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 4  Bipolar type 1 disorder Nausea. Weight loss in the first three weeks. This drug has changed my life. No longer do I have massive lows, I can live a normal life without depression or anxieties. Every now and then I stop taking fluoxitine but after a week or so I quickly realize that I need it to give me a clear perspective on life. This is the only thing that worries me, that I cannot cope without a drug to make me feel normal. F 23 3 years
 2  anxiety, panic attacks, depression gave me bad insomnia i was a young kid when i took it. it gave me really bad insomnia so i had to go off it. M 30 2 months
1X D
 5  Major Depression Slight headache at first Prozac saved my life. On a side note, please disregard comments that scream things like, "take this drug off the market now!" or "this drug is evil!" This type of hysteria is from individuals with a religious/political agenda, who view the pharmaceutical industry as an evil entity that must be taken down. As always, discuss your medication issues with your trusted physician, and make decisions accordingly. F 51 20 years
20 MG 1X D

 5  major depression disorder No side effects. I started off taking 20mg a couple years ago. I felt great and asked my dr to wean me off. After a month without it I felt depressed again. So I went on 20mg again. Worked for 6 months and depression got even worse so I was upped to 40mg. It's been 3 months and I feel a ton better. Can still have a moment or two of feeling depressed, but it's so much better than laying in bed and crying. F 32 3 years

 3  Depression Initially I had a lot of nausea, really strange sensations in my head. Pains in my chest. Hypo-manic, and super sleepy a few times a day especially after eating. Anxiety. I abused substances for the greater part of a year totally exhausting my seratonin supplies and damaging my neuron transmitters. After realizing recreational drugs no longer had the same effect on me, and figuring out how much damage was done memory wise I quit using and drinking, only to find an extreme dose of depression. I cried randomly all the time over nothing. Any bit of emotion whether happy or sad made me teary. I started to binge eat all the time which led to great weight gain. Then I decided to try my first anti-depressant. Prozac. It was kind of a crazy ride to begin with. I'm pretty sure I was Hypo-manic, because I started feeling extreme emotion. Either getting extremely excited or upset. More happy than upset. My brain was running miles, but I had trouble thinking straight. I'd forget what I was even saying as I was saying it. I just got lost in thought. I felt like an idiot. I experienced higher brain activity for sure, I just wanted to talk! it sucked though because my mind was in such a jumble so words didn't come out right. My brain was a mess. I didn't know if I should blame prozac or brain damage. But the high that I had on prozac was amazing, I was just bursting with energy and laughs. Actually felt happy. Loved talking to people when normally I'm reserved. But not on a high dose of prozac (similar to recreational drugs) Had crazy amounts of energy throughout the day, had shaking leg syndrome, hands shaked like crazy at first, would get super tired rando F 25 2 years
15-60mg 1X D
 3  panic depression anxiety phobia This drug only works for me when I combine it with 25 mg of doxepin, another antidepressant. That helps block the side effects of too much anxiety from the Prozac. Doxepin blocks the 5ht2a receptor which Prozac stimulates and this will let you sleep better if it gives you insomnia and or anxiety. If I take too much Prozac it will make me irritated and cranky. Works ok for me mild depression and anxiety but still have panic at times. Withdrawal is easier on Prozac than some other SSRi'S because it is self-tapering. Cost less too-- you can get generic now. M 50 5 years
10 1X D
 3  Mild depression, self harm At first: yawning, sweating, shakes, didn't feel any better on 20mg, dosage doubled. At first couldn't think about suicide or self harm, even when I tried. Yawning and sweating have tapered off, have terrible teeth grinding, thinking about suicide / laughing a lot, confusion, lucid, upsetting dreams, inability to cry, difficult to orgasm. F 28 6 days
40 MG 1X D

 3  Chronic Depression At first nothing, and then doubled my dose. Then, appetite reduction, slight weight loss, hard to sleep at first, vivid dreams, renewed desire to be involved, lethargy. The first few weeks there was no effect, so we doubled the dose. It worked pretty well, at least at first. Over a year into it now, I am not so sure. I had noticed that I have had some pretty vivid dreams, but I did not associate those with prozac until I read that could be one of the side effects. It is definitely not a cure. I used to never be a crier, but right before I started taking this it's like a switch flipped. Now everything makes me cry, and Prozac has not changed this. It did help with the destructive thoughts so that I could actually interact with society. I think I still have that effect, but the initial other benefits have worn off. I don't have reduced appetite anymore. It's actually increased. I did experience some weight loss at first, but obviously that all came back. I am not sure that this medicine works for me anymore. I am not in the black pit that I was before, and I am grateful for that, but as far as is this a miracle drug? No. F 23 13 months
20 1X D

 5  Depression and Generalised Anxiety week 1 :At the beginning I felt my appetite suppressed immediately. Very tired and helped sleep Yawning a lot lol. I did feel worse before feeling better. week 2: Dazzy, relief from some anxiety and depression. Emotional numbness, which was great considering my emotions were crippling me :D week 3: Flattening out a bit. Medicated feeling dropping off. Some very vivid dreams. Could read a wikipedia page from my brain word for word (incredible side effect lmao a bit spooky sometimes with scary things but go with it I got through it). week 4: Felt like the medicine stopped working and symptoms appeared again so upped dosage to 40mg. week 5,6,7,8: Not much improved so upped to 60 mg. week 9-: Working very well for depression and anxiety. Sleeping a bit better. There are still days I feel rotten but then I know if I get through it a good day will come with Fluoxetine doing its work. Still get wierd feelings when trying to sleep like anxiety symptoms (can cause almost anyth Give it time. I was told to see results in 6-8 weeks but my experience has been different. A reaction straight away in the first 3 weeks then nothing. Had to up dosage to find the right level. It took 3-4 months before I was satisfied. Even though I am not fully satisfied with my life atm, I am very satisfied by how the medication has picked me up from how bad I was before I took it. M 22 4 months
20 3X D

 5  anxiety,fear,panic Stomach upset,abit drowsy in the beginning,but now my appetite has increased" 3 years

 2  because ive had anxiety and dep. Brain zaps, numbness, indifferent to everything, not happy, emotionless, crazy irrational thoughts, feeling crazy withdrawl is awful and still experiencing symptoms after 3 months off of it. F 22 4 years
20MG 1X D
 4  Depression Difficulty getting off to sleep for 1st couple of weeks. More headaches than usual F 54 6 weeks

 4  PMDD Upset stomach. F 39 2 weeks

 3  depression & OCD It helps the OCD, but not the depression. I have weird dreams , feelings of loss of every thing, no desire for sex or touch. Just want to die and get it over with. I'm content with just tv , beer & dog's for now. Only 1 place makes me happy, but I can't afford to up and leave and start all over again at my age. Plus , I'm paranoid too on Prozac, weight gain as well. My heart beats so fast when things at work don't go as well. I feel useless, burden on society. I'm sure some one out there has it worse than me. I don't know how I got this way. F 47 2 days
25 mg
 3  Depression Headaches, weakness, numbness. This medicine has made me feel very numb and emotionless; I almost feel robotic. F 20 11 months
20 MG 1X D
 1  Depression Extreme restlessness, anxiety, insomnia. I was so restless I couldn't stop shaking my legs and arms. I woukd pace. I took up running just to get rid of that feeling. I couldn't sit or lay even while exhausted. I had to take a Xanax to fall asleep. This lasted for weeks after discontinuation. F 36 5 days
small 1X D

 4  depression anorexia ocd anxiety Headaches mild heartburn dry mouth night sweats anorgasmia mood swings lethargy F 27 9 months
20 mg

 5  Depression and anxiety I've been on fluoxetine twice now, I was weened off but then found I wasn't ready when the depression came back intensely. The side effect I notice the most is freaky hyper-realistic dreams. Sometimes they're cool, occasionally they're the worst nightmares I've ever had, and a few times they've actually gotten me trouble. The dreams are so realistic that you can dream of doing your taxes or dream your boyfriend cheated on (both happened to me), and wake up thinking it happened. I only figured out the taxes thing when I hadn't received my refund and couldn't find the copies of the paperwork I dreamed of filling out anywhere. I hadn't been warned about that potential side effect because apparently it is uncommon. F 26 1 years
 2  Depression Weight gain, suicidal thoughts F 18 10 months

 4  depression anxiety Hot flashes, dry mouth,headaches F 29 5 months

 1  Misdiagnosed with depression Depression, anxiety, severe insomnia, panic attacks, abnormal dreams, waking too early, hair loss, irritability, weight gain, crying, severe fatigue F 25 3 months

 3  Major Depression, Anxiety Unable to cry, severe heart burn and dry heaving in the mornings, able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Other than that, the pill has been alright, it has evened out my emotions to where I am in one constant state of going with the flow. I don't seem to be completely against everything anymore, but I'm not passionate for much of anything either. I suppose it depends on what kind of person you are and whether you'd prefer an even state of "ehh" over the rollercoaster that is life. It did manage to help my anxiety, hyperventilating is a rare occurrence now. F 16 3 months
10 MG

 5  Combow/Wellbutrin ChronicDepression None of sexual side effects I'd been warned about. Then Again, after being chronically depressed for most of a decade---sex was not foremost on my mind. It actually made me desire time with my spouse more vs. Sleeping as much as humanly possible. I thought everyone hid out in their bed all day everyday after getting kids to school. Laying there thinking of death and life is pointless anyway....dr put me on Prozac and Wellbutrin. Oddly enough two weeks later, I was singing to radio and slowly getting out in the world again. I thought turning 40 was a death sentence. Grateful for these meds. F 45 10 years
1X D

 1  depression and anxiety Night sweats, sleep disturbance, foggy dream like state at times, lots of energy, made me paranoid and increased anxiety to the point i had an panic attack without reason,confusion and short term memory loss F 22 2 weeks
20 mg

 2  Anxiety Can I say nausea? Way too much nausea to function. F 16 3 weeks
20 mg

 3  Depression, anxiety Has helped quite a bit with both depression and anxiety. What is bad is that I fall asleep very easily and could sleep all day and night. Have to really push myself to do anything. I'm going to call the doctor about the sleepiness F 60 13 days
20 mg 1X D
 4  major depression none Changed from Cymbalta because of cost/change in insurance plan. No difference in effect. F 58 1 months
2o mg 1X D

 4  depression Whole body weakness. Mood swings taking branded prozac as generic doesn't work for me F 48 2 months
40 mg

 1  Long term depression Extremely tired, loss of appetite causing weight loss of 8 pounds. Felt extremely nauseous from week 2 to 3. Helped a small amount but still felt depressed. Couldn't cry. Scary vivid nightmares. F 24 4 months
20 mg

 4  anxiety/irritability/depression/PMD greasy, thinning hair; occasional headache; loss in appetite, maybe diarrhea? (That could be dietary!) Feel a little subdued, but thankfully my irritability totally subsided. The night I started this drug, a family member was killed in a car accident, and thankfully I haven't drowned in sorrow despite obvious sadness, the loss hasn't affected my job performance or ability to interact with others. I think it has probably helped me with coping. F 31 14 days
40 mg 1X D
 5  depression none Great Drug F 66 20 years
100 1X D

 5  Depression, Bipolar 2 None 14 years, I have tried almost all the other SSRI,seroxat, dumyrox,lexapro, celexa, paxil, efexor, zoloft with bad side effects. This works for me fine. I take it in the morning, Gives me energy. At night I also take 0,5 mg of klonopin amd 75 mg of lyrica. This combination finally has helped me a lot. M 50 3 months
20 mg 1X D
 4  severe depression Insomnia first week or so which is settling down now. Improved concentration. Happy positive frame of mind. F 48 2 weeks

 3  Depression Increased fatigue, increased appetite, headaches, not much help with the depression F 16 2 months
 5  depression and anxiety Insomnia and anxiety M 51 1 years

 3  Anxiety OCD Weight gain/binge eating, headache, disturbed sleep. Helped with depression only briefly. Anxiety is currently worse. F 38 1 months

 1  anxiety deppression Nausea very bad upset stomach, diarrhea insomia and lightheaded. F 31 8 days
20 mg
 3  depression Drowsy, weight gain, increased appetite, some anxiety, loopy feeling F 29 1 months
40 mg
 4  OCD/Anxiety/Depression/Anorexia Lack of libido Useful. Not a cue but I do much worse when off of it. F 10 years
80mg 1X D

 4  Anxiety/depression Causing dry heaves in the morning and sometimes throughout the day. Occasional slight heart burn and stomach upset. Initial side effects seem to fade after the first week or so. Experiencing dry heaves in the morning. Having some stomach upset and acid problems-not sure if it's the Prozac or not. This medication works but takes time to get in your system. Going to stick with it and hopefully the dry heaves lighten up. M 50 14 days
20 1X D
 1  Major Depressive Disorder Just felt way more depressed, weight gain in a short time. I went onto this when zoloft and lexapro had severe side effects. I felt better the first couple of days in terms of mood but after that I felt way more depressed than when I started and went into a rapid decline. I experimented with not taking it some days towards the very end and felt way better even one day off it. I guess that it is just not for everyone and I am one of those ones. The only success btw I have had with antidepressants is celexa, 20mg per day. I am having a break from all meds for a while after the latest series of disasters! F 46 1 months
20mg 1X D

 1  Depression and anxiety Not able to orgasm at all!!! irritability, extreme impatience, severe mood swings, diarrhea, fatigue, F 33 1 months
20 mg

 1  Severe Depression,Panic Attacks, Intense anxiety, diarrhea, lack of focus. This is a big no no for me F 19 5 months
40 mg 1X D
 5  OCD/Depression Dry mouth. This medicine practically cured my OCD. I am so thankful for it. It took a while to work, but when it did, it really worked! F 41 10 years
60mg 1X D

 1  EDNOS, BPD Panic attacks, paranoia, complete lack of emotions. F 17 7 months
 5  Depression, anxiety, stress Dry mouth and eyes, vivid dreams, daytime fatigue, slows metabolism, agitation/hyperactivity/decreased concentration, emotional numbness where it’s harder to feel in love, lowered libido and longer to orgasm, long taper when getting off meds/still get withdrawal symptoms even when tapering. Tapering off and getting through withdrawal takes patience-this process can be very frustrating if you have to resume a previous dose longer to avoid withdrawal. Also, very difficult to get through school or work day when going through withdrawal. I took Prozac from age 16-27. Pros: Gets rid of depression, anxiety, and stress. Also helps with headache prevention, PMS, IBS, SAD, fibromyalgia, low immunity, chronic pain reduction. Only take this med if severe depression, anxiety, or stress interferes with your daily functioning-otherwise the side effects aren’t worth it. Must weigh benefits of meds vs. side effects. Lower dosage can be just as effective as higher dosage. 5-10 mg works just as good as the 20 mg with less side effects. Some people even get benefits with a dose as low as 2 mg. Been doing well off meds for 8 years now. Great to feel my emotions again and orgasm more easily. F 35 11 years
20mg 1X D
 3  depression, anxiety, OCD When I was first prescribed I started with 10mg and it helped me a lot- I had so much energy that I would scrub my floor with a toothbrush, my depression improved, panic attacks and anxiety stopped completely within the first week. But once I was upped to 40mg, I lost all the positive side effects and things became worse than they were before I started taking them. Severe depression, no energy, increased appetite and weight gain, and constant trembling hands. F 19 10 months

 2  anxiety Hot/cold flashes ,dizzynes,muscle aches,twitches,mild headaches,restlessnes,diarrhea,weaknes. M 19 2 months
20 mg

 1  Bipolar Disorder I was prescribed this drug in, from what I can recall, mid-2002 and was taken off of immediately in early 2008. The reason why the psychiatrist prescribed me prozac was because he believed I was suffering from Bipolar Disorder (which I never was!). The reason why I was taken off prozac immediately was because of the severity of the following symptoms: • Visual and Audio Hallucinations; • Psychosis; • Gross Weight Gain/Morbid Obesity; • Mood/Personality Dysfunction; • Increased Appetite/Not Feeling "full". Being on this was utter torture and I DO NOT recommend it! F 23 5 years
min to max

 5  Anxiety Made me feel great at 20mg but I still needed that extra push so we increased to 40mg. I felt even better but then I was yawning a lot and clenched my jaws ALOT. Now I have constant headaches in the temple area which I believe is the clenching. Sex is awesome and pretty good with sleeping. I don't cry at the drop of a hat anymore but I do find it work when I want to cry . Sometimes I am lazy but a lot of the time I'm ready to go. I have noticed significant hair loss. I can't stand that part!!! All in all I like it, it makes me a happier person, but I don't want to bald👎 F 32 1 years

 1  Depression Weight gain, decreased libido, vivid dreams F 20 6 months

 1  Depression It caused irritation in my lungs, insomnia, indigestion, an inability to breathe deep, fatigue, Cervical Dystonia, some muscle weakness, dizziness. I took one dose and then stopped due to the side effects. I took one dose of this and experienced the aforementioned side effects. Needless to say, I stopped it and took it no more. M 51 1 days
10 MG. 1X D

 1  depression poo poo don't work no sex life whatsoever. Poo poo won't get erects anymore. Only good to pee now. M 60 7 days
20mg 1X D

 2  Depression, mood stabilization Anorgasmia and erectile dysfunction. Those are my only gripes. I hated them. SSRI's do the job, but my side effects sucked. I took in conjunction with 45 MG Remeron. M 30 6 months
20 MG

 4  bipolar Increased sex drive..hard to sleep F 35 2 months
20 mg

 5  clinical depression sleepy in afternoons when first started This medication gave me my life back. Started out at 10 mg along with counseling, and was able to function normally. After ten years the dosage was increased to 20 mg. This worked well for another nine years then stopped being effective. I struggled for a year taking no antidepressant at all, and since have been prescribed Sertraline which is helping. F 59 19 years
10 - 20 mg 1X D

 2  OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression Drowsiness, spaced out, felt like my brain was injected with lidocaine, didn't feel any emotions, felt like a zombie. Anhedonia, lost all ambition, became very content with everything, just didn't care anymore. I went to see my GP about fatigue and some OCD and he put me on Prozac 10mg. I was so sick, drowsy, I couldn't function despite drinking copious amounts of coffee, Red Bull, and taking 30-45mg Dexedrine which normally keeps me alert. Nothing helped...went down to 5mg then 2.5mg and still felt awful. I've been through all SSRIs, they are all garbage. F 36 2 months
5 mg 1X D
 1  Anxiety Roller coaster emotions. Intense guilt, depression, worthlessness, paranoia. Lately, I've had suicidal thoughts and have felt self-destructive. I feel like s**t right now. I had a terrible evening and I really don't want to live anymore! I'm afraid this drug will cause me to kill myself. It's getting pretty close now!! M 43 12 months
40 mg 1X D
 4  major depression & anxiety Weight gain due to blood sugar changes that doctors do not cop to. Insomnia, water retention, and a bit of joint-swelling. This drug does not need to be prescribed at high doses. I do great with just 5 mgs, and did ok w/10 except for the side effects were a bit worse. One can minimize the side effects of the weight gain simply by sticking with a low dose and being on a low-carb high-protein diet. I highly recommend this drug at a low dose for those with depression. Very effective, safe, and reliable. Also, if ya skip a dose, there are minimal withdrawal symptoms, but particularly at the low dose of either 5 or 10 mgs. This medication has been the best and I have tried a lot over the course of 10 years. I keep going back to Prozac for a reason. Also, it has not messed up my sleep as badly as a higher dose does, and I can concentrate very well on it. My brain works better, I think clearer, and am in better control of my emotions on it. I also have had no problem with any sexual issues on this drug. All is well as far as that goes...at least for me. Btw, taking fish oil, probiotics, and digestive enzymes are very helpful while on this drug as far as weight. Taking them helps keep weight issues to a minimum. I have had a weight gain of only 15 lbs on this in the past 10 years, and I'm 44. Not too bad. I DO work out and watch my diet though. That is truly crucial. Please be advised that this medication can heighten the happy feelings of alcohol, and can cause cravings for alcohol with minimal hangovers. Very dangerous that way to the liver and to one's health. If ya like alcohol F 44 1 years
5 1X D
 4  Anxiety Panic and Mild Depression Nausea.. Mild.. Headache.. Some Constipation.. Total loss of appetite.. I have been on Lexapro for nearly 2 years and it did help but I was always exhausted feeling about mid afternoon. Although it helped with my anxiety issues, it never really helped much with panic so I asked to switch and my pdoc and I agreed on Prozac. I slowly went off the Lexapro and started adding 2.5MG of Prozac for every 2.5MG of Lexapro I would lessen. The Prozac seems to be less sedating so far but I think there's some residual Lexapro still in my system at this point so we'll see in a week or two. The cool awesome thing is my ability to orgasm easily came back, and it came back STRONG and POWERFUL. I still have delayed orgasms but when I finally ejaculate it's extremely intense. I also have ZERO appetite which is fine for now because I could stand to lose about 15 pounds, so most of my food is forced down. And I'm back to sleeping for 6 or 7 hours a night instead of 8 or 9 like I was on Lexapro... Hopefully it will hit the Panic attacks better than the Lexapro did - but so far - I'm happy with the switch... M 43 6 weeks
10 MG 1X D
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