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 1  Possible UTI tingling and numbness all over my body. Pain and stiffness in almost all of my joints (especially in the hands, knees, feet, hips, elbows, shoulders, and jaw). Random shooting pains in my muscles. Fatigue. If you are considering taking this pill: DO NOT. There are much safer antibiotics out there. If you are experiencing ANY sort of stiffness, stomachache, or pain, STOP TAKING THIS IMMEDIATELY. I talked to some doctors and they said the effects tend to be longer lasting the more pills you take. I took 4 pills over two days. On the evening after my third pill, I had a strange bloated/nauseaus pain in my stomach. I didn't think much of it, so I took a fourth pill that night. During the night after the second day I was barely able to sleep and woke up several times because my limbs were numb. In the morning, I felt tingling and pain all over my body, I had to consciously remember how to walk, telling myself to pick up each foot and move it forward. It was hard to do anything with my hands, texting, writing, and opening little milk cartons was almost impossible. I really felt scared and hopeless when I read the reviews, but started to feel a little bit better everyday. Though I am normally quite active, I rested and haven't exercised. A week later, I am feeling probably 90% better. I am still very tired and have stiffness and cracking in my joints, but I can function almost normally (I just get tired and am still not up to being able to exercise.) I can't say much about cipro getting rid of my uti symptoms, since I had NONE to begin with, just some irregularities in a uranalysis. Another clue that this extremely powerful drug is being over-prescribed. It should o F 32 2 days
500 mg 2X D

 1  Possible UTI After withdrawal: fever. I think cipro messes with your inflammatory system/immune system seriously. DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON. Maybe taking anti-inflammatory supplements help for recovery, or not. M 30 2 days
250 1X D

 1  Kidney Infection Joint pain, specifically in my right shoulder, numbness in right hand, head aches, sporadic pain in knees and ankles, tremors, severe anxiety associated with extended bouts of crying, sore throat, fatigue. I only took two doses of cipro before deciding what i was feeling had to be related to it. when i called the dr on call to get a different rx i was told that i shouldnt have side effects after just two doses and that the pain in my shoulder must have been from a pinched nerve in my neck . I still insisted on a new course of anti biotics and hope i just feel better in the morning, this really sucks. F 32 2 days
750 mg 2X D
 1  Kidney infection Severe anxiety that included panic and akathesia (restlessness that would not allow me to sit down), worsened depression (I have depression, but this made me much worse and very suicidal), severe insomnia. Finally calmed down and slept after 4 days of not sleeping at all. Weakness in legs. Trouble thinking straight and worsened ADD. This drug should either be taken off the market or used as a last resort. Also there should be clear warnings on the label about not taking the drug with NSAIDS such as Ibprofen. I didn't learn that the two were contraindicated until it was too late. Apparently NSAIDS keep you from breaking down the drug properly which can allow it to build up to toxic levels in your system. This drug should also never be given to people who have conditions such as depression. If you have a toxic reaction to this drug the best thing you can do is get glutathione (a detoxifying amino acid found in our bodies) injections. That is what I did and it helped tremendously. Recommended glutathione dose is 600mg 3 times a week. Must be injected for full benefit. Cipro deeply imbeds itself in tissue which is why detoxifying right away to prevent further side effects and damage, is so important. I feel like I'm still having some trouble thinking straight, but I think most of the other side effects have cleared up. I found the following two websites helpful for support in my healing: http://fqvictims.org/fqvictims/index.htm and http://www.survivingcipro.com/. If you've had a toxic reaction to this drug, detox yourself like crazy, stay positive, eat well, don't scour the internet for horror stories. True, this drug has injured people, but reading those stories won't help you stay positive which is critical for recovery. People do recover. F 26 2 days
200 mg 2X D
 1  UTI its been 5 weeks since I took my last dose of Cipro and after two weeks I could finally walk SLOWLY with a LIMP as my left knee is damaged. Before taking this drug, I could run 3 miles, now I can only slowly walk for 15 minutes and I have CONTINUOUS pain in my feet, ankles, legs and knees. I only took 3 pills! This is an AWFUL drug. Do Not Take Cipro. Ask your DR for another Drug. The DR will downplay the warnings and when you get the side effects they DONT CARE and there is nothing any Doctor or Drug can do for you now. Just time and prayer. F 40 2 days
250mg 2X D
 1  UTI The first day I felt only slightly nauseuos. The next morning I felt pain in my feet I have never felt before. I took a total of 4 pills on 7/13 and 7/14. I am STILL in pain. I felt popping and clicking in my left heel. I am still having that. Now I have additional pain in the top and left side of my left foot. I also have an overall weakness after taking Ciproflaxacin. I usually go to the gym regularly. I was taking spin classes, TRX classes, Zumba, and more. I had trouble taking a WALK the other day. This drug is POISON. I was not made aware of the side effects before taking it. I would NEVER have taken it if I was. I figured it was like any other antibiotic. I thought it was safe to use. It isn't. So now what?! It is July 28th and I am still suffering! How much longer is this going to affect me? I wonder if my left ankle and foot are the worst of it, or are there other symtoms lurking that have not come out yet? STAY FAR AWAY from this drug! This drug has ruined me. F 45 2 days
250mg 2X D
 1  Possible GI infection Approximately six hours after taking the second dose, I attempted to stand. I was unable to bear weight on the left leg. By the next morning, I'd lost complete range of motion in both legs and within a week I was in a wheelchair. Almost seven months later I am still unable to walk without using a cane or walker, and am only just now experiencing achilles pain. Other side effects include extreme short term memory loss, brain fog, peripheral nervous symptoms such as numbness and tingling in hands, feet and scalp. Anxiety and depression have joined in, either as a side effect or a result of the above. This is the first time I've rated a drug and only the second time I've reviewed anything online. I wish someone had warned me as we are warning you. Unless faced with death, I will never take this poison again. Know your facts. Do your research and be your own health advocate. I guarantee you that the pharmaceutical companies are NOT looking out for you. F 48 2 days
750 mg 2X D
 1  uti headaches tinnitis feel like my tendons on knees achilles calves shoulders are gonna rupture its been over 5 months can any one please let me know if you have healed any sight of hope please let us know if we ever heal months a year or two any hope at all after 5 month my headaches subsided not completely but a bit enough to sleep I promise if i heal i would let you guys know so you can have something to look forward to. I wish I knew what was happening in my body Im so scared. I used to run 30 miles a week I can barely walk 1mile a day im so sad cipro changed my life. F 44 2 days
500 2X D
 1  diverticulitis attack pain in back of neck and stiff neck followed by pain going across to shoulders started after the 4th dose.... excruciating pain ...seems to be getting worse pain is awful....seems to be spreading....i think this drug has TOO many side effects and should be banned....hope this will not effect me for the rest of my days F 65 2 days
500 mg 2X D

 1  upper respiratory infection peripheral neuropathy....depression this is the worst experience of my life..I cant sleep...the pain wont allow me any peace at night..amazingly I am a natural medicine practitioner and acupuncturist for over 25 yrs...was prescribed this poison by a fellow MD who only had good intentions...I had tried alleviating this chest cold naturally without success and ultimately I am suffering greatly...I only took two pills and its been two months of burning tingling electrical surges of my peripheral nerves...I am about to marry the soulmate I have searched my whole life to be with and I have to contend with this challenge of not being 100% healthy before my wedding...this plainly sucks, but G-d is great and I will overcome this profound injustice...I volunteer to help fellow sufferers... M 48 2 days
1X D
 1  Suspected UTI Left should pain and weakness in left arm. I was supposed to take this for 7 days. I didn't do anything to to my shoulder all I was doing was sitting playing a video game and all of a sudden I got a sever stabbing pain in my shoulder was not able to sleep went to the doctor the next day. I think they thought I was crazy because before I left for my app the nurse called and said that the doctor doesn't think that an antibiotic could cause my pain I told her that it was in the patient info I received from the pharmacy. I took that with me to the doctor so they could see for their selves but I still felt dismissed. I didn't get to see my doctor he wasn't there. The one I did see I didn't like. F 27 2 days
500 2X D
 1  uti crushing headache, leg pains, depression, bloody nose, aches all over my body. My Dr. prescribed Cipro for a UTI. After taking the Cipro for 2 days I was in so much pain that when my Dr. called to see how I was doing I told him I thought I was going to die!!! I had never felt as bad in my life. I quit taking cipro after 2 days and took another antibiotic. For weeks after taking cipro my upper thigh muscles felt like they had been destroyed. My regular MD did blood work and discovered that my "muscle emzynes" were sky high. She would have given me a steriod but said that it would affect my blood sugar. So for about a month or so I just put up with the pain before it finally subsided. Here's the saddest thing of all......this happened 7 years ago. If I stress my thigh muscles in any way (like exercise) my thighs hurt so bad, and get so tight that they cause me to feel "unsteady" on my feet. I have to go down the steps backwards! If I try to go down normally I feel like my legs won't support me. F 58 2 days
1X D
 1  UTI Pain in hands and bottom of feet, extreme muscle aches and pains, difficulty walking, heel pain. I am posting this 6 months after my initial time taking this medication. I am doing so much better now. Almost all muscle symptoms have gone. I remember going to this site and thinking why doesn't anyone post how long it takes to get better? Well, for me it was 6 months. Hang in there, you will get better, it just takes a long time! I found ice packs to be very helpful in relieving the heel pain. F 38 2 days

 1  UTI Red raised scaling rash on my eyelids, swollen eyes, migraine for 3 days, joint pains in my fingers and wrists, loss of strength in my uppper arms, felt like I was getting the flu, cloudy mind I have had UTIs in the past and have been prescribed an antibiotic that worked perfectly fine with no side effects. I went to see a Nurse Practioner b/c my doctor was unavailable and she decided to try Cipro even though she noted the other antibiotic worked well. I started with the rash and swelling on my eyes after two pills and finally stopped the pills after 4 of them. Then the migraine started and lasted for 3 days. I was out of work for those days because I was in such pain and couldn't focus. Now that the migraine is gone, my eyelids are heavy and droopy, the rash is still there only not as severe and my head is in a fog even though I got 8+ hours of sleep last night! I would never recommend anyone take this medication! F 46 2 days
 1  uti many many many still effected 6 months later still have all tinnitis all my tendons swell a weird headache like something crawling in my head stabbing in the center of my head and numbness on the left side of my head. anyway they are all less intense then 3 months ago i even have days when i feel really good. cipro is a poison. we all know that. any way i emailed alot of people and no one emailed me back im thinking no one is getting my emails, I have made progress im on b6 omega 3 an amazing product from the seed of broccoli called sulforaphane glucosinolate expensive but worth it and like others accupunture. my email is on here please email me i would love to share my progress with those that want to oh yeah also Clean organic food a must even my toothpaste has no flouride F 44 2 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Strep throat/scarlet fever Severe tendonitis in wrists, ankles, knees, shoulders, stiff neck. After the first day of taking Cipro, I noticed that my joints were aching but thought it was due to the strep/scarlet fever. After the second day, I knew something was not right so I googled Cipro and read all of this. My joints are swollen and it's difficult to even walk. F 29 2 days
500 2X D

 1  epidymitis Severe abdominal pain, cramps and tingling. Was prescribed this for 5 days and after taking 3 tablets over 2 days started to experience severe stomach pain and random stabbing sensations throughout lower abdomen. Also having some weird tingling feelings in my muscles. This is worse than the original infection! Have stopped immediately and am shocked after reading these comments, I just hope I've caught it in time and by only taking three I haven't got any lasting damage. I will considerably research taking any other drugs in the future. Good luck to all effected here, hoping for your speedy recoveries. M 21 2 days
500 2X D

 1  UTI Neck pain after initial dose. Nausea, stomach cramps and rash on arms, chest and face after 2 doses. I also experienced anxiousness, and feeling "blue" for a couple of days after stopping med. F 45 2 days
35mg 3X D

 1  Bladder Infection Worst experience of my life. I got off it after day 2 due to panic, anxiety, throbbing, felt like i was on caffiene x about 100 times that, could not sleep at all for 2 nights because I was so anxious, and worst of all the leg surges in my right calf muscle. And, 2 days later I'm off this and I'm still getting these horrible heat surges in my right calf muscle. I feel like someone was trying to poison me by me taking this. Stay away from this drug if you can, not worth it to chance this horrible state I'm in. Stay away. It is the worst experience of my life. Worse than giving birth. F 36 2 days
500MG 2X D

 1  UTI/Prostititis I had been subscribed Cipro several times 8 years ago for UTI/Prostititis issues. I had some side effects back then but never associated them with the drug. In June of this year, I was once again perscribed Cipro for Prostititis. On the second day, I experienced significant and severe abdominal cramps and spine pain. I stopped taking it. My doctor then put me on doxycycline and an NSAID (Nuproxen) I found out that was the worst thing anyone can do, from additional research it maximizes the side effects of Ciprofloxacin. Three months after taking the last pill, I have had it all: Joint Paint, Tendon Pain, Cartilage and Tendon Popping, Insomnia, Myalgia type pains and sensations, Eye Pain, Headaches, Muscle Weakness and Stiffness, Numbness & Tingling, Tremors & Twitching, Cold Hands & Feet, Burning Sensations and the list goes on & on.... If anyone has had success in detoxifying from this poison, please post what has worked for you. I pray that I can pull through this. Please, Please, Please......ONLY TAKE THIS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.... THE RISKS ARE TOO GREAT !! M 50 2 days
500mg 2X D

 1  U T I After my fourth dose I woke up in the middle of the night and my legs felt like sausages numb and swollen. Tendons became tight as if they were goint to rupture 2 days later I got a burning sensation on left side of head wich caused electrical heat sensations down my arms spine and up my head. I had short memory loss fatigued malice every tendon and joint hurt I wanted death to come :( It will be a year since I took cipro October 9 2010. I can run again 20 miles a week I weight train again and gained back my muslce and lost body fat. I look good again NO thanks to any doctor. I will run a race oct. 31 (again) after all the pain and suffering my heart and prayers go to all of you. I wiil run my race and hate cipro all the way.And love God for the woderful body he gave to repair itself. Lillylove1@aol.com F 44 2 days
500 2X D

 1  stomach infection i felt i was on some Drug like meth or LSD .. the first 2 days after taking the drug I felt better ,but I lost appetite the 3rd day and felt light headed as if I'm drunk,hallucinations,panic attacks,anxiety,sevre gastric problems. Well this drug is the worst I could ever have,I'm a tough guy and never had any problems untill I took this peace of crap,I was not knowing the side effects and blindly took this drug,and now I get light headed after having any dairy products,fullness in the stomach,cant concentrate,light headed ,dizzy feeling most of the time..its been 3 weeks and I just had 4 pills of 500 mg..darn I wish I knew how powerfull this drug is..I'd prefer to go with the ilness rather then going back to cipro. M 24 2 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  doctor wasn't even sure severe diarrhea, confusion, memory damage i only took the drug for 2 days because my husband really advised against it and I'm glad he did. the first night i woke up very disoriented and scared. then the next night i couldn't sleep til 3 am because i had such severe diarrhea. my bum still hurts from that and it was days ago. also i have been repeating my sentences for no reason at all subconsciencely and i believe it's because of this drug. NEVER take this, heed the warnings!! F 19 2 days
500mg 2X D

 1  uti day one was great. Woke up and touched my foot to the floor and knew something was wrong. Took a total of 4 pills. Pharmacist told me to stop- and call doc. I went straight to the health food store and will cure my uti with herbs and cranberry juice. In the meantime, what to do but pray about my sore foot and ankle. NEVER again. F 54 2 days
500mg 2X D

 1  bladder infection Strong headaches, higher blood pressure, heart beat went from 60 to 80 - tingling in fingers and toes - insomnia M 56 2 days
2X D

 1  Precautionary post-surgery med Lips swelled up, awful anxiety and negative thoughts, abdominal pain, nausea I was prescribed these as a precautionary post-surgery treatment (gynae). I have never felt so ill....initially I thought my toothpaste had done something to my gums and mouth, it felt like someone had put a mini rubber-ring around my lips. Woke this morning with awful depression and anxiety, shaking like a leaf. Have eaten a pasty and small pie in nearly three days, no appetite, feel sick all the time, abdominal cramps. Just awful medicine, thank God I can't take it thanks to the reaction rather than having to try it again. F 35 2 days
500 2X D

 1  UTI stiffness and pain The second day of taking cipro I was walking and a shot of pain ran up my leg all of sudden my leg went stiff. I laid down for the rest of the night and woke up the next morning with my leg still stiff. Everytime I try to straighten my leg to walk straight I have pain behind my knee and my leg remains feeling stiff. I walk around with a limp and now my doctor advised for me to discontinue cipro and gave me crutches. Now researching and reading about cipro I have told my loved ones never to use this drug. F 27 2 days
250mg 2X D

 1  infection from a puncture wound After three doses: muscle pain ,shaking, severe vomiting that lasted twelve hours ,two days later still no appetite .Very weak. Hoping side effects will now subside ..... I called the ER and the Doctor there said he thought it was the flu ,even though I never ran a fever or had any other flu like symptoms such as coughing or runny nose .On monday I called our regular doctor and he said stop medicine immediately(which I already had done since I couldn't hold anything down .) sounded like side effects to him . M 20 2 days

 1  sinus infection dizziness and vomiting I took 2 doses of cipro and became so dizzy i could barely get out of bed. i spent the day vomiting. its been two day and i'm still dizzy and have an upset stomach. Back in november i took levaquin for 7 days 500mg and have joint pain in my knees. I have never had knee issues before taking this family of antibiotics. I would not recommend it to anyone. Its too risky. F 35 2 days

 1  UTI SEVERE Allergic Reaction!!! restlessness, dizziness, lightheadedness, insomnia, nightmares, hallucinations, manic reaction, irritability, tremor, ataxia, lethargy, joint stiffness, hiccough, photosensitivity/ phototoxicity reaction, flushing, fever, chills, angioedema, edema of the face, neck, lips, conjunctivae & hands, blurred vision, disturbed vision (change in color perception, overbrightness of lights), decreased visual acuity, diplopia, eye pain, tinnitus, hearing loss, bad taste.... it just goes on and on... Taking Cipro was the worst experience of my life. I have had issues with UTI's and my new doctor thought it would be a good idea to try out Cipro during an especially bad UTI. She failed to warn me of any symptoms or adverse reactions, simply said it was "the best", I never went to her again. After the first day, a fever devloped and it felt like my body was shutting down. Nearly all of the side effects I listed were present by the morning of the second day. I had to go to the emergency room that afternoon to find out it was a severe allergic reaction. I immediately stopped taking Cipro and was put on a milder antibiotic to treat the UTI. The symptoms/side effects lasted for 2 weeks after I stopped taking Cipro. I had to walk with a walker/cane for the first week after I stopped medication as I was not able to control my leg muscles efficently and would fall down when I tried to walk unassisted. I developed a bad rash in every pit/cravas (armpits, buttock, behind knees, ne F 25 2 days

 1  UTI ankle (achilles tendon) pain and stiffness, leg pain This is a continuation of the previous rating. Although in the past I never experienced symptoms, this time I experienced lots of pain and stiffness in my ankles. I was extremely worried after reading the black box warning of the drug, so I stopped taking it after the third dose and asked to be switch to a different antibiotic. Looks like I'll have to deal with the macrobid tearing up my stomach. But still would rather have stomach pain than damage that could last me the rest of my life. I hope there will be no lasting damage this time. Pain lessened after my last dose, but 24 hours later I'm still a bit sore and stiff. F 23 2 days

 1  Bladder Infection Awful pains in arms, hands, shoulder, neck... complete stiffness and aches. At times they felt numb and tingling. Vision was not right. Headaches. And major anxiety attacks with paranoia. I would never ever recommend this drug to anyone. It really is poison in a bottle. I seriously thought i was going crazy the first couple days until i researched the side effects and immediately quit taking it. It's been a few days since I've been off and still experiencing some side effects. Very scary medicine. M 28 2 days

 1  bladder infection calf pain so bad i couldn't walk, I took it for 2 days 4 pills until I looked up side affects. I stopped taking it 3 weeks ago and still have really bad pain in my legs. I could bearly walk today, I was limping. I would not recomend this to anyone. F 51 2 days

 1  pneumonis I took Cipro for two days, 500 mgs twice daily. On the second day, which was Christmas day, I started having muscle spasms and pain in my left shoulder and scapula. Within hours I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life, and I am a dougle lung transplant recipient and did not have this much pain. I could not even get to the ER, because the pain was so severe when I would move, that my family didn't want to try to put me in the car. The next day, I decided to research the side effects of Cipro, and realized that the pain I was having was due to this medication. I contacted my physician and he advised me to stop taking it, which I did. The pain has subsided but is still there. I hope that it will resolve itself DONT TAKE CIPRO NO MATTER WHAT. 59 2 days
 1  UTI, kidney infection horrible rash all over my body on the 3d day after taking Cipro even next day after stopping taking cipro the rash got worse, spread all over my body: legs, buttocks, arms, neck, feet, hands swollen feet, skin: itching, burning, hives, petechia nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite horrible DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! F 43 2 days

 1  uti infection shoulder pain...neck pain and also stiff,little nausea...prescribed 250mg. GO HERBAL F 23 2 days
 1  UTI My second day on 500mg Cipro. I have very bad lower abdominal pain now, feel weak, like I been beat with a baseball bat. Usually very active & workout. I can barely get the stamina to run the vacuum. Took Keflex prior, no problems but did not cure UTI. So I am trying to put up with this torture. Thinking about cutting pills in half for a lower dose F 36 2 days

 1  Diverticulitis Tingling, numbness and weakness in my arms and legs, a burning sensation like a sunburn or chemical burn on my chest, back, arms, legs and face, joint pain, feeling of skin crawling and burning tongue. Being outdoors in the sun is even uncomfortable. I only took it for two days (4 pills) and I'm still having these side effects even though I stopped the medication 6 weeks ago. Some days are worse than others. I have no idea why. I've taken this drug at least twice before with no side effects. At least none that I remember. When I realized that my symptoms could be possible side effects from Cipro, I read the insert again that was given with the drug and saw that it was rare, but nerve damage was possible. It said if it was caught early enough, it could be reversed. I freaked out and went to the emergency room right away. The doctor had to do some research on Cipro because he had not heard of anything like what I was experiencing. After 20 minutes or so, he came back and told me there have been a couple cases like mine, even after one dose. He did no tests at all, but referred me to see a neurologist. Days later when I saw her, she did a nerve test in the office and sent me out for some bloodwork. Two weeks later when I went back for my follow up appt., she said everything was normal and that the burning tongue could be hormone related since I am peri-menopausal and that the other symptoms would hopefully disappear eventually. It's very frustrating to think a drug that is so common, can be this ba F 50 2 days
 1  UTI Where do I start?...with slight stomach upset, bad muscle/overall body weakness, difficulty breathing and fatigue following my first dose, and then graduating to some very severe and bizarre symptoms: extreme weakness to the point it was difficult for me to lift my arms, extreme mental confusion (That was probably the worst part. I was having jarbbled thinking and trouble figuring out how to do basic things like pour a glass of water, when I was feeling okay an hour or so ago), difficulty concentrating (I felt like I couldn't put together one clear thought or focus on what I was doing), anxiety/nervousness, restlessness, mild carpal tunnel pain, vision change (everything seemed slightly blurrier, but it wasn't too bad), stiffness, body pain, an overall feeling of terrible heaviness, including of the chest. It felt like the medication was damaging my body; like it was eating away at my muscles or something. I felt like death, just a lifeless feeling at my best moments on this drug. Something about this drug doesn't seem right; Itís too strong and I shouldn't have this many side effects after taking it for such a short time. I even took a strong antibiotic once called Rifampin with worse side effects listed than this, and even had some of them, but it wasnít as bad. I donít want to continue a prescription that seems to be doing damage to my mind. Iím feeling better after being off of it for almost thirty six hours, but not completely yet. Hopefully I will, and may others too I pray. Please, somebody, get this drug off the market or provide more severe and detailed warnings with it. If that had been done, I might have thought twice before taking it. And then if people still want to risk their health they at least have the knowledge before they decide. The side effects listed on the paper that came with this drug did not prepare me for what I actually experienced. I am concerned for future patients who are given this and take it with F 26 2 days

 1  UTI nausea, loss of appetite, loss of taste, headache,rash, leg pains, numbness in feet, hands,face, tongue, arms, diarrhea, sleeplessness, anxiety, panic attacks,extreme nerve pain When these symptoms hit me on Jan. 23rd after 2 days of taking this medicine someone recommended me this site. I'm amazed almost 2 months later how many MORE negative comments there are, and how SIMILAR they are to what I'm STILL going through. I was also on Prednisone. Cipro activates your immune system. Be VERY careful with this drug. It will be a slow painful recovery. I don't know why you would even want to try it. It's miserable. F 28 2 days
 1  Kidney infection Extreme fatigue; persistent headache; light sensitivity; vomiting; nausea; strange, unsettling dreams; hallucinations; depression; general feeling of being poisoned. I am a healthy, fit person in general. I was absolutely stunned by how ill I felt after 2 days on CIPRO. First dose was on Thursday evening; terribly sick dreams Thursday night. I coudn't move all day Friday. No appetite. General malaise. Thought I saw some strange furry animal in my kitchen! OK -- that did it. I called my doctor Saturday morning to get the prescription changed to a different antibiotic and had to end the call because I needed to vomit. Now taking Keflex -- no problems. By the way, CIPRO is the drug of choice for anthrax. You can bet I will never take CIPRO again. F 51 2 days

 1  UTI Infection Extreme bloating, nausea and insomnia I took this for a UTI and quit after 2 days. This medicine is horrible. Now I have had extreme bloating, nausea and insomnia for 3 5 days and I only took this poison for 2 days. It should be banned and Bayer should be sued. Do Not TAKE I wonder if I will ever get better. I have always just been prescribed a sulfa medicine before for my UTI. Symptoms would go away immediately. Why are they prescribing this horrible medicine. Do the doctors get a kick back. F 54 2 days
 1  c diff After 3 500 mg pills, complete fog, exhaustion, strange dreams. Very Itchy skin. Stopped taking. Next day, the SEVERE joint pain began. First in shoulders and thumb. Unable to lift arms due to pain. Unable to drive. Pain Migrated to knees, neck, ankles, hands, lower back. Unable to open jaw very wide...then trouble closing.Pain Moving approx. every 24 hours. Unable to make a fist. Right wrist EXTREMELY swollen and very hot. Pain walking, actually causing limping. It is two weeks today since I took the 3 pills. The doctor was COMPLETEly dismissive of blaming the cipro, until he WITnessed the size of my wrist...he acted like I had been making it up before that. Now I've got his attention. Two courses of pred with no effect. Hives break out in the pm. Benadry and claritin have helped. Still experiencing migrating pain in joints, but have not had a SEVERE attack like early on in shoulders and hand. Counting this as improving. Perfect health before this, athletic. Praying for all that are suffering from this drug. There is no treatment or cure, just time and luck...every case is different. Take it only if your life depends on it. Even if you are okay with the original exposure, you may be injured in the future with the next exposure. F 21 2 days

 1  UTI Morning after I took 1st 500mg Cipro, my left hip upper leg hurt...didn't equate it to Cipro...so I took the next dose, pain was getting worse in my hip. Took the third one and the pain was so bad I googled "leg pain cipro" and found this site. I can barely walk without serious pain...hip just gives out no warning and SEVERE pain. Obviously stopped taking Cipro. Hope this wares off. taking antiinflammatory in hopes it will counteract. Pharmacist said she'd never heard of leg pain with Cipro...yeah..right...The pain is excruciating. I hope this goes away now that I've quit taking it. only took a total of 3 pills 500mg. Pain started the morning after the first one. Wish I'd known then before taking two more. F 55 2 days

 1  UTI My wife took this for 2 days and only took 4 250mg pills total. She wrote a suicide note last night and woke me up and told me she was going to die today. Now she has been up for over 46 hours and hasn't slept she's like a zombie and can't hold a conversation. The emergency room thought she was just crazy. This is a nightmare. We have 2 small little girls and she barely knows they exist. I don't know what to do. Please Pray for her. I'm her husband F 25 2 days
 1  kidney infection paranoia,body aches, anxiety, attacks of fear and distress If you get this message before you take Ciprofloxacin then bin them immediately. I only took them for 2 days and that was 2 months ago and have only just started feeling normal, you will think that you are dying and that the world is coming to an end. What a nasty,nasty evil poison. F 39 2 days

 1  UTI Nausea (very bad) couldnt eat, tingling and numbness on face hands & feet, Anxiety, severe back pain near ribs, IBS, headaches, neck pain (like cramps) lip numbness, confusion and fatigue. TERRIBLE! Have been taking for 2 and half days, stopped because I felt it was the Cipro making feel so sick, I went to ER last night and Dr, gave me different medication to treat UTI. I couldnt take the back pain & heaches and thought maybe it was my kidneys. All of a sudden I have Anxiety and all the symptoms I described above. I did a search on cipro and found this site and now Im scared. how long will I have these problems. Nausea isnt as bad as its been last few days ( I ate twice today) had Diahrhea, headache still all day and pain still there. This is day 2 of not taking it. For the past few days I've been feeling like I'm deathly ill. No energy and very depressed. Today, I recall taking Cipro a few years ago and after one day I felt so sick & I went back to Dr for different meds, totally forgot. NEVER AGAIN!!! F 36 2 days
 1  prostatitis tinnitis; stinging/shooting pain sensations all over body on skin; headache, total loss of appetite, nausea, very sore achilles tendons, popping shoulder, knee, wrist joints; throat felt 'thick' (not sore, but uncomfortable; almost like it was slightly swollen); definite increase in 'eye floaters'; stinging tongue that gets coated much more quickly then it did previously (possibly changes to my saliva glands?) lots of anxiety (but whether that is due to the side effects or the med itself, I don't know - not that it matters). 6 weeks after taking the cipro - I've still been experiencing the 'thick' throat feeling, occasional neuropathy, loss of appetite/ nausea. It has now been over 6 weeks since I took two ciprofloxacin tablets (total 1 gram of drug). I am so glad I stopped taking it immediately (started having bad headaches and ringing ears after the first day of use). I've had a much better day today and yesterday, however - possibly due to my increasing my calcium levels (drinking more milk; eating 'tums' as calcium supplements - not sure what the science to this is, but if there was fluoride in my body causing these problems, i know that calcium binds to fluoride and perhaps inactivates it. the neuropathy has largely abated for now; that ridiculous 'thick throat' feeling has gotten *mostly* better as well. still recovering in the appetite department. For the first time yesterday and today I am feeling like my old self again. I will keep up the calcium supplements for the next few weeks. I definitely wouldn't be taking calcium if I didn't think it was helping, as I have a propensity to form calcium kidney stones. But I'd rather have the threat of a stone than the crap I've been dealing with for six weeks on the ciprofloxacin. M 26 2 days
 1  Sore throat The worst back pain ever, shortness of breath and just genuinly felt like I was slowly dying. I am so so scared and just cant stop crying reading these reviews. It's awful. Really really awful. F 26 2 days

 1  UtI 2 tablets and I couldnt sleep had pain in my legs. They switched me to Macrobid and then the trouble really started. Cipro was still in my system too and after 2 tablets of Macrobid I had to go to ER. Severe pain in my kidney area, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, horrible horrible headache-all severe symptoms. They thought I was passing a kidney stone. All tests were fine-it was Cipro and Macrobid-all this after 4 pills. I felt as if I were poisoned. Now after 5 days, I have pain in my hands and my foot. I am still an athlete and if I get a ruptured tendon or nerve damage from these antibiotics, I dont know what I will do. Warn everyone you know about these antibiotics. F 60 2 days

 1  Bladder and Kidney infection Ankles ache, Left elbow aches, tops of feet ache and are stiff, pains in legs, can't stand for long periods of time, legs tingle, ankle joints ache/hurt. Muscles make popping sounds a lot now I took 2 dose of Cipro in 24 hour period of time - 2x 500. I stopped after starting to feel side effects. Took Cipro on 10/13/2009 and 10/14/2009. It is 10/18/2009 and I still have side effects. No one advised me of black box warnings. M 34 2 days
 1  Kidney Stone I was given Ciprofloxacin 500 mg & told to take 2x daily. The first day I started having tingling in my legs and by the second day I could hardly move my legs because my knees became extremely stiff and painful. I am a healthy & active 27 yr old that has never experienced any pain in my legs before taking this medicine. I did not take the medicine on the third day and called my doctor and pharmacist. I am now taking Bactrim with less serious side effects. It's been 4 days since I stopped taking Cipro and I am still in pain! Not too mention my entire body has started to making a "popping" noise whenever I move! Do not take this medicine!! I am extremely upset that this was prescribed when there are far less risky drugs to clear up infections. With all the bad things I found out about this drug you'd think someone would take it off the market. F 27 2 days

 1  throat infection DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL. I had no idea a drug could take over an entire body and cause so much pain. I only took half of my prescription too. One dose of 500mg a day is all it took. On the second day, I woke up and I felt like I had been hit by a bus. All of my joints and muscles were in so much pain, that I could barely get up. I felt like I was 80 years old and had arthritis all over my body. I could barely turn my head in one direction, because my neck and shoulder tendons were so sore and shooting pains were going down my spine. My jaw was in pain, my wrists and ankles. My hips were extremely sore and with every step, I felt like I was going to fall over. I could have used a walker! At age 26! My sore throat went away for those two days, but returned a day or so after I stopped taking Cipro. It is now three days since I have taken Cipro and I still have pain all over. My pain has subsided a little, but I am still in bad shape. I am extremely worried, after reading all of these review F 26 2 days

 1  Bladder infection I only took it 2 days and had horrible side effects. I was dizzy, numb face and mouth. My heart was racing and I felt like I had a bad flu. My ribs had a burning feeling and my whole body ached. It has been 9 months since I have taken it and I am still not back to how I was before the medicine. I still have back pain and just don't feel 100%. Have had all kinds of tests run and cannot find anything wrong. It has to be the cipro. F 40 2 days

 1  UTI I had severe pain in my leg muscles. Also now my heels are very tender. Feet swollen. I will never take this again! Only took 2 doses and it caused me these problems. Can't imagine if I had completed the cycle. F 35 2 days

 1  Apparent UTI Body aches in hips, wrists, knees, shoulders. Fatigue. Headache. Lack of motivation. Depression. Over a year ago i started exp these sides after traveling abroad. I thought it was something i may have caught there, I have had blood tests a few times doctors find nothing and dont know what was wrong with me. Well a year later now i am starting to finally feel relief, i go to the hospital for extreme kidney pain. They prec. Cipro, say it is a UTI (i think it was a stone), anyways the aches are back full force! the pressure headache as well (it was so bad once last year i went to ER). I realize now that my ill health from the past year was from cipro i was prec. when i got back from my trip. Poison. there are other antibiotics you should try first, this does so much damage. read up on some faqs with this class of drugs http://www.fqresearch.org/ . big pharma care nothing about your health, it is all $$ this should be pulled or at least used only as last resort not for a friggin uti F 2 days
 1  UTI I experienced extreme tendonitis in my hands and arms. Slight tendonitis in my legs. Woke up the second day of taking this drug stiff and sore all over. Only took 4 doses. Its only been 2 days since stopping, but I can barely move my hands to type. I am a healthy, not overweight, active 37 year old. M 37 2 days

 1  Unconfirmed UTI LIFE CHANGING ANTIBIOTIC FOR THE WORSE!! After two days on this drug, I experienced intense muscle pain, tendinitis, peripheral neuropathy, twitching muscles, insomnia, and heart palpitations. I was fortunate enough to stop taking this drug immediately after experiencing toxicity because many have been disabled for life. Go online and read all the stories. They are heartbreaking. Two months later, I still have mild neuropathy and can't do more than light walking. My diet is heavily restricted and I spend way too much money on supplements and doctor visits. My doctor never should have prescribed this antibiotic for an unconfirmed UTI. The medical community has been misled and deceived by the floraquinolone drug reps about its safety, which is very unfortunate for all of us. F 37 2 days
250MG 2X D
 1  ear infection Shoulder pain and loose joints. Cipro shoukd be taken off fhe market. M 50 2 days
 1  Suspected UTI/ Misdiagnosed Nausea and Headache Pins and needles in feet / ankles, progressing upwards to knees Pins and needs in hands Shooting/ Stabbing pain in toes and fingertips Shooting pain in elbow and left shoulder All this after taking 2 days. The Pins and needles started the day after I finished taking them and have persisted (8 days later) The GP doesn't seem concerned at all, I've been to see numerous amounts of pharmacists for their opinions - they too have never come across this before. Starting to get worried about this now. I'm a triathlete and now worried about running due to making this worse. How much longer will this goes on for?? I've warned my wife not to take this drug, as I believe there are safe alternatives out there. Very annoyed at GP as I didn't even have an infection but was given to me as precaution -Now the doctors don't even want to know! Even my wife is starting to think it's all in my head.. very strange drug and potentially very dangerous according to other reviews out there too.. M 30 2 days
500MG 2X D

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