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 5  Hypertension none Effectively lowered Blood Pressure from 165/108 to near normal levels 135/84 immediately with no side effects. M 60 days

 4   high blood pressure



 2  CHF/Hypertension Terrible facial swelling! Zestril, depending on the strength, causes my lips and nose to swell badly. When cutting the tablets in half, the medication causes me to experience painful stomach aches. This medication has also caused me to experience depression and a persistent dry cough. Zestril brings my hypertension under control. However, the pronounced side effects makes the quality of life poor. F

 5  High blood pressure none I take 40mg.s of Zestril at bedtime to treat my high blood pressure. M 23 4 years
 1  HBP Dry Cough, swelling of the extremities and face redness I'm only 25 years old and I have very high blood pressure. I've been on Zestril for 2 weeks now taking 5.00 mg daily. It brought down my BP but I don't like the side effects because people think I have cold or something. I'll stop after I've read other people's rating and start thinking about losing weight. F 25 2 weeks

 1  High BP Cough, Sore Throat, Rapid Pulse, Irritability, Mental Fog, Matellic Taste in Mouth They should call this Devil's Spit. It's the worst medicine I've ever taken. My doctor tried to transition me to this from Ziac. I had no side effects on the Ziac but a bit of mild fatigue, but she thought this was a better drug and advised I switch. I'm waiting for a call in the morning to get my old prescription refilled. My heart rate double from 62bpm to 124bpm on this Lisinopril... I can't wait to get back to my old medication and to soon hopefully be free of them all as my weight loss continues! M 26 2 weeks
20mg 1X D

 5  High Blood Pressure Mild dizziness, kind of a slightly enjoyable tipsiness It does the job, is very basic, and is available in a generic form. Wonderful value if it works for you. More expensive medications haven't done even half as much for me. Also think that the general mechanism for its function benefits my demeanor and leaves me more pleasant. Wonderful medication that is derived from viper venom. M 28 5 years

 3  Severe hypertension cough! bad. especially at night. Sore throat sometimes so bad i can't swallow. When first starting to take it i experienced really bad headaches and dizziness. I still have cough and throat problems along with muscle cramping. Headaches gone bp was usually 160's to 170's over 110. 10mg greatly lowered my bp. The cough is terrible but i'll take it over stroking out or having a heart attack F 28 1 months
10mg 1X D
 1  High blood pressure dizziness, mild head aches, and occasional coughing spells. I can't say I recommend this med because it does not work as good as a lot of doctors think. I have had high blood pressure since I was 16 and I was in great shape then so I get sick and tired of hearing about weight being a main issue to high blood pressure. That said, playing sports, sleeping more and keeping stress low does more to lower my high bp than this med ever has. I take it with one other med to get my bp down and I'm lucky if it goes to 150 over 100. Don't waste your time and money on this med, its not worth it. M 28 1 years

 2  Hypertension Mild dry cough, mysterious heart pains 20 mg for 2 mo.; 10 mg for 3 mo. I could deal w/ the cough as it always seems I'm coughing, anyway. But I got afraid & took myself off of this when it started feeling like a finger was poking my chest from the inside & the light squeezing of the heart. Also would occasionally feel as if my heart was inflating. No noticeable decrease in my BP (140s/90s). M 29 5 months

 4  healthy heart maintanence Was switched to 20mg from 10mg 2 years ago...This drug works well, but I have noticed more side-effects with the increased dosage...Seem to be more thirsty, have more frequent mild dizzyness, and occasional head pain around frontal sinuses.. Seem to get tired on it sometimes ,so I try taking it at night. Flushing of the face occurs more often I have noticed too. I think I going to ask for a decrease in dosage from my heart doc next time, since I don't have high bp.. This is a great heart drug if you can tolerate the annoyances....I do recommend starting low on it though and don't let the doc increase it if it isn't nessecary.. M 30 10 years

 3  Hbp Itchy throut and Dry cough M 30 10 days
10 mg 1X D

 3  HBP Slight Cough, Insomnia, Redness in face and burning sensation in ears when occasionally consuming alcohol. M 31 1.5 years
 1  HBP and to protect kidneys Perpetual cough for 6 weeks worked ok for 2 years and then the Md upped the dosage and everything went downhill. F 32 4.5 years

 1  high blood presure DRY cough horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible cough was so bad my ribs and throat was sooo sore cough was embarrassing and painful I dont recommend this drug for no one its horribe. F 32 4 days
5mg 1X D
 5  HBP initial dry cough started taking 5mg once a day. Cough lasted the first 4 weeks then dissapeared as i was told would happen. No other problems noted. It controls my blood pressure well and with small dose. M 33 4 years

 5  High blood pressure slight dizziness F 34 2 years
 1  BP This is a horrible medicine. It does lower the blood pressure but at a terrible price. I got a terrible cough the prevented me from sleeping. In addition, I had a swollen throat so bad that I thought I had strep throat and went to urgent care. Stay far away from this Stay far away from this medicine M 34 30 days
10mg 1X D

 4  hypertension none M 35 2 years

 5  HTN M 36 3 years

 4  Elevated Blood Pressure It brought my pressure down to normal. However, when I first started taking it, I had an allergic reaction to an insect bite that made my hand and face swell. Biggest problem is little nicks and scrapes tend to crust over vice scabbing. Have to keep sites covered with neosporene until they fully heal. M 38 8 months

 4  high blood pressure slight dry cough/sore throat I am happy, though, because it seems to curb my appetite. I've lost a few lbs. since I started taking it. F 39 3 weeks

 4  High Blood Pressure No side effects for me. Although, I know some people have what's called "ACE Cough" so this side effect is possible. Basically, I've had no side effects. Seems to be an easy to tolerate drug for me, but alone it will not lower blood pressure very much. I add to add A beta blocker to it which puts my BP at 120/80 on most days. M 39 8 years


 1  High Blood Pressure Extreme fatigue. I was extremely fatigued by this medicine. I felt like I had no strength or muscle tone, and would frequently have to sleep during the day. I stopped taking this medication and switched to Amlodipine, and the symptoms of fatigue went away. F 39 3 weeks
10MG 1X D
 4  High Blood Pressure Dry mouth, especially while sleeping, and less sensation sexually My blood pressure is dropping to acceptable levels. I'm in good physical shape otherwise, with a demanding career, and I have young kids: Hypertension and a heart attack at my age is not an option, so despite the minor side-effects thus far, it's a fair trade off. M 40 45 days
20mg 2X D

 2  High blood pressure Cough started within 24 hours (side affect) - sick w/ flu like symptoms (fever, sore throat, chills, fatigue, dizziness etc) lasted 12 days. I have never been on any type of RX on a regular basis. Was skeptical about starting this to begin w/ after BP had been high (avg. 140's / 90's - used to be normal 120/80) I think stress has caused the increase and almost feel was put on this too soon. Got sick w/in 24 hours of starting the meds. Cough started, fatigue, loss of appetite, dizzy / mindless feeling. stopped taking after a few days by dr's recommendation and had lingering cough weeks later. F 40 7 days
10 mg 1X D

 1  hbp I only took it once in the morning before breakfast and the effects are horrible! The doctors should try it first so they know how it feels taking this med.instead of making you well it makes you worse like you feel like a shit. I really regret taking even one pill of this zestril. It's a poison to the body and mind!!! M 40 1 days

 4  high blood pressure I developed a strange cough that would not go away. It worked great for me until I got the cough and had to switch meds. F 41 2 months

 4  High Blood Pressure Hair thinning after taking it for 6 1/2 years, also have that bad cough at night. I have already been told the Zestril is the cause of my hair loss. F 41 6 years
 3  bp M 41 2 months

 2  HBP Headaches so bad and I cant seem to move well.its like trading HBP for what I can remember a hang over feels like. calling Doc in the Am. F 41 1 months

 1  Doctor thought I had HBP Horrible! I took one 20mg pill on April 1st and am still feeling a slight pressure in my chest and I still have the red facial rash that comes and goes. Today, April 14th, 2007 was he first day I felt pretty good after taking a Mens One A Day Multi-vitamin only. The only symptom that I still have is a slight sinus pressure that is behind my cheek bone and my eyes. I can live with that. The tiredness went away with the multi-vitamin. I personally believe that it messes around with a person Thyroid function. I will never, ever take this poison again. It should not ever been allowed out by the FDA! M 42 1 times

 5  Mild hypertension None. Family history of hypertension w diastole in mid-90's mmHg wo medication. Dosage for the past several yrs is 10 mg q.d. w diastole in low-80's. M 43 7 years

 2  Hypertension headaches, insomnia, poor libido, dizziness, brochospasms and deep muscle cramping The orthostatic hypotension had me almost fainting at work. I bounced back and forth between generic and brand specific. DIdn't have it as bad with "Prinivil" -- I stopped because of bronchospasms and fatigue which I didn't even realize until I researched the med myself. Also I gained weight. NOTE WELL -- they don't tell you that lisinopril will skew your potassium levels much like some diuretics. Check it out. M 43 2 years
 3  High Blood Pressure Dry hacking, annoying cough especially at night. Coughing at times so hard my throat hurts. I nearly choked on yogurt from the cough I take the generic Lisinopril 10 mg. The cough started within a few days. F 44 11 days

 2  hbp cough, dissinesssss like crazy, shortness of breath, upper back pain, between the shoulders. i cant wait to be swithched, i like this site tought me so much about this lousy medication i am sure there is a better medication out there M 44 3 months
20 mg 1X D

 1  high blood pressure Intense hacking dry cough - could not get through a conversation without coughing. Burning sensation in my face, back pain. Was only on this med for 14 days and cannot believe how miserable I felt on it. F 44 14 days

 4  High Blood Pressure The occasional dry hacking cough was both annoying and embarrassing. Occasional dizziness occurred but was manageable. Once in a while I would get a bit of a heart flutter. It was initially alarming but I found out that it was a potential side effect, so I was not overly concerned. Lowered BP from 170/100 to around 135/80, not perfect but reasonably good. Dr. wants me to try Diovan to get the numbers even lower and get rid of the dry cough. We'll see how that goes. It looks like it may have other more onerous side effects in some cases. M 45 11 years

 3  hypertention periotic cough, some joint pain, some chocking at night with fluid biuld up. BLACK MALE 6'4 220. I actually take the gen. brand lisinopril and it lowers my bp from 140/80 to a number of readings 133/129/118 all over 80 or lower. I also think its what I eat at times when I do the right thing my bp stays in the disierd area. So the most important thing is watching what you eat and most definantlly EXCERSIZE. DO THAT AND YOU CONTROL THE DRUG THE DRUG DOESN'T CONTROL YOU. Goog luck and love yourself enough to take care of yourself M 45 3 years
 2  HBP Flushing of the face, shortness of breath, slight headache, hair loss/thinning. Headache went away after 2 weeks, however shortness of breath and hair loss/thinning and limpness started. Can I stop suddenly with this drug or should I decrease and talk to my doctor? Any one else experience the hair thinning & limpness? M 45 30 days

 1  borderline HBP cough, abdominal pains, odd purple zits on chest and back, shortness of breath, sore throat, low energy, digestive issues cough lasted almost 1 and 1/2 years after quitting lisinopril; 2 years later lungs are still not the same, very sticky throat still, deep aching pains in lungs, very debiltating M 45 3 months

 5  high blood pressure None at all. BP went from 129/98 to 110/76 in just a couple of weeks. M 46 9 months
10mg 1X D

 3  HBP The 20 mg per day works to lower the BP that a diuretic was unsucessful at treating. I went off my original dose of Zestril because I noticed hair loss that is not on either side of my family for 3 generations. I thought my hair stylist was joking when he suggested that the med could be resulting in a thinning of my hair. I switched to the diuretic. My hair stopped falling out and appeared to be regaining density. The diuretic failed and Zestril was reassigned to me because it worked. Now 6 months later, my hair appears to be thinning again. Am I the only one? M 46 3 years

 3  Hign Blood Pressue Bruising and Wheezing M 46 1 years

 2  to prevent the effects of diabetes? dry hacking cough persistent I have been told my cough is due to allergies! but now I doubt it. I am not sure why I am on this med, I do not have high blood pressure and I was told it was just a preventative to the diabetes meds. Hmm I wonder. I would like to stop taking it and see if the coughing stops, not sure if I have to go off slowly or if I can just stop taking it. F 46 6 years
1X D

 5  high blood pressure none I was taking a high dose of Toprol XL for 8 years and my blood pressure was still was a bit high. My doctor switched me to Zestril and I've been amazed with how well it works for me. I only take 5 mg a day and my blood pressure is normal. I read about how some people develop a cough while on this but I haven't had any side effects. F 47 8 months

 5  High blood pressure None Now the pressure is ok at 80/130 M 47 1 months

 3  High blood pressure Dry, hacking, (as my cardiologist called it) "ACE inhibitor cough." When I did that, he moved me to Diovan. M 47 1 years

 3  High Blood Pressure Very heavy leg feel. So bad I wanted to use crutches to get around. Some swelling experienced on left feet. Some fatigue generated also. Sometimes after eating my leg will suddenly feel heavy. Doctor tested for potassium imbalance. Potassium level curiously ok. But I feel lisinopril is screwing or has screwed my kidneys up. As far as lowering BP, it does that good, but at what expense? M 48 1 years

 2  high blood pressure cough that triggered asthma attack am having a tough time finding a high blood pressure that doesn't cause too many side effects. quit taking toprol xl because it caused bronchial issues. tried lisinopril and that created a chronic hacking cough which triggered an asthma attack. my doctor said that was impossible, so i tried the drug a couple days later, and sure enough, another attack. will be trying cozaar next. F 48 8 days

 3  hypertension I developed a horrible cough that seemed to increase in intensity the longer I took the medicine. At first it was annoying, but it progressed to the point of gagging/choking. This would happen many times a day, sometimes waking me 3-5 times a night. Lowered my BP to a good level. F 49 40 days

 1  Doctor diagnosed HBP Agonizing upper thigh muscle cramps, radiating into groin and hip area. Slight mental fogginess, reduction in urine, back fatigue. It appears from these posts that men are able to tolerate this drug's effects for longer periods, women for only a few days. I will not continue taking this medication. F 49 8 days

 1  High Blood Pressure Red Rash around cheeks, nose and forehead. Nasty dry cough. Burning sensation of the face. No side effects for about the first 5~7 months. M 49 13 months
 1  high blood pressure Horrendous dry hacking cough that would not stop. After 1 week on pill, cough started, lasted for one month until doctor took me off. Stated, cough is a common side effect--guess they left that out earlier!!! Type of cough that makes your boss want you to stay home, keeps you up all night long and no cough medicine subsides it. Dizziness symptoms also experienced. They should take this drug off the market!!! F 49 40 days

 1  hypertension limb pain, heart palpitations, gagging cough, asthma-like symptoms I went to my doctor to question this medication and side-effects after about 10 months and was told all was fine. Got very ill and could not shake cough, finally decided to quit (lisinopril) and feel fine now. I question this drug being prescribed for borderline hypertension F 49 14 months

 3  BP Dizziness, Vertigo, BAD dry cough that I have stop the lecture and let students go ( I am a college Professor). Works for me but at a high dose 40mg+ M 50 4 months

 3  hypertension F 50 7 days

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