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 5  Migraine Slight drowsiness, but that could have been from the 42 hours of pain disappearing and that it was 4am. I have had migraines and back pain since a bad car accident in 2003. I have had all kinds of shots and pills prescribed, but nothing has done it like the last time I went to the ER. I sat in the waiting room, alternately vomiting and blacking out, for five hours, went back, and dr. gave a shot right away. The initial injection hurt, but the site did not continue to hurt. Within 10minutes, I had fallen asleep -- NOT passed out. I was able to sleep for about half an hour before the doctor woke me, and I was completely fine to drive the half hour home. F 30
ER Injecti 1X D

 1  hurt hip Worst stomache pain ever Took it last night for my pain within minutes i was in the worst pain of my life with terrible diarrea. I am now in the ER 10 hours later still in the same pain. F 34 1 days
 5  Chronic Migraine My primary physician gave me the shot for chronic migraines and it is a GOD send I have no side effects it relieves my pain and helps me alot I have had this type of shot about once every 6 months. F 55 1 days
na 1X D

 5  Migraines/ shot in ER None Took my migraine away, just like that. It was awesome 36 1 days
40 mg

 5  Ear infection - severe pain I had some nausea. I had the shot at the urgent care due to unbearable pain in my ears due to pressure. The shot was a miracle. My pain went from 9 to 2 in thirty minutes. I got antibiotics and a bottle of 10 mg of toradol tablets to take every 6 hrs or as needed. I took one tablet the first day after the shot started to wear off. I took one tablet on day 2. On both days the pill caused some nausea. I will only take ghem as needed. Hopefully the infection will go away and i dont have to take another pill. I dont like taking drugs. Some of the other reviews are scary. F 50 2 days
30 mg shot

 5  Chronic migraines Upset stomach and pain where the needle was...nothing all all worth complaining about...just saying...I slept for 15 hours...sleep felt great! 1 Toradol shot and migraines stopped...its been a month, no migraine! WHY are the doctors forcing all these pills down everyone's throat when 1 shot can give total relief??? Its not depression, anxiety or blood pressure...its PAIN... horrible brain pain and Toradol stops that pain...10 minutes after the shot I had my life back...pain free!!! Thank GOD for Toradol...and its not addicting...like all the other medicine the doctors tell you to take! Its medicine that WORKS! M 17 1 times
60 mg shot 1X D

 1  knee surgery In the preop interview I told the anethesiologist that Toradol caused severe GI bleeding when I was given it in the past....unfortunately the anesthesiologist did not communicate this fact to the nurse (CRNA) who was actually doing my anesthesia (a nurse not an MD)....So I got toradol post op when I was in severe pain; I tried to refuse this drug but got it anyway....and I bled like a stuck pig...imagine vomiting huge blood clots and being admitted because your anesthetist/nurse gave you a drug that you were clearly allergic to.....the anesthesiologist told me that "she's just a nurse(CRNA) and that you can't expect her to know the allergies/ect.....what a load of crap....the anesthesiologist never told the crna of my toradol problem and basically lied about telling her...I will never consent to the so-called "anesthesia care team"...I want a single provider to perform any and all anesthesia and anesthesia-related care..I will not consent to anesthesiologist/care.. I ju terrible drug that almost caused me to bleed out F 1 days
60 1X D

 1  Ear pain This is one of the worst drugs ever. It had so many side effects; I was better off having the pain than taking this drug for relief. The drug did give pain relief right away. That day night I had the drug I had slight temperatures increase and back pain but subsided the next day morning. For next 3 days I lost my appetite and had stomach blotting. I literally ate nothing for 2 days and third day had to force feed myself. Also had some stomach cramps. I had un-quenching thirst and dry mouth. I get up in the middle of night several times to drink water. It is a horrible drug. I want to scream at my doctor for prescribing it to me Avoid this drug like a plague M 33 1 days
60Mg 1X D

 5  Wisdom tooth infection/toothache If I take more than one in a day, I feel tired and a little loopy. Much better than being in horrible pain. I was given the pills. They are miracle workers. It takes 20-30 minutes to kick in, but when it does I have instant relief. It takes the intense pain from a 10 to a 1 or 2. F 23 5 days
10 MG 4X D

 5  strep throat/relieve pain &swelling I experienced no side effects at all. After the shot was given, I did have a burning/achy sensation for a moment but that was all. F 30 1 days

 1  bruised tailbone Stomach pain, severe headache since being given injection (2 1/2 days ago), swelling in hands, legs, ankles. Already had a perforated colon 2 years ago, after reading side effects, ready to scream at my doc. What was she thinking???? F 46 1 days
30 mg 1X D

 5  menstrual cramps No side effects just wondering does anyone know if this drug will effect the kidneys by taking 2 10mg tablets a month. It is a God sent for chronic menstrual cramps F 38 2 days

 1  kidney stone I was given a shot in the hospital for kidney stone pain and left with a prescription for 18 pills, one to be taken every 6 hours. It took twenty minutes for the initial toradol dose to kick in. I didn't notice anything at first. After each dose was wearing off I began to notice a headache and nausea and dizziness building. A bright red menstrual flow began, off schedule. I finally felt bad enough from the medication that I ceased taking it on the third day. Then I experienced a killer migraine, nausea and vomiting (couldn't eat) low grade fever, hot and cold chills, dizziness. This lasted about 30 hours. If I could have driven myself to the hospital I might have gone. I will never take this again. The four warning sheets that came with the prescription should have been my clue. It isn't worth the risk of taking in my opinion. F 50 3 days
10 mg

 1  sinus pain I keep getting this in the ER when I've been honest about where my pain is and that it is not migraine related. But doctors insist on trying it. I think for migraine sufferers it must be wonderful because I've been given this several times and it doesn't affect the area I hurt in- I let them do what they think is best, but the opiate is the only thing I respond to. M 36 2 days
 1  Kidney Stone None This seems to be the initial goto in the ER for kidney stones, (which I get with sad regularity), but it seems to have no effect whatsoever on me, so I get another 20-60 minutes of pain while they figure this out and give me something that works (one of the opiates). I don't dare ask for opiates though because the last thing you want is to get labelled as a "seeker". 1 days
? 1X D

 1  migraine Stomach pain, nauseous, feel worse now then I did with added symptoms. F 33 1 days
 4  Migraine Diarrhea the next morning F 46 1 days

 3  torn ACL Initial injection wasnt too bad, burning sensation and feels like a bruise. A couple hours after getting IM shot: rapid heart rate, shaky, bad stomach ache, diarrhea. This is the third time Ive taken a shot. Once for kidney stones and twice for my knee. It did help my knee pain and decreased the swelling and it definitely helps with kidney stone pain, but not sure it's worth the stomach ache F 35 1 days

 5  Kidney Stone None I was in the ER with what turned out to be a 8mm plus sized kidney stone causing extreme (10) pain. 3 shots of dilaudid had little effect. Moments after the nurse injected the toradol into the IV line, the pain was almost competely gone. I don't usually take NSAID's, but this was amazing! M 51
1X D

 5  siatica Amazing pain relief F 70 1 days
30 MG
 3  Servere migraine Sever pain at injection site, unable to sleep well night of injection, rapid heart beat. I've been given this before, for kidney stones in the pill form. I felt as if the pills never did anything. I went into immediate care last night with a horrible migraine and on top of anti nausea meds, steroids, and Benadryl they gave me a shot of toradol in my right hip. It hurt like a butch to get and I couldn't sleep on that side. And I almost killed my cat when he stepped on the injection site. Now the next day it still hurts and my right side looks swollen. Not happy :/ don't get why the drs didn't just give me a shot of immatrex or something. But at least the shot did help get rid of the migraine pain. F 26 1 days

 1  Neck & Back Pain, Tension Headache Pain during and after injection Lack of pain relief Stomach ache/chest pain - worse the next day Was at doctor's office for my never-ending migraine... and chronic pain. She offered shot since I hadn't taken anything that day, she said it was similar to ibuprofen. I figured the shot wouldn't upset my stomach, I didn't digest it. It hurt like hell when they gave me the shot ... ... and there was no pain relief. By the evening I started to get the familiar stomach burning with chest pain... as happens with ibuprofen or aspirin. The only thing I can take is mid/low dose vicodin with tylenol. I had very very bad reactions to muscle relaxers as well. Still dealing with the acid reflux/chest pain the next day... Adding this to the list of never taking it again ! F 27 1 days
1X D
 2  Lumbar Radiculopathy Toradol shot burned, but didn't take away my pain. Pain was slightly eased for a little while, but not enough to make much difference. F 34 1 times

 1  tension headache this shot did not help. just a sore hip. M 20 1 days

 5  Radical neck disection No side effects. Instant pain relief. M 63 1 days
1X D

 5  Bad headache I went to the urgent care on two separate occasions with severe headaches. Both times they gave me Toradol and the pain was gone in minutes. This is a pretty effective drug in my mind. I understand why this is prescription because it is strong and non-narcotic. People would probably eat this like Tylenol and get all kinds of stomach issues. M 35 1 days
50 1X O

 3  Bruised ribs Fever and chills F 29 1 days
30 mg

 5  Migraine w/ Vomitting None Within 10 Minutes Started Feeling Relief and Could Function again. F 42
1X D
 1  neck and lumbar pain from osteoarth Couldn't urinate although drank a lot of water. Took 5 mg in afternoon, it seemed to help a little with muscle spasms in back. But then started to bloat: fingers and feets, face. Could not sleep: up all night peeing off the retained water. I hate nsaids. Every one that I've tried does something like this me, or makes me depressed. Now, the next morning, sore throat, glands swollen, difficulty breathing, and incipient migrain. Plus a fever of 101 F. Could that be coincidence? NEVER AGAIN! Go to Rxlist.com and read the warnings about this drug. I am amazed that people are allowed to take it by the FDA. Very dangerous stuff, and only mild relief of original pain. Two thumbs down! F 59 2 days
5 mg 1X D

 5  kidney stone trauma I had no side effects. I was first given toradol in IV in ambulance. It gave me almost immediate relief. No other drug/opiate has ever provided the level of relief that toradol did. Too bad it can only safely be given for such short period of time. F 64 5 days
20 MG

 5  Migraine with vomiting None yet. I got the shot 3 hours ago. I'll pray the migraine won't come back tomorrow. The shot, in my left hip/buttock stung at first, but quit hurting after 2 hours. Small price to pay if the migraine does not come back! Thank You Lord. F 56 1 days

 1  Shoulder pain - calcific tendonitis After injection in hospital E/R: MIGRAINE headache, heart pounding & taccycardia, G/I gurgling & stomach pain. This drug seems way too dangerous for generic injection use in hospital E/R settings. Doctor said it would relieve pain and help me sleep but I was up all night with serious side effects. 12 hours later, I still have drug-induced migraine. The slightly relieved shoulder pain was absolutely not worth it, and I am appalled at the cardiac issues. F 59 1 times
Injection 1X O
 1  sciatica, disc degeneration I've had this by hip injection three times (different doctors) and a 30 day pill script once. The injections stung and made my left butt muscles ache for a couple days. The pills made me sick to my stomach and did nothing for my pain. The injections didn't reduce my pain at all either. Waste of money. F 56
1X D

 3  Migraine Nausea with every meal. My stomach hurts so bad right now and has since about two hours post-injection. My migraine got a little better but it was not fast acting. It took about 6 hours to feel any pain relief. Not my painkiller of choice. I hope these stomach issues subside soon. F 25 1 days
60mg IM

 3  surgery both arms and legs tingling then later on they were numb F 25 3 days
 3  Tension Headache Extreme fatigue after injection. And it hurt getting it. Went in for injection on day 12 of a tension headache. Had been taking fioricet and ibuprofen without much success. I had some relief from the shot, but the pain was back the next morning. F 30
1 1X D
 3  Low back pain It made my throat and my stomach start burning as well as the pain in my right leg worse...it did help somewhat with the pain, but the side effects I didn't care for... Not worth the side effects.... F 41 1 days

 5  Migraines Burning pain, butt sore, watery stools, stomach cramping M 32 1 days

 1  give injection after hurting leg I went to the ER after falling and hurting my leg so bad I thought it was broken. It ended up just being a bruised bone, but when I was there I was given a Toradol injection in my hip. The pain caused from the shot completely over powered my leg pain and it also caused an awful headache. The next morning I woke up with a sharp/tingling and somewhat numb feeling where I was given the injection. It has been over a week and the pain has not left. I don't know what to do about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. F 22 1 days
 5  migraines have chronic migraines, cannot take any opiates as I throw up when taking them for hours. Have had toradol several times, at the ER and also at my doctors office. Altho the shot burns and I cry out (on purpose ha ha) I love this drug. i have no side effects other than it takes away the migraine pain and I can go about my business. It is a life saver for the person like me that cannot have heavy duty painkillers. F 62 5 years
not sure 1X AN
 3  c7 & t1 displacement - L5 & S1 dege Depression & angst. F 60 1 days

 1  fibtomyalgia & back pain 1 of the worst pain killers have ever taken dizziness dry mouth stiff muscles depression and just not feeling myself M 25 1 days
60 mg
 3  chest pain The shot was undiscribably painful. now on top of having chest pain i feel dizzy and sick to my stomach F 23 1 days

 5  Inflammation and pain in wrist None I went to the doctor with excruciating wrist and arm pain. Swollen hand and couldnt move my hand or arm without crying. The injection was painless and stopped my pain almost immediately.i went grocery shopping and to a three hour class afterwards. F 60 1 days
1X D

 1  Neck pain and arthritis pain About 2-3 hours after i had the shot my stomach started burning. I didnt sleep at all last night from the pain and it made my very nauseous. Also super cotton mouth. I will never take this shot again! I am still having severe stomach pain the day after. Considering a hosptial visit it hurts so bad. F 32 1 days
60 Mg
 5  intravenous for gall bladder pain no side effects. only total relieve of pain. Marvelous. F 60 2 days
1X D
 5  Inflammatory Bowel Disease Absolutely no side effects... My daughter suffers from horrible, acute pain on occasion from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. When the regular medicine doesn't work, we have found that a trip to the ER and a shot of Toradol works amazingly well. She has experienced no bad side effects. F 16 1 days
 1  Car accident week after surgery Nausea, stomach ache F 36 1 days

 4  Tension Headache No real side effects. Burned when the nurse gave me the shot. I went to ER for tension headache that made me start puking. It helped by the time I left ER my pain level was about a 3 after being a 10. Went home and slept. Not sure if that was the Toradol shot or the shot they gave me for nausea. Either way I felt much better. F 41 1 days
60 1X D
 5  Severe Migraine--administered in ER I've come into the ER several times with migraines; and now that I'm a recovering addict I voice my concern for being given narcotics. I was given toradol twice. The first time it helped a little. But I still left the ER with a headache. The second time it knocked the headache out almost immediately. However, in both cases the headache did return to its peak severity the next day. F 25 1 days

 1  Severe Migraine It hurt like the dickens. I had a migraine for 8 days before going to the ER and receiving Toradol and Phenergan. I cried for two hours after getting it. It didn't even help in the end. F 25 1 days
1 vaccine 1X D

 5  trigeminal neuroalgia pain None F 25 1 days
1 shot
 3  Floating rib syndrome I have a large bruise and bump from the injection in my lower back/butt area. It hurts when I lay on the injection site. F 37 1 days

 1  Sciatica and muscle spasms in my bs The injection did not do anything for the pain nor did it loosen up the muscle. Tried it two times and neither worked. May have made pain worse. Muscle is sore at injection site. F 34 1 days

 5  painful dental extraction slight bellyache heart feels like its thumping a bit in my chest F 25 1 days

 1  Severe Migraine Slight nauseousness. Have had a sever migraine for nearly two days now. I went to the doctor and she recommended TORADOL. I was in such pain I didn't care what it was as long as it took away this pain. And that, it absolutely did not do. I only have increased pain due to the nausea added on top of my current nausea from migraine. M 24 1 times
30mg 1X O
 3  back pain The shot in my hip hurt like **** and burned! I don't have a tolerance for pain medicine so I thought I would pass out on this. Didn't happen, I just felt loopy and talked to my best friend all night, which kept her from sleeping also, and couldn't stop laughing at stupid things. Not really happy with this medicine, the pain subsided but I wanted sleep. Also didn't sleep until I took the other pain and muscle relaxers prescriptions they gave me. And now the back of my left leg muscle hurts like heck and I got the shot in my left hip. F 24 1 days

 5  severe throat and ear pain none it is the most fast working pain med I have taken. it was given to me in inj form, one time deal, with no side effects yet. will take it again if offered. F 54 1 times
60mg 1X O

 2  pelvic pain Still having severe pain, but with the added gift of gas. I did sleep for an hour or so starting about 40 min after taking the pill. I am hoping this stuff works a bit better on day 2. F 33 1 days
10 mg

 4  Severe Migraine Headache subsided, yes injection does burn while meds are being injected but nearly not as bad as the pain from my headache, slept afterwards for approx 5 hours. No driving, cooking, etc. make sure you have a sitter if you have children who are too young to take care of themselves F 48 1 days
1X D
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