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 4  Tbi None I sopped and I became a little anxious M 71 1 days
 1  Panic Disorder Extreme dizziness This med did nothing for my anxiety and it had one particularly unbearable side effect--extreme dizziness about an hour after taking it. I mean it was like I had vertigo. I would be sitting up in bed and suddenly feel like the ceiling became the floor and I was falling through space! These brief dizzy spells lasted 2 seconds on average, but they were recurring. It was extremely unpleasant and after a month of toughing it out, it still did nothing for my anxiety and the dizziness was too much to bear so I said goodbye. M 29 1 months
N/A 1X D
 1  anxiety Severe muscle aches in legs and Arms neck and back. Hair loss. My legs feel like they are going to fall off And Sometimes I can barely walk. I stopped buspar about 2 months ago and I am still having all the painful side effects. I am afraid I have tardive dyscansia. I am in constant chronic pain!!! I would not recommend this drug to anyone. it has corroborating life long side effects F 66 4 months

 2  for depession/ aniexty My doctor increase my dosage to 1 tablet a day. A week ago I started feeling nervous can't sleep have bad dreams upset stomach I feel scared. Will have to change from buspirone to something else. I get scared that I am having a heart attack or that I am going to die. Are these side effects? I need to get my life back. F 59 1 months
 4  anxiety Does anyone get blurry vision taking buspar? Is this normal side effect? F 48 2 weeks
15mg day
 5  anxiety minor dizziness, increased hunger after doses. Very mild. Pretty easy on my system. I was prescribed a low dose (.25) xanax to take three times a day the first month I took Buspar. M 38 10 years
15 3X D
 5  GAD vivid dreams, wake up 2 hours early, irritable, increase appetite My side effects are actually very minimal. I can go to sleep easily, just wake up a bit early but I'm not tired. About an hour after I take it I feel very tired, but since I work from home I can have a 20 minute rest and then all is OK when I get up. My anxiety is already better, but I am still very irritable. I'm looking forward to that being curbed by the medicine after a while hopefully. I am supposed to go up to 10 mg 2x a day and may do that soon. This medicine is way better than an SSRI for me. It has increased my libido a bit which I didn't think would ever be possible. I have realized I need to control my eating or it will go through the roof so I have started keeping a large cup of water with me while I work and some gum, which helps. This is all much better than being anxious all the time. I realized it had started working when I belly laughed at something my 5-year-old did and I shocked myself a little. I hadn't freely laughed like that in so long, I couldn't remember. It is nice to relax and experience life again. F 42 7 days
5 2X D

 1  Anxiety No side effects at first - thought all was great. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that shortly after taking my dose I could not stop eating - it was completely out of control and I would only stop when I was so full I was in pain. About 10 days ago my vision went blurry and it didn't help even with my glasses. A week ago intense neck pain began and nothing relieved it. Two days later I was almost crippled by intense muscle and joint pain and made the connection with Buspar. Stopped taking it immediately and feel better already. Vision better, aches gone, appetite normal. F 55 30 days
15 2X D

 5  anxiety I started out on 7.5 MG a day for a few weeks to keep the side effects minimal as possible. Still got a little dizzy. Now I take 20 MG a day. 10 in the morning and 10 in the evening. That has knocked out about 80% of my anxiety. First week you will get dizzy from it and not sleep as well. I would go to bed about 1 in the morning and wake up at 3 am feeling fully rested and take about an hr to get back to bed. Takes a couple weeks to get over the insomnia. Felt depressed at first also until my body adjusted. It took about two months to fully kick in. I still haven't tried my wellbutrin yet because I'm nervous about the energy kick it gives you and it increases anxiety. I also have ativan to counter it. Either way give it enough time to work. This medicine does not work in a couple days like some of the reviews I read. It has to build up in your system. Don't be discouraged early. Push through the side effects to get the benefits! M 38 10 years
20 MG

 5  Anxiety After switching doctors, I had my new doctor to try me out on this medication. As, I wanted to taper off of taking Xanax (which was prescribed for me to take 4 times a day) and only begin taking it as needed. I have been taking this medication for a month and half thus far. I am on the lowest dosage that they offer, as I consider myself to have a sensitive stomach and alot of pills don't sit well with my stomach at all. I do take this medication with food, just like I do with most pills that I take. When I first started taking these pills, I did get these random bouts of dizziness, it would actually cause my body to suddenly start feeling anxious for no reason.And, I did experience bouts of nausea as well. Because I regularly take Phenergan (Promethazine Syrup), for the motion sickness and vertigo that I suffer from, I was able to take that and it really helped with alleviating the nausea and dizziness.The longer that I have been taking these pills, the more the side effects have real F 46 days
5mg 2X D
 4  anxiety Some drowsiness, chest pains, headaches This is not my first time taking Buspar. I was on it for about 4 or 5 months a couple of years ago. It seemed to have no effect on my anxiety at all until 6 weeks after taking it. I wasn't expecting it to work because it didn't work for 6 weeks and my anxiety was worse than ever. But then I suddenly realized I was feeling super, super calm. And I realized that it had started to work. I highly recommend anyone who is taking it take it at least 7-8 weeks. Sometimes it just takes that long to work. And boy did it work! I have never been so calm and relaxed ever before in my life or since. It didn t give me a buzz or high. I just felt soooooo calm and relaxed. I kept thinking that it must be what heaven is like. After years and years of terrible anxiety I was finally rid of it. I was so happy. I thought my anxiety was gone for good. All I had to do was keep taking it. But after 2 or 3 months it stopped working. I was upset and tried everything. Increasing the dose, taking it with and without food, in combination with Zoloft, etc. I have heard taking it in combination with Zoloft or other certain antidepressants makes it more effective and maybe it did at first, But it never worked again. Now today years later I still have anxiety and my dr. has prescribed it to me again, hoping that since it worked so well for a while the last time, it will help me again. This time I feel a bit spacey, have headaches and chest pains and a little drowsiness. I hope it works again. F 41 2 weeks
10 mg 3X D
 3  Anxiety/ Panic attacks I started this medication 3 times a day within the first week, but that was just too difficult so now I'm taking it twice a day. When I first started it my anxiety was calmer, BP was normal and i felt relaxed, I maybe had a panic attack once I woke up from a full 5 hour sleep, but that wasn't alarming to me. I'm almost three weeksin and it feels like my anxiety is coming back or worsening. My side effects: random chest pains, light headedness, headache, excitement, palpitations, increased libido, increased appetite, restlessness, euphoria ( everything gets bright ) So you all are not alone in this. Now, I'm going to tucker this out because I do feel that these effects will subside, plus I was on 10mg lexapro before and it made me feel horrible.. but it's just scary waking up in almost a full panic when you got at least a good 4 hours of sleep, Or having anxiety after you eat. Ugh.. Someone please tell me these side effects will go away. F 21 2 weeks
 3  Anxiety Have been on it for 3 weeks, low dose of 5 mg once a day. I do feel calmer but it's side effects are wrecking havoc on all aspects of my life. I feel very spacey, out of it most all day- worse if on empty stomach- so eating half banana and half Pb sandwhich when I take it. The lightheadness and nausea are the worst, especially at work . I have a computer desk job and this lightheadness affects me to point that my anxiety kicks in and leaves me crying because of it. Thank god i have a very understanding boss ,co workers and family. But still I get tired of feeling this way most days than not . I too am hoping lightheadness , nausea , headaches, neck tension go away soon. It is affecting my life outside of work, hardly go out shopping, out to eat at restraurants and stopped driving because of this lightheadness that lasts most of the day , worse if sitting for long periods in front of a computer.. But that's my job .. So no you all are not alone. Faith in god that he will soon make it better helps but just saying for me . F 43 3 weeks
5mg once

 2  Constant anxiety On 7.5mg a day I take half in the AM the other half in the PM on current dies for 4 days. Concerned feeling tired, weak jittery when I get up in the morning. Sometimes lightheaded Will this go away? I had started taking 1/4 pill a day but it did nothing. I increased to current half/half but I physically feel worse. Can anyone give me feedback? F 49 10 days
 5  anxiety I really only had rapid weight gain. I have gained about 40 pounds within 4-5 mo. Then i platformed. when i started buspar but i felt better within a week of taking it and i know i gained weight but its worth feeling better. I feel normal again! F 26 1 years
30 mg

 5  Anxiety Been on it for 11 days ...experienced dizziness the first few days, felt foggy couldn't fall asleep the first week I would fall asleep and 30 mins later would wake up in a panicky mode I did sleep longer though (I us usually sleep 5 hours) I started taking low dosage since I have phobia of meds and it's side effects and when I increased it after a week, two three days later (today) I am experiencing palpitations not sure if related to this. I did have a few days of calm and slept good 4 days out of 10 days I am praying this will work for me I am on 7.5mg cut in half morning and night F 49 2 weeks
 4  anxiety, panic attacks The first two weeks were the worst for side effects. Increase in anxiety and feelings of dread, dizziness, nausea and feelings of electric shock in my ears and back of my head. I pressed on through the side effects because my doctor assured me they would subside. After two weeks, I notice a difference. I'm much calmer, I sleep great, I feel more level (decrease in mood swings) and zero panic attacks. I have occasional feelings of dizziness and nausea, but not to often. I've noticed I cannot eat as much as before (I feel full much quicker and tend to feel nauseous if I overeat). Also, whenI drink alcohol (I'm a social drinker), I've noticed I can only drink about 1 or 2 drinks before I start to feel nauseous. Before, I couldd have 4-5 drinks with no problems. F 40 2 months
7.5 mg

 1  anxiety I hate this drug it completely the opposite for me made me feel like I was going crazy and I lost weight made me feel shake and brain and ears crackle horrible has anyone had the same experience I felt burning to in the back of my head trying to get off of the crap right now please respond if any one understands where im coming from on this medication ???? F 40 5 weeks
10 mg
 3  only weight loss After reading MANY comments fearful of this med. Perscribed for binging as already take Klonopin. Many comments of weight gain?! F 62 2 days
10 3X D
 1  anxiety took min. dosage for a very short time, disastrous effects. it's been a yr next month since I've taken it and I believe I am still suffering. went into MDD, suicidal ideation-BEWARE please! I have taken many antidepressants over the yrs. Strong family history of depression(ie bipolar)& anxiety disorders-both sides of family. I am writing to let anyone know that I had the most horrendous reaction to buspirone..been a yr and still not myself-literally & figuratively. hope this little blurb helps someone out-you may not be going "crazy", it may be buspirone. good luck & be careful. God bless all that are struggling with any mental health issues.. F 44 4 days
5 mg 1X D

 3  Anxiety Buspar seemed to help with my anxiety for the first few months but I've been on it for a while now. I don't know if you can build up a resistance to this drug but it doesn't do much for me anymore. The weight gain has been the worst part. I've gotten soooo depressed over it. I stopped taking it cold turkey about a week ago and have lost 5lbs this week. It's very frustrating that the medications that help you can also hurt you. Good luck to everyone on this medication. F 36 1 years

 2  depression started 5 weeks ago 2.5 mg x 2 for 2 wks, then 5 mg x 2 for 2 wks, now 5 days ago on 10 mg x 2 (Dr making sure no side effects), but since starting 10 mg i have worse insomnia of whole life. but not sure if its the summer heat. usually i am sleepy 10:30pm, but last 5 days not sleepy and staying up until 1 and 2 am and eyes feel tired but when i go to bed dont feel sleepy and cant fall asleep. but i dont feel too bad next day but im not working. this insomnia would be bad if had a job which i just applied to. taking antidepressants dumb. since starting march 2014 i gained 10 lbs. buspar supposed to take that off but it hasnt. gaining weight is enough to make me depressed. but i also dont want to go back to crying none stop. F 55 5 days
10 2X D
 4  Anxiety, Panic Attacks I experienced a lot of the same side effects others have mentioned: nausea, dizziness, lethargy... and the first couple of weeks on this medicine were pretty intense with those side effects, but please STICK WITH IT, they go away. I will say that this drug is strange because every now and then I will take one and feel dizzy or nauseated, but 95% of the time I don't experience any side effects now. I have pinned the occasional side effect down to screwing up my dosage routine (waiting too long between doses, or too soon) and/or taking it on an empty stomach and then not eating afterwards. I went from 10mg 3x a day to 15mg 3x a day and decided to go back down to 10. I did seem to notice the nausea more at 15mg. Try to give it 3 weeks for it to be fully effective and for the side effects to wane. M 31 2 years
10MG 3X D

 5  anxity, Stuff is GREAT!! Slow to start working, but once it does, the best ive come across. Used to b a drug addict, dont get a buzz or anything on buspar. Just a few weeks after you start, feel great!! M 38 1 years
2X a day
 3  Anxiety Weight gain, water retention, menstral cycle off, & insomnia. It did work on my anxiety, but couldn't stand the 10 pounds I gained and I was working out 2 hours a day and still couldn't lose a pound until I got off of the medication. Lost 3 pounds in water retention the first day off. F 43 1 years
30 mg 1X D

 1  Anxiety This medicine does NOT agree with me. I can't sleep.I can't eat.my cycle is late. Im more emotional. . Im not taking this garbage anymore. I it made me even more anxious thinking I was pregnant. Smh F 35 3 weeks
 3  bipolar anxiety/depression It helps with anxiety, I've been pretty calm so far, but I'm moving very slow though and even talking slow. I hope this passes soon, I'm usually a very hyper person and I feel very drugged right now. its inexpensive which is good F 56 8 days
10 3X D
 3  anxiety panic attack I was diagnosed with GAD I started taking celexa which made me feel worst but now my doctor prescribe me bursprione ive been on it for 6 days and I still get anxiety pretty bad. I dont know if thats because the medication hasn't build up yet in my system yet because it take 3 to 4 weeks for you to get the full benefits from the medication.but I notice yesterday day 5 I started to feel depressed and today too. Also im experiencing headaches that really hurt andfoggy and very dizzy like ima pass out is this all normal because im still at the beginning stage with this medication. I read alot of people dont give this medication the fullllength because it take a while to kick in.. has anyone else experience this but got better after the 3 or 4 week etc? F 25 6 days
 5  Anxiety Maybe a little nervousness at first but I titrated slowly I am an extreme sufferer of anxiety. The kind that comes across in neurotic behaviors, irritability, and mild OCD behaviors. Let's put it this way... You would just think I am very hyper and silly upon meeting me. On the inside I am experiencing very uncomfortable anxiety that I have learned to accept as my truth and my fate. I have taken many other medications... Effexor, Prozac, celexa, Wellbutrin, Ativan, nuerontin, topamax, trazadone, halcyon, desipramine,...over a period of 20 years. This is the first medication that I've taken that has calmed... Eliminated my anxiety, without doping me to sleep. I have read ratings and opinions on this website for years and have used this forum as a deciding factor on whether or not to try a medication. All I can say is that I am experiencing a side of myself I never new possible. I take on tasks without the urgency to finish and move on to the next thing ASAP. I almost feel like I am able to experience the present moment just a little bit. I've lived my life in the future and the past and I feel as though I may be able to slow down enough to stop and smell..... Really smell the roses... F 41 30 days
10 2X D
 1  Anxiety/ panic Horrible horrible horrible made me so dizzy I almost passed out standing very bad nasuea and made me very irritable. I will never take this ever again back to Xanax I go F 29 1 days
 1  Anxiety first month: horrible stomach pain and chest pains increased anxiety second month: chest pains increased anxiety and dizziness third month: lump in throat sensation headaches vertigo fourth month: lump in throat sensation headaches chest pain fifth month: lump in throat sensation chest pains I weaned myself off of this. Maybe the side effects I experienced were unique to me, but I lost 5 months of my life and this made everything worst. My anxiety increased ten fold and I had horrible pain in my body everyday. The lump in throat,chest pains, headaches and vertigo were HORRIBLE. I hope the pain goes away once I am off of it for good. F 28 5 months
10 MG 2X D

 5  Anxiety minor dizziness after taking, occasional muscle twitches, increased hunger after doses (minor weight gain). These side effects were extremely mild compared to the other medications I have tried. Looking back those first few weeks were pretty "scary", lots of tingling waves going through my body. I was in the midst of serious anxiety, could barely leave the house. I had tried Paxil, and the horrible "brain zaps" I got from those few weeks were hell. My doc was skeptical Buspar would even work for me, and he prescribed Xanax .50 with it as he did with the Paxil, but unlike with the Paxil, I rarely had to augment the Buspar with Xanax. In the 13+ years I've been on Buspar, I've been prescribed Celexa, Lexapro, and Xanax. Buspar without a doubt has been the most tolerable and pleasant. It keeps me "right in the middle", not too up or down, not too anxious or angry. I haven't tried to stop taking it, and my doc says it's an "orphan drug" so they will never improve it. It supposedly isn't meant to be taken long term, and I've read "articles" where some people actually think it is a placebo. I can tell you it saved my life, it very gradually dulled the sharp edges of anxiety that were ruining my life. Please give this one time, a month or longer is right, less than a few weeks is not. It's a "slow burner" Also, last year I started talking to a therapist twice a month, and in my newfound wisdom, I recognize I should've started doing that too 13 years ago. It's never too late, never ever ever give up. You only understand anxiety/panic if you have experienced it. It also helps that it is generic and very M 38 13 years
15 4X D
 1  Anxiety When I first started taking Buspar nothing changed. Then a week later I started feeling numb, I couldn't concentrate on anything and I kept getting these weird twitches on the inside of my body. It felt terrible. I haven't stopped taking it yet because I'm waiting for my next appointment to see what my doctor has to say about it F 18 5 weeks
15 MG
 4  GAD, Obsessive Worrying Vivid Dreams So far, good. It has only been one day and I "feel" better. No side effects yet but I really haven't given it a chance yet. I feel "normal." Will post back after some time. F 49 1 days
5 MG 2X D
 5  Anxiety and depression Slight dizziness, it makes me extremely calm and if I start to get mad I can feel lit kick in, it hasn't helped with my depression I feel as if I have no emotion at all now, but has helped my anxiety so much, I take it 3xs a day, also it helped me sleep the first night and now I can't seem to sleep at night and want to sleep more during the day. F 18 4 days
10 mg
 1  Aniexty Terrible side effects - dizziness, lightheaded, ringing in the ears, indigestion, forgetfulness (even down to what day it was) and majorly disputed my sleep pattern. Made me feel happier though. Definitely not recommended to anyone who suffers from any balance/inner ear problems as it magnifies ur symptoms :( 35 2 weeks

 5  anxiety depression panic attacks/se Contains anxiety. Stops panic attacks, non epileptic seizures and lifts mood. Wake up feeling positive. Sleep well but with vivid dreams. Have gained 2 stone rapidly but benefits to how i feel are more important to me than weight. I also feel in due course I can tackle weight gain. Also take 200mg sertraline. Give buspar a go. It is a slow burner but if it works for you it really works! F 44 6 months

 4  Anxiety, irritability and anger So far I am pretty satisfied with buspar. The first few times I took it I did experience intense excitement along with drowsiness. Sometimes shortly after I take a pill I do notice a fuzzy feeling in my head, but the longer I've been on it the less intense it is. I have noticed a slight change in my mood so far. Although I still get irritated at small things, it feels like there's a wall there now that prevents me from exploding into a rage. I like the fact it doesn't make me feel weird or emotionless. I feel normal, no problems with sleep or any other side effects. F 26 6 days
10mg BID

 4  Anxiety/Depression Makes it harder to focus & comprehend things that I read. A tad more forgetful. Seem to crave alcohol more, which is weird. Libido increased a bit. In the beginning, it really made me less angry and more joyful. It also makes me more social and more talkative, which is a good thing. M 41 3 months
10 mg 2X D

 2  depression , anxiety Dizzines, lightheaded, nausea, bad depression, and worse anxiety, loss of apitite, bad headaches, super superrrrr iritable to the point you snap at someone for the littlest things, not wanting to be touched, get annoyed by someone just trying to talk to you, really good sleep, F 17 2 months
30 mg
 4  Anxiety None Its effect seems subtle. It doesn't make me sleepy or vegged out. I don't have a hangover effect. I just have less Anxiety. M 54 1 years
15 MG 3X D
 1  Anxiety Chest pain, muscle spasms (eyelids , fore arms calfs, chest) dizziness, increased anxiety, tight weak muscles, loss of balance, M 31 2 weeks
10mg 2x/da

 5  severe anxiety Acne.. F 45 10 days
30 mg

 2  depression Terrible headaches insomnia, agoraphobia, achiness, extreme irritability F 61 1 years
10 mg

 2  Anxiety Right after taking it I get dizzy and sick. Ringing in ears and so tired. Dr should of never prescribed knowing I had meiners. F 43 2 days

 4  Borderline personality/ Anxiety Flu like symptoms that are now easing off. Insomnia, but do feel less anxious and feel more carefree. I also take Sertraline and propranolol and have started taking a small dose of Amitriptaline to combat the insomnia. F 32 1 months

 1  Generalized Anxiety Disorder I was given Buspar to add to Lexapro -150 mg. I experienced accelerated heart rate, sweating, nausea, diarrhea. The worst of it was seeing strange images, tryi mg to touch what I thought was there, and hearing repetitive voices/singing. I was so shaken I discontinued it. Has anyone else experienced this? How long will that dose be affective. I know I'm Not Crazy....... F 66 1 days
 1  Anxiety Nervousness, bouncing feet and shakey hands, sweaty and jumpy. I didn't sleep but 2 hours a night, the Four days I was taking it.. I also had shortness of breath and felt like I always had to do something but not sure what! Like I had tons if energy but more nervous energy.. Just really bad anxiety and insomnia! I hated it. I'd take it 1st thing in the morning and I'd still be on edge 1,2,3am like I just woke up.. I was like that all day.. Even had confusion with words, couldn't keep my words right and hold a proper conversation.. F 30 4 days
 5  PMS, Tension, Stress, OCD Some spaciness, "dumbed down" feeling, quietness (didn't have much to say, introverted), sedation. I have NEVER taken a drug before! I am one of those that hates taking an aspirin when I have a headache. However, after too many years of "self-medicating" my GAD with emotional stress eating and having the extra lbs to prove it, I did lots of research and settled on Buspar w/ my doc. The first script was for 10 mg once a day which I split into AM/PM doses- that was by teva. My first week I had insomnia and felt wired/high. Then it settled down and I was beginning to relax but still felt "wired". It all changed when after 1 month I had a follow up w/ Doc and asked for 5mg doses, so I wouldn't have to cut them. That manuf was different. What a difference! This 5 mg dose is exactly what I wanted! I am relaxed all the time. No PMS. I fell sedated, but functional- which I like. I do feel a bit "dumb", spacey, and I can find myself staring at something in a dream state at times. Also, I have lost all ability to orgasm, however, I still desire and enjoy sex. I am too relaxed and happy to care about not being to orgasm. I am completely passive about almost all things- I used to be a type A about all things. I take 5mg 2 x/day. I gave my hubby a few pills, if I seem irritable at all (maybe one day at that time of the month), he encourages me to take an extra dose that day to "take the edge off". Those 3 dose days (very few) I am a bit more sedated and quiet than I'd like, but it is for the best. I find I get a boost in effect for a week or so a F 37 3 months
5mg 2X D

 5  PTSD Short term memory loss, increased appetite-VERY high anxiety, heart palpitations, and nausea until my body adjusted. I highly recommend sticking with this drug until the initial high anxiety wears off. It's changed my life. I'm much more calm, my nightmares have decreased dramatically, and I can go out in public alone. I ignore the increased appetite, because I know it's not real hunger, so I haven't gained any weight. And the short term memory loss is a small price to pay. I would recommend this to anyone suffering from PTSD-at least give it a try. F 45 8 months
5MG 2X D

 4  Generalized Anxiety Disorder Sleepiness when combined with Amitriptyline which I don't mind as I have a hard time sleeping. No other side effects. M 30 1 weeks

 5  anxiety anger irrability Stomach upset F 39 10 days
5mg 2times

 2  axiety ocd symptomatic disorder More heart pounding non stop worry alot more expecially at night think im dying nausea and lightheadedness F 17 5 weeks
 3  GAD Ringing in ears and upset stomach for a few days. M 55 5 weeks
20 mg

 4  xanax addiction None I have noticed yet M 15 3 weeks

 3  Anxiety How long do the side effects last, very dizzy and bad headache, does seem to be calming me down though F 29 6 days
 2  anxiety It made my anxiety worse and my doctor gave it to me with nothing to take the edge off I have been having tingly skin and I have bad insomnia I have had an anxiety attack every day since I started taking it I need to find a doc that is going to be patient with me a is going to find the right meds for me because changing from xanax to buspar is a big step. F 36 7 days

 4  Acute onset anxiety Approximately 20 mins after I take a dose, I experience moderate lightheadedness and a foggy mental state. It lasts for 20-30 minutes. I can tell that it has "kicked in" because I also experience a tingly-like sensation in my extremities. I have also experienced a marked decrease in appetite. That seems to be subsiding somewhat F 40 1 months
15 mg

 1  panic disorder, anxiety Horrible tremors.. extremely irritable. Hostile. Actually increased my anxiety. Increased appetite severely. I gain almost 10 lbs in 2 months and I am only 5` and 25 yrs old. F 25 2 months
15 mg 2X D
 1  PTSD Absolutely horrible. Aside from the jolts and random sporadic movements of all limbs that were violent enough to wake me from a dead sleep, my main issue with buspar was that even though it seemed to wildly increase my appetite, I could not eat because of the nausea! After forcing myself to eat, I'd throw up. This contributed to a very unhealthy weight loss, which had already started to occur due to my condition at the time. Buspar seemed to amplify every negative feeling. I've been on several different medications before, but never was I as violent or angry as I was while on this "medication." After suicidal thoughts started to flood my head, and I dropped to 81 pounds, I told my doctor I would no longer take any medication that would make me hungry yet would not allow me to eat. I've since been off all medications now for two and a half years... and I've never felt better. F 23 4 months
15mg 2xD
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