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 3  seasonal allergies Worked very well to open my nasal passages. Mild anxiety at night. Seem to have lost my sense of smell. F 55 6 days
 2  severe seasonal allergies. Shortness of breath, tightness in chest. Educate yourself on the serious side effects of drugs, and listen to your body. F 32 8 days

 1  nasal allergy within hours, extreme weakness, tiredness, nausea, headache. beginning to ease after6 days, but still no appetite I wouldn't give this to my worst enemy. M 78 1 days
220mcg 1X D
 5  Nasal Allergies I had been miserable with coughing and post nasal drip till I could have screamed. Most days I was dragging through my day. I decided to try Nasacort. Wow I can not believe how much better I am. My energy is back and I can breathe! Post nasal drip is 90% better. I feel bad for others who had trouble but I have not thus far. Today instead if laying in bed with fatigue and sinus pressure I went shopping with my cousin. I haven't done that in I can't remember how long. Hope others will have similar experience. :) F 37 7 days

 1  stuffy nose from indoor allergies Just bought the new over the counter version of Nasacort nasal spray. Says it is the same strength as prescription. I have had stuffed up nose every night this winter (dust allergies) and thought I'd try it. First night I had a terrible back ache and foot muscles twitched a little, but could breath easier. By the evening of the second day, my hamstring muscle started twitching crazily for hours. I plan to stop taking Nasacort because my side effects aren't worth a clear nose at night. My muscles are pretty sensitive, so this may not be a problem for you. But reading about the other side effects people are having, I would caution anyone before starting this drug which is now available without prescription! F 50 2 days
1X D

 2  Cedar allergies First completely cleared me up, second day starting getting dizzy and vomited, third-fifth day continued to get more and more dizzy, tired and in a fog. Quit taking sixth day and all side effects started to clear up and within three days back to my normal energetic self. A cleared up nose is not worth all the side effects of nasal cort. M 51 5 days

 1   Severe headaches, Nausea and Coughing. It was so severe that i had to go to the emergency. I underwent blood test, CT Scan and lumbar Puncture (Removing Fluid from the Spinal Cord). They said it was viral infection and it will go out. I believe that the damage it has caused in me was not worth the temporary relief i felt for the first two days. F 27 6 days
1X D
 1  Sinusitis I was put on a very large dose by my Dr. due to a sinus infection. He told me that it would not be absorbed into my system so there were no risks of side effects. I started getting really random sore muscles in my rib cage, back and abdomen. I also had very high anxiety and emotions. Because of these side effects, and because the sinus issues were better, I dropped my dosage down to 2 puffs a day from 8 puffs a day. What resulted has been a very scary steroid withdrawal process. I suddenly lost all muscle strength, painful joints, pins and needles, dizziness, and nausea. The prescribing Dr. and my GP did not believe it could be from coming off of the Nasonex, and ordered me all kinds of tests to rule out a bunch of frightening diseases. WIth no answers, I found myself an endocrinologist who told me that I have classic steroid withdrawal symptoms that can very much happen from intranasal steroids. The withdrawal has taken over my life for a month and I'm still not totally off o This drug is probably fine at the recommended dose, or one puff per nostril per day. If you find yourself having random steroid withdrawal symptoms after you discontinue Nasacort (my first was pins and needles in the feet), your doctor will likely not believe that Nasacort could be the cause. Persevere, and find yourself a smart endocrinologist who knows about these things!! F 36 30 days
4 puffs 2X D
 2  nasal blockage bleeding nose, dizziness, confusion, headache, depression, lack of energy, weakness dangerous M 21 3 weeks
30 4X D
 3  Itchy and blocked nose I have experieinced numbness in my face and now my gums are very sensitive and painful. F 55 10 days
1X D
 1  Blocked ears/sinus Stiff neck, headache, anxiety, depression, irrational thinking, paranoia, muscle spasms, weakness of muscles. Brain fog. DO NOT take this spray. I am so relieved I found this website because after reading other peoples comments I now know I'm not turning into a mental case. The symptoms of taking this spray nearly cost me my marriage, I'm not joking! My personality changed from a happy laid back person into a lunatic! I'd rather have blocked ears...which I still have as it didn't actually work anyway! I followed my doctors advice to the letter and took this medication religiously. After two days I had really bad stiff neck but had no idea it could be due to this spray, I just thought I'd slept in an odd position. This is day one of not taking this medication after weeks of hell... I'm not looking forward to any withdrawal symptoms but they can't be any worse than the horrible side affects that I have experienced! The brain fog was so bad I seem to have lost half of my vocabulary! If you enjoy being a sane and happy person then this is not the medication for you! By the way... NONE of the depression or mental side effects are listed on the leaflet. F 37 7 weeks
220 mg 1X D
 2  Allergies and sinus congestion I have seasonal allergies.I cleaned my apartment and my allergies flared up. I took the generic version of this drug. I had a bad headache before taking it and the drug prolonged it I was laid out for a month thinking I had a virus. With such a bad headache I forgot to take it for a couple of days. My headache nearly disappeared. Took it on the third day and the headache and it's intensity returned within 5 minutes. Additionally, this stuff has really messed up my stomach. Awful diarrhea and burning stomach and intestines. I missed quite a number of days of work while on it. Stomach is still upset. Never used more than directed: one to two sprays in each nostril per day. Two years ago I used the brand name for an entire summer and part of the fall and at that time it was a miracle drug without any side effects. Cleared up all my allergies. I have a feeling I have an issue with the generic or have developed an intolerance to an ingredient both in the brand and the generic. M 34 3 weeks
220/110 1X D

 1  Nasal allergies Gave me a terrible viral infection. The dose was two sprays in each nostril once a day. Got severe headaches and then a viral infection. the infection spread to my lungs and I had to use two different inhalers to treat the ling problems. I've sick for a month and half since taking this drug. M 53 2 days
2 1X D
 1  allergies It took away my sense of smell I contacted the manufacturer.They said this side effect was in the package dosing instructions. IT WAS NOT. Also, it wasnt on the prescription information given to me by the pharmacy. F 43 6 months
16.5gm 2X D
 5  Allergic rhinitis, asthma, allergie Nose bleeds and burning in nostrils. Don't let it go down the throat because it is a steroid and can cause stomach irritation. Just keep sniffing until all of it goes up the nasal cavity. I'm very sensitive to oral steroids, but the other nose sprays just didn't work. OTC sprays have a bad rebound effect. The menthol gels work well to keep things loose if I'm dried out inside my nose. Nasacort does cause recurring nose bleeds. I only take it 1X instead of 2X per day. I also alternate days whenever possible, instead of daily dosing. I go off it completely when the weather is moist and warm. Nasacort AG helps the mucus to soften and drain like normal people who do not have rhinitis. I use Nasacort, guaifenesin pills and cough syrup, nasal gels when it's truly necessary, and vaporizers in the winter when the weather is cold and dry. Calcium lactate from health food stores is also great because it causes involuntary muscles to relax that often cause constriction and asthma attacks. It has a very sedating effect, so I take it at night. No one drug can do it all with me. Except for mild nose bleeds, I have no other side effects with Nasacort AG. F 59 10 years
2 sprays 1X D

 1  allergies/cough at night This drug, after not even using it as much as doctor's recommendations, gave me a perforated septum. I have two holes in my septum which will eventually have to be repaired by major surgery. And this happened in two months. I would NEVER use this drug again and I'm surprised it's still on the market after reading all of the comments. F 61 2 months
2sprays2xd 2X D

 2  allergies sever headaches everyday all day and foggy thinking. also if i used 2 sprays i would have upset stomach F 33 14 days
1X D

 1  sinus infection Sample from Dr, used it once. Throat, or larynx, closed down so I had great difficulty breathing. Thought I would have to call 911 but I did survive. It cleared up my sinus. M 70 1 days
one sniff 1X D

 2  Allergies Worked like a charm - relieved all congestion from my many diagnosed allergies (dust, dander, pollen, etc). But, only after I stopped using due to insurance coverage changes raised the monthly cost to me over 10 times higher, did I discover that it HAD to be the cause of nearly incapacitating anxiety.(Only medication I was taking that I stopped - and my anxiety went away) I noticed in particular that I developed, over the last couple years of Nasacort use, an irrational fear of travel for business trips. I would wake up sweating in the middle of the night, heart racing, stomach in a knot, for weeks before any business trip. Completely irrational, unwarranted and unlike me. Would have never thought that nasal steriods could cause this, and shocked to see it listed by others in this forum. Probably affects a very small fraction of the users, but can be crippling for those. M 58 10 years
1X D

 4  Allergies None that are significant. Is very helpful with the itching of my throat and roof of my mouth F 34
10 2X D

 3  chronic sinus headaches Mild daily headache, weight gain F 55 3 months
1X D

 2  nasal allergies and inflammation This medication worked well for my inflamed sinus passages but made me an emotional mess. I was either irritable or crying about little things that don't normally bother me and I know it was not due to PMS. Emotional side effects were not listed in the patient info. that came in the box. If you are sensitive to other forms of steroids DO NOT use this nasal spray. I would rather have sinus problems than to not have friends and family. F 39 2 days
1X D

 1  blocked passages After five days passages cleared however my face became very ichy especially around the bridge of my nose & ears.I thought that the med was working not true .After 12 days I was a mess, a constant feeling in the right side of my face feeling activity tightness etc. Have been off med for 6 days it is not as bad but still not back to normal. Never again !! F 67 12 days
30 1X D

 1  upper respiratory congestion intense headache in right forehead. Little relief from Excedrin with tylenol. Ice packs provided symptomatic relief. Loud ringing in left ear. Seemed to help condition, but had to discontinue due to headaches. Doctor never mentioned possible side effects and I will not take any drug from this point on without thoroughly understanding side effects. M 65 2 weeks
1X D

 1  Nasal congestion The first week it actually helped with my congestion. Although I don't take it daily, just when needed, I noticed on the fourth week I took this med I experienced an intense headache for several days in my forehead. Throughout the course of the month I also felt very emotional, (crying for no reason). Come to find out many people like me are sensitive to the steroid in this med and the emotional side effects. I would rather suffer with a stuffy nose than take this med again. F 22 30 days
2X D

 4  Postnasal drip Some nose bleeds. I had postnasal drip for months. After using NASACORT the postnasal drip ceased. M 31 3 weeks
 1  Sinus issues Nasacort relieved my sinus problems just fine. However, after about 8 years of use, I developed cataracts in both eyes. This is a know side affect of Nasacort. M 47 8 years

 1  nasal congestion headaches on left side, panic and anxiety attacks, nervousness; foggy thinking. I had an immediate headache after taking, several days later I started feeling nervous all the time and having terrible anxiety attacks while driving, scared the daylights out of me. I realized I didn't start feeling this way until after taking nasacort...stopped taking it immediatley, having withdrawal mini attacks, but I feel them getting less each day. F 49 5 days

 4  seasonal allergies and sinus proble Extremely bad headaches, lived on Motrin, pain in the right eye, mental confusion, felt drunk. Have discontinued use...Hate the side affects. F 54 6 weeks
 1  allergies I took for only two days before stopping. I had bad pain in my ear, throat, and neck - on left side only. Second day after stopping I still have a headache with surface nerve pain on left side of my head, stiff neck is easing, but still there. I do not like this medicine. the alergies are better than the cure. F 46 2 days

 1  multiple sinus infections Within minutes I had a headache. Later that night I woke in the night with a very sick stomache. I ended up throwing up and having diarhea for the night and most of the next day. It is so much more miserable to be sick with flu like symptoms than to have a headache. Very miserable!!!! F 37 1 days

 1  allergic rhinitis Using only 1 spray per nostril once daily, I experienced nasty headaches. When I discontinued Nasacort AQ, they stopped. F 58 6 days

 5  Nasal congestion None! I used Nasacort AQ for nasal congestion and felt relief within the first few hours. I used to use Afrin, and hated the irritation, dry throat, nasty taste, and rebound effect. Nasacort felt clean, fresh, and didn't drip down my throat. I tried other sprays but the alcohol dried out my nose, and I didn't like the way some smelled and tasted. F 32 8 days

 2  Swollen sinuses First two days, I felt O.K. and noticed very little watering of my eyes and drainage into my throat; however, after those two days, I felt cloudiness in my thinking and low in spirit. When I stopped using Nasacort, I felt like my normal self again. I believe Nasacort helps with the allergies, but for some people, there are side effects. F 74 1 weeks

 1  chronic sinus infection frontal headache, excitability, anxiety, confusion, "brain fog"; upon discontuing- withdrawal symptoms: moderate to serious depression for days, muscular tension in legs and arms, muscle spasms in back, increased headache If you are sensitive to cortisteroids as I am, avoid Nasacort and Rhinocort. Manufacturer's info sheet says Nasacort is 8 times more potent than prednisone! I had terrible withdrawal symptoms for several days after using Nasacort for just 3 days. The doctors will say none of this is possible with nasal sprays. The med. actually drips down the throat and into the stomach where it is apparently absorbed. 'Very bad stuff. M 57 3 days

 5  Rhinitis and stuffiness None It has been a miracle drug for me. No side effects and significant curtailment of running, dripping nose (about 90% effective when used with Benedryl and Claritin); also, significant improvement in stuffiness at night. M 73 10 years
 2  stuffy, runny nose & coughing It affected the nerves mostly on the left side of my face where I had some cheek twitching and numbness; severe eye twitching, jaw and gum discomfort, funny taste in my mouth; left side of my lips had tingling sensation like when novacaine wears off. I used Nasacort years ago with no side effects. Used it again some last year and had headaches, but didn't link it to this. Then I used it this year for 2 weeks and had the full blown problems listed. Thought it was a sinus or dental problem. Have had x-rays, CT, doctor & dentist visits and stopped using it during that time. The problems subsided and the day after I started using it again they came back. Stopped using it and the side effects have subsided again. It's too bad since it worked great on my runny nose and coughing, but I can't live with feeling like I've had a stroke or am doing permanent damage to myself. F 48 2 weeks

 3  blocked nose and sinusite non stop cought,with yellow secretions and little blood in it. sore throat ive been taking this medecine for 3 days now 2 vaporisation each nostrine 2 times a day and yeah the sinusite has gone but now i had extreme fever,headaches for 1 days then 2 days of non stop cought and yellow secretions with sometime blood in it. ill try to stop it instantly cause i fear taking one more dose. M 29 3 days

 3  sinus pain, constant nasty mucus Screaming headache, dry throat/mouth, muscle and joint pain It cleared up the sinus problem after about a week, but I will not continue with this med like my doc prescribed. I feel like I have the flu with all this muscle and joint pain. My hands and jaw are particularly sore. I'm too young to walk like my father! F 46 7 days

 2  plugged ears/sinus infection Extremely bad headache on Day 1, Neck stiffness and sore throat on Day 2. DISCONTINUED MEDICATION! F 26 2 days

 4  allergic rhinitis None so far I have used this product 3 times total and for the past 2 days. I have outdoor, indoor and food allergies, especially to milk, cheese etc. Lately I have been experiencing some bad attacks of allergic rhinitus with sinus pain being the predominant symptom which is felt in all 4 of my sinuses. I feel the product helped somewhat but only helped in the nasal area and not deeper in my sinuses. Usually when I have an attack I have to let it go it's course which is 2 to 3 days. From reading these reviews I will definitely be careful not to over use this product. F 44 2 days

 1  sinus infection and fluid in ear fullness and pressure in the ears and throat, headaches,metallac taste in my mouth, and joint pain I will not take this again. The side effects are far greater than any benefit. F 58 2 weeks

 1  allergies/plugged sinuses Headaches everyday, extremely sore neck, anxiety and uncontrollable twitching eye lid(probably from the anxiety)and getting worse each day The first day I used this med. it helped me breath much better but as the week has gone on the side effects are overwhelming. I feel like I aged 5 years in the last week and I'm sore all over. The eyelid twitching has gotten out of control. The first few days it would only happen once and hour or so but now it is almost non-stop. I researched this and it says it is most likely caused by stress. HUMMMM... I feel like I have to be doing something at every minute of the day, this must be while I feel like I have uncontrolled anxiety built up. I also have had a non-stop headache since I started taking this medicine to the point that I have to take some extra strenght motrin each day to cope with it. I will stop using this med. and see if I start to feel like myself again. F 36 8 days

 5  Nasal allergies/severe congestion I still irrigate my nose with a saline product and sometimes there will be some blood during irrigation, but nothing serious. I found this product to be extremely helpful in clearing my congestion. I try to get off it from time to time to give my sinuses a "break." The longest I have used it at one time was about four months. F 38 4 months

 4  allergies/swollen nasal passage After using 4 days, developed moderate sore throat. Have continued use and still have mild sore throat. Have had deviated septum surgery 3 times and still can't breathe through nose without use of this product. F 55 3 weeks

 2  sinus infection symptoms helped clear congestion, but that is largely outweighed by multiple nosebleeds in the last two days. have given up product after a week taking only one to two sprays per day, in the same nostril that is affected. M 25 6 days

 1  allergy/sinus problems Amazing HEADACHE....it feels like my forehead is going to explode. My whole head and neck hurt so bad, I can't stand it without Ibuprofen. I am stopping this med asap. F 33 5 days

 3  allergies Anxiety Not certain it was Nasacort because taking Allegra also; but after reading comments, I feel more certain it is the Nasacort. Anxiety usually starts early in the morning, about an hour after inhalation and seems to wear off during the evening. I take another inhalation at night and go to bed shortly afterwards. I feel a little anxious in the morning, but more so about an hour after inhaling. M 48 2 months
 1  Seasonal Allergies Anxiety, panic attacks (at night), slight depresssion, just not myself, Former aches in joints returned, agitated. I never would have connected the medication to these symptoms. I use allergy medicine in spring and fall and thought it was just the change of seasons. I have used nasacort for a number of allergy seasons and never made the connection, but all went away when I stopped using it. M 48 14 days

 5  Nasal allergies None I only stopped because of the various side effects and warnings on leaflet, but I myself did not experience any side effects and thought it worked well from the very first dose. F 46 30 days

 1  Chronic Rhinitis & Indoor Allergies It is making my nose more stuffy/runny than before, along with a sore throat, headaches, dry mouth, and some numbness along the left side of my face. Did I mention the joint pain? It seems as though every ache I've ever had has come back all at once. Then there is the depression. Not too bad, but I definitely do not feel like myself since I began this treatment. If this is what I am to expect from other allergy medicines then I think I would rather suffer the bad effects of the allergies themselves. M 50 90 days

 5   please see website on steroid asthma inhalers and nasal sprays: www.sidefxdrugs.com

 2  Nasal Polyps Nasacort seemed to reduce the swelling of my nasal polyps, but I began having panic attacks. I never suffered from anxiety before, and when I stopped using Nasacort the attacks stopped too. F 48 2 years
 1  allergies after about 2 weeks of using nasacort i expierienced very bad panic attacks,my doctors office tells me that that shouldn't be possible,however i have never previously had any type of panic disorder.i'd rather have a stuffy nose than ever go through the severe anxiety or panic attacks i suffered while using this. M 39 3 weeks

 4  Seasonal allergies More prone to VERY slight nosebleeds; mild stimulant effects in the first week of treatment which made it more difficult to sleep. Compared to the horrible side effects of Flonase, Nasacort really seems like a good choice. It works wonders on allergy symptoms with very minimal side effects. After the first week, I cut my dose in half and still had no allergies. M 34 3 weeks

 3  allergies I really liked Nasacort but after seven years it seemed to be losing its effectiveness, and I had increasingly severe and frequent panic attacks and occasional dizziness. When I stopped using the spray, the panic attacks subsided. I don't know why panic attacks are not listed as a side effect of this drug. F 34 7 years

 1  Seasonal allergies I have bronchaiectasis, along with seasonal allergies. Nasacort was prescribed; it did more damage to my lungs, caused severe nosebleed and I ended up with infection which would not clear up and after two months, I was diagnosed with leukemia, with white cell count of 224,000. Nasacort may or may not have caused my problem but I strongly reccomend that anyone with bronchaiectasis not use it. F 70 2 weeks

 4  Allergies None Worked well w/ Nasalcrom F 31 8 years

 5  sneezing / stuffy and runny nose / nose bleeds easily. If you discontinue abrubtly, symptoms seems worse. nasacort works fast and gently to stop all my allergies. It seeemed to work better and didn't feel the side effects of flonase. Like they suggest, if you will stop it after at least 2 weeks, you should do so gradually. M 4 days

 5  seasonal allergies none that were noticeable enough to be bothersome this has freed me from always taking OTC allergy meds with me, seems to work faster and longer than other Rx meds too F 26 3 months
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