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 3  colonscopy My first colonoscopy - so far not a great deal of fun. Used the orange flavoring which was not too bad. It is the salty flavor/smell that drove me crazy. Got 4 glasses down in about 75 minutes. It took me 10 to 15 min to drink each glass- so just constant drinking. I couldn't bring myself to chug it! Got thru 2 more glasses (half way there!) felt extremely bloated and on the verge of losing it. Tried to do another glass and lost it to gagging and vomiting. Terrible feeling when one literally blows all that hard work! Had been emptying and thinking I might be able to quit and not finish the rest. Now I lost too much of the fluid to get the job done. Felt extremely chilled and like a loser. Took a break for an hour. Drank 2 more glasses. Felt that urge to toss again so stopped and went to bed. Quit while I'm ahead mentality! Slept for a few hours, it is now 2 AM - I feel quilty about not finishing the jug and am not running clear yet. Just downed 2 more glasses. Have even F 57
1X D

 3  Colonoscopy prep vomiting, chills, gag-reflex, and bloating. I was nervous about taking this medicine. I had cherry flavored nulytely and it tasted like salty tums. Everytime I had to drink it I would gag. I overcame the gaging with some juice as a chaser. Within 15 minutes of consumption I had to go to the bathroom. After 5 hours the process was complete. I know there are other medicines out there that taste far worse, but the taste should be improved. F 23 1 days

 3  colonocsopy prep chills, feeling like I was going to vomit, total loss of bowel control, My doc prescribed this with dulcolax for colonoscopy prep, and the first 30 minutes were not bad. The next two hours were progressively worse, until at one point I was dizzy, chilled, cramping, and nauseous; I was not sure which end of my body should be on the toilet. After an explosive bowel movement, the dizziness and nausea passed, but uncontrollable stools continued for another six hours. The prep was much worse than the procedure. F 49 1 days

 3  colonoscopy dizziness, chills, nausea, cramping The pharmacist told me to try a flavour I wouldn't mind ruining my enjoyment of, so I used the Pineapple. Drinking the solution reminds me of chugging a glass of whole milk (which I hated drinking) as a child; repeat ad nauseum. The flavour (sort of) masked the salty aftertaste, which (along with the thick texture) is remniscent of Pedialyte. Having been on clear liquids since waking, the transition to a nearly clear movement took only half the jug and 2 hours. I had to take a break after that, though, as I became too chilled to finish a full glass. F 25 1 times

 3  colonoscopy prep chills, nausea, cramps It was worse than the actual colonoscopy. Hard to get the vile stuff down. F 49 1 days

 3  Colonoscopy Prep Extreme bloating and failure to eliminate for the frist three hours. Very uncomfortable I have done a prep in the past but it was with pills and liquids. This did not start taking effect for three hours and it became almost impossible to put any more in my distented stomach. At that point I lengthened the time between glasses. It took me 4 hours to drink the gallon. When I finally did start eliminating, i never really felt any cramps or urges, just started to run out. It would have been better if I had known that this effects people in many differnet ways. All the instructions say you will start eliminating after one hour, or three glasses, so when three hours pass and you feel like you are going to burst, you wonder if this is normal. I did not find the taste as bad as having to take so much liquid in such a short span. I believe if you start eliminating sooner you don't get the uncomfortable bloat. And in the end I was not on the throne that much. Again, I would have felt better if I had been given more information. F 67 1 days
4 litres 1X D
 3  Colonoscopy Did not flush me out completely. Did not start going until after my 3 hours of drinking were done. Kept going following morning and after procedure. Some chills, no nausea or vomiting. Colonoscopy was worse! So I took the generic, Gavilyte, which has the same active ingredients. The Doc told me to mix it up in the am on the day before my procedure. I was to drink the entire gallon (i think it was a gallon) from 5-8pm. Honestly, I did not think it had a weird smell or texture. I mixed each 8oz does with either 1/2 packet crystal light or with chicken broth. The taste was fine. Straws help. I started gagging a little bit into the 2nd hour, but I think if you drink a massive amount of anything you will gag. I finished about 8/10 of the bottle, as I just couldn't suck it all down in the time allotted. I had mild cramping and some chills, but no nausea or vomiting. I didn't start going until 8pm, when I finished the med. From there it went from 8 to about 11:30 when I went to bed. In the morning it continued, even at the surgery center. I never felt like I got completely clean though. When I woke up from the procedure, they said they had to flush me out since I did not get rid of all the matter. I was in a lot of pain from them pumping in air and taking biopsies. Literally I was in tears all the way home, until I got in my bed and let go of some gas. Ultimately, the med isn't as bad as many make it out to be! F 25 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

 3  clean out colon AS EXPECTED First add crystal light to the mixture. It is better than the flavors that come with it. Get it really cold. Next use a thin wine glass . Crystal is best because it is thin. It really will make a bigger difference than you can imagine. Cut up a lemon and remove the seeds. Now bite the lemon and HOLD YOUR NOSE until you drink the glass. It will make a difference in getting it down. Then bite the lemon again. Return the thin glass to the freezer until the next dose.I hope that this helps you. F 55 1 days
30 1X D

 2  pre colonoscopy cleanse Chills and nausea, the latter probably due to the large amount of liquid at one time. Currently in the middle of prep for tomorrow's colonoscopy. Used the orange flavoring, which didn't mask the briny taste; however, the doc's instructions said not to flavor it with any other additives. Experienced little difficulty downing the first few glasses, despite the taste; however, subsequent glasses get more and more difficult to drink. Began at noon today; still working on the last two liters. Surprisingly few trips to the bathroom, and not much being emitted. F 58 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 2  colonscopy pret Some cramping, nauseau and feeling generally low I'm not even halfway thru this stuff and should have been over halfway. I used the citrus berry and don't really taste anything but the saltiness of the medicine. I don't think I'll be able to finish the entire gallon, will just keep going until I have clear liquid stools - getting close to that now. I don't think this is a one size fits all medication. I am a vegetarian and eat a high fiber diet, there should be a different dosing for those who don't eat a lot fat and meat. Can't wait for this to be OVER!! F 53 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

 2  colonoscopy none it did not clean me out completely would like to know why . if it is to be so good to cleanse you there has to be something else this day and age that is a lot easier to take than nulytely. F 59 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 2  Colonoscopy Nausea and vomiting. Bloating. Hot n cold chills. F 28 1 days
8 oz/15 mi

 2  Colonoscopy mild chills, bloating I'll agree with mostly everyone- this stuff sucks. But you just have to buck up and be a soldier. I'm right in the middle of my jug, and now wish I hadn't found this site to do any reading. Definitely give yourself more time than 3/4 hours- you are going to want to go at your own pace if you have bad gag reflexes. I am just waiting for everything to be clear- then NuLetely, you are down the drain! F 23 1 days

 2  colonscopy None - as in it didn't produce any bowel movements I followed the directions on a Wednesday. At nook I took 4 pills , slight bowel movement - drank 1 gallon by the glassful (taste was horrible). I have bad reflux, on the last glassful I threw up some of the prep liquid. By Thursday morning I still did not have any bowel movement - so resorted to 2-fleets. I was scheduled for both an upper and lower. On the upper GI all of the nulytly was sitting in my stomach, and stuck to the walls of my stomach. The doctor put in fluid and rinsed to pull out some of the liquid, but the gel substance was still stuck to the walls of my stomach (or so the nurse explained) so they could complete the upper GI. They could not do the lower GI because the prep didn't work. Now I have to do the entire thing over again next week, which means 2 more days of clear liquid and missing 2 more days of work. The worse things is - this is Friday morning - my abdomen is bloated and now sore and painful. I still haven't had a bowel movement. F 49 1 days
 2  Colonoscopy Gas, bloating, nausea This is the worst. I started at 2:00 p.m. It is now 7 p.m. I have about 1/4 of the jug left and I CANNOT finish it. I've had a few explosive watery bowel movements, but that's it. I added crystal light to the orange flavor and that helped, but it is still awful. Next time I'm requesting the pill, that seemed to work better for me. Don't know if my colon will be cleaned out enough, hope so. Can't they make something more pleasant than this crap! F 46 1 days

 2  colonoscopy Chills, sore bottom, bloating, nausea This is ridiculous. This is my 2nd colonoscopy in 8 years, and I can't believe they haven't found something that works better without feeling this way! I added 1 tub Crystal Light lemonade to the jug, and have been chugging the vile concoction to get it down. Haven't had cramps this time, but my rear is so incredibly sore despite the slathering of Desitin. I haven't been able to continue drinking the way I should--the nausea is too bad. I will continue to finish the glasses as I can...there's got to be a better way! F 42 1 days

 2  colonoscopy Very nausious for many hours after drinking the liquid mixture. Flavor was not bad, but I was very sick. The colonoscopy took almost an hour as I'm petite and had the bad luck of having an extra long colon according to the doctor. Today, the day after, I have bloating and pain after eating my first large meal. The procedure itself was painful, and doctor stated that this was due to my size and the number of curves. One polyp was removed and craters were discovered in my colon. F 42 1 days
 2  Rule out slow GI bleed LOW BLOOD SUGAR!!Nausea, dizziness, dehydrated feeling, bloating, all over sick feeling, intense chills. About halfway through the bottle I started with the shakes and nausea. Took my blood glucose measurement and I was at 53. No one told me that Tri lyte will mess with your blood sugars, so I didn't expect this side effect. I am a type 2 diabetic. I had to stop for about an hour at 3/4 through the bottle, this is the most disgusting, vile stuff. It tastes like dirty dish water. I've finished the bottle, monitoring my blood sugars every 15 minutes (serious rebound blood sugars) and I still am not completely clear. F 46 1 days

 2  Colonoscopy Bloated, Nausea, Paced the Floors for hours. I read all of these comments over the past month. The suggestion to chew gum after each swallow helped tremendously. My pharamist gave me no flavors. I added a bit of Sprite with each glass. I should have taken more Duculax instead of the 1. It was recommended that I take 4. Had I known how this would taste, I would have. I feel miserable but I am done drinking that stuff because I am clear. Eat lightly for several days, it'll help you. F 43 1 days

 2  Colonoscopy Prep Chills, vomiting, stomach pains, bloating I had a liquid diet on the day before the colonoscopy and even had an EAS shake for breakfast (basically no fiber). I took four Ducolax tabs at 3pm and started the Nulytely at 5pm (prepped at 7am and refrigerated while at work) About 6:40pm and 1/2 through the container I started vomiting - basically what I had drank back up. I waited 20 min and started again. I did not have a bowel movement until 9:20 and I had finished the sol. at 8:20. By the time my movements became almost clear it was midnight and I couldn't drink anything else to encourage my bowels to flush out more. Although I thought I took it easy on the two days before the day before the surgery - next time I think I will do a liquid diet 3 days prior to the colonoscopy. As for the flavor - I chose lemon lime but I am used to that type of flavor in stuff like Airborne. The taste was nothing going down - coming back up was absolutely terrible. F 24 1 days

 2  colonoscopy none So, so glad I read this entire comment list prior to prep. I ate almost nothing the day prior to prep and nothing the day of. Started with magnesium citrate, then on to nulytely. I chilled it and did not add any of the flavor packets. I gagged 3 times during the first glass and proceeded to scour my pantry for any and all powdered mixes. I ended up mixing various flavors per glass (tang, iced tea, several of the nulytely flavors) and then chased it with sprite, coke or ginger ale. Couldn't finish the entire thing and have some very minor particles,....hope this is OK. F 44 1 days

 2  Colonoscopy Nausea, vomiting, bloating, chills I was very concerned about drinking Nulytely because I have a lot of problems with nausea in general and I am not a person that likes to down drinks or drink large amounts of liquid in a short time period. The biggest thing I'd do differently is I would eat a low-fiber/high liquid diet the whole week before and I would just not eat too much in general. My procedure was at 7:30 am. I had to do a split prep, one at 5 pm and one at 1:30 am. I decided to put the lemon-lime flavoring in and add additional lemonade crystal light. I think that was my second mistake--it was way too sweet. After six (6-8 oz. drinks), it hit me hard--I had not taken a bowel movement (3 hours later) and I started vomiting violently. I honestly think I was "filled to the gills", which caused me to throw up. After talking to my nurse friends, I decided to take a long break, even though I was less than half done. I did not find the bowel movements to be as unpleasant as drinking the prep. I only drank about three more glasses throughout night (about half of jug) and called my doc to tell them I could not finish. They did an enema before my precedure (not as bad as I thought). At 123 lbs, I think half the jug (2 L) was adequate. There wasn't hardly anything left before the enema. Overall, nasty liquid, horrible experience, and I hope I don't have to get one for a long time. They found four polyps so I'm glad I had it done. There has to be a better way to do this. Have fun cleaning your toilet afte F 30 1 days

 2  colonoscopy prep I feel like I'm freezing! Nausea is terrible. If you ever got swamped by a wave when surfing in the ocean, then you know what this tastes like. F 36 1 days
1 gallon 1X D

 2  colonoscopy This wasnt so bad at first. I did try the lemon wedge in between and to be honest i NEVER want to see another lemon in my life. By the 2nd half of this mix i started to vomit, i could not swallow another sip of this stuff. Why cant there be another way to do this. I have to do this yearly and this is my 4th time and I can not do this again-- drink or die , drink or die-??? its a hard toss up F 50

 2  colonoscopy prep vomiting I started out alright, then at about the fourth glass I vomited what seemed to be everything I had drunk by that time. I slowed down and it seemed to be going better, then I tossed all of it again. By the time I was about half way through the jug I was vomiting every time I took a sip. After reading comments here, I tried sips of juice in between and that helped for about 4 ounces, then I lost it all again. I started this process hours ago and I still haven't passed anything, even after after taking the pill laxative. I'm sure tomorrow they're going to tell me that they can't do the colonoscopy. This product hasn't appeared to have worked for me. F 55 1 days

 2  Colonoscopy Prep Immediate vomiting after swallowing I threw up immediately after every swallow of the mixture. I only managed to get down two 8oz doses, in a pattern of drink / puke / drink / puke / drink / puke etc., before I called the on-call doctor. I'm assuming I threw up the bisocodyl along with it, as I took that about 3 hours ago and the first bit of nulytely about an hour ago, and I'm still not feeling any "urge". The on-call doc said to give it a while and hopefully it will kick in, otherwise it's enema city for me. I've never had one, but right now that sounds preferable to any more puking! I gave it a 2 instead of a 1 because I'm assuming the inability to keep it down is my problem, not the medicine's... and it didn't actually taste that bad! (lemon-lime flavor) F 30 1 days

 2  colonoscopy severe nausea, chills Oh my goodness. What a horrible way to clean out your system. I chose the tropical berry flavor. The flavor doesn't help really. I've been gagging it the last 1.5hours and every gulp seems tedious. 1/2 gallon for tonight and 1/2 gallon in the morning... Torture! F 21 1 days

 2  colonoscopy nausea, severe bloating, nausea I didn't use the NuLytely, I used the generic version, but with the same results according to everyone else. I mixed part of the orange flavor packet with half of the pineapple packet, and now what I am gorging myself with is a lightly tropical flavored oil/water. Disgusting! The taste itself really isn't that bad, its like slimy water. and the fact you have to completely fill yourself up with it makes the nausea very very bad. I agree with another poster- If I ever win the lottery, I will do whatever I can to make this not suck as much. F 31 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy prep 1 1/2 to 2 hour delay before any action, then was still working way past bedtime. Horrible gas and cramping pains. Became nauseated after drinking about 2/3 of the liquid (which I mixed with 2 little buckets of Crystal Light pink lemonade mix at my doctor's suggestion). There was no way I could have finished it all. It has now been 6 days since the colonoscopy and 7 days since the prep and I am still suffering from loose stools, gas, stomach and gut pain and tenderness, and a horrific amount of burning, stinging and itching around my anus. This mixture should come with warnings and directions about using petroleum jelly around the entire area as another respondent mentioned. In addition, it is ridiculous to assume that everyone would require the same amount of this mixture. I, for instance, am a 64 year old woman who weighs 118 pounds. I should not be expected to need the same amount of prep as a man who weighs 300 pounds. F 64 1 days
 1  Prep for colonoscopy Body-shaking chills, gagging, nausea, vomiting Dreadful stuff. Within a few minutes of drinking the first cup, I felt chilled. Over the course of the afternoon and early evening, I experienced episodes of shaking throughout the body. Despite crawling fully clothed into bed and piling on the blankets, I was unable to warm up completely until about six hours after I downed the last of the medication. The gagging started about one-quarter of the way through. By three-quarters the nausea was well along. I was unable to drink the last six ounces and later vomited at least eight ounces. Fortunately, I was able to ingest enough to allow for a successful colonoscopy yesterday. I have no confidence at all that I have the capacity to tolerate this again. F 60 1 days

 1  colonoscopy could not get much beyond the nauseous effects of trying to ingest it. There is no way I can finish a gallon of water in an hour, let alone a gallon of this salty, thick goo. My colonoscopy was compromised b/c I was not cleaned out enough. I had a colonscopy 5 years prior and whatever they gave then was a breeze. I have since spoken with clients and friends who's colonoscopies were also compromised b/c they were not cleaned out enough as they could not stomach this stuff....makes me wonder how many more people out there are not getting an adequate colonscopy b/c of this stuff. As detailed in the directions, I swallowed 4 dulcolax 6 hours prior to beginning the trilyte. Never again!! I would seriously question your doctor about alternatives b/c once you've got it, you're stuck. F 51
 1  colonoscopy chills, extreme bloating, gagging The texture is the worst problem. It almost might be palatable with a chicken soup flavor. No flavoring helped. I mixed it about 1:1 with apple juice. I bloated up like a balloon. I took almost half the package of GasX. I tried hard candies, ginger ale, and water in between gulps. Using a straw was somewhat workable--just having the stuff touch my lips made me gag. Fortunately I had diarrhea (who can say that!) earlier today. I've only had half of the stuff and I'm quitting. My stool is pretty clear but very yellow--don't know if it's bile or apple juice. I should have taken the pills. F 38 0.5 days

 1  Colonoscopy prep I experienced extreme nausea while attempting to drink the prep. I had a colonoscopy approx. 12 years ago so I knew to expect this. I had consumed 3/4 of the bottle and after 3 hours still had not gone to the bathroom! I was on the verge of vomiting and refused to drink any more. TO make a very long story short--I took the laxatives as directed also. I finally started to have some movement but not what should have been happening. At 6:30 am --an hour before I was expected to arrive at the hospital I still had not gone enough. I called th e doctor and we had to cancel the procedure. I was out $30 which I had to pay out of pocket. I had even taken laxatives the night before I started clear liquid diet because I take narcotics on a regular basis for chronic pain and was concerned that if I did not keep up my high fiber regime what might happen. I wish that my saga ended there! I was sick all that day but still never experienced clear liquid bowel movement. I slept all of that day and night--highly unusual for me. 3 weeks have gone by and I have not been right since! I still am not having regular bowel movements even though I have increased my fiber intake and have taken bisacodyl every day and then every other day. A week ago I had diarrhea for several hours but still not significant to clean out all that was in me! I have refused to use this prep again! But I am still concerned that my bowels are not back to normal. I never expected anything like this. My prep 12 years ago was with golytely which made me vomit but did the job! Has anyone else had an experience like this? I would love to hear from you if you have! F 53 1 times
 1  colonoscopy throwing up, gas, major nausia. I got so sick from this my colon didn't empty all the way. The doctor had to "clean" things out with water. This was my second time having to use this. I couldn't choose another way of doing it. Believe me, if I have a choice if I have to do it again. I'm NOT taking it!! F 36 1 days

 1  Yes, this is my first experience. Nausea, vomiting, bloating, and did not go running non stop into the toilet like most people. This is pure hell. The person who invented this liquid is masochistic. He should be tied to a chair and given five liters of this vile liquid, Crystal light or not, it does not make a difference, so that he can experience the horrible suffering he is inflicting on those who have to drink it. F 53

 1  colonoscopy prep mild chills & nausea; took one gasX capsule and held nose when drinking 8 8oz glasses with lime slice chaser & lots of liquids as well but NO CLEANSING just four small bms despite 2 stool softeners and one enema to try to get things going I remember my mother had eight feet of her colon removed at one point and I think I must have similar extra long & wrinkly colon as well since this stuff isn't having desired results wish my doc only charged me $30 for not being able to have procedure I think it's $150 instead, but I did prep as he requested, why is it my fault it isn't working? F 56 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy prep nausea first off make sure you read up on tips before you take the prep. Im doing the prep right now and im wishing i had a lemon wedge and some 7 up. Just the smell of this horrid bottle and i am gagging. There is a pill though and its called osmo prep i was told it works after i bought this lovely container. my procedure is in the morning and i have half 1 liter left. I am nineteen and i am not wishing for anymore of these god awful containers ever again. Good luck to those who are about to take it... time to drink up :) F 19 1 days

 1  For colonoscopy I got very sick the morning of the procedure. I threw up several times and have been nauseated for about 7 days now and have had a headache every morning when I wake up. Also, I haven't had a good appetite. The thought of drinking Nulytely causes me to gag. Also, certain smells brings on the gagging. I can't eat certain foods now because of the way they taste. F 65 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy prep just an extreme urge to vomit This is absolutely the most disgusting thing I've tried in my life. I am actually drinking it right now and I can't get myself to finish the last glass. It is not so much the taste itself but the texture is thick and does taste salty. I want to gag every time I taste it. I have to drink half the gallon today and the other half tomorrow morning and I am already extremely worried about the other half. I've been drinking it for two hours already and have only had one BM. Well it has to be done so Ugghhh...here I go again... F 21

 1  colonoscopy With Half-Lytely -- Projectile vomiting after the first two glasses. Tried again and had projectile vomiting after the next two. When I called my Dr., he asked me why I didn't like it! He said, "you don't like the taste?" I told him it was slimy and he didn't seem to understand my problem. I am switching doctors and will go with a different regimen. If you tend to gag easily, don't take this stuff. Believe me, I tried to tough it out. I rinsed my mouth out with tiny bit of Peppermint Schnapps after each glass with no luck. I tried to hold it back, I really did. I'm not a whiner but that stuff was, as one person said it, "full hose out me mouth!" F 55

 1  Colonoscopy Prep Nausea, Chills, Cramping, 5 days and counting of pain, vomiting, diarrhea This is toxic for me, may have caused ulcerative colitis F 60 1 days
8 oz 4X H

 1  colonoscopy prep Stomach pain, nauseau, strong urge to vomit This should be illegal. No one should be made to ingest this stuff - cruel and unusual punishment. It did the trick but NEVER again. They say every 10 years - not on your life. I agree with the person who said "NuLytely or die - a tough decision." F 65 1 days

 1  colonoscopy prep nausea, bloating, chills So very uncomfortable to drink! I couldn't finish it-only got thru half the gallon. Luckily I was cleaned out by then. I had to suck lemons/limes, drink cola, hold my breath, and eat bites of jello in between drinking the vile stuff. Using a straw really helped. Try some other prep if you can. This worked but I would never do it this way again. F 49
 1  colonscopy throwing up this stuff tastes like oily dish washing liquid...i just started and was gagging on my 2nd glass. GREAT! i used the lemon lime packet although i dont taste any lemon lime at all. It doesn't actually taste bad...its the oily soapy consistency that is making me want to loose my cookies...but i'm determined to finish this as i sure as heck do not want to go thru this again. F 44 1 days

 1  Had no CHOICE! Nausea, Desired Diarrea, Nausea, gagging, nausea. I must not be a grown up after all since someone here posted that "It is definitely hard to drink, but I think that any grown person can get through it." I just wasn't able to complete it. I left about 3 cups over (maybe 4?). it was just too much and my gag reflex kept spitting it back out. Another person pegged it with "a jug of elephant semen". I still got the runs, they're not clear yet though. I sincerely wish I had known what I do now, cause I'd have had no problem eating yogurt and juicing for 4 days opposed to this TORTURE! I mean the goal IS to get the gut cleared out. UGH! F 45 1 days
 1  colonoscopy They should bottle this nasty stuff as an exfoliator. I have fairly tough hide but this made my backside look and feel like a piece of beef steak. It did not matter what I tried it hurt. It hurt to walk or sit. I was even using 20% benzocaine. This lasted for 48 hours. My gut area was so sore after the cleanse. I also looked like I was 4 months pregnant. I could not sleep because of the pain. It will be a cold day in H... before I would use or recommend this stuff! My doctor is going to get an ear full also. F 54 1 days

 1  endoscopy and colonoscopy My 16 year old daughter had to take this awful prep-- we followed the instructions to a T (me being a nurse) after 1 hour of the prep, she was crying, gagging and complaining of bloating and nausea, yet, being a nurse, I persisted in encouraging her to continue bravely on. She found that chewing gum after each glass decreased the nausea. after about the 7th dose, she vomited up the entire prep. I dutifully went out and bought 2 bottles of Mag nesium Citrate-- which she tolerated much better and voila, the next day the doctor said she had the best prepped bowel of anyone she had ever seen! (The pictures were fabulous- LOL) F 1 days

 1  colonoscopy I am drinking this horrible drink right now. I feel like I am being tortured. I wish I would have found this site before maybe another one of the flavors would have been better. I am drinking the cherry and really struggling to keep it down. I can't believe with all the advancements in medicine they don't have something that tastes better. Drinking a bottle of Castor oil sounds better to me. F 49 1 days

 1  colonoscopy bloating, hoarseness, red rash I drank 3/4 of Nulytely cold as directed. Horribly sweet. After 4 hours of taking it, I noticed hoarseness and red rash. Took Benadryl. Up most of the night pooping. Diapers are indeed an option. Next time I'll take pills and Mag Citrate. F 61

 1  Cleansing prep for colonoscopy Gagging from the horrible taste, extreme nausea with second small glass, vomiting less than 1/2 way thru. The cherry flavor made things worse, there is nothing much worse than vomiting sweet!!!! The sheer volume of liquid you have to take in such a short period of time adds to the cause of nausea and vomiting. There is NO WAY I could be induced to take this stuff or related GoLytely product again. It took awhile to get THAT thru my gastro's head so I found information on other preps online and gave my gastro the choice, no scope or we try another product for the prep! I eventually won and have used lemon-ginger flavored or unflavored PhosphoSoda or lemon flavored Magnesium Citrate for every scope since that first. Every gastro who scripts this prep should have to drink the entire solution once a year as a reminder and an incentive to find other alternatives. There's no pleasant way to cleanse the bowel for a scope but there are better ways than these PEG solutions. F 61 1 times

 1  pre-colonoscopy Extreme nausea, vomitting halfway through, cramping, exhausting diarrhea I will NEVER use this product again and agree with the other rating here: each Gastro who prescribes this should take it once a year or recommend another drug F 49 1 days

 1  colonoscopy prep This has to be the most disgusting, vile tasting liquid I have ever tried to drink. The pharmacy gave me the lemon lime flavor and it was only palatable when I chased it with some gatoraide. If I tried to swallow it without something to mask the flavor I vomited. Avoid at all costs! F 42 1 days

 1  colonoscopy prep this is my second time trying to take nulytely. The first time, I started taking it, I vomited tremendously, I had severe stomach pains, I was shaking, had real bad cramps and chills. I also started diarreha and voiding all at the same time. I also experienced muscle weakness that entire day, I could not make it down stairs until my children call the doctor and notified them of my symptoms and they told me to stop the nulytely. From all the vomiting that I did, my whole body became very very very sore. I felt like someone had physically abused my body. My chest cavity was so sore that I could not even laugh or cough. This second time around with nulytely; well I did the same thing today, I still could not consume the whole entire laxative solution, again the vomiting started and the same things started to happen all over again, until I recommended another laxative (magnesium citrate). So I will not know my results until I go in for the colonoscopy procedure tommorow which happens to be 4/6/05. But I will never recommend the nulytely to anyone. That stuff is discusting. I have never never in my life tasted such bad vile liquid as the nulytely. I hope in the near future that they can provide a better laxative solution for anyone that has to take the colnoscopy prep. I hate it, I hate it with a PASSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nulytely is a nightmare for anyone who has to take it. I never disagreed with a medicine before, but this is such a nasty,dissatisfing solution, I hope everyone can avoid. F 34 2 weeks

 1  colonoscopy Chills, nausea, vomitting The first glasses were tolerable (cherry flavor) but after the 8th cup, it was impossible to get my body to swallow it. I continued to try to gag it down until the vomitting started. At that point, the smell alone made me gag. I quit drinking it with about 1/3rd left. The directions are mixed as to whether you have to finish all of it.....I couldn't. F 50 1 days

 1  colonoscopy prep nausea, abdominal cramping, chills this stuff is absolutely vile. i couldn't even finish the prep, it was so disgusting. yes, it's effective. but it's not worth it. if i ever have to have another colonoscopy i will insist upon a different prep. the cherry flavor didn't do anything to mask how nasty this is. by the time i was 3/4 finished with the gallon of this horrible stuff, i was in tears and shaking. bad bad bad. F 46 3 times

 1  COLONOSCOPY I would have preferred the pills, but since I am on pain medication, I got the liquid; I would suggest the pills, not the liquid if possible. I feel like I am going to puke. Don't even mention food. I feel heavy, weighed down like my limbs are extra heavy and I was getting a fierce headache, not that is passing on to other unpleasantries. I started exactly an hour ago and had one semi soft bowel movement...I can't believe I am discussing this publicly. I sure as hell do not have any desire to eat, and I pray each time I go back to the bottle it will be lower than I thought; gelatinous salty would be a good example. Each time I rinse out my glass there are as many suds as my dish washing liquid. F 42 1 days

 1  colonoscopy My whole body shook with chills. After 3/4 of the jug, I felt like I was applying for the part in the movie "The Exorcist". I would have won, too. Both ends going at the same time and all I wanted to do was die. I must say, it did clean the colon along with the stomach and then I cleaned the bathroom. I will never take it again. F 52 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy Nausea, vomiting This was almost like torture-- I know it's a necessary evil to get the procedure done, but PLEASE, in this modern day & age there has to be a better way. It was bad enough that I had to STARVE myself all day (and no more lemon Jello for me, EVER) but then to have to deal with this stuff was just too much. I should have guessed what I was in for when I handed the pharmacist my RX and she says "Oh, no, you poor thing." great intro. It did start to work within an hour, but I am barely a third of the way through that horrrendously large bottle, and there is NO WAY I can finish it. If that means I can't get my colonoscopy done then so be it, I just simply cannot "buck up" and drink it, it's physically impossible. I threw up several times and every time I go back to try again, I fail. F 36 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy prep Nausea, chills, general malaise. This stuff is disgusting. It is not humanly possible to drink the whole gallon. And it hasn't worked that well either. I doubt my colon is clean enough for my procedure, but the doctor will just have to deal with it. I would NEVER use this product again or recommend it to anyone. I would rather take a pile of laxatives or have a dozen enemas than repeat this experience. It would be a pleasure to throw up. My body will not accept one more sip. F 51 1 days

 1  colonoscopy After reading all the postings I called my Doctor & told him I didn't think I could do it so he suggested I get "fleet phostho-soda" over the counter. My doctor suggested I take "fleet phostho-soda" (2 1-1/2oz bottles) 1 bottle at noon mix with 1/2 cup clear liquids (sprite, gingerale,etc) & immediately drink 8oz clear liquids. The next bottle at 9pm & lots of clear liquids. He said it takes about 45 minutes to work. Sounds alot easier to me, I'll post again Thursday night after I start. Hope this helps F 53
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