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 1  blood pressure high First off. I read through everyone's comments because I wanted to know did I have similar symptoms and a lot of them I did. I have been looking for answers about this medication to find out is it still effective after years on it;and can it raise your blood pressure or stop working after years on it. I have developed symptoms such as anxiety, anger issues where I get upset to the point I could rip someone's head off, even though I can still control my anger. I have high heart rate, always now and I notice it a lot of times when I am laying down. Shaky weak feeling sometimes and headaches a lot more than usual. I don't know if this medication increases my blood pressure or is it just not working anymore. I started taking this medication in "03" even though I wasn't taking it all the time like I needed too.I would bit recommend it just because I am not sure if it is causing me to have these symptoms or if it even works. I am too scared to take another medication but I will need to see a specialist about this soon. If you guys have any more information about being on this medication for long periods of time and how it affects your body please let me know. F 28 10 years
60 mg xl

 1  post partum preeclampsia At first I was prescribed 60 mg procardia Xl then my doctor added labetalol along with increasing the procardia to 90 Xl daily. At first the drug worked well but the longer I took it the worse the side effects became. The side effects are, dizziness, short of breath, faint feeling when I stand up, heaviness in my chest,headache, depression, anxiety, nervousness, and unusual fatigue.This medication feels like it is killing me, when I miss a day I feel normal again and my blood pressure does not get any higher than 140/106, although that is still hypertensive. It is not terribly high, so I wonder how beneficial this medication really is for me ? I am glad that I made an appointment with a cardiac specialist to mange my blood pressure and hopefully take me off of this awful drug. F 42 6 weeks

 1  High blood pressure High Pules, Fast heart rate At first it worked great but over time Pules rate went higher and higher. So bad it felt like my heart was beating out of my chest. This stuff was not for me. If this happens to you tell your Dr. You want to try something eles. Fast heart rate is a side effect of this stuff. M 33 6 months
90 MG 1X D
 3  High blood pressure Acid stomach; fatigue; constipation I started taking Procardia XL after my cesarean. I had pregnancy-induced hypertension and my BP remained high after birth. It seems to do pretty well at 30 MG to keep my BP at borderline. I believe if I lost weight, my BP would be at normal with the help of Procardia XL. I had a burning in my stomach starting the day I started taking this, so I have had to take a variety of acid reducers including Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, and Zantac. I have to take Procardia XL at night because it does make me tired. I have also had to take stool softeners with it as it seems to cause a bit of constipation. There are warnings on the insert about narrowing of the GI tract, so I don't know if its more than constipation. F 35 2 years
30 MG 1X D

 2  hypertension Redness, fever, and swelling of knees, lower legs, and feet. Never had this to happen before. Doctor changed to a different medication. F 32 8 days
30mg 1X D

 2  HBP 30 MG dosage, had some mild swelling for a couple of days. No effect on BP. Upped to 60 MG dosage in the second month. Within a few days experienced uncomfortable edema in feet. My migraines went from 4-5 per month to 10-11. I developed pain in my sternum that made it impossible for me to lie on my side in bed because of the pain. I originally attributed it to my fibromylagia, but the pain went away within a few days of my doctor taking me off of this medication because of the swelling. I have also not had a full blown migraine since stopping this medication. I was taking a generic manufactured by Mylan. This medication did not work for me at all. But I also recognize that people with positive experiences rarely post on an internet forum such as this, which to me, explains the largely negative ratings on many medications. I am by no means saying that my experience should keep you from taking this, but rather educate yourself and be aware of potential side effects, and discuss potential side effects with your doctor. F 37 60 days
60 MG 1X D

 1  High Blood Pressure I had problems with being very violent and upset about everything. I felt very tired constantly. I had a problem with trying to hit someone with my car. I decided it was time to get off the crazy pills and move to Norvasc. It is a horrible medication. My blood pressure didn't go down at all, it actually went up because I was irritated 24/7. I do not recommend this medication to anyone. M 19 6 months
30mg 1X D
 3  30mg muscles aches,headache,rapid heart beat,swelling in legs and feet F 55 3 years

 5  hypertension None at all F 50 5 years

 1  hypertension depression, fatigue, insomnia, dizziness Drug didn't do anything for hypertension, very expensive, Dr only kept increasing dose to 90mg. This stuff is worthless and the side effects are awful. They should take it off the market. F 64 2 years

 1  Severe hypertension Didn't help my HTN, still 160/100. The swelling in my ankles and hands are unbelievable. Weight gain ridiculous. I stopped taking it. F 52 4 months

 1  high bp and migraine Migraine I took a dose the first evening and woke with a migraine the next morning. None of my regular medications relieved the migraine and I ended up in the ER F 32 1 days

 3  high blood pressure Only worked in conjunction with Labetalol F 39 2.5 months

 3  Raynaud's Extreme dizziness and exhaustion It worked great for my Raynaud's. I never imagined something could work so well. BUT, since I have normal blood pressure, it lowered it way too low. I was exhausted during the whole time I took it and got dizzy even turning my head. I decided not to take it the next winter since the exhaustion never got better. F 30 5 months

 1  complicated migraine Gained 25 pounds withing the first three weeks. Swollen ankels and knees, back ache, higher blood pressure, weakness, vision problems, did not stop headaches or symptoms. would not recommend this drug or any Calcium Channel Blocker for people with complicated migraine. They do not work and complicate matters with increased blood pressure and severe headache. F 54 6 months

 4  bp dizziness at first but a great pill to lower extreme bp. as high as 210/110 before started taking it. time release is great but have to be careful in the moring getting up from bed. energy level increased and enjoyed physical activity more. would recommend this for anyone with very high BP. no side effects other than dizziness in the morning. take it with lasix. F 53 4 years

 1  high blood pressure this stuff seemed to help at 1st but the longer i take it the worse it gets. i have terrible depression. i cant hardly walk.short of breath. really bad back pain.(muscle). im so tired. no energy at all. now i know its the procardia because if i dont take it 1 day i can function again. does anyone out there know a good natural remedy for high blood pressure? if you do im ready !!!!! im getting off this stuff. i may have to change doctors. they brainwash you. M 64 4 months
 1  Hypertension Headache Doctor said it might cause headaches and it did. One 30 mg dose gave me a headache for two days. Now I have always had a probelm with headaches (since adolesence). The beta blocker (atenolol) I have used for the last 25 years tended to suppress them. I was still using the atenolol when I took the procardia. Developed a severe headache within 3 hours. M 51 1 days

 1  Hypertension-unknown cause Horrible drug. Made me a very crazy, angry person. Normally people irritate me but I was overreacting like I never have before Stopped taking it and over next 3 days became much calmer and less irratable. May not happen to everyone but if you go on this and notice your temper flaring, stop the med before you kill someone----Didn't lower my BP very much M 40 14 days

 5  for boardline B/P None i love the time release F 61 15 years
 4  premature labor,highbloodpressure dizzy,sleepy,tierd,slow feeling it stopped me from going into labor four years ago, and then my family doctor put me on 60mlg. for bloodpressure, and sometimes it doesnt work real well, but usually helps keep it in controll,along with a mild blood pressure pill i split into on those times. F 43 5 years
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