of life was nil. This gave me my life back, yes, with a few changes, but all I could handle. I did end up having all my teeth extracted and was told the patch was a factor in that but hey, I got dentures and all is well. If you take this drug as directed it is a life save. If you mess with it, it can kill you. A F 59 4 years
100 mg 1X O
 4  Back pain, rib cage nerve damage Slightly spacey feeling on 100mcg patch,but just about cut all my pain. Cut back to 75mcg and I think clearly now but some pain has returned. I was on morphine sulfate for a couple of years, total of 90mg a day. This did little to help, made me a little nauseous. Doc switch me to duragesic patch starting at 50 mcg for 6 days then to 100mcg. The 100mcg along with 15mg morphine sulfate for break through pain. This got rid of 80% of pain and did not even need morphine. Two weeks ago I cut back to 75mcg patch, I could not think clearly. Ok on 75mcg although I'm getting about 50% reduction in pain. M 59 3 months
1X O

 5  Chronic pain from nerve damage A little tiredness and I have noticed my memory is not as sharp as it was sometimes-these side effects are NOTHING compared to other narcotic meds I have tried through the yrs and I have tried them all!! This medicine has been a miracle for me and I am amazed that it is not prescribed more often for people who have severe and chronic pain. It is so amazing not to deal w/ the constant withdrawal/ups and downs of oxycontin,vicodin,and other more commonly presribed meds. Morphine gave me terrible migraines and restless legs as it would wear off and it made me sooo tired. These patches give a steady stream of med. that if used properly,prevent you from ever having to deal with all that agony. It also gives me better pain relief than any other med w/o any real side effects besides a little memory issue which could have more to do w/ my insomnia which is unrelated to this med.I have also only had to up my dose once in 4 yrs and that was because my condition worsened not because the drug became less effective. So, talk to your dr. if you have chronic pain....people who have died or od'ed from Fentanyl have misused it - people don't die from using it correctly. F 46 4 years
50mg 1X O

 2  nerve damage, bulging disc,multi patch crinckles and tried to peel off..fixed that...a little sleepy first day.....no effects at all now, 69 hours later. I have had lumbar epidural's, physical therapy,tenz unit and more for severe muscle spasms in back, severe pain in right leg for 8 months after minor surgery. Been on Loritab 10 mg x4, Lyrica,75mg x3 Demerol 50 mg x4, Norco 10mg x 4,and now Percedan 4.35x6 and tinazidine 4mg x9 and now the 25mg patch. So far its only been 72 hours but I feel 0 relief from the patch. It's on my forarm and I keep it in place with bandages in an X over the patch. I am hoping my doctor will bump me up to 50mg tomorrow....I am sooooo sick of the pain. My quality of life sucks. I was working full time and walking 3 miles a day before this happened. It was supposed to be a simple surgery and back to work the next day.....that was in August 09. Do the 50's work without doping you up? I have a 10yr old to take care of. As for that person drinking the medicine...good luck and God be with you cause one of these times you are not gonna come out of it. This stuff is no game. Can anyone tell me what happens if I change the patch a few hours shy of 72 hours? F 44 3 days
25 mcg 1X O
 5  chronic pain, spinal tumors mild constipation, skin irritation from patch adhesive, mood swings This medication is a lifesaver, literally. I was ready to commit suicide because I could not stop the pain I was having from tumors on my spine and severe fibromyalgia. I was first given it after a car accident, and within an hour after the patch was put on, I felt something I hadn't felt in YEARS: Pain-Free. It's not a perfect drug--it does cause constipation, the adhesive is a skin irritant, and my moods tend to swing up as the medicine gets absorbed and down as the dose runs out--and if you stop taking it suddenly, you WILL go into opiate withdrawal, no question. But if you're a chronic pain sufferer who can't get relief no matter how many high-dose narcotic pills you take, ask your doctor about the fentanyl 3-day patch (the generic name for Duragesic). One patch can change your life...at least, it did for me. F 47 2 years
50 mcg 1X O
 5  Fibro, herniated discs, neuralgias mild constipation, skin irritation with Duragesic brand when worn above waist This medicine literally saved my life. Before it I was in such severe, constant pain that I was actually seriously considering suicide. I had zero quality of life. This medication allowed me to be functional again and although I am far from being pain-free, my quality of life is pretty good. I am on disability but am able to have a life now. I would highly recommend this medication to anyone with long-term, severe chronic pain not getting relief from other pain meds. I change my patch every 48 hours because on the third day it seemed like the drug was wearing off and I was needing lots of breakthrough pain meds. (Many Medicare Part D plans pay for up to 15 or 16 patches a month so ask your insurance carrier if you have the same issue). I am now on minimal breakthrough pain meds. I have been at the same dose for 6 1/2 years and have been able to avoid increasing the dosage by using alternative therapies along with the patch. I have found that the Mylan brand, being a smaller patch, causes less skin irritation than Duragesic, especially when worn on the very lower back/top of buttock area where less pulling occurs with movement. Although the manufacturer tells you that you should wear it above the waist, this is only because they only studied it there, but I had no decrease in effectiveness wearing it on my lower back or upper buttock area. The patches also stay on much better for me there, with no need for tape or overlays. F 34 7 years
75 mcg 1X O
 1  Disc and nerve pain Tried this drug as was in horrendous pain and was stepping down from morphine following flare up with back apin and nerve pain. Vivid nasty nightmares, couldn't sleep, was then tired in the day, felt really sick. Slowly dropped dose to discontinus as couldn't tolerate side effects any longer and felt tearful and suicidal, was so depressed could hardly function. Tokk 2 attempts to stop this drug. It doesn't suit everyone and I am one of those !!! F 35 3 weeks

 5  spinal pain I forgot to add something on my previous post. I use the Mylan patches. Get "Tegaderm" covers. Nothing can get these off with the Tegaderm. It works 100% in holding them on and intact. 100 showers and they wouldn't come off. F 62 2 months
 5  C6- C7 T1 spine pain some nausea when first changing and putting on new patches. This has also been a literal lifesaver for me. I also was about at the stage of suicide from intractable pain, ( back, and chest ) for 5 months. If you can imagine how horrible and disconserting it is to have chest pain 24/7 for months, and literally not be able to do for yourself. Oral opiates just were awful, made me sick, didn't last, or just didn't work. At first I was very leery of starting the patch, ( I am an RN ) but it got to a point where I was desperate for relief. Best thing I ever did. It gave me back my life. I have also just had my second cervical epidural with some relief but not enough, unfortunately. F 62 2 months
 4  DDD, L5, perm nerve dmg in one leg Nausea, constipation, tiredness I have been on 50 mcg for at least 5 yrs. Without it I'd be on disability. Drug enables me to work and have a life most of the time. Some patch change days I am very nauseous to the point of having to stay in bed all day. Next day I'm fine. I have 5 mg oxycodone for breakthrough but seldom use. Also taking Lyrica, helps w/ the nerve pain in the leg & arm but gained too much weight! I lost weight on Duragesic. The Mylan generic is best, the name brand or the other generic increase the nausea. I can swim, but have to watch exposure to sun & heat or too much medicine will be released @ one time. This medicine made me able to walk on my own w/o using a cane constantly. (Bc of nerve dmg in leg/foot still have to look down & walk carefully). All in all a good drug, if one must be on an opioid. F 50 5 years

 5  Severe spinal pain after car crash Addictive. Constipation. Difficulty reading (weird eye strain feeling). Mild insomnia. Get help with the withdrawal when/if you discontinue use. Except for the withdrawal issues all the side effects while using were totally manageable. This drug was a miracle for me. After a bad car accident I tried to avoid spine surgery for 3 years. The patch was life saving for me. My pain was so bad I was suicidal and none of the "traditional" painkillers worked for me. I had to change the patch after 48 hours -- I could not go for 3 days as it would wear off too quickly and the third day was agony. Tell your doctor if you think this is happening to you. When I did finally stop using the patch I went off cold turkey, on my own, and I do not recommend that. The withdrawal was awful and like torture so I highly recommend asking for your doctor's help. The best part about the Duragesic patch was that it doesn't make you feel high. You can function and think and have emotions, etc... And at the correct dose, it will take away your pain to a manageable level. I'm very petite and could never tolerate more than 50 mcg so I needed to take other meds for break through pain -- but so what? The patch, while I needed it, gave me back my life. F 34 3 years

 2  Chronic Pain L4-5 surgery, DDD, OA Somewhat severe constipation. Anxiousness that at a higher dose became unbearable. Uneven release of the drug from the patch. I've been on this drug two different times. The first time we went up to 75mg and that is where I experienced the horrible anxiety. The second time, a different MD due to a temporary move, prescribed it incorrectly and I finally asked him to take me off of it. At that time I found that the generic patch stayed on better and the drug released more evenly. I never, either time, could go three days with one patch, always only two. I also found that certain conditions such as warmer weather, physical exertion, caused the drug to release faster. Like most of this type of drug you really should decrease slowly but I found it difficult to go from 25mg to nothing without feeling quite sick. The first time I was on this drug was for 9 months. The second time was less than 2 months. The second time the MD incorrectly prescribed it along with MS Contin and as he increased it I had depressed breathing and heavy sleepiness and I KNEW something was very wrong. F 51 2 times

 2  L5-S1 spondylolisthesis,thor scoli Did not work when used as substitute for methadone when doc went out of town and ER RXed 10.0 patch in place + my normal breakthru meds. would have began withdrawing from methadone if i hadn't had a few extra to take every day to barely prevent withdrawl til doctor returned eight days later. i am writing here to ask long time users about this drug. has anyone been on methadone and switched to the patch? what mg of methadone were they on and what mg of duragesic did they switch to? what brand? i have spoken to another friend on the patch and she tried methadone and found it much more efficient at relieving pain. my doctor did not even mention the duragesic patch as an option for pain relieve and when i commented on it, he said that it is very addictive since the mdication is in your blood at all times. my other question is about side effects. when switch from pills such as methadone, oxy, or morphine, how does the patch compare to constipation and upset stomach? i have been on pills for many years and my digestive track is a mess, my disabiliy is permanent, so im hoping to find treatment that is easier on the guts. please, anyone with any information, please contact me at pekinghouse_972@hotmail.com. I also have a degree in biological psychology and studied psychone F 27 1 weeks
 1  Chronic abdominal pain After 6 surgeries and many pain meds, I ended up on Fentanyl Patch. 75mcg/hr down to 12.5mcg all had horrible side effects - on me. I missed weeks of my life, seizures, possible unconscious at times, slurred speech, unable to walk, constantly falling and getting hurt/cut, unable to sit-up at times, stayed awake for 2-3 days then slept for same, very vivid dreams/nightmares, and even severe cigarette burns everywhere (including on my body) which I dont remember. Not even after all my surgeries was I given Fentanyl. Being a "widower" and living alone, I do not feel that this drug is safe, at least for me, to use without having someone around. For me and my body it was just a horrible, horrible drug and I will never use it again unless it is in the hospital under the direct supervision of a physician and/or nurse to monitor me! M 45 8 months
 5  Disc pain and rotatory scoliosis None that I've noticed. I used it a few years ago when I was obese, and it made me sleep a lot. But now it doesn't. I used it years ago and started again recently. I believe this is the best long-acting pain reliever that exists. It was one of three options offered to me: Morphine, Oxycontin or Fentanyl. I tried the first two and didn't like them. Fentanyl is wonderful. There's no "high" like oxycontin. No side-effects like morphine. My breakthrough pain med use has gone down remarkably. I have to change patches every 48 hours, as the 72 hour schedule didn't give me enough pain relief or consistent relief. ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO LET YOU TRY THIS. It is WONDERFUL! However, when you go off it you may have to use the Suboxone program. I did years ago and it worked to get me off the 75 mcg. dose I was on at the time. I'm only on 25 mcg now, but I weigh half as much as I did then so I figure that's why less works now. M 4 years

 4  Fibromyalgia Constipation, insomnia on first day of applying patch Duragesic has been a God send for me. I was on Lorcet 10/650 4x a day and Ultram 50 4x a day, but it caused a lot of stomach upset and wore off too soon and it seemed I was constantly popping pills. With Duragesic I get constant pain relief. I've been on 50mcg for 4 years. There is no 'high' feeling, just relief from my chronic pain for 3 days without having to worry about having pills with me at all times. I do occasionally still get breakthrough pain(usually on the 3rd day) which I take Ultram 50 up to 4x a day to help control. I take a fiber supplement to help control the constipation, which works as long as I am consistant in taking it. I tried the generic patches for a couple months but they only lasted 2 days for me. The first day I felt 'high' on them, then, not much pain relief and sort of a'withdrawal feeling' on the 3rd day. So I went back to the brand, this medicine has given me more freedom in my daily life; I don't know how I ever existed without it. F 34 4 days

 5  HepC related Perip. Neuropathy none! I don't even have withdrawal syndrome anymore I am on 4 100mcg patches every three days. I used to take MEGA doses of morphine (6000mgs +). I had edema in my legs, I lost my cough reflex and got double pneumonia, I collapsed one day and almost didn't wake up due to CNS collapse. I suffered supremely coming off all that morphine, but I would do it again in a heart beat. I am aware of my surroundings again, I can remember going to the movies with my wife, I can do little things around the house. I have my life back! thanks to Patches and suckers. M 56 8 years
 3  pain none F 63 15 days

 2  Spinal Disorders Sweating, Nervousness, Anxiety I started on the 12 mcg patch a month ago and cannot tolerate it. I think it can be helpful to a great many people but I am very hypersensitive to meds. The biggest complaint I have was the non stop sweating which was supposed to abate and didn't. I also absorbed it very quickly so by the 72 hour mark I was in withdrawals. I did try to go to 48 hours but it knocked me for a loop. And the most pain relief I had was probably for one MAYBE two days. I just don't see the point of cycling like this and STILL having to take BT meds. 51 1 months

 1  MS TERRIBLE SWEATING! The slightest activity caused me to sweat completley through my clothing. SO embarassing! I had trouble getting the patch to stick with all the sweating. Itching occured underneath the patch. Without the feeling that pain meds give, I never felt that it was working. Even at a high dosage. F 31 8 months

 5  DDD Spine collapsing 3X Surg/fusion First month diff slow breathing, but give it time. You get use to it and no longer notice these issues. Mild sleeplessness. Euphoric when tired. Black-outs when sleep deprived. Standing-sitting-driving. Its like sleep walking. Only if I have no had even near adequate sleep. WOW! What a life changing drug. Tried every other narcotic on the market for years ending with oxycontin 80mg. I was gagging taking so many pills. Though the patches must be used at 2 day intervals. 3 is just an uphill battle fighting to get it back under control. Most will need Tegaderm or overlay from Jannsen. Takes a month or two to get used to but when you get at the right dose you can live virtually pain free. Don't come off it and don't run out by abusing them. Major withdrawl, near seizure-like on high doses. I am on 400mcg every 48hrs and have not seen anyone here even close. Read that the highest you can go was 300. Wrong! Had Dr tell me he had people on 600. I could easily go that high now after 7 years. I was in a wheelchair and could not stand straight upright. I have my life back. Driving, housework, standing on concrete floors. You name it. I can go 90% of the day pain free with Actiq as a breakthru. Had some issues with surgery anesthesia. I seem to F 40 7 years
 3  severe hip pain due to OA extreme sleepiness, severe nausea/vomiting at higher dose. I started on the 25 mcg patch for severe hip pain (I am getting hip replacement in June '08) and found it worked fairly well but I still needed 6-8 percocets (5mg) daily for BT pain. My doctor put me up to the 37.5 mcg patch (adding a 12.5 mcg to my 25 mcg) and within 30 hrs after application I developed a searing headache and intractable vomiting. I pulled thepatches off and started over the next day with the 25mcg. I tried the 37.5 two times, approximately 3 weeks apart, and had this same horrible result. Even with the 25mcg, I am so stoned when I sit down to relax that my eyes cross and I nod out. I can't read a book or watch tv b/c of this. Very annoying! I am seeing my PM doctor this week and will tell him I really can't take the 37.5 patch b/c of the N/V, and even wonder about the 25mcg making me impaired in general (I work in health care). I also have to say that the patch in general scares the bejeesus out of me - I worry I will go to bed and not wake up from the darn thing mis F 49 2 months

 1  Crohn's Disease Goose bumps, chills, large pupils,nausea, high blood pressure. basically all of the symptoms of withdrawl from opiates... I do not understand these effects but they are real. Happened both times that I used this drug. M 30 2 days

 2  Surgical Abortion Taken with Versed... I'm not sure which caused this, but my skin is over sensitive now, half of the time numb to the touch, the other half of the time everything touching my skin anywhere on my body feels like sandpaper. Chills, goosebumps, heat-aggrivated...And it's been over 30 hours since my procedure. My docrot told me it was my hormone level. Bull Shit. F 20 1 days
 4  Crohn's Disease / Degenerative Disc Weight Loss (20lbs in 4 months) Wears off in 2 1/2 days This is the best thing I have been on so far. Have taken just about every pain med out there. Was on Avinzia (time released morphine) before this and it was like taking baby aspiran. Have Crohns / Degenerative Disc Disease / 4 Herniated Discs / Osteoperosis and I'm only 45. This has made life much easier than taken a dozen pills a day. With the Avinzia I was still taking 3 Percocet a day with it. Now I only take maybe 1 5/500 Vicoden a day, usually in the evening after work to give me a boost. Some days I don't take any. Now using 75 mcg patch. Started on 25mcg for a week and it did nothing. Then 50mcg for a month and now on 75mcg for the past 2 months. Only problem is it starts to weart off sometimes after 2 1/2 days and that starts the withdrawal symptoms. Restless legs and arms and chills. Take zanaflex and vicodene to help. Sometimes change the patch 8 hrs early. Have been trying to time it out by changing the patch every 66hrs. That way I only run out 1 day ahead o M 45 4 months

 5  chronic back problems None I love this. Have major SI joint dysfunction, and without this patch, I wouldn't be able to stand or sit, let alone walk. F 51 6 months
 5  L-4,L-5 herniated degenerated discs Any strenuious activity I sweat terribly,stomach distension,flatulance and mood swings. On the 2nd day of three is my best day,the third day Im exhausted. Constipation is chronic and Im a vegatarian.Best of all Opoids ever had in 17 years. As a user of Duragesic 7.5 mcg for more than 6 years,It has totally changed my life for the better. I get Bioclisive Patchs to adhere over the Duragesic so theres no problem for adhedion. I havent gone to the pool since the patch but use a treadmill instead,the problem is mainly this drug makes me sweat terribly and Im fit.Generic sucks. M 49 6 years
 5  Rectal neuropathy, crohn's disease drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness when doing lifting or any work. great pain relaiver with out the narcotic drowsiness feeling of peaks and half life's and lows of taking pills for analgesic pain relife. Duragesic is pure pain killer 24-7 and for the 8 years i have added years to my life from /apap/tylenol toxicity that i was geting with other pain killers not to mention its 80X stronger than morphine what a medicine. M 27 8 years
 5  Rectal neuropathy, crohn's disease drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness when doing lifting or any work. great pain relaiver with out the narcotic drowsiness feeling of peaks and half life's and lows of taking pills for analgesic pain relife. Duragesic is pure pain killer 24-7 and for the 8 years i have added years to my life from /apap/tylenol toxicity that i was geting with other pain killers not to mention its 80X stronger than morphine what a medicine. M 27 8 years
 4  psoriatic Arthritis constipation For people having problems with the patch not sticking. Place patch on left and right of Sternum. Men and some women should shave this area if needed. Now here comes the part you might find weird. Clean the area with windex and let dry. I've never had one to fall off using this method. 2 years
 5  fibromyalgia herniated discs redness at patch site I use 25mg works well for continuous relief. I have tried alot of other meds and none of them would work. i was suicidal with the fibro pain and this has helped me greatly F 38 4 weeks

 2  Herniated Disk L4-L5 Constipation; Fatigue; irritability My mood swings are horrible. I got pregnant and my doctor told me that it was safe to continue to use this drug while being pregnant. Well my irritability was so bad that I would have SEVERE screaming episodes where I'd get so mad at whoever happened to be in the room. I'd get to the point where I couldn't even breathe. I ended up losing our baby at 18 wks pregnant because of it. I couldn't just stop taking the drug b/c of withdrawls and I had NO control over my anger. I am still on the drug and I still have so much anger. I get so mad so easily and just scream and yell. I've never been like this before. The 3rd day is usually the worse while on this drug. The doctor really won't give me any advice on what to do. Does anyone else have this problem? If so please email me at ddifrancesco@huxcomm.net F 36 6 months
 1  Broken vertebrae, degenerative back Extremely tired, kept falling asleep anytime I relaxed. Fell asleep at the wheel for a few seconds, fell asleep at stop lights waiting for them to change. Had to up the dosage becasue of withdrawal. Be aware of this drug. I had been on the duragesic patch 25mcg (had to move up to 50mcg) for 2 and a half years along with Actiq suckers. I also changed this patch every 48 hours or the 3rd day was not good. This stuff will get you so addicted you will think you can never get off of it. It took three and a half months for me to work my way of this stuff by slowly dosing down. It was three and a half months of hell which I spent in my bedroom. Thank God I got off of it because when I switched insurance company's they just cut me off even with the doctor recommending I had to have it. I told them I was on it for two and a half years and just couldn't quit because of withdrawal. They told me "Oh well, just go to the hospital if you start withdrawal". Three month later, after many phone calls and paper work, they approved the drug for me. Thanks alot United Health Care. Fortunately I had enough to carry me through the withdrawal stage. My doctor gave me oxycodone to u F 57 3 years

 4  fibromyalgia F 30 1 days

 2  (5) failed Shoulder surgeries Constipation and nausia. Initially provided 48 hours of pain control. Stopped providing Pain control after 3 weeks. Seems to have lost its effectivness with me. Using the 50s M 56 2 months
 3  Bone spurs C45 and herniated discs Works great for the pain 75% of the time. But lose a patch, no adhesive, all kinds of things can go wrong then you're in trouble. I am on the 75 patch every other day. Every third day I cry uncontrollably for about 2 hours then I'm fine. The Mylan brand works much better than the Duragesic or the Sandoz. Sandoz do not stick. You have tape everywhere. I woudld try anything first before resorting to this medication. You are a prisoner to it. Very bad side effects if you try to come off on your own. I wish I had never started. However, if your pain is so bad you can't walk some days then you have to make a decision. It does consistently work well for pain. Make sure on any good days that you are able to save a couple back for an emergency. I had a steroid shot and one got accidentally removed. Once the adhesive was not on there at all and it washed down the shower drain and once it just did not work. My crazy doctor's office told me to take it off and stick it to a piece of paper and get the pharmacy to swap it. What a joke? I was stupid and believed them. So, try to get a few ahead if you can and if you up the dosage save the old ones for these types of emergencies. Always have a backup plan and make your appointments for your return RX a few days before you will actually run out. I prefer the Mylan generic. It works much better is less messy and noticable than the other ones. Sticks better, too. I don't have to use any tape with the Mylan brand. Again, you had better try and have 4 or 5 extra (don't let them expire) on-hand just in case something happens to your patch. You will NOT get another and get very ill if you try t M 45 4 months
 4  pain none It should last longer than three days and it should kick in quicker,I had to deal with some methadone withdrawals til that thing kicked in.Oh well I guess nothings perfect. M 28 3 days

 5  neuropathy Some nausea at first, which gradually disappeared, Constipation, which I treat with stool softeners. Some dizziness when standing up. I have nerve damage in the nerve roots leading from C5-C7 caused by a herniated disk between C3/C4 and multiple stinosis in that same area that was repaired by 6.5 hours of surgery. I also have nerve damage from a stretched brachial plexus branch behind my left shoulder that was caused by the same fall that ruptured the C3/C4 disk. My left ACL joint is compressed causing chronic bursitis as a result of the damaged nerves. I spent 18 months post-surgery trying to treat the pain and inflammation with hydrocodone, steroid shots, Neurontin and Cymbalta. My blood pressure was averaging 160/90 during this period. A cardiology intern mentioned Fentanyl and after trying Neurontin and Cymbalta with terrible side effects, I mentioned it to my GP who agreed that it would be worth a try. My physical functionality is returning and my pain level is now at 1-2 instead of 5-6. This drug has saved my life. I was afraid of the addiction possibilities, so I stopped it for three days to see what would hap M 53 60 days

 1  Back Pain My neighbor just died from a fentanyl overdose. Duragesic leaked pain medication into her overnight and she never woke up. I put a link to a site that is helping to educate people about this problem. I hear it happened in many batches of the fentanyl pain patch. M 33 3 days

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