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 5  short africa trip Please take some kind of drug if you are visiting an area where there is concern...These people on here that say they would rather get malaria and be treated?!?!?!? A friend of the family recently returned from Africa (Ghana) and did not take the pill...She is sadly now in the hospital for the 4th week and has undergone 4 surgeries. She has lost ALL 4 limbs and they are not sure that she won't lose more. It is NOT better to get malaria. Don't be dumb...take SOME kind of prophylactic malaria drug...she was there 1 WEEK and now she has lost both her arms and legs,not to mention what it has done to the rest of her body...Please don't be crazy...take the meds! F 35

 1  treatement bad blood circulation in arms and legs trouble concentrating M 27

 1  1 year in central Africa vomiting, weight loss, hair loss, paranoia, extreme anxiety leading to panic attacks, depression, mood-swings, fear of people, fear of going outside, fear of death, dizziness, total loss of energy or the will to do anything with my day Like many, I had never before had an anxiety attack, been depressed, paranoid, anti-social, anything, before taking this drug. Thankfully I recovered completely (it took about a month) after I stopped taking it. NOT recommended... the risks are too great. F 24

 1  Went to India for 2 months in 1990 M 47
30MG 1X D

 1  Malaria Depression, suicidal tendencies, sleep problems, haluciniations, memory loss I took it in 1998 for a trip to South America. Started having sleepless nights, memory loss and getting terrifying hallucinations but didn't even consider it to be conneceted because I wasn't warned about any side effects by the doctor. Then developed depression and spent hours lying in a dark room feeling like killing myself. Was prescribed Prozac, but the doctor still didn't mention any connection to Larium. It wasn't until I mentioned to a friend who told me about Larium that I checked on the web and started ticking off the side effects that I realised what had happened. Larium nearly destroyed my marriage. If I owned a gun I would be dead by now. The serious side effects lasted at leats six or seven years but I still get the odd hallucination and my short term memory is still affected. DON'T TAKE IT. USE SOMETHING ELSE M 44
1X D

 1  Africa -- Victoria Falls Peripheral Neuropathy -- atypical GBS Burning pain in legs, trouble urinating, weak erections + painful ejaculations, trouble emptying bowels, muscle atrophy, loss of balance, depression, suicidal ideation etc. etc. etc. Do not take this medication - EVER!!! M 29
250 MG 1X W

 1  Trip to cambodia headaches, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, dizziness, noise ringing in ears, difficulty concentrating, memory loss It has been over three months, and I still experience most of these side effects. I only took one tablet. F 23 1 times
 1  traveling to Tanzania vertigo, dizziness, muscle pain, sensitive skin, lightheadedness, nightmares took the once-a-week pill variety. The night of the first pill, had terrible terrible nightmares. Felt fine for rest of the week, but the day I took my 2nd pill, I started to feel lightheaded and had spells of vertigo. Then developed a patch of sensitive skin on my stomach that almost felt like a burn- a couple days later it spread to my side and back, and my back muscle is very sore. Almost a week later, and I have developed a rash on my side. This medication is awful, and the dr. said i will probably continue to have these side effects for another month or so, even though i only took 2 pills. F 23 2 times

 4  trip to gambia just taking larium for the third time in 2 years very lucky no side effects unlike other travellers on other tablets F 46 3 times

 1  Trip to India shortness of breath, cardiovascular irregularities, chest pains, dizziness, gastrointestinal disturbances, sensitivity to light, burning/tingling feeling in hands, chills, extreme fatigue Can you believe it that I took just 1 pill and after 9 months, I still have bad gastrointestinal disturbances and fatigue. It has been the longest 9 months of my life. There are alternatives, so do not take this voodoo drug. M 40 1 days

 1  TRIP TO KENYA Took the first and only pill in the morning. Severe panic attack ensued accompanied by the sensation of a black cloud coming down around me with a feeling of gloom and despair which persisted for months. It was seven years ago but looking back feel changed as a result. I now get bouts of depression and cry easily. Give Africa a miss. M 61 1 days
 1  PLasmodium P.vivax (Malaria) Shortness of breath after 2 hrs.(Like couldn't take a complete breath)closed throat,mainly on the left side of my throat, Anxiety,hallucinations,solid loss of appetite,lights appeared flashy. Well i was diagnosed with p vivax malaria and I live in India(Bombay) I was a much stronger than any of you guys here..the day I took this crap it really damaged my body ,I had no option and i didn't know the side effects.I took 4 pills before dinner the day i was diagnosed and soon started to feel that I couldn't take a complete breath I got real panic and then I realized this has caused epigastric distress and stomach has gone all dead and sore coz it kills the good bacteria in the stomach and makes the stomach sore.then again 4 after 6 hrs i took the first dose of 4 pills and then later 2 after 6 hours again..that day my life changed and I got depressed ..its been a year the anxiety has subsided a lot but it has damaged my stomach ..my appetite came back after 2 months ..but taking a complete breath and closed throat is still the same..I know what u ppl might be going thru..i feel it subsides over time..just keep ur self's hydrated...avoid alcohol till the side effects r completely gone..eat lot of vegtables and fruit.. ty to avoid non veg as far as possible.do NOT EAT SPICEY>>> the stomach issues will come up again making u feel nausatic. ALL I recommend is keep ur self busy doing something like playing video games,reading or walking and doing some mild exercise.This shit will fade over time..and the BEST ..Just pray to GOD>.its all in his hands.we were destined to get this and I feel God just wants us to pray to him. Everything will be alright Love and lig M 24 1 days
30 mg 10X D
 1  trip to vietnam I only took one Larium tablet, later that day i experienced fatigue, strange thoughts dizziness and confusion, 6 weeks later i am still suffering from severe headaches and fatigue, loss of concentration, i went from being an active outgoing person to just going to work and coming home really tired and dizzy, unmovitivated and left with no energy to do anytthing but sit around. it should be banned M 31 1 days
1 tablet 1X D

 1  prevention of malaria nausea, vomiting, dizziness, low mood, heartburn, light headed I took 1 tablet last night and the side effects kicked in right away. I'm already on anti depressants and have a history of anxiety and major depression. My doctor did NOT warn me about the risks associated with Lariam at all. You'd think that with my history, he would be very cautious about prescribing this drug for me. It's clear after reading this page that my doctor along with many others know NOTHING about the risks. All of today I feel like I am having brain shivers.. as if my brain is struggling to keep up with my body and it's just rattling inside my head. I only ever feel this when I suffer withdrawal symptoms from missing a dose of an anti depressant. I did NOT miss any dose so I know it's the Lariam. Since last night I feel as if something is caught in my throat. It hurts to swallow when I eat because it feels as if my throat passage is narrower. I have severe heartburn. Taking a zantac did not ease the discomfort at all. My head just hurts. I feel dizzy. I had to go home half an hour into work this morning because I couldn't cope. I vomited when I got home. Went back to my doctor and he gave me Stemetil to help with the nausea. Even that isn't helping!!!!! I still feel terrible. My head hurts so much and I've been crying all afternoon. I don't know what to do. I've been poisoned. I am so angry that this drug is on the market. How dare they do this to people. F 22 1 days
250mg 1X W
 1  prevent malaria on holiday to India nausea, stomache ache, general feeling of ill health i wouldn't recommend it. Side effects came on very quickly. I've decided to go back to using the two tablets I had before when I went as I feel so ill. I thought it would be good only having one tablet per week as the other type give me stomach problems too but not as bad I've found F 56 1 days
1X W

 1  Trip to the Philippines Paranoia, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, hot flushes, nausea and vomiting, depression, suicidal thoughts F 32 1 days
1 Tablet
 1  malaria major depression, anxiety disorder, sleep problems, teeth grinding (bruxism), chronic fatigue, mood swings, personality changes, aggression, suicidal ideation, brain fog, diminished capacity, impulse control problems, anger control problems, MY ARMY UNIT at FORT BRAGG NC was ordered to take LARIAM (mefloquine) when we were on alert to try to rescue the US hostages in Iran in Nov. 1979. No one told us we were being used as guinea pigs for an experimental drug without our knowledge or consent. No one ever asked us if we had any side effects after Within a few days, paranoia and anxiety started, and within a few weeks, I had full-blown cycling between major depression and violent mood swings, and I have NEVER been the same since. But because I didn't know what happened to me, I went 20 years undiagnosed and untreated, and I have now been on max dose anti-depressants since 2000. Symptoms get worse with age, and I am no longer able to work. When I finally knew from research it was Lariam, in 2008 I applied for VA disability, but after 4 YEARS the VA & BVA STILL will not give me an answer!!! M 54 1 days
megadose 1X D
 1  trip to Dom republic Hallucinating, seeing horrible things, nervousness. Anxiety ..never ever take this.....it was taken for a holiday but almost ruined my holiday ....should be banned. Was given Prozac to counter act the lariam. M 26 1 days

 1  Visit to Nigeria Only took 1 dose, but felt paranoid, confused and unable to judge time or make decisions for the next two weeks. In my view Larium is very dangerous. Felt I was going insane. Do not ever take it please! F 22 1 days
1 dose

 1  visit to Malawi 1 pill = itchy red blistering rash expanding all over my body for over a month F 22 1 days
250mg 1X W

 1  Anti malarial 1st time was fine, but 2 years later took it again and totally lost my marbles. Any drink apart from water made me sick and i was in such a daze that although i managed to phone the doctor i forgot why i had called them - all this after just 1 tablet. Within a week i was fine - i think, although my short term memory is still rubbish. Do not take it!!!!!! M 27 1 days

 1   Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, confusion I toke two or three of these pills four years ago and I turned crazy for three days. Will not take it again, it should be banned. Take Malarone instead, it had no side effects on me. M 34 3 days

 1  visit to zimbabwe vomiting, diarrhea my lips and nails went blue, confused. taken 15 years ago. i would not want to contract malaria so it is important to take an antimalaria drug, just don't take Lariam! I thought it was banned but seems like it is still being prescribed. F 35 3 days
1X D
 1  malaria prevention depression, anxiety, paranoia, confusion, loss of balance, blurred vision, long- and short time memory loss, irritability, chronic fatigue, suicidal thoughts, clumsiness, muscle atrophy, muscle and joint pains, dissociation, depersonalization, chest pains, shortness of breath The symptoms have been there for 11 years now. Devastating effect on quality of life. Would very much like to know if there is a cure. I recommend NOT to take this drug. F 3 days
1X D
 1  trek in Africa sleeplessness, wierd dreams,was very teary the day after taking it,became a total basket case I stopped taking this hideous drug after three weeks when I realised what it was doing to me. I had six more months in Africa and was prepared to get malaria and treat it than suffer this drug (thankfully I didn't get it) My trip was twelve years ago and I have been an insomniac ever since! This drug should not be available to ANYONE! F 26 3 days

 1  Trip to Africa Dizziness, migraines, hypohydrosis, weight gain, lethagy, pernicious anaemia, memory confusion, general symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.t Took Larium for one week approx 10 years ago and within hours of taking the tablet became ill. Doctor immediately changed anti-malaria tablet and started treatment for symptoms, 10 years on, am having to take daily doses of levothyroxine and have been on countless different types of medication to combat mefloquin contra indications. STILL undergoing tests and medical reviews to combat effects of this drug. Has had a devasting and long term effect on my life, and continues to do so. It really should be banned. F 45 7 days
1X D
 1  trip to Africa sleeplessness, anxiety, depression, feeling that I wasn't "in my body" I was warned about this drug and ignored advice. Take MALARONE instead! That said, the rest of my family was fine on it. If you're suffering from bad side effects, I recommend acupuncture--it helped jump-start my body so I could get back to normal. F 38 8 days

 1  Holiday to Turkey Zombie like state,verbal response to questions but no physical movement, short term memory loss Wife and I were prescribed Lariam as an anti malari drug for our holiday to Turkey in 1998. Thats when our lives changed for ever. I was not affected as far as I can tell but my wife was. While on holiday she became lathargic and slow. When we got home she was like a zombie. She seemed to stare into space and only speak when spoken to. I would say lets go out and she would reply yes but would not move. I would say come on and she would say I'm comming but just sit there. Took her to hospital where a brain scan revealed a problem on the front of her brain. Later a biopsy revealed the swelling of the blood vessels at the front of the brain which was pushing on the brain. The diagnosis was Cerebral Vasculitice. Doctors said it was probably caused by Larium but could not be 100% sure. At the time I did some research and found other stories related to Larium side effects. I cannot belive that people are still being subjected to Larium in 2009.She had to take very strong medication as well as other tablets to reduce the inflamation. She was not allowed to become pregnant whilst taking these medicines. We have been to hell and back and come through ok. Although I wish it never happened, my wife is lucky it was not worse. She has to take tablets for the rest of her life but its near as damn normal as we can make it. She holds a full time job and is doing OK. PLEASE DONT TAKE THIS DRUG AND IF A DOCTOR RECOMENDS IT, ASK - WOULD YOU TAKE IT? F 43 14 days

 1  malaria prophylaxis I have not taken Larium myself but have collected reports from dozens of friends and acquaintances over the years, after a friend of mine had a month-long psychotic episode in India on Larium, thinking he was Jesus and that he had caused the great earthquake in Gujarat. About 80 or 90% of people I've talked with have had nightmares, panic attacks, hallucinations or psychotic episodes on Larium. Don't even consider taking it. The fact this is still on the shelves is insane. M 33 14 days

 1  malaria tablets for travel to india anxiety and shortness of breath; sleeplessness; depression; acne and weight loss - due to extra anxiety. the lasting side effects were not apparant until well after i was no longer taking the medication. it's been a year and a half since i've taken this medication and i still have the side effects. it's better to have malaria. 30% of the people taking this medication have side effects. the alternate drug has a 14% rate on side effects (on the drug company's web site) -- not much better! F 33 20 days

 1  Malaria prevention Everything on the insert, except suicide. Also, some which are not mentioned - see additional comments: Took it in 2003 and found myself in a deep, dark pit that took years to crawl out of. In addition to the all usual symptoms, tinnitus, anxiety, panics attacks, etc, my emotions disappeared (except terror - that stayed). I guess you cannot imagine what it must be like not having emotions, until you experience it. And then pain disappeared. I could injure myself without feeling it. The feeling of impending doom all the time. Feeling of there not being enough light. I could look directly into the sun and not feel pain - not feel the impulse to look away. Erectile dysfunction for years. Zero appetite - food tasted like cardboard. Had to force-feed myself. Had to pretend to my family that I was OK and had feelings for them - too terrified to tell them what was actually happening. It was like living in the worst horror movie you can imagine. Hormones went bezerk. I'm sure my hypothalamus is fried. M 47 21 days

 1  Anti-Malarial Diarrhea, weight loss, loss of appetite,stomach cramps,IBS, possible colitis, suicidal thoughts,night sweats,paranonia, terrible shakes/tremors,vision problems,mouth ulcers,weak and tired. I took lariam for 1.5 months for a trip to West Africa and based on multiple visits to the hospital when I returned,CAT Scan, possible stomach surgery,tremors and a complete loss of appetite I will NEVER travel to a place that requires an anti-malarial again. I had to try both Malarone and Lariam and neither worked. I feel like I have been permanently damaged and pray that I get back to the active/healthy person I use to be. I am depressed and have awful thoughts. One night I wrote down things that just past through my mind and reading it later appeared psychotic. I do not regret Africa, I will always regret taking these drugs. F 40 35 days

 1  Lagos-Nigeria Dizziness, Cramps,after 3 weeks loss of appetite, nausea started at week 5 of taking the tablets, vomiting, stomach upset, feelings of disconnection. Stomach is still upset and still experiencing dizziness several weeks after stopping taking them. Will not take again F 23 42 days

 4  Trip to Ghana The only side effect I experience was bizarre dreams. I was taking the once a week kind (for 8 weeks), which is more expensive, but seems to have way less side effects, according to both people here and those I traveled with. F 21 56 days
 1  Military Deployment to S. America Vivid dreams, sleeplessness, neuropathy. I took Lariam for approximately three months during which time I experienced some sleep disturbances. The worst of it was and still is (3-1/2 years later), is the neuropathy. About a month after starting on the medication, I experienced shooting pains in my body, muscle fasciculations and tingling and buzzing sensations throughout my body. Like I said, these nerve disturbances still exist today 3-1/2 years later. I have every reason to believe it is permanent. Please explore other options for malaria prophylaxis. There are safer alternatives to Lariam. This drug should certainly not be your first choice. I'd go so far as to say it should be banned. M 29 90 days
 1  Required for work I experienced insomnia, paranoia, mania, psychoses, and have vivid dreams. Do not take this drug. It is poison. M 42 140 days
250 mg 1X W
 1  Work in Africa Facial numbness and tingling (as if recovering from a strong anesthesia at the dentist's) I decided to give Lariam a try, as I did not want to take anti-malaria pills every day for six months. After the first pill I was OK for about four days, but then the facial numbness and tingling began. I switched to doxy after that one week. F 32 1 weeks
1X W

 1  trip to Guyana to prevent malaria Felt revved up for a couple of days with some confusion. Then became so sick with flue-like symptoms couldn't get out of bed for a day. Seemed to get better in the morning but that night couldn't sleep because of non-stop indigestion that didn't respond to over-the-counter meds. Quit taking after one dose. I'd say stay away from this one. It's the worst experience I've ever had on any medicine by far. How the heck it's on the market is beyond me. M 55 1 weeks
standard 1X D

 1  Trip to Kenya I am on it now. I can't sleep. I can't stay warm, then I am cold. Every mood is exaggerated. I don't become annoyed, I go straight to a state of blinding fury. I don't get sad, I become horribly depressed. I was not told not to drive and three days after getting on this stuff, I got in a race and went over 80 on a winding road and was in horrible accident (no one has seen anyone walk away from one this bad, not even EMS). I thought my boyfriends mother was going to attack me (delusions), and I had a panic attack in the car after the crash. I can't think clearly. It's like thinking through wax paper. Everything is there, but I can't get it. I don't understand it unless I really concentrate on tasks and concepts I found simple a month ago. When I try to remember parts of the crash, it is like I am seeing it third person. It is as if I am watching a movie, not remembering it. I see the scene from an aerial view, not from the backboard. I am paranoid and when people try to touch me I scream and cringe. Although I suffered no serious head injuries, I can not remember most of the night of the crash. I blacked out. It is the most awful thing I have ever experienced. F 18 1 weeks
 1  anti malaria Fever, shivering, cold night sweats, (would wake up drenched, and ice cold), crazy dreams, intense & continuous head aches, pressure in ears & head, poor balance. This was after taking 1 pill- which lasts for a week. Wont risk taking another one. I'd rather have Malaria in the city, than experience these effects out in the bush where medicine is not available. M 31 1 weeks

 1  trip to india Confusion, depression, sadness, scary dreams, numbness, fuzzy brain, suicide After taking only one pill, I noticed a reoccurance of depression symptoms, which I had not seen for over 5 years. This pill made me feel sad for no reason, emotional, and numb. I can;t believe my doc didnt ask me if I had any prior depressive episodes. 4 days later I still feel depressed. F 30 1 weeks
1X W

 1  Anti Maleria After posting a number of years ago on here and having so many people contact me for help on combating the side effects of Lariam I decided to do something about how I won my battle with Larium. The side is aimed at all of you out there who are suffering from the horrid side effects this drug can have on you. I hope I can continue helping others out there and spread my word that there is a way to return to normal after taking Lariam. http://www.lariam.org - Free Lariam Side Effects & Help M 33 1 weeks
 1  To Prevent Malaria Horrific hallucinations, very strange and vivid dreams that seem like your awake, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression, difficulty thinking, chronic fatigue, no longer feel love the same. Feel like I'm in an emotional black hole I can never return from and all those close to me saw the change in only 2 weeks. Still the same effects although to a lessor degree today, without the hallucinations, even though it was taken over 10 years ago. Seems to be getting worse with age. Absolute poison I would have rather died of Malaria than be left with the memories of what happened to me while hallucinating. I had absolutely no mental issues before taking only two of these pills they should be illegal. M 40 2 weeks

 1  Mission to Dominican Republic The weeks I took it, I had vivid hallucinations, nightmares, extreme paranoia, suicidal thoughts, diarrhea, headache, nausea. Its now been two years, but I still have thoughts of mistrust, anxiety, and paranoia. I feel like I can't fit in with people. I get depressed, have mood-swings, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. I feel like a burden and I keep thinking if I was different before I had my episode in DR. DO NOT TAKE IT. It is not worth risking the adverse side effects. M 20 2 weeks
250mg 1X W
 1  Anti Malarial hallucination, dreams, anxiety attacks, crazy thoughts, NEVER, NEVER take this pollutant! M 25 2 weeks

 1  Travelled to Vanuatu Brought on PHYSCOSIS!!!!! I have no history of mental illness, and I've now been on anti phsycotics for three months so that i can live a reasonably normal life after only taking two Lariam tablets. Dangerous Stuff!! I can't drive, concerntrate properly and my self confidence has completely deminished. THIS DRUG SHOULD NOT BE ON THE MARKET!! I only took two tablets and if I wasnt able to get back to Australia and medical attention within 48hours I may not be here today. This drug is dangerous. It gave me delusions, halucinations, horrific dreams, rash, nausia, massive anxiety, completely irrational, uncontrolable thoughts!! Don't take this drug!! please! F 23 2 weeks
 1  Anti Maleria - March 1999 Impending doom, dread, anxiety, paranoia, fear of death, nightmares, night sweats, depression & Nervous breakdown. DOT NOT TAKE IT - It took 10 years of my life and have been on Anti depressants ever since that 5 day break. I changed my medication 2 months ago and by chance the side effects have finally gone. I suggest anyone who has had a similar experience for over 6 months should ask their GP / Doctor if they could try Cipralex 10 mg per day. It has finally given me my life back. Also I had a nervous breakdown soon after I took Lariam. I would gladly trade it for the slight chance of living with malaria 1000 times over. M 33 2 weeks
 1  Pre-deployment to Afghanistan I'd only taken 2 doses as prescribed with the last dose 3 days preceeding the incident at a command function where I blacked out meanwhile fighting several people and the police. I was charged with Assault on a peace officer (3rd degree felony), Assault causing bodily injury, resisting arrest, and public intoxication (misdemenors). It's been about 2 years and am still pending trial. The only prodromal symptom were vivid dreams (like the Matrix) which was told to be common. Since the incident no other disturbances in behavior but I was accused of not remembering short term things for a few weeks after. Medically I think I've recovered but it's a legal nightmare now. DO NOT USE!!! M 26 2 weeks
250mg 1X W
 1  Malaria Depression, suicidal feelings, madness, crying, irrational fears, nightmares, paranoya, racing heart - ended up in ambulance due to this, dependency, insecurity, disorientation, loss of appetite, panic do not take this drug, it is not worth the risk - you may be fine but as said above i really wouldn't gamble with it, I have always been a stable, happy girl and completely changed whilst taking it. thankfully i'm fine now. please follow my advice! F 21 2 weeks

 1  anti malaria panic attacks, shortness of breath, chest pain, insomnia, nightmares. Very restless, lack of concentration Take the daily anti-malaria pill-doxycyline. I only had 2 lariam pills and I am still feeling the side effects 8 weeks after the last dose. Symptoms are less but are still present F 38 2 weeks

 1  Holiday to South Africa ( Safari) Dizzy, fever, shaking, halucinations, flu like symptoms, extreme tiredness, stomach ache, headache, depression, crying unexpectedly, paranoia, panic attacks, high blood pressure reading, blurred vision, "foggy" head, loss of memory - hideous side effects. I had taken anti maleria tablets before but not this one. Was given it by GP nurses on the basis that "once a week dose is more convenient than daily" - it's not worth the risk! Take the daily one. Malerone works just as well but without the psychological side effects. Not saying there are no side effects with Malerone, but they are not as bad by a long way. One month after taking, I still feel unwell and hope it will eventually remove itself from my body. The GPs just try to give you Valium or similar to control the panic attacks (which I did not take as I am not keen to increase the chemical imbalance any further) but I am improving gradually. I went from a perfectly sane and controlled individual to a jibbering wreck and in my view, this drug should be taken off the market. The more people who publish their experiences the better so that others dont have their holiday ruined the way I did! F 47 2 weeks
1X W
 1  trip to africa anxiety,depression,hot flushes,twinges in spine,head aches,suicidal thoughts,extremely voilent and death realted dreams,sickness,panic attacks,paranoia i ignored the warnings my friends had given me regarding the medication.i cant actually think straight right now and feel completely out of control due to these pills.dreadful dreadful experience.comes in waves.hope it will subside.going to the doctors to change medication! F 31 2 weeks
250mg 1X W
 3  malaria prophylaxis vertigo, dizziness I took the generic version of mefloquine. No severe side effects except dizziness. Still experiencing occasional nausea after 2 weeks of being off the drug. Ask a travel doctor or nurse about the rate of malaria infection in the place and time of year you're going. A consistent use of DEET and mosquito netting may be better than drugs, especially for winter travel to urban areas. Many countries sell plug-in mosquito coils that work well too. F 31 3 weeks

 1  Travel anti malarial Psychosis anxiety chronic fatigue it has ruined my life it's been 11 years I still haven't recovered its been so bad nearly committed suicide F 54 3 weeks
 1  Malaria prophylaxis Severe depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks, anhedonia (20 kg lost not being able to eat), suicidal ideation, shaking, bad co-ordination, loss of body thermoregulation, impotence (may be related to depression & anhedonia), tinnitus, personality change, long term loss of libido (1 year now) Some people are OK on this drug. I think using it is like playing Russian roulette. Most make it, a few go under. There are much less dangerous anti-malarials around. Don't be tempted to take the chance of ruining your life with Lariam. M 43 3 weeks

 1  Lariam Bad dreams,high blud pressure, insomnia, mood swings and restlesness while taking the drug, after one month of the last pill severe tinnitus started and continue already for 2 months. I do not know if it is permanent or will stop some time. Mood swings, reslesness decreased but continues every other week(already three months) Do not take this drug. Do not think that you will not be affected. Think that if you are affected how you are going to manage your life, your work and other nice things in your life without your brain . There is no cure the side effects do not stop even after stopping the medication. Do not risk with your life. M 36 3 weeks

 1  Anti-malarial Suicidal depression. De-personalisation. Wish to die. Brain damage, damage to nerves, sensation, bowels, tinnitus. Paranoia, loss of conatct with reality. HELL. Welcome to hell. If you want to invite Satan into your home, take Lariam. Mwahahahahahahahahahahaha........ M 43 3 weeks

 1  Malaria Horrible. You wish you were dead instead. M 34 3 weeks
2X W

 1  for a mission trip to Africa Had a severe psychotic episode. Depression, anxiety, nightmares, thoughts of hurting myself, constant crying, fear I was losing my mind. Had to cut my trip short. Got Valium form a doctor in Africa to make the trip home. The pharmacist asked why Americans are still taking this drug because it drives people crazy. Still having depression and anxiety attacks weeks later. Do Not take this drug. Others are much safer and a lot less expensive. M 21 3 weeks
1X W

 1  Borneo Dizzyness, Headaches, Vivid Dreams, Panic Attacks I would not recommend this to anyone! I didn't finish my full course as it made me feel so weak and dizzy. 6 weeks after stopping the tablet I'm still suffering with dizzyness and headaches and my dreams are so vivid they keep me awake most nights. Ask your doctor about alternatives! F 25 3 weeks
1X W

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