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 1  skin clearing and regulate hormones Ever since using Triphasil, I've experienced persistent, recurring headaches and dizziness which has limited my concentration span. I've also experienced double vision and constant tiredness even when I have just woken up from a long rest. One moment I would be busy studying and the next moment I would find myself thinking about something irrelevant which explains the effects on my concentration span. These are all among the SEVERE side effects of Triphasil. I do not regard these side effects as a coincidence because right before using Triphasil I barely use to experience headaches, a quick nap would energize me for the next few hours and I use to be able to focus on the task at hand. Three and a half months ago I was on Trigestrel and I did not experience any side effects. I only started using Triphasil because the nurse did not have any Trigestrel stock. I personally would not recommend Triphasil to anyone, but our bodies are all different and respond to medication differently, so you wont know unless you try it for yourself. F 21 2 weeks
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 1  To regulate my period Sad all the time. Cry at random. Feel overwhelmed in crowds. Fatigued. Very depressed bordering on negative thoughts. M 25 3 weeks

 4  for my cycle I have a rash is it part of the side effects F 28 8 days
 5  Contraceptive No side effects whatsoever, no pregnancy, mimics natural body sequence, helped clear up skin, cheap!! All people going off about this pill should not say its bad. Everybody takes differently to hormones within their body because we are all made up of our unique & specified genetic makeup. I'm pretty sure it's a given that any body trying new hormonal contraceptive will expect either a positive or negative change. Instead of saying other people not to try it, go to your GP instead to find the right pill for you, they know better :) F 20 4 years

 1  birth control I have had the worst experience ever with triphasil. Gave me a terrible headaches nausea stomach and back pains blurred vision and dizziness. I tried to be patient and used it for 3months but it wasnot changing at all. The worst birth control I have ever used. Now I am even scared to try another type of birth control. F 28 3 months

 1  Birth control This pill gave me bad acne and headaches within 2 weeks of taking it. I've never taken a pill that causes acne so I've immediately come off it. I spoke to my friend who's a pharmacist and she said those are 2 side effects that it's known for. I would never recommend it to anyone. F 33 1 months

 5  Prevent pregnancy No side effects and no babies! F 27 5 years
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 2  Contraception Gave me horrible ACNE and I've never experienced acne before that pill... I've tried to take it to get over breakthrough bleeding but it didn't work and in addition my skin IS HORRIBLE NOW :'( Now I'm afraid that the acne won't go away even if I stop this pill.... F 21 3 months
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 4  prevent pregnancy No obvious side effects. I have been taking this since the birth of my son 17 years ago. Only in the past few years my period has started to last longer. It went from 5 days to around 9. I'm not to happy about that but I have never seen nor felt any other side effects. F 36 10 years

 1   Acne, extreme mood swings, tender and painful breasts. I would not recommend it. F 23 3 months

 3  Regulate my menstrual cycle Mood swings, depression, stomach cramps, nausea, increased appitie, breast tenderness. Though it helped with my acne and my menstrual cylce. What I would like to know though is, do these side effects get better or stop as you continue to use this pill? F 24 2 months
 3  don't want fall pregnant I started traphasil 2 years back,,I use 2 have nomarl menstruation cycle but past fewer months all dat change my mentruation period is not normal what can be a cause?? They helped me a lot with my acne.....that I am so gratefull:) F 25 1 years
 2  normal menstruation Heavy migraines, shortness of breath, increased appetite,nausea F 23 1 months

 2  to prevent pregnacy I was taking Triphasil on a regular bass. But I missed 1 does. Den began immediatly taking them again. But I still got pregnant with my 3rd child. F 35 1 months
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 4  To regulate my cycle No pimples; no pregnancy At 15 my parents put me on this pill to regulate me - I took it for 3 years and then fell off their insurance. I started taking it again in my early twenties for about 2 years. I really had no terrible side effects to speak of - but after my second child I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto disease. This does not run in my family so it could be because of the pill so long ago. Researching to see if there is anyone else out there with this as I am thinking of putting my daughter on it but not with long term side effects. F 35 5 years
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 5  Birth Control Taking pill for 2years,skin has improved greatly. You can't fall pregnant if you're taking it correctly.Doesn't cause mood swings,great product F 25 2 years
 1  Contraception Migraines, headaches, facial rash, pimples, yeast infections, oral yeast infections, weigh gain, mood swings, depression, anxiety, tiredness, still had nearly 10 day period!! Took it for 10 years prior to having children with no noticeable side effects, now can't live with it after 2 months and have stopped it. F 40 2 months

 3  because my pill was out of stock Head aches and low sex drive. people have told me that a lot of people fall pregnant on triphasil.and am sceard to keep using this pill. F 19 1 days
not sure
 3   Weight gain, chest pains, heavier periods, low sex drive, depression, anxiety, headaches, shortness of breathe Birth Control did its job. what it was supposed t.o but i had many unwanted side effects so now i switched to low estrin. F 19 1 years
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 3  Birth Control and low oestrogen lev I've been on triphasil for a month now. Felt fine the first two weeks, now I've been bleeding for two weeks straight. Skin has cleared up a bit, but I'm having suicidal thoughts, getting depressed, angry and I'm constantly tired. M 34 1 months
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 4  Birth control No weight gain, breakthrough bleeding but nothing severe, I was happy using it! I have been on Triphasil for 2 years now and I am changing over to Nordette since I experienced breakthrough bleeding. I had a decreased libido and moodiness but nothing severe. It has worked well and I cannot complain. F 23 2 years
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 1  I had a stroke at the age of 29 I had a stroke after taking the pills for 10 years. I was under weight, did not smoke,did not due drugs, and did not drink. I had none of the things that would make me a high risk. I do now, thanks to Triphasil. F 43 10 years
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 1  birth control Mood swings, gaining of weight, tenderness of breast, swelling of breasts, bloated, increase of appetite, F 27 2 years

 2  to regulate period,raise estrogen my gp diagnosed me with low estrogen levels and switched my birth control from yasmin to triphasil to sort it out.im due to start the triphasil in 2 weeks,but after reading all the side effects on this site..im pretty scared..weight gain,depression,hair loss,low sex drive..is there any other alternative? F 24

 3  To regulate my menstral cycle Well about two months ago I started taking the pill. There was no intial side effects. But now after two months I am experiencing the discharge and moods swings like no other.... I have been suffering of headaches/ migrains that lasts a full day...pew.. and my breast is sentive and becoming larger like I really need that. There is also a low sex drive.. either than that it is doing what I wanted it to do.. to regulate me menstral cycle. The only benefit is that I now get my menstral cycle every month instead of every second month. F 28 2 months

 4  Yes brief irritable mood prior to period starting, breast tenderness, discharge I took triphasil and then switched to trivora when they stopped making it. The pill has been great to me. I have normal irritbality and breast tenderness prior to my period starting. I've been on the pill for 13 years now have experienced decreased libido, but I think that is "normal" for having taken a pill for so long. The only think I don't like is increased discharge as a PMS symptom, it sucks but other than that, no acne, no cramps, sleep great, no depression, no aggression, no nausea - I've heard so many other horror stories on other pills! F 30 13 years

 3  Birth control and Menstrual Cramps No side effects to begin with. However, for the past 6-8 months I have had bouts of extreme nausea. Have also experienced severe headaches/migraines. Just before and during the placebo pills I basically experience every symptom of pregnancy. Sex drive has dropped dramatically in the past month. Has helped immensely in alleviating severe menstrual cramps experienced in the past. F 22 1 years

 1  triphasil-21 for BC and skin Noticed cramps 2 weeks before my period and also I started having a brownish discharge which I didn't have with tri-cyclen(weight gain).Felt nauseated while taking the pills and my period wasn't even close.This was for the first 3 months. Been taking it for 3 years and the acne on my back cleared up and on my face it was reduced.After year 2 I started to get mad for no reason. I'd be happy one moment and then my boyfriend would do something small that usually I'd find annoying,with the pills I'd yell at him.I'd get so mad it would cause my heart to beat very rapidly and then I'd be unable to breath.It felt like an anxiety attack. Lost sex drive which could have been due to the vaginal dryness I felt, and it made condoms sting.Got a lot of bladder and yeast infections.Could time them once a month like my period.Still had the discharge 2 weeks before my period which was annoying.Period was shortened from 8 days to 3 or 4. Only benefit though.Breasts got a little bigger,so did everything Stopped them Apr.2008 when I noticed that the 4 packs I had left had expired in February.Immediately felt happier,but then I noticed my hair was starting to fall out in the shower in clumps!This went on for 8 months!Now my hair, which was once thick, is now feeling very thin and I can see through to the scalp in the front along the hairline.It's about 2 inches back where my hair is very sparse.Periods also very irregular.They started being late about 2 weeks and then sometimes they were late up to a month.Constantly worried that I was pregnant though I never was and had no reason to think I was because I always used protection, but nothing is full proof.Skin also broke out very badly.Had a lot on my face and some on my back.It's Jan 09 and the acne is reduced, my period is some what regulated, but now lasts anywhere from 8-14 days.The last one I had was 14 days of light flow on and off.It would go for 2 days then stop for 2 days.I now feel paranoid every time my hair comes out.It's not F 27 3 years

 4  birth control First time about a year ago I took them with no side effects at all (for 9 months I was using the pil). now I have little bleeding since I started using it about 25 days ago everyday at some point i have a discharge.???? Whay no problems and then the one problem you just dont want... F 23 25 days

 5  Mennhorhagia Bloating M 16 2 months

 5  first birth control prescribed i started taking triphasil at 16, had initial water weight gain but lost it shortly afterward. other than that, it took my 2 week long periods down to 3 days flat. i loved it. i took triphasil for almost 4 years until they discontinued it. after they stopped making it i took trivora and the side effects were horrifying. a little difference does go a long way. too long id say. i had bad bad cramps near my kidneys 2 hours on the dot after id take the pill and become nauseated with additional stomach pain and that would last about 6-8 hours where i could barely move. i felt like i was dying! i now take trinessa, generic for ortho tri-cyclen and i have no side effects from it, besides again, initial weight gain but my period is at least 7 days long up to 10 days once in awhile. i wish they would bring triphasil back. it was by far the best. F 21 3 years
 5  Periods 2x monthly, bad PMS Tri-levlen 28 was the ONLY birth control pill I would take that would control both my bad PMS and having two periods a month (really!). I took it for 15 years until the pharmacy all of a sudden gave me a generic version one day, which I could not tolerate and went into horrible depressions before and after my period. This has been the case for TWO YEARS. I've even lost my job twice due to the depression. My gyno put me on Lybrel to stop my periods. I went through hell on the third month, lost my job then (it was like going through a fast version of menopause). Now, I'm going having week-long pms-like symptoms every other week. It's hell. I'm calling Bayer and asking them to bring it back! The medical industry does not fully understand or respect how hormones can affect women, even the smallest amounts! Clearly, if a generic has something minor different from the brand AND affects a woman so much, then it's time to take us more seriously! F 40 15 years

 5  had been taking triphasil since 16 no side effects at all. had been on this BC pill for 15 years. did experience however about 6 months ago my period coming later. i'd finish the pack of 28 and wouldn't get my period until day 2 of new pack. found it strange that after so many years of being on triphasil that i'd experience such a change. dr prescribed yasmin which i did not like and now trying loestrin (on day 1 of pack 1 today). overall i must say this BC pill was fantasic! did get a bit moody (angry, upset, crying) a week before my period would arrive but i knew when in the pill pack they'd be coming so i'd be careful. sex drive was great. no major complaints!! F 32 15 years
 2  Birth control ek was altyd naar gewees and my breasts were very tender. very painful i always wanted to vomit and felt as though I was pregnant. My breasts grew but had to change to Nordette F 25 19 days

 5  Tri Levlin No Side Effects at all I am soooo sad, I have been on Tri-Levlin for 7 years and everything was great, as soon as I took the generic I developed terrible side effects and have been on 3 different pills that I hate! I wish that they still produced Tri Levlin F 26 7 years

 4  To regulate menstruation Never experienced side effects for the past 20 months, but I have recently experienced headaches during my periods. It helped reduce my period pains which were very severe. I recommend it. F 26 21 months

 5  birth control none I have tried almost every birth control on the market, and this one is by far the best! (I'm taking Trivora--the generic.) I have no side effects (maybe weight gain, but I can't confirm that). My period stops on time, no migraines, and no crazy moodswings! I would recommend this to anyone--however, I know from experience that not one b/c works for everyone. Find one that works, and stick with it! :) F 24 1 months
 5   I have been taking Triphasil for about 8 years and I have never had any problems with it. 3 days before the end of the cycle I had just one day of mood swings. I had to stop taking it a year ago because of possible complications with other medicines. Being off of it was an extreme shock to my system for the last year (horrible cramps that I hadn't experienced ever before and massive mood swings for a week leading up to my period). Went back on it 2 months ago and everything was back to normal. Then I go to get my refill today and heard it was really discontinued and that I need to see a doctor to get a recommendation for another pill. Nice to know. I know this will mess up my system again. Please tell me this is just like what you guys said before about it being out of stock and not discontinued like they said. F 25 8 years
 3  BC and to regulate menstruation Made me vomit the first day and a few times during the year I took it. No other side effects other than the vomiting. Boo vomiting. F 21 1 years

 5  bc none Ive been on triphasil 28 for approx 15 years without any problems, except now I cant find it any where and I have to take the generic and have had breakthrough bleeding for the past 4 weeks, talk about PMS. I want my pills!!!!! F 31 15 years

 1  extra estrogen UTI symptoms, Yeast infection and Vaginosis symptoms, yet did not have them. Weight gain (2 sizes) Not recommended! More trouble than it's worth! F 30 2 months

 1  To regulate menstruation EXTREMELY HEAVY BLEEDING FOR 2 MONTHS WITH NO END IN SIGHT!!! First of all, why the hell did my doctor prescribe this knowing it was off the market? Second, during my 4th month on Triphasil 28s, I began to have heavy vaginal bleeding. That was 7 and a 1/2 weeks ago and it is STILL ongoing. I soak through 4-5 pads PER HOUR. I have absolutely ZERO energy and I'm afraid. F 31 5 months

 5  birth control none really, little weight gain when I first started taking it - but that was years ago I cant believe it - they are taking this and Tri-levlen off the market. What good options for birth control exist in pills? According to this website, most other ones have mostly bad ratings becuse of side effects. I've been on Triphasil and Trilevlen for years with no problems - now I dont know where to turn or take! Any advice? F 31 5 years

 5  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome None it was the best BC pill ever! Was on Triphasil-28 for close to 8 years and was devastated to learn it was going off market. Was lucky to have six month supply but ran out. Ordered it from Canada and it isn't the same formula. I am now on Yasmin and hope it works! My dr is saying it is great for women with PCOS. Any advice would be appreciated! F 35 8 years

 5  birth control a little bit of weight gain as soon as i come off it i was not having problem to get pregnant again. F 36 8 years


 4  Birth Control occasional bloating, PMS, some cramps during periods and recently, breakthrough bleeding (but could be unrelated to the pill) 21 18 months

 4  Birth Control occasional bloating, PMS, some cramps during periods and recently, breakthrough bleeding (but could be unrelated to the pill) 21 18 months

 4  birth control Lost weight which was good how ever since wanting to have another child and getting off of the pill I have not been able to get pregnant for a year now! F 29 8 days

 4  prevent pregnancy Triphasil-28 was the first birth control prescribed to me (same that my sister was also on it) and it was great. However, I since I been off it for 17 months I have been unable to reproduce. F 30 10 years

 3  om swangerskap te voorkom borste baie seer maar wel grooter, het my sex drive heeltemal weg gevat, moodswings, depressie, my vel lyk baie beter verder werk dit seker maar goed F 20 3 years

 4   havent tried it yet. uhmm.. I called the pharmacist about them today and they said they were just on back order. They were discontinued for a while, but they are back just a shortage of them. F 19

 5  birth control none I wasn't even aware that Tri-phasil wasn't available anymore until today. I went to the health dept. to get more pills and they gave me Ortho-Novum 777 instead. I'm nervous about switching pills. I loved Tri-phaisil-28. Never had any problems with it. Why is it gone? I really want it back! F 25 6 years

 5  contraception none! F 21 2 years

 5  Birth-Control None! Loved Triphasil...very upset that it is no longer available. Ahhh I was switched to Triquilar...and I have completly lost my sex drive :( Never had this problem with Triphasil. Will try tricyclen to see if it is any different....but I miss my libido! F 26 5 years

 5   None I miss Triphasil took it for 4 years, with no problems, worked wonderfully, I do not like the generic at all, gives me alot of side effects.. and opting to just go off birth control all together. F 32 4 years

 5  to be regular headaches after my period the generic causes so many more mood swings i am very annoyed that this got taken off the market F 27 8 days

 5  birth control None, it was great for 15 years Why did they take this off of the market, it was a God-send for the entire time I was on it, I have been on Tri-Levlen for 3 months and have gained 10 lbs. F 42 15 years

 5  bc and cycle control this is wonderful.. I have use Triphasil for years ..no negative side affects..was able to discontinue and have children and to restart for the benefit of regulating my cycle WHY..OH WHY.... has it been discontinued...I am currently using generic Trivora and for the first time outside of pregnancy I have gained 6 pounds in a month....please(powers that be) advise us why you have taken Triphasil off the market. F 33 16 years
 1   Developed A Pulmonary Emboli, a blood clot in the lung, was in Intensive Care for 5 days. Had to take Warfarin, an anti-clotting agent for 6 months and now have to take Dispirin for the rest of my life F 26 2 months
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