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 5  osteoarthritis I have to take 1st thing in morning (unable to sleep) no problems with stomach had issues with other non steroidal.Have had headaches not sure if menopausal related or from relafen. I was prescibed 1500 mg a day only take 750 mg. Feel like a new woman! F 47 1 months

 5  sciatica Only drug that effectively treats my sciatia F 43 1 months
 5  Lower back pain and sciatica Occasional ear ringing, very occasional dizzy episodes mainly due to postural drop on standing. F 26 4 weeks

 1  Osteoarthritis Rapid heartbeat and palpitations. Plan to call MD and discontinue. F 54 7 days

 1  shoulder issues after surgery thought it was going to be a drug I could tolerate. 3rd day..heart palps...terrible stomach and abdominal pain....stopped taking it and still heart palps 3 days later F 48 3 days
500 2X D

 3  leg/foot pain, possible RA Worst stomach issues I have ever had in my life! Running to the bathroom constantly, with cramping and gas. I am miserable. Has helped some with the leg pain, but not completely. Not sure if the stomach issues are worth it. I am trying to give it a while to see if it evens out, but, geeze! Hopefully, once I see a rheumatologist, we can try something else. F 38 3 weeks
1500 mg 1X D

 5  lumbar pain and joint pain Rarely--ringing in the ears, some swelling in legs. I have used Relafen for over 20 years. It was the only thing that helped me with nerve pain and joint inflammation. I have tried *everything* else over the years--anti-depressents, other NSAIDS, Cox-2, neurontin, and codeine type pain relievers with little success. Relafen is what works for me...and that is the point. I am told NSAIDS are highly individual--what works for one person may not help another. So if Relafen is not it, try another. But for me it has been a Godsend. During a bad flare, I do sometimes have some swelling in my legs and tinitus that I think is dose related. These issues resolve quickly if I lower the dosage and cut back on salt, stay hydrated. I take breaks from the medication whenever I can, but have taken it for months and years at a time. I find it works better in a single, higher dosage than split dosages. 500 2x daily does not work for me, but 1000 mg once a day does the job. Discuss dosage strength with your doctor. It also has a tendency to cause insomnia in me so I take it first thing in the day rather than last. F 55 20 years
1000 1X D

 4  Chronic headaches No side effects but it sometimes isn't strong enough to stop a headache and I take two. For me, it works similarly to Advil but I don't build up a tolerance for it. F 18 1 years
500 mg

 3  L5 S1 disc herniation numbness and tingling sensation on left pinky and ring finger. pain shooting down left leg somewhat better. Used to be painful to stand or walk even for a few minutes. Now it is somewhat better. Still have pain when on my feet for a prolonged period of time, but not as frequent. M 42 2 weeks
750mg 2X D

 1  osteoarthritis headache and ringing in the ears After finding out from pharmacist that this drug caused my ringing in ear & that it MAY or MAY NOT go away, I threw the medication away. I had to see an ENT who gave me prednisone to take for the ringing cause I can't hear out of ear cause he said there's nerve damage. F 48 21 days
500mg 2X D
 4  Joint pain in hip/muscle strain Hair Loss...clumps of hair. The drug helped relieve my severe pain. But I will stop taking this now, and let the muscle heal the rest of the way. F 32 8 days
500 2X D

 2  arthritis pain Upper arms swelled up like balloons, after just 2-3 days. Still that way 2 years later. F 56 2 weeks
? 1X D

 5  lower back injury None. Used initially for short-term to treat injury with significant back pain. Helped immensely to relieve discomfort. Have used again when reinjury occured with same great results. F 48 7 days
1000 MG 1X D

 5  RA weight gain--15 pounds in 6 months very helpful with alleviating stiffness and joint pain--allows me to sleep well at night F 53 8 months
500 2X D

 3  arthritis No ill effects, I can't say that I feel better, but I had to go off of it 2 weeks prior to surgery and my knees did seem worse, but not much better now that I've been back on it for 2 weeks, although I could still be healing from the arthroscopic surgery on one of them. My hands don't feel any change on it or off. F 49 3 months
500mg 2X D

 5  inflammation some hot flashes when on higher doses told by my doc to cut back as she thought it could be damaging my kidneys F 54 16 years

 5  Arthritis pain in lower back & legs I've had no side effects. I take 1500 mg a day. Pain is the worst at night when I lay down. Before Relafen I couldn't sleep more that about 2 hrs a night. Relafen, diet, and stretching relieved about 80% of my pain. After 10 yrs on Relafen, my pain is getting worse again. Don't know what to do now. M 59 10 years

 5  Inflammatory Arthiritis Pain The only side effect is upset stomach. I have to eat prior to taking this medicine and right after in order to prevent stomach pain. I noticied that Milk of Magnesia helps to coat the stomach too when taking this drug. This drug worked better than any OTC drug like Motrin or Ibprofen. F 28 1 months

 1  lower back pain from degenerative d heart palpataions, neck pain, sweating, sluggish feeling, hunger, muscle twitching, heat burn, constipation It did nothing for my pain. F 62

 2  neck/shoulder pain panic attack, pins and needles in fingers, muscles tight i would not take this drug again, it helped a little, but feeling uninjured muscles twinging and pretty sure my heart beat faster than normal while taking M 27 6 days

 3  herniated disc and arthritis Feel a bit sluggish and nauseous, the pain subsides for a while and then comes back. I don't like taking this drug due to the side affects. F 58 5 days

 3  low back pain some dizziness, increased appetite, nervousness, heart palpatations, swelling in hands and fingers It has helped releive my lower back pain and given me more freedom of movement, my doctor has recommended I stay on it for the next 3 months and check back with him again. Not sure I want to take this drug for that long as I think the side affects might be more dangerous than I've been told. M 56 2 months
 3  joint pain, random pain in arms I have had heart palpitations twice in ten days and just tried on a dress I bought a week ago and it fit differently like I am swollen or something. I am going to discontinue. I took a antidepressant once that caused the rapid swelling and weight gain and so do steroid packs. I will say the pain has been a little better, but it's not worth the side effects. F 54 10 days

 5  achiness in back and neck None, this is the only NSAID that I have been able to tolerate. I do advise taking it with food though. F 56 10 years
 4  ankle and foot pain Heart palpitations and fluttering sensation, abdominal pain and bloating, severe headache. It was on the 4th day that I started having the side effects. I stopped taking it. It did help my foot pain greatly, but I didn't feel it was worth the side effects. M 43 5 days

 1  osteoarthritis shortness of breath, heart racing and pulse skipping. Only took 2 doses. Never had any of these symptons before taking Relafen. M 66 1 days
 1  Back spasms SEVERE hives - then swelling of face less than an hour after taking it. Injection of steroids did no good - had to have IV steroids, epinephrine, the whole works and was in the ER for most of the day. Now have an epi-pen with me. According to the allergist, Relafen works chemically differently than Ibuprofen and some of the other NSAIDs. I can take generic Ibuprofen without trouble - but like all meds, don't take them unless you really NEED them to reduce your chance of becoming allergic. F 58 1 times

 1  ankle pain buring sensation in my stomach this medicine made my stomach burn like fire. i took about 6 days straight and then stopped taking it becuase the stomach pain hurt so much. Also it gave me a very very heavy period with large clots and large amount of blood loss. Side effects definatley not worth it, id rather keep the ankle pain!!!! F 25 6 days

 2  knee pain heartburn fluid retention have some relief from pain have to drink lots of water to maintain fluid retention F 50 3 months
 3  bulging discs in cervical after MVA itching rash on arms and legs that felt like bug bites, gastro problems, gas, cramping, blood in stool, occasional chest pain Dr. said I had to be on it for at least a week before feeling relief. Not sure if it worked since I still feel pain. I stopped taking it after the bloody stools and chest pain because the side effects scared me. Feel Naproxen works better. F 37 30 days

 5  2 herniated discs, major leg pain I am actually taking Nebumatone (generic relafen)...The doctor prescribed 2, 750 mg's/day...My legs felt numb and I had a slight constant back ache...Cut back to 1 per day...Felt great... I've been suffering with pain in my legs for 6 months, and it came out of nowhere...Took 5 doctors to get me to where I am now...I'm pain free, trust my legs are not going to buckle on me when I stand up, don't have to stretch my leg muscles out every time I stand up and am walking the way I should be...Improved my golf game also... M 56 7 days

 2  Fibromyalgia pain Swelling, fluid retention, no improvement in pain F 50 7 days

 1  Chronic daily migraine Stomach pain, constipation and diarhea- alternately, rapid weight gain, bloating, edema I do not think that the medicine had an effect on my headaches. It took me a while to discern all of the effects of the Relafen. I started taking the medicine around the time of a bad headache cycle, so I thought that some of the side effects were just the headache- but now I realize that it was actually the Relafen. F 32 1 months

 2  Shoulder/Joint Pain Headaches, extreme fluid retention I gained five pounds in the last five weeks. This made me more lethargic. I couldn't get through the day without a 2 hour nap, which doesn't cut it since I'm a full-time student. I didn't figure out that the weight gain was related to relafen until last week. I suddenly realized I was hungry all the time and that my weight had suddenly changed after remaining the same for four years. F 43 2 weeks

 1  joint pain - osteoarthritis Had a severe allergic reaction, itching rash that moved from my chest to my entire front side of my body. This went on for two weeks and the Dr's. said it will go away. Do you think they could stand two weeks of this? The itching was like being bitten my misquotes from my neck to my feet. A back ache that felt like I had been beaten by a mugger, that started at my mid back and radiated to the left and cramped my muscle up so bad that it hurt to just breath. Sweating, fluid retention, headache, and swelling. Don't take this drug F 47 15 days

 3  Knee / Ankle Pain Dizzeness Helped pain but the dizziness gave me concerns M 48 1 years

 5  Lower back pain None The pain in my lower back has subsided a great bit do to this medication. It took about three weeks for it to affect me, but I am very happy with the results. M 37 50 days

 2  IT band injoury from running MAJOR diarrhea. I also started to breakout in cyst-like underground pimples. My ankles looked looked swollen. I would not take this medication again. F 33 6 days

 4  herniated lumbar disc pain, arthrit spasms of hands, fingers, feet, legs other than the occasional spasms, the pain is greatly under control (in addition to having an epidural) F 49 9 days

 3  hip pain no side effects per sae I'm taking it short term while I wait for a full hip joint replacement. It worked well the first month, but after that, it hasn't helped the pain much at all. The main problem is that I fell, injuring my knee and shoulder and couldn't take any OTC NSAIS's for the pain for those injuries. I'm going to stop it, and go back to ibuprofen for the 6 weeks until surgery. F 52 45 days

 1  knee pain Within 2-3 hours of taking the dose, generalized aches and pains in all muscles, somewhat relieved by heat, lasting several hours. This stopped when I discontinued the drug. F 53 5 days

 4  RA Felt a little fuzzy-minded at first VaVoom! I love this stuff. Goodbye Advil. I have SO much energy after only a week and my pain went from an 8 to a 3. Not running yet, but I see real exercise in my future now. F 32 7 days

 5  Knee pain No side effects yet at all. I feel better than I have for 2 years or more. Energetic, more energy probably because not fighting pain like I was. I was in severe pain and could hardly move my leg for more than an hour. I am up and going again. I am grateful. F 54 17 days
 1   Relafen Linked to Stevens Johnson Syndrome

 1  Tennis Elbow Extreme depression, skin rash on face, itching all over upper torso, diarrea, constipation, altered vision similar to dizziness, problems sleeping, anxious, nervous, not hungry or extremely hungry. Both symptoms within 2 or 3 days Would not take this ever again. M 46 6 days

 1  cartilege inflammation triggered a kidney ailment that caused protein loss. i was very ill and required 2 years of steroid therapy to reverse the effect. F 21 10 days

 3  arthritis in knees Taking twice a day for about 3 months, just started experiencing a tingling (pins & needles) in fingers F 50 75 days
 1  fibromyalgia pain None It really doesn't help me at all. F 56 1 years

 1  inflamed disk in the spine I thought I was having an allergic reaction and went to the ED. I was told to stop an antibiotic I was taking, which I did. The same symptoms appeared the next day. The side-effects of this drug were practically the same as an allergy: I have hives, sweating, fluid retention, headache, itching, rash, fluid retention and swelling. My back feels great, and I am grateful for that. But I am going to stop taking this medication until I can see my doctor again. F 50 3 days
 4  RA At first the drug made me I couldn't really tell that the drug was doing anything until I missed a dose. I still feel pain but if I miss a dose the stiffness after sitting or even the morning stiffness is more than double when taking the med. M 37 3 months
 4  arthritis in my lower back pins and needles in hands and feet. I've been taking Relafen for a week now and I too feel better than I have in two years or better. I just started with the pins and needles the last couple of days. I noticed it is listed as a rare side effect. Anyone else had this effect? F 31 1 times
 2  Pulled / Strained muscle Stomach pain, Nausea, Chest cramping, Diareah, gas... Relafen and percoset were given to by my DR. for a pulled / strained muscle in my lower ribs. I have had percocet before for other medical procedures, and never had a problem. For some reason, this time around, combined with the relafen, I feel sick to my stomach, cramping in my chest along with a M 22 3 days

 2  Pulled / Strained muscle Percoset combined with the relafen, I feel sick to my stomach, cramping in my chest along with a Relafen and percoset were given to by my DR. for a pulled / strained muscle in my lower ribs. I feel total discomfort when taking both of these drugs... and ive only been on them for 3 days... Like I said before, I have never had a problem with Percoset in the past either... My main concern is the whole cramping in my chest, near my heart... I have never had that side affect before with percoset, but I am now getting it when both products are combined. I stoped taking both a this time. M 22 3 days

 1  ankle,knee,leg pain,swelling,throb gradual severe all-over joint pain. The pain would F 52 13 days
 1  ankle,knee,leg pain,swelling,throb gradual severe all-over joint pain. The pain would F 52 13 days
 1  wrist pain Diarrhea which has continued for 2 1/2 weeks after I stopped taking the drug. The doctor has said he doesn't think Relafen caused the problem but it can't be a coincidence. I had severe diarrhea after one day so I stopped taking it immediately. F 66 1.5 days

 4  JOINT INFLAMMATION Dizziness / vertigo I'm a runner who found relafen helped with joint pain. Bextra seemed to help but not as much and was more expensive. The dizziness I sometimes have with Relafen seems to be related to dosage. Just had a very weird vertigo-like episode that I plan to see the doctor about. M 51 3 years

 4  JOINT INFLAMMATION Dizziness / vertigo I'm a runner who found relafen helped with joint pain. Bextra seemed to help but not as much and was more expensive. The dizziness I sometimes have with Relafen seems to be related to dosage. Just had a very weird vertigo-like episode that I plan to see the doctor about. M 51 3 years

 3  osteoarthritis Lethargy & hair loss. F 41 21 days

 4  lupus with heartlining inflammation Upset stomach, with a little nausea and diarhea. I seem to bruise easier, too. Wow. I felt energetic for the first time in I don't know when. I think I have had sle for several years, but was only recently diagnosed. The fatigue, more than any soreness or pain was the worst. Relafen is supposed to have less of a chance of liver and kidney damage than some of the other NSAIDS. F 38 3 months

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