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 1  12 yr old daughter for constipation EyelEyelashes fell out, eyebrows and body hair fell out, now has irregular heart beat. Has to be seen not only by GI doc but dermatologist and cardiologist as well. Hospital pumped 12 gallons of it in her ng tube at a rate of 400ml/hr. Very sick child Do NOT take this if you are under 16. There is a reason the FDA says this. We spoke to golytely toxicology and he said it is poison to the body. This stuff is usex in antantifreeze and so forth. Can cause ADD, ADHD, heart problems, seizures, kidney failure and death. THANK TO HER GI doc and hospital our daughter is no home schooled, no friends, out of dance and tumbling and is miserable. F 12 7 days
 4  my daughter severe constipation in Cramping bloating bowel clearing slowly My kid has been taking this every day for almost a wee. Last night they had to put it thru a tube down her nose because she can't stand to drink 2gallons a day. I wish there was something else they can do for her. At this rate the medicine will cost me 560 per month. :-( F 11 5 days
8 gallons
 4  Colonoscopy The expected. Hard to give high rating given what this does! Slightly nauseating but adding a squirt of Mio Lemon Flavoring (or crystal Light) helps. I'd say more but I think it's time..... Edit: I was only 1/2 through the first round when it hit so don't stray far! M 63 1 days
8 cups 2X D
 5  Colonoscopy No undesirable side effects...suggest mix 4 liters with 4 packets of crystal lite lemonade, drink chilled and through a straw, and take a bite of fresh lemon before and after each glass. M 57 2 days

 3  Colonoscopy Headache, dizzy, bloating Began working within 40 minutes. Tastes like lemon flavored, salty soap. Putrid! Currently on my 6th 8 ounce glass and I may explode. F 30
1X D

 5  Colonoscopy None After reading the comments here I was a bit nervous about the effects. I ate really lightly for three days before the procedure. Eggs, white bread, protein shakes, and Gatorade. Drank 3L in 10min intervals, beginning at 5pm the day before. I chugged each glass and bit into a lime immediately afterwards. Sipped Gatorade and chicken broth. No problems at all. I used Vaseline before and after each BM. Worked really well. Not the ideal way to spend a Thursday night, but not nearly as bad as others made it seem. Morning litre was a bit rough- they should make a coffee flavour as that bubble gum taste is really not too appealing at 5am, but it wasn't too bad. Hopefully won't have to do this again for a while. M 38
4L 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy When feeling full and bloated, wait 30 min between glasses. I split dose, drinking most the nite before and taking 3 glasses morning of scope. Finished only 3/4 jug.. And was still super-clean. I do not consume large quantities of liquids easily, but these tips got me through: For the split dose, take 4mg zofran 30 min before each day's prep(mixed with crystal lite). Suck on a wedge of sugar- dipped lemon before and after each glass. Strain Campbell's chick noodle soup and sip throughout prep. Tastes like real food and settles tummy. Much easier than I imagined. F 63
4 liters 2X O

 4  Colonoscopy (change in B.M.s) I started at 5 pm, did not see any results until 9:30 pm. Use warm low-sodium chicken broth to cover the taste, if you cannot tolerate fake lemon or artificial sweeteners. (Drinking this cold w lemon made my guts cease up, had the reverse effect!) F 33
1/2 gal 1X D

 5  Colonoscopy following CDiff I read all the reviews in the days leading up to my colonscopy prep and was terrified. I am kind of a wimp and was worried about choking it down. I got the unflavored kind (because I can't have fake lemon due to my interstitial cystitis). The advice to use chicken broth is the BEST ADVICE EVER!! Thank you to all the people who posted about that. I had no nausea (though I took zofran before, just in case), no dizziness, very little abdominal cramping! Recipe: 8 oz of golytely +1/3 cup of homemade chicken broth (made it the night before and separated all the fat from it, so it was just very clear, somewhat concentrated broth). I had absolutely no problem getting the whole 4L down. It took about 4 hours but I did it. I probably didn't need to drink it all but I definitely wanted to make sure I was cleaned out. I pre-measured the 8 oz in little kids sippy cups and then my husband would pour it into a mug, add the chicken broth, heat for 75 seconds, and it was a tasty treat! OTHER ADVICE My procedure was on a Tuesday morning. I started eating soft foods on Saturday, then switched to liquids on Sunday afternoon, then clear liquids (including jello and the occasional green gummy bear) all day Monday. I think it helped the prep go a bit more smoothly. I drank all 4L anyway just in case, and then the next morning I went and it was a bit cloudy, but my MD said it was fine and that he had good visibility and the prep had worked really well. If you get a colonscopy with twilight sedation, expect to be out of it for the rest of the day! I don't remember ANYTHING my doctor told me right after the procedure. Also, I recommend getting anti-nausea meds if you have anesthesia- I was quite nauseated from the demerol the next day and zofran really helped. F 33 1 days
1X D
 3  Colonoscopy prep Bloating, fullness, slight nausea On the plus side it is working. I think my prep is close to complete. I started at 2pm with 10mg of bisacodyl. At 6pm I started chugging my golytely. I used the cherry flavor packet and it will probably be a while before I can stand to be in the same room with a cherry. I drank half by 7:30. Nothing happened until 9pm .... Then started the other half at 1:30am - been in the bathroom ever since (3:30am now). I may have a permanent ring from the seat on my backside. The golytely is not tasty but it seems to be getting the job done. F 50 1 days
4L 1X D

 2  constipation Only liquid passed F 62 1 days

 1  Colonoscopy This stuff is so gross. You can put a man on the moon but can't make a freaking pill? F 52 1 days
1 gallon

 1  To prepare for a colonoscopy Had to drink 8 ounces every fifteen minutes till half a gallon was consumed. Tomorrow morning I have to repeat this procedure till the rest is consumed. I've never drunk lemon-flavored monkey urine, but it wouldn't surprise me if it tasted like this stuff. The people who sell it should have to drink it every day till they come up with something less disgusting. M 62 2 days
1 GAL 1X O

 3  Severe Constipation Horrible cramping, abdominal pain, hot flashes, vomiting, disgusting taste, (I wasn't aware of the Crystal Light flavoring option). No one should have to drink that much liquid in such a short time. Was told to drink 8ml's every 10 minutes until all 4 liters were gone. Started drinking it at 6pm, didn't have a BM until after 1am. Drank as much as I could manage which was about 2/3. Still pooping 12 hours later but it's not clear poo yet. F 32 1 days

 4  colonoscopy prep None I started drinking at 5pm. 8oz 15 min apart. It started working by 6:15. It is now 8:00 I finished my 4 L and I am passing clear. I mixed w crystal light White grape as I figured a lemon flavor would make me less thirsty. The grape actually tasted great. I added 3 packets to 4 liters. Wish I would have added 4. M 29 1 days
4 L

 3  Check for colon cancer Bloating, extreme nausea, chills, body shakes, and vomiting F 27 1 days
4 liters

 4  Extreme constipation Besides the terrible taste, the product took a very long time to work After 4 days of sever constipation that seemed to eminate from my upper intestines with bloated abdomen and pretty bad pain, I went to the ER where they almost laughed at me. Sure, I guess maybe I over-reacted, but I've been a 3-a-day guy for bowel movements since I was a teenager, and I've never had more than 24 hours of constipation in my adult life, so after 4 days of not being able to poop or eat, it was time to do something. The doctor prescribed this stuff. It was awful, and I couldn't get past the first 2 liters of it because I was so bloated. Eventually it worked, but it was nearly 10 hours for it to really take effect. Now I'm alright, but I'll never take this stuff again. There have to be other laxatives out there. M 34 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 4  Colonoscopy prep Bloating and obviously intense diarrhea F 23 1 days
128 oz

 4  Colonoscopy prep Blood pressure was 187/94 when I got to the ambulatory surgical center! Never had high blood pressure before - even when I was 50 pounds heavier and pregnant. Worked well as a laxative. F 50 1 days
1/2 gallon 2X D
 1  Can't poop!!! I took this stuff almost 9 hours ago and nothing. I drank 3 liters which is how much it says should take to work! I sat on the toilet for hours and still can't get anything to come out! F 21 1 days
3 liters
 3  Colonoscopy Bloating Tried Golytely cold, didn't care for the taste. Nothing happened for 4 hours. Tried it hot with chicken bouillon and I didn't mind it that way at all. Far too much liquid. Used baby wipes after each time. F 59 1 days
4 Litres 1X D

 4  colonscopy I also had pneumonia and for days my sputum tastes like golytely. I felt like battery acid was coming out of me.And why is the prep different for an inpatient than an outpatient? F 56 10 days
4 liters 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Very cold/shivering, nausea, bloating, mild stomach pain. Use a straw and get as cold as possible (refrigerate all day and put in the freezer an hour before start). The warmer it gets, the worse it is. My dr recommended 2 packets of lemon crystal light which also helped. If you start a "soft", low fiber diet 24 hours prior it makes it a lot easier. Also recommend using flushable wipes (even better if you refrigerate them as well!) and coconut oil during the process. Way too much liquid, but did the job overall. Not as bad as I anticipated. F 29 1 days
4 Litres 1X D

 5  Colonoscopy Worked well to "flush" the colon. Two comments: it is a poor substitute for a decent meal (a lot to drink) and tastes like what I would expect liquid plastic to taste like. M 70 1 days
4 liters

 5  colonoscopy Worked like it was supposed to. I drank a glass every 15 minutes. It did take several glasses before there was any effect other that a bloated feeling. Once it started working it worked very well. To me, the stuff tasted like raw fish rolled in sawdust. M 62 1 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Burning anus. Bloating. Diarrhea. Terrible taste. F 21 1 days

 5  surgery prep none really just diarrhea but that's pretty normal given that it's a laxative. Didn't really have much of a problem drinking this stuff besides having to drink a lot. If you have a problem with the taste or experience nausea just take a break and also try drinking this with a clear liquid of your choice. I've had to drink magnesium citrate before and find that it is far worse than the GoLYTELY. I had to drink this stuff in 2009 for surgery prep and had to do it again all day Monday. I wish readers good luck if they have to encounter this drug, Best wishes. M 19 1 days
1.5 gal 1X D
 3  Colonoscopy None Everyone says to mix with Crystal light lemonade. I say mix with Propel Zero Kiwi Strawberry instead. I put in 5 packets with e gallon of water and golytely . Chilled and drink 16oz at a time through a straw. It was not bad as everyone said. The Propel mix is a bit hazy so it should be ok. As long as it is not red color. If you really don't want to taste anything, stick the straw deep in your mouth. The less chance it has to get on to you tongue. M 53 2 days
1gallon 2X D
 1  colonoscopy Had rashes. Blood pressure spiked and continues to spike after 9 months. A feeling of dizziness for no reason. Cannot find reasons from dermatology or cardiologist. Beware. M 66 1 days

 1  prepare for laparoscopy its been 48 hours since I drank this crap. My stomach feels like I had abdominal surgery (which I didn't cause it was cancelled). Hurts to sit up, turn, lay down, etc. Hyperactive bowels sounds. Never completely cleared my system out. headache for two days now F 33 1 days
8 ounces 6X H
 1  colonoscopy prep 8 oz every 15 minutes nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, painful bowel movements, terrible salty spoiled stale pineapple aftertaste.... Made each following cup worse than the last. This stuff should be banned from production! Though it worked, another formula needs to be created. I regurgitated every cup... Mind you the test was because of my nausea, you would think there were another method recommended by the Dr... Thank goodness I'm in the clear for 20 more years. Maybe a new product will be out by then F 29
4 liters 1X O
 1  Colonoscopy Chills, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea I am currently drinking this lovely mixture. Started drinking at 5:00 PM, puked twice, and am still drinking it (it is now currently 2:00 AM). As strange as this sounds, luckily I had a horrendous bout of the stomach flu yesterday that cleared out my system pretty well. I don't know if I'll be able to finish the Colyte, but everything is coming out clear, for the most part, except for a yellow coloration and some leftover dregs in my system. Seriously, though, this stuff is God Awful. I've never been so sick from medicine before. I just hope I "pass" and go into the colonoscopy ok since it will probably take me a total of 12 hours to finish this horrible stuff. F 26 1 days
4 liters 2X D
 4  colonoscopy gagging in the middle of third liter, but it had reached room temp by then. ** It tastes better than Lutefisk :-) 3 liters day1 (8oz every 10 min) and 1 liter day2. Drink it ice cold. Crystal lite orange helped. Divided each 8 oz into 2 (4 oz glasses) made it easy to gulp down. Also, ate a spoonful of jello after each glass. At the end of day 1, I slowed down a little with 15 or 20 minutes between each drink. By the end of liter number 3, I was getting pretty sick of it. It started to wok about 45 mins after the first drink. Luckily, I had no cramping. That might be because I had nothing solid to eliminate. I started a liquid diet a day earlier then recommended and ate nothing with fiber in it for two days before that. When the Golytely kicked in, I was already at a watery stage. Doc doing the colonoscopy said the prep was very good and he could see everything very clearly. Also, pick up a package of Depends. They came in real handy when I had to run from the bathroom to the kitchen for another dose. Also, used them going to the colonoscopy and going home again. F 52 2 days
4 liters 1X D
 5  50+ Mild cramping. Diarrhea (big surprise) I was terrified of the prep. I read every review on here, as well as everything on the net pertaining to golytely. I was so afraid of having a miserable experience. In the end, my fears were unfounded. I did a couple things that may have helped. My procedure was scheduled for Monday, so on Wednesday the week prior, I started to eat light. I also began my liquid diet two days prior to my procedure instead of one. I began my golytely at 6 pm Sunday night mixing it with Crystal Lite lemonade mix. It tasted like, lemonade, with a bit of fluoride mixed in. I drank it through a straw as quickly as I could (maybe 30 - 45 seconds per glass). I had a glass about every 15 minutes. I experienced no gagging, nausea and vomiting, My only discomfort came from drinking so much liquid. My Diarrhea happened lightly, but with regularity. It may have had something to do with my early prep. I had to drink 2l by 9pm, and then get up at 3am to drink the remaining 2l. I made it through 3l total. I could have drank all of it, but my stools were clear (actually looked like pee), and I wanted to be done with the pooping before I went to the hospital. After the first couple episodes, it was literally like "peeing through your butt." (sorry to be so graphic). I didn't have any cramping until I went to bed at about 10:30 or 11. Prior to that, I just had some gurgling in my stomach. All in all, it wasn't a bad experience at all, and I wouldn't hesitate to do it again M 52 1 days
4L 1X D
 2  colonoscopy prep No bowel movements until five hours after drinking 2 litres of Colyte. Bowel did not respond to Golytely at all initially and then one bowel movement five hours after and one four hours later then regular ones after that (about twelve hours after first drink). I stopped drinking this after five hours when nothing happened, but resumed drinking it when the first bowel movement occurred. I was scared. No other side effects made it an easy laxative for me although the taste was awful. F 59 1 days
8 oz. 4X H

 4  EGD and colonscopy prep my prep was the 2-stage thing.. procedure @ 11am Tues Mon 2pm - 2 tabs dulcolax Mon 2pm - half a gallon of golytely every 15-30 Mon 6pm - 2tabs dulcolax Tues- other half must be finished by 7am too salty and sweet. drink it really cold and fast. i had chills and was shivering by the 3rd glass... by the 5th glass I'm bloated! flavored it with the lemon pack the pharmacist gave. started drinking ...its too salty&sweet . i was thinking of tequila..suck lemon,deep breath, drink all the way....suck lemon (dont do salt!) again...gargle with cold water... it was good until my 10th cup...i can't hold it down anymore...and threw it up...started going to the toilet by the 7th glass... started at 3am the ff day considering how long the effect was...the surgery was 30mins car drive so I didn't want to need to go to the toilet on the way. after my 3rd cup...i started going to the bathroom.. by the 5th cup....i have clear bowels..so i stopped drinking..there is probably 5cups left. colonscopy went great.nothing suspicious. GI said bowel prep was perfect. I was cold before,during and after the procedure. i lived in Canada and was never that cold! they gave me 7 warming blankets and they kept changing it! F 40
1X D
 4  colonoscopy prep nausea and cold feeling I was fine for a while but got nauseas after a while from the taste. I mixed it with propel and added lemonjuice at the end which helped the taste a lot. My #1 tip is PUT DIAPER RASH OINTMENT ON BEFORE YOU START, and continue reapplying as the day goes on, it will save you from a lot of very uncomfortable anal problems. Grin and bear it, get comfortable, mix it with something tasty, and use diaper rash ointment. F 20 1 days
I gallon 1X D
 1  Colonoscopy prep Worst stuff ever! Horrible nausea, gagging, puking, cramping, bloating, gas pain, sticky salty saliva. Will NEVER do this again! F 30 1 days
4 liters

 3  Colonoscopy slightly dizzy, nausea Very salty. Really - they can't come up with a pill for to clean you out? My doc said ignore online hints or whatever pharmacist says. I can mix it with crystal light only. I have to drink half at 6PM and the other half at 2:30AM day of colonoscopy. I am having a hard time drinking - using straw helped & so did taking a drink of something else quickly. It took about 3 hours for it to start to work - but working well so far. Nothing violent or horrible. I'm not clear but only halfway through. I don't think I can finish all of it. Procedure in about 5 more hours. Wishing myself luck! F 1 days
1/2 gallon 2X D

 5  colonoscopy None Worked very well and the taste wasn't as bad as I thought. I drank it while it was ice cold and put a little lemonade it. This is my second time having a colonoscopy. I found not eating the day before helped me get clear much faster. I only drank about half of the gallon given and everything went well. M 50 1 days
1X D

 5  Routine Colonoscopy None First off, I truly empathize with those who have had problems with this drug. My instructions were to drink 12 oz. every 20 minutes until the jug was finished. I mixed it straight without any flavoring. I started off with a small sip just to see how awful it tasted. I don't know, maybe my taste buds are shot, but it basically tasted like flat alka seltzer and I had no problems at all drinking it. It worked like it was supposed to and I had no problems. I would definitely use it in the future if medically required. M 54 1 days
1 Gallon 1X D

 3  colonoscopy Just wanted to post to recommend a suggestion I read on this site...that is mixing the golytely with very, very strong chicken broth. I used 6 pouches of bouillon and made a large bowl of stock...mixed a cup of golytely with warm broth - microwaved it to get it the right temp and boy did it go down easier...broth is supposed to be super salty...lemonade is not! Just when I thought I could not drink another 8 oz. of the stuff I managed to get it down without gagging. It also warmed me up, as others the prep makes me very cold and shivverry! Good luck everyone...it beats getting colon cancer...stick with it! F 44
1X D

 1  colonoscopy Bp went up & had to go to the hosp.emergence dept. I also am having a salty taste in my mouth, & over all icky feeling. Will never take this stuff again F 70 1 days

 4  colonoscopy prep I didn't have a bowel movement for 6 hours but when it started it was liquid. I had limited myself to liquid diet for 2 days prior to starting this cleansing. The one thing that I want to mention that I haven't seen in the comments is that I woke up with swollen facial features. My eyes and lips were quite swollen. It was determined that the high salt content was the cause. There was no difficulty breathing and the colonoscopy was still performed that day. I followed the advice of chasing each 10 sips of this with sucking on a lemon and that seemed to work well. Chicken broth throughout the day helped also. F 46 1 days
4 L 1X D

 1  constipation My 3 year old son has been suffering from constipation for awhile now. His GI specialist finally admitted him. He's been getting anywhere from 50-200mL/hr thru his NG tube. 3 days later...still not working. Docs are now trying a goLYTELY enema. M 3 3 days
 1  colonoscopy 4 liters split dose. No movements after first 2 liters. During second dose of two liters, some movements. stool did not clear up. Dr. was unable to do adequate scope. in April 2011 had to repeat 4 liters the next day. Then was able to scope it. The worst tasting crap that I've ever had to drink. Moviprep not much better, just less volume. Moviprep didn't clean me out either. M 70 2 days
4 liter 2X D
 4  Colonoscopy Prep I went though all the comments earlier today before beginning my 2nd day of Colonoscopy prep. Yesterday (2 days before procedure), I was told to drink 10 ounces of Magnesium Citrate. That was horrible. It was like drinking lemon flavored acid. So I was naturally extremely worried about having to drink 4 liters of the Golytely tonight. Many of the comments made me even more worried! However, I didn't find the experience bad. I mixed in Crystal Light Lemonade with each individual glass like many people suggest. After each drink I took, I would take a swig of Sierra Mist, swish it around my mouth, and spit it out. The hardest part is drinking as much as you need to. The taste wasn't nearly as bad as stomaching such a large amount of liquid. Two hours and only six 8 ounce glasses later, I am passing clear bowel movements and am done! Just stay calm and approach it with a positive attitude. If you're feeling sick, take a break. F 22 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 1   Gag, Vomit. Just like everyone else I followed the directions and put it in the fridge. The next morning I grabbed the bottle and my measuring cup and headed to the living-room. I thought I'd watch a little tv while drinking Golytely. But alas, it just wasn't meant to be. After the first swallow it came back up just like that scene in the Exorcist. I waited twenty minutes and tried giving it another go...and ended up retching over the kitchen sink. I was shocked because I have a very good gag reflex...and vomiting is a rarity for me. I called the Dr...she advised me to drink two bottles of Magnesium Citrate. That did the job...I'll never try Golytely again. F 53
1X D
 3  colonoscopy After reading this site and others, I was scared to DEATH of golytely. People were describing it as poison, chalk and deadly. So when I took it out of the fridge and mixed it with some ginger ale, as per my doctor's instructions, I could not believe how normal it tasted. First of all, there is no smell. Second of all, there is no awful aftertaste whereby you will need a straw and a noseclip. It tastes like flat ginger ale -- ok, not delicious, but big deal. who hasnt had flat pop in their lifetimes? I also did not eat solid foods for three days -- drank ensure and water -- and I did not gulp the whole thing down like a maniac. They suggest pounding it down but it is not necessary. Sip it. From a glass. You will survive. On a scale of one to ten, ten being the hardest, this was a 2. Mostly, it is boring. F 47
1X D

 3  very very very constipated 1st time i would say none i was fine .(14) 2nd time i was gagging to the point where i threw up. It mad me tired.(16) at 14 i was hospitalized from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and had a tube in my nose pumping 3 bags of golytley . I would say it being in my nose was great bc there was no taste. When i left i was brand new i felt great even as days went on . The sencend time (16) however there was a different case i was drinking it at first and it was awful so i asked for a tube which they at first would not accomidate me they later on realized a tube was necessary ... After wards i dont feel the same as before feel like im not all the way clear which is my fault for switching doctors but never the less i still 4 days latter have pain,loss of appittie,and feel irregular still. I feel like the second time was less sucessful bc i did not have enough i recommebd this but also i recommend not to leave until its crystal clear! I also reccomend to make sure u see one of the best gi drs bc having this problem occur 2 is unbarable. Good luck. Hope it works good for u . F 14 2 days

 4  colonoscopy prep sore butt, vomiting, slight headache I was prescribed to drink the gallon in 8oz glasses every 10 minutes starting at 1pm. The taste was not bad at all but I became bloated and started to violently vomit. the Dr. prescribed zofran and made me take the rest. I was fine and my stool was actually clear without having to drink the whole gallon. A friend of mines is a nurse and told me to go to liquids two days before in order to not have cramping or stomache pains (which I did not) I was o the toilet for over 8 hours though. F 40 1 days
1 gallon 7X H
 5  cleanse b4 new anti-constip. treatm It works for me without the cramping and pain that I experience with other colon cleanse medications. You have to drink it either VERY cold or VERY warm. I drank my first 4 8oz glasses mixed with Mocha Cappacino mix diluted in 4oz of hot water before adding to the golytely. My next 3 8oz glasses were mixed with 4oz of hot water and instant jello mix. My next 3 glasses were mixed with 4 oz of hot water and chicken boullion. I finished off my last 3 glasses mixed with 4 oz of hot water and beef boullion. My output was clear at the end so it would have been sufficient for a colonscopy and it didn't taste too bad afterall. F 47 1 days
1X D

 4  test had no unusual side effects after reading the comments, I was very nervous about using this. I put a clear solo cup in the freezer and got it very cold and used a little crystal light lemonade. Sucked on a lemon and drank it very fast. Did not use a straw as I wanted to get it down as fast as possible. The taste was not that bad. Didn't have any trouble getting it down. Felt a little bloated but other than that it started working in about 45 min. I worried a lot for nothing. Don't want to do it again, but could. F 51 2 days
1X D

 4  Prep for Hysterectomy mildly sore anus This was DEFINITELY NOT as bad as the reviews I have read. The solution tastes like Saline solution or contact lense solution. I had the option of adding a lemon flavor packet, but elected not to use it. I had to drink 8 oz every 10 minutes. I bought some minute maid cran/apple/raspberry juice and just took a sip before and after the golytely. worked fine. I started to go to the bathroom about 40 minutes after I started the solution and very consisently since it's onset. At the point that I am typing this I have consumed 136 oz of the solution and am definitely running clear. I have about 3 more glasses to go. I found that NOT wiping, but rather patting, was very helpful. Also staying on the toilet for a few rounds rather than trying to wipe get up just to sit down again was very helpful. I did not experience any nausea. At first I felt very waterlogged... kind of like a full feeling, but now I'm hungry! Don't go into this with any pre-conceived notions about it. Stay positive and you will fair well. I am extremely prone to vomiting (sometimes even gagging when I brush my teeth) and I have had no problems with the medication other than a mildly sore anus which is tolerable and understandle. :) F 40 1 days
8oz 1X O

 4  colonoscopy prep None unexpected Drank 16 oz / half hour starting at 3pm day before procedure. Took 5 hours, I slacked after awhile. I added lemon flavor pack, plus a lemonade Crystal lite. Cut up a lime to numb my tastebuds. I limed, drank 10 swallows, limed, finished the glass, limed, each time. It is an electrolyte, therefore salty, liquid, which draws fluid into your gut to flush them. Started working at 40 minutes, and every 10 minutes after. YES YOU CAN PEE OUT YOUR BUTT. The brown stopped after three or so times, then it turns to yellow/orange liquid. I used petroleum jelly to protect around the exit, but it BURNS the exit point nonetheless. I advise rinsing off with water after every elimination...bidet, shower, sink rinse, whatever. I hour after finishing, I had to drink one bottle of Magnesium Citrate, a weird lemon lime. Then proceeded to go even more for the next five hours(2 am got a break). It was blessed when I took a shower(the stuff foams in the shower). That's when I discovered that rinsing the area was wonderful. No nausea or cramping... you can hear your bowels moving and RUN DON'T WALK to the loo 'cause its-a-coming! I stopped being hungry around 11 am, drank a bottle of clear juice and then a bottle of Cream Soda in between the prep, had a bowl of boullion for "dinner" which tasted good, then drank a ton of water all the way until midnight. The prep will dehydrate you so consume as much liquid as you can to compensate. Procedure went fine, no polyps. F 56 1 days
1 gallon 8X D
 4  colonoscopy split prep, took over 5 hours to start working but was not a violent reaction wasn't offered a flavor pack and the taste made my throat want to close. The 1st afternoon, I tried adding some agave nectar and it helped a great deal, but after awhile was sick of so much sweet. Had good beginning results, but not for over 5 hrs after starting! Reaction was not violent and was able to get about 4 hrs uninterrupted sleep. Next morning hit on a brilliant sollution! Added solution to 1/2 cup fairly strong coffee and could hardly taste it. (was like adding a touch of salt to a bitter cup) Was much more pleasant and I imagine if yours came with a lemon flavoring, then a nice strong tea brew would work as well. Still not running clear, but have another 2 hours. Hoping for the best for myself and everyone else here. Down the hatch!!! F 52 2 days
gallon 1X D
 5  Colonoscopy Prep Gasey bloated feeling in tummy Taking it as a split prep. 2L today started at 4PM, 2L tomorrow 6hrs before appointment at 3pm. Actually had a bowel movement about 45 minutes BEFORE starting, which was just like my first one after I had started. Started really going about 15 minutes after first glass. Followed directions on bottle....8oz every ten minutes. Works well. About 2 hours later and I'm clean. F 27 1 days
6X H
 5  Prep for colonoscopy Very slight pressure in head. I have read a lot of negative comments about Golytely but I think that's probably due to lack of preparation on the part of the individual. The day before I started my prep, I only drank freshly juiced fruits and vegetables, so that made it easier to transition to clear liquids only. As for the taste of the Golytely itself, I had that covered because before I committed to taking the whole 4L of Golytely, I tried one teaspoon in 8 oz of hot water and drank that first. It tasted like salt water. What also helped me is that, each morning I usually drink the juice of a whole lemon in a glass of hot water. This morning I did the same thing, and after that the Golytely had hardly any taste at all. Thereafter, I was able to drink the whole 4L without any flavoring. However, I strongly advise that before and after each dose of Golytely, you drink some Gatorade (not the pink lemonade or any red liquid) to keep your electrolytes balanced, that way you won't pass out or get dizzy. Also drink some water or juice after each bowel movement. Don't be too picky about following the directions exactly on time. If you can't chug it, don't. If you can't drink 8oz every 15 minutes, do it every 20 or longer. In my case, once I'd tried it in an 8oz glass and it was fine, I switched to 16oz every half hour. Pace yourself. Do what is comfortable for you. If you don't like it cold, drink it at room temperature. Coming out the other end, blot, don't wipe. Good luck! M 48 1 days
4L 1X D
 3  colonoscopy Bloating, gas, nausea, chills. I mixed up and chilled the pharmacist-recommended pineapple-flavor, and started drinking. It was like viscous, salty, liquified pineapple Lifesavers candy. The viscosity bothered me more than the flavor, and I've never been one to drink a lot, so the amount overwhelmed me. I read suggestions while willing myself to keep drinking, using a straw and cutting up a lemon. Wished I had some Crystal Light, but too late to run to the store, wished I done research earlier. After 1 1/2 hours, I had only managed three 8 oz. glasses, and nothing was happening, aside from feeling very, very cold. I had started late in the day, so I began to panic, and tried to quickly down my 4th glass. However, I had became uncomfortably bloated, to the point where I could drink no more without retching. Just before the two-hour point I made my 1st trip to the bathroom. It relieved some of the bloating so I could keep drinking, but as soon as I did the bloating returned and I could drink no more without the risk of vomiting away my slow progress. 4 1/2 hours after starting, my "no liquids" deadline was one hour away, so I choked down a final half-glass, and quit with just over 2 liters left. A final trip to the bathroom yielded results that were close enough to clear for me, so I went to bed. No cramping, no panic-stricken trips to the bathroom, just a sore bottom. I had my colonoscopy first thing the next morning, and the doctor never said anything about my poor prep. Would rathe F 51 1 days
4 liters 1X D

 2  before a colonoscopy I got very bloated..started this at 4 pm, drank until 9:30 pm..then 5.5 hours later it started to work. Still feeling nauseous, bloated. No one should have to drink this much liquid. I can barely drinkd 4-6 ounces of soda or 6--7 ounces of water in 6 hours so this was horrid. F 50 2 days
128 oz 1X D

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