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 2  Afib Metallic taste when I take it. Tiredness. Unfortunately it didn't stop my afib. After 1 year they upped my dosage with no spextacular change. It's too expensive to keep using when it doesn't help. F 58 2 years

 4  afib My lack of energy seems the obvious side effect. Occasionally anxiety and impatience when dealing with lifes normal irritations. I have had two pulmonary vein ablations and four cardioversions in the past four years. I was in sinus rhythm on and off during this time (longest stretch one year). I'm hopeful that rythmol will help but I'm not optimistic. As one other post commented, I'm hoping that there will be future, 100% cures for this aggravating arrhythmia. We'll see. M 67 90 days
225 mg 2X D

 5  Afib M 6 years

 5  Flutter and AFib I feel more tired than I did prior to taking Rythmol but the side effects have been minimal... Couldn't live without it, literally! I have had episodes of cardiac flutter since 2009. One cardioversion, 3 ablations and this week finally came the AFib. My first episode of AFib lasted 2 days after adding an additional 325 mg dosage to get the heart back to a normal sinus rhythm. M 60 5 years
325 2X D

 1  A-fib Massive, frequent headaches (14 of 30 days use), confusion, sweats, pounding heartbeats, absolute nasty taste of salted nickels especially drinking water, dizziness, vision quit in one eye temporarily and tired all the time. Also known as propafenone, this stuff is the pits. I have had an implantable cardiac monitor (Medtronic LINQ) inserted into my chest and hope that the doc can finally get some solid data from this gadget and a better diagnosis instead of doing the 'best guesses' with these damn pills. In the past, I have also been on amiodarone, digoxin, sotalol, quinidine, dofetilide, flecanide and various combinations of these....none of which have really worked, but have wreaked havoc on my body and hormones. M 66 30 days
150 3X D

 3  Rapid heart rate Weight gain, hot flashes, headaches, no energy, no sex drive, depression, stress Not sure if the Rythmol is causing all the problems. I'm also taking metoprolol 25 mg twice a day. But plain and simple I'm miserable! I was on atenolol 25 mg for 8 years without a problem. Had a bad episode on Christmas of last year when I caught the flu and the doc gave me a cough med that had a bad reaction with the atenolol. Causing my heart to bounce between 145 to 185 bpm. Ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. The doctor wanted to do an ablation but now they say the success rate isn't good enough. Think I'm going to get a second opinion. I'm tired of feeling like a depressed. Stressed out zombie! F 54 2 months
150 mg 2X D
 3  Post mini-maze and arrrthy Insomnia, ugly taste in my mouth, anxiety, some depression,head and face sweating and absolutely no energy. 24/7 intolerable tinnitus F 67 6 months
 2  afib Initially dry mouth& metallic taste. Went away after 2 weeks. Has caused great fatigue, feeling of weakness. Trying to walk for exercise, have to will myself to move. chronic constiplation. I can just feel it slowing down my heart. & whole system. Not really happy with side effects. F 63 20 days
150 3X D

 4  Lone Afib Chest pain,burning. Bad taste. Upper neck and head pain. M 61 1 days
150 mg.

 2  Post-ablations for afib/flutter/svt At 125 tid, was tired, metallic taste, short of breath w exercise. Dr switched to 325SR...terrible headache, nausea, sweats. Slept 18/24 hrs. Will go back to 125 tid. I took 600mg once and was rushed to ER with pulse = 41 and code blue. terrible abdominal pains. Lower dose is tough but tolerable. Hope to get off it soon. 75 3 weeks
125 3X D
 4  Afib, fluttering, palpitations Dizziness, metallic taste, dry mouth, gas ... Acid reflux, indigestion... I've been taking Rythmol SR 325 mg twice a day since 2007 . I had an ablation before I was put on the medication in 2009 I took my self off the Rythmol because I felt better and in September 2011 I was recently put back on it because my heart started going into Afib and I don't like they that feels.. But overall the medicine works great for me I can deal with the minor side effects because it's so much better than dealing with the Afib.. During the first couple of weeks I had experienced a burning sensation but it went away I just suffer from acid reflux so I usually eat tums.. But the medicine definitely gives me a relief F 25 4 years
 5  irregular heart beat none works wonderful F 37 4 years
325mg 2X D
 5  AFIB Was on Tropral for 2 yr and experienced numerous AFIB problems. Heart rate went to 189 and 3 doses of Troprol did not slow down heart. Once it slowed down it went to 44 during the day and 18 when I was asleep. Had a pace maker installed and put on Rythmol and had absolutely no side effects. Had one case a year of AFIB that lasted no longer than 15 minutes. M 65 4 years
425 x 2

 1  a fib In thirty minutes I was code BLUE when I came to I heard a nurse say my blood pressure was back up to 30. It almost killed me M 65 1 days
600mg 1X O

 2  AFIB Exaustion unable to sleep well, vivid dreams, no strength, have to rest after about 2 to 3 hours. I had AFib for several years. AFiB got progressivly worst when I had a mini stroke in Dec 2010. Dr started me on Maultac but could not tolerate it. Went on Rythmol and was able to tolerate it for a while. Ha a Ablation in June 2011 had second done Oct 2011. Was put back on Rythmol. Felt fine for about 2 weeks but AFiB returned. Then the fatique returned and the AFiB went away. I hope there is a nother solution because this is no way to live. M 64 3 months
325 2X D
 5  Atrial Fibrillation Slightly metallic taste in mouth, very mild hard to describe sensation of being able to feel the drug in my system. I have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and go into afib about once a year. Rythmol is the only drug that completely resets my heart to a normal sinus rhythm. It takes about 1 1/2-2 hours to work. M 51 2 days
300 MG 1X D

 3  AFIB - for post-ablation support Dizzy, lightheaded, tired, metallic taste in mouth, especially when drinking water. Hot skin, especially at night. Had an occular migraine day #3 (no pain, just swirling lights and colors in left eye) and wonky little pains in head. high pitched ringing in ears. Appetite decrease, initally constipated, but that resolved with adding more fiber foods to diet. GERD/mild burpy condition, especially on rising, taking medicine for that. Praying I will not be taking this long; 12 days ago, just had my 2nd ablation and placed on this for support during post ablation healing period. This is my 5th AFIB drug in the two yrs I've had it (lone AFIB type). Either my second (touch-up) ablation has worked (praying so) or this meicine is working in conjunction, because I have had no bad AFIB eipsodes since ablation...:) I have been on 5 meds and all caused side effects, I am really sensitive to these meds (beta blockers and this class too)...+ didnt eliminate my lone AFIB. therefore ablations. About my recent burpy GERD, which I never experienced before these meds, (I dont eat a diet to cause this) I have seen GI dr and told developing GERD can come from channel blockers and other rhythm meds. keep the faith everyone. report whats not working for you to your Cardio EP. stay after it. AFIB and meds to treat it have many possible side effects...which can really bring you down. aside from AFIB I am in great health..best wishes to all. F 45 11 days
225 2X D
 3  afib tired all the time no energy night sweats i have afib a few yrs now i started on bisoprolol and warafin which didnt help so was put on rythmol it helped a bit i still had palpatations all the time but not as bad as they were without d drug i had an abalation done two mths ago was kept on the rythmol for 8wks after when i was taken off them the afib came back im due to get a cardio version done next week and was told i will be put on rythmol and bisoprolol together which im not looking forward to as both made me dizzy i just hope that this works or i will need another abalation F 40 1 years
150mg 3X D
 5  Atrian Fibrillation Tachychardia F 39 1 months
225 XR 1X D

 4  arrythmia & palpatations Last year my heart started fluttering and having palpatations. There were no other symptoms. I went to the er and they sent me home. I saw a cardiologist and he put me on Rythmol 225 2 x a day and Metoprolol er 50 mg 1 x a day. At first I was tired and had no energy. After about 2 weeks I started to feel better with no other side effects. My doctor suggested that I get the ablation so I could be free of any meds, so I tried that. The procedure was not painful at all, but the doctor couldn't get my heart to mess up at all, so he ended the procedure. That was last September and I have had 2 small episodes of palpations since. My EP doctor said I might try to reduce my dosage to one a day, but I'm afraid the palpations and arrythmia will come back. Overall I think the Rythmol has helped me. I do everything I use to except drink coffee,tea, and eat chocolate. I can live with that. They really need to lower the price for people that can't afford it. F 62 1 years
225 2X D

 2  AFib Extreme fatigue,was gradual and is now intolerable. Muscle aches, occasional dizziness,insomnia (can fall asleep but can only stay asleep for 4-5 hours) Rythmol has controlled my Afib for 2 1/2 years except for a few runs recently.I have thyroid issues also which has been difficult to control since menopause,so I put some of my symptoms down to that (muscle aches, fatigue).Now that I am euthyroid again, the symptoms are the same and getting worse. I am not real happy with my cardioligist as he just wants me to try the "newest" pill and my GP really doesn't understand the connection of my symptoms. I am fortunate to live in an area with many choices ofteaching institutions, and recently found out about a world renowned EP cardioligist close by. I have talked to his successes with Pulmonary Vein Ablation and have an appointment in a week for a second opinion. Cardiologists often refer to the EP doctor in their own group who may not be the best available. I have never blogged before, but when I came across this site it was as if everything crystalized and I decided to take action! I will let you know how things go. F 53 2.5 years
325mg 2X D

 4  a flutter/ Afib Had ablation May 2010 for atrial flutter, was put on maltaq. Went right back into a flutter next day from maltaq. Was put on Rythmol and very few side effects, works good. Had maybe 4 palapatations (4 or less beats) in the las 10 months. I think your hair grows slower, but that just means less haircuts. No loss of ability to exercise. Just came off ythmol, feel kinda lightheaded, but all is good. I also take 1/2 toprol in the a.m. and small aspirin 2x day. Very few sid effects, sometimes the metallic taste, but it did what it was supposed to do. M 46 9 months
325 2X D
 3  a-fib Weakness, decreased exercise tolerance. Also, overall tiredness, lack of energy. As I am a triathlete I may not be able to tolerate this drug, had very poor work out today I'm sure was due to Rhythmol. Will continue for a bit but may have to d/c. I think is doing main job of controlling a-fib though, so hope side effects get better with time. M 53 1 weeks
325mg sr 2X D

 5  Atrial Fibrillation Vivid dreams, fatigue (but that could be due to lopressor). This drug has really helped me. About every two months I cut my afternoon dose in half to try to reduce the dosage, but after three to four weeks of doing that, I get afib (short episodes) and return to the full dosage. F 53 1.5 years
225 3X D

 4  Cardiac Ablation Originally took Multaq twice a day during my post-ablation recovery to control afibs until scar tissue formed. It worked, but only for a few hours - never reached 12 hours before next dose was due and this was frustrating. Then the EP put me on Rythmol 325mg X 2 a day, and it controlled my afibs for the full 12 hours each dose. Now, I am getting very small afibs again after a month post-ablation and they are getting more frequent in nature. The EP told me to continue my cardio exercise, but the Rythmol makes me yawn constantly as I am not pumping enough blood with oxygen with this slower heart rate. I had an uncontrolled afib episode that finally sent me to the hospital. It was finally controlled by an IV drug - Cardizam(?), but once off the drip, the afib would return. Had a cardiac ablation to remedy this afib. It worked for a month, now the afibs are back, not as strong or long lasting, but getting more frequent each day. I am now very scared my afibs will never go away or may even get worse. M 47 30 days
325mg 2X D
 3   I have burning skin sensations as well as dreams and metallic taste in my mouth. I am interested if anyone else has burning skin sensations. M 61 3 years
325 2X D

 5  Arrhythmias - PAT & atrial flutter Dry mouth and metal taste occasional, tiredness but mostly constipation. I was experiencing having a hard time to breath, dizzy, low pulse and until my medication was adjusted. I was told to take 150mg 3x a day and though this was ( am, afternoon and pm) and this was not working. However after consultation with both the Doctor and Pharmacist, I was told to take the medication 3x (24 hour day)because I was being overmedicated. I now take it every 8 hours (6am 2pm & 10am suits my time frame) and with this change I am having no problems. It says the best results is having a constant source in the blood stream. I also take Verapamil as well. F 65 4 years
150mg 3X O
 2  afib dizziness, weight gain, breathlessness This medication has not helped my irregular heartbeats. They are not as pronounced but just as numerous. F 65 1 months
2X D

 1  Atrial Fibrillation No energy, shortness of breath, bad taste in mouth, headaches, and slight depression. Rythemol made me feel worse and did nothing for my chronic AFib. Had a cardioversion 8 months ago. My heart stayed steady for 7 months before the AFib returned. My cardiologist put me on Rythmol (225 mg twice a day). Before taking the drug the only effect I felt from the AFib was slight shortness of breath when I began exercising. After a couple of minutes of exercise the shortness of breath disappeared. I called the doctor's office today and was told to discontinue taking Rythmol and return to taking digoxin. Not sure what the next step will be, possibly ablation. M 63 16 days
225 mg 2X D

 5  A-Fib First 7 days was not nice, head pressure muscles in upper neck stiff, but all this went away on the 8 day, the only side effect is that water tastes bitter, I can live with that. My Heart doctor said on the 7th day, that my heart flutter was better organized, and that he expected me to make a full recovery. M 65 28 days
325MG 2X D

 3  SVTs / PACs / PVCs Anxiety with a hint of "I think I am going to die anytime". Never had thoughts like this before the medicine. Probably just coincidence. EP tells me to just keep taking it. It takes time to work it's magic. Crapped a football today after a week of constipation. I think I would have better luck getting in touch with President Obama than my Cardiologist. Lost a lot of weight...food is tasteless. Can't sleep well at night..tired, but I think anxiety is keeping me up. I have got to get off this medicine, but don't want to stop cold turkey. Have lots of PACs and PVCs, but had my first SVT in January 2010. Thought it was lights out. Made peace with the Good Lord. Put on a beta blocker initially and kept passing out. Stopped the BB, and tried to fight it au natural. Lost that battle. This is one of the most frustrating things that I have dealt with before. There seems to be almost no course of action for treating PACs and PVCs. I can take the SVT and go on with life, but to feel palps all day/every day...man, it is tough. I wish I was one of those who didn't feel them. I would pay at least $72 to not feel them anymore. Thought about ablasion, but the word actually means to destroy, so I think I will think on it. I feel for each and everyone of you who have dealt with similar issues. It blows, but what are you going to do? I guess I will just write my piece and go on living. M 39 22 days
150 3X D
 1   had the usual headache,metalic taste, sweating, dizzy ,blurry vision plus others.The worst was being so disoriented I couldn't drive- drove by my own house 3 times in 1 day-didn't recognize my neighborhood. I have been on meds for my heart for 23 yrs and have never experienced anything like this . I was only on it for 8 days F 62 7 days
3X D
 1  a-fib Very dizzy; tired; unable to concentrate or work Took one pill-- called the doctor and said I wouldn't take anymore. M 57 1 days
225 MG 2X D

 3  A Fib I will start taking Rythmol SR tonight for the first time. I appreciate all the comments about Rythmol and am looking forward to being able to post a successful comment in a few days. F 53 0 days
325 2X D
 5  a fib tired lighthead not sleeping well havent had an attack in over 3 years M 59 3 years
325 2X D

 5  PAF Essentially none On this med, have had occasional PAF, lasting 3-5 hrs, then reverting to NSR spontaneously. No cardioversions in almost 2 yrs. I am 72 yrs old, and actually seem to be having fewer PAF attacks as I get older. Paradoxical, huh? I love this stuff! M 72
225AM325pm 2X D

 3  a-fib Tired,aches,blurred vision, higher than usual HB, somewhat depressed, insomnia, dry mouth, stomach bloating, can't walk uphill very far. Have had 1 a-fib since taking it, and may have missed a dose that day. Ablation in 1 1/2 months, hoping that that will fix things, I do not like this drug, I never know what's normal any more..I've had 5 cardo inversions so far..Went to the hospital tonight bp 190/105 hb 111, thought it was a-fib again, nope, before Rythmol, I always knew instantly what was going on.. It seems to work, and that is a good thing, but I could not live like this M 62 90 days
235 mg 2X D

 2  AF Who knows. When you have afib you feel weak, dizzy, out of breath, have palpitations and anxiety because your heart beats are irregular. Had AF about 4-8 hours almost every day with some episodes lasting 18-24 hours. The side effects of the drug were minimal compared to the effects of the AF. Had pulmonary vein catheter ablation 3 months ago. Marked reduction in paroxymal AF immediately. No AF after two weeks Still taking the drug along with diltiazem. Should be able to stop all the drugs in a couple of weeks. Protocol calls for continuing the drugs and wsrfarin for 3 months post ablation. All of these posts I read about drugs causing problems seem actually to be the AF causing problems. Work with your Dr. and find a combination of drugs that relieves the AF. If that doesn't work look into ablation. The procedure is pretty successful (80%?) for lone paroxymal AF. The longer you have AF the harder it is to get rid of. Once it is chronic and you are "older" it is tough to get rid of the AF. However I will be glad to get off the heart meds. My cardiologists have referred to all of them as "poisons". These heart drugs especially amiodarone are all toxic. M 57 3 years
425 2X D
 5  atrial fib metallic taste went away after about six months, no other side effects also taking a beta blocker and an ACE inhibitor for heart rythm; Rythmol stopped fibrillations for a year even after my drinking red wine and exercising; then some break-through fibrillations. Discovered fibs followed eating dark chocolate. Stopped chocolate, reduced cafeine--no fibs for nearly a year. Still taking Rythmol but wonder if I need it. M 67 2.5 years
 3  AFib Metallic taste in mouth. Started taking 425mg 2x/day for two weeks and have frequest SVT's. I guess the Afib is controlled but the fluttering is very distressing. My heart rate has been under control but the SVT's are irritating (and concerning). Will see the Doctor in two days and express my concerns. Was on Sotalol 80mg 2x/day and never had any espisodes...the drug worked very well but the side effects were not pleasant: tired all the time and ED. M 48 14 days
 1  A-fib, Atrial Tactychardia shortness of breath, sweating, blurry vision,anxiety, heart still races. Diagnosed with Afib, 6 years ago. After many episodes and cardioversions - I had ablation 4 months ago. Rythmol was prescribed during the "healing" process (3 months) I developed other arrythmias which the rythmol didnt help. Increased my dosage to 425mg 2x day - still not holding me in regular rythmn. Having a second ablation on Friday to fix the Atrial tachtychardia I have developed. Rythmol makes me extremely tired. I used to Jazzercise 3x wk, plus Zumba - can't do either anymore! Very depressed, anxious, short of breath, night sweats, daily hot flashes and lethargic. Dull headache everyday, mildly constipated, blurry vison... Hoping second ablation fixes all. Had the ablation to get off all meds, as promised. Starting to lose hope of this!!! F 49 4 months
 4  acute A/F metallic taste for several weeks After four ablations to correct severe a/f, and hidden flutter, I am now free of symptoms, HB stays at 65-70. Also take lisinopril to remould heart action. Seems to have been quite effective M 64 8 years
 2  A- Fib I was always tired, no energy, food and liquids didn't taste right. I had a constant light flutter all the time. Would take 3 or 4 naps a day. Stomach hurt.short of breath just walking from one room to another. I was on 325 mg for 1 week when i said enough. After 1 week of being off Rythmol 325 i am feeling much better, still have irregular beats but it is better than being on the Rythmol F 50 7 days

 3  pvc's, Ventricular tachycardia I had an ablation that did not help at all so then I was put on Rythmol SR 225mg twice a day and it worked fine for about a year then had increase in pvc's so up dose to 325mg and that didn't make a difference so increased to 425mg twice a day and I am so extremely tired all the time, I can barely function. I'm debating on trying another ablation even though I don't know if it will work, I'm frustrated! F 38 17 months

 1  A-Fib and A flutter After my 3rd failed attempted to fix my A-fib the Dr. put me on Rythmol and I turned into a zombie monster. I could not even walk up the steps to go work in the morning, then after taking it for appx. 2 weeks I started yelling and freaking out on everyone. I am thinking this is not the medication for me I have never felt this way before and I am tired of apologizing to my wife. I actually scared myself by the way I was acting. F 2 weeks
 2  Atrial Flutter/Fib Increase in irregular heart beats. Non-stop atrial flutter, diarrhea (only for the first two days), Milk and water tasted sour. I was prescribed Rythmol for my Atrial Flutter. Though I had heard great things about this drug, that is was specifically designed to help atrial flutters/fibrillations, it just did not work me. I took the drug a few days before my cardioversion and a few days after. The first two doses (325 MG each, twice/day) I noticed an increased in irregular heart rhythms. For the first time in eight months of having palpitations I've had an atrial flutter I could not break. Doc took me off Rythmol. I'm now looking into having an ablation surgery to stop the flutters. M 36 7 days

 5  Lone A-Fib Some constipation. Metallics taste initially which has dissipated. I have had lone a-fib since I was about 13 years old. I was told I had mitral valve prolapse and my doctor thought that was the cause of my "palpatations". Doctors could never catch me while in a-fib until this past year when I had an episode for 12 hrs. The Cardiologist put me on Rythmol SR 325mg twice a day. He then added Cardizem 150mg later in case I have another a-fib episode...it's suppposed to slow my heart rate. I haven't had one a-fib episode since being on Rythmol. I hope it lasts. I'm looking into ablation but waiting for the procedure to be studied longer and have a better success rate for those with a-fib in the future. F 39 5 months

 4  severe arrythmia Have trouble climbing even the slightest incline because legs get tired and I get out of breath. Can walk indefinitely on the flat, swim, whatever. Very strange. I have clear arteries and do not have PAD. Not sure if Rythmol is the cause of this problem or not. I have severe a-fib and other arrythmias, take 325 Rythmol twice a day. After having tried about four different medecines, I have finally found one that works - at least for now. Way too expensive, tho. It uses up my prescription limit in 6 mos. I get anything else from Walmart. F 70 6 months

 2  Atrial Fib, Seudo VT, WPWS Fatigue, Memory Loss, Weight gain I have had problems with my heart since I was 6. I was told then that I was stressed. HOW CAN YOU BE STRESSED AT 6? They never could catch my heart in tachicardia, finally when I was 17 they caught it and told me I had PAT. I took several meds, Verapamil, Digioxin nothing helped. In 1994, my heart was out of control, I went by ambulance to ER and was told I had WPWS, I had the ablation surgery 2x. Still having problems to this day. 3months ago i went to ER again, with over 300 bpm, they were going to shock me to bring it down, but my cardio said STOP, they gave me enough drugs to bring it down that it caused my BP to be dangerously low, 90/50 admitted me. Sent me home with Rythmol, i started out on 150mg, 225mg x2, 225mg x2 and 150, now he has moved me to 325mg x2. there is NO DIFFERENCE. i have a fib at different times throughout the day lasting at least 30min to 2 hours, sometimes all day. i am not sure that it is the drug that makes me tired. i get tired just from the a fib and Seudo VT (yes that is what it is not supra)i think i could save myself the copay and take nothing, i have the same effects with or without the medication F 42 3 months
 5  SVT I had initally started with the 225 mg dose, but still had the increased heart rate (200 bpm). I then started last Dec. 08 with the 325 mg dose twice a day, and wow! the difference is incredible. I am taking a Zumba class now at a gym, and lost 20 lbs. F 47 3 years

 1  AFib,AFlutter, PVC's Tiredness, lack of stamina, strained headaches (felt as though someone was squeezing my head from the ears up),edema of feet and ankles, I'm a golfer and it has been a chore walking the course....and I use a cart but normally walk to every ball..to get more excercise . I was prescribed Rythmnol 225mg twice a day along with Atenolol 25mg....I am so dissatisfied and am considering stopping the med along w/consultation with my EP. F 72 2 weeks

 5   F 82 2 days

 5   F 82 2 days

 2  SVT Extreme fatigue, nausea, several periods of heartbeats of 130 - one lasting 3 hours, loss of appetite, weight loss. My doctor says I have not been on the medication long enough for my body to get use to it. Before I was on Flecainide for three months with the same side effects. I have no energy to do anything and even making the bed exhausts me. F 68 2 weeks

 2  Atrial fibrillation Low blood pressure (95/70); chills; lethargy After a failed attempt to control my AVs with lopressor, my cardiologist switched me to rhythmol with a low dose of 75 mg twice a day. I was extremely lethargic, cold with chills and had low blood pressure (95/70). I couldn't function and just sat around watching TV until the drug wore off. It did control my AVs which are intermittent and of short duration. However, the side effects are not worth it. The only good part was that it increased my libido with a bunch of very vivid sexual dreams. I am starting to wonder if my insulin resistance makes me ultra sensitive to beta blockers. There was a comment in the other forum about lopressor shouldn't be given to diabetics. F 47 1 days

 5  A-Fib I was having irregular heartbeats quite often. I experienced one episode of heart racing and had to be hospitalized with a couple of injections to bring heart rate down. After doctor recommending ablation I chose to get another opinion. The second opinion put me on Rythmol 325 x 2. Has been 14 months symptom free. I have just now started to have irregular heartbeats again. Freeked me out. I had one episode that lasted about 2 1/2 hrs. Now I just have quite a few quirky flutters. Am going to check with cardiologist about symtpoms returning. F 61 14 months

 4  A-fib prevention and maintenance I take 125 mg of propafenone 3x daily, Slight constipation, metalic taste when dose too high Have been on for 4 years now, based on these other reports my dose is low, have had occasionally bouts of a-fib that I have been able to solve using a triple dose (3x 125mg propafenone)on the advice of the doc. This would allow the heart to get back to normal after 1 - 3 hours of rest. Some comments talk of Rythmol being better than the generic propafenone (whats the difference?)Lately I have been experiencing regular extra and skipped beats that are not going away. Will talk to my doc about uping the dose or switching to rythmol. Has worked for me up to now but I fell that something has changed in the last 4 weeks. Maybe I have abad batch of pill???? Will pick up somemore from a different pharmacy and try. Also I am not excercising anymore which I believe is playing a part. M 44 4 years
 1  A fib Rythmol was toxic to my body. I believe it was slowly poisoning me. It helped immediately keeping my heart in rhythm, but affected my liver enzymes and more. It raised my ESR to the max and the docs couldn't figure out why it was so high. All my lab values, liver, ESR, C-reactive Protein, everything went back to normal within 2 weeks of stopping the drug. I don't think it was a coincidence. None of my side effects were listed in the pamphlet accompanying the drug. F 58 3 months

 4  A Fib, PAC's, short runs of V tach I have a bitter taste when drinking water and get dizzy when standing up. My heart has been quiet during the day...I still get a little A fib when I go to bed. M 42 10 days
 5  AF and atrial flutter Rash from time to time..goes away..but always comes back in the same areas. Weight gain. I have now been on Rythmol SR 325 mg(also Toprol XL 25mg) twice a day for the last 2 yrs. now. I feel great as long as I also stay away from alcohol, and caffine. I had an ablation 2 years ago. Prior to that I was on many meds for AF with no relief. After ablation the Af/flutter is controlled with Rythmol & Toprol XL. In my book this is the best medicine available today! Too bad it is so expensive. I feel totally normal now. I am now excercing 3 times a week. My Af/Flutter started 9 years ago. F 67 2 years
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