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 2  UC Achey joints and hair loss After taking ASACOL for over a year and with the condition not really improving.... toilet 20 per day etc, think everyone knows the script here. Also on steroids etc. nothing working!! One day for whatever reason my doctor gave me some saline washes to use (1994) with-in one week i stopped going to the toilet, i.e. i didn't wake up needing the loo.....it was like a mircle. Can't imagine the feeling. I'm writing this now because i've just had a flare up. I'm going to try the same thing again as I'm pretty sure that these washes cleared me up last time. I don't really want to take this tablets again as they didn't really improve the situation that much before. M 43 12 months
400MG 6X D
 4  Ulcerative colitis None M 53 1 days
6 per day
 4  ulcerative colitis I've been taking asacol for about 25 years now, started in elementary school. I've never had any of the side effects listed in other reviews. Maybe some joint pain in my knees occasionally, not sure if it's related or just part of getting older and putting my body through hell for years.guess everyone reacts different to it? It's not a cure, but it makes life livable atleast.I can atleast get through the day without thinking about where the closest bathroom, port o let, or patch of woods is at.I would recommend it. M 33 10 years
1600x1 d
 1  crohns/ulserative proctitis Hair loss , liver enzymes on the serious rise , skin breaking out, ulcers in mouth, kidney pain, only minimal relief from bloody diarrhea F 62 4 months
2x 800mg.
 4  Crohn's disease Severe headaches (never not have a headache that's moderate and becomes severe at least once a week), nausea, fatigue, dizziness. But, medication put me into remission!! Tried coming off due to the side effects, mostly the headaches, but I was beginning to flare after 3 days! It works, but would love any suggestions on a daily medication that works for the severe headaches that turn into migraines. Can't keep taking over the recommended dose of Tylenol ever day! Too hard on the liver and it's really affecting my life! Ugh! F 27 4 years
800mg tid
 4  Crohns Hair loss Initially my hair fell out and it was very upsetting but after several months my hair grew back even better than before. This medication helps, there is no cure but if I reduce dosage too much then I see blood in stool and loosing weight F 50 3 years
500 MG x 4 2X D
 1  Ulcerative Colitis Nausea, fatigue Asacol attacked my kidneys. Do not take this drug. I was taking it for many years and it did so much damage to my kidneys that I now need a transplant. It is dangerous and unnecessary. F 23 5 years
2X D
 1  colitis My name is Michael Sipusic. I was notified by my prescription company that a RX I have been taking since 1993 is being discontinued mid April. Reason stated is because the medicine has DBP in it. The drug is Asacol used to treat colitis. DBP is known to cause thyroid cancer I read. In December 2007 I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer after taking Asacol for 14 years. Thyroid cancer in males is rare. Even though the drug is discontinued...the drug manufacturer has not made any statements on their website and it looks like business as normal for them. This drug was slated to go generic this year and I fell they are holding off on the negative news because it will impact their stock price significantly. On top of all that...I believe this drug contributed to my thyroid cancer. Please see attached documents and information below. DBP was added to the California Proposition 65 (1986) list of suspected teratogens in November 2006. It is a suspected endocrine disruptor. It was used in some nail polishes; all major producers began eliminating this chemical from nail polishes in the Fall of 2006. DBP was permanently banned in children's toys and childcare articles, in concentrations of 1000 ppm or greater, under section 108 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 (CPSIA). Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that interfere with the endocrine (or hormone system) in animals, including humans. These disruptions can cause cancerous tumors, birth defects, and ot 39 15 years
400mg 4X D
 4  ulcerative colitus pain bloody stools cramping ive been taking this drug for years and i have to say its saved my life a couple of times thank god for meds M 26 11 years
400mg 4X O
 1  Ulcerative proctitis Fatigue, irritability, anxiousness, insomnia. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Proctitis in my teens. It went in remission when I picked up smoking. I quit 6 months ago and started taking Asocol . Doctors don't believe me, but this medicine keeps me awake at night, insomnia, fatigue, and extremely anxious. I tested my theory that it may be the Asocol, by taking it every other day to see if I notice a different in sleep pattern or anxiousness, and irritability. It is indeed the medicine. In between periods of not taking Asacol, I felt fine-- and have no sleep disturbances. However, symptoms of my UC subside greatly when using this medicine. I dislike the side effects, but the medicine itself is every effective. F 33 2 months
500 MG 1X D
 5  UC None Asacol has been great for me. Took it throughout pregnancy and everything was fine. F 36 7 years
6X D

 1  ulcerative colitis My daughter who is now 15, was on asacol for her UC. When she was first put on it, it seemed to be fine. She started to gain a large amount of weight and started to experience severe headaches. She had a MRI thinking she had a brain tumor, and nothing. She decided she was done with the meds and refused to take them, and the headaches went away. I am not 100% it was the asacol, but seems to be a connection. I see that headaches have been mentioned on this site as well. Her UC really didn't get any better either taking this medication. She missed 35 days of school last year, as she couldn't get out of bed due to her headaches and would sit there an cry. I am hoping this year will be better F 15 2 years
2000 mg 2X D
 1  Ulcerative Colitis Read on here that the drug doesn't work. Stopped taking it and found great solutions. There is NO reason to take this dangerous drug! I have completely controlled my UC by doing the following: drink 3/4 cup Lifeway kefir once a day; take Boswellia (supplement from a tree in India, reduces infamation) twice a day, take vitamin K2 once a day, eat plain organic yogurt with fruit twice a day. After years of suffering, my symptoms are gone!!! My doc is amazed!!! Try it! Contact me at rdunk@rwbaird.com before taking this and/or a steroid. M 56 1 days
400 3X D
 1  UC No change of symptoms for 8 days (my only UC symptom was traces of blood but a colonoscopy said UC) On the 9th day, I had bloody diarrhea every couple of hours. 10th day and 11th day it was every half hour along with bad chills, headache, no appetite (the 'usual' symptoms) -- I've been trying to contact my doctor for 2 days but he hasn't called back so I've taken myself off the medicine. I'm starting to feel better --- would love to hear how long this stuff takes to get out of your system. M 43 11 days
800mg 3X D
 5  ulcerative colitis It usually will quell a flare-up of colitis by taking 2 400 mg pills twice daily. This time, however, I've had to take it three times daily, and it seems to have gotten a handle on the UC but more slowly than norma. I am very impressed and grateful for this drug. The only thing I have noticed, and I don't remember noticing this before (when on lower dose) is that I have a remarkable amount of gas. And what is worse is that during a flare-up of UC I experience gas pains -- so a drug that causes me to have MORE gas is obviously a problem. Also, the drug is horrendously expensive. I thought my insurance would cover it but the pharmacist gave my 3 months worth and said insurance wouldn't cover it, and the bill was $1,200.00 I'm thinking of buying it online where the prices are just a tiny fraction o that. Can I do that? M 52 4 weeks
400 MG
 5  ulcerative colitis Dried urine is purplish/reddish brown. F 60 20 years
400 mg (2) 3X D
 5  Ulcerative Colitis None. Makes me feel like a normal human being - I can do a job, see friends et c. and don't have to spend all day being near a lavatory. M 40 1 years
2400 MG 1X D
 5  UC My right kidney is hurting - Asacol? Don't know I've had UC for 30 years. I have taken this drug daily for about the last 15 years. I just increase my dosage when I flair. It changed my life. I used to take Azulfidine - did nothing for me. I love Asacol. I'm hoping I have not maxxed out on it. F 46 15 days
varies 2X D
 4  Ulcerative Colitis Occasionally shells of med came out in feces Good medication but annoying to have to take so much M 26 7 years
600? 2X D
 5  UC - UK No major side effects hair loss a bit but put that down to genes! ntil a small flare up three months ago when I've experience gas etc I could't get an appointment so I up'd my asacol to 7x2 a day, my consultant was not happy but its seem to sort my bleeding etc out but the gas and bloating has increased I'm going to decrease back down to 6x2 a day hopefully that will lessen the bloatedness! M 30 4 years
6 2X D
 4  Ulcerative Colitis NO side effects -- except that during my third flare, when we couldn't get the diarrhea under control using both prednisone and Asacol, it turned out that the Asacol was actually causing the diarrhea. So now it will have to be a crap shoot - who knows whether it will be a silver bullet, ending the diarrhea, cramping and pain and giving me back my life, or something that keeps me stuck at home, unable to risk moving far from the john. I took 4.8 G / day, divided into either 2 or 3 doses, my choice. During my first bout with Ulcerative Colitis, Asacol was a miracle in a bottle - it completely stopped the endless cramping and diarrhea. I took the full dosage (12 - 400mg tabs/day) for several months, then tapered off very slowly and maintained remission for three years. I had a flare, went right back on Asacol and voila! nearly instant remission. Again, tapered off after taking it for a couple of months, but remission was short-lived. Now for the bad news: the next flare, the symptoms were only marginally controlled, even though I was taking both prednisone and Asacol. I was getting desperate, and finally, my GI suggested that I stop the Asacol, which apparently sometimes causes diarrhea. To my shock, within a day or two, the diarrhea stopped. Unfortunately, I have not stayed symptom-free, and 4 months later I am still on prednisone and struggling to get control of this disease. Bottom line: when it worked, it was like a miracle drug. How ironic that it then began to cause the very symptoms it had been surpressing! I wish I could find something else as good. I had no other side effects. No nausea, no hair loss, or anything like that. So the question each time I flare will be: does it work, or does it make things worse? And that will be determined by trial and error. F 55
4.8 G 1X D
 2  Crohns Possible cause of gout. A lot of the common side effects of Asacol are what I had before I started taking it, and they largely persisted. However, a year after going on it, in despair in a bad patch of gut problem, I started seeing a medical herbalist and he improved matters greatly. I now have developed gout, in the complete absence of the usual culprits such as red wine and red meat, and have found it listed as a side effect. The herbalist switched to concentrating on the gout and the gut symptoms are much worse - which leads me to think that Asacol hasn't helped as much as the herbalist and has probably given me gout. Herbalist is back on the gut thing and I'm going to come off the Asacol. It seemed to help a bit but has apparently been outdone by natural remedies. F 64 3 years
400 3X D

 4  crohns I have had some weight gain since I started on asacol. It has helped the diarrhea not sure if I have had others. I am on alot of medicine for other conditions. F 64 6 weeks
1200 3X D

 2  ulcerative colitis Within 2-3 days I noticed my symptoms were worse: frequency of cramping increased up to 3 times original with more blood. Also cramps began to travel up and induce nausea every time they hit. Makes going to work miserable. Can't eat until I get home. I tried to understand how Asacol works and wonder if it is just too non-specific after I understood that it is designed to interfere with the production of a natural lipid based secretion called prostaglandins, some of which cause inflammation but some of which also inhibit inflammation. Here is a website that explains a little of that: http://www.raysahelian.com/prostaglandin.html Thanks everyone for the heads up about the kidney failure and hair loss. Horrible! F 41 8 days
800 mg 3X D
 2  Ulcerative Colitis minor headaches/cramps/feverishness/nausea for a month (at most, more like a couple weeks, but spread out over a month) The first couple weeks I had a bit of the headache/feverish thing come and go sporadically but it wasn't too big of a deal in relative terms. Nausea passed after a week or so too and it was never bad enough to even make me go to the bathroom to try to throw up so it was reasonable, I think. The only problem is the Asacol never did give me even a day or two of remission. In fact, I went untreated for 10 years and just dealt with the annoyance of frequent, liquid (but very quick) stools. Since I had a colonoscopy I've had a new kind of pain (12 months now, non stop) like there's rocks or something shart in my anus. I was prescribed Asacol after the colonoscopy but things have never gotten any better, they just changed a bit. I go to the bathroom less often, but the cutting feeling when I go can be excrutiating! Even after a BM I can't walk or sit normally for hours without constantly adjusting my position like it's OCD. In public it's really hard to deal with. The pills are huge too, so if I had to take any more than 4 a day I don't know how I'd carry them around and keep them private. Furthermore, after a month or two of taking it regularly, the capsules start coming out in your stool. My dr. said it's a good thing, so long as the shells are empty because then you know that the medication is being released near the end of your GI system. Problem is I'm getting the feeling that broken shells that can survive a GI track probably do a number on sensitive tissue with the jagged ed M 25 18 months
1600 2X D
 5  Ulcerative Colitis No Side Effects I take all 6 pills each morning. Since starting Asacol my Ulcerative Colitis has gone into complete remission. I feel great! F 54 5 years
400mg 1X D
 2  collagenous colitis diarrhea and gas I was diagnosed with collagenous colitis 4 1/2 month ago. Six weeks ago I was put on Asacol after I called my doctor in desperation due to a weekend of non-stop liquid diarrhea...several mishaps where I did not get to the bathroom in time and I actually lost 4 pound in two days. I was also put on a prednisone regime at the same time. I seemed to improve for a few days and then things got bad again (although not as bad). I recently noticed that one of the side effects of Asacol is diarrhea and gas. I asked the doctor if the Asacol might be contributing to the problem. He suggested that I stop taking it for awhile, which I did three days ago. This has been the best three days in four 1/2 months. My stool is almost back to normal, visiting the bathroom just twice in the morning, and I feel well for the first time. I am hoping that this turn around lasts. I am on the prednisone for three more weeks. We'll see... F 66 6 weeks
400 mg 6X D
 5  Colloginous Colitus No side effects noticed. I started with 7-10 BM's per day. Couldn't eat if I had to go to work or out of the house. I lived like this from February to September. My Dr. stated I was lactose intolerant. Finally after 8 months I called and indicated I needed some relief. I had a colonoscopy and it was determined I had cologinous colitus. I was put on Entecort for three months and added Asacol the last month. I have had several flair ups since but went almost one year without any. I feel I am very lucky in that my side effects are minimal. F 59 2 years
? 2X D
 4  UC Maybe dry mouth, but that's about it. I've only had two flare ups in 8 years, so Asacol has worked for me so far; however, I also eat really well--tons of fruit and veggies, greek yogurt (lots of protein and pro-biotics in there) lean proteins, lots of water. decaf green tea, etc., and I exercise regularly and gets lots of rest to keep my stress level in check (which isn't always easy since I'm a high school teacher). While the Asacol may play a role in helping me stay healthy, I really think changing my diet and lifestyle has helped me the most. Good luck everyone...UC is the "sh*ts," so to speak. ;-) F 34 8 years
1200 2X D

 5  crohns none asacol has had no adverse side effects for me ,on asacol and had a 12 week course of budesonide- inflammation under control , eating well now and have bags of energy - will stay on this medication for life if they allow me. It has turned my quality of life completely around.before starting on it had constant diahorria, crippling abdominal pain and was sleeping for upwards of 12 hours a day. F 40 6 months
1.6g 2X D

 3  Colitis & Celiac Disease dizziness, nausea, incredible fatigue,headaches, dry eyes & skin, emotional, depression F 59 8 days
400 mg 3X D

 4  chronic colitis dark urine in the mornings, joint pain, hair loss, Easy bruising easy bleeding sore muscles upon stoping asacol almost all side effects subsided i averaged about 1 major flair up every 2 years taking asacol not bad for almost bleeding out 6 years ago Just couldnt take the side effects any longer i could barely make a fist with out being in pain being a fireman i hold people lives in my hands. M 32 7 years
2400mg 2X D
 4  UC then Crohn's Hair loss and itchy scalp. Hang in there! I cut down slowly from 2 x 800 mg three times per day to 2 x 400 mg twice per day. Don't cut back too far or you can risk a relapse. My hair loss slowed down after a couple of months, it's stopped now and it's growing back! I still have an itchy scalp though, dandruff type shampoos help a bit. Compared to how sick I was, this stuff gives me my life back. F 47 9 months
400 x 2 2X D

 2  ulcerative colitis High triglycerides; weight gain; breathing problems; sore muscles F 59 1 years
9X D
 1  uc night sweats, stomach pain, constant sore throat, back pain, headaches, major hair loss never knew about any side effects until i looked it up. i never put the two together but notice all these new thing happening! i took it for 30 days but going to get off of it. i only have one kidney and will not take any chances on loosing that one too. thanks everyone for being so honest. It sure has opened my eyes and hopefully i won't have any permanent damage for taking it only one month. i wish only the best for the many folks that like me figure it out too late. blessings to all. M 56 30 days
400 mg 4X D

 1  ulcerative proctitis Repeated bouts of thrush, pink eye due to dry eyes and dry mouth... hair loss Since taking myself off asacol I have maintained a GLUTEN FREE DIET and it has stopped all my previous symptoms of ulcerative proctitis....PLEASE TRY THIS IT WORKS!!! F 54 4 years
400 2X D

 4  chronic colonitiis headaches, tinglings on my arms, feet, face, pain in my shoulders feet , neek , hands, legs, arms, unable to sleep. unble to get out of bet in moring, body to sore. twicting of my one hand and the other hand goes numb. it hurts when people touch me in certain areas of my body, cannot sleep either F 47 3 days
400mg 2X D

 1  Ulcerative colitis Severe joint pain, kidney failure Took it during pregnancy, stopped cold turkey after joint pain and pain stopped in two weeks started on the SCD diet which helped a lot F 38 6 months
1200mg 3X D

 4  Chrons/Ibs Omg severe headache!!! nothing helped so had to go off med. But it was such a relief to not have the severe diarreha but the headaches were sooo painful F 47 9 days
800mg 3X D
 3  UC bad hair loss. Dry mouth and eyes at night. Restless sleep, joint pain, gas. I am 75 and had diarrhea for about a year. I kept thinking it would go away. Was afraid to go anywhere for fear I couldn't get to the bathroom fast enough. Finally had a colonoscopy in August 2010. Doctor rec. 400mg of Asacol one in the Am and one in the PM. Did this for 2 weeks and only helped for a couple days at a time, He increased it to 2 tablets in the morning and 2 at night. Which has helped and the diarrhea has not returned to the way it was. I feel secure in going out now. He told me I really didn't have to change my diet and I don't recall him mentioning kidneys but he did say to come back in several months for a blood test. Although I haven't changed my diet, I feel pretty certain it would help. Along with the worry of kidney damage the hair loss has increased significantly in the last 2 weeks. The dry eyes, mouth Etc are easier to put up with than the hair loss. F 75 4 months
400 mg 2X D

 4  ulcerative colitis Hair loss & back pain Asacol has been extremely effective at controlling my flares, but the back pain is intense & my hair falls out like crazy. F 32 6 years
1600mg 3X D
 3  waiting for more testing head ache, nausea, loss of appetite, confusion, trouble sleeping, back pain, mood swings, dizziness, joint pain My doctor put me on Asacol until I get more test results and it did what it was supposed to but the side effects aren't worth it! It even started to mess with my vision. I am taking probiotics already but the Asacol is the only thing that has stopped the bleeding. Any ideas, other than a steroid, that will replace Asacol minus the side effects? F 19 10 days
1600mg 2X D
 4  IBD Started medication but side effects so bad stopped taking and tried another form of med. It didn't work, went back to Asacol with half the dosage and added half a xanax with each dosage. Still have insomnia, but not as bad and shaking in hands is getting better, now sever headaches are constant. Doctor has me getting eyes checked just in case, the headaches are like migraines, only migraine medicine will help. Asacol allows me to eat, but I am not sure the side effects are worth it, however without it I don't have many options. Between the Asacol, librex, effexor, prozac, aciphex, zocar and xanax I feel like I am a junkie. But it keeps me alive-if that is what this is. F 48 3 weeks
1200 MG 2X D

 5  Ulcerative Colitis When I start missing dosages (being forgetful), I flare up...quick! I find that once I flare, I increase my Asacol to 12 pills per day and it works. You must stay consistent in order for the flares to clear or stop recurring. Otherwise, it may seem that the medicine isn't working when in fact, you're not taking it the way that you should. Also, I had no issues taking during pregnancy. I have a healthy 15 year old and am currently pregnant again and I am taking Asacol under dr's orders. F 34 17 years
400mg 1X D

 2  UC no side effect but no positive effect either. what's the point? since asacol didn't work they put my bf (he is the one who has UC) on steroid 2 weeks ago, but it didn't work either! he has been a heavy meat eater all his life but I heard it can contribute to UC. He stopped eating meat and diary products, over one week ago and apart from vegetarian diet i started feeding him unrefined flaxseed oil with his food. He got positive effects almost immediately! He says slight bleeding is still there but the urges are gone and he goes (not runs!) to toilet only 3 x a day. we are slowly reducing asacol and steroid. I am very hopeful! M 26 2 months
2 pills 3X D
 3  UC nausea, hair loss, shaky, cramps, fatigue I was diagnosed w UC in Aug 08. Did the prednisone for a while then 3 ascol 3x a day since. I have had nausea almost daily for the past year. After a bowl movement it seems better at times. cramps very often - even when stool seems ok. HAIR LOSS has been terrible - didn't think it might be ascol but has been getting worse over past 2 years. Had sig and upper Gi recently and dr said it was fine - am going to new dr. Old dr said all good and has ignored my nausea for over a year. I am so frustrated. The nausea and fatigue is worse in the morning and makes it hard to get going each day. I have very restless sleep and have to take ativan to sleep. My UC did have surface after quitting smoking and I had very severe attack - in 08 spent week on hosp F 39 2 years
3 pill 3X D

 3  UC headaches, severe sore throat leading to ear-ache, dry skin, joint aches, started off well but recently have begun to experience severe sore throat etc etc. Will be contacting my dr. F 50 3 years
400 2X D

 5  proctitis/diverticulitis fatigue. but being my age I cannot blame asacol for that I think, although I am newcomer using this drug it has worked really well so far and all the problems that have been described by so many people on this site did apply to me for eight months, I was admitted to hospital eventually allowed home and used Predfoam canister to inject into the rectum, followed by Asacol canister after two months on Predfoam,At the same time using these injected foams I was taking Asacol at 3200mg per day which I can only say have greatly eliminated bleeding,gas,diarhea etc but during this eight month flare up I have lost 8.5 kilograms. at the moment I do not eat as much as i used to or any junk food at all so I hope to stay at a non obese level of weight which is well within the safe weight area for my bodies build.I have other health problems like angina and C.O P D but reaching 74 I cant complain but I want to wish all sufferers my best wishe to all of them and hopefully they will get relief somehow for all their suffering. M 74 3 months
800 3X D
 4  UC at first i did not have any side effects. i am now having hair loss, insomina, joint pain, itchy scalp. asacol did help with my UC. but reading all the comments about kidney faliure and live faliure i will keep a close watch on my levels. F 25 2 months
800 3X D

 3  uc joint pain,hair loss,frequent urination,dizzeniss,bloating originally i was taking 4 400mg 3 times daily.seemed like alot so i reduced to 3tabs 2 daily ,for years it seemed like i was good but ive noticed these other symtoms creeping up and finally started looking them up on the internet cant believe that i could been screwing up my kidney among other things so i am stopping and resulting to natural methods such as kefir after a thorough clense diet.yuuk on you asacol for you turn me into an asahole! M 46 6 years
1200 2X D

 4  ulcerative colitis Hair loss F 47
2 800 mg 3X D

 2  UC Have been taking drug for 4 months now, having been diagnosed this April with UC. Was hospitalized for 11 days. Was on Prednisone, but have tappered off. Started off with 3-400mg asacol tablets three times day. Now only taking 2-400mg tablets two times a day. Since diagnosis have had body aches, hard to walk, especially after just getting up. Lots of hair loss. Acne/bumps over body, which have just recently spread to top of forehead. Dropping dosage hasn't seemed to change symptoms. Not sure if symptoms are because of the asacol or UC itself. Interest said bowel diseases can host a lot of other problem in our bodies. Not sure if asacol is that helpful. If it's keeping the inflammation down, then I'm sure it will be helpful in the long run. F 44 4 months
800mg 2X D

 5  Crohns None Drug was a lifesaver. Started taking it in June of 08 after six monts of misery and hospitalizations. Lialda almost did me in. The doctor then put me on Asacol and prednisone. Went off the steroid after 4mos. Take 4 asacol 3x's per day. No flare ups and eat wharever I want M 61 2 years
400 3X D

 3  uc had no side effects but changing my diet to salads and non spicy foods such as indian and chinese meals changed my whole life,eating raw vegtables like carrots and turnips stopped my diarreah also eating pappaya fruit calmed my stomach down,take note now am whilstling dixie bt changing my diet,thanks M 42 1 years
800 3X D

 1  Crohn's My son is 8 and started Asacol. Had bad headaches, dizziness, fever, increased severe joint pain, neck pain, overall sick feeling. Also, initially it made stomach pain worse for a few days, then it began to help stomach cramps. Took for 10 days and the joint pain was unbearable. Doctor stopped Asacol for about two weeks but thinking it may have been something viral, he started it again. Within 24 hours, my son's fever shot up, severe joint pain, severe headache, and who knows what else was going on in his little body. So we have stopped it again. M 8 10 days
400 3X D

 1  colitis after taking these tablets for three days i had server headaches vommitting sweats heart rate drop felt like my heart was struggling to pump dizzyness . I think that doctors should be held responsiable for over dosing patients . they are to quick to give tablets without explaining that the tablets could make you worse than what you were F 38 3 days
400 3X D

 4  UC None so far After taking Asacol for 4 weeks the bleeding and loose movements have stopped. I have now reduced the dose too 1 tablet 3 times a day. I am avoiding very large meals because that does bring back discharge. M 36 3 months
400mg 3X D

 1  UC Acne, rosacea, red bumps all over skin, dry eyes, red eyes Didn't help at all. M 18 5 years
1X M

 1  collagenous colitis severe gas pains, night sweats, abdominal pain, heartburn, dizziness, back pain DANGEROUS DRUG! After researching side effects when mine developed after about 5 weeks,- I found that I should have been monitored for blood, liver, kidneys, (and my doctor had not thought to arrange this?- what's with that????) I felt far worse- and was at risk for more serious life threatening events than my disease ever posed me. While I want some help managing my condition, I don't want to be put at risk like this. I stopped the drug. I feel like I can't trust the medical profession. This is criminal that these potentially deadly drugs are handed out so cavalierly. F 53 2 months
2X D

 2  uc Diarhea every 5th to 6th day. Have to take Immodium AD in order to be able to function when diarhea flares up. True the UC flare up has subsided but to know that within 5-6 days every week I will have diarhea and have to take Imm.AD thats where I was before so what's the point. I thank those who were honest in their oppinions. M 46 60 days
800mg 2X D

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