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 3  Prevent Pregnancy Um... it works. Only thing was that the cramps & weight gain & sore breasts were insane...but this birth control does wonders ... Just make sure to take it at the times that you set up. .. so it can stay effective ... when ever that moment comes up. F 20 8 months
 1  Period Regulation, Very Bad Cramps Every month of starting my new package I get nauseous, it wasn't like that when I started, one month I was nauseous for a good 4 days, since that month it's gotten worse, to the point where I'm up in the middle of the night throwing up. my acne changed a slight bit but I'm not sure that's the pills, I've gained weight, my boobs are constantly sore, not satisfied at all. F 17 8 months

 1  birth control, period regulation The first month I went to the pharmacy to get another month pack,they gave me the generic brand of ortho tri cyclen or the real brand (or vice versa).Anyway I was on the ortho tri cyclen. After switching, I just didn't feel right. I would worry about things and overthink things ALL the time. And I felt homesick most of the time. Around the beginning of January, I had a severe anxiety attack.I couldn't sleep, my legs kept twitching, and my breast area felt really tight, like I couldn't breathe. After that night, I felt numb.I didn't feel like I loved my boyfriend any more, which worried me SICK. Because before this happened I could NOT have been any happier with him. He was my best friend. Also, I lost all my drive to do ANYTHING.I love riding horses but after that I didn't want to go out and ride them or be around them. I wanted to cry all the time. I was in absolute misery. Everything I used to love doing I didn't care about anymore. So around the middle of January I went to the docto F 18 5 months
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 2  regulate period prevent pregnancy First it was good, cleared up my acne, regulated my period. But I started having my period before even reaching the placebo pills, fatigue, tired all the time, mood swings, acne came back and started having brown discharge F 17 8 months

 1  Prevent pregnancy Extreme fatigue, slurred speech, disoriented, dizzy. Do not take this pill. You will feel horrible. F 19 10 days
25 mg

 1  Prevent pregnancy I wouldn't usually blame the birth control but this is getting out of hand. My anxiety is out of control and I've been getting panic attacks as well. I didn't know what was going on until I did some research and found out that it's quite common for this to happen while taking Ortho Tri Cyclen. It also hasn't been helping much with my acne, I was told it would help clear it up some but it's only made it worse. I'm on edge all the time and it's tearing me down, I will be switching as soon as possible. F 20 2 months

 1  Severe cramps This drug ruined my body, my first year of college and my relationship. Physical: Hair fell out, small acne bumps all over my face, double vision, extreme fatigue. Other: depression, severe anxiety/panic attacks. Ladies, I was unaware of what was going on at the time... I pray that none of this happens to you. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. (Switched to 3 other pills. BC pills deprive the body of vitamins. There is no reason to put this garbage in your body.) F 25 1 years

 1  Prevent pregnancy I've been on this pill for a while. I'm always feeling very depressed or just numb inside. I have the craziest mood swings all the time! I cry over absolutely anything. I get so emotional over things I sometimes want to cause harm on myself. It's affecting my relationship with the guy i've been with for three years because I snap at him over anything and he doesn't deserve it. I've had horrible acne since i've been on it which has been months and it has ruined my confidence completely. I never look anyone in the eye and I don't even want my boyfriend to look or touch my face. My sex drive decreased drastically. (which isn't completely bad but not completely good either) I'm always tired now I never want to do anything ever but sit or lay down. I used to always be active running around everywhere having fun. My breasts seem to always hurt now also. I get bad headaches and Itch all over my body. I'm losing hair also but not to drastically. Well instead of going on and on i'll just say I have nearly every bad side effect that can happen with these pills. I can't wait to get off them. For anyone who starts to have these things happening to them go to your doctor! Don't wait so long going through all this like me. l've read many reviews and barely saw any good ones so in my opinion this isn't the bc pills to go for. F 17 6 months

 1  Acne , pregnancy prevention I have been beyond tired since starting this pill. I also have bad mood swings and yell at people for no valid reason and cry all the time. My weight has been such a battle since starting this pill!! I work out 5 times a week, and am extremely careful of what I eat, and I am still gaining weight! This is the worst thing I have ever put into my body! I should've stopped a long time ago, but only just realized the birth control was what was causing my problems! DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL!! F 25 2 days

 1  For birth control and acne I got a pulmonary Embolism and deep vein thrombosis that hurts, not to mention I might have to be on blood thinner for life! I don't recommend this deadly drug to anyone, so many have died or hurt for life! F 25 1 years

 4  Irregular Cucle I love this pill! The only side effect I experienced was weight gain, I gained about 10 pounds& was constantly hungry during my second pack. However during my 4th pack I dropped 15 pounds like it was nothing. I never go pregnant while taking this ( I have pretty religious sex) My sex drive is absolutely insanely high! My face was never oily& my ance was as gone completly! My periods came for about 4-5 days and they are so light! I used to have really bad cramps, now I get them once and their only mild! Completely reccomend this to everybody! Oh& I never really experienced any mood swings but I am an un-medicated bipolar so it's hard to tell. F 5 months

 1  Acne /pregnancy prevention Feeling tired, headache at the same time everyday when taking the light blue pills, oily face didn't go away and brown discharge with te headaches also mood swings irritable and cried for no reason feel like crap just wanted to stay inside my bed F 23 10 days

 1  Birth control Where do I start....extremely tired,so much so that I can not stay awake and can not wait until it's time for bed! My breast are sore ans make me think I'm pregnant,I bleed off and on all the time,my periods come before I'm even on the placebos . I'm very depressed and have daily anxiety attacks. I'm STARVING all the time and gained 10 pounds and it took until today for me to realize it was due to my pill,I took he last one today and pray I will be getting back to my old self! F 31 8 months
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 3  Prevent pregnancy Started taking Trinessa when I was about 25. I had mood swings and was very emotional. My scalp started getting dry and now I have dandruff that won't go away. Every time I go to have my hair cut, after the wash - they comb my hair and clumps fall out. I also see clumps in the shower. I have no energy. I pick on my husband for every little thing, and I have no patience. I was very irritable and also have no sex drive. The only thing this pill did was prevent pregnancy (I actually planned a pregnancy during taking this pill, so I stopped taking it and it took 5 months to get pregnant) and it also kept my face very clear. (I washed my face only with water) After another recent haircut, my hairdresser asked what medications I was taking. This was the only medication I was on, so it was then that I figured it out. I googled others' side effects and found I wasn't alone. Now I have stopped taking it for good! F 32 7 years

 3  Pregnancy prevention, acne Helped somewhat wit acne, better than not taking anything at all for it. Had more pimples this month than id like, tho (compared to being on other bc). My period was a week late. I've had irregular cycle issues before but not for awhile, until I took this medication. Reading all the reviews made me think twice about finishing my placebo pills. I've recently noticed I was unusually more depressed, fatigued, anxious and moody on this. Didn't notice how much it was affecting me til I stopped taking it. F 18 1 months
 1  Regulate my period Irregular period I get my period every other week. F 8 months
 3  Prevent pregnancy Just started my 2nd pack ( just took 2nd pill) I would normally break out maybe 2-3 pimples the week before my period but when I started ortho tri cyclen last month the first week of pills made me break out really BAD! all over my jawline it looks horrible but it did calm down once I got closer to my period Now that I have started this new pack (2nd pack) I have a painfull pimple and 2-3 white heads already I know I'm suppose to give it 3 months for my body to adjust but I hate all these Acne scars/red marks the pimples are leaving on my face the good is I didn't get pregnant my period was lighter/shorter and my breast are about a cup size bigger but they do get sore/tender and no weight gain F 27 1 months

 1  Regulate period Been taking OTC for a month and it's awful. At first it cleared up my break through bleeding and I was good for a while then I got my period 1 wk ago and I'm the heaviest I've ever been. So many blood clots it's so bad that it runs down my leg. I hav the worst abdominal pains and so moody and angry and all over the place. Def. stopping this pill! Would never recommend this. Feels like I'm dying F 22 1 months
 4  birth control No side effects I felt nauseous the first day or two but after that Nithing. It was perfect. I missed to pills on my honeymoon and got pregnant. It worked for me wonderfully up until then. I'm wondering about now after pregnancy though. F 22 2 years
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 2  Pregnacy prevention regulate period I started this pill on an off cycle so I missed my June period which is freaking me out !!! And every test comes back negative . Then I realized my face cleared the first two weeks now that I'm on the second pack my face is really breaking out plus my appetite increased but when I eat I get full quick . I felt nauseous the first few weeks and very fatigue but I also have a history of hospitalizations where I REFUSE TO STAY HOME AND JUST LAY DOWN SO I DON'T LET THAT FATIGUE GET IN THE WAY OF MY DAY ... My breast still look the same I haven't gained weight ... But the fact that it gives you pregnancy symthoms drives you insane . Hard to tell if your pregnant or just these pills .. My sexy drive is beyond low I can't even have an orgasm but that's fine for now cause I really needed it to lower my sex drive .... But really I'm sure that there's a better pill then this one ... F 19 2 months
 5  Cramps, acne, heavy flow NONE! I was on this pill for 15 YEARS (yes, years), had twins when I went off, and now I am back on (I am 37 years old and do not smoke). I was on the real-deal Ortho Tri-Cylen (not the generic version or the 'lo' version). This stuff is a Godsend! My periods were only 4 days long and not heavy. I also do not have cramps when my period comes. My face is clear as a bell. I did not gain any weight, and if there was water retension, it went away after a couple months after I adjusted to the pill. I did not lose sexual desire nor did I lose or gain my appetite. It all stayed normal. I also did not have mood swings or crazy thoughts. I love this pill! F 37 15 years
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 1  Birth control Blood clot almost killed me. Never smoked in my life. Massive weight gain. Face breaking out. I am never able to take any kind of birth control again. F 23 4 years
 1  Acne Ever side effect imaginable, Swelling/slightly/leaking,/tender breasts, Weight Gain, Emotional Outbreaks: Anger and Sadness, Increased appetite, Severe abdominal pains, Headaches, Nausea, YOU Name The Effect and I Had it. I took this stupid pill for 2 weeks. And 2 months later I am still dealing with effects. My doc said it can take 4 months to completely get out of my system. This pill is a nightmare. I felt 8 months pregnant after taking it for 2 weeks and I wasn't pregnant. This pill messes with your body and your mind TERRIBLY. F 36 2 weeks
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 1   I know everyone reacts differently on different meds. This is not the right birth control for me. I have headaches, serious mood swings, depression, yeast problems..this is not me at all. I have no patients with anything, I feel like I'm going crazy. I remember feeling this way before and it just hit me that it was the birth control the whole time. Most def getting off of this before it destroys relationships. :( F 28 1 months

 3  irregular cycle & acne Face broke out even more first week and gained 3 lbs. The 2nd week the acne stopped but gained even more weight. 3rd week and I've gained 7 lbs in 3 weeks but no new acne. F 3 weeks
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 5  Birth Control none Works well. Extremely light and short periods. F 43 10 years
1X D

 2  Prevent Pregnancy Extreme irritability, hair loss, no sex drive I took this BC back when I was in HS and college. Everything was great..well I think I was young and didnt really care. I was off TTC for 3 years and got back on after I had my Son. Since then it has been horrible. Like a lot of post I have been so angry. I wouldnt say it has ruined my marriage but Im not very nice to him and get mad over nothing at al. We fight..a lot. I did have hair loss with this pill, not drastic but still. I went down to 110 after having my son..and fast 120 before having him. Im not sure it had to do with this BC though because I am on an anti depressant. I have nos ex drive what so ever. Thought it was due to anti depressant as well, changed types and still no change. My poor husband. I cant think of any other symptoms that are obvious or that bother me. F 25 8 years
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 2  Prevent pregnancy Anger, irritable, hair loss in chunks, dry eyes major bloating (7-10lbs), weight gain, no energy, depression. F 38 1 months

 2  prevent pregnancy started to get acne, never had ever! cry easy, headache, nausea, yeast problem F 35 2 weeks
1X D

 1  birth control I have experienced major depression, mood swings, a non existent sex drive as well as feeling lathargic ALL the time!! My marriage has been falling apart since I started this bc!! My husband has been telling me for awhile now that I haven't been myself! I started noticing it but chalked it up to stress, until I was about 2 weeks late to pick up my pills. In that 2 weeks, I felt so much more happy and alive! Not glued to the couch feeling tired every minute of every day! And not just tired but extremely exhausted! It was difficult for me to walk through Walmart and not need to sit down and rest! I'm 24!! Not an elderly or over weight lady!! I shouldn't feel like this!! Don't take this pill!! F 24 1 years

 3  Acne & pregnancy prevention Increased sex drive for sure & good mood. Have pcos so maybe it does opposite for me then others. No change in acne or weight as of yet.... F 27 10 days

 4  prevent pregnancy Cramps, Bloating, Breast Tenderness, Headaches, Bad mood swings, but only a few days before I start my period. the rest of the month is usually perfectly normal. I have unprotective sex all the time and it works great on preventing pregnancy for me. I think it just takes a while to get use too. I like it a lot though. my periods are a couple days late every month but very predictable, i can always tell and it's usually on the Wednesday after the last pill I took. Does its job. F 16 2 years

 1  birth control I started talking this birth control after the birth of my daughter. I am experiancing so many side effects. Mood swings, irritability, anxiety, depressin, extreme hairloss. No sex drive. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me till I just randomly googled my bc. This pill is ripping my marriage apart. My heart is constantly racing and chest is always hurting. I plan on calling my ob this week and seeing if I can switch. I feel like I am going crazy, cause this is not me. :( F 22 2 years
 4  Prevent Pregnancy No pregnancy, Yeast infections, Dryness, Crying This pill is good for preventing pregnancy and it cleared up my facial acne after using it for about 6 months. The first dose I took on the first day of my period and I have never felt worse pain in my life, the cramps were so terrible. Each month my period comes on the same day, it is short and the cramps are not bad. The only downside is that I have never had yeast infections and now I will get one once every few months, and I have a low sex drive and am extremely dry making things uncomfortable. F 20 1 years
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 1  endometriosis Breast and thigh swelling and increased size, long painful periods. I should have quit this pill after the 3 month trial; I really don’t know what I was thinking staying on it past that. My periods *before* OTC- while painful- were very short, and the intense pain lasted only through the first day. OTC made my period a long drawn out affair where I could barely function for 5 days due to pain (though it was slightly less intense than before), and my period was unusually heavy and 7 days long compared to my usual 3-4 days. I finally quit OTC (too late) when at the 5 months my breasts and thighs became terribly swollen. My diet is restricted due to a medical condition, so it wasn't something I ate. It’s been one month since I quit and my breasts/thighs have not improved yet. I went through a breast reduction surgery several years back, so this breast size thing is quit literally my nightmare! I specifically asked if this could happen and was told no, I should have done mor I will try to update if/when symptoms recede F 32 5 months
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 3  birth control & acne treatment After I stopped taking it acne got worse and I started experiencing stomach issues which they say is colitis. That is a side effect. I was healthy before taking this medication. It could be caused by this. med or not . F 33 3 years

 1  Pregnancy prevention This is the pill for you if you want to ruin your relationship/marriage. My fiancé and I were constantly fighting. Over nothing. And yes, the problem was me because I would FREAK OUT over nothing and at the stupidest things. I would be completely fine, and next thing I know im yelling, screaming and threatening to move out. I'm not bi-polar, I've went to the doctor for that. I honestly thought I was crazy. After I stopped taking this bc pill I went back to normal and my relationship is so much better now. I would also cry all the time. Alllll the time. No I didn't get pregnant while taking this pill but I'd rather have a baby than deal with that again!!!!! Do not take this pill!!!! F 20 1 years
 5  Birth control, acne, hair growth. Weight gain (5-10lbs) F 19 9 months

 4  Acne, regulate period Some breakouts during third week, mild headaches, moodiness. Was amazing for treating my adult acne. Regulating my period was just a bonus. My cramps went from painful to just mildly annoying. It also made my period lighter and shorter. I had never been on another b/c pill so I can't compare to others. F 35 5 years
1X D

 1  Prevent pregnancy I wsnt to the hospital yesterday. I was on Ortho tri cyclen lo for a year no problem, in november I had a BAD PERIOD heavy bleading, and clots galore. well around the 13th of december I had another period like that but heavier, and I passed skme weird fleshy clot, so I went to hospital. They told me I was having breaththrougj bleeding, and I needed to switch to the regular Ortho tri cyclen (higher dose) went to planned parenthood and got it the nex day. I took it for about 3 weeks, and stopped cuz I all of a sudden could'nt breathe and it hurt. Ever since which has been about twoand a half weeks I have it all day long every day. So I went to the urgent care and that doctor gave me a xray, and it was clear. But that doctor said that doesnt rule out clots, and so he said I need to go to the the hospital and get blood work, an a CT. So they called the ER to let them know I was coming. And they did was listen to me with the stethoscope. And check my blood. And said if the blood came back okay then they wont do the CT, and if it came back with clots then they would give me the CT. Well the blood came back okay, and I was thinking if I stopped taking this birth control for about 2 weeks now would there not be blood clots in my blood? but still be some in my lungs cause they don't really go away? Well they diagnosed me with apparently " Asthma wih Accute exacerbation." Tney gave me breathing treatment, which I still couldnt breath and it hurt, and they gave me a sterio F 18 3 weeks
 1  Contraceptive Extreme moodiness, larger breast, depressed, lack of motivation, nausea, headaches Pill has made me feel very sick and tired all the time. Very unmotivated, don't care about much of anything. Snap at husband and kids for stupid reasons that I normally wouldn't get mad over. Breast very sore. Constant headaches. Very bloated. Probably gained like 5 lbs or more. Only taken close to three weeks worth of pills. Stopping tonight after reading all the reviews. Wouldn't recommend at all!! F 30 3 weeks

 3  regulate period I started taking these meds to regulate my monthly cycles and i cant complain so far it has worked. Although, it has made me very emotional and increased my appetite far more than just a bit. Lately i have noticed a rough type of texture inside my vagina and to be honest it hurts! I have been paranoid and i literally feel like my woman parts are falling out and crumbling off slowly. Im scared this might be a severe thing... i wouldnt recommend this pill to anyone! F 17 2 months

 4  prevent pregnancy, lighter periods I love this pill. Had made my periods so much lighter and less cramps. side effects that I have had weight gain (15), tired all the time, wanting to eat everything in site. But other than that its been great! F 17 1 days

 3  For birth control Depression, anxiety, nausea, hunger. F 18 6 months

 5  prevent pregnancy, clear acne I had terrible acne and out of wack periods and cramps before i started taking the pill six years ago. Since then my acne has cleared periods r normal and only four days ( heck yes!) And minimal cramping. However i just realized today i started my period 11 days early! When i started this month i was hunched over n pain from the cramps and period has lasted 4 days and still counting :( im def. Worried but not sure why or how after six years this happened? Any ideas F 22 6 years
 1  Pregnancy Prevention I have been extremely tired, nauseous, breast tenderness, I started taking this pill on the Sunday my period started, and I am still on my period. I have never had a ten day period! I cannot wear my contact lenses anymore (which is a side effect). I am stopping this pill today and calling my doctor, this is not normal. I advise everyone to read that pamphlet before taking one of those pills. 10 days
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 4  prevent pregnancy, regulate period The first week sucked! I was tired, hungry, very moody, and sick feeling, but now I only have breast tenderness and I can cry so much easier.. Other than that, everything is great F 1 months

 1  birth control I was on this pill twice. The first time I was on it was for about 3-4 days and I experienced by far the most irrational anxiety attacks. I do not have a history of them. I started it up again last week after 2 years of that thinking maybe I would give it another chance. Day one after taking the pill, I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep, my mind just racing about the dumbest things possible. NOTHING I could say to myself could calm me down. Finally, I feel back asleep. I know it takes time for your body to get used to birth control but sometimes you have to know yourself better than the doctors. If you think it's not right for you, don't continue to take it! I certainly cannot not function with a racing mind, nervousness, a feeling of floating, and whatever else would come with the pill in the next 3 months! Yikes. Your mental being is by far more important than birth control. F 26 1 days
average 1X D

 4  Regulate periods,prevent pregnancy I have been taking this for 4 days now. The side effects that i have is extremely wetness and a high sex drive. I also weigh 95 pounds but since I have been taking this pill my appetite have been very high I feel like I want to eat everything. Also I think the side effect depends on the persons body so i highly recommend this birth control pill F 19 4 days
1X D
 1  Birth control, regulate and cyst pr Weight gain, mood swings, acne, breakthrough bleeding, increase in appetite, headaches and fatigue. I cannot believe the horrible side effects I experienced with this pill. I was on Yaz for 4 years and it NEVER did this! I have gained 12 pounds in the last few months. I eat healthy and workout regularly so there is no other explanation for this gain. I have had horrendous mood swings, becoming a total bitch at times which is not like me! My face had broken out like I'm 16 again. I could go on and on about all the horrible things this pill has done to me! Stay away from it ladies!!! F 31 6 months

 1  Avoid pregnancy I have only taken the pill 5 times now, today I should be taking the 6th and I refuse. The past few days I have been dizzy, nauseous, and completely insane. I can't stop crying, I feel entirely hopeless, and I didn't feel this way at all before I started it! I woke up this morning and nearly fell from how dizzy I was, I was fighting the urge to vomit, and this past week I have hardly been able to stay awake! I am 20 years old and I slept from 8:30pm to 6:30am and had taken a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon. This is ridiculous, I don't recommend it to anyone. F 20 5 days
1X D

 5  endometriosis No side effects at all. I would marry this pill if it were legal. F 26 9 years

 1  Birth control Breast tenderness, mood swings, body acne from shoulders to thighs, yeast infection/BV that lasted months after going off the pill, psoriasis of the scalp. Maybe I was just unlucky, but this pill was absolute torture for me. I was completely healthy/ had no health issues and had a normal cycle before going on this pill. The side affects lasted months after I stopped taking it. Although it was an effective enough preventative, I cannot recommend Ortho Tri-Cyclen to anyone. F 22 3 months
1X D
 4  Cystic Acne,Ovarian Cyst,Periods Some nausea the first week and lose of appetite. I started taking this as a last resort when my acne meds didn't help anymore. Obviously this pill is also beneficial to help regulate my periods and prevent my occasional ovarian cyst. I am not taking this pill as a birth control I still use condoms and other methods to prevent pregnancy. Anyone else taking this for acne and is on other meds ALWAYS use a condoms because other meds can sometimes lessen the pills effects of preventing pregnancy. The only negative thing I have to say so far is I had some nausea but then again I have a week stomach. Hope you all react well and it helps you ! :) F 17 2 weeks
1X D
 4  prevent pregnancy, clear up acne breast tenderness, headaches, lack of energy, no motivation, cry easily I love this birth control, I only have side effects when I go off and then on it again. After a month or two my body and emotions always goes back to normal. You have to give your body a chance for ANY medication to regulate into your system. It keeps me from getting pregnant, it makes my skin clear (it takes a month or two to purge itself though) and it makes my periods regular, light and painless. Women who have been on it for 10 days, or 1 month - give it a chance, I only stop taking it when my husband and I want to try to get pregnant and then I always end up going back to it because the benefits outweigh the initial side efffects F 28 5 years
1X D

 1  Period Regulation Horrid cramps. I would sit in a ball crying. headaches. nausea. 3-4 week ling periods F 15 1 years

 2  prevent pregnancy nausea, headaches, dizziness, and exhaustion. I've been taking this pill at about 7pm every night and it makes me feel pretty dizzy before going to sleep, and waking up nauseous. Not to mention i have been getting headaches probably about 30 minutes to an hour after taking the pill. Just waking up in the morning i do not feel energized, i almost feel weak and needing a nap midday. It does its job and seems to be a good option for some girls, but for me these side effects suck and i'm not a fan! F 19 2 weeks
1X D
 5  Regulate Periods, help with acne When I first started taking it a couple of years ago, I had some nausea, but other than that, I don't think I can link any side effects to the birth control. This birth control has worked well for me. My face is clear 90 percent of the time and my periods only last for about three days, light flow. My GYN wanted to switch me to Tri Sprintec, but I've read many bad reviews for people that have switched from brand to generic, so I am uneasy about switching to generic and I would like to stay on what my body is accustomed to. For me, Ortho Tri Cyclen works very well and maybe it will for others. F 25 2 years
 5  Ovarian cyst, & Irregular periods. I got prescribed Ortho Tri-Cyclen, & I've never been happier. My acne went away, I see a little increase in my boobs, I still have cramps w/ my period but now there regular. But, I have a lot of cravings but, haven't gained weight. Oh, & at time's I can be emotional, beside's those small negative's I highly recommend Ortho Tri-Cyclen. 16 2 months
35 MG
 1  loss of weight I just got the pill today reading every message make me not wont to take it F 21 1 days
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