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 5  severe sinus drainage No side effects. This is the only medicine that ever works for my severe sinus problems. I take regular Claritin on a daily basis but when I get a cold I get bad drainage that makes me cough and the spit out phlegm. I have anxiety and I feel very calm on this medicine. I hate to say it but you can't take other peoples word on everything. Each person is different. I like to breathe through my nose. Which is impossible without this medicine. I only use it when I get a bad cold or severe drainage that even antibiotics can't get rid of. I highly recommend this product. It works. If you have other problems I'd recommend talking to your Dr first. F 34 2 years
10 ng
 1  To relive sinus headaches Can't sleep at all, jitteriness in my legs and arms, racing heart with any move I make, extremely dry mouth I took this about 8 pm and am still feeling the effects at 2 am F 16 1 days
120 MG

 5  Throat and Sinus Post Nasal Issues No side effects Immediate relief. I have been struggling with my throat and sinus issues that even affected my breathing I felt like I was choking for over 1 year multiple doctors, thought it was Acid Reflux causing issues. After taking Claritin D this was the first time in a long time I felt normal again I was so happy. I wanted to find a post somewhere to let other people that might have same issues. I'm going to try to use the minimum amount as needed but great results for me. M 49 1 days
5mg 1X D
 2  Sinus congestion, allergies Warmth, insomnia, extremely difficult to urinate. I will never take this drug again. M 57 1 days
1X D

 3  sinus congestion, runny nose Shortness of breath, Coughing, Heart palpitations, Insomnia, Dry throat, Decreased Appetite It did stop my nose from running and partially opened up my sinuses. M 27 2 days
1X D

 2  Allergies It's making me feel really weird is this normal? F 19 1 days

 1  Severe sinus allergies My dr said I could totally have this being pregnant. I held off until my allergies drove me crazy took a 24 hr Claritin d (not knowing it was stronger) at about 7:30 pm woke up at midnight feeling super jittery, anxious and itchy! I started freaking out and called the nurse hotline and of course they told me to go to the ER, now that I read so many people experienced these effects at least I know I'm not dying or crazy! NEVER AGAIN!! Feels like I'm on crack! Can't believe my dr and pharmacist would even recommend this to pregnant woman!! F 25 1 days
 2  Sinus congestion/infection This is my very first experience with Claritin D 12 hrs. I felt at first a warmth sensation in my face and some tingly feeling under my face skin. Dry mouth, fast heart beat. F 38 1 days
1X D
 4  alergies jimmy legs, goosebumps, cold clammy skin, insomnia, lack of appetite. works great for my allergies, would not recommend for long periods. M 67 1 days
5 / 120 2X D

 2  nasal congestion Worked o.k.for month or two then this box seems like they left the decongestant out of it.Also cause of a false positive for amphetamines on a drug screen. M 47 2 days
5 mg

 2  Sinus congestion, allergies Horrible insomnia, as mentioned by several others. I did start taking this in the evening and for the last 2 days have not been able to sleep. My sinus pressure is gone, but now am suffering for 2 days with insomnia. Barely have slept for a few hrs. I have had some anxiety and feel like I had a red bull. Not planning to continue using this product. F 28 2 days

 2  Fluid in ear seasonal allergies Dizzy, dry mouth, fatigue.. Withdrawl after stopping use. Nausea, jittery, anxiety. F 34 1 months
12 hr
 1  Allergies Took 1 pill this morning. It's now been 8 hours. Can't function because so drowsy. Not hungry. What a waste of a beautiful sunny day. Would have rather dealt with allergies than this. F 44 1 days
30 mg

 1  Allergies Dry mouth, not feeling myself out of it, not hungry. F 44 2 days
24 hr tabl

 4  Flu like symptoms Bad insomnia and dizziness. F 14 3 days
I pill

 1  Allergies. Runny nose, sneezing. Extreme insomnia. I took 1 pill at 11:30 am, wanted to nap in the afternoon and couldn't fall asleep. I was up most of the night as well. Feeling restless, exhausted, lightheaded, depressed, spaced out. Yes my allergies are mostly gone but this is worse. I can barely function this morning, 22hrs after taking 1 pill. I'd rather have allergies! I will never take ClaritinD again! How can this be OTC? F 37 1 days

 1  head cold doctor recommmended Raising heart, can't sleep, extremlly upset and angery..which is from the pill. Itch all over. Feel sick to my stomach. Would rather be sick than feel like this. I'm sure this isn't helping my body rest...probably be exhausted tomorrow. Bad stuff. F 34 1 days
24 hour
 1  seasonal allergies Insomnia, fatigue, tremor, anorexia, confusion, racing heart, headache, depressed mood,tingling fingers I took this medication last night and I still feel awful. I would never want to take it again. Worst night of "sleep" in my life and I am sooo tired but can't even sleep to take a nap. I am so spaced out I can't even function. Allergies are gone, but who cares? I would rather have the allergies. Thank goodness I don't have to work until tomorrow; I could never function properly with this stuff! F 28 1 days
1X D

 4  nasal run, sneezing 27 years Started taking for a cough with congestion I could not get rid of as a prescription from my dr. Turns out, the medicine she prescribed was what it had needed for the past 27 years of my life. Cleared up the cough I had for 6 months, and my nose completely quit running. Yes, I feel like I'm on speed. I have mild insomnia, due probably also to my work patterns as well. I do have a bit of appetite loss. And if you don't force yourself to eat, you will feel the full effect of the speed. And I'm really surprised I had not seen anyone mention an increased sexual appetite, or pleasure. I would recommend this to anyone with a legitimate reason to take it. Since it is OTC with signature, it's not for everyone . F 28 10 days

 5  I had sinus and therefore headaches So for me the first day after 10 minutes of taking it I immediately felt my head clearing up but felt a little spaced out so went to bed. The second day and from that day on I feel great. No more sinus no more headaches . I never felt so focused before . Living w sinus pressure and like u can't think or so anything is the worst. I had no idea I had been living w such head fog all this time and for the first time my brain felt clear and I was able to to think. I'm not kidding . I also feel like I'm so sharp , I'm focused and finish my tasks . I also have energy I can clean my house for hours. I got a little worried that this drug is so great . So I asked my "date " who is a doctor if this is bad . He told me not to worry abt it but just to know if I stop taking it Iay b more congested for about 2 days until my body adjusts... Oh so I love this magic pill.... I just say take it if u need it don't take it for other reasons .... And yes it curves appetite but I remind myself to eat my 3 meals bc I believe if u don't eat at all it can't be good And it can slow ur metabolism so they day u stop taking the pill a d u get hungry again and start eating u will gain weight faster. So I eat but healthy bc due to the pill I don't feel like having big meals. I have lost abt 5 pounds .. F 34 1 months
240 mg
 1  Allergies Lightheaded, foggy, dizzy, jittery, racing hear beat, feeling "spaced out", just not myself. I feel drunk! I will NEVER take this again. I will stick to regular Claritin or better yet, regular Zyrtec. F 41 1 days
1X D

 3  Allergy & Sinus Light headed, racing heartbeats, nervousness, exhausted and cant sleep, sweating, moody, hot flash. Increase sex drive. Does clear up my sinus,helps allergy a little. F 42 1 days
 2  Allergies The first day I took Claritin I felt great. The next day it did wonders again, but after three days it didn't help tremendously like it did before. On the fourth day I had another, this time it had no affect on my allergies. After I got home from school I was suffering so I took another. Within a hour or so I started to feel the anxiety I've had for the last 2 days get unbearable, I was having suicidal thoughts. Never in my life have I had such an urge to kill myself, it was the scariest mindset I've ever had... I've stopped taking Claritin and I'm feeling normal again. I'm just happy I told my family what was going on in my head, I don't think I'd be here right now if they weren't watching me. M 18 4 days
10 mg 1X D

 3  severe congestion DRY MOUTH!! Clatirin-D definitely helped with my congestion, but I had such a bad dry mouth that I know after just one day of using it that I will NOT continue. I have never had dry mouth and I feel like no matter how much water I drink it will never quench this feeling. I will not be continuing on even if my symptoms are equally intolerable. F 22 1 days
12 hour 1X D

 5  Alergies Over all nothing I cant live with. Occasional hot flash, some but little dizziness and if I take it in the evening rather than morning it can effect my sleep. I actually feel tired now if I don't take it. I think you just get use to it and the harsher side effects subside. Never had a problem with my sex life or any nose bleeds. I do feel like my blood pressure rises a bit at times. Most of these symptoms come from the non drowsy part of the drug. With this drug being used to make Meth I often wonder if my dental problems are linked to taking this drug? M 47 7 years
10mg/24hr 1X D

 4  year round indoor outdoor allergies Dehydration, dry mouth head rushes from sitting to standing F 40 1 months

 1  allergies anxiety, insomnia, irritability and depression. I didn't realize it was the medicine making me feel so awful. I have never suffered from anxiety before, but this made me realize how bad it must be for people who do. The anxiety made me so depressed that I even had some suicidal thoughts. It took my wife to figure out that it was the medication as I was too wrapped up in anxiety and lack of sleep in the medication to figure it out. I stopped taking it and after the dose wore off began to immediately feel like myself again. Due to this experience I personally think that anything containing pseudoephedrine should only be available by prescription. If you have any of these issues stop taking it immediately. M 37 7 days
1X D
 5  sever allervies I love this stuff. I did have a problem sleeping for the first couple of days but it all leveled out and I can finally breathe. Nothing else worked and I am thrilled to have some relief. I have also lost about 20 pounds over the last year. Which is good since I was overweight anyway. I would recommend this product to anyone. Just give it a whole week for your body to adjust. F 28 2 years
24 ht

 1  allergies This drug is horrible! First day I felt great until it was time to sleep...then I was awake all night with shaking and tremors with racing thoughts.I didn't think anything when I got up I took another....worse day of all...hot dry mouth,didn't sleep again and anxiety...3rd day omg why didn't I figure this out..the anxiety was soooo bad.heart rate raced all day and felt I couldn't think clearly.I didn't eat much during these days,,made myself eat because I was worried I was sick.I have not taken a pill in 36 hours,,heads cloudy can't think straight feel emotionally detached and can't wait to feel normal.also felt tired and awake @ the same time.itching aloooot. Can't wait to feel better and more like myself.throw this out ..not worth the side affects F 34 3 days

 1  Allergies Mild but alarming chest pain, irregular heart beat, tingling in arms, headaches. Worked like a charm first couple of days (started on 12H). Upgraded to 24H to battle round-the-clock symptoms. Started noticing mild chest pain and tightness after about a week, but didn't consider that it might be related to this drug. Really scary feeling, thought I was headed for a heart attack until I did more reading on side effects. Still not feeling 100%, but took last 24H dose within 48 hours. Works well on allergy symptoms, but not worth the side effects. M 41 3 weeks
12H / 24H 1X D

 1  allergies I've been a successful Allegra D user for 14 years when my insurance quit covering it. It is my only medication. I switched to Claritin D in the 12-hour formula, because it was covered under insurance. My hot flashes returned in a vengence, after being symptom free for 6 months. I'm young for my age, due to excellent eating and exercise habits. The day and night sweats, loss of sleep, and sinus headaches are not worth the extra hundred a month to return to Allegra D. F 53 90 days
12 hour 2X D
 4  Allergies and severe congestion I kinda feel like I took speed. Honestly its not bad but I do feel a heighten level of alertness a lack of appetite and some anxiety I would recommend to anyone taking to take the 24 hour so they only take it once in the morning. I have had no trouble with sleep as by 10pm I have a "crash" similar to drinking a huge red bull and it wearing off. F 25 10 days
1 24hrpill 1X D

 3  seasonal allergies Insomnia, dizziness, elevated heartbeat, lack of focus. My allergies where really bad, and I was having bad post nasal drip but it cleared up in 2 days. However was not worth the lack of sleep M 30 2 days
10 mg 1X D

 4  First experience w/pollen allergies I have never had any experience with pollen or seasonal allergies until this spring. I tried Claritin D (24 hour) on a whim and out of desperation. Dry mouth (and skin!) is the only side effect I've noticed. Haven't had any experience with insomnia or anxiety. If anything I'm sleeping like a rock, but that could just be because now I can BREATHE. I don't think I'll take this year-round. But I'll definitely go find it if this happens again! F 27 3 days
1X day

 3  severe seasonal allergies Very alert, insomnia, heart rate elevated This medicine works wonders for my allergies, but I only take it when my symptoms are especially severe because the side effects scare me a bit. I took the 24h version first and I did not sleep for 48hrs. I was wide awake and didn't even feel drowsy. My heart was pounding. Now I only will take the 12h version. F 30 6 times
1X D

 2  allergies insomnia I have taken Claritin-D 24 hr. each allergy season for years. This past year I was having regular bouts of insomnia. After a colleague told me he experienced similar issues I stopped taking and had no problems sleeping after a couple of days. I was recently at the doctor and mentioned this to her. She indicated this is a common problem and recommended I try the 12 hour version, taking it early in the AM so it should be out of my system by bedtime, however after the second day, here I am wide awake again when I need to be sleeping. I will not take any more. Although Claritan D works great in alleving my allergy symptoms, the insomnia is not worth it! I agree with others who have posted; something has been changed with the medication because I had never had a problem with it previously. F 55 2 days
120 mg 1X D
 4  Allergies Sinusitus Some nervousness. Some headaches sometimes. A little blood pressure increase, so I take a blood pressure pill. Maybe a little less sleep but you get used to it I have had 3 sinus surgeries, tried Nasonex, Rhinaquart, Singulair (which makes me feel weird), regular Claritin, Allegra, Zyrtec, daily Sinus Rinses etc. Claritin D keeps me from having recurring sinus problems, for the headaches I get sometimes, I just have to take some ibuprofen. I either take this and deal with a few side effects, otherwise I have sinusitus, chronic, and recurrent. It is frustrating, but don't know what else to do. M 36 14 years
10mg/240mg 1X D

 2  Severe year round allergies Loss of appetite(not consistent enough to be sure if its the drug or lack of effectiveness of drug), severe insomnia, dry mouth. Yes I have been taking this drug since I was about 10, and I do know the box says you should be 12. That said. I used to work pretty good for me. I would take this and Pseudoephedrine together. After a few years neither really did much for me, though. So I stopped both, and started 2 prescription drugs instead. I would use Claritin-D 12hr occasionally(when I ran out of the scripts and had forgot to call them in) for short bits. All it really did though was keep my body from completely spazzing out. Recently(last month or so) I have no longer had either of my prescriptions so I went back to Claritin-D 12hr. I still experienced severe pressure in my head and bad nasal drainage. However, it mostly kept my eyes from itching, my nose ran a bit less, and prevented my mouth/lips from itching and breaking out. So it was better then nothing, but not great. Defiantly not a long term solution. F 19 9 years
2X D
 5  runny nose with stuffiness My allergic runny nose stopped, stuffiness went away. I always have a lot of energy and a sense of well-being with Claritin D. My aches and pains (especially my achy feet) disappear. Wish I could feel this way every day. I save Claritin D for days when I eat anything milky which causes nasal problems. I take it in the morning, not at night or insomnia would be a problem. F 53 1 days
5 mg 1X D
 2  allergies/asthma leg spasms at night, fatigue but insomnia, chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, anorexia, passing out with exercise I thought something was wrong with my heart until I found this post. Things that have been bothering me I didn't even realize were from this drug. My MD was trying to avoid putting me on a daily asthma inhaler, but this I can't handle. I can't exercise and feel terrible F 32 10 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Severe Allergies Weight Loss, no appetite, tremors, insomnia for the first few days, dehydrated, dry mouth I have been taking Claratin D every spring for the past eight years. This is the only medicine that makes my severe allergy related nasal congestion go away. Although the side effects are not fun, they are only really bad for about the first week. Once my body gets used to the medicine being in my system, I am completely fine. I always drink extra water because I know the medicine makes me dehydrated. I lose about 10 lbs every spring, which is not exactly a bad thing:-) F 33 8 years
24 hr 1X D

 3  Seasonal Allergies Dry mouth, dry eyes, agitation, anxiety w/chest tightness, Joint pain, urinary bladder retention. My allergy symptoms are much improved-and although there are side effects, I am more miserable without an antihistamine. The decongestant helps with sinus pressure and headaches, but if I don't need to, I don't take the "D" version. The plain Clariton makes me sleepy, although not as much as benedryl, and I have all the same side effects except the agitation and anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety is a bit over the top. I have NO anxiety when I am not taking the decongestant. F 48 12 weeks
10 1X D

 5  sinus congestion w/lethargia more energy, relieves major sinus congestion - occasional problems with sleep if not taken early in AM. For me the 24hr is an elixir. Just concerned about year round, as needed, useage. M 65 4 years

 1  Allergies horrible insomnia! I started taking claritan last year, 12 hour non drowsy. This year I took the 24 hour at 240mg due to my congestion...I was bouncing between claritan d 240 and zyrtec 240...man was I stupid! I've been waking up between 4:23am and 6am EVERYDAY for the past week and cant get back to sleep it's horrible I figured something was wrong with me until I started reading about everyone else's side effects they had! I don't recommend taking either drug...see your doctor first...I'll keep benadryl once I detox my body for a few days of no allergy medications, it'll suck but if it fixes my sleep issue so be it I'll take congestion over 3 hours of sleep every day! M 22 5 days
240 1X D

 5  Allergies Only drug that works...! M 38 15 years
12 hr 1X D
 3  spring allergies insomnia, irregular heart beat, mild jaw clenching, dehydration, inability to focus, anxiety, muscle fatigue, loss of appetite, tingly/crawling sensation on my scalp, shortness of breath to doing the simplest tasks (e.g., short flight of stairs) I have a love-hate relationship with Claritin-D. TKO of all allergy symptoms which is why I keep taking it; however, the side effects are extremely bothersome. For the past week, I've been taking half of a tablet - this seems to help lessen the severity of the side effects. My allergy symptoms are more present when I only take half but this is a small price to pay to NOT feel like I'm dancing with crystal meth! F 35 2 years
1X D
 5  Allergies All side effects are very beneficial: * More focused and alert at work * Decreased sleepiness during the day * Decreased appetite which helps in controlling my weight * Able to sleep at night (usually sleep 7-9 hours) * More energetic and happy! * Effectively cleared all my allergies * No negative side effects * Mentally more calm and able to make sound decisions Amazing allergy drug with many great side effects. For those of you who would like more energy throughout the day and a control your wieght..I highly recommend it. Sorry, for all of you who experiece horrible side effects. It appears this drug is tailored to suit some individuals better than others. I have been taking Claritin D 24 hour on and off. F 27 9 months
1X D
 2  allergies painful scrotum, erectile dysfunction, headache, trouble urinating, constipation, insomnia, jittery, depression, anxiety, trouble concentrating, abdominal pains it's like 2am right now and i'm just realizing that a lot of the problems i've been having have directly coincided with when i started taking this drug. last week i started having a slight tenderness in the veins of my scrotum, then this week i started having abdominal pains, constipation, and two nights in a row where i went to bed a 1:30 and woke up 4 hours later feeling wide awake. let's just say i've been getting way more reading done than usual. when i stopped taking it for a day i noticed my testicular pain had gone away and I was starting to feel better, but when i took it today the pain came back. Now that I'm officially making today the last time I take this drug I just hope to god these symptoms disappear because this has been about the worst week I've had in a long time. M 30 11 days
120 mg 2X D
 5  Severe Allergies Clear sinuses!!! From what I have been reading on here I have gathered this: Some people can't handle strong medications -- most of you are those people!! This medication is not for the weak. You probably should have questioned that when you had to sign your life away at the register in order to purchase it!! M 32 5 days
1X D
 1  Severe sinus congestion Had a ridiculous case of insomnia. I took it at midnight and slept from 1:30am to 3:30am. That's all! When I took my second dose at 2pm it made my heart race which is NOT good because I already have Ventricular tachycardia. I thought I was going to die! Will NOT be taking this again. F 21 2 days
2X D

 4  allergic rhinitis - severe oak tree before, none. about 2 years ago, I started getting a racing heart rate, feeling drowsy or dizzy. something about this drug has changed since it has gone OTC. I can no longer take the 24 hour version; that had my heart racing as if I was on speed. also, it can cause insomnia. now, I take the 12 hour version. i still feel a bit dizzy taking it, and sometimes lethargic. it can put me to sleep, almost like taking a beta blocker. eating food helps. F 39 15 years
12 hr 1X D

 1  allergies rapid heart beat, insomnia, pressure in ears, shortness of breath, lack of appetite, shakes like alcoholics get This is my 3rd and last day of this med. I started with 1 24-hr tablet but felt like I was on speed. Day 2 and 3 I cut it in half, but the racing heartbeat and pressure in my ears has convinced me that it's dangerous. It did stop my sneezing and congestion, but this drug is not for me. I can't believe they sell it over the counter. It should only be prescribed by an M.D. F 63 3 days
1X D

 1  Allergy Severe insomnia. Now 5 years later i still strugle with sleep. Before I slept like a log. Worst choice of my life. Horrific insomna after just 10 days on the drug. First I got drowsy and slept for 10 hours each night, and then suddenly extreme insomnia. M 35 14 days
10 mg 1X D

 5  Allergies, asthma, colds Helps allergies and even asthma a bit. Take the 12 hour only because it has a caffeine like energy boost. Curbing of appetite. Because of the caffeine like energy boost, recommend the 12 hour version. Somewhat addictive because you get used to the extra energy and appetite control. Great for allergies and colds too. F 31 36 months
1X D

 1  allergy control numbness in fingers and toes, pain in joints, irritability, urinary problems, hair loss My neighbor mentioned to me she had finger numbness and bruising when using Claritin 24. It went away when her physician took her off of it. I too had pain, numbness and swelling (no bruising) which started after a few months of use. After talking with her, I discontinued use five days ago and these problems are gone. I also now realize I was terribly angry, had negative thoughts and was irritable all the time (as my wife continually told me). These thoughts and actions appear to have vanished. I also had problems urinating and this problem seems to have subsided somewhat. I hope no damage was done and that this problem also totally disappears. I also experienced hair loss on my arms and legs this past year and hope some will grow back. I assumed that all these problems were due to old age as they gradually crept up on me this past year. In fact most (if not all) were related to this product. Unbelievable that the manufacturer gets away without mentioning all these side effects. I also heard this week that researchers on this drug were surprised that it was even approved. PS - it did control my allergy but for approximately 18 hours, not 24. M 64 1 years
10/240 1X D

 4  indoor/outdoor allergies, etc. thirst, hyperactive then crushed, lack of appetite, muscle/joint aches, constipation, agitation, sweaty, jittery, depression. but believe it or not that is much better than how i was feeling before, this pill has practically saved my life because i used to have suicidal thoughts since i could not stand my allergies any longer. taking claritin D 12hr, i have learned to control the dose intake by cutting it into pieces and taking it throughout the day, that way i don't feel the side effects as strong as if you take it all at once. claritin D 24hr makes me feel crazy and wont sleep for days, so i take the 12hr in small quantities. M 30 1 years
10mg 1X D
 3  yes I used to love Claritin-D 12hr, or 24hr, but the last couple of times I have taken it I thought that I had taken the drowsy form by mistake. I'm writing this after calling my pharmacy to make sure I wasn't having a drug interaction! I have been technically awake all day and have had several shots of espresso as well, but I am so tired that I am struggling to stay awake as I write this at 8pm! Claritin-D has been the only allergy pill that has ever worked for me and it's worked its magic this time, but I just want to take a nap! Something in the formula for Claritin has changed for sure and I am positive on this. It works wonders for my allergies, but the feeling of being half asleep all day is horrible. I might as well buy a cheaper allergy med if it's going to put me asleep this way! F 28 2 days
24-hour 1X D

 1  Allergic Rhinitis ANOSMIA. I lost my sense of smell. I stopped the drug and 6-8 weeks later my sense of smell returned. Although it works to decongest my nose, so do other products. They have never caused anosmia. I am a Physician and would recommend this product with reservations and recommend the patient read the side effects carefully. I'd recommend an older, well-studied antihistamine be tried instead. Newer is not better: look at all the drugs taken off the market the last 20 years F 68 30 days
30 mg 1X D
 5  Nasal congestion, allergies, cold (note: I take the generic 24hr claritin-D) Increased concentration, general relaxation, hyper-action, alertness. If taken after 6pm I often have trouble falling asleep. Dryness, but after all the point of the drug is to dry your body out. Sometimes I feel slightly "out of body", as if my head is floating above my shoulders. This drug works for me without uncomfortable side effects. Sometimes I take it for the side effect of concentration; it makes work go by much faster. When taking it you must DRINK PLENTY OF WATER (20oz.+ per hour, but stop short of over-hydration which is dangerous) otherwise you will become dehydrated quickly and suffer effects related to that. I believe many of people's ill side effects are a result of improper hydration that is exasperated by the drug. Though, I personally know many people who fall asleep within minutes of taking this drug. It's definitely not for everyone, so if you're a first time user take it in a controlled environment where you don't need to drive, can sleep if you need to, and have access to water. M 23 2 years
24 hr 1X D

 5  Ragweed allergies Very few. Mild insomnia, some lack of appetite - but WAY better than the awful allergy symptoms I had. Great experience with Claritin-D. I have suffered from ragweed allergies for years, and Claritin-D started working within 1 hr. of taking it. I take the 12-Hr pill once every 24 hrs, and that dosage works well for me. F 37 30 days
120 mg 1X D

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