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 4  ProstateCancer Hot Flashes. Total loss of libido. Unable to get eractions Been on Lupron for 5 months. Second shot hurt so bad could hardly walk for 3 days. PSA went from 38 down to 2.4 so it is working. Going to go intermittent to give body a chance to recover. Trying to keep from surgery/radiation if possible. M 795 5 months
 1  prostate cancer Temp: hot sweat Permanent: Low back ache, weak legs, unsteady gait, tire easy. I was on lupron for 1 1/2 years. The adverse reaction was so bad I sought a second opinion. The second urologist took me off all medication. My prostate has never bothered me and I havebeen off lupron for 1 1/2 years. M 85 1 years
 1  prostate cancer Enlarged breasts. Weak lower extremities, low back ache, loss of torso hair, unsteady gait, shrunken penis, loss of energy. Bad news for me. M 85 1.5 years

 4  prostate cancer, bone metastasis Osteoporosis, hot flashes, skin reaction (Eczyma), sex change: (impotence, grow belly and breasts, atrophy elsewhere) Sommer 2007: Severe back pain. Prostate cancer was discovered, PSA over 500. It was in by bones, the fouth vertebrae. 11 radiations got rid of pain, but was too strong, closed my troat, could not speak, could not eat, lost 20 lbs in a week, almost died (got bill anyway), Recovered. (doctors prescribed mouth wash, did not help, my wife broke up Aloe Vera jells and fed them down my thoat, it gradually opened my throat). Since then getting LUPRON DEPOT injections first monthly, then every 3-4 months. PSA December 2008=0.85. Great. But side effects are bothersome. Will suggest skipping one injection, to see what PSA does. Only if it goes up again will I ask for another injection. Also will do another bone density test, which will show the osteoporosis or not. maybe I beat the cancer yet. M 83 15 months

 1  Prostate My dads urologist administered Lupron Depot . My dad had prostate cancer 20 years ago and his PSA level was slightly elevated in October. His urologist never warned us of the side effects an elderly person might encounter on Lupron Depot so we were in complete shock when dad suffered a major stroke. We are very upset ... Dad was very healthy for an 83 year old, going to aerobics class 3 times a week..now he can't walk or use his left side at all and he is confined to bed. If we would of known that this drug caused strokes, we would of never agreed to use it! M 83
1X D
 5  prostate cancer Tiredness and bowel problems but this may be due to old age. PSA reading shot up to high twenties and an operation was considered but I chose the Lupron injection treatment every 3 months. 'Something else will probably kill you first' was one bit of advice. My latest PSA reading was under 2 so I am pleased with the results so far. M 81 2 years
 5  prostate cancer Loss of libido. Diminished size of testicles. No hot flashes. No weight gain. No muscle weakness. Continued all excercise regimins of resistance and biking and started swimming lessons at 4 months into Lupron. I even increased the weights on resistance machines. After reading the comments of others, I was dreading starting Lupron/Depot but other than the two listed side effects, my life has continued exactly as before including all exercise programs which average about an hour a day. Also had 38 radiation treatments on Varian Associates Trilogy machine during this time. M 80 5 days
 5  prostate cancer my last rating recorded 5 days and it has been 5 months since I started Lupron M 80 5 months
 4  prostate cancer stage 4 The most disturbing side effect has been that Lupron has caused inflammation(feels like heart burn) in my stomach and small bowels. As a result I want to soothe the burning by eating all the time. My waist size has gone up two inches and my weight by twenty pounds over the period of a year. The standard medication of heart burn (tums, zantac, etc.) does help to ease the burning in my stomach but not in the small bowels. Lupron has lowered my PSA to 0.0 and effectively supressed any libido which at my age (76) is something I can live with. I would be an enthusiastic user but for the heartburn and weight gain. M 76 12 months
 4  High PSA reading Hot flashes PSA reading dropped from 35.8 to 0.2 M 75 5 months

 5  Prostate Cancer Hair loss from legs, arms, chest, Hot flashes, Middle weight gain, Reduced enegery level, Tired feeling a lot of the time,Loss of sex drive, Loss of sex intrest, Headaches, A lot of heavy phlegm. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer at age 67. I had a PSA every 6 months for 15 years. In Jan of 2002 the good PSA was 24 and the bad PSA was 3.5. The bad had been runnning from 3-4 for 3 years. In June of 2002 the good PSA was 18 and the bad PSA was 4.75. At that point the Urologist scheduled a Biopsy and the cancer was found in 4 of 5 samples. I was lucky sometines it is missed. My "Gleason" number was 8.5. I received the first 4 month Lupron shot in February 2002 to try to stop the cancer and shrink the Prostate. I underwent radical Prostate surgery in April 2002 and there were no cancer cells outside of the Prostate. They checked Lymph nodes and they were clear. Because of the high "Gleason" number I stayed on 4 month Lupron shots, receiving the last one in June 2006. My PSA has been lower than they can read since the surgery. It is now <.04. I took Megace "Megestrol" from June 2002 untill April 2006 for the Hot Flashes, it controlled them. Before M 71 3 years
 4  Prostate Cancer Hot Flashes, Fatigue, Dependency(ie: when I am near the end of my 3 month cycle, my side effects are worse.) Neck pain, impotency(complete)When I do not get a full blown hot flash(it stops before completion) I feel terrible all over. I have been taking Lupron as part of Triple Therapy Hormones, Radiation, Seed Implants. PSA is running less then.01%.Doing the job on the cancer but side effects are tough to deal with at times. M 70 2 years
 3  To shrink the prostate Some mild hot flushing, mostly at night. Loss of libido and a restless feeling sometimes. Frequent urination at night. I was given the 4 month shot to shrink the prostate in preparation for a radioactive seeding procedure. My cancer is early - T1. If the prostate doesn't shrink sufficiently, I'll have to undergo 8 weeks of daily external beam radiation which is more damaging to the tissues than the seeding procedure. M 70 5 weeks
 5  Prostate Cancer My primary side effect is hot flashes. I may be experiencing some extra tiredness, but hard to tell if it is age or Lupron. My prostate and everything associated was removed, February 2006, so I knew my sex life would be over. Small amount of cancer, about one gram, still in my system. I am on intermitent therapy. I take a monthly shot, 7.5 mg., until my PSA is less than .1 for two months. Therapy then stops until my PSA goes up for two bi-monthly tests. I continue to be active physically riding an excercise bike and lifting weights almost every day. I also play tennis once or twice a week. I have lost about 10 lbs. in the last year as I have also watched my diet, primarilly less red meat. I return to M.D. Anderson annually for a check up. Just had first annual check up and considered in excellant shape. M 69 12 months

 3  Prostate Cancer Weight gain. Incredible shortness of breath. Unsteadyness on my feet. Even with regular exercise and walking I still feel terrible. I tire easily with just the slightest exhertion. I'm also impotent and testicles have shrunken. Can tell when it's time for the next 4 month shot because I always start to feel better. Doctor wants to keep me on Lupron one more year. I still have problems with urination and getting up 4-5 times a night. M 68 1 years

 5  prostrate cancer hot flashs and weakness hope it keeps working 67 1 years
 4  Prostate Cancer Severe shortness of breath, night and day sweats and total loss of libido. My version is of leuprolide acetate is called Eligard. Does a good job of keeping my PSA to less than 0.1 but I also have the Alpha 1 deficiency which amounts to inherited emphysema. I was functioning normally despite the Alpha 1 before I received the first four month injection. Severe shortness of breath began immediately after the first injection. The condition of my lungs hasn't changed for two years and my pulmonary MD sees no reason for the change and attributes it to leuprolide acetate (Eligard). Recently had the fourth injection and shortness of breath worse than ever. Is there an alternative drug? The side effect is turning me into a couch potato. I am really considering stopping the treatments. Walking accross the room results in shortness of breath. I thought this info would be helpful to anyone unfortunate enough to have prostate and lung illness. M 67 1 years
 4  pprostrate cancer/bladder cancer I have only been on Lupron for one month. Had my 2nd shot today, 2/26/07. Had tumors removed from bladder on 2/6/07 and am under treatment for that also. I have noticed a lack on energy, some night sweats, and frequent urinatin at night. No weight gain yet (could use some anyhow) and will not get a new PSA test until third shot next month. Doctor is very efficient and doing good job on treatment and followups. Will update later. M 67 30 days
 3  Prostate Cancer Many side effects: mild headache, breathing difficulty, testicle/prostate swelling, urinating problems, hot flashes,lousy day to day feeling, loss of body strength and libido,blurry vision at times, not as steady in balance, throat-thyroid feels different when swallowing or moving head forward. Slows and affects memory. Drug is working to bring PSA and testosterone down but at a great physical cost. If there was another way out of this, I would take it for the Lupron drug seems to severely affect many body functions taking them from a normal to abnormal state. Many side effects: mild headache, breathing difficulty, testicle/prostate swelling, urinating problems, hot flashes,lousy day to day feeling, loss of strength,blurry vision at times, not as steady in balance, throat-thyroid feels different when swallowing or moving head forward. Slows and affects memory. Drug is working to bring PSA and testosterone down but at a great physical cost. If there was another way out of this, I would take it for the Lupron drug seems to severely affect many body functions taking them from a normal to abnormal state. M 67 2 months
1X M

 5  prostate cancer Hot flashes, enlarged breasts, decrease in energy level Have had PCa for 8 years; 2 reoccurences after radiation and thermal therapy PSA dropped to 0.12 Seems to be under control with lupron depot.I hope it continues. I have a friend who has been on it for 5 years. PSA is still undetectable. Original PSA was 92 with originally a T2B and a 7 Gleason. Reoccurence after radiation, went directly to Lupron.Age 66. I am optimistic this will buy me more time but realize eventually this becomes refractive as the body gets used to the drug M 66 1 years
 3  Prostate Cancer weight gain,total insomnia,fatigue,upset stomach,hot flashes, chills,mood swings,irritability,unsteady on feet,short term memory loss,jumpy, & the "big one" muscle aches all over body weakness in legs.Hard to even walk some days. Of course sex-now non existent also. High chlosterol & blood pressure also. I had none of these problems , except insomnia before Lupron.The muscle aches & leg weakness has only occured after 8 month shot. I hate this stuff...gleason 8, T1C,5.2 PSA. If not for wife & kids would stop immediately. Quality of life is "non existent". 1 year to go on 4 month shots.I still may quit Lupron after next shot or before it. PSA is .03 after 43 days IMRT Radiation & 8 mos Lupron. M 66 11 months
 4  Prostate cancer impotence, loss of sex drive, hot flashes, weight gain (30lbs), irritability, dry skin, depression. Well, I am alive. PSA is under relative control, fluctuates from 14 - 18. Sex drive gone, wife probably happy, me I don't know the difference anymore. Weight gain is the worst, getting harder to keep pants up. Problems with knees due to excess weight. Haven't figured out a way to keep off the weight. M 65 5 years

 4  Prostate cancer Hot flash, weakness in my arms and legs and weight gain. Regmiment of treatment has been, radical surgery, 1 l2/2 years later 36 radiation treatments, year later, Casodex and Proscar, Now Lupron depot. First treatment Sept 04, January 05 PSA was 0.0 next test first of may. So far it is doing the job, reducing PSA, M 64 6 months
 3  Prostate cancer Hot Flashes, tired, moody, lower back aches Have had 2 X 3 month shots and have stabilized PSA after a radical 8+ years ago and 44 radiation treatments 5 years ago. PSA increased 30-50% every 3-6 months--so I really hope this works M 64 5 months

 3  prostate cancer I had one hot flash that lasted for 2 days. Temp went from 101 to 103 and never lower. Loss of energy, easily tired. Lost 20 Lbs. 4 month injection. Wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding. Total confusion and felt like I was watching myself in a movie. At this stage, (40 days) nasty symptoms have for the most part, passed. (my fingers are crossed) The radiologist wants to keep me on this stuff for 2 years!!!!!!!!! Might look into the nearest funny farm to see if there are ex clients there. Is this the way it is supposed to be? PSA 68...Gleason 6, Stage T1c Have not got back any results on the latest PSA test. M 63 40 days
 2  prostate cancer anger, sweats, mood swings, crying, body odor, weakness, vision changes, dry mouth, chills, can't remember things, depression, sleeplessness, irritability, loss of appetite. Husband Could not do the three years recommended by dr. only one year...studies showed no difference in prognosis after three years than 1 year anyway- States he would rather be dead, than to take this medication ever again. M 63 1 years
1X M

 2  Prostate Cancer Gleason 7 3+4 Extreme mood swings, crying 4x's a few days a go, ultra sensitivity to everything, wanting to run away from the people I love, loss of all sexual interest. I am also taking Avodart and Casodex part of triple blockade ADT but my doc is stopping Lupron feeling it is causing me to feel insane. M 63 3 months
7.5mg 1X M

 5  prostate cancer I seem to be the poster patient for this medication. Hot flashes,(mild)weight gain (10-15 lbs.)pretty close to zero sex drive,slight breast enlargement( weight lifters chest)loss of body hair, (especially on legs where clothing rubs)mild loss of energy ( from a type A to a type B or C) which feels pretty good to be able to relax and not feel guilty about it. After radical surgery. Thirty-nine radiation treatments and up and down PSA readings over the past seven + years it feels good to have a PSA of <0.01.How long it lasts we will see,but it feels pretty good for now. I have had two ,three mo. shots. I am off now for six months or until my PSA starts rising.The side effects are mild compared to the alternative. Now that I have been off it for a month some things are getting back to some semblance of normal. M 62 6 months
 4  Prostate cancer Fatigue, irratibility, insomnia, swelling in hands and feet, weight gain of 20 pounds, some depression, lack of sex drive, tingling and itching in extremities, occasional night sweats. I am on the second of a scheduled 3 injections. Had IMRT treatment for PC. PSA went from 9.9 to .01. Lupron side effects are hard to take, but if it does the job, I can take it. M 62 6 months

 1  prostate cancer fatiqued and tire all the time.no sex drive or interest in sex. hot flashes and night sweats. Mood swings and drepression. Swollen hands. M 62

 4  Prostate Cancer Slight anemia, probable aggravation of conditions either already existing or oncoming: high blood sugar, low energy, restlessness, lack of libido, increasing irritability, decreasing body hair, skin reverting to baby-like smoothness. Works for me: TRUS and biopsy showed cancerous or precancerous cells throughout 2/3 of prostate that was 11 times normal size; PSA 6.8, Gleason 7. After two 3-month Lurpon injections and one month on Casodex, prostate was half as large but still twice operable size; PSA <.4. Main gripe is damn surgeon didn't speak one word to possible side effects; just a faint smile when I bring yet another symptom to his attention. Started out with a few strikes against me anyway: bi-polar with panic-anxiety disorder and hugely overweight, heavy drinker for years. Meds, age and bad habits have brought on adult-onset diabetes which I am now sure is aggravated by Lupron. Before all this, however, am sure I underwent "male menopause" at precisely age 40: loss of energy and interest in formerly enjoyable pursuits including sex, raging night sweats for several years with highly disrupted sleep. Got past all that, so Lupron had noplace to go except straight to now-shrunken gonads and prost M 61 17 months
 3  Prostate Cancer Many side effects, mostly manageable but some of them serious. Urology Dr gave me a 4 month shot prior to seed implants to get me prepared. PSA 6.5 and Gleason 7 lymph biopsy shows no spread. He said I would be on it for 2 years. Side effects started right away and just continued to get worse. It got so bad my family Dr. put me off work because I could not sleep whatever I took and my mental state was so bad. Oncology Dr. said he was not giving me any more Lupron. The worst effects are not sleeping, exhausted all the time, mental confusion, memory loss, bad balance. Had the implants 1 week ago. We will see what happens. M 61 3 months

 3  Prostate Cancer Hot Flashes,some leg pain,some fatigue, some mental fuzziness,increased night urination. Haven't had more than 3 hours of sleep consecutively since injection 3/6 PSA level 29, Gleason 7-10, CAT scan and Bone scan ruled out metastasis. DaVinci Prostatectomy scheduled 6/18. First symptom was leg pain that lasted a few weeks, but went away. Hot flashes are biggest negative. Dr. tried Clonidine, but didn't seem to help. I was very active before the injection (running 10-15 miles/week plus lifting weights). Continue to run and lift weights 4 days a week(with a some loss of endurance and strength, but not bad) Due to increased sweating, I have to make sure my fluid levels are kept up. Changed diet completely, no red meat, a lot of soy, fish,grains,juice. Lost 12 lbs. and feel pretty good. Some days I seem like I can go pretty good, but then hit a wall and am wiped out, but I just go with it and wait until I feel better. Don't know what rating to give the drug, since my PSA won't be tested until after the surgery. I have faith in the course of action my Dr. is taking and hopefully will report back the results. M 61 80 days
 5  Prostate Cancer Weight gain (30 lbs, 14% body fat to 24% body fat); inability to lose weight; general decrease in vitality; total inability to get erection; zero motivation for sex; some loss of body hair; tire easily-have to nap every day; discontinued strenous multi-day outdoor activity due to uncertainty about energy level. Up 3-6 times a night to urinate; occasional depression. Cool, huh? I have tried to maintain an aggressive exercise program (weight lifting, biking, some running, spinning class) but my aerobic health and strength levels have continually declined while on Lupron. I feel much older. I feel as if I am continually declining, not making progress to better health. PSA is down to less than .01 after IMRT and Taxotere Chemotherapy (Gleason 9 cancer)so it is working. I have had to begin to turn down invitations to do physically oriented activities due to my level of health. M 60 21 months
 5  Prostrate Cancer Constant urge to urinate; Hot Flashes. Hard to sleep and lost of strenght for sex M 60 6 months
 4  Prostate cancer Injection site pain on occassion. Weakness in hips and lower back so use a weight lifters belt when picking things up. Digestive system problems with gas. Insomnia so take a sleeping pill every night. Wake up from 3 to 6 times per night to urinate. Hot flashes with sweats that I have gotten used to. Absolutely no sex drive or interest-to castrate level for sure. I had a Gleason 6 cancer and underwent 45 IMRT radiation treaments. My PSA was 52.0 and is now down to .7 which shows that this combination was the best for me. Even though I have no sex drive my relationship with my wife has reached a higher level and we spend a lot of time massaging each others back and feet. But since I get up a lot at night we have to sleep in separate rooms. I will be on Lupron for another year and the side effects last from 6 to 9 months after treatment. I won't know if this was the cure until this time passes and we check my PSA. M 59 10 months
 4  Prostate Cancer Hot flashes, I tire easily with the slightest exertion, weakness, irritability, mood swings, shortness of breath, all of these side effects are continuing still this time though I have been off the lupron for over 3 months second round, first 1 year this time 8 months, the treatment worked both times though the results the second time were not as good as the first. M 59 8 months

 4  advanced prostate cancer bone mets Fatigue, hot flashes, arthritis, loss of balance, depression, enlarged breasts and weight gain.Still work full time but with a flexible schedule. PSA 0.2 Cancer is stable with no additional metastasis. M 57 2.5 years
 4  Prostate cancer Hot flashes, fatigue, loss of strength, loosing body hair, mild depression, irritable Injection every 4 months. As long as it can prolong my life I will continue taking. M 56 18 months

 3  Prostate cancer Mild mostly, occasional hot flashes, less body hair, less libido. Weight gain around middle, anxiety. Will not know for 6 more months if it has helped. M 56 6 months

 3  13 cm fibroid I had one injection of Lupron which is suppose to last 3 months. No sex drive. No appetite. Feeling of being numb, ie. no orgasms, no abodominal pain. Severe hot flashes and night sweats. Nights are the worst, every hour and sometimes 4 an hour. Of couse I'm not sleeping because of this and during the day my brain is fuzzy. I can hardly think. Change in taste. I don't want to eat so I lost weight 10 lbs. Depression started before taking the drug and got worse after taking lupron and my depression medication was increased. The increased dosage has had no effect. Sex hurts because of vaginal dryness and vaginitis. Periods have stopped but after sex I spot. Fibroid has shrunk to 8 cm now and all the pressure, abdominal pain,urinary pain, intestinal pain and bloating and heavy bleeding have stopped. I've enjoyed being pain free for 3 months but the drug is wearing off and the pain is slowly starting to come back. Started taking 25 mg of DHEA and depression is almost gone. Hot fla Doctor doesn't want to do hysterectomy because I'm on Coumadin and have had a pulmonary embolectomy and 2 blood clots in my legs so she wants to keep me on Lupron in hopes that my periods will stop soon. I'm 56 and my periods are regular. I'm not sure I want to do another injection. My next appointment is tomorrow and I still don't know what to do. Was it better before? I don't know with all the negative side effects I have now it's hard to say but being pain free for 3 months has been nice. F 56 3 months

 1  fibroids Extreme mental depressions, up and down emotions. Knee, lower leg and hip pain to the extremes. Headaches and general ill feeling. Nausea, vomiting, constipation and diarreah. Not daily but enough that it was uncomfortable. Weight loss, lack of appetite. I was told that I should take this shot and it would shrink my fibroids and help in excessive bleeding and then I would be able to get robotic surgery. They said after surgery that they couldn't do the surgery with robotics, since the fibroids were too large and there was too many, originally had two, they said ended up with 8. A normal uterus weight about 90 gm, mine was 854 gm, after 3 months of Lupron. With the extreme cost of this shot, I feel it was not worth the pain, suffering and mental anguish! I could have had my hysterectomy three months earlier! And saved alot of money! The lack of bleeding was the only advantage of this shot. Don't do it, if you have excessive fibroids, or you have had them for a extended period of time F 56 3 months
30 mg 1X M
 4  prostate cancer Hot flashes,weight gain (22#), muscle weakness, swelling in extremities. I work out 5-6 times a week, but have backed off on my running program. The extra weight makes it hard on the feet and legs. Hopefully the treatment will work in conjunction with the cryosurgery in a few months. M 55 5 days
 4  prostate cancer My submission earlier showed 5 days. It should be 5 months M 55 5 months
 4  prostate cancer impotence, breast tender and swelling, back and leg pains started lupron 3/06 3 weeks before 42 imrt treatments for gleason 7, psa 4.3, t2c, scans negative outside prostate area. i really hope this increases odds of no reacurance, however i don't know if i can take my next shot, the side effects are bad and i can't find any conclusive study/research that proves this extends survival, beyond what occurs with high dose radiation even dr. says it is not showing great increase in ongoing RTOG trials just now ending, but does show small improvement, final data on full 2 years of lupron coming soon. THE GOOD NEWS IS MY PSA HAS BEEN <.1, AND I HAVE TREMENDOUS FAMILY SUPPORT. may GOD bless you all. M 55 17 months


 1  severe bleeding,fibroids severe hot flashes, bone thinning, joint pain, palpitations, dry,itchy and crawly skin, melanin changes, mood swings, weight gain, carb cravings, memory loss, hair thinning. (1) 3-month injection reduced the bleeding, but the side effects were debilitating. It's been 3 years since I had the injection and I am still suffering from many of the side effects, most specifically severe hot flashes, weight gain,fuzzy brain F 55 1 months
 1  prostat cancer hard to uranate or take a dump could not digest food guts were so hard thay hurt hot flashes that just made me teem i hate the stuf i will never take thyat shit again M 55 120 days
 4  multifocal breast cancer hot flashes, bone pain, anxiety,very dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes,injection site inflamation, complete supopression of menstural cycle, difficulty in gait, and a mirad of other symptoms dependent on the time in the shot cycle. The last two shots were the 3 month sort and the symptoms were much worse when compared to the monthly shot. I do not recommend the 11.75 ml shot. Opt for the monthly shot as it is much more tolerable. The doctors do the big shot for convenience...Now I am off the shot my life has returned to a much more normal experience with only slight abdominal symptoms when compared to before the shot. I opted for hormonal intervention rather than the standard chemo offered for my DCIS and invasive breast cancers, stage 2. At 49 I had 2 daughters to raise. Overall it was a better experience than what I witnessed other women go through with chemo. There is no long term heart effects as with Chemo. I recommend this shot on the basis of survival. I wish they had treated me 5 years earlier for the polycystic syndrome, maybe then I could have avoided the cancer assault. Just try to turn it into a chemical Adventure! This shot stopped the terrible menstural syndrom I suffered with for 8 years. 54 3.5 years
 3  pre-surgery for fibroids Never experienced a hot flash, so not sure if I'm getting them. I do get 'warm' every so often, but not to the extreme. I get headaches, but always did have menstrual migraines before, so that's nothing new either. I'm taking Norathindrone with these shots so maybe that's doing it's job?? I'm taking Lupron to prepare for a laproscopic hysterectomy. I've had a Fibroid Embolization done, which did nothing. I've had heavy periods for eight years! My doctor warned me that after the first shot of Lupron, my bleeding may get worse for a while. Her words... "it may kick it up a notch." After my first shot on 11/20/07 I had a cessation for a while. Then I got my period again on 12/9/07. I still had it when I went for my second shot (11.25 mg)on 12/17, and my bleeding raged on for another 10 days! It stopped for about 7 days and it just started again! I just hope the Lupron's doing its job, because I was already chronically anemic - I don't see how having my period every few days will help anemia. And I'm taking a slow release iron pill on top of everything else! I'm praying the Lupron is at least shrinking the fibroids as I don't want to resort to a conventional hysterectomy! I rated this a 3, but I'm not sure if I can say it's working. I'm still five or so we F 54 48 days

 5  adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, fibroid Hot flashes (with cold flashes afterwards), night sweats, slight memory loss, some hair loss in upper pubic area I took one injection per month from 2/06 - 7/06. It's been 10 weeks since my last shot. I'm still having the flashes and night sweats pretty bad but was told all side effects would be gone within 12 weeks. I had a pelvic sonogram a few weeks ago and my one small fibroid and 2 ovarian cysts are gone. My period has not returned. I am so ready for these flashes to be gone but I would say that this shot was truly worth it because I did not want surgery. I will report here again if and when my period starts back up and if the adenomysis still bothers me after the shot wears off. F 53 6 months

 5  adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, fibroid This is the 3rd time I've written here. Hot flashes and night sweats were about my only side effect and in my opinion were pretty severe, but they were worth it because the 6 months of shots got rid of everything... The flashes finally stopped almost 15 weeks after the last shot. My period has not started back yet. I should say that I am 53 years old and the women in my family don't go thru menopause until they are 63, so most likely I have a ways to go until I go thru it naturally. F 53 6 months

 4  2 ovarian cysts, adenomyosis First month cold flashes and a few small headaches. 2nd month hot flashes plus cold flashes, night sweats, insomnia and memory loss. The first week my bleeding was worse than it had been but by the 2nd week it had stopped completely for the first time in 2 months. I am approved for 6 monthly shots...have had 2 and get the 3rd one in 2 days. I have not been re-tested yet to see if the cysts are shrinking. F 53 2 months

 4  Adenomyosis, ovarian cysts I reported after 2 shots and now I'm in my 3rd week after my 3rd monthly shot. The hot flashes have gotten alot worse and then afterwards I get very cold most of the time. I'm not sure how this is going to affect me when the heat and humidity of summer get here. Dr. still hasn't tested me to see if the cysts are shrinking so I can't comment there. I have slight memory loss, and night sweats which have gotten worse this month too. My heavy daily bleeding stopped the 2nd week after the first shot after getting worse the 1st week. If I find out the cysts have shrunk I would say it's worth the side effects I'm having. F 53 3 months

 2  Prostate cancer Hot Flashes, Joint pain, Neck pain, Tender & larger 'breasts' Perpetual tiredness + haven't put together >3 hrs sleep continuously in 1.5 yrs without chemical help. Libido=0, if the penis shrinks any further, I'll have to remove Mr in front of name. The original plan was 12 injections, coming up on 5 & I'd get off tomorrow except "does it make these 5 a waste of time etc?" I'll be asking next visit b/c if there is little difference. I get the shot in the butt, the 1st injection site on one side still hurts after >1 year. M 53 1.5 years

 2  bleeding fibroids Migraines, Chest pain, hot flashes, severe joint pain, mood swings, High blood pressure. The bleeding has improved. I rarely have side effects with prescription drugs and usually react quite well to prescriptions. Not this time. I'm a wreck. F 53 5 months

 1  uterine fibroids hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, insomnia, joint and bone pain, osteoporosis I had two injections 3 months apart. I stopped the injections after 6 months. I gained 30 lbs and work out 6 days a week and cannot lose a pound. My body was strong before and now I have chronic joint and bone pain and my body feels so weak. I never sleep thru the night I feel as if I aged 20 years over night. I went into menopause and never came out. It has been 18 months since my last injection and my body is still a mess. I would NEVER have taken this medication. F 53 6 months
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