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 5  heartburn initial headache and minor stomach pains it is very effective but expensive M 63

 1  acid reflux and hh depression,chest pain, hair loss F 41 3 months

 4  intestinal ulcer chest pains/heart palipitations M 60 4 weeks

 5  acid reflux slight headache at first, then none at all I suffered from acid reflux for 15 years or more and tried everything you can imagine, nothing worked- Prilosec has worked curing my acid reflux symptoms 100%! It really has changed my life. M 35 6 months

 5  Gastro-esophageal reflux disease None Suffered from GERD since childhood. Tried several OTC drugs, with no relief. Gastroenterologist prescribed Prilosec approx 7 mos ago. Never again have I experienced a single stomach pain. M 20 7 months

 3  heartburn constipation , headache, wind 58

 4  Acid Reflux Disease Hair Loss. Unfortunately, I'm a lifer. symptonms return when I stop taking my medicine M 37 4 years

 3  L P Reflux After taking Prilosec 2 weeks I started experiencing abdominal pain and diarrhea. At first the stools were tarry and loose. After a week, the stool color was restored but still have diarrhea. M 62 1 months

 4  acid reflux and severe stomach pain Headaches and musculoskeletal pain ... especially within the shoulders Very effective for controlling the pain which was disabling in nature M 22 months
 5  Acid Reflux Severe heartburn. Burning sensation upon lying down. Asthma and hoarseness/sore throat in the morning due to backup of acid. I never believed that I could eat basically anything, particularly a food with any amount of fat content and not think I was going die, prior to finding Prilosec. Tagamet and Pepcid were only pretenders. M 48 2 years

 5  Acid Reflux None Severe heartburn. Burning sensation upon lying down. Asthma and hoarseness/sore throat in the morning due to backup of acid. I never believed that I could eat basically anything, particularly a food with any amount of fat content and not think I was going die, prior to finding Prilosec. Tagamet and Pepcid were only pretenders. M 48 2 years

 1  Reflux Oesophagitus (Acid Reflux) Depression, feeling of being bloated, irritability, Nausea, abdominal cramps, excessive gas, diahrrea, constipation (yeah both, but not at the same time:) ) It worked well at first and I didn't notice the side effects. I thought that the problems I was having were caused by some of the foods I ate and not the drug. Things got worse and I ended up stopping it altogether after reading about its side effects on the web. I now watch what I eat, have lost weight and feel 100% better. It got me over the worst of things and helped but the side efects turned out to be all the things the drug was supposed to treat me for. M 49 7 years
 5  acid reflux none M 40 7 years

 5  Acid Reflux None Wish it would go generic or over the counter F 38

 5  GERD, gastritis Some problems with digestion, possibly inhibited digestion of certain minerals (iron) but that is not certain. I don't know what side effects of long term use are, but the relief from this med is good. I had been on zantac, tagamet, prevacid (also good) and it seemed like each new doc wanted to start anew with a lower dose of drug therapy. Every time in recent years, I have ended back on Prilosec or generic and it is the only one that worked unconditionally. F 31 4 years

 5  Severe Acid Reflux Must take medication for the rest of life. Miss just two days and reflux returns. M 65 15 years
 4  GERD, gastritis no known side effects The over the counter version came out just after the less expensive generic. And hey, surprise, my insurance company stopped covering either prilosec or the generic. Now I have to pay so much more for a drug I need. It kind of stinks if you ask me. F 33 6 years

 5  scaring, reflux, gas. gagging no side effects stopped taking it, dont like anything that warns about liver problems, all symptems returned. 10 mg was all I needed was taking lipitor, and had liver elevated, dont know what was cause. its a jungle out there M 71 2 years

 2  Acid reflux, mucous in throat I'm sure I fall within the 1% who experienced debilitating side-effects with Prilosec, but the cramping and diarrhea I had were as bad as the worst traveller's diarrhea you've ever experienced. Entire days were spent in the bathroom. It was so bad, I was sure I had a parasite, since I couldn't believe that an ostensibly safe and approved over-the-counter drug could make me so sick. My internist actually requested a stool culture to test for a parasite, but there was none. Another tricky aspect of the diarrhea was that it would remit after each episode, and for a couple of days I thought I was over it. But it always returned with a vengeance. Once I stopped the Prilosec, the diarrhea also stopped, although it took 2 or 3 days to get everything out of my system. The good news is that the Prilosec did more to help my acid reflux symptoms than any other drug I'd tried. Unfortunately it's not an option for me to continue on the drug. 50 40 days

 5  Acid Reflux None F 25 2 months

 4  GERD No side effects so far Worked very well after about 4 days; wish it's effects had started immediately. After taking prilosec, I could eat just about anything without problems. GERD symptoms came back just 3 days after stopping prilosec, so I'm going back on it again. F 47 14 days

 3  gerd none M 59 4 years

 5  acid reflux none I have had F 57 2 years

 1  acid reflux from hiatal hernia headaches, back pain, sore ankles, hives on feet, depression, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, chest pain, tingling in left arm I had no problems with Nexium when I took it. But I ran out and I tried to control my disease with diet, but it was not working. Rather than go back to the doctor, which was like pulling teeth to get Nexium, I started on Prilosec OTC, taking it sporadically. I went to the doctor because I was having some strange symptoms and got the full workup and found nothing to do with my heart. Then he suggested I increase my dosage of prilosec to 20 mg 2x a day and things got exponentially worse. Debilitating side effects, including severe depression. Seems to have subsided with stopping the medication, but I will have to keep an eye on my BP to be sure it goes back to normal. F 32 6 months

 5  Hernia and acid reflux None I love Prilosec. Prior to taking Prilosec even water gave me painful heartburn. I had to sleep sitting up and still ended up vomiting many nights. I have used both Prevacid and Prilosec...they are both good medicines. I'm not sure I could live without it I hope it stays on the market. F 57 8 years

 4  acid reflux burning tender irratable bowels with occasional bleeding acid reflux is gone except it feels like it left my throat and went to my rear M 43 2 years

 1  gerd hair loss, half of my hair has fallen out its been going on for 3 years now. Stopped taking losec 1 year ago, does this ever correct itself? F 41

 1  Acid Reflux Stomach discomfort -- not worth the benefits F 35 10 days

 5  GERD None Absolutely no reflux since taking these. Started on 20 mg a day, now I find 10mg controls symptoms fine. F 46 18 months

 4  Acid Reflux at end of day Muscle pain in the neck, arms and upper legs. Loose stools (not to the point of diarrhea, but close at times) and flatulence. My doctor initially had me on samples of Protonix, which worked great, but when I filled my own prescription, the $105 for a 30 day supply seemed pretty excessive, so he switched me to Prilosec OTC as an alternative. Prilosec is working great for the reflux problem, but my neck, arms and upper legs have been very sore since I started using the drug. M 40 14 days

 3  acid reflux vitamin B12 deficiency F 70 5 years

 5  acid reflux none I had to go off this when I was pregnant (it is a class C drug, I believe) and was absolutely miserable! As soon as I was able to take it again, everything was fine almost immediately. F 31 7 years

 2  chronic stomach pain Depression, stiff neck with pain, headaches, profound cramps, nausea, can't focus I started with 10 mg, worked well but when I stopped after 14 days, symptoms return with a vengance. Wait 4 months, same thing. Asked Doctor who said take it all the time, not just 14 days - but I'm afraid. I've tried the 20 mg, but the side effects are too profound for me. I can't find the 10 mg in the stores anymore? M 49 1 years

 2  GERD Nervosity Taking 20 MG once a day just doesn't relieve the reflux. Nexium takes care of the reflux, but causes severe headaches... There's no winning over reflux. M 38 2 years

 2  ulcer/acid sore neck,extremely dry mouth, stomach pains, these didn't help-keep hearing it's a wonder drug.was on 20 mg,switched to zantac and much more severe allergic reaction on that. F 37 2 days

 3  hiatal hyernia and acid reflux i have had swelling, pain and tingling/numbness everywhere and my feet hurt when i first get up in the morning I am going to talk to my doctor about trying a different medicine to see if the side effects go away-----was not sure how to rate it. It totally takes care of my reflux, but i have all these other problems too. F 34 3 years
 4  Dr. prescribed. I seem to itch all over at times, and then it goes away for a while. I will take Prilosec every other day to hopefully stop my itching. Any other ideas would be appreciated from others that had/have this problem. M 52 40 days
 4  bad stomach pain, gerd low energy, initial dizzyness, have to take with food still The only thing that helps F 50 4 months

 4  too much acid in stomach dull headache I have only been taking Prilosec OTC one day but this dull headache appeared after only 6 hrs on this medication. The headache is driving me a little crazy but that awful gnawing and burning sensation in the upper left quadrant of my body has pretty much disappeared. I talked to my pharmacist today and told him my symptoms and that Zantac 150mg was not helping and he suggested Prilosec OTC. Just hope the headache doesn't hang around. F 36 1 days

 5  Chronic GERD Occasional bloating, but not for sure caused by the drug. Life saver. I had been taking Aciphex, but at $145/30 day supply, ugh! I can take Prilosec OTC once every two to three days for complete relief. I read where the only reason they don't want you to take it for more than 14 days, every 4 months, is some long term studies in rats indicated a slightly higher risk of stomach cancer. Well, my GERD is so bad, that I am at high risk for esophogial cancer. Rather have a slightly higher risk of stomach cancer, and complete relief from the GERD symptoms! I do find if I go off it for more than a few days, all symptoms return, so I just take it every two or three days, and probably will for the rest of my life. Great med! F 50 45 days

 5   After one year of taking it everyday I've had some serious side effects like diahrea and stomach pains. M 1 days

 3  Heartburn Still taking. Have taken for four days M 44 4 days

 2  Stomach pain, burning Headache, nausea, SEVERE ANXIETY I was unable to take Prilosec long enough to see if it would work for my stomach problems. It gave me such severe anxiety and nervousness, I could barely function. I was told by my doctor to stop taking it. F 29 2 days

 4  acid reflux I am not sure it's due to Prilosec, but I have gained about 15 pounds since being on it (and I was already overweight beforehand). I no longer have the nausea, but still have heartburn occasionally. Anyone else experience symptoms of weight gain since taking Prilosec (not because you weren't eating before, because I was)? Maybe the lack of stomach acid means the food is not properly digested and so causes weight gain? F 45 11 months

 3  stomach ulcers I get tearful, nearly crying, tense, stressed, pessimistic and frustrated after meals (really) as the medicine is preventing me from making acid. General itching, prickly, sharp burning muscle pains everywhere, uneasy feeling in stomach, diarrhea throughout the day. It certainly helps my ulcers to heal temporarily. I have far less belching now. But I end up back on it after every couple of months; I may need to watch my diet more closely. I have Fibromyalgia and was doing rather well, with only mild general pain until I had to take Prilosec again. F 30 3 days

 1  acid reflux/ulcerated esophougys A horrible headache, blurred vision and dizzieness. I felt like a lab rat, so I stopped taking it. I'd rather suffer from heartburn then feel like an experiment. M 56 2 days

 1  Laryngeal Acid Reflux No side effects, but no relief! I have chronic laryngeal acid reflux which, in addition to causing extreme, unrelenting coughing, puts me at a super high esophageal cancer risk. The treatment for LPR (laryngeal-pharyngeal reflux) is 2 doses of a PP2 inhibitor a day. I was successfully on Nexium, but you can imagine the high cost at 2x a day. I switched to Prilosec when it went over the counter, and was on it for 3 months. My symptoms returned and I couldn't believe it was the Prilosec because my doctor had told me it was the same molecule as Nexium - just the mirror image side of the molecule! (Same doctor also told me people sometimes metabolize Nexium and Priolosec differently). I got really sick and was bed-ridden for a while, then wized up and got a new prescription for Nexium. As soon as I went back on the Nexium, I returned to normal. F 31 2 months

 2  Sore Oseophogus Servere Anxiety, shaking, it was probably the closest to having a bad 3 day acid trip that I will ever have. Had to go to emergency room for sedative shot. Called about 10 pharmacies and 3 doctors to be told this was not a known side effect of Prilosec, but according to other patients on this page, it is. F 37 3 days

 5  GERD and acid reflux It seems that I've lost a lot of the sensation of impending bowel movements until the very last minute, and then I have to run for the bathroom. Not diarrhea but just urgency. I've never had this problem before, and have had several close calls. Prilosec OTC totally controls my acid reflux and GERD symptoms. I've been taking it six months, and my doctor said I should be able to take it for the rest of my life. However, the side effect of decreased bowel control outweighs the benefits (as great as they are), so I have discontinued its use. After one week, the side effects are clearing up, but the acid reflux pain is back with a vengeance. If Prilosec OTC came in a 1/2 strength, that would probably control my acid reflux with less problem "down below", but I don't think it does, and you're advised not to cut the pills in half. What's a girl to do? F 55 6 months

 5  Acid Reflux Couldn't explain sudden onset of migraine-like headaches - taking me out for entire days at a time. Lot's of Ibuprofen (about 600-880mg) was the only thing I could do that helped. But the headache was then dull. I had suspected that this might have been the Prilosec since it's the only systemic thing that has changed in my diet/life. I thought maybe I had a gas leak in the house because the headach was sooo bad. Guess I'll keep using the Prilosec and see if the headaches fade - it's worth the acid control it provides. ALSO noticed that I get hungrier and have gained 10 pounds in two weeks! Wierd. M 42 14 days
 5  Acid reflux dry mouth, thirsty, usually only on the day I take the pill I was having acid reflux mostly at night, usually only when I had eaten within about 2 hours of going to bed, but did have occasional symptoms during the day. Following suggestions found here and elsewhere, I started with 1 20mg per day, then to one every other day, then tried 1 every 3 days. Taking them in the morning, on the 3rd evening, I experienced mild acid reflux at bedtime, so I switched to taking them in the evening, around suppertime. Now on the 3rd day, I have no reflux at all. M 49 3 weeks

 4  Acid Reflux None directly attributable to Prilosec If I miss my Prilosec for more than 2 or 3 days (like forgetting to refill perscription :) the acid reflux returns with a vengance - and will take a couple of days to go away after restarting Prilosec. M 39 11 years

 4  acid reflux It helped the acid reflux but after 5yrs. it caused B12 deficiency and gall bladder removal due to gallstones & necrosis of the bladder. Recommend that anyone with long term usage, have the above checked. It worked very possitivelly for acid reflux. F 72 5 years
 5  GERD, Hiatal hernia Slight occasional headaches; seems to have increased appetite (but is that because I'm not worried about heartburn anymore?). Wow! This is an absolute wonder drug (Prilosec OTC 20mg). Had gotten to the point where I had constant heartburn which was making my life a living hell. I was popping Tums Ex-Strength throughout the day and all night, and sleeping upright. Also was having problems with swallowing because of esophigal scarring (Barrett's Syndrom) from too much acid reflux. Please note that I am not overweight, watch what I eat and work out every day. My doctor suggested Prilosec OTC 20mg and within 5-6 hours my pain completely vanished (unbelievable!). I have also noted that I haven't had any problems with swallowing since I've been on this medication. Only negative side effect has been occasional slight headaches (took a couple of Advil). I'm hoping I will eventually be able to reduce the Prilosec dosage to every other day once my scarring has healed. F 51 7 days
 4  Reflux, Scarring Minor level bowel pressure almost constantly. Irregular and frequent loose bowel movements. Never seem to evacuate completely. Can't tell at times whether I need to pass gas or actually move bowels. Worry about having an inopportune accident. Works very well treating the symtoms. Took two days off and reflux returned. Going back on. Side effects are bothersome, especially the feeling that I gotta go all the time, and not being able to tell the difference between the need to pass gas and move bowels. This is the only side effect I've had. M 48 40 days

 4  gerd I have gained about 20 pounds while on prilosec. I have also experienced tingling and soreness in my left arm and shoulder. It has worked wonders for my heartburn! I'm just not sure if the weight gain is worth it. F 26 1 years

 4  reflux diarhea Took my stomach pains away. Diarhea is mild, so all in all, it's helped me. M 16 1 months

 4  Acid reflux and halitosis Mild to moderate headaches at first, then they decreased in intensity. Found that exercising when the headaches come on makes them go away! I'm taking the OTC 20 mg, thought that the 40 mg prescription would give severe side effects like the 150 mg Zantac did and the prescription Protonix. Have tried Zantac 150mg and 75 mg, Protonix 40 mg. The Zantac 75 mg helped alot and also gave me energy, but the headaches wouldn't go away, but they might have if I would have exercised when they came on, Zantac 75 also made me dizzy.. I couldn't believe the low price of the generic Zantac at Costco, it's less than 3 cents a tablet. Prilosec is about 60 cents a tablet at Costco. M 59 11 days
 3  heartburn, gerd, suspect ulcer Depression, high blood pressure, minor chest pain, anxiety, loose bowels, body pain, weight gain, joint pain, increased more painful headaches, tired, lack of energy, memory loss, eyesight getting worse. Noticed the high BP, eyesight change, bowel change, headaches the most Not sure any of these symptons are caused by the drug, but was doing a search due to recent a high blood pressure test and found similiar side effects listed here. Prilosec is the only new thing I have changed in my diet. I try to eat well, salads, fresh carrot juice, but back slide to pizza or burger at dinnertime. Was drinking Hydrogen peroxide for the pain, which I feel worked better, but I hated the taste. I will go back to it though as I feel it cures the problem. Prilosec, as well as nexium, helped the stomach symptoms, but I feel they are not a cure. I must discontinue to try to lower my BP. Also I noted the headahces listed here as a possible sign of high BP. M 43 12 months
 5  Acid reflux/Acid indigestion This stuff is INCREDIBLE !!! Ilived 24/7 with heartburn (usually accompinied or followed by nasua and vomiting). Life was HELL !!! I was having to resort to a couple of tablespoons of baking soda in water almost every day - Uck !!! This stuff started working the first day even though is said 2 to 3 days before I would notice anything. I won't stop taking it now. My sinuses are very dry but I'm not sure if this is somehow related. Anyone else have this slightly negative effect ? I've tried Tums, Pepcid, and Zantac 75 - this has all of them beat Hands down. M 46 3 months
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