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 1  Suspected UTI post prostate surg Took for 3 days - twice per day, when preliminary lab results indicated possible UTI. Stopped when UTI not corroborated. Horrible searing pain in shoulders developed a week after last pill. Who knows what else is in store for me! Can't believe surgeon prescribed this stuff, it is DEVASTATING. M 62 3 days

 1  uti I took 4 pills so far. I am not taking anymore. I felt my heart racing, loss of appetite, my fingers on my left hand were trembling. I feel sicker then I was in the first place. I had to come home to lay down. I feel like crap. Hopefully this will get out of my system soon. I am not taking anymore pills. I have 6 to go. I am going to throw them out. This drug must be very strong. I was given 500mg twice a day. I was ok until today. The trembling started yesterday and this morning. I feel my absolute worse today. I took the 4th pill at 930am. It is now 324pm. I was going to the store. I wouldnt make it up and down the aisles. I also feel drained and tired. So I came home hoping I will feel better later. It is the worse side effects anyone can ever have. It appears to make you sensitive to the sun too. I also had burning in my stomach last night. F 50 3 days

 1  bacterial lung infection After taking 5 doses of this toxic substance I experienced a partial rupture of my right Achilles tenden. This happened while walking across a parking lot - no strenuous athletic activity involved. After being in a cast/boot and on crutches for 2 1/2 months, a cortizone injection, and physical therapy, I still have nagging and sometimes intense pain in my Achilles as well as the surrounding muscles/tendons. I'm in the process of getting a second orthopedist appointment to determine what to do next, as I have been unable to walk normally for about six months now. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG!!!!!!! F 32 3 days

 1  Bacteria in Gut Ultra anxiety, not being able to sleep, raw sore throat, restlessness, can't sit still for long. Upper right side back tingling, hard to catch breath, cough. Shoulder and upper back stiffness and discomfort. Depression. Sinus draining worse. But at least, no diarrhea. I had a choice of medication and thought this would be easier than Amoxicillin. Don't think so now. Doctor told me to stop after 6 doses. Hope the infection is gone and if not will NOT use this one again. I took this drug about 9 years ago without any problem. Something must have changed in my system. F 68 3 days

 1  Suspected bladder infection Side effects in the order they appeared after taking Cipro for 3 days (500mg twice a day): Aches and pains in my arms, sudden very sharp pains in heels, freezing yet clammy feet, buzzing feeling in feet, weak ankles, shooting pains in feet ankles and calf muscles, cold sweats at night, waking up in the night with numbness in fingers, sharp pin prick pains in chest and jaw, tightness in chest, very thick sticky sweat on face and hands, pain in heels and arches of feet when standing (later diagnosed by GP as plantar fasciitis), freezing hands, prominent veins appearing in arms,hands and legs...... I had already taken Amoxycillin for 7 days, Keflex for 6 days with only temporary relief from what seemed to be a bladder infection. I ended up in hospital with excruciating lower abdominal pain. All tests were negative for bacterial infection, but they still put on cipro. They'd also given me morphine and a muscle relaxant intravenously, followed by the cipro 4 hours later, along with a cocktail of pain killers, (dihydrocodeine, tramadol, some sort of ant-sickness tablet) and they wanted to give me ibuprofen, but I happened to refuse that one on the grounds that I'm asthmatic. I didn't read the leaflet accompanying the cipro tablets until day 3 of treatment, which mentions not to take it with muscle relaxants, ibuprofen and many other drugs!! I do not know if Cipro alone caused my side effects, or the cocktail of drugs they pumped me with, but the most upsetting thing for me is that there was no sign of bacteria (or anything else for that matter) in my urine or blood samples, so I don't understand why they treated me with such a toxic drug. I was sent home with a 10 day supply of Cipro, but stopped taking it the following day when the foot pain started. My GP said I should stop reading about side effects and that she'd NEVER HEARD OF ANYONE HAVING SIDE-EFFECTS to this drug. I went back a couple of days later in worse pain, and at this point the GP said "Well, the PEOPLE WHO I HAVE SEEN WHO HAVE HAD SIDE EFFECTS TO THIS DRUG have gone one to recover, eventually" M 34 3 days
 1  UTI Hell. I second the comment about the FDA. CIRPO does destroy lives and it happens way more often then people think. PLEASE REPORT IT TO THE FDA. You can also do it online at medwatch https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/medwatch/medwatch-online.htm. JUST DO IT. I know 4 people including myself who have had their lives seriously altered bu this drug. They claim it is rare - no way! M 43 3 days

 1  fever/diarrhea Took 3 days several days later had left ankle pain and swelling, and sore achilles tendon. Went back to the doctor ankle the size of a grapefruit and starting to get soreness in my right foot. Doc said cellulitis and prescribed Keflex. Three days later went back in because my right foot was swelling badly although left foot swelling was down pain the same. Now I'm on prednisone and wear compression hose and my right knee is swelling. Docs are acting like they want to call it RA but after reading this I know it's from the Cipro. I took it for three days and have been out of work three weeks and counting. I just turned 46 but I am very healthy. I build large barns and buildings all by myself for a living. I am lucky to be able to feed the chickens now. The compression hose work well for helping the achilles tendon, without them it hurts continually with them on it is bearable. Soaking in warm water with epsom salts gives temp relief on the pain in my feet. M 46 3 days

 1  UTI 6 months out and I still have foot, ankle and knee pain and some neuropathy in my feet. I had 4 months of utter hell following 5 250mg doses of this drug. Damage to my vision and several tendons/joint is long term. You would be well advised not to take this drug unless you hve no other choice (e.g., you will die or have lifelong problems due to the infection). Beware of other similar antibiotics. The Dr. refered to Levaquin as a more mild anitbiotic. It will do the same things to you. If you took this and had no problems, a warning for you: everyone has a limit to how much lifetime exposure to flouroquinolines they can take before these horrible events start to occur. Once they occur, there is no going back. Injurys to soft tissues like tendons are very stubborn and even worse, the drug changes your body's ability to heal the damage it created. IT IS NOT A SAFE DRUG. M 42 3 days
 1  Prostatits Autoimmune vascular neuropathy. Tendon destruction. It's been at least a year since I've last taken Cipro. Like the product insert says, severe, irreversible neuropathy is among the possible side effects. Just imagine burning, temperature-induced pain in all of your extremities. The research I've read on Fluoroquinolone toxicity, describes an autoimmune, Raynaud's-like, vascular condition that chokes off blood to peripheral nerves-- hence irreversible nerve damage and occasionally, severe pain. Damage to tendons may follow a similar pathogenesis. My self-experimentation with vasodilatory substances, including Niacin (flushing type), Ginkgo, and topical Rogaine, have effectively brought this disease-- yes, this is a disease despite what doctors may imply-- to tolerable levels. It is still extremely inconvenient, however, as it is not my only underlying health condition! The lack of post-market research into fluoroquinolone side effects means that there is little your doctor can do to recognize or treat this condition. Steroids have been proposed as a treatment to many-- but with existing tendon damage this is kind of a bad idea. For the legal sake of this excellent website, I am not a doctor, and these statements have not been evaluated by any governmental medical body. M 31 3 days
 1  Suspected bladder infection See my previous post Continuing my previous post: The doctor who put me on cipro REFUSED TO SPEAK TO ME, and the message relayed to me was to speak to my GP and that side-effects are VERY RARE!! My only option was self help. I embarked on a detox diet, eating fresh fruit and veg, taking probiotics, drinking nettle tea, and avoiding flouridated toothpaste, drinking lots of water, and taking a biochemic tissue salt (Mag.Phos.) which is anti-spasmodic. I got myself a small wooden foot roller to help stretch the tendons in my heels. It's now been excatly one month since the side effects started and I can tell you that the pain, cold clamminess and buzzing in my feet has almost gone. The leg weakness has mostly gone. I no longer have the sweaty face and hands. I do still have pains and numbness in my arms and hands, which occurs every other day or so, depending on what I've been doing. My feet ache after standing/walking for more than 15 mins, but that's nothing compared to the pain I had before. Good luck to all of you who have had horrible side-effects from this drug, or from interactions with other drugs. My only advice is to try detoxing your system. And people who have taken this drug and had no side-effects should count themselves very lucky. There is no need for them to belittle the terrible effects it has had on other people less tolerant to flouride poisoning! M 34 3 days
 1  suspected kidney infection nausea, chest pain, difficulty breathing, couldnt walk, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, self harm thoughts, thought i was dying I cannot believe this is an antibiotic!! I have been taking for 3 days 250mg twicw daily and have been to hell and back. I took it a year ago and had similar thoughts but never connected it to cipro. until I have just been to the same dark and scary place again. DO NOT TAKE IT BECAUSE IT WILL MESS YOU UP M 37 3 days
 1  UTI Depression, thoughts of suicide. Wow, now that I see the other comments I'm amazed anyone is prescribing this drug. Of course, if anyone is, I'm not surprised my doctor is. She's pretty much in big pharm's back pocket. F 44 3 days

 1  UTI/Kidney Infection Dizziness, drowsiness, back pain, flu like symptoms, paranoia, depression, joint paint, headaches, chest pain, stomach cramps, gas, stomach aches, nauseau, severe decrease in appetite I was diagnosed with a UTI/Bladder infection that had rapidly spread to the kidneys and had gotten pretty severe. My doctor gave me this. I've been taking it for about three days, and when i don't take it immediately after waking up, my symptoms of the UTI come back even worse than before, leading me to believe this medicine is doing nothing. I can't eat, I keep having terrible nightmares, my emotions are terrible, and I'm paranoid beyond belief. I thought it was something wrong with me and I was getting sicker, but come to find out after reading so many reviews, this medicine is the chief cause of it. I'm constantly tired on it, insecure, completely paranoid, horribly depressed, with mood swings that make me feel like some sort of caricature of bipolar disorder. What's even worse is that I had to reschedule a MAJOR exam because after I take this, I don't even fell well enough to walk and can barely manage to read or write a coherent sentence for almost two hours! After reading these reviews, and realizing that some people have these permanently, I'm going back to my doctor and demanding a new prescription, and reporting this drug to the FDA. It's horrifying to think that these sorts of symptoms are common, and yet doctors still so readily prescribe it! F 22 3 days

 1  suspected kidney infection nausea,headaches,dizziness,paranoia,EXTREME anxiety of the EXTREMEST kind,panic attacks, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, heart racing, etc... the list goes on It is now 2 weeks since I took my last CIPRO. I have taken them 4 times before over the last 3 years thanks to my GP who refuses even now to admit that there are any serious side effects.I am in England in the UK and not the USA like many posters here. Unless you have taken CIPRO then you can never,never understand what they do to you and your body and mind. I have been to hell and come face to face with the DEVIL himself thanks to my GP and the pharmaceutical companies and Government policies. If you read this before taking a pill then please stop right now and throw them away because any infection is far better than what you will go through. If I had to make a choice right now between a CIPRO and an injection of heroin off the streets then I would opt for the heroin without any doubt or faltering in making the correct choice. These drugs are worse than any street drug that a scumbag drug dealer peddles in dark alleyways. I am taking each day at a time now and thanks to God have now stopped having the horrible negative thoughts that have overwhelmed my life for the last 14 days. I still cant go upstairs without getting out of breath or having aching bones, but thanks to a good friend have started a de-tox and i pray to the good Lord that in time i may be normal again. DO NOT TAKE CIPRO UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES..PLEASE DONT.I CANT REALLY SAY ANY MORE M 31 3 days

 1  colon infection tendinitos, joint pains, muscular aches, incredibly horrible back aches, just gets worse is not gettng better after 6 wks POISON DO NOT TAKE THIS AWFUL DRUG F 52 3 days

 1  bacterial dermatitis This drug has paralyzed my right jaw and I cannot chew well. I plan to sue for damages. Holistic meds are the ONLY way to go! M 26 3 days
500 2X D
 1  toe infection Total tendonitis and 2 rotator cuff tears. Lost my business and never worked again (five years now) They should pay the people that became disabled. M 63 3 days
500mg 2X D
 1  Nosocomial UTI Had burning pain and weakness in my legs while on the drug, along with some mild fatigue and brain fog. About 3 months later I developed tendon pain, muscle pain, muscle weakness, muscle wasting (still progressing), problems focusing with my eyes, muscle twitching, difficulty staying asleep, bad headaches, peripheral vascular changes. This is a serious drug that seems to have ruined my capacity for intense exercise. I'm still concerned every single day about further developments, almost 4 months later. M 24 3 days
500 mg 2X D

 1  Uti Mental confusion, burning sensation in arms, dizziness. F 44 3 days

 1  suspected infection after surgery could not stand or walk, had to use a wheelchair for 6 months, autonomic nervous system dysfunction. muscle and joint pain, vision deterioration. burning pain from nerve damage. there was not one part of me that this drug did not affect. It has been a living nightmare. That I am still going through... PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS POISON! They give this out for minor infections, or like me for no infection at all. These drugs are last resort drugs, and even then after what has happened to me, I'd take my chances. It is criminal that these pharmaceutical co.s get away with doing this to people. I pray everyday to have my life back. Don't make the same mistake I did. F 41 3 days
500mgs 2X D

 1  UTI I started taking this drug for a UTI and only made it through 3 days of it. I ended up extremely nauseous, having very bad joint pains, and then I ended up in ICU because of severe chest pain. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. I was in there for 4 days. During the first 2 days, the doctors wanted to do a couple tests for my heart and forgot to give me the Cipro. By the end of the second day, they realized I hadn't taken Cipro and since I was already in ICU, they gave me one more dose to see what happened. Again, severe chest pain, joint pain worsened, and to top it off, I had a severe anxiety attack and it felt like my bones were breaking. I went home from ICU on the fourth day with a different antibiotic. I will never take this again! F 32 3 days
500mg 3X D

 1  Sinus infection Insomnia, rapid heart beat, heart palpitations, anxiety. I wasn't expecting any of this since I handle all medications quite well. Will never take again. M 48 3 days
2x 500
 1  kidney infection Weakness in arms and legs. Muscle pain. Shortness of breath. Fatigue. F 24 3 days

 1  Uti/bladder infection Was very afraid to take Cipro because of the posts I read online about it. Went to my doctor and asked for something else I also asked if anyone had complained about bad side effects. He said no, he's never had a patient complain. I am a nice girl so I took his word for it. On the first pill I was fine my uti pain was gone. I drank tons if water and used the bathroom a lot. 2nd pill in I had a migraine and very bad gas. 3rd pill in another bad migraine. I then stopped letting my boyfriend and parents control my actions on this matter and stopped taking Cipro. (They were only worried about the infection spreading which I could understand). Now this is my first day off of it and I feel horrible pains through my whole body. My wrists and elbows keep popping and it's scaring me so bad. I have been up crying for a couple hours reading these posts afraid of living with these joint pains. My bf is going to help get some magnesium in me tomorrow in fight of this nasty drug. I'm afraid of what the next two weeks hold for me or even 7 months from now. I'm getting my first apartment going to have an awesome job, wanna get married to my marine and live happy :'( I am afraid of brain side effects since I am already always anxious. I wonder if anyone got through the muscle pains and cramps in a short period of time. I will never let them harm my body like this again. F 23 3 days
2x 3 days
 1  prostate biopsy Breathing difficulties. Heat intolerance. Tingling sensations. Disorientation. Confusion. Dizziness. Double vision. Sweating. Severe tremors. Memory problems. Chronic fatigue. Hallucinations. Anxiety. Paranoia. Seizure. M 65 3 days
500 mg
 1  To prevent a UTI after cystoscopy Headache, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, vivid nightmarish dreams, extreme fatigue Have taken cipro 6 times after cystoscopies for bladder cancer checkups. This last time I got very ill with headache, dizziness, swollen throat, fatigue, loss of appetite. I ended up in urgent care and now have been proclaimed to have had a " reaction to cipro". I will never take this drug again. Am hoping the effects wear off. It has been 2 weeks and today was the first day i felt a bit better. M 59 3 days
500mg 2X D

 1  Greek Dr prescribed viral infection I should have listened to my intuition, you don't need antibiotics for a viral infection - but felt so ill abroad on holiday - trusted GP but now experiencing dreadful pain in wrists and ankle joints, swelling, fatigue, and anxiety. Back in UK Dr advised to cease taking, but didn't say how long these side effects will last. I'm exhausted and feel like I've aged 20 years overnight. F 56 3 days
500 2X D

 1  UTI After only a couple of doses of 500 mg tablet I thought I was dying Chill to the bones followed by sweating so severe. I developed a headache so bad it felt like my brain had swelled. I had light sensitivity and blurred vision. I could not read or watch tv and hurt even when I just opened my eyes. Also has heart palpitations. Finally called my Dr. and said no way was I going to take another dose of this stuff. She then prescribed bactrim which I just started taking. After reading allthe reviews, I believe this drug should be taken off the market by Bayer! M 48 3 days

 1  uti many dont take it! M 37 3 days
 1  UTI I took 3.5 pills of Cipro 34 months ago and have since become completely crippled by pain and bed ridden. My ongoing symptoms include: full body tendinopathy, peripheral neuropathy, muscle pain, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, metatarsalgia, exploding blood vessels, rashes, photosensitivity, photophobia, blurred vision, floaters, taste aberrations, anxiety attacks, dissociation, depression, insomnia, hypersomnia, REM sleep disorder, memory loss, aphasia, brain fog and paradoxical reactions to everything from camomile tea to Gabapentin. This poison has completely destroyed my life. Never ever ever take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. This stuff is handy out like candy for minor infections when it should be reserved for life or death situations. Fluoroquinolones destroy mitochondrial DNA, they cause multi-systemic shut down and many people never recover. F 33 3 days
500 2X D
 1  Bronchitis Mental fog, muscle aches, fatigue, eye sensitivity, felt like my skeleton was on fire, headaches, felt weird and crazy, tired beyond explanation and just overall ill feeling. Not improving. I would not ever take this poison again. Let me die please. It's pathetic that Bayer does this to people. F 36 3 days
500 2X D

 1  UTI I took this a year ago when I had surgery and never made the connection that it was Cipro until I took it again for a UTI. I would awake with my wrists aching so badly even the Vicodin I had from my surgery would not relieve it. I finally made the connection when I started taking it this past week and felt that same pain! I also had been smelling a weird burning plastic smell that no one else can. I am also achy all over and have pain more so in my right leg and foot. I have always known antibiotics to cause a little gastrointestinal distress but nothing like this! I took my probiotics and did not get diarrhea. Last year around this time after taking Cipro, I had bent down to pick up a DVD and my back locked up. I could not even sit right. I was out of commission for a week on a hot/cold pack. I can figure no other reason for that happening. I am normally a very active, in shape mother that has had no previous issues that led me to bed rest. I am reading that a lot of the issues arise after stopping Cipro so I've had the issues with my wrists, smell, pain in leg/foot. I am praying that I experience nothing more. This drug should be taken off the market. It took care of my one issue, but gave me many more. F 30 3 days
 1  Possible UTI Severe tingling in arms and hands, burning in mouth, loss of appetite, severe diarrhea, discomfort and pain around abdomen, insomnia, severe anxiety, sick feeling at night, yeast infection, skin rashes, food sensitivites, machine gun type sounds in right ear similar to ringing. I took this drug for 3.5 days. I know all of the symptoms I have listed sound crazy but I am honestly describing the horrible experience I had. The symptoms were severe and lasted for several months. I am still having some problems due to this. I would not advise anyone to take this. It should be taken off the market. Doctors are unaware of these side effects. I went to the Emergency Room twice due to the symptoms. No Doctor believed me. It has been one year since I took this drug and I am still having some issues. I am now seeing a Naturopath to try and recover. F 48 3.5 days
 1  misdiagnosed staph infection I ended up in the ER. I only took the first 3.5 days and then could barely move or breathe due to muscle contractions so went to the ER. I have not taken it in a week and my whole body is still sore, both muscles and tendons. I would only take this if it is life or death. I know everyone's body is different, but after reading all of these, seems this effects a lot of people, including myself. Thank goodness I don't have more effects, because these are bad enough, I can not do normal activities without feeling weak, tired and in pain. Anyone on here's feel better after a a few weeks? That is what I am hopin for! F 28 3.5 days

 1  UTI Started with lower back pain thinking I slept wrong. By day three my knees tripled in size looking like pumpkins. My foot looked like Frankenstein huge swollen and bruised. The pain was outrageous. I was given pain meds and anti-flammatory medication. Nothing touched the pain. Iíve had my knees drained, shots in my foot, xrays, pain medication given out like candy. I am now crippled and bed ridden. I have a cane and wheel chair. I have missed work for 2 weeks now. The pain has now moved up to my jaw. This condition has made me feel sad and depressed. I was healthy, active, walked everyday but now I cannot stand. I am in severe pain. I am very depressed. I just hope and pray I get better. F 40 3.5 days
500 MG 2X D
 1  gum infection After 1st day noticed pain in my knee joints and ankles, thought it was due to sunburn in that area. After 2nd day fingers swelled up and having a hard time closing and opening my hands. 3rd day woke up with neck pain and bumps on the back of my neck by my hairline, read side effects of Cipro and stopped taking this drug. Hope by stopping my joints will go back to normal. If so many people are affected by this drug why is it still on the market? F 46 3.5 days
500 mg 2X D
 5  Kidney infection Dry mouth. I am so surprised to see all of the negative comments on here! I have alot of anxiety, and usually read like crazy about side effects, but this time, I said, I am NOT doing it. Well, guess what, I don't have any! I am on day four and feel fine. Way better than the horrible pain that comes with a kidney infection. Don't let these comments freak you out! Only read the good ones! F 43 4 days

 5  UTI Just tired, but that might be due to my bad experience I'm still recovering from in regards to bactrim It works. F 19 4 days

 4  uti Fever, burning and inflammation in the pelvic area. It was very very painful. I finished yeasterdad and today I woke up without all that pain. The infection, i thin it is gone. F 50 4 days
250 2X D
 3  Sinusitis and lung disease I am in the 4 th day and I have serious side effects like: dizziness, numbness, light headedness stomach pain and poor memory...I feel like i had smoked a joint I have taken many antibiotics before like: co-amoxiclav, cefalexin, cefuroxime(my favourite), doxycicline and 2 others i don't remember.I went to my doctor because i have a terrible cough and sputum....She consulted me and asked me if i have any atibiotics at home, and i said I have Cuminol(cipro)(I've got 20 pcs from my a relative).She said it is good, and I started to take it.On the 3 day afternoon i started to feel dizzy and lightheaded.....I will never take this againe M 17 4 days
500mg 2X D
 3  staph infection Chest pain/tightness. Muscle tightness, hypertension, muscle fatigue, irritability. Stopped at day 4 of 7 day prescription due to severe pain in left hamstring, burning & tightness. M 33 4 days

 3  Bacterial Diarrhea I took a 500mg dose of Cipro twice a day over four days for diarrhea. The first day or so was not so bad but I noticed tension and aches in my thighs and knees. The third day though I spent the day outdoors and developed a rash of little red spots, not bumps over my chest, forearms, a little on my face, and even on my feet. This didn't itch and it faded mostly by the next day, but that night I got a *severe headache, I couldn't sleep at all, had to pee every 60 minutes, and became dehydrated. I also had aches in my back, neck and legs. It was an awful night. To it's credit, my diarrhea seems to be finished, but the side-effects were numerous and very uncomfortable and diconcerting. I finished the dose today but still have the headache and muscle ache and dizziness. Take this if you have time to rest and are somewhere comfortable, because you probably will be made very uncomfortable. I'm travelling and had little choice, but probably wouldn't take it again unless in an emergency. M 29 4 days

 3  uti back pain. am also taking pills for acid reflux. not given indication not to take them. read all these comments. really worried. will report back after a 10 hour flight i have to take this afternoon. F 63 4 days

 3  sinus infection Fatigue, dizziness, confusion, hand tremors, loss of appetite, inner ear discomfort. Right now I feel like I have a mild case of mono, as I am very sleepy but cannot sleep. I feel dizzy and get tired very easily (dressing myself wears me out). I am no longer taking it after 4 days of 500mg 2x a day and have just thrown out the bottle. A little nose blowing would have been better than this! I just took my last dose and wish that I hadn't after reading this site. On the plus side, the side effects mostly wear off by midnight and are minimal by morning. Should have just stuck with Day-Quil and road it out. F 26 4 days


 2  UTI After 2 doses I experienced leg pain in both legs. Doctor thought it was due to my infection, told me to continue taking it. After 4 days infection was better and leg pain was worse. I can't walk without getting tired. My legs hurt all day and night now. M 44 4 days

 2  Prostitis The initial reaction was fatigue after one day, which was followed by light back ache and depression. I found myself lazy, sad and in a general lousy mood for the last three days. This is a potent drug which seems to work for some people, but not others. I stopped after four days and seem to be turning the corner on the side effects. The prostitis, if thats what I had, is still here. I think the dr. may have missed a muscle pull or hernia and the cipro is obviously of no benefit there. I agree with many of the comments above, be sure you need this. I will not take another one. M 39 4 days

 1  Kidney Infection Bilateral Tendinitis - could not walk for 2 months, still recovering 3 months later. F 32 4 days

 1  Sinus Infection nausea, vomiting, severe joint pain It was the worst experience of my life. I had to go to the ER to get medicine for the pain in my joints. F 32 4 days

 1  UTI Nightmares, inability to stay asleep (my heart wakes me up at 1-2 hour intervals all night; it feels as though it is racing, but when I listen to it with my stethoscope, the beat sounds normal), occasional needle-type sensations in my feet. I took Cipro for only a few days in the beginning of September (08). The symptoms are still with me...I've had a sleep study with results not back yet...it's scary to think that a widely-used drug can do so much neurological damage. What are some holistic remedies for this poisoning? F 51 4 days
 1  infected cyst and inflamed lung SEVERE abdominal cramping, diahhrea, blood in stool and resulting dehydration and weakness. I took (8) 500mg pills over 4 days - as prescribed. lymph node that was swollen did calm down some, and lung felt a bit better, but not worth the side effects like this. I was on the toilet over 25 times in 18 hours. Doctor has prescribed another antibiotic but I will look it up on this site before taking that one. Never take anything without knowing possible side effects and contraindications. this was very scary for me. M 44 4 days

 1  bladder infection I was prescribed this after going to Urgent Care for what we thought was a bad reaction to Bactrim. I took this for 4 days and I felt the same thing everyone else did. I am going crazy. I couldn't sleep, constantly nauseous, dizzy, couldn't function(had to force myself to continue on), tingling all over like surges in adreneline. I lost quite a bit of weight. My doctor prescribed Zanax and thought I was having anxiety attacks. I took 1/2 of a .25mg pill and it had no effect exept making me feel worse. I've had a couple of anxiety attacks before, but they never lasted more than an hour. If you are on this medicine, stop taking it if you can and maybe try something else. You are not alone and day by day your symptoms should get better. I've been off the Bactrim & Cipro for 5 days and am getting better. My stomach is still a mess, but at least I don't feel as anxious. Just know that you're not crazy, it is this medicine. The others that wrote are right...doctors don't kno F 36 4 days

 1  uti blackouts M 68 4 days

 1  uti severe panic attacks usually about 5-8hrs after dose, nausia, vomiting,diarrhea-i had to start paxil (never had anything like this prior) F 3 4 days

 1  Chrons/Ulcerative Colitis Constant metal taste - water tastes horrible. Pain in hips, knees, lower back and neck that gets worse each day. Headaches. Hospital put me on this "just in case", then decided to send pill form home with me, still "just in case". This is a hell of a drug to have someone take for no justifiable reason. I'm stopping it early. It's not worth the side effects. F 32 4 days

 1  urinary tract infection (strep) horrible body pain. laid in bed for days wanting to die. i already have fibromyalgia and i thought THAT pain was the worst until i took this stuff. told my doctor that if she ever gives anyone with fibromyalgia this stuff again, she needs to put them in the hospital first. the body pain was excruciating. quit taking it. F 46 4 days

 1  UTI dizzyness, numb lips, severe rash on hands and forehead, confusion, rapid heartbeat and vomiting Just horrible almost had to go to the ER and it turned out I didn't even have a bacterial infection anyways. Took about 4 days before the symptoms went away. My cardio fitness still hasn't recovered and I stopped taking it 2 months ago. Walking up a flight of stairs almost kills me now M 4 days

 1  Prostatitis Began feeling pain in my forearms after four days of Cipro, so I stopped taking it. Over the next several weeks, the pain would come and go, and I assumed it would eventually stop. But it did not. I couldn't tell if the pain was in the muscles or the tendons, or both. Sometimes the pain was also in my hands and fingers. Then it got worse. My elbow joints seem to be pain-free, but the tendons and muscles above and below the elbows on both arms are extremely sore. I am unable to lift objects heavier than a hardback book. It has now been three months since stopping the Cipro, and I have begun to feel similar but so far less severe pain in my left leg around the knee. I am worried this will worsen over time, as it did in my arms. Seeing doctors about this problem is a waste of time and money. They know nothing about this. DO NOT TAKE CIPRO. I thought I would be okay taking the Cipro because I had taken it once before, years earlier. I was wrong. Even if you've had no reaction to it in the past, you can have an adverse reaction to it later. I do not know how or where to go to get help. I live alone and fear loss of the use of my arms. M 64 4 days
250mg 2X D
 1  Diverticulitis I was prescribed this drug along with Metronidazole. After just a day or so my digestive system was in chaos. Very quesy stomach and no appetite at all. On the fourth day I felt sick and went to my doctor. About that time I began feeling dizzy and as though I was going to pass out. I stopped both medicines on that day, but the worse was yet to come. Anxiety, dizziness/vision problems and stomach pain have been plaqueing me for 6 weeks now. I went to the ER because I felt anxious with an elevated pulse rate and weird pulsing feelings in my lower leg. They looked me over, did a blood profile and sent me on my way. The anxiety will just come out of nowhere (how I'd guess a panic attack might be) and I'd feel like I was about to lose control. The anxiety has lessened gradually, but still occurs occasionally. However, the feeling of dizziness (like mild vertigo) comes and goes to this day. The pit of my stomach feels sore just to mild pressure - one day better, the next day worse. Beyond these horrible side effects, I can't be sure which medicine is to blame (Metronidazole has many similar complaints). I am treating them both as guilty and will avoid any future treatment with them. M 52 4 days
750 mg 2X D
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