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 3  Anal Warts Just want to say thanks to everyone for posting their experiences with the drug. Its really comforting to know that im not alone in this. Anyway i have one dime sized wart by rectum. I am 2 doses down with 1 coming tonight. Trying my best to keep it off healthy skin. The wart turned white. Now it hurts like nothing I've ever felt. Hurts, sitting, standing, laying down, heck it hurts in every possible position. I'm really tempted to just put duct tape on both my cheeks so they don't have to rub on each other. Don't know how I'm going to be able to work tomorrow. If anyone knows away to stop the pain please let me know. M 29 2 days
 4  Anal Warts Ok...I'm a guy and I'm on my last rest day of my first cycle with condylox.... Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly... the good is that the warts are gone.... The bad is that you must must must must must only put it on the warts themselves and due to the location most people get warts it's nearly impossible to do...which leads me to the ugly... The ugly....While your warts will be gone so will most of the skin and flesh from that area. It will look like your skin has been completely eating through!! And the pain!?!?! the pain is unlike anything I can put into words but I will try...Imagine small, sandy, prickly, niddles rubbing your skin, causing ithching and burning and sharp pains mixed with dull pains mixed with swelling, raw red skin, bright red skin....puss, and blood. This gel is STRONG!!! I'm on my 4th rest day and dammit I will go into a 5th and 6th and 7th day of rest. It looks like the warts i had are completely gone but so is the skin!! I won't be using t M 35 3 days
2X D

 4  Anal Warts HPV Burning, white flaky skin, some bleeding, odor Saw 2 pimple-looking bumps around my rectum and didn't think anything of it for a couple of weeks. Went to the doctor and was told I had warts, take the cream, and basically move on with my life as though it was no big deal. Would love it if they never come back. As others have said, only apply this stuff to the warts. It will burn like crazy. I just finished the 3 days of treatment, and it sounds like I am in for a painful few days judging by what I'm reading from others. Bottom line: it is SO easy to get HPV, especially around your anus. I'm gay but I'm pretty sure I contracted HPV not from sex, but from simple skin-to-skin contact. M 23 3 days
0.5 2X D

 4  GW I was diagnosed with GW Tuesday last week. Had them for about a month before I could actually be seen by a doctor. I figured I had it after researching in my agonizing time waiting to be seen. Once diagnosed I was given the "4 out of 5 people have this its common" speech. needless to say I'm bitter, and I want these disgusting things to go away and never cone back. I was prescribed condylox,prodoylox comes in a tiny bottle with little q-tips for application. I had clusters of tiny warts maybe 8-10 pet side on the bottom of my vagina and then small individual warts around my anus. My fiance applied the medicine to my warts for me twice a day for three days. I'm on my first rest day. My clusters are gone no warts. I have 4 large warts still holding on. Where the clusters were are now huge open wounds. Has this happened to anyone else? It is so painful and I have a very high tolerance. It is a large chemical burn and its right where my butt cheeks touch so there is no way to really keep it from rubbing. Anyone have some advice? Love some direction here. The pain is crucial and the skin looks like I was mauled by an animal. I'm satisfied the warts are gone but I cannot be overjoyed about the way my vagina looks plus I'm getting married in 2 months. Any advice helps. Thank F 25 3 days
 4  Genital Warts Burning, Pain, Discomfort, not being able to sit properly F 15 3 days

 3  close to the anla day 1-3 a little burning sensation nothing bad. warts turned white and the area was swollen. Day 3 super uncomfortable day 4 but first rest day even more swollen and could barely bend down. day 5 ,warts are coming off. strange smell even thought i am cleaning it every 4 hours because a liquid is coming down. did put aloe vera since i got some condylox on healthy skin to help it heal. not too sure if its working. worried because the skin is whote swollen and some red. F 32 5 days
.5% ml
 4  GW About to finish my 4th rest day of my first round of treatment for anal warts. My husband applied the medicine since he could see easier than I, but I think he thought he was "helping" by being generous with the application. DO NOT OVER-TREAT! The good news is all warts but one are gone after one treatment. The bad news is my entire anus is one big chemical burn. Probably the worst pain I have ever experienced. Walking, transitioning from sitting to standing, and any attempt at using the restroom brought tears to my eyes. I'm planning to take another week off to heal before attacking the remaining bump. Use the solution sparingly, as it works like a champ, but is incredibly caustic to healthy skin. Good luck! F 31 3 days

 5  genital warts Burning and bleeding. Females listen up!! Second week on medication. You absolutely need someone to apply it to areas you can not reach, or areas that need to be held open to DRY! If you have them on your rectum...You will need monostat, clean wipes, and panty liners. Hold area open and apply ONLY to warts. Keep area open to air dry at least a full minute or you get it on skin that doesn't need it.That skin will die!A fan helps a lot! They do start to come off after the first week, usually when you wipe and it does hurt. You can get skin tears. If you do and it is on your rectal area, you must keep it clean and dry or you will get a yeast infection there. The areas weep and cause wetness. A yeast infection has a noticeable odor and the area turns white. Here is what I did. Cleaned area three times a day and applied monostat. The areas were bleeding and weeping so I used a panty liner. Peel off the back and fold it in half . Put it in between the buttocks to keep the area dry at all times. You may need to change it a few times a day till the area heals enough to stop doing it. Yes it is uncomfortable. BUT please listen to me and this will get you through it. I am on my second week. All 7 of my vaginal warts fell off the first week. 5 of my rectal warts fell off as well. You can do this!!! Remember that once they are gone you still have the virus and you can get more warts...and spread it to your partner. The quickest way to know if the virus is gone is a pap smear. Wait a month or two and get check F 45 8 days
15 2X D
 4  Genital warts While using condylox I experienced an extreme amount of pain and almost wanted to stop the treatment but after a few days I've noticed the warts have begun to fall off . The treatment is more painful than having the warts themselves but it is worth it to see results . Going to begin my 2nd week of treatment and hoping i will be all clear soon. F 21 7 days
 4  Genital Warts Redness, soreness nothing bad Had about 5 genital warts on penis. I used Condyline (similar to Condylox) on them for three days. They were all gone in three days. I used just a little and the first times I wondered if I had used enough. But apparently I did. Experienced some redness and soreness but nothing bad at all. Hopefully they will never come back! M 28 3 days
2X D

 4  Genital Warts Have had a few small flat flesh-colored warts on my scrotum for some time. Tried other creams that didn't work in the past. New doctor prescribed Condylox. Holy shyt!! I was generous in the application hoping to get any tiny ones that I may not see. MISTAKE! My balls are on fire!! Three layers if skin have already eaten away and it's still going. Didn't catch fire until day 3. The warts fell off but so did half my sack! On the plus side, reading these other horror stories have made me crack up so hard I'm feeling better about my own pain. Good luck! M 39 3 days
 5  Gw/aw I have my life back!!! I got gw/aw from having unprotected sex. First mistake. I noticed a rather large growth right below my rectum a couple weeks later. It kept growing and I noticed small clusters of bumps under the folds of my vaginal lips. I was freaking out! I went to the doctor and as soon as she saw them she knew it was gw/aw. Right away she prescribed condylox. I read the application instructions but and applied it just to my warts but didn't let it dry. HUGE MISTAKE. It burned like no other and after a day my skin became white and tender to the touch. I only applied it 2xs a day for 3 days and after the 3rd day the warts under my vaginal lips were where white. I used a warm wash cloth and gently wiped them down an the warts fell off!!!! By the seconds days rest I started to notice the warts around my anus slowly go away and the large "growth" cluster of warts was virtually gone! I'm on my last rest day and ALL MY WARTS ARE GONE!! No scars marks or any proof they were even there. I have been so depressed because of this and felt my sexual life was over but condylox changed that. Just remember ONLY PUT IT ON THE WART AND LET IT COMPLETELY DRY!!!! I pray they don't come back so I bought centrum immunity vitamins and am eating much healthier. Hopefully I will never see those nasty things again!! Moral of the story.... PRACTICE SAFE SEX!! F 24 1 weeks

 3  anal warts I used my first treatment 2 months ago..the warts shrank however it was painful and I ruined my skin around it pretty bad blood and plasma flowing the entire time..I waited to try again I am back it and it seems like they are irritated and more visible..I hope to get referred for some type of removal. ..this reall sucks 38 2 days
 5  Genital warts Slight irritation around site of wart. For very small warts, this is very common since it is almost impossible to apply and not get any on healthy skin. This is basically for the guys out there who have penile warts. I have used it on 4 separate occasions and each time it works like a breeze. You barely have to use any - just enough to get a thin coating on the wart. After 3 days you may notice a difference or you may not notice much of anything and think it is not working. Stick with the instructions and take the 4 days off. Each time I used it, I noticed nothing until the 4th and 5th days, when the skin/wart began flaking away and basically falling off. I've never needed to use more than one treatment week on a wart. 3 days, morning and night (and you can be pretty relaxed on the time) and you'll likely be all through with it. Don't stress if you get a tiny bit on healthy skin. It does take a bit to dry. I give it at least 15 minutes just to be sure. **Feel free to email me of you have any questions.** M 40 5 days
1 2X D
 5  Genital Warts (gw) For the people that said burning burning burning... that is 100% correct. The first application burned, but not as bad as later applications. The second application burned as well. I think it's better to bathe or shower first, dry first, and then apply the gel. Allow the gel to fully dry! Do not close your legs or walk! The best is to sit with your back on the wall, lay on the floor, or lay on the bed and apply with mirror. I fanned it with a paper, but some people use the cool setting on a hair dryer. If you are active with sports, jobs, etc. You should do what I did and start on Thursday of Friday, & do your 3 days wen you can relax. The second day of treatment for me was yesterday, the pain was unbearable, walking, shitting (moves those muscles where the warts were). Also, pee contains uric acid, it burns the treated area very badly, enough to make you shout! It was so painful, I decided to take a hot bath, and soak, I lightly scrubbed the area, and ran warm/hot water on it. I had felt a tiny little bumpy cluster at the bottom of my vaginal opening, like right at the bottom. I have vaginal tears there after sex, so I just thought the skin healed weird, but I am a biology student, so I knew it could also be gw. I went to the doctor, she looked and immediately said it was gw. I cried, I was devistated. She asked me if I wanted to treat and I said yes, so she prescribed the gel. You are supposed to do twice a day, once at morning, and once at night. You can also use it while on your period. I took a shower, and took my first dose at night. It took 3 seconds, and then all of a sudden hurt immediately! Like imagine when you take a shot of tequila, and the shock sensation afterward!! You want to use a good light (desk lamp maybe) and a small mirror, magnifying is even better. I didn't use the precision tip, I put the gel on qtips, and applied with those. Women, feel free to email me about my experience. F 22 3 days
3 days Gel 2X D
 5  gw Used a q-tip to apply a very tiny amount. Burned minimally during week one. F 21 2 weeks

 5  Genital Warts When I first went to the doctor, I was scared. I wanted these warts gone. I was prescribed Condylox per his request. I doused my penis in the gel and to my horror, it burned while at work and burned for quite a while, removing the majority of my genital warts but also the majority of my skin on my penis-head where the genital warts were. I could not handle this. So I stopped taking condylox, this was a year ago almost precisely to the date. I then tried every other remedy I read about online, although I was still smoking cigarettes. I stopped trying about 3 months later. Last week, I went to the doctor again to try condylox, since the warts had persisted. At this time, I had quit cigarettes for about 2 weeks. I knew how to use the gel now and the results are amazing. Less is more, guys! I have about 50+ warts, flat and raised, and they are dissapearing fast. The gel is basically an acid that eats away the warts and your skin. Be very, very careful and as I said, less is more. I still h My best advice is to have a healthy diet, raise your immune system, quit cigarettes and alcohol and DO NOT PANIC. Use a nail file in order to allow the gel to enter the warts. I used a finger nail clipper to remove some of the larger ones and that was a relief. Clipper and file are a very effective tool, do not forget! M 22 7 days
2 bottles 2X D
 3  HPV anal warts I had two patches on either side of my anus with random small ones surrounding. Was prescribed Condylox, I am on day 3 and have only noticed slight pain when first applied...I am trying not to get too discouraged. I have only noticed a slight change in the color of the warts. Hoping to see more improvement. F 25 3 days

 5  gw No sides affects the first day second day a little burning it felt how it would if u put alcohol on a cut not to bad kind of itches I was only doing it once but I'm going to start twice in the am and pm F 21 2 days

 4  gw Day 1 didn't feel a thing day 2 a little burning it kind of feels like when u put alcoholon a cut I was only doing it once a day but I started doing it twice there on my vagina I was devastated I got them frm a ex we were trying to work on things next thing I know 3,months later a wart I'm glad now I have a understanding bf he even wants to have kids knowing he could get gw don't let it take over ur life u will get through it and can do the same things anyone can F 21 2 days

 3  Genital warts on anus Tried a Few things, DR suggested condylox. I had a few warts and two dime sized clusters on inner part of anus cheeks. I used gel 2x per day for three days. Tried to keep it off normal skin but difficult w location. I LITERALLY burned the first two layers of skin off a large area and have been couch/bed ridden for three days waiting to heal. Can't walk, sit, drive, etc. if this happens to u don't panic. Get A and D ointment and Bactine cleansing spray w lidocaine (no sting kind). Take warm soapy bath three times a day to keep clean, use Bactine 3x per day and A and D as often as u want. Bear down and pray. I have had some pretty serious surgeries in the past ( over 85 stitches in my back). That was a cake walk compared to this. Looked like a horror movie down there. Blood splitting cracking etc. after 3rd day of rest I am able to move. All treatment I recommend did come from my DR not my ideas so they are safe. But, warts are gone! USE sparingly and as carefully as possible. M 30 3 days
Gel 2X D
 4  HPV Very minor soreness, no pain whatsoever. I've been struggling with this condition for a few years now. I've had multiple visits to the dermatologist for freezing (which has had limited results), and was prescribed Aldara which did absolutely nothing for me. Condylox has so far been the most successful treatment. I'm on week 3 now and my smaller warts have shrunk in half. I have a cluster about the size of a penny on my waist line (which had previously been misdiagnosed by my doctor), and it's receding each week. I don't feel I'll be completely rid of them by the end of 4 weeks so I may have to switch back to regular cryo/freezing visits to finish them off. I've seen others' experiences stating that they were in a lot of pain but the treatment seemed to work very quickly for them. I have absolutely no pain but my progress seems to be slower. Maybe there's a correlation there. Ultimately this treatment works for me but as I've learned, the preferred treatment varies from person to person, so don't be discouraged if your mileage varies. M 33 3 weeks
2X D

 3  Anogenital warts Holy hell! About to take my 5th dose (6 doses required each three-day round of treatment). This is my first experience with anal warts. I am laying in bed as I type this cringing from the burning, stinging pain around my rectum. The whole area is red and raw and wiping after a bowel movement makes me want to cry. And passing gas. Never thought THAT could hurt. Anyways, Because of the position of the warts around my anus, its difficult to see well enough to apply only to the warts, so a few times I have just taken a small amount and smeared it over the entire affected area. The only improvement I see so far is that some of the warts are getting a black spot so I hope that means they are necrotizing. I am going to look up home remedies for the relief of burned skin because the pain is constant and bothersome. F 31 2 days

 5  bumps in genital region. Gw is super common, rarely has any serious ill effects,and is mostly embarrassing, so cheer up! We can make it through this. I have like 10 bumps. The doctor froze 4 (worked wonderfully, they fell off in 3 days with no pain) So, i have just completed the first 3 days of using. day 1: no feeling, didn't know if i put enough on day 2: mild burning after applying, day 3: area around bumps is red and they are tender day 4: no condylox today. Holy shit this stuff makes you sore. I know that i put a little too much on last night. It is very difficult to get that hard gel applied to a tiny bump. It is definitely working. Skin is red, but bumps are white and soft like they were left in the bathtub too long. It does seem to be working This stuff works very well, just be ULTRA CAREFUL to only apply to the wart or bump. Make sure you let it dry for a while before putting clothing on or doing anything that could spread this stuff around. M 27 3 days
2X D

 4  Genital warts Mostly burns once it is rinsed off after 4 hours. Wasn't to bad til my skin blistered. But well worth the pain! I had done 5 treatments at the doctor and the warts were slowly going away. We decided to try condylox and I'm shocked. After the first cycle (3 days on, 4 days off) my warts that I thought were impossible to get rid of are gone. Though I had gotten a huge blister around the cluster which is now almost gone as well. I'm on cycle number 2, only see one small wart so I'm treating it. F 22
2X D
 2  Genital warts Had no side effects if applied correctly Forget Condylox. I tried it several times and my warts never fully went away and they always returned quickly. I went to a dermatologist. First he froze the warts then applied a substance similar to Condylox which I was told to wash off in 6 hours. After 3 treatments 2 weeks apart my warts were gone completely and never returned. M 63 30 days
2X D

 3  gw Light brunin itchness raw. I'm on my thrid day n my wart look white I'm hopein will b gone on my off days ugh I hate dis why me F 21 3 days
2x day

 5  Anal Warts So much pain, it hurts to wipe when I use the restroom. So much discomfort and leaves a horrible odor. But warts are completely gone in one setting. M 18 1 weeks
.5% 2X D
 4  anal warts works well. use the head of a straight pin to apply it. This keeps it off your healthy skin. Use a hairdryer to dry the medicine. warts fell off after 4 days. F 41 4 days
1X D

 2  anal warts Burning when applied. Lots of pain and discomfort. I am on the break right now...and still very uncomfortable. ..I am not sure how to rate this product yet. I've been putting Neo on with pain relief...seems to help a little. I'm scared for the next session...but I will have to suck it up. M 31 3 days

 4  anal warts burning....burning...burning...lots of pain...open sores like the gel burned through my skin (warts an healthy skin)..please use on warts only!!!!!!!! F 22 3 days

 4  anal warts burning....burning....burning...lots of pain sometimes can't take it...open sores the condylox ate through my warts good thing bad thing it ate through my healty skin also...I'm going threw hell an hot water during my four day rest period healing process trying to treat my open sores my warts are gone but if i could rate the pain scale 1-10 i would mos def rate 10...i will recommend condylox if u can take a burning pain if not don't use it...its so hard to walk sit and wip Jesus knows i can't wait for my sores to heal an the burning to stop I'm takeing antibiotics to prevent a infection an also using silverdine for the burning of my skin..please don't get on healthy skin just apply small amount to warts that's all an let them dry i can honestly say i have learnedmy lesson F 22 1 days

 4  Genital Warts Burning, itching, pain, Raw skin, more pain, bleeding, more pain, and odor. F 19 3 days

 3  gw Redness and burning M 24 4 days
 3  HPV Anal Warts 3 on, 4off, 3 on was the schedule for a max of 4 weeks. Have warts and hemorrhoids. I had my husband put the medicine on ONLY the warts very carefully. I missed 2 doses so I extended treatment to 4th day. On my first day of being off (5th day) I'm experiencing the worst pain. Some of the condylox got on good skin when my cheeks pressed together and ate surface away! Ouch! Haven't been able to have BM's very easily due to pain. Can't wait to see Dr in 2 days for check-up! Its VERY painful and hard to clean. The majority of the warts are gone, but Im not sure its worth the pain. By the way, is this the least painful at-home treatment?! M 22 4 days
 4  Genital Wart No side effects! My wart completely fell off within the first application cycle! I began using Condylox on Friday morning and I applied the medicine as directed Ė twice a day, three times a day. I woke up Wednesday morning and I noticed the skin around the wart tore. I left it as is and that same evening, around 7 p.m. used the bathroom and noticed the wart was complete gone. What a relief! Now I have to focus on getting rid of the HPV, if I still have it. Despite the side effects of the medicine, I didnít feel a thing. I did notice the skin get darker and darker as Wednesday approached. Itís like watching paint dry. Nevertheless, no itching, burning, headaches, none of that stuff. Some people may experience side effects, others donít. If you donít feel anything going on down there, that doesnít mean the medicine is not working. Best wishes to all of you. M 26 3 days
2X D
 4  HPV- GENITAL WARTS I have a large patch in my rectal area, that I just found out about. I'm on day two of treatment, mine is a large cluster of small warts so very hard to apply just to the affected area. The first time I applied I stood up quickly and it burned so bad I almost fell over, but after reading these reviews I used some of the tips. Ladies (or men) the hair dryer really helps. I haven't seen any improvements with the warts yet, but the pain has started going away somewhat. But I've also read the pain doesn't really start until the first rest day. So we will see. i can say reading these has helped me feel a lot better about the situation. F 22 2 days

 4  genital warts today i found out that i had genital warts . i have felt and noticed the outbreakes for bout 2weeks prior to going to the doctor , so did my own research ad i had already figured i had it . i've been up crying , losing sleep and learning about what other ppl are doing about theirs , i dont feel so alone now. my doctor gave me CONDYLOX , and its onyly my first day so im hoping my experience w/ it is as good as you guys' . F 18 1 days
2X D
 4  gential warts Not so bad i got it about a week ago im not sure yet all i know is the itching is pretty bad but the bumps are turning black and looking like they are dying so we will see soon im so glad they have this site just writing kinda makes me feel better about this stupied thing we have to deal with im 27 a young 27 i want my life back if you gotta deal with a little pain for a little while im sure it will be worth it in the long run. M 27 3 days
. 2X D
0.5 2X D

 4  HPV burning/itching If you are not a male with a high pain tolerance I do not recommend this method of "treatment". After applying condylox for the last day i experienced scabs and pain. For the whole duration of application I applied the gel all over the base of my penis where the legions existed. The first and second day I experienced Immense pain. I headed to wallgreens and stocked up my operation cabinet and mentally prepared for immense pain (no painkillers whatsoever). I had picked the remaining scabs off the second day off the gel. I then poured rubbing alcohol (70%) all over the raw skin. CAUTION: THIS WILL BURN AND YOU WILL USE EXPLITIVES. the rubbing alcohol is to prevent any infection. I also used surgical gloves when dealing with the genitalia. It's not worth spreading the infection and doctors wear them when examining you for the disease so why not. After the rubbing alcohol i sprayed on neosporin with pain relief. After letting the neosporin dry somewhat I caked on vaseline. This keeps the neosporin in tact with the skin. Next i wrapped my whole penis in gaws (not the tip of the penis). So far this has made everyday movement possible. ONLY APPLY THE CONDYLOX GEL TO YOUR WARTS PRECISELY!!!! CONDYLOX IS AN ACID! The goal of condylox is to rott of the wart so if it comes in tact with healthy skin it will rott it away. Alcohol will be painful but it will keep your tender areas protected from infection. By the way i was wearing a condom. Email me for more or just to talk. M 18 3 days
.5 2X D
 3  Genital Warts Swelling, burning (especially when wiping), slight bleeding I had about 6-7 one lg one one medium and the rest small... I do not understand how ppl keep saying to not get this gel on healthy skin... with extremely small warts it is impossible not to! However the results seem to be worth the pain. None are gone, I wish they were but the ones that can be felt are noticably smaller. How are women seeing them? I don't understand lol I wish I can see down there to see what the heck is going on ne us girls are going in blind which also leads to this medicine going on to healthy areas of skin :/ .. One thing I can suggest is not to use too much and dry with a hair dryer before and after application. This is my third day on my first cycle so hopefully I see more results soon F 24 3 days
.5% 2X D

 4  Genital Warts Pain,Swelling, Ordor This shit burns like crazy but if you want to get better you will suck it up and just deal with it. The 1st day applying the gel it was not that bad. But then the 2nd and 3rd day OMG burning and a nasty smell, its hard to walk, get out of bed, sit, wip anything. So I'm on my first day of rest and I'm sprying Neosporin with pain all over and apply warm rags it makes it feel so much better. But I'm going to the doc Saturday just to get a week check up because the smell is REALLY bad. Make sure you put the gel on the warts only and have a fan to blow on it to help it dry, make sure you let it air out. It is very nasty but its working =) ready for it to be over 1st and last STD F 21 4 weeks
2X D

 4  gw I was just reading the instructions again, now i understand what they meant by "erosion". this stuff BURNS whatever you put it on. hence any bleeding (fold of skin touching the applied areas), and the redness, and the swelling, and the painful days of work walking around. Only using it for 3 days and noticeable discoloration of warts to slight black. 3 days in and its going good. Ive had em for about 3 yrs, thought they'd go away on their own. Fed up, I turned to the real deal. I have about 30 warts on the shaft and base of my penis ranging from tiny to pea sized. After 3 days its getting slimy on some warts, and some turn black and start to shed... Good advice about the neosporin Ill try it.... overall if you need it, use it carefully and let it dry! Hopefully they all leave for good but honestly I dont think they ever really will... But who knows, maybe ill eat those words. M 25 3 days
7mg 2X D

 5  genital warts Severe burning, a bit uncomfortable Just found out last Tuesday I have warts. Used the 3 days 2x a day and I'm on my second day of rest. I had 6 warts on my vagina and only one that was larger is left. The pain isn't too bad, but definitely worth it. Try aloe. It soothed the burn and heals the sores from the area where the wart was. Highly recommend it!! F 22 3 days
2X D

 3  GW a little redness, didnt feel any burning that everyone else seems to have felt i went through 2 of these bottles and the warts pretty much went away however i had more and more reappear after i stopped apply...i would start my cycles again and they would disappear, again i stopped and more would appear, guess it didnt work for me M 24 3 months
.5 2X D

 4  genital warts slight burning, skin irritation, tiny open sores Like everyone says: make sure you apply only to the warts and not to the healthy skin. I accidentally bumped my healthy skin with the Q-tip around my anus and the next day I noticed it ate away at my skin and left a red open sore. I also assumed the more cream I applied to a wart the better the condylox would work, but all it did was cause the excess cream to spread onto my skin and cause irritation. You really only need a small amount. I had many warts surrounding my anus, some of them were very large so I was skeptical that this would work for me. I just finished my third day yesterday and they are already gone! I was so excited because it's frustrating and embarrassing to have genital warts. Now I'm experiencing some slight burning (nothing unbearable just a bit uncomfortable) and there are some open sores where the warts once were which I expect will turn to scabs during this 4 day period of rest. I've been using Vaseline (as my doctor instructed) to help with the soreness and it really provides some comfort. I would definitely recommend conylox; it's used in the privacy of your own home, they experience is less painful then having them treated at the doctor, and most important it works! I finally feel like there is hope for this embarrassing STD! F 29 3 days
2X D

 5  Genital Warts Burning, itching, minicule bleeding I hate to comment on such a thing, but I guess it's best if it helps others. I had a cluster a little bigger than a dime on one side of my penis and a smaller one on the other. I was so afraid to go to the doctor when I first saw small bumps there that I tried to ignore it for around a year and a half. I abstained from sex which was hell, but I didn't want anyone to have to go through it. When I finally broke down and told a doctor he sent me to a urologist where I was burned repeatedly once every six weeks three times with severely strong wart remover before I asked due to the pain if there was anything else. He prescribed condylox and I used it as prescribed. It did burn and there was white flaking, but I was applying it myself so no more embarrassment of laying on a doctors bed while he painted my privates with acid. When I finally went back for the last time he checked with the solution that makes them visible and they were all gone, finally. About a week and a half later I noticed a small growth which I quickly applied the gel to as instructed, and it went away as well. It has been two years since that happened and I have not seen any warts reappear at all. I still have a small amount of the gel left as well in case something does happen. I still don't know if I'll ever be comfortable telling a woman that I have genital warts so I have to always use a condom, but for peace of mind they are gone. I do reccomend trying this because it beats the alternative. M 27 4 weeks
0.5% 2X D
 1  genital warts Really horrible stuff, worked great for first two days most warts were gone however come third day my foreskin on the inside was so swollen i couldnt pull it back i finally did with the most excrutiating pain ive ever felt and the sight was horrible it looked like a flesh eating bacteria had gotten ahold of my penis there was severe puss, lesions, skin falling off, discoloration, and blood pouring out like it was a freaking horror film and i mean worst pain ever. its the fourth day and only getting worse if i cant get an immediate doctor appt then im going to have to go to the emergency this stuff is seriously an acid of some sort DONT DO IT!!! M 21 3 days
.5 2X D

 5  Genital warts This stuff is fantastic. Don't let all the negative comments on here deter you. Used properly it's practically painless. I had three small warts on the shaft of my penis. Used Condy 2XD for three days. Very carefully applied to get it only on the warts. No pain at all!! Two dried up and fell off on the fourth and fifth days during the rest period. The third wart required a second week of application. It fell off during the second week rest period. Excellant results!! Relief !!! Highly recommend! Just be careful to apply to the wart ONLY !!!! M 45 14 days
.5 2X D

 4  0.5 gel Removed the warts on 3rd day, but it pains and hurts a lot on 3rd day onward, apply neosprin on the wounds hopefull it will heal soon M 33 3 days
2X D

 5  gential warts Itching, Burning Once i put it on i had doubts because i didnt feel anything. The first day i didnt feel anything but the warts turned white. Second day they started to fall off one by one. Third day was the worst day because the medicine was getting the end of the wart.I am now on my resting period and i feel so much better all i have now is itching. I had alot of warts all over my vagina so the medicine spread even on healthy skin. Make sure u try to not get it on healthy skin thats the part that makes this experince the worst.But now i really just feel itching so i highly recomend this medicine its so worth it in the end. I was starting to give up on curing these warts till this medicine nuthing else seemed to help. This medicine helps i now only have 1 left and i feel like a whole new person. F 21 3 days
2X D

 4  genital warts burning, sores, no bleeding...yet, scabs, pain seems to work very, very, well. it ate up the warts on day 3...problem is now i have these large scabs. i used a q tip to apply, but im guessing i might have got some on healthy skin cause it ate up my skin too. i would recommend it to anybody having warts. it was hard to follow directions because the majority of the infected are was around my pubic hair above the penis. didnt want to shave either for fear of cutting a wart although i imagine it would have made a hell of a difference in applying only to warts only. i am debating using neo or some other over the counter cream to help the scabs heal faster but i dont want to irritate it. will it help? thanks and dont fear people with warts! they will go away with this drug. JUST BE CAREFUL when applying and follow the advice of others here and keep your head up. the worst part of this is the absence of sex lol! M 25 3 days
drop 2X D

 5  Hpv Took for 3 days, two times a day (solution not gel). Flaked up and started to fall off on day6 (3rd day of rest) M 26 3 days
.5 2X D

 4  few small genital warts Burning, redness, slight bleeding, pain. My doctor told me on monday "yeah there looks like there are a few small warts there" and thats it. nothing else. I started Condylox on monday first two applications were fine. I couldnt really see my warts, just put it in the area i felt a few lumps. Big mistake - listen when they say only to the affected area. I couldnt tell how much i needed or where to put it so i put it on the small area i had the lumps. Day two and Day three there was pain when applying. just deep breaths and you will get through. The night after i had put on my last application was the worst, kept waking up. It was my first rest day today and it is sore, skins white and bleeding, but it looks like its eaten through all the skin, so at least the affected area has been eaten away. Im dying for it to heal though, and using paraderm an first aid cream to help the healing process. Fingers crossed its a quick heal. Good luck all. F 22 3 days
2X D

 4  genital warts Be careful about not getting it on normal skin. The first week i put on the infected area and did not notice any results. On my 4 days off the warts shinked and scaped up and came off in the shower. the problem is that i have burning on the normal skin around my penis. dont use near normal skin M 27 14 days
2X D

 5  Genital warts Mild discomfort, little bit of odor Omg, when the doctors first told me the warts were not going to be burned off I started panicking. So he gave me condylox in a little bottle and all I could think of was... Acid down there. Awesome. But after week one of treatment and rest I've never been happier. The warts aren't all gone, but all of them have begun to dry up and will be gone by the end of week 2. There's only slight pain where the warts used to be because they leave some pretty nasty wounds when they fall, but neosporin is definitely helping. Like so many people have said READ the box. If you apply the cream only to the warts and are really careful not to touch healthy skin, you don't even feel the acid doing it's thing. My warts were external, with a massive cluster between my anus and vagina. Safe to say those were the first to clear. Definitely a recomended product, again just be careful. It's your body you are dealing with at the end of the day. F 21 4 days
3.5ml 2X D

 4  Genital warts:( GENITAL WARTS OMG i am so upset that i caught genital warts. i was usually careful to have protected sex. but just when i don't use a rubber i catch this. i'm only 18!!!!!! I noticed little bumps down there, they were tiny kinda like a rash. i thought it was my eczema so i didn't pay it no mind. but then it started irritating me down there. so i went to the teen clinic because i don't have a family doctor yet. and she tells me i have genital warts. my spirit crashed. I wanted to break down. I have just finished puthing it on for 3 days. today is the fourth day(break day). I don't get any sleep at all. last night i didn't get to sleep until 4:30 but i had to get up for school at 5:30. It is very irritating to have this STD. I hate the person that gave it to me. but most of all i hate myself the most. I pray everyday to god that he will cure my body. I'm a strong person, but right now i've been going through alot of stuff, and for this STD to pop up its too much. I promise if these warts go away i will try my hardest not to have sex until marriage. I just want these warts to go away. they irritate me, its hard to walk sometimes because its painful sometime. i can't sleep at all. i'm so sad and wants to cry sooooo bad. but i don't want to let myself down and cry. I just really hope this medicine works and will cure me. please work. plllllllease work. F 18 3 weeks
.5 2X D

 3  Hpv Burning, itching, rotting flesh smell I was diagnosed with HPV a few months ago, found out when I noticed some fleshy like mounds poping up in places they shouldnt be. Went to one doctor tried Aldara, that was horrible and unbearable that medicine affected EVERYTHING!!! Condylox on the other hand, does burn the effected area but doesnt get everywhere if you apply it with caution. By the end of day two, I noticed a difference in my warts. They were turning white and comming off, which was scary at first like a zombie film. But over all I see results in this product, as long as you dont smoke. That was my mistake in the healing process, I still had some bad habits, that was slowing down the healing process. F 24 3 days
2X D

 4  hpv, warts hardcore burning, odor, rotting flesh, redness, soreness, can't walk I have just made it through my first cycle and didn't feel any kind of itching or burning until my first day of rest. I had been advised by my doctor to ONLY apply it to the warts. Well i wanted them gone quickly so i applied it everywhere. Dumb ass mistake for any of you reading this before application. All you need is a little dot of it on the wart itself, otherwise it will eat through healthy skin and burn like a mother. BE CAREFUL. I am now on my second run through and it still burns but after experiencing this am definately taking it with a grain of salt. M 20 3 days
2X D

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