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 3  Y.I Horrible burning sensation.Very discomforting after applying the first dose.I hope the second dose doesn't burn as this much. F 17 1 days

 4  Yeast Infection :( Relieved the urge to itch then began to itch again but it's definitely not as bad as before I only used the anti itch cream because I was in a hurry and that's what I felt like I needed was to stop the itching asap and which when I first put it on it stopped all itching and pain but after about 5 minutes it began to itch again but it's not as bad as before I used the cream. It worked well but if I need to buy more I would try a different kind to compare which I think works better F 16 1 days

 5  Yeast infection noticed a slight itchy burning sensation earlier in the day that progressed into an obvious YI. Got the medication on pharmacy recommendation. Cleaned the area with a wipe, and applied the cream. Stingy at first but more of a, "if it burns it's working" sensation. Inserted the ovule and had total relief within an hour. I will continue the treatment for the full 3 days. So far I'm happy with the results! F 27 1 days

 4  yeast infection So its been like 30 minutes since I put some medicine in. I also used the cream. It doesn't burn but it itches a little tiny bit. I can deal with it. I think I can use for the rest of the time F 16 1 days

 5  Yeast Infection After reading all of the reviews on it, I was afraid to try it but did anyway and I am glad I did! I'm currently on day 2 and have not experienced any burning, itching or cramps. After I've inserted the suppository and used the cream, all I feel is a very comfortable cooling sensation. Another great thing about this product is how quickly it works, all of my symptoms were gone after the first use! F 25 2 days
3 Day
 5  yeast infection I was completely freaked out reading these reviews and wasn't going to try the medicine at all, but I'm glad I did. I think that the people who had terrible burning and itching had skin that was irritated to the point of being raw and open. My yeast infection hadn't progressed to that point yet and I think that's why I didn't experience any negative side effects. F 20 1 days

 5  YI Burned a tad bit more than the regular YI on day one. Feeling so much better for day 2. However, I forgot that will have to get up after only laying down for 2 hours for this second treatment which does not follow the directions. I am hoping for the best and will follow up with the results. F 30 3 days
 4  yeast infection Intense itching after a few seconds of insertion lasts for maybe 3 mins at most. F 21 2 days

 5  Yeast Infection I haven't experienced any negative side effects, the only possible side effects would be the discharge of the medicine. I would recommend wearing a pad. I have experienced no negative side effects. No burning, itching, or pain! I feel like this could be because I realized I was getting a yeast infection the day before I started the medicine. Since I caught it early, I wasn't scratching or irritating my vagina. I was scared with all the negative reviews, but this seems to already be helping! Hope it completely goes away after day 3! F 20 3 days
200 MG 1X D

 5  Yeast Infection No bad side effects. Annoying when you wake up to pee (7 months pregnant) to feel the medicine driping out but hey atleast it works! F 19 3 days

 3  Yeast infection After inserting the little egg and applying the cream I laid down and suddenly felt this intense burning. It's been going on for twenty minutes now but I'm pretty used to it at this point. As long as my y.i. goes away, I have no issue dealing with burning for three days. It's pretty bad though, I wish I chose another brand but I was too lazy to reach for the top shelf.. F 18 3 days

 3  Yeast infection Horrible, terrible itching and burning. Almost like a chemical burn. I will go to the dr next time and get a diflucan. They should put done lidocaine in this stuff. 35 3 days

 3  Yeast Infection #2 My first yeast infection I used the 7 day treatment and I had no problems what so ever. That lead me to believe this would be the same ; I was wrong. After it is first inserted there is a burning sensation an unbearable pain (ranges different from person to person) and then it seems to subdue a bit. F 16 3 days

 1  Yeast infection Slight burning a few minutes after inserting and INTENSE I mean INTENSE itching!!!!! F 13 3 days
 5  Yeast infection Insane internal itching for approximately 2 hours after the first treatment. I have used it before and never has the itching been that crazy! I think maybe I waited too long for treatment and the infection was worse than I thought. Woke up in the morning with a little itchiness and lots of discharge. As the day wore on the itchiness has all but disappeared but I'm nervous to see how itchy the second dose will be. F 37 3 days
1X D

 3  i have itching and pain urinaring I have used it for about a day now I feel perfectly fine .. I been reading all this reviews and they all said (bad itching , burning pain) I honestly haven't had any but anyways its been a good product to me . IN MY OPININION THE SIDE EFFECT DEPENDS ON HOW BAD YOUR INFECTION IS THATS WHY IT BURNS PROBABLY THE ITCHING AND BURNING MEANS THAT THE ANTIFUNGAL ITS ACTUALI BURNING.. F 20 1 days

 4  monistat 3 I have not had any side effects it stopped all itching and irritation after the first dose! I used the 200mg capsules I would deff recommend F 22 2 days

1X D

 5  Yeast infection I purchased the Monistat 3 with the pre filled cream applicator. Soon after I inserted the medicine and laid down, I experienced severe itching and burning and so much discomfort for about 30 minutes. However, after the initial burning and itching I started to have a GREAT DEAL OF RELIEF. Almost like a numbing feeling. No pain or discomfort after waking up. I also used this while on my period. It can be messy so wear a pad. Also, be prepared for more discharge than usual. You can see the yeast discharge in chunks! RELIEF! F 21 3 days

 4  yeast infection Light burning for 10 mins first day but no other problem. My Dr recommend this and pro b to stay balanced. F 40 3 days

 4  YI I just took the first dosage and although it is very uncomfortable, the discomfort is not worse than prior to taking the medicine. After about 30 min the burning and discomfort went away. Although it is very uncomfortable at first stick with it and you will experience relief. F 23 1 days

 4  yeast infection 30 min of severe burning and itching all 3 days after inserting. Using the cool pads and cream helped a lot. F 34 3 days
 1  yeast infection O my this is the worse feeling i just did it about 30 min ago and then lied down like tge box said and tried getting my daughter to sleep and tge burning and pain was so bad i had to get a wet cold rag and place it down there wanting to get it all out i will not be doing the last two im in so much pain..........take this off the shelfs or dont put mild burning put sever burning will make u want to cry F 23 3 days
 3  yeast First day itching n burning really bad abdominal pain too...today im experiencing an heaviness in my pelvic area n cramps .i would like to know what caused that? Besides from that its workng 23 1 days
 1  YI Burning itching never went away 24 3 days

 2  Yi After using the suppository cream, I experienced the most awful burning down there I've ever felt. It's been 30 minutes now and burning is starting to subside, but I'm scared to use days 2 & 3. I would not have used this product if I had read the reviews. F 18 1 days

 4  YI Slight burning/itching, hives around various parts of my body, headaches I really don't have much of a problem with the medicine other than it caused strange itching rash/hives around my ankles. It seems to be working perfectly fine otherwise and it isn't too unbearable so I'll finish the last day to cure the infection, but it just seems like a weird side effect to me. I would use Monistat again, but probably only in the seven day cream. I would not ever use to one day Monistat because of the terrible reviews I've read on it. I think the dosage is too high which has caused the terrible experiences with it. F 18
1X D
 4   The first day I used this it was complete hell the burning pain was so bad I cried myself to sleep. The second day was heaven compare to the first. Now I'm on my 3 rd day and as I put the capsule 30 min later the burning began. It's unbearable. I'm squeezing my legs hoping for the best F 26 3 days

 1  Yeast infection Omg!!!!! This was the worst experience ever!!! My first and last time using this. Moments after putting it in it started burning so bad I had to rush to the bathroom to wipe it out which didn't help I had to actually shower to rinse it out. Now it's still burning a bit. I will NOT be continuing the treatment and that was a big waste of $16 F 23 1 days

 4  Yeast Infection I have never had a yeast infection before so I wasn't sure if that is what I have but after checking the symptoms I'm positive I do, I bought monistat 3 and it's been about 15 mins since ive put it in and so far I feel good (knock on wood) I really hope I don't get any of the side affects some people say because I'm scared and was really nervous to take this so let's hope it works well! Thanks for the reviews and good luck to the rest of the ladies!! F 18 1 days

 4  yeast infection I as well have been skeptical about taking monistat. 3 after reading all the terrible reviews. . I have only had one other yeast infection in the past and used the cream form. So when i opened the packaging for m3, i was a little scared when i saw the pill looking tablet. Little did i know it did not hurt at all to insert. F 19 1 days
 5  Yeast Infection Mild itching, tingling F 21 2 days

 3  Yeast Infection I have been really scared to take the product due to all of the horrible comments about the unbearable burning and itching but I knew I had a Yeast Infection and I wanted to get rid of it without having to go to the doctors. I bought the 3 day one in hopes that it wouldn't burn me and I really didn't want to have to take the 7 day one. At night I got a pad and some wipes. I wiped down my area and inserted the "capsule". Next I used the anti itch cream around the outside of my area to ease any itching or burn I probably would experience. I'm going on about a hour and still no scary itching or burning. At most I have a little tingling sensation. Hopefully this does not intensify over time because I do not want to be woken out of my sleep for this. If it does burn I will apply more cream and try to bear the pain. If your skin is raw and puffy before use then it is likely this stuff will burn you. For me I knew not to itch the area so it would not swell or sore. Hopefully this st F 17 1 days
200 MG 1X D
 5  Second yeast infection I have never experienced the burning and itching that has come with the first initial use of this product. But this has seriously worked for me now both times I've used it. I feel instant relief about 30 minutes after I start using it. My doctor recommended this product to me and said that the burning you feel is probably because the infection had been there for a while and/or the skin is raw and irritated. F 20 1 days

 4  Yeast infection Experienced intense burning and itching for the first 30-45 minutes. I used some vaginal anti-itch cream around the vulva and the pain went away instantly. F 17 1 days

 4  First time YI This is my first time using Monistat 3. Like 10 mins after inserting pre filled suppository, the itching was so intense it was almost unbareable!!! But after I woke up the next morning I felt such relief! No burning & no itching. I still have have 2 doses left, but I still haven't decided if I'm going to take them or not considering the fact that I have no more signs of the infection. I would recommend this product! F 19 1 days

 3  Yeast Infection Burning and major discomfort. F 37 3 days
200 1X D

 3  First or second yeast infection I just put it in about 20 min ago and I kinda feel the same as I did before. My itching and burning and soreness has been going on for about a week...is that normal? It's gotten worse within the last couple of days so my mom told me to get the m3. I just pray this goes away. This isn't fair and no one deserves to live a second with this type of infection. Hopefully it's gone within the next two days. F 19 1 days
Not sure

 5  yeast infection I have used the monistat 3 a few times has always worked great. Never did experience the burning others described. Although this is my 3rd day and its the first time I have ever experienced nausea with Monistat. F 21 3 days

 1  Uti doctor said take this also Burning , discomfort, irritated skin. I didn't have a yeast infection but my doctor said that the antibiotics I'm on might cause me to get one. So she suggested I use Monistat during for the time I'm on antibiotics. I was great until 15 min after using Monistat 3. I could hardly sleep it was so irritating F 33 1 days
200 mg 1X D

 5  Yeast Infection I'm on my 2nd day of using the inserts and cream and i have to say i definitely feel it working. Although i did NOT buy Monistat i bought the Walmart brand EQUATE which has the same ingredients I'm highly satisfied.I still made an appointment with my Dr. Though that way i can either be put on a medication or a higher cream because this is my 2nd yeast Infection in 7 months. I work out a lot so i need to figure a stronger medicine. I would recommend the product for anyone who needs a cure within 3- 7 days. F 23 2 days
 5  Yeast Infection First, I drink a cup of cranberry juice with a garlic tooth so I won't taste it and a little yeast pill called AZO, then I apply the ovule, this usually helps speed up the curing and prevents for any future "problems" :) hope it helps ! F 23 1 days

 5  yeast infection First off there weren't any side effects that weren't already problems before I took the ovule. My poor area was so swollen so I had some difficulty inserting it but I feel fine. No itching or burning, etc. Within two hours I'm already noticing the pain going away. F 24 3 days

 3  yeast infection Right after I inserted the cream it was horrible! I could not sit still and it hurt so bad and itched like crazy. Now 45 mins of burning its stopped so hopefully thats the end of the burning! I just put the blanket in between my legs and sqeezed and hope for the best. Burning is curing! F 20 1 days

 4  Yeast infection Intense itching F 15 3 days

 5  Yeast infection Ok let me say this, I take the monistat 1 first, when I put the ovule in I was really dry but still felt a little burning for about 3mins but not to bad, I was waiting for the drainage but it didn't seem to come, it really didn't work for me so I went back an got monistat 3, it really works so fast but it burns like hell. I had to stop what I was doing to get that stuff off me when it leaks because it really burns in irritate the skin like crazy when it drain itself out.. Good luck ladies F 25 3 days

 4  Yeast infection Relief was not instant, but by the 4th day I felt significantly better. The only side effect I had was irritation when the medicine began to come out. I had to stop what I was doing, go to the restroom and get it off my skin ASAP. I would use this product again. F 28 3 days
1X D
 5  Yeast infection Ok so I've been reading reviews about the monistat 3 and I have to say I did not expierence any of the horrible itching and burning that's been described. This is my first yeast infection and I was scared that it was gonna hurt really bad but I'm on my second dose and I'm feeling much better. I guess it all depends on how bad the infection is and how raw and irritated your vagina is. I've been very dry down there, so before I used the applicator I put a lil bit of hot water on the tip before I inserted it. Good luck ladies! F 25 2 days

 5  yeast infection Slight tingling F 21 1 days
 5  first time yeast infection It works great this was my first yeast infection. I read a lot of reviews saying that it burns once you insert the application. Which wasn't the case for me it didn't burn it wasn't messy it works amazingly. P.s my doctor stated that if it burns then you most of had your infection for a while. I would recommend this product.. M 25 3 days

 4  yi Burning but bare able! If you scratched its only common that your gonna burn you have irritated the skin! I'm laying here now praying I can keep it inside and not wipe it out! F 33 3 days

 4  yi I felt relief at first then I felt a burning sensation. It got better as time went on. F 23 1 days
 5  Yeast infection RELIEF!! Would use again. F 21 3 days

 5  YI I did not experience any side effects. I would use it again if I didn't have time to go to the doctor. F 45 3 days
1X D
 5  YI No negative side effects F 19 3 days
1x Day

 3  yeast infection Immediately after insertion, severe burning and itching. It was so bad I could not sit or lay still. It was horrible and I thought I was going to have to flush it out but I waited it out. After a couple of hours it got better with time. My vagina is still (5 hours later) feeling very hot down there and I am hoping this passes too. I am very worried about inserting day 2 and 3. Had I read these comments before purchase I would never have bought it! F 41 3 days
5mg 3 days 1X D

 5  YI None. The only somewhat unpleasant experience was during the insertion of the applicator..it was slight irritation but only lasted a few seconds.Overall a very convenient and effective product. F 23 3 days
1X D

 3  yeast infection from pregnancy I would have to say that when I first used M3, I felt worse than before when I didn't use it, but only for maybe an hour, after that I felt a bit more relief, and by the second day I could start to feel it clear up, and I read comments before taking it,most said it burned and was itching, and it was at first, but goes away..- chose not to use the external cream. I found it bothered me but pretty much works F 18 3 days
 2  Yeast Infection I just took the first dose and have been burning and itching like crazy. I can't sleep. Can't stay still, want to take it off! I just saw the comments and it brings me a little relief that it is common to feel this way. I was going crazy thinking that something had gone wrong. Kind of scared to take the next two doses. F 22 3 days
5 MG 1X D

 5  Yeast infection Soon as I insert the medicine and put the cream on the outside it stopped itching . I'm on my 2day day and it's really helping me I'm not longer irritated . It did not burn or anything . I really recommend this ! F 17 2 days

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