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 4  cholesterol None,except) I reach dough hole I could afford them I was put on pravasatin but I started to h,aving panic attack scary. F 65 10 years

 1  Hypertriglyceridemia Tri level 660 Photosensitivity (sensitivity to sun light), I developed a very itchy skin rash on the back of my neck and forearms. It got worst as with continued exposure to sun. There were no side effects at first. I exercise very often (indoors) and spend most of my time studying. After being on the medication for a little over 2 months, I began to develop a rash on the back of my neck and around my ears. It progressively became more itchy. I thought it was a rash from some fungus I may have picked up at the gym. I tried Hydrocortisone for a week with no relief. The rash began to spread to my forearms and top of my hand. The itch was become unbearable, so I made an appointment with my doctor who told me stop taking the medicine. The rash began to dissipate as long as I was out of the sun. A week later and I still have some sensitivity to sun light. Also, my triglycerides decreased by 20 mg. Not much.. M 26 2.5 months
1X D

 1   muscle pain, legs and back. I gladly quit this medication. I consider it to be a poison. Take at your own risk. M 84 30 days
30 mg 1X D

 5  Trigly at 730. Now stable at 160 None M 56 3 years
145 mg

 1  High Tri at 200+ My dr prescribed me of this med because he said that I have high risk of heart problem because my father died of it. After taking this med for just 2 days I had already experience dull back pain and arm pain. I thought it was just because of my recent workout in the gym but seem odd because I never felt that way before. After 4th day it worsen and I started checking if this med is causing it. To my surprise, I was really risking everything just to lower my tri. I immediately stopped taking the med and after just 40 hours all pain went away. I will instead try to workout everyday and control my diet than to endure severe side effect of this med. I will return to my dr this weekend to report this. Not worth it. M 27 4 days
 1  High Triglycerides Severe gas/bloating, frequent bowel movements, flu-like symptoms, body aches, persistent low grade headache, coughing, pain in large muscles of legs, feel like doo-doo. My doctor is obsessed with my cholesterol. My total is 250 (should be under 200), HDL 42 (should be 46 or higher), LDL 161 (should be under 130), Triglycerides 237 (should be under 150.) Now, to me, these numbers are not that terrible. If he'll be patient with me I can get them down through diet and exercise. But he tests me every 4-6 months. I was unable to tolerate ANY type of statin due to the same symptoms I am now experiencing with Fenofibrate (generic form of Tricor.) I think I lasted less than a week on even the lowest dose, gentlest form of statins. I must be hyper-sensitive to the effects of cholesterol lowering medications because within 48 hours of taking any of them, the symptoms start. When I quit the drug, I go back to normal almost immediately. So that makes me realize that it will not do for me to "push through" these symptoms just to see my numbers look better on a lab test. Heck, there is evidence and debate that lower cholesterol even helps prevent heart attacks and heart disease. There is even a disclaimer on many of the web pages I read about his drug, stating such. I would rather have a good quality of life than have numbers that look good to a doctor. Stay off statins and Tricor if you want a good life. As a side note, I will add that statins can cause early onset dementia or confusion and brain fog. My mother developed early onset Alzheimer's and to this day we wonder if her statin use was partly to blame. F 51 2 days
145mg 1X D
 1  Triglicerides Tricor and Triipex Meds experience. Started with rash itchy palms then hives only to spread around to any place warm on my body. Then went to xtream shoulder pain and weekness.Brushing own teeth was a issue the only relieve was to take benydrel but it only helped the swelling and itching the pain was almost unbearable in the shoulders . Then six years later another Dr. wanted to treat the Triglycerides with another medicine this time I was prescibed Trilipex had the same symtoms but it occured a lot sooner then with tricor but the same miserable results. Note Pain seems to migrate from one spot to another rapidly. Tricor or Trilipex . Take these with caution . if you have any kind of weard side affects I recommend you stop taking abruptly and to expect one week of severe issues slowly subsiding over time to full recovery . Asperin and benidril will help no icy hot or anything like that on joints it only seem to make the pain worse. Hot water run over joint pain seem to be a quick relief. M 53 14 days
135 1X D

 1  High Triglycerides After 4 days this crappy drug has given me excruciating Achilles tendon pain.. After 10 days of being very miserable I asked the Dr, and he took me off it. How long to get this out of your system? Take fish oil / niacin and watch your diet. M 47 14 days
148 1X D
 1  High typicities Leg cramps upset stoamp dirrehra swelling in my feet F 54 10 days
Yes more
 2  high cholestrol I am having allergy like symptoms as well as a rash on my neck. Has anyone else had the symptoms. They have become increasingly more noticeable in the past several weeks. The medication has worked well up to now and I am not certain the medication is causing the symptoms. F 67 3 years
45 1X D
 2  High Triglycerides Dizziness. Numbness in legs & arms. Sore/tendor feet. Severe pain in Achilles tendon. Low energy. Rapid Heartbeat. Anxiety. Before Tricor I ran 6 marathons. Since starting on it I have run 0. It zapped my energy and has ruined my legs. I have constant trouble with my Achilles tendons. Dizziness and anxiety are also a normal part of my day. My numbers have dropped but it just doesn't seem worth it. M 41 3 years
148 1X D
 3   I'm having some stomach discomfort and nausea, especially in the morning, and I'm not sure if it's related, but I've also had an acne breakout....... My triglicerides were 681 and my overall cholesterol was 305 when I went for routine blood work about 3 1/2 weeks ago, which is incredibly high and alarming since I'm only 26 yrs old and in good shape and work out and watch my diet, especially when it comes to fatty foods. Both of my parents are on statin drugs because they have high cholesterol, my mother's on lipitor and my father's on crestor, and the doctor said my high cholosterol is more genetic than anything. And btw, I also was misinformed and thought Tricor was a statin drug, the doctor also told me that it isn't in that class. It is in a class of drugs known as phenofibrates (not sure if i spelled it correctly) which also lower your cholesterol, but not a statin drug like crestor or lipitor. I'm going to go back for another blood test in a week and see if my levels are down from where they were a month before I started taking it. M 26 3 weeks
145mg 1X D

 4  High Triglycerides Blurred vision. I had heart spasms all the time before taking this drug. Not sure what the connection could be, but they have almost come to a dead stop. Used to get them as often as 15 times a day. And they woke me up out of a dead sleep. Now nothing. F 58 2 months
145mg 1X D

 5  high cholesterol None! Except improved regularity. dropped total cholesterol from 302 to 212, LDL from 220 to 135 in 3 months. Fantastic. Taking generic. F 55 4 months
134 1X D
 1  High cholestrol Shortly after starting, began to have continuos, extreme burning sensation on the bottom of both feet -- like a chemical burn. Then after 30 days, due to high stress, my blood pressure (which had been normal) began to rise. At about three weeks, I had a reoccurring, cramp like pain in my left calf; then, after being on Tricor for 30 days and stress at work got sever I began getting more spots of cramping in my left leg. Then, after two days of extreme stress -- which cause very, high blood pressure, I began having cramp-like pain all over my left leg, left arm, and right leg and each spot was painful from a few seconds to 20 minutes. At first (when I had the single cramp-like pain in my left calf), my doctor suspected a possible blood clot but venal ultra sound was negative -- during that time my BP was normal. Later, when my BP was high due to stress I finally went to the E.R. and they ruled out everything except the Tricor. I've stopped it for 2 days (now) and even though by BP I would definitely NOT recommend TRICOR if you have or begin to have high blood pressure! They are many of drugs I've been on for high cholesterol and this, TRICOR, is the first one that has given me these side-effects. I'm so glad I found this website as it confirmed the E.R. doctor's findings. Since then, I've had other people confirm to me that they have heard of someone who has had bad cramping leg pain due to this drug. M 57 90 days
145mg 1X D
 1  High triglycerides I originally posted on here several years ago regarding my terrible experience with this drug. Since then, the medical community has started to realize how devastating statin drugs can be to some people. In my case, this drug permanently disabled my ability to walk any appreciable distance and it did this in a very short time period. Unfortunately, by the time my physician made the connection, the damage had been done. My Achilles tendons became so degenerated that I had to have both of them resected and grafts put in. For those of you experiencing severe muscle aches and pain in your extremities, I urge you to stop the medication IMMEDIATELY and see your physician and demand that he pay attention to your concerns. Mine did not until it was too late. The condition is known as statin myopathy. Please take the time to research this if you are having problems as I describe. For those with no side effects, you are fortunate. However, in my case, I was perfectly healthy and active and i F 62 4 months
145 mg 1X D
 2  High Triglycerides 204 dizziness, pain and numbness in both arms, headaches, muscle weakness, anxiety, depression, nausea My doctor prescribed me this and Crestor because my triglycerides are in 204 and cholesterol in 230 (LDL 157, HDL 32) I took the Latin American version of tricor (controlip 250mg) is the same fenofibrate and after 7 days I suspended this drug because Istart to feel a terrible pain in my arms and shoulders and other horrible side effects and I didn't even took Crestor because the side effects are WORST, I rather do exercise and have a good diet diet instead of taking this thing and after reading all these reports of side effects I will send the bottle straight into the garbage can. M 33 7 days
250 MG 1X D
 2   Loss of sex drive. Initially I had minor muscle cramps after working out but those symptoms went away. There seem to be very few comments on loss of sex drive but a few. M 55 30 days
1X D

 2  Elevated Triglycerides Tiredness - especially in the morning, all over muscle weakness, eye pressure and I am thirsty all the time. I have lost 80 lbs in the last few yrs and am 25 lbs away from being medically "fit" for my height. Before starting Tricor, I walked on the treadmill for 60-90 mins 4-6 nights a week. I ate about 1200 cals a days, mostly fruits, veggies, cherrios and fish. My overall cholesterol was 188, bad cholesterol was 92, good cholesterol was 44 and my Triglycerides were 319 - which is why I prescribed Tricor. I give you the background of my activity level because 3 weeks after starting Tricor and I have no energy, My muscles feel weak and I just want to lay down. I have been this way for 3 days. Almost immediately after starting Tricor, I have been craving fatty food. That is unusual for me. But worst, is the pressure I am feeling behind my eyes. I am going to talk with my doctor this week, but I really think Tricor is the cause of me not feeling well. I am only 39 and very healthy - except the Triglycerides. Maybe there is an alternative out there for me. F 39 3 weeks
48mg 1X D

 5  high cholesterol, high LDL no side effects I was taking a statin, Lipitor, and after 12 years on this statin I developed a rash that covered my body and it's taken 4 years to bring my itching to a livable level. I had to be on an immune suppressant for 1 year in order to get the rash under control. F 69 2 years
48 mg 2X D

 1  TRIG VERY HIGH Within two days of starting this drug my knee hurt so badly and practically collapsed when walking. I advised my Dr and he did not think this was from the Tricor. I went off for a month and tried again with the exact same result. There was no pain after stopping the Tricor. F 50 7 days
1X D

 1  hypertriglyceridemia Let me start by saying that before I took the TriCor, I was a very healthy and active individual, able to do about anything physically I wanted with a demanding job in a physician's office. After, I felt I had aged 100 years. My symptoms began shortly after taking the medication with aching in the joints. This was tolerable and truthfully, I thought it was just a sign of aging. However, these mild symptoms rapidly progressed to an unbearable pain in my legs so severe I could not walk at all. Despite reporting these symptoms to my physician, her answer was to run tests. All told, several visits to the emergency room, MRI, Doppler, CT scans, numerous blood studies later, the pain was more severe than ever. On one of numberous trips to my physician, the light went on for her. She said to stop the Tricor, which I did immediately and though the pain stopped, I was left with residual weakness in my lower extremities that is with me to this day. I am happy for those for whom the drug works. However, on reading this board, it appears that the bad far outweighs the good. I don't believe at all, as one poster said, that these symptoms are a natural aging process. When one becomes immediately disabled simply by taking a medication, there is not one thing natural about that. It should be removed from the market, or, at the very least, dispensed with caution and strong warnings about its harmful side effects. F 62 4 months
145 1X D
 1  "high" triglycerides none A Nurse Practicioner prescribed this for me because my triglycerides were 300 (funny, 10 years ago, medications wouldn't even be considered unless you were over 500. Just like with blood pressure, they keep lowering the target numbers just so they can sell more drugs). Anyway, I got the prescription filled and was ready to start taking it. As soon as I read this website, that bottle went straight into the garbage can where it belongs. By increasing exercise and making one MINOR change in my diet, I cut that number in half in less than one month. There's an article in BusinessWeek magazine from 2008 called "Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?" I advise everybody here to Google this article. It should be REQUIRED READING for anybody even considering taking drugs to lower their cholesterol. M 34 0 days
160 1X D

 3  for ldl coleaterol I am not sure if my constipation is from the meds or not. My stomach hurts and I have gas pain that has lasted all night and to the afternoon around 3pm i have had trouble in the past with muscle pain with other meds F 72 14 days
145 1X D
 4  sick from lovaza ill pucking and nauseaus to lovaza no side effects F 63 2 weeks
160 mg 1X D
 3  High tryglycerides A few years ago a doctor had me on this. My new doctor has just prescribed this to me as my overall cholesterol level is good (145) but the trsi are in the 400+ range. It had reduced my tris before and to be honest, I do not remember any side effects. Most of what I read here are side effects I already have including arthritis in both knees My question is when do you take this. I also take Zocor at night and wonder if I should alos take tricor at night or as part of my morning routine which is mostly my diabetic meds? M 65 3 days
145 1X D
 4  High Triglycerides Possibly fatigue & minor heartburn I took Tricor a few years back. It took me from 650 to 300 in three months (with diet & exercise), then shot back up to 530 when I went off. Starting back up at 550 and so far no real side effects. Im a little sleepy, but its been a big week ;0) F 33 4 years
145mg 1X D

 1  High cholestrol sleepiness,dizziness, body aches, headaches. I was put on fenofibrate for high cholestrol because I was allergic to zocor and lipitor. The doctor said this drug would not have many side effects because its not a statin, WRONG! First thing I felt was extreme tiredness then headaches, the the kicker was the feeling like I had the flu, this was with body pains all over. I quit, no more for me. I will take fish oil. My cholestrol being high is supposed to be genetic. F 47 3 weeks
160mg 1X D
 3  High Tryglicerides The only side effect I have experienced is a rare rash on the side of my arms. I was taking 145mg and the rash will some and go. A month ago as per my request to save money my Dr. change to 160 generic brand and the rash seems to be getting worse. I am still waiting on his decision to see if I should stop taking it. F 42 3 years
145-160 1X D

 5   brief dizziness (5-10 sec) within 30 minutes after taking. I have been on and off Tricor for 3 years. It always does what it's supposed to. I went from 1000+ levels to 130 in three months, with 30 min./day cardio and low fat/low sugar diet. Even without diet and exercise, levels were in the low 300's. Also tried Niaspan, but the hot flashes were unbearable (like a full body sunburn). I have tried fish oil, it works, but not as well. For those with side effects, omega-3 fish oil is the best (and cheapest) way to go. M 40 3 years
145 mg 1X D

 4  Prescribed None - I have not taken Tricor very long but I have been on Prevastatin for 2 years... It seems I have more energy after taking Tricor??? M 51 5 days
145 1X D

 2  high triglycerides muscle pain in arms and legs, joint pain, severe fatigue, nausea didn't even realize these things could be caused by Tricor till I went to my new doctor last week and told her about them. That's when she told me that these symptoms could all be caused by cholesterol-lowering meds and that these meds deplete the coenzyme Q10 that your body makes. She started me on a coenzyme Q10 supplement- waiting to see what happens. I'm tempted to go off the tricor too!! F 53 7 years
145 mg 1X D

 3  high triglyceride, high cholestero I have been having rather strong joint pain. I think I have come to the conclusion that Tricor has caused me this severe joint pain I have been experiencing over the last few months. Okay, it's either Tricor or Lyrica, and that doesn't seem too possible since Lyrica is supposed to be "for" my muscle pain and neuropathy in my foot and leg (due to a paralyzed foot due to shingles -- yup, shingles). I'll talk to both my doctor (cardio) and pharmacist about this, but I really believe after reading just the first few comments on here that I've pinpointed this joint pain back to when I started to take the Tricor. F 63 6 months
1X D
 1  High Triglycerides (330) Muscle burning, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, weakness, mild nausea, anxiety, inability to concentrate. On Lipitor for about eight years to lower cholesterol from 240 to 160. Always had mild muscle burning & pain, but tolerable. Added Tricor on advice of physician to reduce triglycerides from 330. Combination was very effective - cholesterol to 140, triglycerides to 150. After three months mucle symptoms increased. After a day of heavy physical exertion (shoveling snow), suffered severe and increasing pain, burning, weakness, and fatigue. Terminated both drugs on advice of physician. One week after termination, symptoms are starting to subside. M 50 4 months
145mg 1X D

 1  High Trigs Fatigue, joint pains and lethargy. I have used this medicine for about six months combined with vigorous workout and diet control. The number of trigs definitely lowered but dont know if I can attribute it completely to Tricor. I have stopped taking Tricor, but am still continuing with my workout and diet. I need to check my readings once again. M 38 6 months
145mg 1X D

 2   fatigue discontinued after second trial F 64 90 days

 2  High triglycerides/cholesterol I took this drug for about 4 years and about a year into it I started have slight pain in my right side under my ribs. As time went on this pain got more often and worse to the point when I was having doubling over pain an hour after I ate. I told my dr and he said that it was my gallbladder. I had it tested and they said that it was barely working. They were talking surgery and I have no Insurance. I looked into the gallbladder in general online and found that meds for triglycerides can cause gall stones. I stopped taking the Tricor that day and in a week, no more pain in the right upper quadrant. F 54 4 years
 2  High Triglycerides + 1100 I have been on all of the statins for years. My last was tricor which I have been on and off for years. I routinely get joint pains which the physicians could not explain. I had suspected these drugs but was told that it probably was not the cause. After reading this I believe I know better now. I get joint swelling, redness, tenderness and severe pain which clears in about a week. Very cyclic, occurrs around every 7 to 9 months in one or the other ankle, but never in both at the same time. Feet always felt stuffed, stiff and as if pads on the balls of my feet. I had started on lopid when in was in my late 20's. I had flu symptoms and eventually switch to Mevacor then Lipitor and Crestor. A few years back I was switched to Triclor to try. I have been experiencing joint pain in my ankles ever 6 to 9 months which resembled gout for years. Redness, swelling, and severe pain when streching or moving the joint. It would always affect only one ankle at a time but this last week if finally hit my wrist. I am going to have to get off of these medications because I can't tolerate these pains. I have had multiple MRI on my ankle, shoulder, but the test showing nothing, and the Orthpedic MD could not account for any findings causing the pain and swelling. I had been working out 2 to 3 times a week until last year when I found I had 3 bulging discs. I am now 53, so I think I am going back to Niacin and Fish Oil. I have had this unexplained joint pain for 15 years now, and on occasion had a high cpk reading. I suspected these medicaiton, but now hearing everyone elses symptoms I am convienced. I periodically stop the med due to low back pain, which feels inside and not as joint or muscle pain. If I got muscle pains from working out, I would then decrease my dosage or stop until the pain went away. I now know I am not alone. M 53 4 years
 3  900+ Triglycereides Only been on 145mg Tricor for a little over a week. I have dreams that would make Stehpen Kings hair stand up. My skin feels prickly/hot and my joint and muscle pain has amplified somewhat. But what choice do I have? Can not tolerate Niaspan (blistered my mouth). I'm going to stick this out for a month and see what happens. Dramatically, altered my diet and quit alcohol. Lost 10 lbs. my first week. In the gym no matter how much it hurts. Sometimes the cure can be worse than the problem. I'll continue until my numbers come down. More than likely I will only take a half tablet after first month. I need to lose 30 more lbs. Hopefully, that will get me back to normal. No pain, no gain I guess. Thanks to everyone for posting and raising my awareness! Guess many of should just face some facts. WE ARE GETTING OLD! With that being said, those of us in our forties and up have probably worked long and hard lives. Many of the symtpoms described sound to me as the natural process of aging. For those of you who have suffered severe organ damage, I am really sorry to hear that. I've been HIV+ for 24 years and don't really know what its like to be totally healthy. Pain is just a part of my I guess I can tolerate this med. better than others due to my conditioning to pain. I feel really bad for the younger folks too. What a lifetime battle you will have. Get out and excerise and eat clean everyone. Then get off the darn drugs! I intend to. I want to live. Going to tuff this one out. M 43

 1  High trig numbers First a statin/Lopid, which I stopped. Now, after more nagging, just this for four months. Muscle joint aches, weakness, fatigue. And it appears the stuff has suddenly accelerated damage to my kidneys; I was a pretty well controlled diabetic, now my life span may have been significantly shorted by these drugs. And the NEW evidence coming out on this drug (evidence not paid for by the drug companies) shows this drug has ZERO effect on rate of heart incidents! Most doctors these days are stupid self-serving pill pushers. Don't trust them. IGNORE all the doctors who endlessly INSIST you HAVE to take this drug (and/or statins). They are just legally covering their @sses at the expense of YOUR health. The original published data (falsely concocted by the drug companies) SAY this stuff is effective and that the side effects are minimal. So the doctors HAVE to prescribe it or risk being sued for malpractice. When docs keep insisting you take this stuff, they are choosing THEIR career at the expense of YOUR possible death. This stuff is pure poison and they know it. Don't you take it. M 56 4 months

 1  Trig Until I came to this site I had no idea what was going on with my body! I've been having muscle pains in my lower back, numbness and tingling in both arms, all over muscles aches and pain, swelling, & weak feeling. And get this, I began coughing alot (another side effect)...and so I went to the Dr. to find out if I was sick. So instead of going over my new Tricor prescription with me to see if it could be a side effect, she prescribes an inhaler!! Which that in turn made my eyes puffy! Gooood Grief! Seems all my problems were from this drug. I had a pharmacist suggest Fish Oil, Omega it sounds like that's the way to go. And of course diet! I just read this article going off the meds tonight & hopefully will feel better in 24 hours!! F 47 2 months

 1  high bad and good chlesteroel I have been going to a family doctor for six weeks for feet leg stomach back chest and arm pain. Looking back I was in the emergancy room two times this year with chest pain they could not find a reason for. In decamber 08 I had shoulder surgery for what I was told was arthritis, and I still have the same pains. The bottoms of my feet hurt so bad I cant walk at times, my doctor has taking me off these two drugs and its been three weeks with no releaf. I have had MRIs cat scans bone scans and nothing else can be found. It is making it very dificult I am a active person cant take much more of this!!!!! Any person thinking of using these two drugs better think hard, the side effects are not worth it!!!!!!! M 50 24 months
 1  high triglycerides Wow! Side effects were severe and immediate. Every muscle and every joint in my body experienced severe pain. Could not sleep for two nights. Side effects disappeared within 24 hours of stopping taking the drug. I must be sensitive to this drug because the side effects were immediate: within 48 hours. M 64 2 days

 5  High Triglycerides None. Also taking Niaspin mega dose which causes hot flashes. To those who are having problems, I am sorry. But please realize that those side effects are identified. It simply means this wonderful drug may not be for you. For those of without side effects, it's a godsend. M 47 1 years

 1  Hi Triglycerides 875 My side effects started off as mild muscle pain/flu like symptons. I've been taking Tricor 145mg for about 16 months now. I have developed severe muscle pain, mainly in my left shoulder blade area. It is also in my upper arms and and outer thighs. In each area is like a trigger point to the pain and this pain then spreads throughout the muscle. I've had MRI, x-rays, and more and they showed nothing wrong. I'm also fatigued, sensitive to heat, and I can't tell you when the last time I slept all night. I would get awake at least every other hour throughout the night. My urine is getting darker in color the longer I take it. Over the past couple of months I have been experiencing confusion. I finally decided to look up "TRICOR and muscle pain" on the internet and thank God for this website. I have taken my last TRICOR pill as of today!! This chronic back pain has got to stop. I need sleep. I would like to be able to go outside in the summer. F 46 15 months

 1  On doctor recommendation Within 48 hours started having rectal disorder (constantly having to clean myself as if I soiled myself). After about a week, I started having blood in my stools. I thought that maybe I was asjusting (NOT). After third week, I quit taking it as I was bleeding to the point of weekness. The bleeding stopped after a couple days, but I still have trouble with the other disorder. NEVER take this medication. There is nothing it does that is worth all this discomfort. M 44 3 weeks

 1  High Triglycerides Weakness, depression, confusion, frozen muscles, drawn up muscles, inability to exercise due to total body stiffness. This happened over the course of 2.5 years, very slowly, until I was almost unable to walk as my pelvis was pulled out of alignment by muscles that were affected. After going to physical therapy for a couple of weeks I realized that maybe it was the drug and quit taking it. It's been about 90 days since I quit and my body is almost back to normal. I walk with no problems and my depression and confusion is gone. Not a good drug for me at all when it comes to quality of life. F 54 2.5 years

 1  Trig are high Both shoulders hurt could not sleep on either side. Then mucsle pain in the right arm. Confusion, weakness, fatigue and anger. Six days into this hellish medicine I helped my daughter move I was so fatigue, joints hurt, couldn't sleep on either side. Screaming at everyone. I had a doctor give me medicine not tricor that gave me hot flashed and turned me red with itching. Unbearable, when this medicine didn't work he up the medicine (2x) which I was in the emegerncy room with, no double. I refuse to take it so he gave me 145 mg of this hell on earth tricor. I am not going back to this doctor. Thank you all for sharing you experiences with this medicine. Not even the pharmacist could tell me about this medicine. Sad! Very Sad! F 54 23 days
 2  High triglycerides taking it about 2 months, began to get hives on arms and stomach; experience numbness at night in my arms and hands, so bad I can hardly sleep (I do take it at bedtime per dr's orders); some finger knuckles completely swollen overnight I had no idea that these problems might be a result of Tricor until lying awake for 3 hours tonight with arm numbness and itchy hives, and put two and two together. Glad to find this website and see that others have similar problems (sorry to share the pain!). Am going to call the Doc in the morning and tell him I am stopping it. M 39 60 days

 1  Slightly high triglycerides Severe sciatica to the point it was incapacitating at times. Lowered triglycerides quickly, but the severe sciatica pain was too high a price to pay. Better treatment with diet and exercise. F 75 1 years

 1  High Triglicerides Swollen hands and knuckles Roving joint pain in wrists shoulders and hands extream pain.fatigue. Will someone please post how to start a class action against these S.O.B.s There has to be enough of us who are hurting to get one going. They make [Abbott] 1 Billion a year on just this med. Thank heavens for this site,Ive been to three differnt Dr.and found out myself whats wrong. M 61 6 months

 1  High Trigylcerides Took Tricor over 15 years. When dosage was tripled, I experienced gradualsymptoms reaching excruciating pain in arms, mainly right arm, leg and rib cage; but basically throughout body. Tricor did bring down my trigylcerides but at a cost of what feels like I'm dying. My biggest concern is that although I stopped taking Tricor over 6 months ago and am taking a pain reliever I continue to have severe side effects (pain) and cannot lift anything over 5 lbs because I become almost incapacitated for days. Would like to know if someone has recovered after these experiences. F 68
 1  High Triglicerides Side effects manifested very slowly. They were a general sense of fatigue, an aversion to exercise and muscle pains. They came on so slowly that I didn't realize it was the tricor until later. The side effects went away, also very slowly after ceasing to take the medication. Controling Trigs with Fish Oil and CoQ10 now. Feel much better. Also, I was diagnosed with a cardiac myopathy after taking this med for two years. I feel the two may be connected because the heart muscle (that was damaged) is the same as all the rest of the muscles in your body (which many are reporting to be damaged from this med). PLEASE don't take this, look for diet, excercise and supplements instead of taking Tricor. M 44 2 years
 4  High Trigylcerides I've been taking 145 mg for about 4 years. Originally my trigs were 330 when put on the med. Then after the first test, they went down to 160. I get a blood test done every 3-4 months. For the last year, with no diet changes or weight changes, my trigs have slowly been creeping back up. I'm thinking the medicine is no longer working for me, but doctor says to keep taking. I started taking an Omega-3 supplement and at the last check, trigs were down 20 pts. I think it was the Omega-3 and not the tricor that helped. I'm going to talk to doctor again about quitting Tricor. I had no bad side effects other than the flu-like symptoms at first. I want to try exercise and good eating rather than taking this too. F 31 4 years

 1  High Triglycerides I have been taking Tricor 145 for about 18 months. Over the past year or so I have been waking up each morning the a very stiff and sore back. I asked my doctor about it and he does not think that the Tricor could be causing the problem. He thinks that I am starting to have symptoms of arthritis. Well the last week while on a trip for work, I didn't plan right and ran out of Tricor, and so I did not take it for 3 days while I will still on my trip. I have not refilled the prescription yet and I have now been off it for 10 days. I have noticed it that since not taking it every night that my back pain has stopped, and some of the other muscle and joint pains that I have been having also have seemed to stop or lessen. I will not go back to tricor. I will try and lower my triglycerides with by diet and excerise. M 36 18 months

 1  High Triglycerides Knee pain, Right thigh muscle pain, leg weakness. M 46 60 days

 1  High cholesterol flu like symtoms, low grade fever, massisve rash after 3 weeks on this drug. Stopped taking and symptoms continue with added roving joint and muscle pain in feet elbows, hands. Pain so bad that I can't move the effected limbs. Pain moves around to different areas after subsiding in effected areas. Can Anybody tell me when relief may begin? M 59 3 weeks
 1  High Triglycerides I started taking TRICOR (145 mg) every morning about a year ago. I was okay at first and could continue my two mile a day walk carrying two ten pounds weights. I would go to my office first, which was on the second floor of our building then do my walk. One day after my walk I started walking up to the second floor and my left knee went out. It felt like someone stabbed me with an ice pick. A week later my left hip did the same thing, then my left shoulder. I had to give up all exercise and could not sleep at night because of joint pain. I asked my Dr. if it could be the TRICOR having read this forum. He said no way and, that it was probably due to my weight. Iím 6í5Ē and weigh 245. I did not like his answer and went to see a sports medicine Dr. He took x-rays of my knees and said they looked to be in great shape with no damage. I also had an MRI of my shoulder and ditto. I then bought a new $3,000 mattress thinking maybe it was our bed. All along, I keep taking TRI I went back to my doctor two or three more times and he still said it could not possibly be the TRICOR. I finally stopped taking it about a week ago and now I can at least walk around a flat block at a slow pace with minimal pain. My joint pains seems to be slowly going away, but I fear I have done some permanent damage as my back hurts more than ever. Iím sixty-one years old and TRICOR made me feel like Iím ninety-one. I hate my Dr. for doing this to me and will not go back. In my opinion TRICOR can cause very serious problems. The manufacturer says to see your doctor if you have serious side effects. My Dr. turned a deaf ear on my concerns. For some, Iím sure it works. For me it was debilitating and I wish I had taken myself of it sooner.I think doctors are afraid to say anything against this medicine and that to me is a crime! M 61 1 years
 2  high cholesteroal/triglycerides I would feel fatigue on what would seem to be random. I'm 35 and I would always be able to explain why I felt fatigue before (went to park, played some sport, walked around the City, etc), however, during my medication, I would feel dead tired and for no reason. It never really sunk in until my sex drive went DOWN DOWN DOWN!! WTF?! I'm so happy to see that it's most likely a side effect. I am taking Crestor, Tricor, Lovaza, but I think I will stop taking this crap now! My wife and I were starting to get scared of my lack of sexual drive, but just this moment, I realized that it's this freaken medication! I have been taking this medication for 4-5 months now, and will no longer take it. I'm going to concentrate on diet and excercise. Maybe when I'm 70 yrs old I'll take this, but not at 35! M 5 months

 1  high triglirides Low red blood cell count I am a Stem Cell transplant patient and my red blood cell counts have improved after quitting Tricor. M 48 180 days

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