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 3  Not to get pregnant Heavy smelly discharge. Extreme anxiety. Bleeding if I missed a pill. F 20 5 years

 1  irregular cycles This drug caused a mini stroke . I experienced a mini stroke after the first seven days , then hand-knobbing, blurred vision migraines in 7 day intervals until I stopped. I was driving during one. I still . migraines because I took this drug. I took it in 1986 I learned triggers for migraines , and no drugs later, am now 45 and every period, and ovulation brings on a new set of migraines. This drug kick started migraines therefore ruining my hormonal balance for life. F 45 60 days
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 4  Birth Control I have had NO side effects unless I missed a dose such as Breakthrough Bleeding. However, after taking it for 16 years I am getting side effects for the last 6 months or so... Acne & Very sore breast... I think I am gonna change to something else. I actually recommend it. I have a light 3 day period or none at all. I am really happy but, now that I for some reason getting acne and sore breast. I am thinking of changing. Otherwise, I would be a happy camper.. F 36 16 years
777 1X D
 2  Protect from pregnancy Extreme anxiety, nauseous all the time, headaches, uncontrollable sobbing. F 18 2 months

 5  Prevent pregnancy Headaches and nausea at first. Mixed with a little more anxiety than normal. But after a few months I had short light periods and I haven't gotten pregnant so it's good so far :) F 21 9 months

 1  period Worse migraines I could ever imagine that caused violent shaking, loss of vision, and passing out. (Never had migraines before taking this pill) depression and high levels of anxiety. Hair loss. Lumps in breast. I will never ever take this pill again. F 23 3 months

 1  prevent pregnancy Increased heart rate(already have high BP) , feeling very very depressed and not motivated at all(on celexa for depression & it usually works great) . Bad nausea and cramps. Hungry but no appetite :-/ I really don't like this pill at ALL. F 23 2 weeks
 2  prevent pregnancy & lighten periods My periods are way heavier, i have horrible cramping and very low sex drive. Also every time i start the dark orange section of the pill cycle i break out horribly. I just woke up with it the first morning after the first orange pill. I hadn't experienced acne like that since back in middle school. I also lack the motivation and confidence i had prior to this birth control pill. Before this contraceptive, I was taking Loralyn 3mg birth control for 2yrs and it was AMAZING but then insurance stopped covering it (almost $90 a month..prob why it worked so well). I highly recommend that versus this drug. F 18 2 months
1x day
 3  prevent pregnancy my pharmacy changed me bc from novum 777 to nortrel 777. My boobs are super sore, bad anxiety, no sex drive. Not happy. Only good thing is that it lightened my period. I was soooo much better off with ortho tri cyclen low. F 34 1 months

 1   After my first month on nortrel777 i developed blood clots in both lungs and had to be hospitalized for 9 days. F 27 1 months
 1  PMS, cramps and Migraines Nausea, weight gain, SEVERE depression and anxiety, rage, extreme fatigue, intense cravings for fast food, uncontrollable sobbing My doctor thought this pill might help with my severe cramps and menstrual migraines. Within 2 days I was nauseous all the time but the worst part was that I am usually a positive, social, happy, motivated and active person and I felt heavy and exhausted and I was so depressed that I started having suicidal thoughts and felt completely hopeless. I gave it a few more days, hoping my body would adjust, and had to stop because I felt like I didn't want to live anymore and my outlook and perspective were purely pessimistic. I was extremely anxious, my heart was racing and I felt nervous and uncomfortable and didn't want to leave my house or talk to anyone. Also I eat a micronutrient-dense diet, always healthy, don't eat grains and suddenly I had crazy obsessive cravings for McDonalds and Taco Bell, neither of which I've visited in about a decade! I stopped taking the pill yesterday and I'm still very depressed and tired. F 39 4 days
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 1  Birth Control increase in anxiety, loss of sex drive, vaginal dryness, yeast infections I was on Necon 777 for two months as a primary form of birth control. During that time, on the third week of the pill (highest dose), I would feel an increase in anxiety, extreme vaginal dryness and I got a pretty bad yeast infection. This happened twice in a row. The symptoms drove me crazy until I figured out it was my BCP, so I hope this helps any woman who may experience these same symptoms on this formulation. F 29 56 days
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 1  regulate cycle I started taking this because after pregnancy my periods became crazy. I took it for a year and got pregnant. Never missed a pill. Never took it late thanks to iphone apps. I don't regret being pregnant. This pill just didn't work for me apparently lol. Hopefully whoever is reading this will get better protection F 25 1 years

 4   When I first started the pill I experience pretty bad nausea, but only for about 5-7 days while my body got used to it. F 18 3 years

 3  Regulation In March 2012 I developed severe blood clots in my lungs. I had experience extreme discomfort in my right buttocks area around the beginning of March to the point that I could not sit. I pushed it to the back of my mind like I do everything else and went on with my life. About two weeks after that the rain decreased but moved up the right side of my body. The pain got paralyzing. I could not laugh or take deep breathes. I felt a pain in my chest put also my back. I could move and stretch without any changes in pain. I went to the walk-in and they treated me for muscle-skeletal discomfort. that night the pain reached it's peak. I could not move so my friend dressed me and drove me upstate to the emergency room. 6 hours later they decide to test me for PE (pulmonary embolism) and I soon found out it was positive. I had 3 blood clots that traveled through my right lung, through my heart, and lodged in my right lung. one blood clot remained in my right lung. I was in the hospital for 10 days. I am now 4 months into my recovery and it has been such a struggle. Besides all this, being on Ortho Novum 777 was great. my periods were amazing; very light and short. I knew exactly when I would get it right after a month of being on the pill. Even all my PMS symptoms were gone. It's been hell since I have been off it though. F 20 6 months
n/a 1X D
 5  prevent pregnancy This is the only pill I've ever been on. Stopped taking it twice to have children and had no problem getting pregant after stopping. Very short periods - 3 or 4 days, and very light. Has worked great for me. F 42 22 years
1X D
 5  prevent pregnancy I was on ortho novum 7/7/7 the name brand, then got off of it when my husband had a vasectomy. About 6 months after quiting the pill I got severe painful cystic acne on my back, and on my neck, and smaller pustule type all over my face. I took anti biotics to help, and it sort of did but the side effects of those were much worse than the ones I had with the pill. I got back on Ortho/Novum 7/7/7 28 or so I thought I picked up the generic Necon, or Necor 7/7/7 its been 2 weeks, my stomach always hurts, my breasts are fuller and much more tender to the point of pain. My weight has increased 5 lbs in just 2 weeks, heathy eater and exerciser. Heavy feeling in general, lots of water retention. NOT HAPPY WITH GENERIC. Being switched back to brand name pill picking up tonight. The generic is terrible, and if you get it instead of Ortho Novum tread lightly, it has helped my skin in a short time frame so has done the job I wanted in that area, but the cons outweigh the pros... F 34 14 years
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 5  originally to regulate cycle In the last year I've developed headaches the first two days of my period Best birth control - originally I took it to regulate my cycle, then stayed on it to prevent pregnancy. For many years now I've hardly had a period, rarely have cramps, occasionally have mood swings... love the predictability of it. Never been pregnant, no acne or weight gain. I read the reviews and was surprised to see so many negative side effects. F 42 23 years
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 5  Regualte Cycles I only had nausea the first day of starting the pill. Clears up acne and gave my skin a glow. Also I had a decrease in appetite which was fine for me since I was dieting. No change in sex drive, stopped me from getting pregnant. Reduced Cycle to 3 days and I had no cramps, pain or mood swings. F 17 2 years

 1  birth control Intense nausea all the time after taking medication I started taking this pill when I was 15, bad choice. I have had so many problems, endometriosis, fibroids, multiple surgeries, blocked fallopion tubes. I have been infertile and cannot get pregnant now. I am forty now and have completely giving up. F 40 1 days
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 5  Birth Control I gained a little weight during the time I used these birth control pills. But it made my periods shorter and lighter and I never had any menstrual cramps or PMS symptoms so it worked great for me. F 19 3 years

 2  birth control I did have lack of sex drive, major craving. Overall wouldn't do it again!Nausea in the morning! F 25 2 years
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 2  Birth Control/Regulate Crying spells. EXTREME moodiness. Nausea. Bloating. Minor weight gain. Some acne. This drug has made me a completely different person. I have become severely depressed and I cry all the time over nothing. I WOULD NOT recommend this to anyone. F 18 45 days
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 1  Birth cotrol Severe headaches F 42 3 weeks

 1  Birth Control I was very emotional and had mood swings. Did not work for me...I got pregnant. F 26 8 months
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 1  Control irregular periods. Random vomitting (but that stopped after the first two months), headaches, moodiness, extreme breast tenderness, breast enlargement, dry eyes & lips, bouts of crying, muscle loss, weakness, edema (swelling in my feet), lack of sex drive, vaginal dryness, depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of failure, reclusiveness, weight gain (30 lbs in 6 months!) F 27
1X D

 3  Engaged, but not ready for a baby! Moodiness Very tender breasts, to the point of extreme pain Can't lose much weight or gain muscle despite eating less and more healthily (no more fast food/candy/ice cream and MUCH more vegetables/whole grains/protein) and exercising much more (cardio 3x a week and weight training 3x a week) Major water retention Periods are regular, cramps less painful - not on BC i get nauseous, light headed, and keel over in extreme pain from period symptoms, and heavy bleeding - most of that is eliminated Food cravings stayed the same Acne is a little better My periods are less painful and I am not pregnant, but I look awful, from muscle LOSS and possibly the extra hormones messing with my emotions. Definitely don't like all this water weight. After the end of this week, I am stopping this BC for a few months to see if my weight battle improves. F 22 3 months
30 mg 1X D
 4  to regulate menstrual cycle NO SEXUAL DESIRE!!! which is odd because im 22 and ive never had the desire! some acne but not bad, appetite isnt that great, moody, depressed.. ive been off the pill for 4 days now to see if there are any changes, because ive been on it nearly my whole teenage years... but i will admit it did help regulate my cycle, i knew when it came on and it only last for 3 and 1/2 days which was good, the cramps ranged every month, sometimes it hurted more and sometimes it was less.. F 22 8 years
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 2   i was on ortho-novum before and had very little problems, i stopped taking it because i lost my job and had no HI but now i am back on it again, and i'm having mood swings, my stomach has been really sensitive and nausea. i also have been having bad abdominal pain. i'm going to talk to my doctor about putting me on something else but i really can't deal with it anymore. F 24 2 weeks
n/a 1X D

 4  birthcontrol First few days I felt nauseous and bloated but went away within a week. It shortened my period to 3 days and is light as well. Increased my appetite so that would explain why I've gained a few pounds not much though. Before I started taking birth control the first thing that worried me was increased acne and gaining weight. It actually helped my acne clear up but I still get a pimple here and there. It did increase my appetite..instead of feeling hungry when I should, I feel REALLY hungry and get cranky if I don't eat. I would say I gained maybe like 5lbs but that's also lack of eating healthy and not working out as much as I used to. so with a healthy diet and exercise-you should be good. Overall I am happy with this pill. F 21 6 months
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 5  Birth control, period, cramps gained a couple pounds nothing to serious. it works great. shortens periods to 3-4 days F 17 1 years
30 1X D

 4  To Regluate periods Enlarged breasts! I used to be an A cup and now I'm a B cup...it's about time! I think I've gained a few lbs, but nothing terrible. If I miss one pill it messes up my cycle, but if I don't miss, it shortens my period from 2 weeks to only 3-4 days. I like it. Especially my new boobs haha! F 24 7 months
1X D

 5   At first a few. But I had been on Loestrin and Tri-phasil and some other pill and they ALL gave me the problems in the first few months, then I leveled out and was fine on 777. I loved this pill. If you take a generic BC you are CRAZY! They are NOT made by the same people in the same plants etc. dont be fooled! Only buy the brands. F 48
1X D

 5  birth control/regulate period Weight gain and very irregular periods for the first two months. I love this birth control. It works very well for me, and if for some reason I have missed more than 2 pills causing it to be ineffective,I simply get my period and start a new pack so I never feel worried that it won't know if it's not working. It didn't help with cramping but it works perfectly for keeping my period on track once a month for five days and lightens the flow. F 21 5 years
1X D

 2  acne and birth control acne is worse. increased nausea this past month. This is getiing really annoying because I feel nauseous everyday and don't even feel like eating as much. Dissapointed with this pill. F 20 3 months
1X D

 2  birth control horrible mood swings, low sex drive, migraines, weight gain i absolutely hated this pill! i was on the generic brand, noratel 777. previously i was on yaz until the headaches and reviews started coming out. they switched me to loestrin where i had spotting every day of the month. when i went on noratel i gained about 25 pounds in 4 months. i was constantly eating and could never get full. i was horribly moody and my boyfriend hated me! i started getting migranes to the point where i would cry. my sex drive disappeared and i have never had that problem before. i stopped taking the pill about 2 weeks ago and already feel like myself again! this pill did nothing good for me and i wouldnt recommend it for anyone. F 20 4 months
1X D

 1  birth control, bad cramps weight gain around the face apparantly they didn't work at all for me. I got pregnant! F 31 5 months
1X D

 3  to avoid pregnancy Intense breast soreness and tenderness, possibly slight weight gain (though i'm not sure it's from the Pill), breakthrough bleeding throughout the first two months. last month i spotted for much of the month, then never got my period at the regular time. going to the gyno, thinking about switching pills. but no acne, no cramps at all, no headaches or mood swings. I was on the Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo pill for about a year. I had bad breakthrough bleeding so they switched me to Ortho Cept. That pill worked great, but was apparently discontinued a few months back so they switched me to Ortho-Novum. Wish I could go back to Ortho Cept... F 20 3 months
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 2  Ortho-Novum 777-28 About a year or two ago I was taking Ortho Novum 777 (28) and did fine on it. I started back up 3mos ago because I am seeing someone. I gained weight, moody, and my sex drive has also decreased. My stomach has been extra sensitive, and sometimes I have hard time concentrating or just thinking! And the BIGGEST issue I have recently come upon ...MIGRAINES! The worse ever!!!! I am talking about a throbbing head pain. Very disappointed, and I'm wondering if they happen to change the pill (ingredients) like they recently changed their package. After reading about other ppl getting blood clots and more serious issues, I have decided that today was my LAST day on this crap. I'm getting an I.U.D!!! The migraines is what really did it for me. Plus I'm tired of being moody, and the weight gain! Questions: szyoo7@yahoo.com ("o" are letters, NOT numbers!) I'd be more than happy to reply! F 30 3 months
1X D
 3  Prevention Extremely low sex drive, moodiness, light brown spot bleeding,stomach aches, heat flashes, depression, crying spells. I switched to ortho-novum 7/7/7-28 days. I started taking this birth control after having my daughter. I liked it to begin with, then after about 2 1/2 months of taking it I, began to experience all the above side effects. I went to the dr and they advised me to keep taking the pill that everything would clear up and work out. Well...... it's been almost 5 months and I decided to take my self off of it for a few months practice safe sex and plan to go back to the dr but definitely do some research before comitting to another birth control. F 24 5 months
1X D

 5  birth control none Been on this pill since age 19; briefly switched to Loestrin for 8 months due to sudden irregular bleeding and diagnosed with a uterine fibroid. Had the fibroid removed, then switched back to 7/7/7. What I like about this pill is how the different levels of hormones mimicks the body's natural fluctuation; hence very few side effects. Unlike the newer mono-phasic (single dose) pills which seems to produce negative side effects (I had no periods/irregular bleeding, mood swings and hair loss w/ Loestrin) Every body is different; this pill works great for me. Regular and timely periods. Just be sure to take good quality pharmaceutical grade multivitamins while on any birth control pill. I've often read that pills reduce the body's absorption of certain nutrients. No issues with weight on this pill either. However on the Loestrin I dropped 10 pounds. I know many docs prescribe the lower dose mono-phasic pills to older women (35+); but I think i'll stick to this classic formula. F 37 17 years
1X D

 2  prevent pregnancy weight gain, gas, bloating, no sex drive, acne, dry eyes, vaginal dryness. I used Nortrel before with no problem but my insurance company stopped covering it! F 39 5 months
1X D

 4  Lighter periods, Prevent pregnancy Hot flashes a few days before my period. Some weight gain the first few months of taking it. I have used this pill for my period (would last 10-14 days) and Now my periods are only 5 days, starts exactally the same day. Less bleeding and cramps. Helped clear up my acne. I took myself off of it for 2 months, realized how painful and long my old period was and had my doctor put me right back on. Only reason I'll get off of it is if I plan on becoming pregnant. Until then I'm sticking with this one :) F 24 6 years
1X D

 4  To not get pregnant, lighter period No side affects I was taking Yaz and i got nervous when things were happening to people. This medicine has helped me have a lighter period, not as bad cramps, not as bad headaches. It doesn't make me very moody or anything. Only thing i wish is that it helped my acne better. It hasn't made it any worse just hasn't helped everything else i am happy with it. F 20 1 years
1X D

 3  Regulate cycle, clear skin Did not clear my skin - made skin worse. Very moody. F 22 3 months
1/35 1X D

 5  Birth control NONE! I loved ON 7/7/7! I didn't have any side effects from taking it and it worked for 15 years. I went off of it in April '09 and I was pregnant by August of '09. If I end up on the pill again, I will definitely return to ON 7/7/7! F 36 15 years
1X D

 5  To get rid of m I have experienced no side effects =) My first birth control medicine was Yazmin and it was just as painful as having my period! I broke out with acne and experienced extreme pain every time I restarted the cycle, I'm really happy that 777 is working out for me! =) F 21 5 months

 2  Birth control, lighten periods Moodiness, low sex drive, nausea, lethargic. I took the generic of the pill (necon) when I was in my late teens and didn't have the moodiness, but still had the rest of the side effects. I have stopped taking this pill recently, and feel much better already! F 25 3 months

 5  Birth Control I experienced no side effects from Ortho-Novum. I loved ortho-novum 7/7/7. I had no side effects & I took this pill for 16 years. My period always came on the same day every cycle and were lighter & much less painful than prior to taking this pill. F 34 16 years

 5  Birth Control Absolutely none I love it, i did have an increase in my appetite,but absolutely no weight gain. My periods are like clockwork, they come the same time every month. They last 3 days,they're lighter,no cramps. I never had a problem with my body adjusting when i first got on this particular pill.I don't get emotional near my period,i just love this pill. F 19 2 years

 2  To prevent pregnancy Weight gain, loss of sexual appetite, dry eyes, breakthrough bleeding, bloating and gas. I have been given consent to take continual birth control with no placebos for the last 10 years. I had previously been on Nortrel and experienced no discomfort and no side effects. Then, I went to Planned Parenthood where I was given Novum 777, within the first 2 packs I experienced breakthrough bleeding, cramping, bloating with gas, a serious loss of sexual appetite and I was moody. I have since changed my oral contraceptive medicine to Lybrel, which is the first FDA approved, 365 day hormonal birth control with NO placebos. All of my unpleasant side effects have since disappeared, I'm thrilled to feel like myself again. While Lybrel is a little expensive, it's worth it. F 28 13 months

 2  Birth Control Headaches and some shortness of breath. I took the pill throughout my 20's for birth control with no problems - when I went off of it to become pregnant I didn't ovulate and had to go on medication. After my first child I didn't go back on it and ovulated fine and got pregnant after having my period for 2 months (nursed for a year therefore I didn't get pregnant that soon). Just recently I went back on it for BC (believe it was the generic) and was getting bad headaches and some shortness of breath. I talked to by OB-Gyn and went off it - I had "break through" bleeding (a period) a few days later. I am now at the 31st day after that time, still no period and not pregnant - not sure if this pill does something to mess me up. F 34 10 years

 3  to prevent pregnancy at first, ortho novum 7-7-7 was working great for me. but then i ran out of pills, and was refused more pills by family planning for a week. after i got back on them, i've experienced heavy bloating and gas on almost a nightly basis, i've gained 10 pounds, and i'm more prone to sadness and depression. F 18 5 months

 5  to avoid unwanted critters none really. probably some weight gain though hard to say cuz i do like the kibble i am actually on the 777-28 but i guess they are about the same. have been on them for 20 years. i think it is a reliable product if taken as DIRECTED! I was thinking of a Mirena but after all the negative press i have read I think i will stay with what works for me. i recommend the 777-28's as long as you are willing to remember them everyday and are willing to give your body a month or so to adjust. F 39 20 years

 3  Contraceptive, PCOS Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Worst during the first 1-3 months on this medication. I've taken this stuff as birth control off and on for the last decade. Every time I go off it for whatever reason, and start back on, I spend the first 1-3 months feeling rather like I have stomach flu. It's AWFUL, but it does go away over time. F 24 10 years
 4  Prevent pregnancy / ovarian cysts When I was 14 my doctor found cysts on my ovaries and wanted to put me on BCC to get rid of them. I was first put on Ortho Tri-cyclen and gained about 10 lbs., so my doctor tried me on 7/7/7. My pain from the cysts went away after 3 or 4 months. I have really regular light periods and hardly any cramps. I have been dealing with depression and low libdo for as long as I can remember, it may be related to this drug. I've been on 7/7/7 for 14 years and I think next month I'm going to quit taking it to see if this goes away. F 27 14 years

 4  Prevent Pregnancy Over the years I have experienced weight gain not sure if the BCP is contributing to this issue. It has been more difficult to lose weight in the past few years. After several years of taking this pill, I did begin to have hair growth on my breast and in the more recent years hair growth on my face. I have periodic acne breakouts on my face but I am getting older so I am not sure how much I can contribute to the Ortho-Novum or is it just that I am getting older. I have no obvious side effects that I can absolutely without a doubt contribute to the BCP. I have experienced heavier bleeding within the past few years but I too afraid to change pills as my Dr. has suggested. My insurance no longer pays for Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 which costs me approximately $55 per pack. The Necon 7/7/7 only costs $3 per pack but I am afraid to change to the Necon. I would like to stop taking the birth control but feel that condoms won't work well in a marriage. Considered having a tubiligation but afraid of surgery. Trying figure out what to do but afraid of getting pregnant. Ortho-Novum 7/7/7 has prevented pregnancy for me all these years. Choosing a BCP that's right for your body is very important, take the time to research and find what's best for you. F 40 21 years

 1  menstrual problems gallbladder removal 4 months after taking ne-con. no gallstones. irregular periods. some months heavy bleeding, one month no bleeding at all. spotting after period. lower libido. breast tenderness first couple of months. I have never had stomach or digestive problems in the past. I do not know of any family members who have a history of gall bladder problems. Just 4 months after taking the necon birth control pills,(to help with extreme heavy bleeding) I suddenly had an acute gallbladder attack which resulted in having it removed. I have since read that estrogen is a possible culprit in gallbladder problems. hmmmmm... I recommend finding another solution! F 48 4 months
 5  BC, regulate period, shorter cyle It took my body a good 7 months to adjust to this pill. Every month 2 weeks into the pack, my breasts would ache for a good 7 days and I'd have spotting. I was about to give up on BC pills altogether, then the side effects went away. Now I have no pain, barely any cramps, and a 1 day period. I've also lost weight that I'd gained on a previous pill, 13 pounds approximately. Totally worth the pain of adjusting to it. My hair, skin and body are totally normal. I've had issues with side effects from BC for years. I've always taken mono-phasic pills, but as a last resort I decided to try a tri-phasic pill. Even though the first 7 months were hell, it's been perfect ever since. If you have issues with breast pain and spotting, switching to a different type of pill like I did might help you. I also found that limiting my daily intake of vitamin C to be a huge factor, as some multi vitamins contain high doses, and can actually cause spotting on BC pills. Apparently some women need more than 3 months to adjust to a new type of pill, give it some time and hopefully things will work. F 33 1 years

 5  prevent pregnancy i havent experienced any side effects. Periods are so much lighter with no cramps. I love it. I recommend taking it. F 18 2 months

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