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 3  SLE RA UC Tired. Extremely Tired. Insufficient pain relief. I've been in pain management since age 10. I have mixed connective tissue disease. At age 10 I was prescribed Demerol and Dilaudid. Compared to Oxycodone MS Contin will make you have half of the energy and half of the pain relief however you'll sleep better. In fact you may be so tired you wonder why you even bother taking the medication as pain management goal is to give you some form of your life back. I guess minor pain relief is better than none but I'd really like to be able to get out of bed once in awhile. I hope it works for others in chronic pain. F 34 2 years
60MG x 6

 4  Pain of unknown origin Constpation I was struck by a vehicle in 1997 causing irreparable damage to the sciatic nerve. Was prescribed 40mg Oxycontin tid @ that time. Requested to be taken off in 2003 preferring to learn to live with the pain and finding some relieve from a new keg brace and arm brace with crutch. In 2010 I began having right side pain in breast radiating into shoulder blade. A few tests were done, but limited by my not having insurance. Was placed on MsContin at the end in 2012 when pain became so unbearable I was afraid I was going to end up in ER. As well perceived break through of 1 percocet qid as needed for break through. I have minimal side effects with the morphine. I have severe side effects with the oxyidone.5/325. Extreme heartburn and esophageal pain. F 58 18 months
100mg 3X D
 1  chronia pain Constipation, histamine releaes, withdrawal seems to occur extremely even before next daily doaw which is odd to me since I have been taking opiates since 1996 after a c3 fracture I would rate this medication near the bottom of the list since it has such a low bioavailability. I was doing fairly well with Kadian 40mg 1x/day and 4-10mg Lortabs for breakthrough pain. Had my first auto accident that was my fault in over 38 years of driving. The courts are saying that I am going to lose my license for a year/fines/vasap/and moreBS. They/COURT has no blood work, just knowledge that where I am prescribed a narcotic, so can by the LAW WILL "assume" I was impaired and was the cause of the accident. It was raining on a road that is very narrow and only a double line separates the traffic, I admit I veered into the oncoming traffic, but the medication was not what caused me to veer over. BEWARE, COURTS NO DAYS HAVE LAWS STIPULATING THAT "ANY AMOUNT" OF LEGAL OR ILLICIT DRUG IN YOUR SYSTEM CAN BE IMPAIRING. No blood.urine analysis for proof? BS, I call this hanging judge type of justice! BEWARE, AND DON'T DRIVE FOR ABOUT 4 DAYS AFTER TAKING YOUR MEDICATION IF AN OPIATE, MUSCLE RELAXER! STAY IN PAIN/and withdrwal UNTIL YOU GET HOME THE 4-5TH DAY. THAT IS JUST IN CASE YOU HAVE AN AUTO ACCIDENT, BECAUSE Va.18.2-266 SAYS THE COURT CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT TO UNLESS YOU ARE A LAWYER OR RICH BUSINESSMAN THAT THEY FEEL MIGHT USE PRECEdDENT CASES LIKE I HAVE DISCOVERED MYSELF BUT ATTORNEYS SAY THE COURTS ARE DEAF TO THESE CASES, LOL/LOL/LOL, WHICH INDICATE I SHOULD BE NOT GULITY OF A DUID! NEVER DRIVE AFTER TAKING A DRUG, EVEN MANY OTC DRUGS. M 54 1 years
30mg 2X D

 5  Severe neck pain/herniated discs Constipation, but miralax works great! MS Contin was a life saver! I had to quit taking it due to stomach issues from what the OxyContin OP did to me prior to taking MS Contin. I will go back to MS Contin if my stomach ever heals fully. I was taking 60mg three times a day and I was able to finally take care of the household and enjoy my hobbies. MS Contin had the fewest side effects compared to all the other long acting pain relievers out there. F 40 2 years
60mg TID

 5  Chronic Knee pain status post 3 ops A little constipation remedied with stool softener with senna Was on Lortab for 4 years, 40 mg a day until doctor realized it wasn't working any longer. Now taking 15 mg twice a day with the Lortab and I can walk, do stairs, drive, etc without killer pain M 55 2 months
15 2X D

 5  Severe Leg Pain, Severe Akathesia Morphine Sulfate gave me my life back. For years iv been struggling with pain, not having a quality of life, now i feel like myself again. It literally gave me my life back. Thank you! F 1 years

 4  CHRONIC BACK/ANKLE/SHOULDER PAIN Caution, may cause pain relief w mild constipation, nothing a little Kolace cant handle. Works great. Gives me my life back. Left with every day aches and pains which we all need to feel to remember we are still alive. It would be foolish to try and kill all of the pain in your body. Functional, no buzz, wonderful pain relief, no itching, no headaches, no Nausea, just relief for L1 Burst fx with anterior compression, L2, L3, and L4 Transverse Processes severed, advanced Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Osteoarthritis, shattered Pubicus Ramus, Torn Tendons in Shoulder with Osteoarthritis and Tendenosis, Para Trooper Knees and Ankles...Brace on L & R ankles at all times with constant limp. PTSD and TBI as well, also thanks to Clonazepam & Zoloft. M 37 90 days
30 3X D
 4  arthritas.fibro,much more! 1 days
90 mg dail

 3  I had c-3,4,5 fused in 2004 right Constapation cant sleep dont feal myself M 52 1 days
 4  blown& bulged disc/chemo/clusters constapation for first yr leveling off had laminectomy/disc 10yrs ago tried fighting chronic pain with vicodin because of $ didnt work well become dependent only.had chemo 7 yrs later left with multi side effects including cluster headaches and chronic joint pain.was taking 180 vicodin per month.Dr put me on MS Contin 30mgs 2 times a day have weened myself off vicodin down to less than 40 every 2 mos now.Only use vic for bad days only and breakthru pain. I have a life again thanks to MS Contin 30mgs and have found there is a diff in mfgs I have to use only Mylans have thrown others away they were worthless.pharmist said it had to do with the binders they use so if yours arent working try a diff mfg Co. M 58 2 years
30MG 2X D
 1  fusion L2 - S1 & C3 - C5 CHONIC P There was not enough relief,piss poor pain killer in general.... M 58 1 days
 5  SPINAL FUSION L2, L3, L4, L5 & S1 The only issue was constipation, after about one month it subsided and my body adjusted to the medication. MS Contin 60mg three times daily controls my pain much better than Fentanyl. I am now able to have somewhat of a quality of life and not have to deal with the torture of pack pain on a daily basis. I am now able to walk and spend time with my family. The only bad thing is it took the pain management physician 2 1/2 years to realize I was having issues with the Fentanyl due to the fact the medication only lasted for 18 hours (not 72 hours). He finally switched my medication to MS Contin with some resistance. M 59 7 months
60MG 3X D
 4  Stage 2B T-cell Paransal Lymphoma The primary side effect was severe constipation. I did not find it otherwise hindered my functioning in any was until i tried to stop taking it. It does appear to be quite strongly addictive. I was taking the 60mg of long acting twice daily, plus 30 or 40 mg short acting three or four times a day, as needed. As the treatment progressed I gradually reduced the amount without problems, but now at on 30mg long acting tablet daily, i find myself challenged. In the beginning before the cancer diagnosis, i went through all the pain meds starting at T-3, which was useless with severe pain, and I eventually was at the morphine after trying everything in between, which was (fianlly) effective. Can be challenging to stop using it, but if your pain is severe, this works... Good pain management is extremely important for quality of life, and getting off it is a problem for another day. M 42 8 months
60mg 2X D
 5  severe lower back pain constipation is my main complaint I used to be on 60mg bid, I insisted on going down to 30mg bid, it does not work as well and in more pain, but I would rather not have to take any pain medication if it is not necessary. I do take another med for break through pain and have for 4 years. F 46 4 years
30mg 2X D
 1  Spinal fusion l-4&5 s1 Nasea, severe constipation F 41 10 days
60 mg er

 5  autoimmunes,fibro,back shot.... Actually not many..some constipation a little tired but will F 46 3 days

 4  Chronic Arthritic and Surgical Pain Constipation and nausea. I've been on quite a few different Opiate painkillers. MS Contin is probably the best overall pain med I've tried. It doesn't get me too "drugged up" while still helping with the pain. The temptation to take more than the script is so much less than any other pain med I've been on. I really appreciate that. Running out of meds is truly a nightmare. M 46 2 years
75 mg 3X D
 4  Back Pain and Fibromalgia Have had few side effects compared to other narcotic pain meds. Need to take stool softeners to keep from constipation. Does cause dry mouth so need to drink more often and suck on hard candy. Sometimes get abdominal pain after taking it. Have problems getting pain medication in my state. Go to legitimate Pain Clinic and still get "the look" from pharmacist at local CVS. They are not to judge me but do so. The state has made it next to impossible to get my pain medication for chronic pain. F 61 12 months
30Mg 4X D
 5  back and leg and hand pain tast in mouth and dry mouth M 38 6 months
 5  Severe chronic pain Occasional constipation, some withdrawals when managing c2/3 L3/3/5 S1 due to accident. Had laminectomy, and other surgery. My life, marriage, work, everything was destroyed while I tried to cope for years with chronic pain. Dr's said things like "you walked in here, you can walk out." Yes I have long hair, and I am eccentric, but do not use any recreational drugs. Finally, through a caring nurse friend I found a doctor who was appalled at my previous treatment and gave me MS Contin. I live a reasonably normal life now. Management is important. Each month I reduce my dose to 1 x 60mg per day taken at 10am. Yes I get the flu symptoms and some unpleasant side effects for the 2 to 3 days, but when I get back to the normal dose the effect is dramatic and I have my energy back. It takes management. Constipation is a definite but can be ameliorated easily. I take one teaspoon of Nu-Lax (contains senna, pears, apricot, figs, dates, sucrose and glucose and is a very natural laxative) Also two glasses of Metamucil per day. Pleasant taste, orange or other fruit flavours which will work as a stool softener. I do recommend putting up with the 'cleansing' procedure once a month to flush out the excess morphine. It will be marginally unpleasant, but the effort is well worth it. Ms Contin has given me my life back. M 63 7 years
60mg 2X D
 5  Nerve damage from Whipple procedure Always have to be cautious of constipation. Biggest problem now is DEA cracking down on legitimate cancer centers like Vanderbilt. All of the doctors are scared to death and admit they are no longer in charge of my healthcare. Tried to change and no doctor would go near me. They scraped the sheath of of a very large nerve and told me I would have pain for life. I don't think they thought I would live this long. M 58 8 years
400MG 3X D
 5  Spinal fusion of L2, L3, L4, L5, S1 MS Contin has given me my life back. I was on Fentanyl patches for a period of 3 1/2 years and they only provided pain relief for 18 hours. I am no longer haunted by the never ending pain in my lumbar spine. Side effects was constipation but that has deminished. Overall a good medication. M 59 6 months
60mg X 2
 4  Degenerative disc disease No side effects, it seems very weak and I want more relief. I'm a first time pain med. clinic and want to tell my dr I need more but I'm nervous. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. F 32 6 days
 5  pain:legs,back;ie too much surgery rapid speech some contipation lasted 3weeks as most have said ;oxy's can cause behavorial problems but some euphoria and nausea. you must ween you self off .i did by splitting them taking only one. i never knew i could take lower dose with some other med for break through,after my surgery i got off them but always wanted oycodone. its agood drug and life giver and taker.when flair ups lortabs were prescribed and flair-up was bareable to take advil but last flair-up so bad,but doctor treated me like you dont need medicine but said pain real, i am buddist & i need to chant evryday and it hurts to sit up but i manage to pray and three weeks for help. finally i took friend to his dr and he told about ms and this beats taking 4 -5 loratabs and i feel alot less pain and know when to shut up and happier- cymbalta helps aids in mood stabilization. IAM grateful this is n ot the buzz drug but actually gets to the pain with a norco at some point to make the day. respectfully M 45 60 days
30mg 2X D
 5  3 herniated spinal discs; sciatica Constipation, itching, mild nausea, mild sedation. No euphoria, and isn't too "loopy" to function. I love this med - it's made my life partially managable again after a bad fall on my tailbone, which ruptured 3 spinal cord discs in my lower back (L-4, L-5, S-1). I have herniated disc disorder with sciatica (which is radiating/shooting pains down my legs, usually the left one). I've got severe nerve damage in my legs due to the jelly from the ruptured discs adding too much pressure on my spinal cord. MS Contin works even more effectively with Chitosan supplements. Google it - I speak the truth, from experience. I prefer ENDO generics, because they seem to release a bit faster. Mallinkradt (sp?) are annoying because they take FOREVER to kick in but once they do, they're fine. The other I've had are Watson, which I very much like as well due to earlier feeling of analgesia onset. F 28 9 months
30mg 3X D
 4   Basically I have constipation. It helps to take the edge off of my back and joint pain. The last thing I want to do is abuse it. Having taken street drugs for 14 years I know that I could be addicted to morphine, but this is simply not the case. F 50 2 years
45mg 3X D
 3  back and neck surgery went bad none yet Need info. I am really scared about drugs. I was on oxy 20mg twice daily for a month. I took it once aday and was scared to death after what I say you all say on the comments about it. I dumped remaining out in doctors commode and he wrote me scripts for mscontin 15mg twice daily. Just wanted to know what you all think. If I stop will I have the withdrawals you all talked about with oxy. I had to give a rating but havent taken it yet. M 62
15mg 2X D
 5  disc deteriation none if i was not taking this i could not work. i worry about the people addicted who get it illeaglly. i hope it will not make harder for those who need it to get it. M 53 7 years
100 2X D
 5  pain constipation Safe Godsend M 51 9 years
120 3X D

 5  Spinal Cord Injury I was taking 30 mg oxycotin and had severe side effects, especially mood changes and dizzness. Since I've been on MS Contin and able to focus and go without any side effects. F 48 12 months
15 3X D
 1  Kidney Stone Really uncomfortable, barely took any edge off the pain. Made me feel like my head was swelling and left me nauseated. My pain killer tolerance is fairly high. Any kind of pain relief faded after half an hour. F 21 1 days
IV ? 1X D

 5  Back injury Itching, constipation, confusion (at times) My doctor's decision to prescribe MS Contin is the best advice I have gotten in the 20+ years I have dealt with my back problems. I have had a total of 10 surgeries and more are necessary. However, I have no intention of letting them touch me again. Though I'm only 41, I am considered disabled and receiving benefits, I am relatively comfortable and happy. Mainly due to the introduction of MS Contin to my life. Like many I have read, I was doing oxycontin with dilaudid breakthrough. This went on for about 18 months leaving me with an obvious addiction that began to disrupt everything in my life. With the unbelievable help of my doctor, whom I owe everything to, I was able to stop the oxy/dilaudid Hell after a year or so with the use of MSC. After six yrs, I am maintaining on 150/180mgs daily and leading a pretty normal life. Sure, I have horrible days. However they are greatly improved from how it was. The good days are REALLY good too. M 41 6 years
30mg 6X D
 5  S1 nerve damage, 3 L5-S1 surgeries Slightly drowsy within an hour of taking dose, wake up every morning with extreme hoarseness and dry throat/mouth. Mild acne again, slight itching. I was on Oxycontin 40mg 3X a day for the last 2 years and thought it was great. Little did I know how much different my life would be on MS Contin. (Plus it is SO much cheaper!). My husband cannot get over how calm I am. He describes it as on oxy, there was always a level of tension/possible emotional eruption lurking, but with MSC, I am mellow as can be. Very happy, he says the "old me" is back, more chatty, happier, overall mood enhancement. I never realized oxy had done that to me - after years, we forget our former personalities, I guess. I was taken off oxy abruptly due to severe side effects that came on suddenly, so I am being titrated up slowly on the MSContin. I am going every 2 weeks until my dose is settled. I am hoping this dose will be "it" - 100mg 3 X a day. I take Percocet 10/325 up to 3 a day for breakthrough meds as needed. I am very glad to have gotten the "oxycontin" burden out of my life - hated ever having to tell any docs, any ER, any pharmacy because of the stigma. I would have asked to switch years ago if I knew it would be this effective and allow the return of "me" personality-wise! F 44 5 weeks
100 3X D

 4  Severe sciatica, Radiculopathy Initially I became constipated I sustained a nursing injury while trying to save a patient. I felt horrible burning up and down my buttocks. I was in PT 5x per week. I got no relief and was finally put on percocet and it did nothing. I became bedbound from pain. I saw a pain psychologist because I became suicidal from intense unbearable pain. I lost my job and lost my home. A psychiatrist evaluated me and asked a pain specialist to put me on morphine. My life was forever changed that day because for the first time in a year I was going to finally get some relief. The medication allows me to function without pain and I have been asked if I "feel high" and the answer is NO! I feel as though the medication allows me to think and function without chronic debilitating pain. I never did go back to nursing because a nurse can not work under the influence of narcotics. A light-duty nurse does not work because they are considered a liability. My pain psych informed me that without pain management I most likely would have resorted to suicide. F 45 10 years
100mg 2X D
 3  multi-level disc disease SEVERE Anorexia, which continues up to today. I began taking MS Contin 30 mg tablet every 12 hours, and Roxicodone 15 mg tablet / 5 per day, in March of 2010. I really do not know if one, or both, of these opiates, is the problem. MS Contin 100 mg tablet every 12 hours, plus Roxicodone 15 mg tablet / 5 per day, plus Promethazine HCL 25 mg tablet prn, has helped alleviate my pain somewhat. But I still must be very-careful how I move, walk, and do other simple things, like standing to wash dishes; roll-over in bed; etc.---the simple movements of body which most people take for granted. This back pain is HELL!!! In short, this present medication regimen does not work real well for me. I just began receiving the 100 mg MS Contin tablets 8 days ago, increased from 60 mg tablet every 12 hours. I really think I need my Roxicodone 15 mg tablets / 5 per day, increased to 30 mg Roxicodone tablets, but I am concerned my doctor, who is a very helpful and understanding man, might flip on me, and cut me off. I should add, that my back damage was caused, by my being thrown out of the back of a 54 foot shipping van, when a tractor jerked the van from under me, throwing me to the concrete warehouse floor, on October 07, 2009---I have a lawyer. I have real problems, and I am really afraid of my doctor thinking I am playing him, for a legal high---which I am not, as my January 2010 CAT Scan is plain proof of my problems. Have any of you suffered with the SEVERE Anorexia, nausea, and diarrhea problems, especially the Anorexia? Anyone who has had the Anorexia and lack of analgesia problem(s) got a winning LEGAL drug combination for me to suggest to my doctor? I have not yet told my doctor about the Anorexia problem. M 53 8 days
100 2X D
 5   nausea if it hadn't of been for ms contin I not have been able to get out of bed and do my normal daily activities due to a chronic back condition. F 53
2X D

 1  IBD Drowsiness, severe anxiety, gassiness, major constipation I take this medication mostly in the form of codeine. This horrible drug gives me endless anxiety, as a result, making me lose sleep. It also gives me weird thoughts/feelings that I can't explain. This medication works for the pain; however, it causes extreme gassiness when its effects are over. If I had a choice, I would definitely take fentanyl over morphine. M 25 1 days
10 mg 2X AN

 4  multi level disc, other back, neck I always have taken added stool softeners, twice a day, in the beginning, oxy days, the doctor failed to warn me, I ended up in ER, I still seem to have depression but don;t think its the drug. This is a great pain reliever, to bad they give you all the dumb pills first to get there. Like others expressed, I to felt supid all the time on Oxy pills. I asked the Pharmisist for a cheaper drug that relieved the pain and was'nt so expensive. I felt my mind clear up, and all round felt better, I do though worry about being failed by my doctor and not having my meds. He's went on vacations and things without me knowing, went to get my meds and he not their, and know one else to prescibe. Good luck, with that story and getting someone else to fill in. Some doctors would'nt give you a asprin, thank god for the others who actually help and listen. Too, many doctors are like going to fast food resturants, in and out is all they care about. Mine started out good, but lately I see him starting to slip in this mood, I call it FFRD(fast food resturants doctor), and everyone knows how hard it is to get a repore with a doctor. excuse some of my spelling..I just worry about future problems, higher doses, side effects, the doctor, not getting the meds all of a sudden, things I don't know about..I do still have pain, but try and just live with it, don't want higher doses, I relize now that all the pain can't be fixed with the pill, but they sure help...and with this med, theres no buzz that I feel.. M 52 2 years
100mg 2X D

 5  Hip injury Very mild acne. The Morphine has helped me to function (mostly) regularly. I sometimes have unbearable breakthrough pain. Lately, though, I feel that I may have built a tolerance. If I take my prescribed dose, I feel pretty much the same as if I hadn't taken the dose at all. I find that if I take 2 doses at once, I get the relief I used to. So I am wondering, one: Is building a tolerance normal? and, two: Is there a way to ask my doctor to up my dosage without her thinking I'm addicted? I don't really know where to go from here. Thanks for any help that comes my way. :) F 26 2 years
15 MG 2X D
 2  Multiple Sclerosis / Spine pain Can't poop. :O) Really tired and seem to pee a lot more. I have been on Percocet for about 5 years . I was recently switched to MS Contin 15mg 1X daily every 12 hours. Not sure if it's the low dosage but it doesn't do much for pain. F 31 4 days
15mg 1X D

 5  Chronic pain; fibromyalgia You WILL get constipated when you first start on MSContin, but things eventually make their way out, and once your GI tract adjusts to the body's new metabolism, you shouldn't have any problem at all. A true lifesaver; the original time-released Morphine; ask for it by name. Could not believed how much of a difference it made to my chronic pain levels. F 46 5 years
15 mg 3X D

 4  pain in hand from injury. slowed bowel movements, dizzy for first few days of use. Morphine is very smooth and mellow, so for those looking for a pain killer/speed pill, this stuff is not for you. Wanted off OXY, was up to 80mg a day of OXY and was tired of the devil's venom. I have a VERY good relationship with my Doctor, she said try MS contin, so here I am. Not as strong as OXY, very smooth unlike OXY which is like a hammer to the head. Morphine is mellow, so if you take OXY for the hyped up feeling, MS contin is not for you. I feel ten times better getting off the OXY as I was tired of the ups and downs. My mind is sharp again, my sex drive is back, and my moods are stable. Plus I no longer have to deal with the BS of an OXY script. For those of you on the devils venom, you know what I mean. MS contin is not near the potent mind bender as OXY, but so far has killed my pain and gotten me away from the roller ride of OXY. After being on Morphine now for 90 days, I will never go back to OXY. Take care all. M 36 90 days
3X D
 4  Spinal stenosis, DDD, L5-S1 Constipation. I have to take Senna-S twice daily. When I first started I had very vivid, disturbing dreams Excellent pain medication, almost no cognitive side effects compared to most other opioids. Over two years I have not needed to increase the dose. M 21 2 years
30 mg 2X D

 4  Fibromyalgia, Lupus, whiplash the constipation and itchiness are a given if you're already experienced with narcotics and chronic pain. i've been in pain since 2002 and i'm only 24...but i get a freaky-weird side effect beyond the constipation, drowsiness, stupidity, dizziness, etc. it has MADE ME LACTATE! and there's no way i'm preggers. Fentanyl did the same thing. also, since i've been taking it, my blood pressure has shot up. i don't know if the two are related, so don't take my word on it. very effective for my pain, though i'm already tolerant to my prescribed dosages after about a week and a half. but i've been on many narcotics over the years, so i've come to expect it. i have noticed a little cognitive impairment (i feel "stupid"), and can't do a lot of the intellectual tasks that make me happy, but for the relief it offers, it's pretty much worth it. F 24 14 days

 4  Chronic Pain Due to a MVA March 09 drowsiness, dry mouth, affected my co-ordination, slurred speech I had a severe MVA in Adelaide SA on 14/3/09 and was admitted to hospital. Since then i have tried Endone 5mg, Tramadol SR 200mg, Panadine fte, Mersyndol fte, Mersyndol, Deptran 50mg and nothing worked until the MS CONTIN 30 mg 2x a day. I was sick and tired of feeling like a tablet popper, and my pain didnt leave it actually got worse so my doctor suggested i take MS CONTIN 30mg at 8am and 8pm with Panadine Forte as a breakthrough for pain. The MS CONTIN has not ended all of my pain but it has eased it 40% but it makes me a bit LOOPY and un co-ordinated after it starts working. F 33 2 days
 3  kneecap dmg, hypermobility syndrome Headaches, constipation (preferrable to normal diarrhea), dizziness I was switched from Oxycodone IR to MS Contin ER about a week ago. My dr. was trying to give me something that would last longer. The morphine helps somewhat with the pain, but not as well as the OxyIR, and I am having excruciating headaches all day. I'm taking 2 Vicodin 7.5/750 just to get rid of the headaches. I would much rather be back on the Oxy IR. F 26 6 days
 5  Raynaud's/CREST Syndrome Treatment None. Writing on behalf of my wife who has experienced severe pain due to this autoimmune disorder attacking her fingers. She got an experimental treatment of prostaglandin infusion via IV and pain has been worse since that was done 3 weeks ago. That being said, 15mg of MS Contin 2x daily seems to do the job very well in alleviating the pain. There has been no addiction. In fact it went the opposite way: she gave it up easily and had no withdrawal symptoms. But the pain returned with an awful vengeance two days later. Moral of the story (that prescribing Dr. never told us): you must take it steadily, don't go on and off without supervision. As for the question of pharmacy "attitude", I did experience that the first time I brought in the scrip (they lied and said "we won't have that for another week"), but be persistent and once they know it's for a legitimate need they will be helpful. F 44 21 days
 4  Severe Scoliosis & 5 Herniated Disc I have had a lot of drowsiness, but Provigil has helped quite a bit to counteract that... F 49 2 years
 3  severe chronic pain dizziness, some loss of memory M 64 10 days
 5  Spasmodic Torticollis, Disc Probs In the beginning of using MS Contin it caused moderate, to severe constipation, which can easily be treated by taking Colace, stool softeners, 100mg, two times per day. Three and a half years ago my doctor put me on MS Contin and I've had my ups and downs with this med, but am happy to announce that I've been in the process of slowly being weaned off of MS Contin, for the past month. I'm not sure how long it is going to take, until I am completely off of it. What I've learned from MS Contin: This drug is definitely not for short-term use. It is intended for someone who needs long-term pain management for severe pain only! It is so easy to become addicted to this drug, not to mention dependent on taking it every single day. I have written here a few times before. Some posts were positive and some negative. I met someone from this board and now we are great friends, even though she lives halfway across the country from me! I am just so grateful to God, and to my Dr for being able to take this medication with not too many problems or interactions and that I'm able to go off of this medication as smoothly as possible! F 45 3.5 years
 3  Rhabdomyolysis/pain none when you hear morphine you think pain relief some people get extremely loopy from this. I on the other hand was clear of mind but it didnt help that mush with pain. M 15 1 weeks

 4  back fusion surgery constipation, other than that none. bad withdrawal; anxiety, low grade fever, the chills,rapid heart beat,depressed when going through withdrawal. it works excellent. dilaudid 4mg for breakthrough im almost pain free when im on this medication. M 40 4 months
 4  L5-S1 disk replacement, now fusion constipation which actually is preferrable to irritable bowel syndrome that I no longer have I was taking 120 mg 4X a day after most recent surgery. The pain relief was acceptable. After 6 months on this routine I felt better and switched to Norco during the day for breakthrough and took 120 mg at night. I never felt addicted to this drug but I did notice that I would break out in a sweat for no reason after reducing to 1X a day from 4X. Now Dr, has me on oxy contin 2X a day. I am struggling to get pain free and stop all this poison I am having to take. There is no shame in needing pain relief just make sure you are being honest with yourself and your Dr. M 45 6 months

 5  Chronic Pain L4-5 surgery, DDD, OA occasional constipation. Excellent drug for long term, safe and effective treatment of chronic pain. Because it is slowly released the relief is stable. I have gone through withdrawal of this drug, twice, once w/a MD and once on my own. The time I did it myself I did it gradually but it was still terrible. With the MD it was a switch to another drug and it was HELL. I will NEVER go through that again and only agreed to go back on this medication with much discussion of a gradual and well monitored withdrawal, if I ever do stop it. This is, as one MD put it, a clean drug and has been out on the market for a long time. I trust it. F 51 10 years
 4  back and neck problems i am in west aust and i want to come off ms-contin, can someone please help me and tell me where and who to go to in perth or in WA. I been on ms-contin for 12 years and the dose is 2x60mgs daily M 52 12 days
 4  Hypermobility syndrome + headaches Dizziness only when introducing the med. Constipation after months of taking it, only getting worst. Acid reflux. The usual physical addiction. Do not have psychological addiction, but couldn't stop it without major withdrawal symptoms, need to slowly decrease dosage. It's good, better than many pain relievers and altough can't totally relieve the pain, helps take off the edge. Problem is, needs something on top when real bad pain episode happens. Doesn't seem to have habituation effect even after a couple years, effect is still there and tried higher dosage w/o any effect. F 29 3 years

 4  back pain of unknown origin The usual constipation(mild)and some initial lethargy till you "adjust" to good dosing schedule. Your body/head will tell you what they like. This is a really good pain med. It's "smooth", not over-bearing and quite easily adjustable. The ER Tabs are great as you dose so seldom compared to Percs or other faster acting PK's. My Dr. gave me these because my tolerance for Percocet was too quick and I was quickly eating them like candy & getting minimal relief. The Contin gives you a good steady flow but I'd agree with those that say they don't last the 12 hours the Mfg. claims. Maybe adjusting more towards bed time w/b a help. This is GOOD SENSIBLE MEDICATION and I'd bet under prescribed due to the "Narcotic Stereotype." I know my Dr. told me they raise a flag with the DEA. For those of you being treated like anything other than a decent every day customer at your Pharmacy I'd suggest you tell them to go to Hell and find one where you can build at least a semi-personal relationship with the Pharmacist or even the guy/gal who works the front. ALWAYS use the same store! Ask a BS question of the Pharmaci M 56 2 months

 4  L4-5 DDD Been taking for 2 years. 4 x 30mg. Other than occasional breakthrough pain, depending on the level of my activities, I have had no side effects. I am at this moment on day 4 of a horrible detox by myself. I am in this situation because I lost a week's worth of pills somehow (can't find the bottle...think it fell out of the car at the gas station). The pain clinic filled next Rx early but said I had to make them last 5 weeks...I could not (or did not)...afraid to call them again...can get next refill in 3 more days! Pain is worse than yearning for drug, foggy-headed, weak, and shaky. Never again will I let this happen. Help or comments appreciated!! Also afraid to give email address. M 55

 5  Pancreatic Cancer Constipation I am new to MS CONTIN. Only been taking it for 7 days. I had chronic pain for three weeks, I went to the Hospital and they said I have Pancreatic Cancer and it went to the Liver. MS CONTIN works to relieve my pain, But I don't have much time left. M 55 7 days
 5  Severe Chronic Pain Chronic constipation & sleepiness, both of which have improved over time. I have had severe chronic pain in my lower back due to DDD & other issues. I have tried many different narcotics to control the pain. I am taking 100 mg MS Contin every 12 hours, & take Dilaudid 4 mg for breakthrough pain. This combination has greatly improved my quality of life. M 47 3 years

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