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 3  Headaches Dizzy, unfocused, fatigue, disoriented, dry-mouth, nausea, chest-tightness, feel like I might pass out When I started taking Indocin I would take it at night with antacid and didn't notice any issues. But then when I take it during the day (usually around lunchtime) I've experienced these side-effects that come on quickly and are nearly disabling for about 1-2 hours. I don't feel comfortable taking it anymore because of these side effects. F 53 6 months
75 mg 1X D

 3  hip and knee pain Pain was gone!! But I had dizziness,diarrhea,and rectal bleeding F 49 2 days
 1  For joint pain This medicine made me sick and had headache. I am already a migraine patient and this medicine made my condition worse. 44 1 days

 5  gout I had been having SEVERE pain in my left foot for about a month. I stand on my feet at work and usually worked through it but when the pain became so severe st night that the weight of a simple bed sheet woke MW from a dead sleep I finally went to my doctor. I took the first dosage at bedtime, within a few hours of eating, woke in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and the pain had lessened so much I was ecstatic!!!! Love it! F 52 2 days

 4  pericarditis It worked well to alleviate my chest Pain. However I took it once on an empty stomach and a couple hours later I felt like I was going to faint. It did make my heart race slightly especially after exertion. F 33 10 days

 5  Ankylosing spondylitis Heart arythmia, mild dizziness M 57 10 years
50 mg

 1  gout nausea sweating clammy hands racing heart dizziness difficulty breathing anxiety difficulty speaking I had taking this on a few occasions before, but the last time I took it, I experienced the symptoms above. On this occasion I did not take the medication with food, which may have triggered the symptoms. I had to call the paramedics and was given oxygen and taken to the emergency room, and stabilized a couple of hours later. I'm in good health and this was the first time I've ever had this type of reaction to medicine, and it was my first ride in an EMT. M 42 5 times
50MG 1X D

 1  After hip replacement Swollen calf's and feet also iching on my legs M 60 14 days
75mg 1X D

 1  spinal arthritis This caused the most intense terrifying anxiety attack I've ever had. It hit about 40 mins after taking it and literally brought me to my knees. I worked through it without calling 911 but I sure had the phone in my hand. Increased blurry vision as well. F 33 1 days
 3  Ankylosing spondylitis Migraine, strong headaches, blurred vision, ringing ears Not able to control my sacro pain F 33 9 days
50 3X D

 5  Gout After your body adjusts it's a miracle for getting over a Gout attack. If you have gout don't look anywhere else. My doc put me on it for the first three months of allopurinol. Best 3 months of my life. No gout no inflamación. M 42 3 months
50 mg

 5  gout/right foot,big toe and ankle With LG meal! Slight sleepiness,good for me.Within few hours of 2nd dose 75% better! Redness,swelling,intense pain down!2nd or 3rd day usually all gone.No other drug comes close.I can't even stand sheet or sock on foot.If u don't eat right u will get sick so take care,it's worthy. F 42 3 times
25mg 1day

 3  scleritis The first night i took it with a anti acid like the doctor said... I spent the next 12 hours on my couch with the worst abdominal cramping of my life. I cried for about 6 hours cause if the pain, but it did help for the scleritis. The pain isn't as sever. Probably won't take the medicine again due to bring a mother a i can't spend another night on the couch F 23 7 days

 1  Migraines Pounding headache, fathom chills only on the left leg, nausea, vomiting, leg trimmers while sleeping. I hated this medicine it was so difficult for me to take if I was even just a few minuets past the 8 hr mark I would get a poundinding headache. There were very few days that I didn't wake up with a headache. When the neurologist told me to stop taking the they said to just stop taking it cold turkey. I told them it wasn't going to work, it made me so sick, I had such a bad headache, I had to go to the hospital. OMG F 51 14 days
75 mg 3X D
 3  Hemicrania continua I have been on indo for over Year. When I first started taking it I was having I called "drunk like" state. I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything. Because I have a chronic pain disorder. I was take it 300mg/ day but found I started to lose my memory. Currently struggling to eat at this dose level now at 200mg/day. I will have to be on this drug the rest of my life. So it's one dose at a time for me. F 28 1 years
50mg x4
 3  Inflammation in my chest. This medicine has not made me feel good. I was prescribed to take this medicine 3 times a day with food. The first day, I went to work and felt dizzy and almost passed out. I had taken it with food, also. The medicine gives me hot flashes and its hard to sleep at night. I have had slight headaches. Worst of all, this medicine has gave me diarrhea. Sometimes throughout the day and at night. This is my fourth day of five and I am not going to finish taking it because of how it makes me feel. F 20 4 days
50 MG

 1  Suspected rheumatoid arthritis Stomach cramps, nausea, unbalanced, diarrhoea. First day had slight stomach cramps. Second day had nightly dose straight after big dinner. An hour later worse side effects started. Only prescribed for 5 days while waiting for blood test and X-ray results. Has not eased pain and inflammation at all, so doubtful will keep taking. F 34 2 days
50mg 2x D 1X D

 1  postop athletic pubalgia surgery Explosive diarrhea and stomach pain. Headache. Had to stop taking it. Three days later and I'm still have the diarrhea. F 49 4 weeks
25 MG 3X D

 1  Gout . 3 of the 4 time I experienced severe dizziness, heart racing and disorientation that felt like I was going to pass out. The last time I took this it was horrible. I was driving and had to pull over and almost called 911. called my wife to come get me instead. I took it with a food for breakfast. my only advice is if your going to take it it must be with a BIG meal. I will never take this again! thought I was going to die! M 34 4 days

 3  sciatic & back pain first few weeks I has some nausea but is not so bad now because I always take on a full stomach. I usually get a little dizzy about 3-5 hours after I take it and then super sleepy at hour 6. I started taking it at night and that took care of those issues but now it wears off a little during the day and I can feel my back and sciatic pain. F 43 63 days
75 1X D
 1  Post surgery hip laberal repair Difficulty focusing vision and concentration. Initially I thought something was wrong with my reading glasses because I had to concentrate so hard just to focus my vision while reading. "out-of-it". Extreme lack of energy. Alternating between being hot/sweaty and cold with chills. By day 7, all symptoms were so bad my wife almost called 911 (embarrassing since I'm a fire fighter/paramedic) until on a whim, we looked up side effects of this drug (only med I'm taking regularly). M 47 7 days
25mg tid

 5  Severe joint pain The biggest side effect I have experienced is feeling light headed and somewhat dizzy 30-40 minutes after taking the pill. That seems to be decreasing in severity the longer I take it. No GI side effects have been noted yet so far and it is a life saver for me so far!!!! I was prescribed this medicine after I found no relief to crippling joint pain over the last week. The cause of my condition is still unclear but this medicine has made it so I can function at work easily and have a relatively normal day again! The other store nonsteroidals did not touch this pain and I was taking dangerously high doses to try to get an effect that was never going to happen. This drug is a life saver for me right now!! F 36 3 days
50 3X D
 5  Hemicrania Continua Prescribed as 25mg 3x day. I'm only taking it once a day, and it completely takes the pain away for nearly 24 hours; the first drug to address the pain after 3 years of daily pain. I take it around 10-11am with food. Causes tiredness for the next several hours. Seems to also cause some acid reflux that only impacts me when lying down. F 57 9 days
25mg 1X D
 1  tendonitis in wrist I took 75 mg with a full meal and glass of water just like the doctor and pharmacist told me, but I still got a stomach ache that lasted all evening. My stomach ache eased up as I was getting ready for bed so I didn't think too much of it. Four hours later, I woke up with excruciating stomach pains like a bomb blew up in my stomach and I felt like I either had to vomit or pass a bowel movement,I couldn't tell which one. After an hour of sitting on the toilet and nothing happening I decided to lay back down and deal with the pain until it was time to wake up. When I woke up I immediately had explosive diarrhea. Besides all of the stomach problems I had with one indocin pill, it didn't even take away my wrist pain I get in the middle of the night. F 22 1 days

 5  Gout If I don't eat a normal meal before taking this drug I get very dizzy and sleepy. With food, it is a wonderful relief for my gout attacks. Starts working within hours if I catch it soon, a couple of days , if not, and it's gone. I don't need it very often, but I will never be without it. I probably could switch to 25mg and eliminate the side effects. M 62 3 days
50mg 3X D

 2  Muscle in Leg Dizzy, chills, pale skin, fever, numbness in face and fingers, tiredness, burning in the stomach, ringing in the ears and slowed- breathing I hurt the muscle in my left leg and this drug helped me to walk without a limp. The first morning of taking this drug, I felt very faint 30 minutes after taking it. I felt cold and faint. It took an hour to recover. I didn't take it again until that evening after supper. I felt ok, The next morning, I had terrible headaches, so I didn't take the medicine and switched to Advil. I took indomethacin after supper that night and felt okay, just tired. When I took the medicine on Thursday morning, I felt dizzy again and somewhat faint. I continued taking the second dose at 3pm and felt very hot, burning in my stomach and dizzy. Took my third dose that evening after supper and felt ok. Friday morning, same reaction, but the afternoon dose gave me such terrible side effects that I had to lie down. I called 811 and talked with a registered nurse, drank some fruit juice, and elevated my legs. I felt terrible for about 6 hours. I didn't take my third dose and will never touch this drug again!! The side effects are very scary. I read that indomethacin is a good SECOND choice! I think that if you are going to take this drug, take it after a FULL meal at night because the side effects are not as bad as than if you take it with a small snack. F 40 4 days
50mg 3X D
 1  hemicrania continua & cluster hdach lightheadedness, palpitations, drowsiness, lethargy. blurred vision Initially gave some relief to the hemicrania/cluster headache combo that I have with 1 25mg per day. That worked for a couple of weeks, but eventually had to start increasing dosage to 3X/day and then I started with side effects; which now already outnumber the reason for initially taking it. No stomach upset as I take Zegerid daily. I also had a nerve block injection to help relieve the daily pain. Neither the Indo nor the shot has worked. I still have the daily headaches. Could be the fact that headaches are still daily is also a side effect of the Indo so, as of today, I am going off the Indo since the side effects are mounting up. I will try a 2nd nerve block to see if it works without the Indo. 68 45 days
25 mg 3X D
 3  Heel spur The pain stopped the first day of taking the pill but the side effect was horrible and scary I was feeling dizzy,nasuea, stomach ache, shortness of breath and heart palpitating. F 58 3 days
50 1X D

 3  Heal Spur & Plantar Fasciitis Last night I was fine, not side affect. This morning after I took the pill I became very dizzy and disoriented, similar feeling to having low blood sugar. After a few hours the disorientation has gotten better but I am still a little dizzy. I will Try just taking the pill at night only and making sure I eat before. F 49 1 days
50mg 2X D
 5  for migraine pain and sleeping Before, I take this drug for Gout pain and now it work only for headache and it also help me have a good night sleep. M 58 1 months
1X D
 5  reactive arthritis slight stomach ache, slight lightheadedness I had extremely painful reactive arthritis in my ankle/foot for 2 weeks. I needed way over the prescribed dosage of both ibruprofen and naproxen to function and still with pain. Once I was correctly diagnosed, I asked my doctor for this prescription and literally 1 indomethacin pill cured me. I took it, went to bed and woke up with some soreness but no pain. After 2 weeks of barely sleeping due to pain, this cleared it up in one shot. Thankfully, I have not had to take another pill again. M 32 1 days
50 MG 1X D
 5  extreme arthritic pain for over 5 y i have had no ill side effects.after suffering with unbearable pain for over 5 years,crying when i woke up and unable to sleep at night.finally i sleep all night,i have no signs or symptoms of inflammation.i am able to walk,care for my family and i feel like a new person.thank god for this medication F 44 20 days
50 mg 2X D
 5  pseudo gout,osteoarthritis ringing ears, drowsiness Been taking on and off for about a month. No bad side effects. Works extremely well for me for pain that feels like every joint in my body hurts. Also taking morphine sulfate ER for back pain, but even that was not working that well for the pseudo gout. Nothing I have tried so far has worked as well as the indomethacin. M 57 1 months
50mg 3X D

 1  Inflmation First night I went to bed I woke up sweating. Second night I woke up had horrible nightmare couldn't go back to sleep. Had anxiety and numbness in my feet and hands. And everything looked blurry. Will never take this poll again F 27 2 days
 5  Shoulder tendinitis If I don't eat it will mess my stomach up. It can make me dizzy. But it is worth the results. I could not be as active if I did not have Indocin. M 39 3 years

 3  Gout Aside from the bizzare surreal "high" about 30 minutes after taking this drug WITH FOOD, I had some of the most vivid scary dreams. It was always the same dream that started out fine then ended really scary. I was being enveloped in a blackness I couldn't get away from. Usually, if I'm having a bad dream, I can just make myself wake up. I really had to force myself and almost jumped out of bed trying to get away from this dream. The swelling went down considerably the second day and my foot feels much better but I will no longer be taking this medication after my lunch dose. I want to have a feeling that I will wake up in the morning - and not at 4 a.m. huffing profanities for the struggle endured trying to pull myself from the blackness. M 40 2 days
25mg 3X D

 4  for reactive arthritis helps me sleep, my stomach gets upset if i don't take it with enough food, i've started prednisolone 30 mg, so i guess indomethacin is a sort of a cover up for the insomnia that i get from prednisolone....both medicines work great but its too late now since i've developed a deformity in my right knee due to arthritis...also i cannot bend down to pick something up, but otherwise it really helps me relax and feel normal all of this started in 2004, the drug is great, its just that i haven't been diagnosed right by my doctor, i wasn't diagnosed in time M 19 2 months
25 mg 2X D
 1  Pain managment for pre-term labor Panic/anxiety attack, dizzy, light headed, difficulty walking, difficulty breathing, difficulty staying conscious, the urge to vomit, tingling/numbness in limbs, clammy hands, sweating, slurred speech, hyperventilation, palpitations, tachycardia, convulsions. The whole episode lasted about 45 min, with a peek of about 20 min in... Started out as feeling dizzy, light headed, then the urge to vomit, but found it difficult to walk to the bathroom without the feeling the need for assistance to not collapse on the floor. Sat on the bathroom floor with my husband for 5-8 min, explaining what I felt while trying to sidetrack myself to not vomit (never did vomit). It became increasingly difficult to communicate and breathe (felt chest pressure & as if I could only take half a breath) My hands, whole body and face were becoming increasingly tingly, numb & clammy. We called my obstetrician, who assured my husband that I'll be fine (although I disagreed in my mind). Before I came to the point where I could no longer talk, I told him we might need to call 911 if I give him the sign to do so. After that it was extremely difficult to stay conscious, and understand what my husband was saying, I think I replied in slur or barely at all. I gave him the sign to call for help. As paramedics came in to the house I don't recall much else, other than I didn't understand what they were saying. Eventually I lost consciousness, and went in to convulsions. While in the ambulance on oxygen I came to, and felt very weak, tired. In the ER I was told it was a panic attack. F 28 1 times
50 1X D
 4  Gout I've taken this medicine on and off for a few months now and it always has produced rapid results in curing my gout. Most times, one to two pills will be sufficient. Unfortunately, I took the most recent dosage without food and I became extremely disoriented and dizzy. Like others have commented, I had difficulty walking and concentrating; I considered calling 911 but have chosen instead to see if the condition improves. I only mention this to underscore the severity of the disorientation. M 32 1 days
30 MG 1X D
 1  pain relief post surgery Suddenly began having heart palpatations and shortness of breath. Never had anything like this before and the only medical problems i had was thyroid removed for goiters. I am young and this was very scary. I was home alone and thought i was dying. I called 911 F 33 2 days
50 mg

 5  Pleurisy Well, the first night I had extreme night sweats but I only experienced that the first night. I've taken the advice from other posts and have always taken it directly after a full meal, not snacks. I've even pushed myself to eat more than a snack for a fear that I would experience what other people have. Suprisingly, I'm not drowsy but quite the opposite, I cannot get to sleep. When I do fall asleep, I seem to be groggier in the morning. As far as mood goes, I've been dealing with a lot of depression lately and since taking this, I've been in a really good mood. Not sure if it's the medicine or this added energy. Beats me. I'd have to say that I'm pretty happy with the drug so far. It's doing what I need it to. F 37 5 days
25 3X D
 3  Shoulder rotator cup pain Slight swelling aroung the calf and lower ankle. Slight increase in ringing of the ears. Tired. According to the Dr. this pain RA associated pain. At this dosage it dulls my pain enough that I can do my exercises but based upon the the expected long term side effects I am discontinuing it. Perhaps if my pain gets worse I'll resort to it as a last resort. M 63 12 days
25MG 2X D
 1  Gout I just got out of the ER after 3 hours. I took this medicine for gout, promptly drank two cups of coffee, and then 1 hour later went from being perfectly fine to slowly feeling detached from reality. My heart began racing irregularly and I was pouring in sweat. I grabbed my cell phone and couldn't remember how to operate it to make a call. At this point I decided I needed to call 911 figuring something had happened inside my brain such as a busted blood vessel. Mind you I'm 39 years old and never had any major health issues. As I focused on dialing 911, I noticed my hand started involuntarily shaking violently. I then managed to dial 911 and then walked over to the door to open it up for the EMT as I didn't think I'd be conscious before they could get to me. I then sat down focusing all my energy on not passing out. The EMTs finally arrived and took me to ER where I was stabilized 3 hours later. I need to check in with my regular doctor in the next few days, but this medicine Will never take it again! M 39 1 weeks
30 2X D

 5  Gout Lightheaded, diarrhea Miracle drug! Despite side effects it allows me to continue my life when I have a Gout attack. Without indocin, I can't sleep or function after a gout attack. Colchicine is no help. Also, hydration helps prevent Gout attack. M 47 5 days
50 3X D
 3   I was taking this medication for gout. The pain seemed to lesson, but for some odd reason, it gave me panic attacks. I had never experienced panic attacks before. I would sit and think and in my mind, Doomsday could occur at any moment. My body would go numb and i would sit and worry about everything. My first day doing it, I thought it was just me. The second day I took it, same thing happened. Third day, I had to go to work while taking it. I ended up having to have the company call me a cab home. I could not drive. I kept having the feeling of losing control of everything at any given second. M 40 3 days
50 MG 3X D
 5  Ankylosing Spondylitis Chronic fatigue. Anxiety/panic attack if not taken with a full meal. This is a powerful anti-inflammatory, but it works best for my severe spine arthritis. Originally my Rheumatologist prescribed 50 mg three times per day which was too much for my body. The first week on this drug, I had to call an ambulance because I thought I was having a heart attack or dying. It turned out to be a panic attack from this drug. We lowered the dosage to the minimum that still controls my inflammation/pain. I am so grateful for this drug, despite the side effects because I would be crippled without it. F 36 2 years
25mg 3X D

 4  Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy Rarely sudden brief dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, exfoliative dermatitis & other skin problem,rarely tachycardia I have been taking 75 mg (SR) daily for my pain. It has given me considerable relief. I have been suffering from this disease for the last 15 years. I was not getting much relief from pain till I was prescibed Indomethacin 75 mg per day. Though much damage has occurred to my spine, I can still go to work. To minimise side affects,I am taking organic multi-vitamin-mineral supplements ( Nutrilite from Amway).These supplements , I believe, are keeping me safe from other damaging/fatal side affects of this drug.To my fellowe users, please read "Secrets of Supplements" by Gloria Askew, RRN & Jerre Paquette, PHD, to know more about prolonging your life despite using this potentially fatal drug. M 49 4 years
75 mg 1X D
 4  Ankle arthritis Some abdominal cramps at first use, not too bad recently. I use it weekly, for pain management. One day, 4 pills, and then no use for several days until pain gets bad again. I'm trying to avoid or postpone the need for an ankle fusion. Taking with food and lots of water reduces the cramping. M 58 6 months
25 4X D
 4  Paroxysmal Hemicrania Blood pounding through ears and head, stiff neck, canker sores (?), slight dizziness 10-15 minutes after taking pill This medicine has drastically reduced the frequency of my horrible headaches, but it does not block or fix smaller tension or stress headaches. When I first started this med. I would feel tightness in my chest for about 15 minutes, and then it would relax. This doesn't happen anymore. Now, I still sometimes have trouble with the sound and feeling of blood pulsing up into my head - very uncomfortable but usually goes away after I fall asleep, though sometimes this takes a long time. I had about 2 months of chronic canker sores on gums and tongue, but this may or may not have been caused by the drug, I'm not sure. They aren't occurring right now and I'm still taking the med. Overall it has been helpful. When the big headaches come it blocks the majority of the pain, but my body still goes through the headache so I still experience neck stiffness, vision changes, sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting and the need to sleep for much longer than usual. I have also experienced some weight gain while on this drug because it must be taken with a meal, not just a snack. I space out the times when I take it to cover as much of the waking day as possible, so I wind up eating 6-7 small meals each day. Is difficult when the last meal is at 10pm each night. F 37 4 months
75 4X D
 4  Gout No serious side effects. The first pill made me feel slightly light headed for about an hour. I think the key with this drug is to take it with a full meal..not a snack in my opinion. Noticed mild pain relief after first pill. After first full day (3 pills) redness/stiffness/swelling was noticeably better. Pain reduced significantly (thank god). After 4 days the gout attack was ended. M 30
50mg 3X D

 4  Chronic Migraines I use this medication to get rid of migraines once they've started. It works amazingly quick in ending the migraine BUT...I get incredibly dizzy, nauseous, and feel like I'm incredibly high and feel like I'm slowly fading away or falling down, which makes walking difficult. I do eat w/it, but the side effects are a constant either way. It works great for migraines ...especially since I've tried several medications for this disorder. However, for first time users, I would recommend NOT taking this before needing to leave your house for work or school or something. The first time I took it I had to leave work and was hit so badly with disorientation I considered calling 911 at one point. F 26 3 months
75 1X AN

 4  Gout I didn't have any side effects. The bad pain went away about 36 after starting the meds. I have taken it for a week and can still feel a little pain. M 48 10 days
50mg 3X D
 5  chronic paroxysmal hemicrania Dizziness if I don't eat something with it. It's AMAZING! I've had chronic debilitating headaches for 8 years. Doctors thought it was tmj, migraine, etc. until I finally saw a newrologist who prescribed this! It's a wonder drug for me and has completely got rid of my headaches which were severe, debilitating stabbing pains in my right cheekbone, several times a day for 30 mins at a time. I thought it was hopeless. This drug has changed my life. F 32 21 days
50mg 2X D
 4  GOUT Headache, diarhia, breathing difficulty, blood pressure issues as it made a heart beating like sound in my ears, worsened my tinnitus, pretty much rendered me useless by the 3rd day on it. I was very dizzy from the start of takng it until 2 days after I stopped taking it. I also have pain in left side of my chest which I did not have before This med did work for the pain of gout. gve me very unpleasant and very scary side effects. I was bedbound by the 2nd day using it and stopped on day 3 after a very loud beating or whirring sound appeared in my ears. Dr. said it was from blood pressure perhaps. I was not supposed to take this smed because of my asthma but they gave it to me anyways, why i do not know? F 47 3 days
50 MG 3X D

 1  gout After about 25 minutes of taking one pill, I became very disoriented and dizzy, could not move from my chair and had significant trouble breathing normally. It was so scary that I decided to get my phone handy to call 911, though I had trouble getting up from my computer to get to the phone. After 15 minutes of trying to concentrate on breathing and deciding whether or not to call 911, I slowly made it 20 paces or so to unlock my door in case paramedics needed to enter my house. After sitting for over an hour concentrating on not blacking out, and still contemplating calling 911, I finally began to feel like I could walk. It is now 4 hours later and I still feel a quite dizzy and hazy, though my breathing is nearly normal. I am calling my MD to inform him of this response, and am throwing away the rest of this prescription. Please consider an alternative to this medication! F 55 1 days
50 mg. 1X D

 5  Gout in right toe joints and ankle I used to have mild upsets with stomach, and felt slight anxiety I have been taking this drug on and off for 10 years. I would at times feel sick in the stomach, heart beating faster and also mild anxiety. I realised that the trick is to have a proper meal, ie - such as rolled oats, with bannana and honey, and then directly take the indomethacin straight after. The same applies with lunch, and dinner. I used to just have a glass of milk or a yogurt, which resulted in the side effects. The way I see it, is that if the medication is slowly released into your system by having a big meal underneath it, I have no problems. I just had a terrible episode of gout for 3 weeks. My big toe and ankle looked deformed!and the pain!! I thought I would try natural alternatives - cherries, cherrie juice, celery seed in captule form, different types of water, lime juice, lemon juice and nothing worked. I have just had my third indomethacin capsule, and no pain, swelling gone down and feel fine! Remember- Full meal before taking. Sit upright for half an hour after taking. Stay off coffee, caffine while taking Stay cool if you can. Drink plenty of water while on this med. I've had no problems since doing this for the last five years when needing this med, it is a life saver!! M 43 10 years
75mg 1X D
 5  pleurisy, inflammatory pain I feel drowsy and dizzy from 30 minutes after the dose and lasting 2 hours. I have anxiety, but indocin "drowsy" feeling actually kills the anxiety for me, which is a positive side effect. But try to plan not driving for a couple of hours. I have tinnitus all the time, and I think indocin might make it worse. But relief from pain is the trade off that makes it worth while. I do not take indocin every day, to try to minimize any side effects. It is the ONLY med that works for my pain and achyness. It works when MORPHINE does not work. My son has a kidney disease, which is why I don't take it regularly, I am afraid of kidney side effects and I want to be able to donate a kidney if need be (I hope and pray I don't have to, but that is my fear) F 47 5 years
50 1X D

 2  Moderate Back Pain I had a moderate backache and saw this pill in my bag and it said "for pain" in the packaging. I previously took this when I had a gout attack thats why I have it. It was my mistake to take this drug (2 pills of 25mg) without a proper meal (but I did eat a small kitkat and coffee with it). I only ate lunch like an hour after I took it. 10mins after my meal I felt so effing dizzy, nauseaous and disoriented and I was in the mall on my way back to work. I really thought I was going to pass out. I never felt such an extreme side effect from any drug. I was literally praying in my mind. I thought I was going to have a heart attach or what. When I got back to the office I immediately googled this drug about the side-effects as I suspected it was because of the drug and I stumbled upon this website. I actually felt relieved that my symptoms were because of the drug as what other people mentioned. I am 5'9 30yrs old but extremely overweight (around 270lbs) so I thought it was M 30 1 times
50mg 1X D
 5  Gout Taking it with food is key. i've had the occasional stomach ache or diarrhea taking it, but typically, i just get a little woozy/drowsy. i am 6'4", 230#. Very effective for me. If I take it at the first sign of a flare up, I can often nip it in the bud and prevent the flare up altogether with just a pill or two. once a flare up happens, the meds seem to take a bit longer to do their work, but indomethacin has always made the pain go away after a few days. M 42 9 years
50 mg 3X D

 5  PRIMARY ICE PICK HEADACHES YES SIDE EFFECTS...ABDOMINAL PAIN EVEN TAKEING PROTONIX AND LIBRAX TO HELP WITH THOSE. OCCASIONAL FATIGUE. HASN'T TOTALLY 'CURED' THE HEADACHES BUT THEY ARE UNDER CONTROL. This is the ONLY thing that has helped. The ice picks are totally dibilating sudden and more times a day than I use the bathroom. Nothing else worked not morphine not steriods NOTHING. It is a pain on the stomach but lesser of the evils. F 47 12 months
75 MG 3X D
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